In the Name of Equality: Why Women Should Accept Men Who Are Fat and Lazy!


Women in recent times have made great strives in liberating their sex from what they perceive as the oppressive and ridiculously high standards of society. From the fat acceptance movement to the war against gender roles, women who were traditionally less than desirable have made a voice for themselves and shown that they can still be desirable. Thus in the spirit of equality, I believe that it is only fair to apply the same standard to men. So using these women's movements as my template, I have taken the liberty of outlining why women should start accepting men who are fat and lazy. After all, it is only equality.

Fat Men Can Be Sexy Too!

Judging a person's physical appearance by their weight is so shallow and oppressive! After all, if there is anything that Ashley Graham has taught us, it is that fat women can be sexy too. So since what is good for the goose is also good for the gander, let us end the fat shaming of overweight men. No one needs those buff, muscular men with sweat dripping down their pulsating abs like butter on a Thanksgiving turkey and their asses so firm that you can bounce a nickel off of them. No one needs those foreplay loving, sentimental shirtless hunks in women's media like Titanic and The Notebook. Instead women could use some plus-sized, all-American pieces of man candy in all their beer belly glory.

I propose we do this by immediately scheduling Larry the Cable Guy a shirtless photoshoot in Cosmopolitan, followed by Michael Moore and then perhaps leading roles for the both of them in James Cameron's next romance film. After all, what woman needs this:

In the Name of Equality: Why Women Should Accept Men Who Are Fat and Lazy!

...and this

In the Name of Equality: Why Women Should Accept Men Who Are Fat and Lazy!

When she could have this:

In the Name of Equality: Why Women Should Accept Men Who Are Fat and Lazy!

...and this

In the Name of Equality: Why Women Should Accept Men Who Are Fat and Lazy!

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever why the former pair of men is anymore attractive than the latter pair. Any preference women may hold for the former is solely the result of nurture via society's ridiculously oppressive, high, and unrealistic standards for men. Never mind that nurture only reinforces that which already exists via nature, and that women cannot control what they like. The fact remains that women who prefer hunky men like the former are shallow, misandrist, bigoted whores. They would be lucky--no, blessed, to end up with a sexy, overweight god like Larry the Cable Guy or Michael Moore.

After all, if men are shallow, misogynistic dogs for liking women like this:

In the Name of Equality: Why Women Should Accept Men Who Are Fat and Lazy!

...and this

In the Name of Equality: Why Women Should Accept Men Who Are Fat and Lazy!

Instead of fat women like this

In the Name of Equality: Why Women Should Accept Men Who Are Fat and Lazy!

...and this

In the Name of Equality: Why Women Should Accept Men Who Are Fat and Lazy!

Then the same is true for women who prefer buff, muscular men opposed to their fat counterparts like Larry the Cable Guy and Michael Moore. And in the spirit of diversity, let's include Hispanic MLB superstar Pablo Sandoval amidst the ranks of those sexy, chunkalicious men.

In the Name of Equality: Why Women Should Accept Men Who Are Fat and Lazy!

So come on, what woman can resist such irresistible men? Fat is sexy and those who say otherwise are just jealous. No woman wants to cuddle with some gargantuan Hercules whose six pack looks like it should be on the soda aisle of a grocery store. Instead they want a beer-bellied butterball whose folds of fat can keep them warm like a blanket. After all, this is the message of the No Angel campaign below:

In the Name of Equality: Why Women Should Accept Men Who Are Fat and Lazy!

So step aside and make way for the new generation of sexy fat men in all their glory. Ladies, in the spirit of Chrissy Amphlett, you may commence the touching of yourselves. Oh! Oooh! I don't want anybody else...

In the Name of Equality: Why Women Should Accept Men Who Are Fat and Lazy!

Men Are Entitled to Be Lazy!

Expecting men to adhere to rigid gender roles like fatherhood, being hard workers, and overall not being lazy bums is so oppressive, closed-minded, and misandristic. After all, if women no longer have to submit to their husbands, be good mothers, or take care of the home, then men no longer have any obligation to fulfill the roles expected of them either. Down with the matriarchy! Gender roles are overrated anyhow. Never mind the fact that virtually every culture across every part of the world for most of human history has affirmed traditional gender roles. For just as it is misogynistic and pigheaded for a man to even desire a woman who out of her own volition chooses to abide by traditional standards, so it is misandristic and matriarchal for a woman to even desire a man who out of his own volition chooses to abide by traditional standards like not being a lazy bum. So in the name of equality, I propose that women start accepting lazy bums for the progressive, strong-minded men that they truly are:

In the Name of Equality: Why Women Should Accept Men Who Are Fat and Lazy!

Not there is a progressive, with-the-times specimen of manhood who is not allowing traditional gender roles and society to dictate the way he lives his life. Never mind the welfare of his family; they come second. It is his life and therefore his choice to decide how he wants to live it. And if his family cannot get behind that choice, then it says a lot about how selfish, matriarchal, and downright sexist they are for expecting a man to abide by traditional standards like providing for his family. I for one am inspired by him. In fact, I cannot decide who is more inspirational, him or his sister the career-driven feminist woman who similarly neglects her family but in the name of work.

In the Name of Equality: Why Women Should Accept Men Who Are Fat and Lazy!

Indeed, feminism has rightly taught us that traditional gender roles are so oppressive, backwards, and sexist. I pity the women who find themselves bound by the shackles of motherhood and the home. Again, the nerve of some men to even desire such women is appalling and only supports oppressive gender roles.

In the Name of Equality: Why Women Should Accept Men Who Are Fat and Lazy!

I mean, just look at how oppressed that woman is! A housewife managing the home and taking care of her children, it makes me sick. I bet she is going to make love to her husband later that night too, and then go to Church next Sunday. There should be trigger-warnings for disturbing images like this. She is so blinded by oppression that she is actually smiling as if she enjoyed it! It must be Stockholm syndrome!

In the Name of Equality: Why Women Should Accept Men Who Are Fat and Lazy!

These women are so oppressed that they are actually passing on that oppression to the next generation. Look at that poor, deluded mother above. I am not sure what is sadder, the fact that she is cooking for a family she loves or the fact that she is raising her daughters to grow up the same way. How any man could desire this in a woman is beyond me. Such men should be ashamed of themselves for believing in such archaic, oppressive, and misogynistic gender roles for women.

But feminism has only fought half the battle. For just as the movement liberated women from the oppression of traditional gender roles with the baptism of a career and the eucharist of abortion, so we need to liberate men from the oppression of traditional gender roles as well. Down with the matriarchy!

In the Name of Equality: Why Women Should Accept Men Who Are Fat and Lazy!

Fatherhood is misandristic by its very nature. Just look at the man above spending time with his son. Teaching him how to cook, preparing dinner so that his wife can enjoy a long overdue break, it is absolutely disgusting. If this does not scream oppression then I do not know what does. I bet he even goes to work every morning in order to keep that roof over their head and food on the table.

In the Name of Equality: Why Women Should Accept Men Who Are Fat and Lazy!

The utter horror! Expecting a man to provide for his family is so oppressive, sexist, and downright misandristic. How any woman could desire this in a man is about as shameful and bigoted as those men from earlier who desire housewives and mothers. We need to do away with traditional gender roles altogether because they are so archaic and oppressive. Thank God for feminism. After all, the feminists were the ones who enlightened us with such revolutionary thinking. I have only taken it to its full logical conclusions by applying it to men, which I am sure you strong progressive women will agree with.

So in the spirit of equality, I present you with another true specimen of manhood. A man who is not afraid to shun traditional gender roles with their sexist notions of fatherhood, work, and providing for the sake of doing what he wants to do most: be a lazy, unemployed bum.

In the Name of Equality: Why Women Should Accept Men Who Are Fat and Lazy!

So what is next? Well for one women need to start recognizing these fat lazy men for the sexy, progressive hunks that they truly are. Anything less reeks of sexism, misandry, and the matriarchy. After all, if men are shallow, misogynistic dogs for preferring thin women who choose to be mothers and take care of the home, then women are shallow, misandristic whores for preferring fit men who choose be fathers and work. Thus in the name of equality I propose the following...

Women Have a Progressive Duty to Pursue Fat Lazy Men

Progress takes time, so in order to spearhead the (re)education of society women have a progressive duty to pursue fat lazy men. Think of it as affirmative action. How can such men ever be expected to catch up with the rest of society if women do not help them out? Women can do this by a) allowing fat men like Larry the Cable Guy and Michael Moore to pose shirtless in magazines like Cosmopolitan and Women's Health, b) giving them leading roles in romance films like Titanic and The Notebook, c) not only allowing but encouraging their husbands to be lazy, and c) most important of all, choosing to pursue only fat lazy men.

The last one is the most important. Unless these men are actively pursued by the most traditionally beautiful women of all such as Victoria's Secret Angels and Miss Universe contestants they will never truly feel accepted by society. They are entitled to beautiful women, and any woman lucky enough to end up with one of these fat lazy studs should consider herself lucky. Therefore ladies you have a progressive duty to pursue only fat lazy men as partners. It is for the sake of equality after all. So break out the expensive makeup and stilettos, and get out there to prove your worth to these chunky unemployed gods among men!


Ridiculous huh? This whole MyTake reeks of absurdity, infantile thinking, and downright stupidity.

But how is it anymore ridiculous than what fat, nontraditional women with a false sense of entitlement are doing to men who prefer thin, traditional women?

Again, I credit not this thinking to myself but to feminists and fat nontraditional women with a false sense of entitlement. Nothing I wrote was original. I merely took their thinking to its logical conclusions by applying it to men, and in the process exposed its absurdity. If you agree with this thinking in the case of fat nontraditional women, then you must also agree with it in the case of fat lazy men. Anything else is logically inconsistent. If you agree with this thinking in the case of one gender but not the other, then you are either a hypocrite who is not really concerned with equality, or you never truly agreed with this thinking in the first place. In which case, you concede that you were wrong. So which one is it?

In the Name of Equality: Why Women Should Accept Men Who Are Fat and Lazy!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • kaylaS91
    Sure, overweight men can still be attractive or someone you can have chemistry with.
    However, this take seems to be advocating for 'equality' as in women having to settle to be with guys who are unhealthy and will be a non-beneficial addition to their lives due to straight up laziness and denying the fact that they're at a much higher risk for diabetes, heart disease, heart attacks, etc..

    No thanks. I've got my standards, and will stick to them.
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    • Kylesar

      This article is satire of feminism. Did you read the bottom?

      The feminists promoting fat acceptance is basically what you're saying about this article: Men should settle for fat, lazy, unhealthy women and abandon all their standards because of "unrealistic beauty standards," muh-soggy-knee, and muh patriarchy

    • kaylaS91

      @Kylesar oh damn, no I did not read the very last paragraph. Shame because I fully agree with you that modern-day 'feminists' are basically pushing men to abolish their standards and date virtually anyone versus simply having reasonable standards.

Most Helpful Guy

  • AleDeEurope
    Everyone should accept fat people, but that doesn't mean they should date them.
    I'm not gonna date a fat chick, no matter how many people criticize me for that. I don't like fat chicks, I'm not dating them. Period.
    If a girl doesn't like fat guys, she has no obligation to date them.
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  • mistixs
    "Why women should accept men who are fat" Many women already do... You see a lot more hot women dating fat guys than hot guys dating fat girls...
    • where do you live? lol

    • @BertMacklinFBI I was thinking that same thing xD

    • This is true

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  • BaileyisDarcy
    A quart of the way. A quart of the way before you blew up any chance of me taking you seriously by admitting you find a healthy, normal weight as being fat.

    Bloody hell dude. Theyre not fat. They are the ideal weight. They are healthy.
    • I know! I would date both of them (GONNA guess they're not gay or bi but a girl can dream)

    • bones90

      No. They are clearly fat/overweight/unhealthy

    • @bones90 no you idiot. My grandma is overweight and unhealthy, the men were overweight and unhealthy. They're not overweight and unhealthy, they're actually average size. Someone of the girls I swim with weigh more than that.

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  • Rainie_
    Lol I don't want fat men when I can get a good looking man with chiselled abs. I love the touch of muscles, I love the look of it and that's just how it's going to be. Fat men simply do not turn me on, and there's no way for me to change my preference because I cannot control what I get turned on by or what I get attracted to.

    I'm a feminist and I think preferences are perfectly okay. I don't give a fuck if guys are into pretty slim women with nice boobs and a toned rounded asses. NOTHING WRONG WITH IT AT ALL. It's a preference. Some men out there likes skinnier flatter women, others like chubbier women. And it's the same for women, some don't like the muscular look, some like the skinny some even like obese okay.

    Either way laziness is not okay, because shit just doesn't get done. I'm lazy and I know it's not good for me at all. Laziness in general is not really a good thing, OK.

    As for people's bodies, I have nothing against most body types as long as it does not become a danger to their health. I've had friends who's lost family members because of obesity and it is not nice at all, and they deeply regret saying their bodies were fine as they were when they were not. I'm sorry but obesity should not be promoted or accepted. And neither should unhealthy skinniness or most unhealthy lifestyles.
    • you want to much baby you won't get guy with abs

    • Rainie_

      @whatdoyouthink3 lol says who? I have never been with a guy without abs... Dun dun dun!

    • lmao... do you find them in gyms?

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  • the_rake
    the first two girls were reasonable weight.

    as for comparing the guys to the girls, virtually none of the girls were as fat or disgusting as some of those guys you posted.

    magazines are pushing the boundaries a bit with their definition of 'curvy' but you're really stretching it out to a ridiculous degree.

    anyway, most girls are preoccupied with confidence over looks, so they will date and fuck those guys if they can show that they feel happy with themselves.
  • tupperware
    Lol savage.

    But the thing is, [insert 3rd wave mental gymnastics, clearly defined words that we've co-opted and changed to suit us, "sociological proof" (lol), and close with implicit or explicit accusation of misogyny]!

  • somebodysaycheese
    BUT its always been fat , beer bellied old men who get the hot young model. ALWAYS. Its always been fat , beer bellied men who get young hot women. And FYI , women can have weight on them and still have a shape. Men , it either goes to your belly or you start getting hips and a fat booty. And if you want fat guys acknowledged do something about it. STOP wanting women to handle all your problems.
  • FallOutBoy2001
    I disagree with the myTake. Women who stay at home and take care of the kids and cook and clean aren't opressed, unless they're forced to stay at home. I could never stay at home, I couldn't do that, but my mom does and she loves it. Besides, if I stayed at home and my husband quit work to lounge around all day, I would be pissed because he is the one in the relationship we're in who's supposed to make the money. Likewise, if I made the money for us and quit my job, then he would have every right to be pissed.

    I would date chubby or skinny guys, whichever I like, just like they're free to date whatever type of women they want. Personally I think you purpously picked obese, ugly men and beautiful, average-sized women, but each to their own.

    I'm skinny as a stick, but I have short hair which apparently turns a lot of guys off (I don't care I have a boyfriend who likes it.) Do I suddenly write a myTake about how men are monsters for not like women with short hair? No. Women who complain about guys who don't like their weight just need to look for less shallow men. Guys who write myTakes like this need to get their heads out of their asses and stop complaining about those women.

    On a final note, those two women aren't "fat" especially not the first one. That's a healthy weight, and I don't know about you but I know plenty of people who would love to date someone as beautiful and sexy as her
    • slimstiffy

      Jesus. You just confirmed his points. It was a satire. He didn't mean what he said. He just implied thay since iys ridiculous for women to date men like that, its ridiculous for men to date such women too. Also he touched on the points of women doing household chores and motherly duties as well. That, too was satire. To me , a real woman should be able to do these things, and not feel "oppressed" by it.

    • @slimstiffy I only briefly skimmed, I apologize. Though most of the was made in jest, except for the last part

    • slimstiffy

      No nees to apologize. This is just an online forumn and nothing you said was offensive :-) .
      And yeah i too found the first one hot.

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  • LittleSally
    You know - the women you showed at least take care of themselves... the mean all look like personal hygiene has bypassed them somehow and so overweight it's strange they can still stand. o. O
    But other than that - I agree, if someone is a good person, interesting and ambitious + has good personal hygiene then there's no reason they shouldn't be very date-able indeed.

    • Craig2

      It's a societal construct and presentation thing. Overweight men are presented as slovenly, unkempt, dirty people who just don't care. Overweight women are mostly presented as curvy, natural, and the way nature intended.

    • @Craig2 Not really... I guess it depends on the culture, but not really. o. O
      I'm talking mostly of what I actually SEE,... not presume stuff.

  • popsickle
    Where is this coming from? I don't see how this is an issue of equality... I don't think I've ever heard a woman, feminist or not, say that women should be allowed to be fat and accepted while men should not.
    • Shorty1991

      Its coming for people that don't want to accept bigger men or women, because of their idealisms. They don't think that people of different builds should exist. They want everyone to be slim or slim curvy.

    • popsickle

      @Shorty1991 Yeah, it's one thing to promote good health which some people do and that's great, but most of these people don't really care like that. It sounds like some may be doing it to defend their own preferences or just to get whatever rush they get outta bullying. kinda pathetic, and I say this as someone who has always been normal weight or underweight.

    • Shorty1991

      I have no qualms about them promoting good health, theirs nothing wrong with keeping fit. Its all of the body shaming that infuriates me. People being criticized for being too skinny or too fat. Society is fucked up.

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  • Blonde401
    I'm a curvy - read overweight woman. I don't chase guys who are gym bunnies, I like a guy who can eat. I don't go for huge guys or guys who are tall and big because my older brother is 6ft 5 and about 18 stone - any guy that shape would just make me feel like I'm dating my brother. But, other than that, I like funny guys who are less concerned with their appearence, so yeah I'd date a heavier guy or a dad bod, I love them actually.
  • vishna
    Those women had 10 faces, those guys were 2 1/3.

    But really, I congratulate you, this shit took a long time to write.

    • Truth. Lol, at guys bitching if theses girls had the "hot" body people deemed sexy. Theyd be knock outs and way out of their average league.

  • hellionthesage
    I concur with the sentiments presented ie the hypocritical and sexist standards that only seem to apply to men but for some strange reason women get a free pass.
  • Touglyforfemales
    There is no way any woman or girl on here can agree they only agree cause they don't want to come off as shallow. If fat was acceptable by women I wouldn't be single. 99% of women won't even give a guy the time of day unless he was muscular or fit and tall. by the way even overweight women don't wanna date overweight guys.
  • FilthyPervert
    There is a huge difference between the attractiveness of the first fat man you posted and the second. I think you are confused about what is hot or not, the second man is actually an attractive chubby guy but the former man is just plain ugly.

    I don't like my women fat but some curvature like in the pics you showed is manageable to most. I like my women slim, almost skeleton like to be honest but that's just me and my preference.
  • TheDevilInside
    You deserve a nobel prize!

    I personally don't mind meat on guys, but they still have to look like a guy instead of a fucking hairy ass grizzly bear! After all, even fat women shave for you assholes.
    • bobbyxxx

      That is because your women. Accept the differences.

  • Relentless_Hippie
    Omg yes!!! Speak the truth! This take was awesome, I've even bookmarked it and will be reading this to my boyfriend later. Very nicely done!
  • HenryThePrideful
    What women say:

    Men are shallow because they want women who look healthy and not obese.

    Men are intimated by strong, independent women. The same independent women who always try to control the relationship and 1 up their man whenever possible.

    Women are perfect men are too picky and have too much standards.

    Women should be allowed to keep their preference for height, race, face and money. After all women deserve to keep their standards.
    • Shorty1991

      Haha the women who say that you are shallow just because you have your preference are stupid. That must mean we are all shallow to a certain extent. You just can't speak for every guy though. I've been attracted to men of different builds and heights, I don't mind a guy carrying a little weight. But not morbidly obese. I keep my options open, but thats what I like and I don't speak for every woman.

  • slimstiffy
    Oh god, this was pure gold. I like how you put those wise words into a matter-of-Fact comedy. And i bet some people missed the point as well but you were aweaome. please do more mytakes.
  • Littledunmer
    When did women say that men have a duty to date fat women? I never heard that one. Anyway I get that it's a satire but I kinda probably might not totally agree.

    I think society forces impossible standards for looks on both genders. Very low percentages of women are able to look like Scarlett johanson and very low percentages of men are ever going to be as sexy as Chris Evans😍 But that doesn't mean people can call eachother bigots for following nature and being attracted to the most impressive males and females.

    If you want to attack feminists where we need it the most, attack that whore of no virtues Anita sarkeesian. She's trying to ruin video games for fucks sake!!! May there a hell for her, a Tartarus bleak an unending!! 😂

    Anywho, I'm not mad if you don't want to have sex with fat girls cause I don't either😊 Just be sure you're not one of those pathetic whiners that hates women for wanting to suck Thors dick and not theirs
  • SunsetRose
    Yeah, I did throw up a little in my mouth while reading this
  • SchmouSee
    I don't mind if a guy is fat. Hairy, lazy and old is a different story. So yes, give me a young fat guy with a nice personality and brains, I'm game
  • kat_gran
    haha I did not read it all cuz it was a bit long... However, I agree with you... There is everything for everyone... and TRUE, not EVERY woman wants to be a stay at home wife, mom and cook for the kids, some want other things... And sure, not every man wants to be the traditional office slave and never get a chance to spend with the kids... So there is everything for everyone. True not every girl wants a nice chubby man, and not every man wants a nice chubby girl... So you have to go for what you like and hope that the person you like likes you in return... Some want a thick big woman, others want a thick big man or a fit man and fit woman... There is nothing wrong with your desires, just find someone who is into what you are... and let both of you be happy together in your own preferences..
    They should make a dating site for the chubbies :) ahhaha
  • Pampered
    Thank you... fat is not sexy both ways.
  • bones90
    since the moron BaileyisDarcy blocked me, i will respond here.

    @Shorty1991 you are a moron. They are not average, they are fat. Curvy means having curves, not extra fat. A slim woman can be curvy if you didn't know that. And salma hayek and j. lo definitely have curves. its you who are dumb ad hell. And i can speak for majority of men because i am a man, i know more about what men like than you do because these opinions is what you will hear majority of guys say when you women are not around.
    Most guys who aren't fat themselves would never date a fat woman like the ones in this mytake. Its just fact. Just because you can find a few exceptions that dont even make up 0.1 % of the population doesn't change that. Deal with it.
    • Shorty1991

      Ooooooooh coming up with facts and figures now are we?
      Because I disagree with you it makes me a moron? Well it takes one to know one. No. . . you know what you like. You still can't speak for everyone. Both celebs are slim, but lack defined curves in the waist and hip area. Curvy is a shape nothing to do with bmi.

    • Shorty1991

      Well, duh! Of course I'm aware that women can be slim and curvy. What do you think of the woman in my first picture. So in your case you have not been reading my replies properly. As I pointed our that curvy is a shape that can be on many different body frames. And average means in between thin and fat. Just to make it a little clearer to you.

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  • Kylesar
    When it comes to standards, men aren't allowed to have any or they're shamed for it
  • Why bother trying to please feminists? They can't be pleased, you're chasing the PMS dragon.
  • kitty71
    My humble own opinion is that even though I dont ahve the most fit, slim hot body out there. I dont like fat lazy men. I dont find them attractives. Im not asking for a bodybulder or weigthlifter body type, I hate those anyway, too much droids or pills on their systems that they become like monsters but I will like to see a very athletic, fit guy where you can see he takes care at least for himself. Regading the lazy one. SInce when being a lazy guy is attractive? One thing is being lazy and another one is having some days off from work and do not do anything to relax and unwind a bit from work.
  • KLTheErudite7229
    I personally think being chubby is good, it is in between the lines.
  • WhaChaChaKing
    I don't know if you are joking are not, since I didn't bother reading, but I love Seth Rogen. I'd date him in a heartbeat.
  • Alex88F
    fat is unhealty. as much as being too skinny
    get over with it. go the the gym, workout and FUCK LIKE WABBITS.
  • Ms_Sadness
    I don't mind fat men but if your lazy... FUCK NO. I am not doing all the work.
  • Scrambledagain
    I don't accept fat or lazy people (men and women) in general.
  • mikeaaa
    Outstanding, really the best thing I have read here. Great job
    • mikeaaa

      Wow, the point was missed by so many. It's sad really.

  • anonman32
    lol if you can't even see your own penis due to fat, why even live? same for the vagina.
  • sixnineanon
    Yes, and in the name of equality women should be more willing to accept men who are 6'9
  • skeptic007
    equality lol
    no such thing and it will never happen
  • fran200
    if you are in relationship you just have to , the same way you learn to love him or her
  • StickStickity13
    I just looked at the pictures, I didn't read a single thing
  • Mustachekitteh
    This myTake was funny as hell. :D
  • buttheadkakakak
    • bobbyxxx

      Ditto, you can't be more childish then doing something just to get your own back for the same being done to you. Women do this all the time. Especially women your age. He was just pointing out the double standards with women.

    • @bobbyxxx guy you completely misunderstood. I mean that this whole 'fat acceptance' thing is childish. "I'm fat cater to me" no. Fat isn't pretty, sorry.

  • mrfoox
    😪 😴
  • hazoplmeught
    This is one of the best mytakes I have read
  • aliceinwonderland69
    I don't think this is absurd, I agree.
  • Righttobeararms83
    good take it made me chuckle.
  • ConsultantIsBack
    Hahaha ilu man😂😂😂😂
  • Anonymous
    Im In shape so for probably the wrong reasons i'm perfectly happy for you not to date fat people it just makes the dating game a bit easier for me.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    I think men work harder in general, so they deserve more.
  • Anonymous
    skinny women with skinny guy and fat women with fat guys
    • More like Fat women with skinny guys. Fat women refuse to date fat guys which
      proves women are indeed more shallow.

    • Anonymous

      @Touglyforfemales This mean they are hypocrite. I'm a 10 but I date 8 guys too not only 10 guys

    • Sure you are sure indeed.

  • Anonymous
    I stopped reading after the first pic😵😍
    I don't care what society says, we NEED more men like that!
    • Anonymous

      I agree with your first point. If you put apsalotly no effort into your looks you shouldn't expect to end up with someone who could pursue modeling as career.

      As for your second point, I disagree. If the gender rules were reversed men would stay home, look after kids, run the errands, clean the house, and do all the stuff housewifes do. Personally I don't think most men know how much stuff they real do.
      I think women and men should have the right to say they want to do what they want. So a woman can decide to work and a man can decide to stay home and watch the kids, cook, clean, etc.