Six Things That I Would Like To See In TV Shows and Movies


People of all races.

Six Things That I Would Like To See In TV Shows and Movies

Call me Liberal all you want but I do think that representation matters. People can try to deny all they want, but people are influenced by the media. You're going to see more representation in this my take. Everyone should be able to have a character that they relate to well. Also, it's been shown that diversity sells. When I was little, my favorite princess was Belle. I loved that she has brown hair like me and that she loves books like me. Also she wants more than this provincial life, just like me.

The reality of parenting. Also, postpartum depression

Six Things That I Would Like To See In TV Shows and Movies

People always that parenting is a total joy and that there is an instant connection with your baby. Some people don't have an instant connection. Maybe if we could let parents know that they're not alone in postpartum depression, then maybe there would be less stories of parents with postpartum depression killing their babies. Plus, it will make a good storyline in tv shows.

People who never "settle down."

Six Things That I Would Like To See In TV Shows and Movies

In tv shows and movies, I've noticed that when producers want to show that a character has grown, they give the character a stereotypical suburban life. I think it's lazy writing. Lots of people don't ever plan on slowing down. My parents are excited that myself and my siblings are growing up and are moving out because than they have more time with each other and will be able to travel. Some people are never going to retire because they have a job they love. Some people want to travel with their kids. Some people never had kids but want to travel. Personally, I found a career that I love. I love it so much that I'm not sure if I'll retire.

People who choose not to have kids and people who choose to have kids because they want kids not because they feel pressured

Six Things That I Would Like To See In TV Shows and Movies

Today it's assumed that people want kids, so in tv and movies there isn't a scene where characters sit down and talk about their future and whether they want kids or not. I would love to have more characters that say they don't want kids, and that doesn't change. Like Christina Yang. One tv show that characters did sit down and have a conversation about their future, was This is Us. While I do want more characters that choose not to have kids, I'm glad that Rebecca and Jack sat down and talked about what they wanted. I think that's a step in the right direction because at least people won't assume that everyone wants kids.


Six Things That I Would Like To See In TV Shows and Movies

Just the other day a classmate of mine said she was completely infertile and that her and her husband were considering adoption. She also said that they may not do adoption because they're happy with it being just the two of them. That's when another classmate spoke up and started trashing everything about adoption. There's thousands of children waiting to be adopted and all they want is some love. Like I said earlier, people are influenced by the media. Maybe if adoption was shown in a better light, it wouldn't be a sore subject.

Taboo subjects like abortion

Six Things That I Would Like To See In TV Shows and Movies

In Game of Thrones, there's multiple, graphic rape scenes but the most controversial one was Sansa's rape scene. I actually appreciate that they showed it and it made people pissed. Maybe now, people will realize that rape is a terrible, terrible thing. I think it also makes people realize that rape exists for both genders and it doesn't dance around the issue. Also, Sophie Turner's acting was awesome. I wish more tv shows had controversy in their writing. It's true that some people would stop watching the show. But some people, like me, appreciate that they don't dance around issues.

Six Things That I Would Like To See In TV Shows and Movies
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  • bang678
    I'd like to see realistic teenagers. Don't have a 25 year old playing a 17 year old.

    I'd also like to see realistic lives for teens. I'm absolutely trash for teen dramas. For example, pretty little liars. They did a flash forward to their lives after graduation. One girl had written a book, one became a lobbyist another became involved in high fashion and has a wealthy fiancé. I was thinking this is like 10 years after high school graduation, almost 30 years old.

    Nope only 5. So they're like what? 23? I'm 21. Myself and my peers are NO WHERE near these kinds of points in our lives.
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    • NatashaJ

      Agree or Rory Gilmore big one getting in Yale just because of grandpa but luckily in the reunion they made her look like a pathetic loser at 30. She deserves it for all the shit she did.

    • LoloWaye

      I second this

    • "Don't have a 25 year old playing a 17 year old."
      Preach! Because of shit like this, it warped my image of high school and how I would look.

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  • ThisDudeHere
    I am a firm believer that anyone who creates stories should have the freedom to use any type, sex or race of characters that they want without pandering to anyone. If an author decides to have a vast made up of entirely white people then that is their right. The same applies to any other specific kind of cast.
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    • I agree and let's face it. Some stories may take place in a time or place where other sexs or races were not even there yet. I think the focus should be of how good the story is overall. The other things are such minor details.

    • @Devilofangel absolutely agreed.

    • Hidden_P

      Mother fucking this.

      It would be like having a safari in Africa and having whites, mixed, Indians and a few stray druggies just for luck, maybe a pregnant transgender roaming in the background. An environment calls for a certain type of demographic. Stay true to the environment and area.

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  • Indian-African
    You say you want "diversity" but only show black people.

    This is why I am against diversity in the media. They rarely show Indians on tv so why do black people get to have special treatment? And when they do show Indians we're always either a taxi driver, a nerd, a doctor or a connivence store clerk.

    Black people have been featured in movies and tv shows for decades yet other minorities get little to no representation. It's not fair.
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    • I never said just black people. I said ALL races.

    • She showed more than just black people. There is LITERALLY one picture of a black person, and it's a little girl. Please go back and look.

    • @lovelyhoneybones
      All I see is a picture of a white woman with a black man, a black girl with curly hair and a white couple with a Asian child.

      No Indians
      No Latinos
      No Asians

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  • OderintDumMetuant98
    Brilliant post. Very deep and thought provoking. And it was oh, so original. You obviously have a very brilliant and philosophical mind. Maybe you should try to get a job at Buzzfeed or Salon. com. I hear they're looking for Liberal Clichés. Talent like yours should not be wasted LMFAO.
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    • Maybe I will. But that's not what I want to do. I want to be a nurse. Plus, I got an extra 150 xper points, so I'm closer to being able to redeem them. Do you really think I give a shit what a bottom-of-the-barrel troll like you has to say? The right answer is no. And if you get annoying, I'll just sedate you.

    • Shut the fuck up. I don't give a fuck about you, your stupid pathetic life, or this dumb fuckin' question. You're obviously a very stupid person. Have fun "redeeming" your xper points you broke ass bitch.

    • I'm not going to pass up twenty dollars. I'm not broke I get $15 an hour with full benefits and work at a hospital. Don't like it, don't comment.

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  • MrMysteryMan
    I think more diversity should be shown in media period. Than maybe, people will start understanding how different people are and how we shouldn't just paint the world in "black and white". People are so content to live in their small, safe, easy, little personal worlds (or ones they believe are their own). They believe that they are in control of how their lives run or that once the door closes on their homes or what not, that all that matters and all that affects them is behind those closed doors. RUBBISH!

    Ignorance is complete bliss, and humanity is at the peak of bliss if you ask me right now. This is why we have shit like "isms" (ie/ racism, sexism, femin-nazi-ism, white nationalism, etc.) that our own ignorance and discount of what it is to be human, has created over time. Also, what makes it laughable, is that wars and these "isms" and negativity are from societies who pompously pontificate to believe in love and honesty and "good Christian" or "proper Muslim" values. We are good people, until, we are faced with the realities of life. That is it. Humanity at it's core is lawful and good and loving, until the good times or something that isn't the "norm" or doesn't coincide with our way of life or what we pretty much just like, happens or is around us or affects our "perfect" little insignificance of a bubble we call our life, that we either have to change it, or, make it go away. Or, even better, if we can't change it, we label it as an ism or threat so that we can find, whoever has a commonality toward this or whoever we can convince should also want to get rid of it, can help us toward a common "enemy". FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!

    I do love technology and the advancement of humanity by way of tools and intelligence and overall sciences, however, sometimes I wonder if we are forgetting another way we could have all advanced, which would probably have helped us, as humans, advance our technology, sciences, and way of live that much more and even more efficiently? I am talking about advancement and human understanding of social interaction and cultural divides and beliefs and traditions. Even a better understanding of the simple fact that humans evolve or socially interact differently based on geography and also from problems that arise from human social interaction. Free thought, is a wonderful thing, but, even though we spout that we are entitled to use it, we don't exercise our use of it intelligently or logically if you ask me. We follow instead.
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  • SuperGlitterGirl
    I think black is powerful! The more melanin a person has the more powerful they are. It is time to take a step back and let people of color speak. They have been enslaved by us for centuries and are still being structurally oppressed by a society that systematically disadvantages them.
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    • Holy shit. You can get girls to like anything. The dumber it is and the more SJW the more likely a girl will like it.

    • kickme

      More melanin - more power. Sounds racist to me. Just think if a white person claimed the opposite. You would be burning down the neighborhood.

      Systematically disadvantages them? how?

    • I was being nice. Bitch.

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  • alice55
    The only things I would like to see it's a women anti hero / vilain (maybe with some light mental ill too). Like she the best friends of the hero but later for some reasons she become the vilain.

    Those kinds of character are my favorite and I don't remember having seen a women in this kind of roles (how I want it to be at least).
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    • I would love a woman villain. Women can be very cunning and manipulative, I wish there was more of them in the media.,

    • I agree there are some great women villians.

    • alice55

      Yes, would be very cool especially in a action / super hero movie.
      While men are generally more hot headed and impulsive women are more cunning and manipulative like you said. I think so it'll be a very interesting vilain to have. :)

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  • Leraleira
    Then YOU go ahead and create stories with these kind of people and plots, instead of whining about what other people create.
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    • No, I don't have the 30 million it takes to make a good movie. I also don't have a stick up my ass but here you are alive, breathing, and with a stick up your ass.

    • Leraleira

      You can write whatever stories and books you want and if they are good enough they will sell and people with the millions will want to make a movie out of them if they see it will give them profit. So go ahead, create a bestseller and stop whining.

    • Nahhhhh I want to be a nurse. I'm doing really well in Nursing school so be careful I might be your nurse. Which is good for you. You're going to need help and someone to sedate you, to get that stick out your ass.

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  • smahala1991
    Agree with these. I also think Disabilities, depression or other mental illness, suicide, and even split ups/custody battle should be shown from the kids pov
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    • I would like that. No one in TV shows I watched growing up had anything "wrong" with them.

  • Octavius
    I'm not sure letting a mother know she's not alone in what she's feeling is going to have much of an effect on murdering her infant. Something that extreme is not going to be quelled by letting them know their feelings are common.
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    • No, but it will help with post-partum depression.

  • TonnyStryder
    Some stories can't really have black people in them, don't worry, you won't anger black people by not adding us in a story about Russian monarchs, we enjoy a good story, pandering just looks desperate and can kill a good whole story line with plot holes. What i find annoying is white people taking up Asian roles of Asian characters.
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  • kickme
    I'm so scared that we as a society have produced little snowflakes like this. Who is going to actually hold down a job when i need to collect social security? We are doomed
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    • kickme

      I couldn't find any laws against any race making a movie, commercial or TV show and using any race of actors they wanted to. Oh wait, unless they're white, then they have quotas to meet.

    • Careful buddy. I'm a nursing student and am doing really well in school. One day, I could be a nurse.

    • ad48hp

      One day, I could be an attack helicopter.

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  • springocelot
    I've grown up not seeing people of my ethnicity on TV or the movies in the US. I'm fine with it. Hollywood tends to overcompensate. If you based reality with what you saw on TV you'd think 1/2 the world was gay. I care more about quality content over representation.
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  • PowerPrincess
    ''Call me Liberal all you want but I do think that representation matters. People can try to deny all they want, but people are influenced by the media.''

    I don't think it matters and I don't think that people are influenced by the media when it comes to race. I'm black by the way.
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  • pooper89
    I can think of several shows off the top of my head that exhibit all of these points and I'm not even a big tv watcher.

    Like the show Shameless, Modern Family, etc
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    • I know it happens of course. I just wish it was more common.

  • vishna
    1 really struck me, see how happy that little girl is to have a character look like her. Too often companies pander to the same audience over and over, it's nice to see someone like you on the screen, someone like you on the screen being the nice one, pretty one, evil mastermind too, haha.
    And it sells :) so, why not.
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  • SuccessfulHornDog
    If you want to really represent reality then you better have women who hate men. Men who hate women. Angry Black Racists. Angry White Racists. Angry Asian Racists. Angry Hispanic Racists. Real street culture of rape, murder, pimping women and beating them...
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  • Starrk
    Nice take. I agree heavily with more diversity being needed along with more scenes that feature a taboo subject.
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  • GirlThatDraws
    I agree with everything one here, but I have a problem with the representation part. I feel like today, its forced. Like movies will just add an Asian or African character just to make the cast more diverse. There's nothing wrong with diversity, but if the shows setting doesn't really require a diverse cast, then so be it
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  • RedThread
    Yes I'm a firm believer in more representation in movies and TV shows. People should have their stories told.
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  • BeeNee
    I was just having a discussion with a friend about some of these topics, and I could not agree more. Representation is important, and the ones that often say it isn't are the ones that are clearly represented so they see no problem because it's never a problem, until someone else wants what they already have. I have a friend in a wheelchair that just about cried when he saw a character on tv like him and dealing with some of the issues of his everyday life that I am really lucky that I don't have to deal with. With the motherhood thing, so true. We think all mom's are just these superwomen or they are supposed to be, but it's hard, and sometimes you don't connect, or you get frustrated, but still have to pretend that everything is great. It can be a lot of mental pressure from not just themselves, but other family members, and society at large. Wonderful take. Some people will get it, but a lot won't or have no desire to change status quo.
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  • Iraqveteran666
    Nearly every tv show or movie is in new York or or L. A. like the rest of the world doesn't exist not to mention the bias of showing people in red States in a negative light.
    Abortion needs to be shown honestly in detail on television.Six Things That I Would Like To See In TV Shows and Movies
    • You know that there is an abortion pill that can be taken until ten weeks? The pill simply liquefies the fetus into blood, and it is bled just like what happens every month. Also, 66% abortions happen within eight weeks. But, 100% of abortions are received by women who indeed become pregnant and do not want the child for whatever reason, and not by old, white males that look like the stereotypical Senator. Plus, I want the abortion stigma to go away because if I got pregnant, I would most definitely have an abortion. I'm dropping all sorts of truth bombs today.

    • Yet do you still want old white males to be financially responsible for your body?
      I never said I was for or against I just think it needs to been shown honestly and graphically just as actual childbirth, sex, circumcision, surgery or breastfeeding and maybe you have a few examples i missed. Also actual footage sex, abortion, breastfeeding and childbirth should be part of sex education.

    • Never said that. Abortions from planned parenthood aren't federally funded. Of course, old and white senators don't want you to believe that.

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  • beautifulangel76
    A lot of these things are shown in movies. Either way some people watch movies as a way to escape into another world. Why would someone want to watch a movie about reality? It would be pretty boring.
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  • abundantlyrich
    I recall a lot of American TVs and and two Canadian TV shows that has featured people of different ethnicities. You don't see this 99 percent of the time in Australian or UK TV shows.
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  • ObscuredBeyond
    Representation is one thing. Problem is, Hollywood likes to overcompensate. And make excuses for its own pet behaviors. Take gays. iRL, gay bars are easy pickings to find criminal suspects as a variety of true crime shows will admit. Hollywood depicting an evil gay is almost verbotten, however.

    Also, we've gone from them not existing to 13 Reasons Why having half the cast be gay for no reason at all. Entertainment and activism clearly don't always have a healthy relationship.
    Daredevil too white? Make it near impossible to find a non black character in Luke Cage. Daredevil not feminist friendly enough? Make Jessica Jones obnoxiously so! Everything is to the extreme.
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  • Blitzkrieger
    Television is entertainment not activism. Stuff like this is why i opted out of television, especially hollyweird stuff.
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    • Too bad. Game of Thrones is a good show and republicans claim "they dont see color." Lol.

    • I dont see what republicans have to do with this.

    • Again, they claim to not see color but when a minority is given a leading role in a tv or movie show, they complain about the liberal agenda. Just like what happened during Stars Wars Episode 7 and George Lucas told them to piss off.

  • Cccgala
    I think most ethnicities are represented in their own ways. Customarily speaking, Asians get to be actors and actresses in Asian films; Europeans get to be endorsers of European products; Africans star in their own films in their respective countries. The same way goes for the Latinos. That's how I see representation. Media is omnipresent. I think Number 1 is best understood within countries that have heterogeneous populations. I assume you meant the USA. If that's true, then I agree with what you have written.

    Not all people want kids! Amen! It would be better if media would amplify the voice of the teens who are encouraged to have kids against their will. That will surely enlighten the population that believes kids are necessities when they're not.
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  • bloodmountain1990
    I think these things should be included, but not just for the sake of it.
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  • steveguitar
    Movies need to be left, just like everything else that is a creative endeavour, up the the creator
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    • kilowatt04

      Yes, and if they were, they would probably have more of the things that OP would like to see. Instead, the themes and details of movies, TV shows, and other creative endeavors, are ultimately up to production companies, and television companies that will be showing them. These people are not creative, and are highly removed from normal life.

  • lord_chilled
    I think there are movies about people not wanting to settle down, but yeah, most movies are about a happy ending where there's marriage and kids, but thats because a large majority of the audience wants to see that and agree with it.

    The rest of the points , im rather indifferent.
    And as for representation of all cultures and races, i have a different take on it, i do agree that there is a bit of an underrepresentation, but more importantly than that, we have misrepresentation. As in a lot of cultures and races are stereotyped. While (in hollywood and european cinema , at least) a lot of white characters have a variety of persona's, other races tend to do more stereotypical roles (not always tough..)
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  • Whatthefluff
    Nice job
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  • cupidkisses
    nice take
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