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Embrace Your Small Breasts

Women who are bigger-breasted may not want to read this. Know that your breasts are just as awesome as smaller breasts, & that there are many aspects of bigger breasts that are advantageous over small breasts; however, this particular MyTake will focus on smaller breasts.

A girl just asked whether "breast size matters" & I responded, and figured I should make an entire MyTake about it to get the word out.

The general consensus is that most men generally do prefer bigger breasts over smaller ones. However, one man described it as follows: He'd prefer a bigger package of M&Ms, but he'd still be more than happy to take a small package of M&Ms, because M&Ms are amazing. This seems to be how most men view the issue of breast size.

First off, let me mention that the most common bra size amongst pornstars is actually a B-cup. https://www.livescience.com/27428-truth-about-porn-stars.html

Even outside of porn, some of the most prominent sex symbols, who many men think are sexy, have small breasts.

For instance, Megan Fox is a B.

Embrace Your Small Breasts

Chloe Moretz is an A-cup. She's less well-known than the others I'm listing, but it is overwhelming how sexy many men find her. Many men were counting down till her 18th birthday & there are videos on YouTube about her "sexiest outfits" etc that men claim to fap to. The aforementioned facts are gross but they show that women with smaller breasts can still be sexy.

Embrace Your Small Breasts

Rihanna is a B.

Embrace Your Small Breasts

Finally, my favorite example is Alexandra Breckenridge.

Embrace Your Small Breasts

She played a sexy maid in American Horror Story, and if you look at ANY video about her, it will be full of comments - from both men AND women, who say they would "go gay" for her - talking about how HOT she is.

Not ONCE did I ever see "she'd be hot but she has small tits."

A lot of her hotness comes from her demeanor and the way she dresses.

Embrace Your Small Breasts
Embrace Your Small Breasts
Embrace Your Small Breasts

Embrace Your Small Breasts
Embrace Your Small Breasts
Embrace Your Small Breasts

Embrace Your Small Breasts

Anyway, enough admiring Alexandra Breckenridge and back to the point.

More benefits to smaller breasts:

- We can choose whether or not we'd like to be sexualized. If we want to be sexualized, we can go braless, wear a pushup bra and/or a low-cut top, or act in a sexy way, like Alexandra Breckenridge above. If we don't want to be, we can cover up easily. But women with bigger breasts don't have that much freedom; they're more likely to be sexualized even if they don't want to be. It's easy to make smaller breasts look bigger and/or sexier, but it's hard to hide bigger breasts if you want to.

- There's evidence that men who are richer, & less sexist, prefer smaller breasts.

- Small breasts are more erogenous, which is fun in the bedroom. Women with smaller breasts also orgasm more easily. https://out-of-limit.com/5-reasons-women-smaller-breasts-better-life/

- Less potential for sagging.

- Less expensive bras.

- It is easier to go braless.

- Less annoying while running and/or exercising, among other things. They get in the way less often.

- Less likely to be sexually harassed on the basis of your breasts

In sum, small breasts are pretty awesome, because ALL breasts are pretty awesome.

Check out this site for a gallery of normal breasts, and see how much diversity there is:

Love your breasts, ladies.

If a guy (or girl) rejects you because of your breasts, then they didn't truly love you anyway. Be grateful that your breasts served as a filter to get rid of people who didn't truly love you for who you are.

Embrace Your Small Breasts
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  • Anonymous
    Everything I've read is actually even a little more positive than you suggest.

    Something like 1/3 of men -prefer- small breasts to large. 2/3 prefer large to small.

    Half of each of those groups cares much about size, the other half doesn't care much.

    So if you're small breasted, 1/3 of men like it better, and another 1/3 prefer large but barely care and it's not a driver of how they decide a woman is hot.

    I think women overestimate the proportion of men that like large breasts for two reasons:
    - teen boys are more biased to large breasts than adult males are. I believe this is because at their age it's an important marker of sexual maturity - a non issue past age 20. Women don't realize that bias fades.
    - Men in public look at large breasts much much more. This isn't ncesaarily because they prefer large breasts though - it's because large breasts are often more visible through clothing. We like seeing breasts. We are pretty transfixed by a cups with nipples poking through a tight sweater as well.
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    • Your final point is a good one.

      We women often think that simply because "my eyes are up here" is a more common thing for women with big breasts, that means that men only like big breasts, or even breasts in general.

      What I mean by "breasts in general" is that I was shocked to learn that most men were ass men, not breast men (although most still love tits). I conclude that my idea that men preferred breasts to ass is because we women notice men staring at tits more often, for obvious reasons.

      The same may be the case for the issue with big vs small breasts. Men's eyes may be more drawn to bigger breasts than smaller breasts but that doesn't mean that most men don't find small breasts hot too. Bigger breasts are simply more attention-grabbing than smaller breasts, which I guess we smaller breasted women should see as an advantage, because most women prefer men to look us in the face.

      Just because we notice men staring at bigger tits, and tits in general, doesn't mean they don't

    • find smaller breasts, and asses in general, hot.

      And I suppose we shouldn't care as much what teen boys think anyway. They're more often immature & more likely to "only want one thing."

    • Anonymous

      I'm actually not sure teen boys are really more or less likely to want casual sex can say 30 year olds.

      But the key is again women may 'learn' in high school that large breasts are what everyone wants and not notice that stopped being true.

      Most men I know who like small were indifferent on size as a teen.

  • Lliam
    For me, it's much more about shape than size. I've seen amazing, pointy, A-size boobies that stick straight out into space and look amazing. Tits of most sizes can be wonderful. Except, I think my limit on size preference might max out at 34DD or so. I do like breasts that are large enough to bounce, sway and jiggle. But upturned, erect and pointed is my biggest preference. If they hold their shape but are still large enough dance in circles when a woman is on all fours, I'm in heaven.
    I also have nipple preferences, too, but, again, I wouldn't hold hard and fast to any rules.

    I think you are right about the fact that the main reason women think guys prefer large breasts is due to the fact that they are more noticeable. If a beautiful woman with prominent melons walks by, guy's jaws will drop and their eyes will pop out. We just love that cantilevered female form. We can't help it. But that doesn't mean that we would necessarily prefer that our partner have boobs that could smother us. .
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  • Anonymous
    The Hollywood myth is that all men prefer big breasts. Teenage boys believe this myth and, to prove their "manliness" to other guys, they will talk endlessly about how they like big boobs. Guys who prefer smaller boobs keep their mouthy shut because they think their preference is weird or maybe someone will call them a pedo for liking women who look like little girls.

    Over the past 4 years, I have conducted several polls about guys preferences for boob size. It is a fairly even split between prefer small, prefer medium, prefer big, or have no preference. Interestingly, despite the fact that Hollywood helps to perpetuate the big boob myth, many sexy stars have small boobs, such as Keira Knightley, Kate Hudson, and Mila Kunis.

    I prefer small boobs on a petite women. They are always so sensitive! My current girlfriend can orgasm just from having her boobs licked and sucked! Small boobs are definitely NOT a handicap!
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    • You had no need to be anonymous :P

  • ThisGuyDucks
    This is wishful thinking, men are attracted to a nice, protruding, round, perky pair of tits they can grab on to.
    We like women who look like women, big breasts are a signal that a woman has gone through puberty and is capable of feeding your kids.

    Men don't have tits of our own, we like women who have a nice rack, if we liked flat/small boobs we'd date other men.

    There's no point in being with a woman that doesn't have a nice pair of tits, no thanks.

    And i can assure every guy would eventually get tired of a woman with no tits and will start fantasizing about women with great boobs if he's been with a flat chested women for a while.

    We like something we can grab onto.
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    • Yeah, you're right. No men are attracted to women with small breasts. That's precisely why the breast size of the average pornstar is smaller than average. www.yahoo.com/.../...ruth-sex-stars-122610225.html

      "big breasts are a signal that a woman has gone through puberty" so are pubic hair, leg hair, and armpit hair. Yet men aren't attracted to those, so that's an invalid argument.

      "is capable of feeding your kids." Breast size has no bearing on breastfeeding ability. The extra size in big breasts is fat, which is not the part of the breast that creates milk.

      "every guy would eventually get tired of a woman with no tits and will start fantasizing about women with great boobs if he's been with a flat chested women for a while." The vast majority of people fantasize about people besides their partners, regardless of their partners' body type.

    • Lol what? Most pornstars have big tits, they purposely get implants all the time, and it doesn't even matter what most pornstars tit size is, no one cares about them, you just watch porn and jerk off.

      And what? Body hair is very different than tit size, body hair doesn't signal puberty. Big tits very much signal a woman is done through puberty, it's triggers a man sexually.

      And no, when men get very attracted to their girlfriend all they think about is her and they rarely fantasize about other women.

    • "Most pornstars have big tits" not according to research.

      "it doesn't even matter what most pornstars tit size is" Exactly

      "when men get very attracted to their girlfriend all they think about is her and they rarely fantasize about other women."
      Research disagrees with you: "80% of married women will sexually fantasize about men other than their husband, while 98% of men fantasize about women other than their wife."

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  • Ophion
    I don't understand one thing: why do people have to weaken others to reinforce themselves? Just embrace yourselves and that is that.
    Don't you get it? If you say X is better than Y it puts you on the same page with people who judge and look down on others because of physical attributes they can't control. Maybe you didn't intend it to be but this whole article is about bashing women with larger breasts. It is just as wrong as bashing women with small ones.
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    • I never said small breasts were better than bigger breasts.

      In fact, I specifically said in the beginning:

      "Women who are bigger-breasted may not want to read this. *Know that your breasts are just as awesome as smaller breasts, & that there are many aspects of bigger breasts that are advantageous over small breasts;* however, this particular MyTake will focus on smaller breasts."

      "In sum, small breasts are pretty awesome, because ALL breasts are pretty awesome."

    • Ophion

      You really don't get it. You just compared the two and made up hypothetical advantages against the other. Textbook discriminative comparison.
      " But women with bigger breasts don't have that much freedom; they're more likely to be sexualized even if they don't want to be. It's easy to make smaller breasts look bigger and/or sexier, but it's hard to hide bigger breasts if you want to."
      Simply not true, but perfect to prove my point. You want to make one side look good at the expense of the other. It is wrong, even if you don't want to see it.

    • It's true. I'm not bashing them; I'm acknowledging a struggle that they have. Oversexualization is a common complaint by many women with bigger breasts.

      See this Tumblr post by a woman with bigger breasts:


      The tumblr post has almost 100,000 notes. coffee-cigarettes-and-cinema.tumblr.com/.../people-without-big-boobs-omg-i-wish-ihad-big

      I'm not trying to bash women with bigger breasts. I sympathize with them and I wish society would stop oversexualizing them.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    I've got big breasts, but I really loved this take. Everything is so true. I don't mind my size, nothing I can really do if I don't so I've gotta be ok with it, but I have always kinda wished I could have smaller breasts because of the reasons listed. Every single reason you listed. But the reason I don't mind my size is because of another thing you mentioned, which is boobs are just great haha, doesn't matter who's boobs, they're all awesome. In a way, they're like penis, they're always awesome, but even if you have a preference, as soon as what isn't your usual preference is attached to somebody with other good features or somebody you like, it suddenly becomes your type. No girls need to worry about their boobs, literally none. No matter how big or small, they're great and look fabulous.
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    • Red_Arrow

      You are completely right! I have always preferred smaller breasts, but also like large ones. Who I prefer to be with is not based on boob size. I married a woman with larger breasts and loved them (and of course, her). Breasts are wonderful regardless of size and preference. Accept and love what you have. We men do.

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  • MlleCake
    I have very large breasts, but I think there is no one specific "good" way for breasts to be. Tiny to huge, breasts are beautiful.

    So, don't assume that big breasted women won't like when someone praises smaller breasts.

    The only kind of breasts I don't like are the kinds with cancer.
  • gobsmacked3
    all types of breasts are majestic, but small ones are such a turn on
    • I smell a Japa Japa pedo bear😋😋

      Jk couldn't keep it in my head... Had to say it

  • godfatherfan
    anything larger then a handful, your risking a sprained tongue...
    guys can suck on small ones just as much as big ones. I look at them as a bonus. if they are there, awesome. If not, they aren't the best part of on a woman anyway... I can spend more time on my favorite part...
    • What's your favorite part?

    • lol... is it really something you have to ask?
      The vagina is the single greatest thing on the entire earth. mmmmm. mmmm. good...

    • and I was strictly thinking sex parts tits, pussy, ass...
      if you want to get into that "her brain is the sexiest organ... yada..." that is fine... but my mind is completely in the gutter on this one... lol. and even considering the brain... my previous comment stands...

  • Sadie_G
    I really liked this post!!! 😊😊 I'm a B cup, but that fluctuates with my weight, so it can get a little stressful when I look in the mirror! Also, Megan Fox openly stated that she had a boob job, but I think it's really cool that she didn't go to such a huge size! She kept it natural and made it symmetrical with her frame! Anyways, this post was awesome!
    • TheGothic

      You've a sexy boobs I like its.

    • Thanks! & so Megan was even smaller prior to her boob job?

    • Sadie_G

      Yeah she was which is super cool and realistic!

  • stevie123
    I enjoyed this take.
    I enjoy all boobs, but prefer smaller ones.
    I wish that girls with smaller delights were more comfortable with their original equipment!
    Boobs don't make the girl.
    Bigger is not always better.
    There are many guys like myself that adore smaller, so keep the faith.
  • AlphaMale1
    If her breasts are big enough for them to massage my cock and have her lick it then that is awesome. Even if she has to press them together to make this happen.

    However, there is something very erotic about small-breasted women. Especially when she is either slender or fit.

    Either way I would never let a woman's breast size influence my being in a relationship with her as I am in it with the whole woman.
  • GingerGuy
    It's amazing how insecure women seem to be with their breasts (just all the posts I see on this site alone) and why I don't really understand? Most guys do not care honestly. We love them all. Yes, we have our preferences but they usually aren't deal breakers if they're not the "perfect" size. Great take, embrace whatever natural size you are. Don't be insecure.
  • I'm a d cup, even I dont feel like a d.
    That being said I loved this take. Breasts are gorgeous no matter the size or shape, and no girl should never be made to feel like her breasts aren't good enough.
  • jss123
    Hmmm. Interesting. My girlfriend is A cup and I love them. It suits her frame perfectly and she's very sporty so they're perfect for her.
    The odd thing is she still wouldn't mind bigger breasts because it sometimes limits what she can wear. Personally they're exactly what I prefer.
  • LaVillaStrangiato
    I love smaller breasts! Maybe not flat chested, but just a nice "handful" is perfect for me! I was married to a woman for 18 years who had large breasts. I've had enough of that! haha

    Hail to the small-breasted women!!!
  • TadCurious
    There's nothing wrong with smaller size breasts. When I see a girl's attractiveness, I see a composite of a number of different things. The size of one body part doesn't really affect that. Breast size differences is just the natural order of things, and girls are attractive with all size breasts.
  • lost_alice
    all you said is right but I don't agree with the part you said less likely to be sexually harassed
    • Good point, I changed it to "less likely to be sexually harassed *on the basis of your breasts*". Since bigger breasts tend to be more attention-grabbing simply on the basis of their size.

    • kairon156

      I've never sexually harassed someone and don't intend to but as a guy who likes amaller boobs I do notice t hem, sometimes more often than large ones.

    • @kairon156 do you personally prefer smaller breasts?

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  • I am a fair for natural breasts. no matter the size, shape, sagginess, perkiness, color or age of them.

    they are natures prefect toy. plus they give life to babies.

  • MissMickey
    I actually agree with this. Great mytake babe :)
    Having a big chest can be a burden sometimes. Not saying I wish I had no boobs at all, but somewhere in between would be nice haha
  • Sleepy_mommy
    I often wish mine were smaller. The tendency for larger women to be more sexualized is so annoying.
    I’ve learned the benefits of wearing a sports bra all the time. It is rather uncomfortable at times but it is so nice to be taken seriously or in a social setting to be treated as just another “girly girl” rather than looked at as a sexobject.
  • NervousGuy95
    Men will always love bigger breasts. Period.
    If anyone tells you different, lies. Or just want to make you feel good about your body. But the truth is that 95% of make population prefer bigger breasts and see them as more beautiful than small ones.
    • Yeah, that's exactly why the breast size of the average pornstar is smaller than average. www.yahoo.com/.../...ruth-sex-stars-122610225.html

    • I am not talking about silicone beauties, I am talking about naturally big breasted girls also

    • How is that relevant? My point was that if big breasts are so important, then the average pornstar wouldn't have smaller-than-average breasts.
      Clearly breast size doesn't have that strong an impact on sexiness, because men have no problem masturbating to women with smaller-than-average breasts.

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  • Paige90
    I wear a 34b bra and I love my size! I don't want them any larger!!
  • Spiorad_Aisce
    Great take but preaching to the converted here - My preference was always average or smaller - If I am in the minority, it is a pleasant minority to be in.
  • Dargil
    "Embrace Your Small Breasts"
    If you don't, I will. I have always loved cupcakes.
  • HeyMikie
    I adore small breasts! Having said that I also have to say that breast size is not a priority. I'm far more interested in who the woman is, what her likes and dislikes are and whether or not we are compatible.
  • i1T2daty
    Great idea but I'd much rather embrace your small breasts. I think they look fab. also, esp. if worn with Cami
  • DiegoO
    B-D cups are my limits. Anything smaller, anything bigger would be a problem.

    A cups are a turn-off, I don't want to feel like a pedo. E cups are too much for my taste. Beside sexual reasons, I think B-D cups are functional for maternal porpoise.
    • "A cups are a turn-off, I don't want to feel like a pedo." I presume you also prefer women not to shave their bodies? Because women naturally grow body hair during puberty. As for maternal purposes, breast size has no correlation with milk supply.

    • DiegoO

      I only gave my opinion.

  • miserybusiness
    Girls with AA dart boobs are staring at this thread like >_________>
  • BlacklightShade
    I asked in a poll a while back which sized breasts people preferred and was really surprised that most said they liked them smaller.

    What is your ideal breast size? ↗

    I have big breasts that I am happy to have, mainly because the men I've dated liked them and gave them a lot of attention. There are things we can do with them that might be more difficult with smaller ones. There are times where they get in the way and I'll wear clothes that hide them. I think I've developed a stronger personality partly because I'm trying not to come off as a bimbo with big tits.
  • elizamichale1
    Very nice take darling
    I hope girls who lack confident because of their small breasts will read it and will get ok with themselves
  • Yumix
    the proportions to the rest of the body are important, the size itself of the breasts not. That's how I see it

    So lots of <3 for small boobs too from my side
  • Stacyzee
    Great take! I <3 how you did your own studies on this.
  • LiveFreeorDieHard
    So are you going to come out with a small penis are ok too my take because it's a double standard of you don't. ( welcome to the 21 century!)
  • jackfrost306
    It doesn't matter about your breast size because nobody should be insecure about there own body and nobodys opinion matters except from yours
  • Gedaria
    OH, yes they are so sexy , never get tied of playing and looking at small boobs ,, LOVELY …..
  • LankyGerman
    @Mistixs I take yours are small and Perky. I am currently B cup.
  • obi-wan_kenobi
    I wasn't bothered reading all that so I just looked at the pictures. You are right big boobs are great
  • Anastacis
    I really like this take
    I like my small girls because physical activity is much easier when it's easier to keep girls from jumping up and down lol

  • BillieJean1070
    From this girl with small breasts, this was a great mytake.
  • Big-A
    [img]https://media. wired. com/photos/598e35fb99d76447c4eb1f28/master/pass/phonepicutres-TA. jpg[/img]
    • Big-A

      [img]https://media. wired. com/photos/598e35fb99d76447c4eb1f28/master/pass/phonepicutres-TA. jpg[/img]

  • luv2godownonyou
    I say embrace those small firm breasts ladies. Small firm breasts are so hot and sexy and a real sexual turn on for me. I'd take a small firm pair any day over large.
  • Jmarc1980
    I don't care about breast size... it's the vagina that gets my attention... and if her breasts are small i take extra time during sex sucking on them so she'll feel special...
  • uknaked
    Breast size is objective for guys or gay/bi girls, it is a matter of personal preference.
    No size is right or wrong, and obviously the size, or stature of the person affects attitudes to size on any individual.
    My personal preference, having had two wives and many girlfriends over the years, is for smaller breasts. But many guys thing the opposite or something in between.
    Breast size is not the only determining factor in physical attraction, I also love petite, skinny, or slender females with narrow hips and a tiny butt, but I know many guys who adore big butts. There is no right or wrong.
  • Amen sister!!! I try embrace as many a and b cups as i can. Don't care for anything bigger. 😜😎
  • Philyouup
    I am an avid fan of smaller breasts for all the reasons you stated.. I find them incredibly sexy
  • WarmSunflower
    That’s all nice but it’s a fact that most men prefer large breasts.
  • Nice_Guy_Last
    Embrace your small breast, and if you can't, find you someone who will.
  • dave1558
    i would like to "embrace your small breasts"
    see what I did there? yep everyone was thinking it
  • Cashew72
    I love me some "A cup" or "B cup" tits, they are sooooo hot!!!
  • Cannuck22
    Nothing wrong with small breasts. I wish more women would not worry so much.
  • mike_the_man
    I have to say you have a fair point, but as far as I'm concerned I'm not someone that is attracted by breasts, big or small. (By that I don't mean I find them a turn off,) What interests me is the persons character. I do have a lady friend who is indeed very small chested, we grew up at school together and even now she is so lovely, her personality is so nice. If you asked me to describe her, I would simply say, fairly tall and thin with a lovely personality. (Note, not even a mention of breasts.)
    Besides if I am looking for a lady, why would I want one that every other guy wants to steal from me? It's not all about looks!! and any guy only interested in breasts (or looks,) in my opinion is shallow!
  • adamski24
    i love small/tiny boobies so much more than the big and huge ones
  • JustSomeFool
    I love small boobs. I just don't know what to do with big ones.
  • goodmood
    As long as it's not completely flat, I'm indifferent.
  • 95129
    Oh my god, yes. Small breasts can be super sexy. I def can embrace this. Yes please!!