Money, Marriage and Validation: The Iron Triad of Female Manipulation


We have become a very sexualised generation. Today, young people live in a world where sexuality and pornographic content is rammed down their throat from a young age, and it is all over the media. If you want sex, either you can pay for it, or you can just go on tinder. As ever, the 80/20 rule applies however, so this means that it is only a small minority of men that will be successful if they do not plan on paying for sex or downgrading to a low quality woman. The average woman will have hundreds of hits on social media, but the average guy will have virtually nothing, making it ten times easier for the former to get what she wants. The average guy will have 80% of the male population to compete with he wants to get anywhere.

This situation of dating inequality has arisen because of two simple principles: Bateman's Principle and the sexual economics of supply and demand. Bateman's Principle suggest that women will be less invested in sex reproduction because upon average, they can only fertilise one egg cell over a 9 month period, whereas men can theoretically fertilise thousands, if not millions. This principle means that biologically, women are programmed to settle down with just one man - at the very least during the period of child labour - the Beta provider male, and have sex with the Alpha hunter male who successfully manages to spread his reproductive fitness through his seed without the burden of commitment. Supply and demand applies here because if a woman is less sexually invested, supply (sex) is low and therefore seen as a rare and valuable commodity by demand (men). The inelastic supply and demand curve of human sexuality merely serves to excacerbate male investment into sexuality and diminish female investment. This is why the average woman does not see sex as a necessity: they have a low investment due to Bateman's Principle and the inelastic supply and demand curve of human sexuality. To the average man however, sex is a rare and valuable commodity that is responsible in order to ensure survival of the human gene pool.

In a world where supply and demand for such an innate biological requirement is inelastic, the iron triad will underline what it is women are actually looking for out of dating and relationships. This is money, marriage and validation and I will show how these three factors are not in fact independent of one another, but strongly related and correlating.


Money, Marriage and Validation: the Iron Triad of Female Manipulation

Where there's high demand, there's profit to be made and if the average man is so highly invested in sex, then women (and the alpha male 'pimps' who control these women) will definitely have a bargaining advantage that will enable them to make money. If women are low invested in sex because of Bateman's Principle and the inelastic supply and demand curve of human sexuality, then the average woman certainly will not have sex with the average man unless there is something else to be gained. One of these things is money, or more generally wealth because there are other tangible and intangible rewards that a woman can gain. How can the average woman gain wealth from human sexuality? This is in one of three ways:

- Professionalism: prostitutes, porn actresses, escorts and professional strippers can find a way to earn money from the market of human sexuality

- Marriage: women that marry an unattractive but wealthy man have access to the financial reserves he can provide her with.

- Other forms of manipulation: men will buy expensive gifts for a woman they are dating, they will buy drinks for a hot woman at a bar, they will do favours for a woman they are sexually interested in, the list goes on.


Money, Marriage and Validation: The Iron Triad of Female Manipulation

What makes marriage so desirable for women? Some of the reasons have already been listed:

- many women want a stable, committed lover to provide for her offspring who often happens to be from a previous relationship with an alpha male seed carrier. Ideally, the alpha male would also be the committed lover but most women find this an impossible task, so they 'settle' for the beta male provider instead.

- many women want money and marriage as has been demonstrated above can be the source of financial stability and security that women are looking for.

- validation: if a woman manages to capture the desirable alpha male and force him to commit, she feels more fulfilled in life.

If the supply demand for human sexuality is inelastic, then it is also true that it is somewhat inelastic for marriage, however the situation is the reverse: whereas women are the 'gate keepers' to sex, men happen to be the 'gate keepers' to marriage. But, and this is the big BUT, men will 'negotiate' for sex by agreeing to marry: this gives them a more steady and reliable stream of sex than could be guaranteed for them as a bachelor. This is what makes the supply and demand curve for marriage less inelastic than for human sexuality; because sexually frustrated men are likely to inevitably surrender themselves to the wedding aisle. Women are also less invested in the beta male lover / provider who they by and large find sexually and romantically unattractive, so this further diminishes the inelasticity of the human marriage supply and demand curve.


Money, Marriage and Validation: The Iron Triad of Female Manipulation

This isn't what you might think at all. Most women are sick of genuinely appreciative, kind and polite men who tread on egg shells to try and treat them right. Women do not get their validation from having sex with guys. Instead it's the bold and brash guys that make the move and step forwards that get exactly what they want.

A user on here recently posted a mytake about how to get sex on Tinder. These women responded positively to provocative and sexualised statements that he made such as,

"Whatever tickles your pickle."

"What are your thoughts on handcuffs."

"I want to take off my shirt, pin you up against the wall, tease you and f**k you as hard as I can until tomorrow morning."

In short the gist of the successful man's sexual strategy is about manipulating the self-esteem of low quality, low intelligence but physically attractive sluts. PUA literature, seduction forums and even bodybuilding miscellaneous sub-forums are full of this kind of material: on one hand you have the successful players who have learned the hard way that "treat 'em mean keep 'em keen" actually works. And then, on the other hand, you have guys that are unsuccessful with women that are looking for advice, but want to get success without treating women disrespectfully. Unfortunately, this method is rarely successful and those guys wind up being treated like dirt. They have been rendered the 'internet nice guy' regardless of whether they approve of such a label and now they are the source of ridicule by both genders (although women will pretend like this is the kind of guy they are looking for so as not to appear manipulative, superficial or shallow).

A guy that throws cash at his woman?

Ok, that is a source of validation but she would not have sex with him or give him any attention if it was not for the money.

A guy that wants to marry her?

It is generally good for a woman to be seen as desirable and get married (preferably before 30), however as mentioned before, women prefer for the alpha male to commit and this is the highest possible peak of validation a woman can experience.

Money, Marriage and Validation: The Iron Triad of Female Manipulation
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  • pnl86
    Rolls eyes.

    Here is a quote, from a woman:

    “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

    ― Eleanor Roosevelt, This is My Story

    See also, the Thirteenth Amendment.

    Nobody can "force" you to do anything you don't want to do. That means, if you don't want to do something, don't do it. Nobody has any kind of power over you unless you let them have it.

    If you've accepted some media or high school boy's club message of, "I have to have a really good looking girl in order to be worth anything as a human being," then people who have what you "need" (emotionally) will have power over you. It's that simple. You are a prisoner of your own mind.

    If this was universally and uncontrollably the case... if the 80/20 rule that people keep quoting on the Internet without really knowing what it means and what it applies to actually applied to men and women and sex... over 10,000+ years... you would see an evolutionary shift (an adaptation).

    Men would cope. They would have a substantially lower sex drive. Almost zero interest in sex. Right? Why? What's the point? That would be the biological feedback message the endocrine system would send the brain.

    The more testosterone and other androgens I pump out, the more cortisol gets released into my system, the higher my cholesterol and blood pressure becomes... if I continue this way, I will literally die sooner. So, from a purely self-preservationist point of view, I have to stop that feedback loop. I have to disrupt the endocrine system. I have to stop producing testosterone and other ancillary androgens.

    There are only two things to observe about that. It's either true, or not true. If it's true, then these men have ZERO interest in sex. That means women and antique Chinese tea cups are equally exciting to them. If they're really bored, they'll try to jerk off, but they have no interest in women (physically, in person) for sex.

    If that's not true, then the unconscious brain sees beyond the grim, negative, catastrophic thinking of the conscious brain... and continues to seek out females sexually, unafraid of the fears of manipulation and other things the conscious brain is worried about. Why? Because women are people too, and they have needs too... just like men... and unlike men, are in control of not living with the consequences of finding sexual pleasure.. so they have the peace of mind to just enjoy.

    ; )
    Is this still revelant?
    • the_rake

      'Nobody can "force" you to do anything you don't want to do'

      Not literally, no. But if we were to use a metaphor, somebody can close off every single lavatory in the vicinity until you felt like you were about to explode. If you're talking about marriage for example, then yeah, eventually a celibate guy's going to feel desperate enough that he will commit to a girl and throw away his freedom. If it's sex, then yeah, a guy is going to settle down with some low quality girl or prostitute or something. Read: low quality - someone you are not emotionally or physically attracted to. Bit more than just an 'ugly girl'.


    • the_rake


      ' I have to have a really good looking girl in order to be worth anything as a human being," then people who have what you "need" (emotionally) will have power over you. '

      First, it is never just social: there is in fact an instinctive biological urge to have sex and it is not just reproductive. Secondly, social perceptions do actually matter. If we were all completely confident and just did whatever we wanted (fuck what everyone else thinks) then the world we lived in would be a completely different place.

      'if the 80/20 rule... actually applied to men and women and sex.'

      why do you think that it doesn't? what evidence do you have to support your argument?

      'Men would cope. They would have a substantially lower sex drive.'

      We can speculate but at least some men would still be required by nature to reproduce, and nature does not necessarily know which men are going to be the most desirable to women, each man will have that urge.


    • the_rake


      Anyway, if that was the case - that men developed lower sex urges - they would become less invested, their market value would increase and the supply/demand curve would not be inelastic anyway. So it's actually in your scenario that the 80/20 rule would balance itself out. In the world on real life human sexuality, the 80/20 rule remains constant because men remain sexually frustrated and therefore end up at a very high level of investment in women. This makes them less desirable (people tend to want what they can't have).

      'The more testosterone and other androgens I pump out, the more cortisol gets released into my system, the higher my cholesterol and blood pressure becomes..'

      Probably why so many sexually frustrated men are either gym junkies or else they smoke nicotine and drink alcohol: it's to ease the effect of anxiety and other causes of high cholesterol and blood pressure.


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Most Helpful Girl

  • SovereignessofVamps
    So you think only sexual women are manipulative? I'm not sure what your main point is.
    Is this still revelant?
    • the_rake

      Huh, no, not at all.

      There are two kinds of manipulative women: these are hypergamous promiscuous women that cherry pick attractive, high status men with rolexes and nice cars. The other type are hypergamous demisexual women that hardly sleep around if ever, but they are only attracted to alpha males that have conquered many women and therefore want to be the one woman that makes this man commit (appealing to these men via their virtue). What these two women have in common is hypergamy. I wrote two takes about that, the latter one is the most recent:

    • I see. I have seen that a lot irl honestly. But I think those women aren't attracted to real alphas. They just like the drama! Dramatic guys are usually really emotional and like little kids, so they aren't tough. They can be abusive too since they don't have emotional control. Hypergamy may work in the short term, but I've always seen those people end up miserable. They nvr liked each other and they fight constantly. Two peas in a pod who love drama. I think women who have low counts vs the high count ones, can still have the same personality.

    • the_rake

      'I think those women aren't attracted to real alphas. '

      If those women make up a majority of the female sex (obviously this is speculation, but let's say that they do for the sake of thought experiment) then what does that say for the majority of the guys that don't have this drama you talk about? Have they got to fake the drama? Dive deep inside and pluck the balls out to compete against and maybe even fight with the guys that are so dramatic they put on this massive show to attract the majority of women?

      As for your point about, 'these hypergamous women are never happy in their relationships' ... ok cool, but neither are the good guys with genuinely attractive qualities that can't attract women in their own league. I think those guys are just as miserable if not more so.

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  • FallOutBoy2001
    Ugh. If I see one more take about "what women are really like" from a man, I'm going to fucking lose it. Let me try and break it down for every dipshit who doesn't get it. You. Are. Not. Women. You. Do. Not. Know. What. Women. Want. Not. Every. Woman. Is. Like. Your. Ex.

    Have I made myself clear? You would be fucking pissed if women wrote takes about men like you write takes about women
    • the_rake

      I don't know what you're talking about: women do write takes like this about men all the time and it does piss me off. Especially the nice guy bull, about how all nice guys are boring, unattractive and lazy passive dweebs just faking it to get in a woman's panties. Any take by a woman on here will pay zero attention to attractive, interesting, assertive and GENUINELY nice guys that are unsuccessful; they will present takes about sex and relationships in an extremely biased light as well. It's always about their boyfriends pestering them for sex, but then when you ask these same girls, "so... don't you want sex" they say, "why yes, of course I'm a feminist and women want sex just as badly as men" but truth is, their behaviour proves the opposite.

      You think women are the only ones annoyed about the rubbish that goes flying around about the other gender on the internet? Maybe you will see it from guy's perspective more clearly when you are a little bit older.

    • Send me some links to those myTakes. I haven't seen any of them, so forgive me for saying none exist.

    • the_rake

      There are at least three takes and one video that I find to perpetuate very damaging stereotypes about involuntary celibates / sexually frustrated men. Please don't reply just to say, "but everything they say is true" or "but I can't see what stereotypes are being perpetuated". Please read my comments in the section beneath the respective takes with an open mind before you make your mind up.


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  • shadowlegend
    Dude you have no idea what women want and all you've done here is objectify women and represent us as money-hungry, insecure, manipulative bitches, and f you for lumping me with women like that. I know that some, such as yourself, are ignorant, arrogant, insensitive and just plain rude, and yet I don't assume all men are. The last thing any man understands is what validation means to a women, and it's a joke that you think you have any idea.
    • the_rake

      I understand that sometimes when a guy like me shows the rest of the world what some females (many, in fact) are really like, that the ones that are like it will indeed get angry about it, making emotive statements and personal insults such as:

      'f you '
      'I know that some, such as yourself, are ignorant, arrogant, insensitive and just plain rude'

      This is understandable, because manipulative people want to protect their psychological mindset and ideological tactics in the best way they can. However, I recommend that you try to let go of this school of thought because it is harmful and damaging both to yourself and others.

    • You're so ignorant it hurts. You don't understand what women seek, why we seek those things, or how we seek them. Just stop. It doesn't make me manipulative or idealistic to be offended by you generalizing all women and presenting us in a such a vapid, shitty way.

    • the_rake

      Like I said, "the truth hurts".

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  • mojo_jojo
    Good "real" article. And I have found it to be true for the most part. I'm decently successful and as soon as a women finds out its changes their thoughts and moods. (i try to hide it) Women have always acted differently around alpha males especially ones with the "tool" they want. I have/do see women throw (everything they say is funny and cute) themselves at alphas and yet want to be treated like ladies by betas? Supports your point about getting the seed and then money from Beta to support that seed.
    There is DNA evidence to suggest that even in cavemen days a small % of men actually passed their seed (alphas, logic would say) Women do validate themselves by sleeping with or the pinnacle of marrying a Alpha (All you need is love?)
    This has put me into a moral dilemma about marriage or even dating a women with a kid who chose poorly (maybe still would) and expects that all of a sudden she should be treated at a queen or motherly. (Have your cake and eat it too?)
    To me, I would just like more women to admit it and take your medicine, if you are in the dating game.
    Traveled/traveling the world and still its rare to find a women who is honest with herself let alone men. (Although in older cultures its more known and joked about)
    C'est La Vie
  • Grungenoreos
    This is true for the majority of women but being that I am someone that isn't one for casual sex and hooking up and greatly values maturity, integrity, commitment, dating before you have your shit together (which i dont yet haha but I am workimg on it) etc. I am not in the majority... Or at least that is what it seems like.
    • the_rake

      yep, but it seems most girls will jump down my throat for writing this take either because they cannot see the truth, or they know that there is truth but do not want to admit it. both ways these same girls are blind-sighted.

  • Kiwedin
    Don't generalize and lump all women in one category because of your terrible taste. Have you ever bothered to think about why you attract these types of women into your life? Maybe it has more to do with you than it does with an entire gender.
    This is incredibly sad.
    • the_rake

      'Don't generalize and lump all women in one category'

      See interaction with Shadow Legend because that's not what I was doing. It's obvious that I was talking about a general trend.

  • Scrambledagain
    Dude... some of this shit is so gold. Awesome take. I'm one of those that tried to be descent and get sex, but that is such as poor strategy as you highlighted.
    • the_rake

      Thanks man.

      This just proves that guys like you know what I'm saying, of course women like @shadowlegend would think they know better.

  • hellionthesage
    I would agree that this does occur however the reason it occures with many women. However the problem is society itself more then women. Basicly men and women have good qualities and bad qualities. For men the good are selflessness, devotion, protective drives etc. The bad is promiscius tendencies, agression, ambition/greed (when taken to the extreme that results in things like the banking industry destroying the American economy). For women the good is nurturing and loving and devotion. The bad is basicly everything you listed. The problem isn't that these characteristics exist but rather that they are unchecked, for instance with men their agression is what allows them to be protectors, their ambition allows them to feed a family, for women their prioritization of goods (money) helps them pick a man who has a long term plan and by extention is a dedicated husband/father and a hard worker who can be a good provider ensuring the survival of her and their children. The problem is that societal rules/norms/taboos are all designed to emphasise the good traits while supressing or at the very least mitigating the damage of the negative. Social shaming, punishments etc are all the tools society uses to parent the individual. It functions no differently then the guilt trips and shaming and punishments a parent uses on a misbehaving child. Spare the rod spoil the child, in our current society we still attempt to mitigate and supress the negative male tendencies however we do not do so for women. This creates a generation (or more) of women who are for lack of a better term spoiled because no one taught them otherwise, no one told them to think before they act, to consider the long term instead of indulging the short term impulses and because everythign is one sided (not only socially but even legally) this allows women to not only be the worst possible version of themselves but it then hurts men doublly while for it while rewarding the woman further enforcing the destructive behavior (for example if a man impregnates a woman he pays her child support and is viewed as a screwup/deadbeat, if a woman gets pregnant the man is forced to pay her child support and is viewed as a screw up/deadbeat). So until society changes and starts enforcing rules on women as it does men we will continue to see this become a increasingly worse problem until such a time that the society is no longer able to sustain itself (which is begining to happen).
    • the_rake

      Excellent post as ever. However, before I proceed to reply in more detail, this is the worst possible moment for you to have replied because the second before you did so, I uploaded a take that takes a much more significantly in depth view of this discussion:

      Any contribution you have to make there would be deeply valued, as ever and I am sure you will have a wider repertoire of empirical evidence than myself.

    • the_rake

      But to reply to your points above, the angle you take is very interesting because it negates issues one might have about generalising 'all men' or 'all women'. The constraints of language make it very difficult to tackle the gender debate without engaging in logical fallacy or anything that might offend the sensibilities of women. In my new take, I have attempted to evade this by specifying certain groups of women: 'young, moderately attractive western women'. In your own comment, you have focussed instead on the effect of social norms and customs on our youth: 'spare the rod, spoil the child', as you say. I think this is genius because you have illustrated what I have tried to say perfectly and eloquently:

      'Basicly men and women have good qualities and bad qualities... The problem isn't that these characteristics exist but rather that they are unchecked,'

    • I'll see what I can do.(tommorow/later today its currently four in the morning and I have only had two hours of sleep so give me some time on that).

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  • slimstiffy
    Well. All this does apply to hos.
    If youve been out there enough , you would understand that many women are not really hos tho.
    Still, post is relevant, because id say a good 50% women are like this.
    • the_rake

      '50% women are like this.'

      We're playing the crystal ball game when we start speculating what percentage of girls are or are not like this. Still, I'd say that a fairly clear majority of girls under the age of 40 (even more so under the age of 30) and more so under 30. Girls that are unattractive (physically overweight or lacking facial aesthetics) and girls belonging to racial backgrounds subjectively perceived as undesirable, are likely to compensate for a smaller degree of male attention with more likeable and admirable traits.

      Still, I have definitely noticed a strong tendency for desirable, caucasian women belonging to younger generations to manipulate their advantages and behave in exactly the manner that I have highlighted in the original take.

    • slimstiffy

      I kinda agree with you.

    • slimstiffy

      Exept the race part, i dont think that influences it

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  • sp33d
    Might be true for some women, overall, though, I'm inclined to disagree.
    • the_rake

      I don't like it either, but from what I've seen, this is true of a majority of women.

  • zombiebabe
    no need to generalize it!! not all women are like this
    • the_rake

      See conversation with @kittykatbrat to see where I'm coming from. Language has a funny way of forcing us to use generalisations sometimes, even though that is not what we mean m

    • the_rake

      Wrong person: @kittiecat sorry @kittykatbrat

  • ThisDudeHere
    Not like I have ever seen anything like this on GAG before. Totally.
  • Waffles731
    I completely disagree.
    The Alpha/Beta thing is A. Wrong. B. Extremely Simplistic and Wrong. C. Bullshit and Wrong.
    Also Marriage is an expression of love
    • the_rake

      A. It's not wrong because there is such a thing as hierarchy between men of different economic or social status. All you have to do is open your eyes to see it.
      B. Yes as a binary scale, it's simplistic - that's because I cannot account for all the different variables that complicate and obfuscate the distinctions between a high status man and a low status man. There are, nonetheless, distinctions.
      C. See A & B above

      As for marriage - there are many different and complex incentives for two people to become married.

  • CoolSky01
    Honestly i've found out that looks gets you a long way my friend, money makes you a great catch but looks... looks !!
    • the_rake

      smooth, charismatic guys with high social status can get laid too.

    • CoolSky01

      yeah but iam talking in the absense of money and cahrisma, being hot goes a long way

    • the_rake

      Maybe. But you are going to have to be REALLY hot, if you get what I'm saying.

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  • HelloEveryone123456
    First of all, the girl in the top picture is not even hot...

    Is she supposed to be some sort of "seductress?"

    I would bitch slap her, but of course this would land me in jail...
  • KittieCat
    Unfortunately, this is true for some women. I feel as if it's awkward that some women preach that they're independent and can provide for themselves yet crawl up to a man who will give them money.

    If you're dependent on a man/woman for money and validation, you're setting yourself up for failure. Marriage seems to seal that deal and locks you in. I've seen it happen a lot and all of these women end up in abusive and bad relationships.

    Nice mytake but I would clarify that this doesn't apply to all women since I can see where some people might just go crazy saying not all women are like this, you're disgusting yada yada.. You know those kind of people lol Good work :)
    • the_rake


      Of course, it's near enough impossible to say quantify a given percentage of women that are like this. surveys and empirical studies and stuff will never be satisfactory. I would say however, that it is a stronger trend among more specific groups - for example you see lots of young western women that are deemed physically attractive and they are more likely to display these behaviours than say, a humble, older and unattractive oriental lady.
      Even taking away factors like race, culture, religion, age etc. you see that women can behave like this for genetic reasons and not necessarily because they are evil - trying to find a stable and committed lover is a top priority. I know that 'money' appears to be a central theme in this take but that's just because there are so many factors involved it's impossible to dress them all directly.


    • the_rake


      For example, when it comes to 'money' a woman could just be a plain, stereotypical gold digger that wants a rich man to buy her stuff. But she could also be somebody that is attracted - somewhat less superficially - to a man with ambition and determination, somebody that has actually applied these intrinsic qualities successfully in order to achieve their full career potential. In short, it is not so much 'money' as status. But I say 'money', why? Because I still think this is superficial to a degree and there definitely are the former variety out there (pure gold diggers). And there's more factors still, related to dominance, status and general charisma. I wrote a few takes on these actually:


    • KittieCat

      I agree. I feel like I have an awkward perspective because I was raised around guys and never had that weird I guess woman mentality if that makes sense. I still think women are confusing as hell. Anyways to me I view it as a dependency that some women have almost made up for themselves. "I need to have a relationship and a family and a provider" or something similar in which case I always wonder why. Sure I crave a family and a nice relationship but I don't need someone else to do that for me. It's strange really but I can't argue with genetics

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  • frozenhorizon
    Someone is bitter :D
    • And someone was shocked by that poll that showed 93% of men on here are single. I wonder why, lmaooooooo

  • Anonymous
    well if you want someone like that **** around the pole... sure lol
    • the_rake

      so what kind of girl is not like that and where can you find her? lol

    • Anonymous

      just like gentlemen... they are there, but not too many

    • the_rake

      so, that's kind of the point of this take: good women are not in abundance but bad and manipulative women seem to be everywhere. where does that leave the gentle man in a dating climate where 20% of men get 80% of women?

  • Anonymous
    Alpha fucks/Beta Bucks.

    Written by a woman on gag of how women think:

    "Women do not have friends we have competition. We lie to our so-called female friends and pretend we are loyal and faithful to them, just like we do with the men in our lives. Secretly, we are jealous of each other, and we want all of the desirable things that other women have—most especially when it comes to our female friends’ things. And we consider men to be things. If one of our friends has a hot man, we want him to want us. We will do everything we can to seduce him. Not because we really want him—we don’t really want anybody. We do it because we are rarely happy, and we don’t want our girlfriends to be happy, either, and we want to boost our own egos more than anything else. And after we get him to fuck us, when our girlfriends find out that he has had sex with us, that’s when we finally get what we wanted in the first place. If we break up the previously happy couple, that’s fine, too. It’s all about our pussy, not hers. It’s about winning."

    Men are accessories/utilities. Women do not love us.

    Women categories into one or more category:

    Dildo - Alpha stud

    App service - Male friends

    boyfriend - Accessory to show off and make female jealous.

    If you are no longer useful in any of those 3 they'll drop you. When they are young all they care about is getting a more hotter guy than their friend to beat them. When they are older money starts being the bragging tool when they want to stat comparing weddings, houses, cars etc.

  • Anonymous
    with the rise of marital rape cases too, a woman doesn't even have to hold her end, she can just trap a man into a marriage where he provides for her, but is unable to look for his needs elsewhere, forcing him either to accept that the rest of life would suck or divorce, where she would take his money. the false promise of love is so strong, especially for a beta male rejected most of his life where he was only beginning to establish himself, and has no monetary value.

    prenup is useless againts false rape allegation. the whole court literally encourages gold digging. there is nothing for it for men

    besides, they wanted independence? they wanted to 'love us because they want us, not NEED us?'; why bother creating a system where there is a legal repercussion and if possible financial ruin if a partner attempts to leave? where the partner is forced to stay; or divorce losing their assets? or even be fault through false rape allegations? by not legislating love, it really creates a sense...
    • Anonymous

      of independence. with the ease of getting out- love is truly what would bind people together, and not a fear of financial ruin.

  • Anonymous
    Women put up a false front about virtually everything. Our faces are fake (makeup), our hair is fake (dyed), our boobs are fake (some of us), everything about us is fake. Most especially when it comes to what is inside of us. We lie constantly, because we are far worse, character-wise, than even our closest friends or lovers will ever know, and we desperately fight to keep all of that hidden.
    We are looking for our true daddies, basically – the idealized daddies that we never had – somebody who can see through all of our false fronts and call us out on our bullshit and put us in our place. The problem is, those type of men are very few and far between.
    If a woman ever tells you, “If we don’t have trust, we don’t have anything,” she is either cheating on you or planning to cheat on you. There are no exceptions to this rule. We use that as cover, to try and make the man feel guilty for questioning our fidelity. What we really saying here, is, “I will fuck whomever I want and you’d better keep your nose out of it or I’ll cut you off from my pussy and I’ll ruin your freaking life if you keep pressing the issue.” If we really cared about you, and if we really weren’t cheating on you or planning to cheat on you, we would tell you something like, “I am not cheating on you, I love you, and I would never do that. I don’t care if we have to stay up all night, for the next week, and go over every single shred of doubt that’s currently troubling you about this. I have nothing to hide, I would never cheat on you, and I don’t want you thinking these things about me. Please tell me exactly why you think I am cheating, point by point, and I will do anything and everything that I have to do to prove to you that I’m not cheating, in order to ease your worried mind.”
    • the_rake

      Thank you.

      It means something to me when a woman on here has the guts to be truly honest about the actual trends in her own gender's behaviour.

    • Dingsbums

      Haha am I the only one who gets the joke. People are even taking u serious

    • Clearly a guy wrote this, probably the mytake writer himself. Pathetic.

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  • Anonymous
    This is a very interesting piece. So do women want the sweet guy they claim?

    How do you win this game lol?

    So by treating a girl right (courteous, sweet etc) whilst still being confident, can you be fulfing their validating requirement as well as turning them on to have them submit to you in your words?

    Or do you have to treat em mean and not give a damn. Does the good guy validate her with no reward so to speak and the asshole get the pornstar sex?

    I might pm you about a take I have written, would be good to get your thoughts.
    • the_rake

      'So do women want the sweet guy they claim'

      They may want the sweet guy to commit, through marriage and be a provider male. But they are less likely to consider him for casual sex: this privilege goes to the alpha male. Ideally they would get the alpha male to commit but this is not an easy task, so they settle for the sweet guy instead.

      I replied to that take you wrote.

    • Anonymous

      I see. But can a sweet guy also not be an alpha male (confident, good looking, kind, decent)?

      It's an interesting point though. So why casual sex with an alpha? I have noticed that some guys who aren't that sweet and maybe not that good looking seem to have some women acting more suggestive/touchy around them. Yet with a sweeter guy, they'd act more innocent and almost be like they didn't know how to let loose?

      How would you have them be casual around you in that case?

      Cheers, I'll check that out

    • the_rake

      'can a sweet guy also not be an alpha male '

      Yes, of course.

      People refer to the 'sweet guy' and 'alpha male' in lots of different contexts, especially because this is the internet. It's better to talk about the 'good guy', if this is what you mean.

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