My Rant on Sexual Harassment and Objectification

We all pretty much agree that sexual harassment against females is not acceptable. I want to tell you that sexual harassment is not acceptable against males either. I don’t want to get into greater detail about the sexual harassment because I’m trying to forget all the little details.

My Rant on Sexual Harassment and Objectification

Sixth to Seventh grade

I was sexually harassed and touched all throughout middle school. This has started when they realized that I do not like being touched. It was not a pleasant experience because I’m very averse to touch ever since I was born. It’s also because I was never attracted to women. I didn’t fight back because it’s not okay to hit a woman. I would never hit a woman but I would hit a man if he hits me first. There was too many of them and I tried telling them to stop but they never stopped. It’s like they enjoyed watching me suffer. I felt emasculated and humiliated. Sexual harassment is bullying because it’s unwanted actions that continue to repeat itself over and over again. The sexual harassment was mostly done by girls because they knew I’d never hit a girl. One time, a boy has touch me and ran away. He noticed that I don’t like be touched by girls, so he was checking to see if I’m gay and if I would be turned on if another guy touched me. I wasn’t turned on by any of the touching. I was also name called in middle school and the students were so rude. They made fun of my voice because it sounds deep in a weird way, so they imitated my voice when they mimicked the stuff I said. I got over the regular bullying faster after I left in eighth grade, but it was harder to get over the sexual harassment.

Eighth grade

I kept begging my dad to change my school because I had a feeling that eighth grade was going to be worse than the previous years, but I couldn’t change my school right away. I didn’t want to continue being sexually harassed and bullied at school. In eighth grade, a new girl came and she had a crush on me. She made it so obvious that she likes me. She flirted with me on the first few days. I could tell that she was aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but I wasn’t attracted to her and I had a gut feeling that she was a really mean person. I made it obvious to her that I didn’t like her back. My “friend” liked her but he was too stupid to notice that I didn’t like her back. He was jealous of the fact that she likes me instead of him, so he backstabbed me and tried to make me look bad in front of her. She became even more bitchier when she realized that I don’t like her back. She told me that I’m freak because my “friend” told her how "weird" I am. Well he’s not my friend anymore. She laughed after one of the girls said, “he looks more cute when he’s upset.” The new girl tried to make my life a living hell in eighth grade. At one point, she tried to do something worse than what the other girls did. She tried to sexually assault me when I was alone at my locker (it was in a hidden corner). That’s when I found out that she’s a psychopath. I pushed her and ran away. She ran after me and eventually knocked me down to the ground out of anger. That’s when I came home crying about what happened at school. Two weeks later, my dad eventually change my school. My life became a lot better when I changed my school.

Males being sexually harassed? What?

No one takes him as seriously as a female who is being sexually harassed. Of course, males are stronger and they wouldn’t feel the same fear as females would feel. But it’s annoying, emasculating, and humiliating. According to society, a male who complains about being sexually harassed by females is as ridiculous as a male who complains about having too much money. People would question his masculinity and his sexuality, and ridicule him if he reports this stuff… I tried reporting this to the principal, he laughed at me and told me to man up. I told my dad, and he brushed it off like it’s nothing. My “friend” told me that I should be happy to get this kind of treatment because most guys want this to happen.

According to society, males are supposed to be the sexual predators and if they are the victims then it would make them less than men… Not every male is going to like being sexually harassed by every female out there. I’m pretty sure there are straight/bi guys out there who wouldn’t appreciate it if a girl, who isn’t attractive to them, sexually harasses them. There are straight/bi guys who are in relationships and, if they are faithful, they wouldn’t appreciate a random woman sexually harassing them. I imagine it would feel humiliating and emasculating for them as well.

It’s definitely not okay for girls to sexually harass men who aren’t straight or bi. Because that’s also harassment based on sexual orientation. When you sexually harass us, you are shaming us for not being straight and it seems like you are trying to "cure" us. Men, who aren’t straight or bi, don’t appreciate being emasculated/harassed/humiliated like that either… It’s not a cure. It’s mentally damaging for us.


In high school, I was violent and aggressive because I felt angry about my past. In high school, I wasn’t sexually harassed or anything. But it made me angry whenever my female “friends” flirted with me, asked me out, gave me sexual offers, or etc. I didn’t show them I was annoyed but it did kill me inside because I felt like that’s the only reason why they became “friends” with me. I felt anxiety whenever they tried to flirt with me and touch me. I subconsciously knew I wasn’t straight, but I kept consciously thinking that “I just didn’t meet the right person” or that I’m different in some way… I tried to avoid thinking about what my sexual orientation is throughout middle and high school because apparently it’s quite taboo for a man to be anything but straight. After high school, I don’t have any female friends in real life. I avoid being close friends with females that aren’t related to me. I don’t hate women. I’m just not attracted to them. And I prefer not to be friends with them in real life because I don’t feel comfortable around them and I don’t really have anything in common with the average woman anyways.


You can’t really control what’s inside of people’s heads. You can’t control who people choose to objectify. I don’t care if women and gay/bi men objectify me as long as they don’t touch me and disrespect me. It’s not okay to sexually harass anyone. Just because you find someone attractive, it’s not okay to touch them. It doesn’t matter what their gender is. Keep your hands to yourself.


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  • I'm sorry you were sexually harassed


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  • This is why I avoid office romances or anything for that matter.


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  • You should hit the girls to warn them. Nothing wrong with hitting girls. You hit boys, then hit girls.

  • No one deserves to be treated like their body belongs to someone else.
    As someone who has also been sexually harassed, I can relate
    I'm really sorry this happened to you.

  • I would never go barking up the wrong tree. I am not even remotely attracted to gay or bi men. At all.


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