Confessions of a Man Who Likes Women's Feet: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Foot Fetishism

Confessions of a Man Who Likes Women's Feet: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Foot Fetishism

How beautiful are your feet in sandals,

O prince's daughter!
~ Song of Solomon 7:1 (NKJV).

From being the scorn of the media everywhere to making headlines whenever some poor chap finally loses it and goes off the deep end like that pervert from Nebraska who was arrested for hiding under cars so that he could touch women's feet, few sexualities are as blatantly misunderstood and discriminated against as that of foot fetishism. In an age where homosexuality, threesomes, and even BDSM have become widely acceptable by contemporary standards, it is a great misfortunate indeed that foot fetishism still bears such a stigma in modern society. Whereas members of the LGBT community are afforded sympathy and BDSM is romanticized as dark, edgy, and countercultural, men who like feet are relegated to the very bottom of the sexual totem pole. There are not many ways that the desire for feet can be made sexy before the eyes of the general population, and so most of society tends to remain largely ignorant over the subject. It is my hope that through addressing this ignorance I can reverse some of the negative stereotypes and misconceptions associated with men who like feet, as well as answer some of the questions that women may have for us.


To begin, it is necessary to understand that men who like feet face a great deal of embarrassment and ostracism within society rivaling that even of gays and lesbians, and arguably surpassing it. As stated earlier, we are not afforded sympathy nor is our fetish glorified in any capacity whatsoever. This is why many of us are reluctant to admit it even within our own relationships, because it has always been something that we were forced to hide and keep to ourselves. It should noted that it has nothing to do with how much we love and trust our partners, only that we are dealing with a very real and powerful fear that society has imparted into us from day one. It took me a great deal of time before I became comfortable with my desire for feet, and some men with this fetish never reach a level of comfort or peace. Understand, then, that men who like feet are not silent because they want to deceive anyone or cause trouble, but out of a genuine fear for their own safety and wellbeing.

The History and Origin of Foot Fetishism

Confessions of a Man Who Likes Women's Feet: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Foot Fetishism

The first point I would like to make is that the desire for feet is neither modern or uncommon. Though it may occupy a peculiar place of shame in modern society, historically this was not always the case. In fact, what is weird is how in an age of unparalleled sexual liberalism, we have for some reason stigmatized a fetish that has always existed in one capacity or another and presumably always will exist whether we like it or not. Make no mistake, the desire for feet has been documented in almost every major civilization across the globe throughout history. The opening passage from the Song of Solomon, a love poem from the Hebrew Bible, shows that it existed in the Middle East since at least the time of the composition of the Old Testament. It is also present in the deuterocanonical book of Judith, which reads "Her sandals caught his eyes. Her beauty captured his mind. And the sword slashed his neck," (Judith 16:9).

The desire for feet is also present in the writings of Fyodor Dostoevsky, showing that it was alive and well in the Russian Empire during the 19th century. In the character of Svidrigailov from Crime and Punishment, a very depraved and rotten man who only cares about his own pleasure, he likes underage girls because of their "tiny feet" among other attributes (Part 6, Chapter 4). There is also a story in the travels of Marco Polo about an extremely religious shoemaker who was moved to guilt for being aroused by the foot of a woman whom he had to size, though I cannot recount the exact book this came from.

The desire for feet has been documented in almost every major civilization across the globe throughout history.

Most famously, however, the ancient Chinese used to practice foot binding in order to appease men. This was an extremely dangerous and painful procedure wherein a woman's feet were broken out of shape and bound so that they would not grow larger than a few inches. The origins of this practice are still relatively unknown, although it is speculated that it came from one of the women who performed for the Emperor of China. Similar to how celebrities influence standards today with Instagram and social media. This is especially peculiar because it is one of the only times throughout history where foot fetishism was documented to exist on a mass scale. Either way, the reason I appeal to history is to demonstrate that regardless of what modern society may think, there is nothing new or weird about the desire for feet.

Confessions of a Man Who Likes Women's Feet: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Foot Fetishism

In fact, it is extremely common. In 2007 the University of Bologna, Italy conducted a study which found that it is the most common fetish of those associated with parts of the body. The point being, men who like feet are everywhere. They are present within every sector of society whether you are aware of it or not. They are your partners, brothers, and sons; they are your friends, coworkers, and classmates. You have most likely met them without even realizing it, and guess what? Nothing bad happened because most of us are regular people like everyone else in the world.

What it Means to Like Feet

Confessions of a Man Who Likes Women's Feet: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Foot Fetishism

While I cannot speak for everyone, my desire for feet began as soon as I began liking girls. It was around the age of 10 or 11, coinciding with puberty and the discovery of masturbation. I was not entirely aware of it at first, nor of the things that I wanted to do with them. But I was aware enough to know that there was a connection, even if I did not fully understand it yet. When I first got ahold of the annual swimsuit issue, for example, only about 20% of the images actually aroused me and those just so happened to be the ones where the the woman's feet were visible.

It was not until my early teenage years that I knew specifically that I liked feet, my mid teens that I wanted to massage and touch them, and then finally my late teens that I specifically wanted to do sexual things with them. In fact, I can trace the final stage back to a very specific moment when my best friend's sister was barefoot and in a short, blue dress that shattered whatever innocence remained in me. This was the event that completed puberty for me, when I knew exactly what I wanted in explicit detail and my fetish was fully developed.

The desire for feet is extremely diverse. The golden rule to remember is that there is no common consensus among what constitutes the fetish for men who like them.

The most important thing to remember is that the desire for feet is extremely diverse. There is no common consensus among what constitutes the fetish for the men who like them. Every man's desire for feet is different and varies from individual to individual. Some men prefer smaller feet while others prefer larger ones. Some like the soles while others are fixated on the toes. Even then, some like perfect, symmetrical toes and others like long ones. There is literally no limit to the amount of ways that the desire for feet can vary from man to man. The same can be said for the sexual activities that they would like to do with them, which I cannot illustrate for obvious reasons.

Some men prefer kissing and licking different parts of the foot or sucking the toes while others like to tickle and press their face into them. Some men even like to be trampled by them, while others prefer to just massage and rub them. Stuff like this is generally serves as foreplay for men who like feet, while the actual sex itself consists of having the female use her feet to jerk him off. This is referred to as a foot job and may also be accompanied by using the feet to masturbate and thrusting until an orgasm is reached. The specifics likewise vary on an individual basis, so what feels good for one man may not feel good for another.

Confessions of a Man Who Likes Women's Feet: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Foot Fetishism

Regarded as the gold standard among men who like feet, The Pose refers to the bending of the legs with the feet pointed or arched toward the air so that their shape is accentuated.

Perhaps the one similarity among men who like feet is a strong attraction toward the position above, known simply as "The Pose." Held in extremely high esteem, this is considered the gold standard among the foot fetish community and is the only universal similarity. I did not know it at the time, but this is why I was so attracted toward the feet of my best friend's sister in the story above. She was doing the pose and so it had an extremely profound effect upon my sexuality. Otherwise though, there are few if any similarities among us and this is the golden rule to remember. I am personally attracted toward smaller, white feet with perfectly symmetrical toes, but it varies from individual to individual. The woman I am currently pursuing is a blonde white girl who is 18 years old, extremely thin and petite, and possesses tiny size 5 feet that match my description above. Other men who like feet likewise pursue women whose feet meet their standards, so again, there is no common consensus over what constitutes attractive feet.

Being With a Man Who Likes Feet

Confessions of a Man Who Likes Women's Feet: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Foot Fetishism

Different men have different ways of satisfying their desire feet. For some it may be pornography while for others it may through the services of a professional dominatrix or ideally within the confines of a healthy, loving relationship. For me it is through the website allyoucanfeet, which I have been a member of since I first got my debit card like four years ago. The price is extremely affordable and the quality of the content - which I should specify at this point is not pornographic - is the greatest that the internet has to offer. Within the confines of a relationship, it should not be assumed that all men who like feet are the same or that their desire makes them more difficult to please. The reality is that we are neither harder nor easier to please than any other type of man and need to be thought of not in general terms but as unique individuals whom you may or may not be compatible with regardless of the specifics of our sexuality.

Men who like feet are neither harder nor easier to please than any other type of man and need to be thought of as individuals.

The main piece of advice I would give to women who may find themselves with a man who likes their feet is to take initiative. Understand that it is extremely difficult for him to be open about this desire and that you need to preemptively show him that you are willing to explore it. Invite him to massage your feet and then gradually escalate things from there. Press them into his face. Encourage him to kiss and worship them. Tell him that he is free to lick them and suck your toes. Use them to play with his penis. Take it upon yourself to give him a foot job. Trust me, if he likes feet then he will not object to any of this and will actually be relieved that you are taking initiative. On top of that, foster healthy communication. Encourage him to be completely open with you about his sexuality and make sure that you directly mention his desire for feet, even if he has not officially admitted it to you yet. He may be embarrassed or deny it at first, but in the end he will be extremely grateful that you brought it up. Let him know that you are aware and that he does not have to hide it from you. Make him feel loved and supported, like he can tell you absolutely anything at all without facing anger, wrath, or judgment.

Confessions of a Man Who Likes Women's Feet: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Foot Fetishism

Some Final Thoughts...

The main problem faced by men who like feet today is that of ignorance, fear, and misconception. Most of society is still relatively in the dark about this subject and the negative stereotypes persist even among those who otherwise consider themselves sexually liberal. More than anything, I believe that the foot fetish community needs their own version of Fifty Shades of Gray, that is, some sort of groundbreaking book or film that will launch our sexuality into the mainstream conscious. Prior to then, BDSM was still considered unspeakable and stigmatized even by those who otherwise considered themselves sexually liberal. Yet now its main practitioners are the same overweight, middle-aged soccer moms whom you would find at Church on Sunday morning. It glorified their sexuality and made it not only acceptable but even trendy before the eyes of the general population. The dark reputation that used to keep it down now works in its favor so that it is romanticized as edgy and countercultural in mainstream society.

Confessions of a Man Who Likes Women's Feet: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Foot Fetishism

This, more than anything, is what the foot fetish community needs. We need to have our sexuality glorified and made sexy before the eyes of the general population. The desire for feet needs to become as widely acceptable now as handcuffs, whips, and chains. Prior to Fifty Shades of Gray, the only time BDSM was ever mentioned in mainstream media was within the context of depraved serial killers on crime documentaries. If that much progress could be made from a single book, then it should not take much to do the same for foot fetishism. And that is what we currently need more than anything.

Men who like feet, is there anything you would add to this article? To all of you women out there who may or may not be dating a man who likes feet, are there any questions you would like to ask?


Most Helpful Girl

  • My only real quarrel here: saying foot fetishism COULD be more difficult than being gay I disagree with. While they have support and such now, no religion has ever stated that you need to die or burn in hell for liking feet.

    However, I get it. People cringe at the idea of foot fetishism and it can feel pretty shitting knowing that your fetish is often used as the butt of every porn joke. For me: I don't care what people like, but I'd never partake in it. I think that's why people shy away from it and away from guys with that particular fetish, because there will always be the concept that they can't satisfy them without being uncomfortable. I've been in such a situation where I was seeing a guy who had a specific fetish (it wasn't for feet but for another body part) and it basically dominated everything. He was a jack ass about it and very pressuring over it.

    Now I'm not saying everyone who has a fetish is like that. But just as you encourage women to "take initiative", I think that people with taboo fetishes have to be willing to ease their partner into it. In my experience people become more open to accepting and experimenting with sexual fetishes the more comfort is established, and not letting your fetish dominate your sex life from the very get go is a good way, I think, to make sure your partner will be more willing to do it without feeling like they have to be uncomfortable.

    Of course, none of that is necessary if you find someone 100% willing to oblige your fetish. All in all, good informative mytake and good luck.

    • @RJGraveyTrain, would you please follow me so that I can send you a private message? In case you have not figured it out yet, I am a previous user who has finally returned once and for all.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Thanks for sharing man. Feet are nice but I personally prefer a girl in a lovely modest skirt myself. When ever I say that every one give me looks like I'm crazy and some of the girls find it cute and childish. I'm not sure why they see it as childish cause it is such a rare thing to see especially here where micro skirts and micro shorts rule. It take a woman who has enough guys and respects her self enough to pull off something modest here. Even the good girls wear something skimpy pretty often.

    I wish you luck finding a girl who understands you man.


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What Girls Said 12

  • For me, it's always been pretty "whatever". You like what you like and that's that.
    The problem is, though, that it seems like a lot of people just cannot keep their kinks in the bedroom. For whatever reason they feel the need to bring it to the outside world/the general internet - where children are, mind you - and try to get random people to engage with them in their kinks. People who have neither consented to participate nor confessed to sharing these kinks. And for some reason foot fetishists seem to be the ones doing this the most, compared to people with other kinks. I don't know how many times some random ass dude has messaged me to ask me for a pic of my feet or to describe what footwear I enjoy wearing the most. It's disturbing, even though I don't consider feet to be sexual, I still understand that it's a sexual request and that they're getting off on it.
    Keeping these things on forums specifically for these kinks is ok. Doing kinky shit with your partner is ok. But opening sexual conversations with random people online or in public is not ok unless they've given their permission, and this seems to be the biggest thing people with kinks don't understand.
    As for Fifty shades of BS, it's sad that that was the book that seemingly "normalized" BDSM, considering how poorly written and disgusting/abusive the book actually is. In no way does it actually represent a healthy BDSM-relationship and I can't believe so many people considered that Twilight-fanfiction to be worthy of any praise.

    • The first thing to understand is that being creepy and sexually harassing others are not synonymous with the kinks in themselves, at least not in the case of foot fetishism. Otherwise you would have to concede the same thing about guys who like butts and breasts - a fairly 'normal' desire- because of the perverts who say things like "nice ass girl! Love them tits!" in public. That being said, I think the reason why you may observe this so much within the foot fetish community is because of repression. That is not to excuse it by any means, only to put it into perspective.

    • And where exactly did I say they were synonymous? I just said that it seems like *a lot of people* can't keep their kinks to themselves. Not just foot fetishists in particular, even though they (the ones who take it out of the bedroom) seem to be more aggressive about it.
      Catcalling has always been and will always be fucking disgusting, regardless of whose mouth it comes out of. Not really sure why you think I could possibly think that's acceptable behavior, after what I just wrote in my opinion above.

  • dude.. but its just feet. I don't get this.. feet are just.. feet. I don't get were the sex comes into this.. lol my feet are huge.. I think that would get rid of your foot craze.

    • For me, yes, although like I said, there are a variety of tastes within the foot fetish community. I may like tiny size 5's but there are men out there who love larger feet like you have.

  • I still can't understand how can you find them sexy, simply how can feet become a fetish o. o

    • ok, what do you find sexy?

    • Show All
    • 😅* this is the right emoji

    • lol yeah that emoji fits better

  • I've had people stop me to tell me they like my feet. I'm like okay... the fetish doesn't weird me out unless the guy is being a complete creep in public!

    • Yeah I think that can be said about most sexualities. Tons of guys like breasts and butts for example, yet the creep factor comes not from that desire, but from the weirdos who openly comment about them in public. Usually I will not compliment a girl's feet until I have already broken the ice, and even then, I keep it casual. "You have pretty nails," or if I am really bold, "you have cute feet."

    • I also have foot fetish but never asked any girl publically that I like her feet or they look beautiful.

  • I don't know how anyone likes feet they're so gross

    • But genitals in the mouth are not gross? It is all a matter of taste - in this case, quite literally. I believe that the feet are often the most beautiful part of the female body. I can worship my partner's feet for hours and pamper them like royalty.

    • Bc they're not touching the ground constantly?

    • If you put it that way, genitals are constantly in touch with body fluids

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What Guys Said 14

  • I always wondered about foot fetishism and found it weird.
    After reading this, I still find it weird.

    Feet are one of the least of not the least sexual part of the body for mine.

    • I feel the same way about breasts. Never have I felt any attraction to them whatsoever. To me they are just... breasts. Something that exist to sustain infants. I associate them too much with motherhood to find them sexually attractive.

  • I still think that a foot fetish is just a form of submissiveness. Just not in the way of subjugating, but moreso of putting someone on a pedestal. Being literally at someones feet.

    • That is partially true. Especially when you take into consideration that some foot fetish activities include worship, trampling, and other elements of female domination. Yet it is not entirely true because the foot job itself - "sex" for us - involves the man being in a dominant position with the woman pleasuring him.

  • I like to believe the guys that have the foot fetish, also are the types to take care of their own. But it doesn't always seem true. If you have such a fetish, it should work both ways.

    Body, Hair, Legs, and even body fluids are more common of course.

  • Just another fetish i dont understand. Feet can be sexy but thats about it for me.

  • I have a foot fetish and I still feel weird for it, but I just do :/

    • Like I said, what is weird is that in an age of unparalleled sexual liberalism, society has stigmatized a sexuality that has always existed in almost every civilization across the world at one point or another. I mean, it is even in the Bible. Do not feel weird. Society is weird.

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