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My Take On Modern Western Feminism

My Take On Modern Western Feminism

1. Modern feminism doesn't focus on real problems that women face

My Take On Modern Western Feminism

In poor third world countries we are fighting to insure education for girls who are forced to work in fields or forced to get married at a young age because of poverty, we are fighting to prevent forced child marriages, to prevent domestic violence etc...Meanwhile, in other countries (the West) we are fighting for free the nipples, against manspreading, for “proud slut” movements and for the acceptance of pink armpit hair.

My Take On Modern Western Feminism

2. Modern Western Feminism promotes the acceptance of destructive and irresponsible behaviour for women

I will make a general statement and say that Modern Western feminism is destructive for society and women. It pretends to fight for the woman, but most of what it does is that it fights against her. They want to lower her by inciting her to act like men thinking that the stereotypical male behaviour is liberating. But I see nothing liberating in sleeping around and getting drunk. Instead they should try to elevate the men by not inciting them to take part in destructive and irresponsible behaviour.

My Take On Modern Western Feminism

A policeman attending a drunk woman lying on the pavement on a weekend night in Cardiff

3. Modern Feminism ignores biological differences between men and women

Moreover, modern feminism does not take into consideration the undeniable biological differences between men and women, and this tends to disadvantage us. You can’t make a woman run against a man in Olympic race games, that would be unfair for the woman.

My Take On Modern Western Feminism

4. Modern Feminism wants to blur the lines distinguishing men from women

My Take On Modern Western Feminism
The main objective of modern day western feminism is not to fight for women’s rights, but rather to snatch, confiscate and strip us from the constitutive essence of each sex, the very same essences that make us complimentary of one another and distinguishes us from one another in order to create mutual attraction, the very same attraction that is the source of life.
My Take On Modern Western Feminism

5. Modern Feminism praises women for the wrong reasons

My Take On Modern Western Feminism

Western feminism should focus on giving dignity to women. It should focus on promoting higher education for women, great values, classiness, refinement etc but all it does is promote hedonism and degeneracy. We are applauding and praising women who are shaking their butts on social media and selling their bodies and integrity to strangers (porn, prostitution …) claiming it’s “Liberating”, while we’re barely giving any credit or attention to female Doctors, Astronauts, professors, great mothers, productive female members of society etc...

My Take On Modern Western Feminism

6. Modern Western Feminism Contradicts itself

My Take On Modern Western Feminism
Modern feminism often complains about the sexualization of women in media (for example in sexist ads or in music video clips) yet its role models are often times women who’se whole (or most) careers are based on the concept of women selling their bodies and sexuality.

My Take On Modern Western Feminism

7. Modern feminism creates a generation of entitled women

Although every human deserves basic respect ex nihilo in the name of human dignity, women shouldn’t expect constant praise for simply existing, and much less for irresponsible and degenerate behaviors. When some men get praised, they do not get praised for no reason. They do when they work hard , go to places and achieve things (this can easily be seen in ideas that are often seen as vapid and futile such as the “Alpha” and “Beta” male concepts). Not all men are praised, even in patriarchal societies.

My Take On Modern Western Feminism

8. Some important Feminist fights still need to be carried on:

My Take On Modern Western Feminism

There is no doubt that women have long been (and still are, to a much lesser degree) abused and disrespected, and the spirit of feminism helped better our situation, therefore I still do agree with the continuation of the feminist fights in the west in some respects such as protecting women against domestic violence and sexual harassment/abuse because those still do exist even in the West.
But it shouldn't marginalize men and create hostility between the 2 sexes. It should instead focus on creating a balanced and harmonized society were both genders seek to better themselves.

My Take On Modern Western Feminism

As Women, we need to check our priorities.

My Take On Modern Western Feminism
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  • Anonymous

    Great take. Thank you!

    Is this still revelant?

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  • cinderelli

    I could not agree more.. I posted a question about it long time ago..
    because I used to consider myself a feminist.. keywords ''USED TO''..
    feminism no longer stands for what matters.. I used to think I'm a feminist because I believe in equal right for education, choice and opportunity for both genders.. but I cannot call myself a feminist anymore since it has deviated from it's original path..
    what agitates me is that Muslim countries and third world countries still need feminism (first wave feminism) so that women can get the very basic rights to get education, marry whoever they want, step in the professional world, but this deviation that west caused is ruining all that for every woman around the world. women here don't give a shit about those sluts and whores.. they only want basic human rights and that's what should be in the limelight and these are the problems which should be solved...
    those bitches can go fuck themselves because they think their purple shitty hairy underarms are more important than women who have no say in any decision in their life.

  • "There is no doubt that women have long been (and still are, to a much lesser degree) abused and disrespected, and the spirit of feminism helped better our situation, therefore I still do agree with the continuation of the feminist fights in the west in some respects such as protecting women against domestic violence and sexual harassment/abuse because those still do exist even in the West."

    Actually the majority of domestic violence and harassment victims are male: www.saveservices.org/.../

    And they are fewer resources at their disposal (only one shelter in the US exists for men vs the nearly three thousand for women (the one shelter for men in Canada was shut down by feminist) and are more likely to be turned away: www.batteredmen.com/graphics/DouglasHines2011.jpg
    As for sexual violence its hard to say but data suggests its at comparable rates: http://time.com/3393442/cdc-rape-numbers/
    The fact is feminism isn't needed and never was, men are predominantly victims and its because we are so focused on women we ignore men. If you look at Africa for instance and Boka Haram they didn't stop girls from going to school, they stopped boys and girls going to western schools. In fact they kept sending the girls home and killing the boys. it wasn't until they realized that, after letting dozens of school girls leave unharmed while burning alive all the male students (I believe they where between 9 and 15) and had no one in the west care did they start focusing on the kidnapping the girls. This is what you see in most of the world, horrible things happen to the boys and men and no one bats an eye but then when something inconvient happens to women every one goes out full force against the "sexism".

    • My father was attacked by his girlfriend multiple times and the cops did nothing to her. No jail time, nothing. He was also assaulted by female neighbors in another town that the police did nothing about. Yet, if he would have laid a finger on any of them he would have went to jail.

    • @spoopyscaryskeleton That's usually how it works. Feminist and by extension modern women have exploited men's natural biological instincts to protect women to get away with a lot of bad things. Due to neotenous biological traits we are inclined to always see women as victims and the weaker person no matter the circumcstances and because of men having significantly fewer of these traits, we are always prone to seeing men as aggressors and capable thus we aid women and ignore men even when the man is in fact the victim and the woman is the perpetrator.

    • Naydyonov

      I mostly agree but the military thing does in fact show it's worse for women, as women are 15% of the military but have almost as many cases as the 85% of men..

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  • a) Men build & maintain 100% of all upon the Earth (indentured servitude). Women build nothing. Women appropriate men's stunning achievements for themselves, at the CIVILIZATION LEVEL.
    b) Men are trafficked, exploited & disposed of in war for women's & the state's advancement. Women & the state dispose of men for women's and the state's benefit. HUMAN SACRIFICE. Masculinity deemed toxic. Manspreading/manspreading become thing.
    c) Wealth & power forcefully transferred (socialism) from men to women through Title IX, Affirmative Action, No-Fault Divorce, alimony, asset division, child support (alimony++), SNAP, WIC, and 100s of female-only programs codified into law.
    d) Gynocentric men become the doormats of the gynocracy. Bow to their new rulers.
    e) Women get breast implants, wax their junk, wear short skirts, high heels, color their hair, expose their cleave, don bikinis, wear perfume and then espouse faux outrage over sexual objectification.
    f) Female teachers raping their young male pupils. Major media blackout on female teachers raping their male pupils.
    g) Phony wage gap, rape hysteria, and climate change statistics produced.
    h) All legally codified institutional oppression privileges women and oppresses men.
    i) Domestic violence initiated by women is nearly as common as domestic violence initiated by men.
    j) Marriage is the concept of a woman withholding sex until a man gets down on one knee, offers up a diamond and vows to provide for and protect his cherished bride (prostitute) for life. Women and the state created and enforced this culturally acceptable standard (oppression) on men.
    k) The trafficking, exploitation and disposal of men matters not because men lack the empathy privilege (empathy gap) of women. Whenever tragedies are discussed, it's always in the context of the number of women and girl victims. The male victims are purposely ignored.
    l) Women psychotically exploit men's need to be accepted and thought of as 'real men' in women's eyes, men's Achilles Heel.

    Feminism is a lie. Feminism is fraud. Feminism is socialism in panties. Feminism is psychological cancer. Feminism is misandry personified.

  • Blonde401

    Not all modern western feminists care about armpit hair and how much they can drink. I very much care about getting young girls in 3rd world countries into education, getting them out of being sex trafficked, fmg, child marriages and other horrendous things.

    Can people please stop assuming that because I am a feminist that I only care about myself and those around me.

    • NatashaJ

      Agree just because some feminists got tape expressing how crazy they are and it gets post to YouTube does not mean every single feminist is like that.

    • Blonde401

      @NatashaJ thank you. Look at all these bitter boys who can't handle the word feminist 🙄

    • NatashaJ

      I know one of my friends from my women and gender studies class got ask if she was feminist because she dye her hair purple and was talking about I think a topic from class or something. It was funny as fuck because she got offended that was his reasoning her hair not what she was saying.

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  • watercolor_lions

    I am adding you.

    I am saving this. I am repeating this.

    I especially love the part where you talk about how our differences as sexes is what makes us compatible and attractable. So eloquently put. I have been trying to find a way to verbalize that for a long time. Perfect.


  • BellePepper


    I think you genuinely think this and think this is right without intending to be mean but you're not realizing the actual motivations behind why people are saying the things they are.

    **Modern feminism doesn't focus on real problems that women face**

    I don't remember if you've said if you're in the US or not but here we are dealing with issues like domestic violence and the reason Slut Walks are so popular is because they represent not only women's pursuit for equal consideration between men and women's choices but also bodily autonomy.

    Free the Nipple isn't about "I want to walk around topless". It's about I want my body to be destigmatized and desexualized

    Pink armpit hair isn't about "Look at my awesome dye skills!" It's about getting people to accept that a woman can do what she wants with her own body without needing a man's or society's approval.

    **Modern Western Feminism promotes the acceptance of destructive and irresponsible behaviour for women**

    Okay! That's totally YOUR CHOICE to not sleep around and get drunk. I'm a fan of that choice myself! BUT Women should be allowed to do what they want and make their own choices. Because she's an adult and not a child. We let adults make shitty choices and learn from them. So why should adult women be barred from that?

    Like maybe there's someone out there who thinks you and I should be drinking every night and bringing home a different flavor of the week. But don't you think our choices should be respected because they are our choices and our lives?

    **Modern Feminism ignores biological differences between men and women**

    I don't know why this always comes up? Someone explain this to me XD

    **Modern Feminism wants to blur the lines distinguishing men from women**

    Yeah! You're right! We do want to blur lines between genders! But like not to take anything away! Like... Okay. Have you ever been to one of those candy stores where they have tons of different candies and you pick out whatever bits you want and put them in your own personal bag to take home and enjoy? That's what this whole gender thing is.

    Like instead of telling everyone what the HAVE to get at the candy store just let them choose for themselves. Everyone likes all different sorts of things and that's okay!

    TBC... Sorry this is so long I just want the formatting to be clear T-T

    • (2)

      **Modern Feminism praises women for the wrong reasons**

      Once again we circle back to choices. If you want to be the most amazing lady doctor you totally should because women kill fewer patients and are great doctors. BUT if a woman wants to be a prostitute or shake her butt on the internet she should be able to. Because it's her CHOICE.

      And yes I totally agree that women do NOT get enough credit for all the hard work they put in and how awesome they are at their chosen professions. And YES this is actually a feminist sentiment and something we work on. So welcome to the club :D

      **Modern Western Feminism Contradicts itself**

      Here's that pesky choice thing again! Okay. So it's pretty different when a someone says "Okay we're going to try and sell this perfume with boobs because our perfume is SEXY". First of all it's DUMB because "sex sells" is factually untrue and the woman is being used to perpetuate cliches about sex and women that just aren't true.

      TBC... D:

    • (3)

      And like this is an Actual Problem because when people look at men they don't know the part of their brain that recognizes people becomes active. When people see women they don't know the part of the brain that recognizes *objects* lights up. That's CRAZY right?

      Annnyway. All that versus a woman enjoying her own body and using it whatever way she wants to. Like if I had to choose between raising my hypothetical daughter to see herself as a jumble of pieces or an independent individual who makes her own choices I know what I would choose.

      **Modern feminism creates a generation of entitled women**

      I don't understand this? Like shouldn't we be telling everyone "GOOD JOB" when they do a good job? ESPECIALLY since we already both agree that women don't get the credit they deserve for being "Doctors, Astronauts, professors, great mothers, productive female members of society etc... "

      TBC... only one more after this I SWEAR XD

    • (4)

      **Some important Feminist fights still need to be carried on**

      YAAAAASSSSSSS!!! I totally agree!

      BUT. I just want to find some clarity on this idea that feminism marginalizes guys and creates hostility. Because I think we agree on a lot of things here!

      So like as far as marginalization I feel like the issues I hear are lack of support for male domestic abuse, mental illness, male rape victims, and like I don't know they just tell me I hate men after that. And personally I feel SUPER frustrated because when I talk about how domestic abuse is an issue guys especially like to say "oh well it happens to guys too"

      Okay. No one is saying that it doesn't. And like if we want to see change in that area of our society we need to listen to people talking about it instead of trying to shut them down. Which a lot of guys seem to perceive as like attacking them? And I think that disconnection and defensiveness is part of the problem.

      Annnnd I said this was my last post so XD

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  • PlacentaSalad

    Great MyTake. But sadly, if and should women in these third-world countries also gain that same independence American women have, you're going to find future generations also evolving to not being satisfied with all of what their parents and grandparents fought for and achieved, just like the current western feminists, because there's always more to gain in the eyes of the person who wants to become the most powerful.

    Feminism, in a desperate attempt to stay relevant, is now focusing on other "issues" women currently struggle with in westernized cultures which is the crap like "manspreading" and the pink armpit hair you mention, because the first and second-wave feminists have already achieved equality and equal opportunity, which was the original goal before all of the current, lazy and entitled representatives were born. How far does western feminism need to go before western men are completely oppressed from a lack of privilege and rights given that women already have all of what we do, plus slightly more?

  • Izumiblu

    Nailed it. Feminism still means something good in many parts of the world. In the west its a disease.

  • You've said a lot of really important things here. I love how you contrast feminism in the west and otherwise. Modern Western Feminism really is contradictory. Sometimes I wonder how women's rights group in the 19th century would react to the things we've made feminism into now, specifically promoting self-objectification.

  • Helena26

    I like many of things you mentioned. as a woman living in Australia I feel that I am living in a hell hole in the middle east and this hell is created by other women. The next step of feminisim is to not get only men to respect women but other women to respect other women , which happens now rarley. Most women think its OK to call other random woman on the street a name because she is wearing a skirt and looking really good in it. I saw it happening to other women and to me. At work there is a lot of back stabbing , female bullying each others, slut shaming, and body shaming. Next mission for feminism is not to prevent women from getting raped physically. But as well from being raped mentally by other females. What us the point if I have all options in the world for work, study, wearing whatever I want.. But when I go and do it I get bullied and abused by other women. I never dare now to wear a skirt in fucking AUSTRALIA. Just because I don't want to get glares and abuse from other women I don't know but they still think they have the right to judge me

  • jennyPuss

    wow... so... intelligent. the hypocrisy of feminism goes unnoticed to most feminists. and of those that do notice, most of them don't care. i don't understand the whole proud slut thing. that's like saying 'i'm proud i didn't put oil in my engine and then it blew up' or 'i'm proud that i didn't read the instructions and then did it wrong' or 'i'm proud that i walked down a dark alley at night and then got mugged' or 'i'm proud that i mixed concrete in with my pancake batter'.

  • BrileyCat

    You are going to get lots of up votes for your article . Especially from anti feminists
    just because they hate feminism of any‌ kind whether it's 1st wave . 2nd wave .
    or 3rd wave feminism . now called Modern Feminism . Coded to mean bad bad feminism .
    The fault with your thesis is you're not recognizing that there is no such thing as different kinds
    of feminism . No matter who says so . Feminism is Feminism . Simple as that . To say or
    think otherwise is disingenuous, fallacious and dangerous to the cause . It is what
    anti feminists want you to believe . Anti feminists with financial help from right wing groups
    and religious conservatism, and help from greedy media advertisers and greedy politicians
    want to differentiate feminism into categories of the good and the bad . If they can't discredit
    feminism altogether they will try to undermine feminism any way possible . Just like they
    want to destroy Planned Parenthood here in America . Sadly you seem to have bought into
    their devious methodology . Feminism for the important issues of the past and the pressing
    issues of the day all over the world . Is Still Feminism . The misogynists and the right wing
    haters are trying to divide and conquer . simple as that .

    However it needs to be said if you haven't experienced it for yourself . Here in the US in just
    a short time the climate and culture of hatred against women increased significantly .
    A man who admitted to sexually assaulting a TV Journalist and insulted women numerous times
    on TV in front of world wide audiences was elected President of the United States .
    Trump's angry attitudes has fueled further an already existing environment of hostility more
    than ever before against people of different cultures and especially women . In effect Trump
    opened the door giving permission for others to follow his example of hostility towards women
    and bashing them . This has become epidemic in US and western culture . Unbelievably men
    found ways to bash women abused by Harvey Weinstein . But it's not only with Hollywood
    but also in sports as with American gymnast McKayla Maroney and Tatiana Gutsu of Ukraine .
    And also on college campus . Not one day goes by when i am not negatively reminded i am
    female by cat callers or by leering suggestive looks and comments from guys.

    • BrileyCat

      The climate of this kind of behavior abuse hatred condemnation and terror against women
      historically religiously and culturally patternistic by men, is just as bad today as it ever was
      even in the west . Anti Feminism and Misogyny is now in world wide crisis as reactionary
      extremists take over social political religious and nationalists populist platforms .
      Their hatred of women and gender racism bigotry contol and is their goal . This is what is
      happening in America . the land of the free . And you find it all overf the net .

    • BrileyCat

      So i have to ask . Don't you see what Modern Anti Feminists are doing where you are?
      Or do you only see what anti feminists has falsely labeled and are demonizing as
      Modern Feminism? Where you live how much leeway and latitude should be given to
      anti feminists as they try to seize control of your life and future? How much leeway should
      be given to guys on * guysassaultgirls * who randomly intrude on women's comments with
      their hateful misogynist comments? Im sure you see them all the time . Making matters
      worse is when guysassaultgirls perpetuate and fosters anti feminism where guys are given
      a platform to engage in their narcisisstic rage against women . When at the end of the
      month Blue Anons are rewarded for writing articles trashing women like the Blue Anon
      who wrote "Why I Don't Believe Catcalling is Such a Big Deal" . <----f-ing ridiculous .

    • BrileyCat

      the pictures in your article are misleading . the 'slut' picture was taken at a demonstration
      in toronto Canada about 'rape culture' . female entertainers flashing underware has been
      around since Salome, the CanCan, Marilyn Monroe and Madonna . that may have to do
      with good taste but not feminism .
      just to say . i admire you . and i apologize for any offense and lack of tact on my part.
      but do i hope to share a little glimmer of consideration for my comment .
      Condemn Feminism? Please No!

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  • Yes-Man

    Aaaand now you're gonna get roasted by those modern "feminists" just because you are a human being who thinks the right way...

  • cth96190

    Feminism was created by the same globalist plutocrats who created and run Communism from behind the curtain.
    The purpose of Feminists was and is to be part of a multi-faceted plan to destroy Western Civilisation.
    Hear what a former KGB defector had to say.

  • That's not what modern feminism is. That's misandry. What's a modern feminist? I hate that term.

    • englisc

      There are many feminists like this though, in fact I'd say that this accurately describes the majority of feminists I've spoken to. Then when people have something negative to say about it others say "well that's not real feminism". If that's the way the majority of feminists act and view the world, then that's what it is. People use the term "modern feminist" because back in time it was mainly about the right to vote and other serious issues, now those issues have been solved it seems that they like to nitpick, lie and make them up out of thin air just to have something to rail against.

    • @englisc Women's condition isn't the same in all countries. I'm from a third world country and my feminism is thus a lot different than the western cultures. But again, I belong to the twenty first century as well. What makes their feminism modern and not mine?

    • by the way, I did not even use the term real feminism here. The only time I say it isn't real feminism is when women encourage putting men down or stuff similar to that.

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  • Chief16

    Good job here. Third wave feminism is more about attacking men than bringing about equality between men and women. Its the hard truth. Most 'feminists' will disagree with you but then the truth has always been too bitter to swallow.

  • topi_tonge

    V. informative.. I just understood the reason why @PolicelivesMatters is not a feminist!
    Western countries dont have any culture. I dont think they know the meaning of being modern and they don't know what actually feminism is They have started behaving like animals

  • D_Bone_Steak

    Blam... good job. I usually end up trolling the crap anything that deals with feminism because it's usually that absurd... this was on point though.. It points out why so many of us, male or female, have stopped taking feminism seriously at all.

  • Aletje

    In the end, feminism is causing more damage to women than they know.
    Wait a few years and you'll start to see this backfire, hell, you're seeing it already.

  • Charleslvajr

    If the comments posted by the ladies in this column are to be believed, you women need to get busy and force some changes. The MGTOW philosophy is on a meteoric rise and is showing no signs of coming to stop anytime soon. If you actually believe in saving western civilization from toxic feminism, you need to start now. Men can't do it for obvious reasons and most of the ones who would try don't care anymore. #MGTOW

  • Tania_bilkis

    That's why i always say that i support women but not feminism, because they concentrate on things which does not matter, things which doesn't make any difference in society or upgrades it.
    Feminism these days is totally misinterpreted. It's Derailed and is delusional

  • Tanisha69

    Yeah I agree somewhat. You never see a feminist go after a trashy woman. She is allowed to do whatever she wants even if she has no respect for herself. But guys are supposed to respect her? I don't respect trashy hos, why should a man respect her?

  • Nomatterwhere

    I definitely agree with all your points, especially with the point that most feminists (be it men or women) contradict themselves. Maybe you can call me a conservative, but I have lived many years in an Islamic country in the Middle East, and I can tell you that women there are much more oppressed than anyone here in Germany can imagine. Men there are misogynistic.

    At the same time, in Europe women believe that they are not oppressed. I think they are, but in a different way than they are in the Middle East. Say a woman in Europe wants to have 3 kids. Many people would shame her for this decision, as they would think that she's lazy and doesn't want to help her husband.

    • Intersting! Where did you live in the ME?

    • I've lived in Egypt, probably the most conservative country in the world :D

    • Oh intersting, I come from a Muslim Arab country lol! But not in the MIddle East.

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  • HonestWhiteGuy

    I hate the western feminist women, its part of whats destroying the west. Women have a ton of power in western society yet somehow play the victim role like they are oppressed by western men, its a joke.

  • RationalMale

    The west does plenty to protect women from men. Now it needs to stop victimizing men who have abusive frmale partners.

    • Helena26

      It needs actually to protect women from women now. Many women are more abusive and cruel towards other women than men. In my whole life I have never been beaten, called name, bullied, discriminated against by any man. only women did all those things to me for no other reason other than jealousy and female competition

    • @Helena26 yep!!!

  • Great take! Feminism try to erase differences between the 2 genders while we should be proud of these differences and learn to complete each other with these differences. Plus, they pretend it's about equality while women definitely have equal rights in the West nowadays. I'd even say they have more support than men (women have shelter for domestic violence while men don't, women are more likely to win custody of children, women receive lesser sentences fo the same crimes,...)

  • There are many different definitions of what Feminism means. That's a huge problem with the movement and people who identify as Feminists - there's no coherent platform that everyone supports.

    Now, in your take you're trying to identify the movement by *all* of the possible ways to define it; some are mutually exclusive. For instance, you won't find a Feminist who is both against sexualization in the media and whose role models are sexualized in the media. The reason that's contradictory to you is because it is, and it doesn't happen in the same person. But you suggest it does.

    You're also overlooking some important things, such as the support Feminist groups in the West have given Feminist groups in developing countries, in the form of money, logistical support and direct action.

    You do make a lot of good points, however. These are points that many people who consider themselves Feminists acknowledge and talk about. At least, the ones I know ;)

  • front2back

    Women from North Africa and some parts of the middle east always have the most logical critiques of Western feminism.

  • CasaNorba

    damn sis this is one outstanding take!

    I couldn't agree with you any more further. I sure wish this world had more women like you because from my point of view feminism is one of the biggest our society has nowadays.

  • Ca5h3w

    I have 2 major problems with modern western feminism, how they blame all the big bad evils and injustices on "The Patriarchy" when there's not even a concenses within feminism on what "The Patriarchy" is to some it's just a set a cultural values an idea or way of thinking and to others "The Patriarchy" is an actual group (of men I guess) like the Illuminatie that control everything from the shadows who's goals are to oppress and disadvantage women on every level. My other problem is that at best they seek equality of outcome of men and women (where any difference in outcome is bad and sexist) when what they should be seeking is equality of oppurtunity (where everyone should just have equal oppertunities, which means that just because there may be an outcome difference in life between men and women doesn't mean that it's because of sexism as long as everyone had equal oppurtunities to start with)

  • Juxtapose

    If people cared about equality they'd be egalitarians, not feminists.

  • Djaaay

    As a whole , its to late for women to reconciliate towards men once again . They've created a vacume of hatred towards themselfs that will never end. Of course I'm not speaking of myself , but for other men who have all voiced this.

  • Belgie

    I agree with all of that, which is precisely why I would never call myself a feminist.

    There are organisations and movements, fighting the good fight, but feminism is not one of them.

  • Margillard

    I thank 3gen feminism, it has truly freed men. Men have learn when love is no longer served at the table, it is time to get up and leave.
    Men are opting out of long term relationships all over the western world in droves with women for good reason:


  • I always loved how you articulate yourself. Well writtin article to a tee. 🖒

    • I will say that wicked men have contributed a lot to unruly feminism. Men are the gate keepers of their home and communities.

      If men didn't mistreat their wives, didn't support strip clubs to see women degrade themselves, offering money to hookers or buying drinks at the club for ladies for the sole puropse of getting them drunk for easy access to their body sexually perhaps feminism wouldn't be so destructive to many women that are influenced by the spirit of feminism that will women feel they must rebel against men.

  • Underduress

    Feminism truly is mental illness and is made obvious by some of these photos and this take. You say you still want more rights while citing laws already on the books yet desire to continue on with this insanity but could you be more specific? What utopia do you envision? What kind of world would it take for all feminists to be satisfied and quit pursuing this craziness? If the entire world was female would that bring it to an end or would you then find more faults and issues to further fuel the insanity? I don’t believe any feminists have a clue of what kind of world they/you strive to have. All they think they know is that they want to burn it down. Western women currently have it better than anybody including western men. They are the most protected and subsidized group in the world. What is next? What is the source of all the female feminist hate? Your take is fence sitting; you are either for it or against it but of course you still want it all. Choose a side.

  • bubbles328

    Many issues in eastern countries are the same as the troubles were in the western countries centuries ago. Girls not going to school, forced marriages and laws that condoned DV. Now if we hadn't have fought for our rights back then we would have been no different to the eastern world today! All we are doing is fighting the next stages of the battles!

    Some are petty like the pink armpit hair! Nobody forces women to shave their legs or armpits we do that by choice! If hair on women became the norm a lot of women wouldn't stop shaving their legs! It's just fighting for the sake of fighting.

    DV in this country is on the rise and should actually be fought for! In the UK a lot of abuse isn't recognised and when it is sentences imposed are too lenient. I have done my bit to fight to rectify this and had my work recognised but it seems i'm fighting this alone because everyone too busy dying their pubes.

  • MsLoli

    YES. Thank you. I agree with most of the points made here, especially the first two. Modern feminism in the West is nothing but bringing down men, ragging on video games, TV shows, and movies for no REAL reason except some perceived sexism that no healthy human being sees, and making women feel the biggest sense of entitlement I've ever seen. Great example here: it was once considered nice for people to hold the door or open a door for strangers, especially if men did it for women, but now it's a notion of politeness that has been absolutely trampled on by feminists, and yet they complain that "chivalry is dead" if nobody does it for them. Feminists are the most confused, hypocritical fucking people in the US right now.

  • raspberry0416

    The spirit of feminism is about giving women more power and respect in society. It's about encouraging women to contribute more to the culture and becoming leaders. Focus on this when thinking about feminism instead of on idiotic or frivolous trends.

  • nevermoregirl7

    From the beginning of feminism (late 60's). There has always been a hostility of feminists. There are countless articles stating that feminism is only keeping women from being women or trying to take over men. Modern feminism is adorable, but it is merely a trend right now. And I am hoping it is a trend to end soon, because if I have to read one more "Feminist" article about dating, I will throw my laptop.

    Beyonce and Lena Dunham really didn't do shit for us. Only made themselves edgy.

    And dear god the American Horror Story episode last night was cringey.

    I just want the right for Planned Parenthood and decent career path that is not blocked by a glass ceiling. Simple, feminist, wants.

  • TheFriendlyOne

    I'm so glad that you worded it better than I ever could.
    God bless you

    Its not masculinity that is toxic, but its third wave feminism thats toxic because just like the liberal left, its cannibalistic.
    The moment that one of them dares to speak against it, they are preyed upon and recklessly attacked.

    The same people who are all gaga about inclusivity, tolerance, and diversity are the same ones who hate intellectual diversity, tolerance toward anyone who doesn't agree to the rhetoric and inclusion of anyone who decides to point out flaws.

    The worst part is that this is ruining the future of an entire generation of people by putting destructive and irreparable behavior, promiscuity and lack of responsibility for one's actions, on a pedestal.

  • SarahsSummer

    One big problem though is if you ask 10 women to define feminism, you’ll get 10 different definitions.

  • BrittBratt2416

    I don't get it either, the feminist movement to me is pretty much the Jezebel spirit that a lot of women promote. It really makes no sense, you want to dress like a slut, act like a slut, sleep around like a slut, but o gosh don't you dare judge me or call me out being a slut? Really? And then you take pride in that? Its wrong for men to sexualize women even though you think its okay to sexualize and degrade yourself? Where is the logic in that sway? And then this whole stupid "its bad to slut shame" argument is just dumb. To not shame something that is shameful, is pretty much saying you should support it. No, I'm not going to support women throwing themselves to every tom dick and harry.. same goes for men. I'm just over it honestly.

  • ATuairiscean

    Great take - I agree with a lot of what you say - I remember years ago reading about women in Taliban Afghanistan and they were ranting about western feminists saying "We want to talk about how education is being denied to us and all the western feminists want to talk about is the burqa which is about 45th on our issues list".
    So yes get your priorities , equal rights is not a green light to mimic bad behaviour , if you improve at the expense of another it is somewhat.
    I am a feminist and an egalitarian as in I want to support a rising tide that lifts all boats

  • GayHowellMeme

    Yeah I agree. We don't need feminism at all in the western world.

  • normalice

    meh. How many cherries can there before 'cherry picking' results in an accurate portrayal of something?

    in my opinion, it's all about the pay gap. Everything else about feminism seems made-up to either make it look crazy or to give an appeal to a wider range of people (or both, I guess). And yes, I'm aware the pay gap could be mostly due to lifestyle choices and such, but the word 'mostly' is meaningless to those whom it effects 'sometimes'. There is empirical evidence that shows that 'sometimes' it has nothing to do with lifestyle choices. That needs to be fixed.

    But beyond that, women (like men) are on their own.

  • TripleAce

    Ah Ariana grande looks real sexy there though lol...

  • PinkLotusLove

    I very much agree & appreciate you not being completely on the extreme opposite end, either.

  • TheRedLemon

    It`s bullshit and made a lot of people a lot of money. Wich i`m used to since i live in a post-communism country.

  • Franitz

    This is perfect. I might add that the 70% paycheck is bullshit.