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My Stance On The Abortion Debate

My Stance On The Abortion Debate

If abortion becomes illegal, its going to continue to happen. But it'll be unsafe and without doctors. Just like there are illegal drugs and guns still being sold and used, abortions will still occur. Which is damaging to the mother and the fetus if it happens to survive.

Women are going to end up dying because they had an unsafe (which may mean unclean) abortion, or the pregnancy is life threatening.

Sometimes women also get abortions because the baby will be born with autism or another health defect due to pregnancy complications. Sometimes women get abortions because their BD left them and they can't do it alone.

Sometime women get abortions because they were raped. Sometimes women get abortions because they can't afford the baby or simply don't want it. Or they're too mentally or physically unfit to care for the baby. I am pro choice, but you can't say women can't abort a baby if birth control will be harder to access and everyone decides to start adopting and never have a baby of their own.

We're already overpopulating the earth. Besides, I respect if you would never get an abortion. That is YOUR choice. That's the reason I am pro choice. You can decide to keep the fetus or rid of it. The fetus is usually aborted within the first 3 months.

The only time a late term termination happens is if the mother will die. You can't say she can't get rid of it, have her die but the baby live. You aren't being pro life you're being pro birth, but that doesn't mean you'd take care of their kid.

When a fetus is to be aborted it will not and cannot feel any pain. It is injected with a needle and safely removed. It is not torn apart limb from limb because it will not be developed enough to even have limbs.

If you're going to support or protest anything make sure you do your own damn research, don't rely on photos or articles on Facebook. Besides, having a baby is a choice for a woman, not a necessity. Don't take my word for it tho, I'm just a woman who never wanted kids. Do your research and then come back to me.

*side note: you CAN be pro life personally but pro choice politically. Meaning you'd never get an abortion yourself but you understand other women should have the choice.

Also, this is not meant to spark a debate. You can state if you agree or disagree but do not start fights or you'll be immediately blocked. I respect your opinion, just respect mine and everyone else's.

My Stance On The Abortion Debate


My Stance On The Abortion Debate
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Most Helpful Girl

  • DivaMonae

    Although I'm against abortion and disagree with some of your beliefs for instance that a fetus doesn't feel any pain at all. I just feel that it's not fair to say that unless you've experienced it and you nor I have because we're both still here but anyway...

    I agree with you regardless of what Amendment Trump passes abortiond will still happen just illegally which isn't good and dangerous to women and girls and especially to the little creatures that never had a chance. Hopefully though best case scenario though if it is passed just like 21st Amendment was passed to cancel out the 18th Amendment with the Prohibition on alcohol they'll pass one to cancel out this one as well.

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    • I did my research and its proven the first month or two of development they don't feel anything. They don't have anything to feel WITH. And the fetus is injected with a needle whivh doesn't hurt it.

    • DivaMonae

      If that is the case then how are they being injected with a needle? Also what about once they're past the first two months?

      No disrespect to you and I'm not trying to debate I'm just interested.

    • The... fetus... gets injected... with a needle. It isn't that hard to understand.
      They're still developing, they're not necessarily feeling any pain, or anything really.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • OlderAndWiser

    In my mind, the decision on this is made as soon as you answer the question: when does life begin?

    If you believe that life begins at conception, you are anti-abortion. It is not just about your body; it is also about the body of the child inside of you. Abortion is the murder of a helpless human being.

    If you believe that life begins at birth or shortly before, then you are pro-choice. It is your body and your choice.

    The pro-choice crowd would have a bit more credibility if there weren't a significant number of women who use abortion as their means of birth control.

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    • I agree it shouldn't be used as birth control. But, the moment pro-lifers begin handing out birth control and condoms rather than saying "don't have sex" I'll believe they're actually pro life and not pro birh.

    • Pro birth*

    • Genocide

      Exactly. Condoms are difficult to get. Have to drive 30 minutes to get 10 from the health department. Not everyone can afford to make a drive like that every time they need condoms. They should give the number you need if you're not allowed to have an abortion! If abortions are banned at least make contraception free.

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  • Exterminatore

    I wholly disagree with nearly every point you made. So much to address, so little space.

    The only reason I see as justifiable for abortion is a stuafion in which giving birth will kill the mother. In which case it may be the only option in a horrible situation. I can't see it as morally justifiable or legally justifiable to mandate someone give their life for another.

    I notice those who are pro abortion often like to play games with terms such as fetus and exactly when that fetus is concisered just a fetus or is a human baby. The bottom line is the minuet the sperm touches the egg, the process of human life has begun. Devolopment continues from conception until we are an adult. It is therefore morally unacceptable to destroy human life regardless of where along the path of devolopment human life is.

    Answer this question please. When is it ok to murder your unborn child?

    I notice the female holding the sign "you're not pro life, you're pro forced reproduction". Let me address that. Excluding rape (which would include incest in my views) the majority of pregnancies are not from rape. We all know where babies come from and that the storke doesn't drop them off. Anyone can walk into a Planned Parenthood and get birth control for free. FREE! Additionally condoms are in expensive, and in addition to condoms, there are roughly 15 or more other methods of birth control (cervical caps, vasectomy, the pill, the shot, etc). With all of these options afforded us in modern society, there's just no excuse for getting pregnant when not desired. Even one can't afford or access birth control, oral sex, hand jobs, titty fu*king and foot jobs for the foot fetish crowd, don't result in pregnancy either. Basically there is no excuse (baring rape) to get pregnant if you don't intend to be. Abortion ought not be a method of birth control. We all make decisions if 2 people allow unprotected sex to occur resulting in the creation of life, they're responsible. They can still have a "get out of jail" free card by placing the child for adoption. An abortion is not necessary.

    As far as abortions continuing, just being unsafe and killing women. That is unfortunate, but there are consecquences for life decisions, that being one of the possible outcomes.

    "My body, my choice" Since when are women elevated to the status of God Himself and allowed to decide who lives or dies? Your body, your choice? Right. Choose birth control or choose life. Those are the only real choices.

  • dangerDoge

    I respectfully disagree. Here's why...

    My stance is based on two things:
    1.) Life as a fetus
    2.) Responsibility as a person

    To address point one, it is clear this is a debatable thing for many. Personally, I would argue a true life is formed at the moment of conception. The cell is a unique/individual new human life.

    To address point two, I argue self-responsibility should be taught on sex. That is, one should be aware of the risks wholly before sex, and they should not have sex without realizing the risk. Birth control/condoms may have theoretically a 1% failure rate. From that, one should realize the 1% risk and decide whether or not to press their luck. If they should have sex, they should think about potential consequences first. Never go into sex unprepared for the results. Don't use abortion as a fall back for poor choices, since, as I said, I believe it is taking a life.

    Think before acting. We need to work on this as a society, but the solution is not condoning abortion.

    Now, that argument does not work well in rape situations. "But it wasn't their choice? How could they think about it?" This is a weak point of my argument. Granted, rape only accounts for less than.5% of abortions. I'm admittedly iffy on this argument because I'm torn between "fetus as life" and "person with no choice in the matter."

    Nevertheless, to address the "abortion will continue anyway" regardless argument, then why do we have any laws in the first place? Laws are there to discourage it from happening. People on the borderline may choose to go through with the baby, because the access is not so readily there. If a neighbor wanted to kill his neighbor, he may be discouraged because he knows "this is wrong, and I don't want to go to jail." Having no law with it is like telling the neighbor "it's alright to murder him, it's really your choice."

    Health defects are also not a good reason. So one would love their child only if they came out to their ideal? Every parent I've heard of with an autistic or whatever child has said they wouldn't give em up for the world.

    I don't agree of being pro life only personally, because at the end of the day, I see a taking of life. Turning a blind eye is not the right approach.

    I only fully condone abortion in cases where it is extreme peril for the mother. Like unusual complications during pregnancy

    • QuietFawn

      To make it illegal is to take away a woman's choice to a safe abortion. In places where women have limited right such as Saudi Arabia and Iraq, and where rape happens every day, they do seek out dangerous forms of abortions, do they not? Scary back alley practices and abortion "teas" that cause irreversible damage to the mother? In there cases, would you still be considered pro life if the life of not only the mother is in danger, but the baby itself?

    • dangerDoge

      @QuietFawn My opinion is directed towards the US. I can't really speak for Saudi Arabia/Iraq. I live in the US, and have never been to there. I am not familiar enough with the culture/environment to make an informed response to that. As for rape in the US though, I mentioned that I am iffy with my thoughts towards rape/abortion. I think abortion is wrong, but it doesn't feel right telling a woman who didn't have a choice in the matter (aka pre pregnancy) "you must have the baby." In the US however, abortions for reason of rape is a small percentage. The reasoning here is generally financial or just "I don't want a baby now."

      Again, having abortion as legal in my eyes condones it through law. I do not believe that every woman (or most, for that matter) who has gotten an abortion would do so if it were illegal.

      In regards to back alley practices, we should focus on teaching responsibility before sex even is considered. Abortions treat a symptom, not the cause.

    • dangerDoge

      Rather, correct the sex ed system from the ground up to teach people potential consequences for actions. Teach people how to deal with consequences should they happen (in ways other than abortion), and teach people either to abstain from sex if they want no risk, and to use birth control for low risk (while still giving people realistic figures of the <1% chance). Teach people to use birth control effectively to minimize that risk.

      Crimes will happen anyway, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't have laws. We should deal with the root of the issue.

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  • Idonthaveausername

    "Women are going to end up dying because they had an unsafe (which may mean unclean) abortion..."

    See this right here is hard for me to see as a justification for the abortion debate. I find it unreasonable to care about the death of murderers more than their victims. How is saying a woman would kill herself a reason to let her kill her child? And I don't see someone who is risking death for something that had such an easy prevention as wearing a condom to mentally be in the place to decide that a child shouldn't be able to live. If you weren't forced to have sex, you have the decision to put a condom on. Someone who chooses not to prevent something they don't want isn't someone with enough cause-and-effect capability to decide between life and death, especially for a creature who has no choice or say in the matter

    I think women who were raped and have children who would be born with deformities and will die without an abortion should have the option to abort, but there should be limitations. There are good reasons to abort children, but refusing to wear condoms isn't one of them. And I personally don't know anybody who is pro-life that actually believes raped women should be forced to bear children from rape or incest or any of the no-brainer reasons. People are generally pretty liberal with the decent reasons

    For now, abortion is your choice. But wearing or not wearing a condom was your choice as well, and you chose the wrong one

    • Ok hun I know a few pro lifers who are against abortiona AT ALL. If it means the mother dies then they're okay with it. That's why I included that. Yes it is their choice to use a condom or not, but it should also be their choice to abort the fetus for any reasons listed above. I never want a child and if an accident happens (say the condom breaks or my birth control didn't protect against it that ONE time) I would abort that fetus as soon as I found out- If I cannot financially support it. If I have the money to, I would keep it even if I didn't want it, because once it was born Is when I'd accept it.

  • YourFutureEx

    "The only time a late term termination happens is if the mother will die. You can't say she can't get rid of it, have her die but the baby live. You aren't being pro life you're being pro birth, but that doesn't mean you'd take care of their kid."

    EXACTLYYY!!! You've covered everything :)

  • englisc

    A lot of people mention things like rape, birth defects, risks to the life of the Mother, all of which are valid reasons to abort - but when you look at the stats the large majority of abortions aren't down to these reasons. Perhaps these women should be more careful who they sleep with.

    • and if they can't find out who's right for them then they don't need to be dating in the first place

    • Yesssssssssss someone else said it. I was about to put this. Even then it pisses me off that people even consider it.

    • @HastaLaPasta let them get pissed off

  • Iraqveteran666

    Well I'm against abortion. Getting pregnant is a choice a woman makes as she choose to have sex and even with the best contraception is a risk.

    • And what about the man? He has no responsibility in this?

    • Which is it? One minute you don't want to have a say and the next you want him to take responsibility?

    • I NEVER said anything about men except they shouldn't make abortion illegal. It should just be an OPTION. If we are going to be forced to have a child because MEN made abortion illegal, then the MEN should also be held accountable for the child. It takes 2 to make a baby.

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  • Well for starters its not illegal and never will be so their is really no point making that argument. What was done was that Trump stopped abortion from being paid with taxpayer money, its unfair to use money that is meant to better everyone and give it to the few who will benefit furthermore its something that is affectively forcing people who do not agree with it to donate to it anyway. So that's the only real change, its not been made illegal in any way its just been made that people who don't agree with it are no longer forced to pay for it (Pro choice really if you think about it). As for abortion being done illegally, well yes it would so what? The fact is abortion due to rape/incest/defect/threat to mother make a combined total of less then 1% of all abortions. So its not really a good argument. Furthermore you speak of it as if pregnancies itself isn't a choice, it is. Women do not just become pregnant they choose to have unprotected sex and then get pregnant. Its something that could have been easily avoided (and yes some times birth control doesn't work but again its such a small perecentage that its not really an argument as over 90% of the time its personal choice that got the woman pregnant not the failure of birth control or rape. So claiming your pro choice is ironic because you ignore the one choice that actually would have solved the problem before it became a problem, choosing to have sex responsibly. Personally I think the best way of preventing abortions is to remove welfare programs that provide for women who are single mothers and child support and make abortion publically shamed and you would see an immediate drop both in single mother hood and abortion because women (and men) would be forced to consider the possible ramifications of their actions before they have sex. The fact of the matter is pregnancy is a choice abortion is therefore a consequence of the choice. Its king of like complaining about being in prison after you robbed a bank, what other possibility was there? You have unprotected sex you get pregnant this is basic stuff which every one should know about. If you don't then you shouldn't be allowed to have sex to begin with. Over all I don't really see what the point of this take was as abortion is a not going away and pregnancy is a choice. Your not a victim if you are pregnant (barring rape) your jus suffering the consequences of your actions.

  • neoagent1

    I'm with you. Government has no bearing on what a woman does with her body. Religious right douchebags are the only people that have a problem with it.

    • I'm religious and I'm pro choice.
      It's fucking common sense...

    • neoagent1

      @helloitsmethere no it isn't. Religion has no place in government. SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE read the Constituion high school student

    • neoagent1

      I think I misunderstood your comment about common sense. Unfortunately The religiious right assholes (Republicans all of them) are STILL trying to ban abortions one small step at a time.

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  • chigurl33

    My only contribution is that the father should have a say in the abortion thing. Unless in cases of health risks to the mother, if a mother feels she doesn't want to have the baby and the father does she should carry it to term and hand the baby over. Because I know a guy who convinced his parts to bail him out with the baby and when she backdoor aborted it, he cried for months over the only picture he had, the sonogram.

    • I agree, that's what I think to when it comes to the father being involved.

  • SammyGurl

    Do you truly believe that abortion is going to be outlawed? I don't. For instance, look at all the protesting and fear mongering (both sides of the issue) going on right now involving public funding going to planned parenthood and other abortion providers. They are not saying that abortion should be outlawed, (that's gauranteed by Roe Vs. Wade); they are saying that public taxpayers should not fund abortion on demand. That's a whole different can of worms isn't it? Can you imagine for just one second the public uproar and protesting that would go on for a long, long time if anyone even suggested that abortion on demand would be taken away? What you see right now is only a tiny bit of what would happen if that were announced.

    Conservatives, Independents and Republicans do not agree 100% on the abortion issue anyway, even within their own parties. There are, never have, probably never will be enough votes to try to shutdown abortion on demand. If they tried it would be head by the Supreme Court the next day!

    As for me, I believe it is a personal decision whether a woman does or does not have an abortion, isn't it? As for me, I wouldn't or couldn't go through with abortion, but I'm not telling you you cannot, that's your choice to weigh on your own conscience. Agreed that if abortion were outlawed or severely limited it will again go to the back alley butchers where women will die to get an abortion.

    I just think we the public are being played by both sides of the argument until we get all frenzied over it. When maybe we need to chill for long enough to gain perspective for our own selves and quit being manipulated like a bunch of sheep! Time to be strong for yourself!!!

  • Hidden_P

    I agree. I'm pro abortion.
    It's a choice, not something you have to do. It's a choice for people who aren't mentally ready, mentally ill, financially unstable, a victim of rape, a child. It's an option not a requirement.

    All these men who are anti, nobody tells you what you can and can't do with your penis. You spunk and give 0 fucks. You just walk away.

    Abortion rights should be decided by women ONLY.

    • I got news for you men have a say because men are the one's that give part of their gene's to have the baby in the first place

    • Hidden_P

      And their choice is to not stick it in. It's very simple.

    • that's not a woman's say to tell what a man wants

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  • RomansToPhilemon

    If you can't handle the consequences of what premarital sex brings, don't do it. Women want the right to murder. I understand that. Making it illegal will not solve the issue, I totally agree with that as well. We will just have women giving birth and then dumping the baby after it's born into dumpsters and all of the other crazy things women come up with to get rid of their child.

    The only way to decrease the abortion 'issue' is to teach morality again. Society has been demoralized; I would argue by design. How easy it is to have sex with a woman now days and it's quite terrifying. I imagine many of the women I have had one night stands with keep them to themselves; nevertheless, they give it up often and easy. And you know single motherhood is glorified and applauded today as though it's some great feat.

    Guys will always be willing to have sex. It's the woman's job and duty to deny it. Over and over again. But like I have said many times on this site, women want to be more like men and want to sleep around. And it's great for them, usually, all the way through their 20's. But once they hit the 'wall' that realization kicks in and no respectful guy wants them.

  • martyfellow

    People should have the right to make their own decision about abortion. Shooting abortion doctors to stop it is imposing YOUR opinion on EVERYONE. Similar to making it illegal.

    Already, in most of the US you can't get an abortion. No doctor will take the risk.

  • Maxemeister

    tl;dr for my tastes lol I'm sorry but since u invited me I felt compelled to reply:

    If Trump or the Republican mass in Congress somehow managed to make abortion illegal, many globally would go bat shit. I would go bat shit because although it doesn't exactly directly affect me, that would be a sign that America had lost its way and I would feel Trump completely failed his job as a president if he let this happen.

    I'm so done with pro lifers and I srsly hope they don't come rambling on my opinion cuz I'm not in the mood for an argument today

    • My sister just said this a second ago: I miss Bush.
      If people are starting to miss Bush then you KNOW it's bad...

    • @helloitsmethere So pumped for the next 4 years lmao

    • Oh lawd save us...

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  • madhatters4

    that's the problem that most pro-lifer don't seem to consider

    if you ban abortion it's not going to stop abortion it's only going to make it more dangerous and force it underground.

  • katiesmiles

    I don't believe in abortion is because majority of the time why women have abortion is because they don't want the child, whether that's because they're not ready for it, too young, not financially stable, or just had a one night stand. Because the mother.. who clearly laid down and DECIDED to have sex was being not cautious, the child then should be killed? no. You decide to lay down and have sex, you then step up and parent a child. How is it fair to that child to be terminated when they don't even get a say?
    Also, I'm against it because there are sooooo many women out in the world who physically can not have a child, or lost the child due to miscarriage, SIDS or other issues. My aunt and uncle had a child, lost her when she was 1 month old due to SIDS, they only had their child for 1 month...1 month because she left too soon. And now people are just terminating pregnancies because they "don't want" the baby.. yet families are loosing children that they clearly want. It's a sad. sad thing.
    ***this excludes rape cases. *****

  • confusedgirl239

    Here are my thoughts:
    While I understand abortion in cases of protecting the mother's life (not being able to carry the child), in cases when the baby is unable to live outside the mother's body, or maybe even in cases of rape/incest, I generally am against abortion.
    No one will be able to argue that the fetus is a living thing, with it's own set of DNA. All of the arguments that I've heard for abortion are a cost benefit analysis along the lines of, "I'm not financially ready," or "a baby shouldn't grow up in the environment that I can provide for it" or "I have a career to think about." While I am sympathetic to these reasons, I cannot ignore that the proposed solution is the life of a child, which I can't get on board with.
    Most likely (as is the situations with most abortions in the world), the mother had consensual sex with a partner while unprotected and made a baby. The exceptions such as abortion to protect the mother's life/health and the unviability of the fetus account for less than 1% of abortions. Why should the fetus have to pay for his mother's choices?
    We have so many birth control options these days. Using one of them can make your chance of getting pregnant 1% or less. Using two is even better. If you use them correctly, you are very unlikely to get pregnant. In any case, when you have sex, you are accepting that a baby could come out of your actions. If you don't accept this, than you shouldn't be having sex. The response should not then be to kill an innocent child because of the parent's poor discretion.

  • Jager66


    Ps. I don't care about the abortion issue.

  • helloitsmethere

    THANK YOU! If you don't like the idea of abortions, then don't have one yourself. Why do the choices of strangers annoy you so much? You don't know the circumstances in which they needed it and it is not your place to harass the parents for their choices...

  • Noxifer626

    "I will force you to have children, but I am unwilling to pay an extra 6 dollars of taxes to increase the chances of those children having decent education, food and healthcare"

  • Titanic1912

    I have no respect for anyone who supports abortion!

    • Genocide

      I have no respect for someone who would force a woman to carry a child she doesn't want and could potentially kill her. Not only that it will mark her body forever, it will never be the same. Rape, incest, there are plenty of reasons for abortion.

    • Cool, then unfollow me and just never talk to me again if you "have no respect" for those who support it.

    • Who cares? People would rather live than earn your respect and die lol.

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  • YourNextEX

    The fact that some women may have unsafe abortions is a weak argument. Arguing we shouldn't pass a law because people will harm themselves in the process of breaking the law isn't rational. I have an idea: don't break the law. If society passes a law, then people harm themselves while breaking the, there is only one person at fault. If we legalized cocaine, people wouldn't die in back alley drug deals either. Does that mean we should legalize cocaine, to save some lives?

    • lumos

      It's not at all a weak argument considering that most people against abortions are also pro-life. How can you claim to be pro-life if you don't care that more women will die from having unsafe abortions?

    • YourNextEX

      @lumos Because it will save more lives than kills. Yes, maybe 100 women a year will die due to botched back alley abortions, but 1 million lives will be saved. It's totally rational.

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  • RJGraveyTrain

    I think you have a lot of fair points, this was very well written as always. While I do believe there needs to be guidelines surrounding abortion I too am prochoice. Good work.

  • bellaf666

    These people aren't "pro-life". Nobody who claims to support life can be okay with just watching 2 year-old Syrians either drown in a Greek beach or have a Russian bomb dropped on their heads, and not allow them to enter another country because of religion.

  • I am Not for taking the Baby at the "Last minute" and Aborting Him or Her.
    People Make Mistakes, but his doesn't Mean I approve of Abortion. If someone, hun, Makes a Boo-boo, which Many do, as Lame as it Sounds, then Do it within the First Month and Go no More and Sin no More, close the door.
    Life and Death situation is Actually the ONLY time One should have an Abortion, and De-fund Planned Parenthood too.
    With President Trump in Office, this will Probably Change be Rearranged where Life and Death is the Only Way Today you can Get an abortion or Maybe Even Pay for it out of your own Pocket. xx
    Thanks for the Kind Invite. xx

    • *Today, Congress is Voting on a Bill to Permanently Stop Funding Abortions. xx

    • They're voting to defund Planned Parenthood. Which means a shit ton of women's health things such as breast screenings, birth control etc.

    • I feel i tis Better than to Continue Funding Taking the Babie's Body parts.
      Some have to suffer for other's Sins, sad, isn't it? xx

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  • Love_Is_Eternal

    You keep switching from using the words fetus to baby. Which is it? And maybe women should learn to keep their legs closed if they don't want a baby, or just use protection.

    • Genocide

      So will the boyfriends and husbands stop expecting sex then? I'm sure a lot of relationships will crumble because men are whiny babies when they can't have sex.

    • Fetus is for the first trimester, when it can be aborted. Baby is for the second and third trimester when they decide to keep it or if they HAVE to get rid of it to keep the mother alive.

    • Well on judgment day all pro choicers and abortionists will go to hell. The government might allow ou to get away with killing babies, but God will hold you accountable.

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  • I believe abortion should be legal till late second trimester (and later in the case of maternal health risks).

    But that's because I don't think it's till that point eligible for the rights of a human being. After that it is.

    That's all that matters. It doesn't matter how inconvenient it is later, or how much its parents or parents feel like having it. Either it's not yet a person, or it is.

    In spite of having a fairly pro-choice view, I find most pro-choice people almost make me want to shoot myself with how absurd their arguments are (and you were far better than most).

    Any time a pro-choice person wants to make an argument that isn't about whether or not it's a human life at that point, they should ask themselves if the argument they are about to make would apply to terminating a 6 month old baby. If not, it's not relevant.

    • If its being terminated at 6 months (in my opinion) that's only for severe health or life/death situations for mother or baby.

  • archiz

    I pretty much agree with you.
    in general in life, you can t simply impose your own ideals on others or believe that the right thing for you should be the norm for everyone.
    Also it is easy to judge when you are outside of the picture and not really dealing with all the consequences and so on...
    hence pro choice is the way to go as long as it is beneath 3 months for many various and understandable reasons.

  • Chief16

    No debate here,
    Its a woman's choice if she wants to have kids and family. That much is true.
    But that also means she has to accept the consequences of her choices.
    If her partner leaves her if he wants someone who wants a family, that's his choice.
    If society deems her as an infidel, that's their choice.
    When these people talk about choices, they forget that other people have choices too.
    And when they say it isn't anybody's business what her choices are.
    But then again, its ain't her business what everyone else thinks about her.

  • Nice_Guy_Last

    Considering all of the alternatives, it is regretfully the best option available to women in incredibly difficult circumstances. The moment a worthy alternative pops up, I am all for abolishing the act (ectogenesis, perhaps), but until then, I can't, in good conscience, force people to not.

  • Luci92

    I agree with everything you've said here, and your opening line sounds extremely similar to my thoughts when I heard abortion was possibly being made illegal.

  • SunnyCaliGirl

    Why would you NOT WANT your baby just because they have a birth defect... that is just heartless

    • Genocide

      Some women can't handle children with severe autism. I've even seen husbands leave their wives for refusing to put the Autistic child up for adoption. Everyone in my family avoids the poor kid. I feel sorry for him so I usually talk to him, but it's not a good life for them. Some of the autistic children grow up fine, but when a mother and father aren't prepared for them it's damaging. He feels like neither of his parents love him and it is heartbreaking.

    • Exactly what @Genocide said. And I mean any birth defect that is harmful to the babies health or way of life.
      My step brother has slight autism and it is extremely difficult handling him. I'm just his sister but its hard for me, imagine how hard it is for his mom and my step dad.
      When my mom was pregnant with my baby sister, she had a massive swelling on her head (the baby) when she was about 4-5 months. If it didn't go down, it'd cause some serious brain injury and possibly death. My mom had the option to abort the baby because it would also hurt my mom if she gave birth to the baby with the swelled mass. She didn't because the doctors saw it go down and get better. My sister is now almost 1 years old and healthy, but she ran the risk of having severe brain trauma in some form, or even dying before or after birth. That is why I included autism/birth defects. Not everyone has an easy "yes/no" answer for that type of situation. Not everyone can handle an autistic or dying baby.

    • That is good to hear though your little sister is alive and healthy :)

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  • Dipsy

    I honestly dislike the idea of abortion very much. Except for a few special cases (rape, mother in danger, child has severe disabilities), but those are quite rare.
    But, maybe abortion shouldn't be illegal after all. I don't know about taxes and stuff, but I think if you're a taxpayer, you are basically funding abortion in most western countries. I wouldn't want my money to go there. Maybe they should have an optiom to choose

  • Zorax

    Excellent points, I completely agree, outstanding Take.

  • Coconutty

    A lot of people feel the innocent baby - fetus - product of conception - whatever name you use, deserves protection. It is actually a separate body with his/her own gender and genetic make-up.

    The question is really whether you think that little, unborn body has separate rights from the mother.

  • matchrestore

    I whole heartedly agree with everything you said and would add that denying women access to abortion is gender discrimination. Restricting access to abortion denies women access to a procedure that can reduce exposure to health risks that are not experienced by men.

    When a pregnancy is unwanted, forcing a woman to carry it to term can take a heavy toll on her physical and emotional well-being.

    Denying the right to abortion removes a woman's power to make decisions about her own body, her family planning, and health care. Governments should play no role in making that decision for her.

  • Paige90

    Not sure where you got your fact from (probably Planned Parenthood) but I completely disagree with everything! Abortion is wrong and is used 95% as birth control for couples that are too lazy to use some type of protection.

  • spoonman2014

    Can we please tell the right wingers, that not everyone who gets an abortion is Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie and the Kardashians get their 7th abortion that year because they wanna dodge responsibility because parties, men and free trips around the world from leathery millionaires is more fun? I felt like you covered all you bases with this and people need to open their eyes to this.
    The right think if something is illegal people will stop doing, like drugs and that worked so well am i right?

  • Djaaaay

    Your user name says everything dispite your opinion.

  • DontStepOnTheCat

    well its a good thing it would be unsafe. abortion should be illegal. murder is a legal and people still do that, doesn't mean it shouldn't be illegal.

    • Zinkr7

      Abortion isn't murder though, so your argument is moot.

  • JulieXO

    I agree with everything ou said.

    I think it's funny how so many guys comment that abortion is wrong. I'm pretty sure their opinion would be different if they had to have that thing in their bodies for almost a year, which comes with tons of restrictions, pain, weight gain, decreased mobility and probably a bunch of other stuff. If they decide to not want to take care of the kid, they can just leave whenever they choose to, with barely any consequences. How's that for responsibility?

    Also, the embryo is not a child. At the end of the first trimester, which is the latest a woman can abort in my country (unless there's some unusual complications), it is less than 5 cm long and doesn't have any developed internal organs and you can't even tell if it's a male or a female.

  • Heartonmysleeve88

    Pro-lifers should watch this video and this video should be outside all abortion clinics where pro-lifers rally.

    Abortion is totally fine with me, this could have been your kid.


    • Cash me ousside howbowdah girl... she's not a case for abortion, she's a case for an extinction level event.

      Idiocracy brought to life.

  • MissMillionDollarMan

    Your rehtoric doesn't interest me. Call me when you have something legitimate to contribute to the discussion

  • Bravo Lady! I fully agree with this! You're on point :)

  • Ydude

    In cases of health concern to the mother and cases of rape it should be allowed, other than that i believe it shouldn't be allowed

  • Izumiblu

    Here is a link to an interesting story that gives a different perspective on things. Both personal and sad, while also questioning society on why abortions are so prevalent, but maybe not from a perspective that is often shown.

    I disagree with abortion in the broadest sense. It is not a choice of one woman. I support Roe v Wade as it stands, and in some ways am supportive of the correct restrictions. But i firmly believe that abortion beyond the scope of Roe v Wade is nothing short of murder.


  • Shutupman

    Euhm... who is making abortion illegal? As far as I'm concerned the US simply won't fund any abortions in other countries.

  • lumberman9

    You are right about this I completely agree you explained it really well

  • FakeName123

    FakeName123 Guru Age: 27

    In the end the entire abortion debate comes down to tow ethical questions:

    1. When is the fetus considered a human living being? (does it require consciousness? is it right after conception? is it when the fetus reacts to outdoor impacts? is it when the fetus could survive outside the womb? So on and so forth)

    2. Even after the fetus is considered a human living being - is it ethically correct to still murder it, if it's chances on a decent life are quite low (being born in a low socio-economic environment, etc)

    To me the answer to those questions are clear - but in ethical questions there are no absolutes and people can have different conclusions.

    The problem with the abortion debate is that many people do not ask themselves the above questions to begin with and just follow either sides agenda at a whim and often out of selfish reasons.