Inside the Mind of a Male Virgin: What I Wish Women Understood

Inside the Mind of a Male Virgin: What I Wish Women Understood

This is in response to @Ozanne's article of a similar topic. Granted, while I greatly appreciate the sentiment of her article, I do not think the author fully grasps the scope of the amount of pain and humiliation that male virgins like yours truly really feel, nor what it actually means. Though to be fair, I do not really think any woman for that matter truly grasps or, or ever will. Which is precisely why I have written this article.

I hate women,

I am not even going to lie about it. That is not to say I am proud of it, or that it is something I accept as normal and healthy. But I am only acknowledging that it exists, and that it is something I need to work on. As a male virgin, I hate women. That is, truly hate them. I harbor a very deep, inner resentment that is rooted in years upon years of rejection, the friend zone, being heartbroken, and taken advantage of.

The last woman I dated friend zoned me and instead of taking it gracefully, I told her that I no longer wanted to be her friend at all and that I hated her. Despite the fact that she had been as nice and polite about it as possible, I still made her cry. Not because I truly hated her, but simply because I only wanted to cause her pain. Because I recognized that she was a woman and I hate women.

My mother played a huge part in it,

My mother promised me that she would always be there for me and that I could talk to her about anything no matter what. That being said, I poured my heart out to her. I sent her extremely long Facebook messages outlining everything that was truly bothering me, my most personal fears and anxieties, and embarrassment over being a virgin. Upon waiting almost two whole years for a response, she finally tells me that she does not want to deal with me and that she is not going to answer them.

My own mother essentially gave up on me.

If a man's mother is not there for him, then what woman will be?

What it means to be a male virgin

ImagiIne waking up every day and being surrounded by extremely beautiful woman from classmates, coworkers, and friends to the media, internet, and television. One cannot even visit a shopping mall without seeing those Victoria's Secret angels' images blown up on screen. Then knowing that you will never be able to sleep with any of them. That they would never give you the time of day. That they will always be out of your league.

This is what it means to be a male virgin, only, it gets worse.

Imagine knowing that there are is a small but elite class of men at the very top of the totem pole whom are monopolizing all of these women. That there are men who seemingly have it all and can sleep with whomever they want whenever they want, and that you will never be one of those males. Because as cliche as it sounds, women do only sleep with assholes and that is truth.

The true pain, then, comes not from the lack of sex, but from knowing that you could never have sex even if you wanted it. It is about knowing that you are inferior, that you are less of a man, that there are other men better than you.

Is it any surprise then why men like me hate women?

Women are the source of our pain. It is observing their mating habits and knowing that they will never sleep with guys like us. That they only want the players and assholes. That they will always consider themselves better than and above us. I genuinely believe that Instagram alone has made this phenomenon that much worse. Now practically any woman can become a model overnight reinforcing the celebrity-fan relationship between men and women.

I have self harmed. I have screamed at the top of my lungs. I have punched holes in the wall and I have cried to the Heavens above. My pain is of a deep, burning ontological kind. I am inferior. I am not a DiCaprio. Women will never love me. I am not a true man. I cannot have sex even if I wanted it.

The media makes it worse

Seeing magazines like Cosmopolitan which almost go out of their way to normalize premarital sex and reinforce the idea that it is abnormal to be a virgin only adds salt to the wound. That and virtually the entire Jewish leftist media which is advancing the narrative of promiscuity. From television to movies, books, magazines, and music.

If you are not having sex then you are weird and abnormal. Words cannot even describe the feelings of alienation, inadequacy, and burning hatred and sorrow that men like me experience.

Not to mention the

discrepancy between what women say and what they actually do.

Women like to claim that there is nothing wrong with being a male virgin or that we should not feel ashamed, yet their actions say otherwise. Because even though 90% of women may say such things, it is also true that 90% of women would not sleep with a male virgin. In short, they are lying through their teeth. And that is very frustrating. Especially when it feels like we are settling for the leftovers of another man, because oftentimes the only time they will ever sleep with us is after they are done screwing around with the aforementioned assholes at the top.

I am a very bitter person

They do not call me the underground man for nothing. As stated earlier, I really hate women. I am not proud of it, but it is true. I like to wear designer clothing and then laugh at women who do not have as many nice things as me. The fact that I have more money than them makes me feel superior. I listen to music that is objectifying and degrading to women. I view them as nothing more than sexual objects and whores that deserve to be heartbroken.

I am proud of none of this, but am only being honest. That is what being a male virgin does to a man. How am I supposed to love women when every woman in my life has let me down?

Inside the Mind of a Male Virgin: What I Wish Women Understood
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  • Ozanne

    Thanks for the mention. Your anger issues are a bit disturbing and my points on Elliot Rodger touched on the mental illness quotient of his problems. I truly hope you can find support to deal with that, because virginity is no longer the problem if you start causing harm.

    I also have reason to believe virginity isn't the issue when you claim to hate women over and over. As soon as you start desiring them again, and quit punching holes in walls and cutting yourself, then maybe one will want to get close to you. Til then? Nope. If a girl does, she'll be just as troubled.

    It's not worth all this anger and self-abuse. Virginity doesn't define you unless you let it. You're letting it.

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    • Unit1

      Nicely said ozanne :)

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Most Helpful Guy

  • ManOnFire

    While I don't agree with everything, I must say that I really liked this Take because you're getting it out. You're being real and really pouring out how you feel with honesty. And I had to give you a thumbs up for that.

    However - and this may sound like a broken record - it really is not that hopeless. You gotta get yourself out there and meet chicks. Get colorful. Strike up conversation. You'll have some misses, but one will be bound to be a hit. It's a work in progress. Go ahead and get started.

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  • coachTanthony

    What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it is supposed to be... you can't heal your wounds if you keep touching them. Good luck.

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  • pretty-kitty

    Wow, you have some major fucking issues bro and the least of your worries should be losing your virginity.

    We all get hurt and our hearts broken by the opposite sex but that's not reason to have so much hate a resentment towards the whole gender!!! YOU CHOOSE to feel this way and to behave a certain way and what you choose make people not want to know you.

    I would never sleep with you because your attitude is disgusting, I wouldn't even be your friend let alone let you touch me.

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    • Like I said before, you are a woman. You do not understand. You never felt anything like this.

    • Rejection and getting hurt by the opposite sex is not a snake exclusive thing so stop making that excuse. You have issue and you need to deal with them

  • skyholes

    it may be a unpopular opinion, but i 100% kinda get it. even though your words were kinda harsh, if you past through them i see the message you're trying to conceive with them :c
    man have some things they are 'expected' from, as much as woman do. most girls will not get it, but let's compare it to... let's say, being considered pretty. girls are absolutely likewise CRUSHED when they're ignored again and again and again because they're not pretty enough, and a butt load of girls blame boys for being too 'superficial'.
    c'mon, you can't say that's a lie. i saw this SO MANY TIMES online.
    cause girls aren't? superficial?
    not as much, maybe, but they certainly are too.
    boys, instead of being expected to be pretty, are expected to have a lot of sex. it's like... when you don't meet the standards you are expected to meet for society, you feel frustrated. almost like you're being bullied; but no one really bullies you. outcasted from society.
    you're not in the joke; you're the joke.
    the thing is... i know you probably had some bad experiences with woman, but that >DOESN'T< justify hating them. we're all different. we all want different things.
    if you stop hating us so much, and stop pitying yourself so much, i'm sure things will change. step by step. your life is based off on how you act on it and see the world as.
    see girls a little more positive. treat them a little more like people, instead of meat, instead of mating partners.
    i hope things get better for ya <3 but a little change up in attitude is always needed ^=^ the initial push is always on our side, not theirs.
    [also don't be too nice. treat them like friends. not too nice, not too mean. the ideal ;) girls like the sincerity of boys, it's fresh since most girls are fake af -qq].

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  • talias288

    Your attitude is part of the problem. People and women, in particular, are good at picking up your hostile, self-defeatist attitude. It comes out in your mannerism, your approach, everything... I know because I've been treated very differently depending on how I feel about myself.

    Listen, just face it. It's not an easy time for anyone to date. You think good looking or charming people are more successful at getting relationships (I certainly hope you're not just out to use people for sex - which can be equally empty, from what I've heard - only good for sex, nothing else). THeyre NOT. They get rejected a ton. Heck, I get complimented on my looks as much as I get rejected when I approach people. People are complicated. They have issues. They're not easy to read. Added to the facebook blight, people don't even feel comfortable making eye contact and sensing someone's sincerity.

    Don't give up. Don't blame anyone. Take responsibility. How many people have you actually approached? How many lessons have you learned from your rejections? Do the scut work.

    Just like applying for a job... Just apply like a psycho to every company around and eventually someone will bite. It's essential to make money for your survival. Just like it is essential for your well-being to be in a mutually satisfying relationship with a woman. Invest some hardcore effort into that instead of ranting on here. Nothing worth having comes easy. Trust me.

    I'm still a virgin and I can't find the kind of guy I'm looking for. I've had plenty of opportunities, but I want to hold out for the right person. I can do it, so can you.

    Please take heart. Here's a previous post on how to approach girls. I have used these techniques with considerable success:

    Come back when you've approached at least 1,000 girls and then complain about how much your life sucks.

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  • levantine99

    yeah you hate women. but your hate is irrational. you dont know all women. also no man attracts all women. but if you attract none, its not on women its on you.
    plus who told you, you will be happier after sex? this void in your heart will still be there. you lack purpose in life and drive, not sex.

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  • HikerDude

    Let me start by saying that it took a lot of courage to post with such honesty about yourself. Most of the people trashing you here are clueless about their own problems and are unsettled by this type of self-reflection. So you're actually ahead of the game in a way.

    The issue you have is that you're letting virginity grow into a monster in your head. It's not a defining trait, really. My great-uncle died in Korea as a Medal of Honor winner when he was 20. He was a pious man who died a virgin. Was he less of a man for that? Hell no, so don't let yourself fall into that silly line of thinking.

    That said, you're entirely correct when you note that most women are disingenuous and hypocritical about sex. You must understand, though, that most women are deathly afraid of being labeled in any way because women are highly influenced by groupthink, much more so than even men. So they will say and do *anything* to hide their filthier feelings about sex. So just know that going in.

    I hope you find some peace about this. Try not to blame women for this. They have their own problems, so don't be too quick to blame. You just need to get that first pussy and you'll be a lot better. It's a monkey you need to get off your back.

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    • YBarros

      that's true, why most Feminism wants men go date with men it's crazy gays!

  • RAMboJ03

    Dude, I'm just going to be bluntly honest with you, you're mentality is garbage.
    First of all, you're lacking confidence, something women love in a man. Saying "Women will never love/want me" is not going to help you to help you break through this. Have a little more confidence/belief in yourself. If don't, women will notice this and it will instantly turn them off.
    2. You say you hate women for constantly being friend zoned/rejected, did you ever think to make an adjustment and try a different approach? If you're constantly getting friend zoned obviously you're doing something wrong. When I was young and inexperienced with girls, I thought becoming a friend with them first and then trying to move on to more was the best to get more. Turns out this only works on a certain type of a girl; the girl who wants to take things extremely slow. Most girls, you have to make it clear that you're interested in them for more than friends.
    3. If you get rejected right away after you do make it clear you like them more than a friend, just move on to the next one. Failure means your that much more likely to succeed the next time IF YOU"RE LEARNING FROM YOUR MISTAKES. Now if you go out with a chick and then she ends up friend zoning/rejecting you, then it means you're being waaaaaayyy too much of a nice guy. This doesn't mean you have to be ass hole, it just means you're being a fucking pushover/kiss ass/lacking confidence in yourself. Try this, jokingly teasing a girl. If she says/does something kind of dumb give her a little shit for it, but do it jokingly/don't be a dick about it. She'll probably laugh smile and say something "Shut up! You jerk" and smack you on the arm. They love that shit cause it lets her know that you're not putting her ass on a pedestal and that you have confidence in yourself and you don't really give a shit if you "fuck up" in her eyes.
    4. You don't got to be asshole to get girls. This is the biggest misconception. It's more about confidence. Assholes have confidence, but good dudes can confidence and not be an asshole. I'm a respectable guy towards women, but I'll be honest, I've f*cked over 20 different girls and I'm in my early 20's. Why? Because I'm not a fucking pushover.
    5. and lastly lower your standards and get your confidence up. Stop shooting for the girls at the top when you're this inexperienced. Doesn't mean you can't go for an attractive girl, just start off with 6-8's instead of 9-10's.
    Really hope you read this cause you need it

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    • Wally48

      BY FAR the best advice I've read so far. "The_Underground_Man", you should pay attention to this guy. I'm telling you, this is fixable. Gotta shelve that anger though.

  • Blonde401

    Waaaaahhh, life is so hard because I didn't get what I want 😢 What a crock of shit. You blame everyone else for your issue, which isn't even a big deal! It's not the worst problem in the world or one that isn't solveable. YOU are the reason you're a virgin. You hate women because it's easier than hating yourself and instead of working on yourself and figuring out your issues you write crap like this to make yourself feel better and throw yourself a pity party.

    Women do not OWE you their bodies. Stop expecting things to be given to you. Grow up. Work on yourself and stop blaming others for your issues. It's clear who's at fault here and it certainly isn't women. Don't be the next Elliot Roger. Get your life together.

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    • You act as though you know exactly where he is coming from, you don't. You don't understand the all too common trap that males get themselves into. Why? because you are a woman. You have gotten more than most guy's can ask for. Quit the negative talk and empathize, he's in a vulnerable place and you just shit all over him.

    • @OrdinaryGentleman To add to that, I never said I was proud of who I am. I was only giving an honest and accurate description so that hopefully women will understand just how painful and defeating it really is.

    • Blonde401

      @OrdinaryGentleman grow up. You've no idea what I've been through as a person. If you think not having sex is the worst thing someone can go through in life you have no idea what life is like and you need to experience it.

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  • TooskilledforU

    I almost did not comment, but I have very little to no nice things to say about you strictly from this post. All I am about to say is coming from a fellow male virgin (myself and by choice)

    Are there terrible women? Yes, but plenty of amazing, wonderful ones too.

    You being a virgin is your issue, it is not the fault of anyone else. Women are not obligated to have sex with you (when married both partners are obligated to have sex with each other, but not before then). I am a virgin because it is my choice and I am focusing on school a bit before I get into a serious relationship, yes there are many women who rejected me, but they are not the right ones for me, someday I will find that special woman and I will treat her with loads of love and respect. When I get rejected, I do not get hostile, I simply thank them for their time, and go do something else.

    Your mother is a terrible mother and failed you as a mother, but instead of wallowing in your pain and hate, learn from the mistakes that she made and be a better person and parent than she was. (take this from someone who had an abusive father growing up)

    Hate is a very powerful and dangerous word, especially when it is used in a generalizing manner like you are. You hating all women for the actions of a few is no different nor better than women hating men for the actions of a few, and both scenarios are wrong to the utmost.

    I honestly would tell you options, but you have so much hate and anger within you, that I am not going to give you any because I would feel sorry for any woman who hooked up with you in your current state. Clean yourself up before you even consider going into a relationship, I am serious.

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  • lovelyhoneybones

    A lot of virgins are a virgins for a reason. Some have deep rooted psychological issues, which sounds like your situation. Most things are psychological anyway. I'm a person who believes that people are their own biggest obstacle in life, though when things are all messed up in the mind, that's hard to fix. I'd suggest counseling because the average virgin doesn't have deep seeded hatred towards the other gender.

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  • goaded

    I kept reading past "I hate women", but you totally lost me at "Jewish leftist media"; you're not getting any because you're a horrible, bigoted person and people can tell. Nobody owes you love or sex.

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    • Yeah... I don't know how a guy can write an entire myTake about hating women and still be confused about why he's a virgin.

  • PizzaIsLove

    So, you wrote this mytake to whine about the fact that you're actually NOT entitled to sex and that women are under no obligation to give it to you... yeah, that's totally attractive! 😒

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    • My issue is not with the fact that I am not entitled to sex as much as it is with the fact that the average male is completely sexually worthless in modern society. We enable players and assholes while giving the shit end of the stick to men like me who are actually productive and keep society running. Why should we be expected to support a system that is built upon keeping us at the very bottom? More than that, why should I respect women for making such stupid choices and treating me like an insurance policy?

    • You act like

      1. ALL women love douchebags when we don't.

      2. That just because you're a "nice guy", you're entitled to our affections, sex, or both.

  • jennyPuss

    read what i say and follow my advice and things will get better. first of all- you're all up tight about trying to not be a virgin- that you keep spiraling in. compartmentalize your emotions- you're a guy i know you're good at that. take a step back from the situation and calm yourself. you're not inferior. ther IS a girl out there who will have sex with you. in fact there's probably quite a few. there's a slut on ever corner. second- tell yourself that you don't hate women. you don't hate women. you hate not getting what you want. big difference. it's not wrong to hate not getting what you want. especially when it's a need like sex. it's going to be okay because you can get sex- you just need to chill out. third. stop trying to be friends with girls hoping they'll shag you. don't treat them like your buddies. don't do favors for them. don't do their homework or whatever else for them. don't open the door for them. those nice things are for boyfriends to do for them. if you're not her boyfriend you have no business doing them. STOP doing them favors. if i stopped at your front door every day and offered to give you oral sex every day with no strings attached, would you accept? of course you would. use the 3rd date rule. if you go out for coffee a couple times and then get a movie and you've not gotten to a kiss then it's not going to happen- so just move on. she'll get the hint if she really likes you but is holding out. she'll be calling you to come over and she will take things to the next level if she wants to keep you. also- if you are at a university- bear in mind that you have a significant advantage. women at universities significantly outnumber men. they are sleeping with any guy they can get their hands on hoping he'll stick with her and not 'fuck and chuck'. and lastly- consider a breakout girl. someone who's attractive enough to be fuckable. someone who would be lucky to have any guy at all. getting laid and popping your cherry might be just what you need to just break the tension. she doesn't have to be a movie star. you just need to be able to say you're not a virgin anymore. something changes in a guy unconsciously after he's had sex the first time and girls pick up on it in an animal level. there's an indescribable confidence. just find a breakout girl if you really feel the need to lose your virginity that badly. also- start telling yourself that you love women. say it so often that you start saying it out loud. it will change your attitude

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    • HikerDude

      This is pretty good advice. I especially agree that getting laid changes your confidence with girls and they can sense it. It boosts your confidence to know that you have what it takes to sexually own a girl and make her vulnerable. Something changes in a guy the first time he pushes into a girl and feels her surrender herself to him. I know after my first time that interest from girls at my school increased noticeably. So yes, this dude should get what he can to end the issue.

    • haha yeah its the pussy odor phenomenon. taken men have this pheromone scent on them. you can just tell it appart lol.

  • ObscuredBeyond

    My experience with virgin life was such:

    1. "Everyone else I know can move on with their lives; and I'm stuck pretty much right where I was right after I left high school."

    2. "I have the urge, and all this curiosity, but no good opportunities. Oh well. Maybe, if I'm lucky, someone will give me the time of day."

    3. "Somehow, everyone knows about my inexperience, when I say nothing about it. And they think they can treat me like an absolute pile of dogshit because of it. What gives?"

    4. "Dammit, woman! I only said I was inviting you to see the fireworks! That in no way implies that I want to get in your pants! No, even if I did want it, that doesn't mean I'm going to try! It was a simple offer to do a nice thing, and YOU blew it out of proportion! You want to engage in projection, go work for Fujifilm!"

    5. "I don't remember asking you a g-d- thing about her, Melvin! And you're wrong to boot!"

    6. "No, officer, I only asked her if she'd seen this one friend of mine around. Whatever else she's talking about, I have no idea. She's delusional. Like I'd want *her* in that way! Please!"

    7. "Fine, friendzone me! See if I care! Just act like you give a damn for once, and stop lying about what I am to you, just to virtue-signal to your parents! You clearly don't mean it, and you don't fool me! I am not a prop for you to flaunt your self-righteous hypocrisy with!"

    Post-virginity, and some failed pursuits later, and I get treated by superiors with more respect. I also run into:

    1. "All the good ones are in China or the Philippines, and I'm broke!"

    2. "That one's a ho, that one's shady as hell, that one is... just plain no... that other one might be worth giving the time of day to. Must be cautious. She might be waiting to plunge a dagger in, and is just better at hiding what a psycho she is."

    3. "You again, Mel? I haven't said a word to any of them, so bugger off and get your nose out of my business! I wouldn't want those hags over there anyway!"

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    • Comical, but relatable.
      I believe that loosing ones virginity also is an important step on the way to emotional maturity.

    • @Swiss_Tengu : It only alleviates the pain of obsessive curiosity, but creates new problems. Though, it does make one's objections more credible. If attacked by cynics, I can use "I have standards" to savage them. Before, I had to give them a sermon preaching against cynicism, and that requires a lot more energy. And only works on them assuming they're intelligent enough to grasp what I'm talking about. Incorrigible idiots and self righteous know it alls, however, are immune to such sermons. Then there's Busybody Mel. Who encourages women to cry wolf, and sees a menace in me, and in every other man, but never in himself. Never be a Mel.

    • After a decade with the same things spinning in your head, getting a different set of problems sounds like salvation enough.
      I love your witty irony by the way. Totally forgot there is a possible sympathic approach to cynism aswell.
      And I agree, Mels are the worst.

  • MrMysteryMan

    You should get over that bitterness as soon as possible. It poisons the mind and soul. You can't lump all women into the same category. I could do the same for you. You sound like you are about to start being a controlling, violent deviant to women soon. Is this accurate of me to say about you? Hell no (I hope). So it isn't fair to do it to anyone really.

    You have to start loving yourself more. The type of person you are. Look inwardly at what your good qualities are. Then try to actually hang out with more women who are actually good people. Trust me, they are out there and they are abundant. But you probably have to go outside your comfort zone or go to areas or talk to women you're not used to talking to. I don't fully understand women, probably never will, but it took me a long time to understand that women are very similar in a lot of ways to how men are, they just have a different way of viewing life since they have lady parts and temperaments and biology. Also, experiences, positive, will improve your attitude. I hung out with actual girls as friends (nothing more), which eventually led me to see how they are outside of the night clubs or dating scene and in basic, natural settings. They are very vulnerable, more so than you realize. They just know how to protect that part of themselves very well and do so at all costs the majority of them. Just because they can be hurt easily, being so emotional and introspective.

    When you find how wonderful women can be, your whole outlook on life and love will change. You may even start to understand maybe how your mom was, or at least, not blame other women for your mother's mistakes with you. Anyhow, not trying to be your father figure or judgmental, just trying to be someone objective who sees things from the outside.

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  • Vyxzuw

    Okay. I'm going to lead with:
    where do you say WHY you are a virgin?

    Religious reasons, body image issues, shyness, a desire for a deep relationship that got shattered by everyone seeming to not care about sex that way, etc.
    What started it?
    Because right now, it's your anger that's separating you.

    I'm sure part of it is, that now that you may have worked on yourself, and are now someone that women might want, you hate that women want you now because it seems to reinforce the idea that you were worthless before.
    But the women you meet now, are not the same ones that denied you earlier.
    Okay, here's the thing guys. Why do virgins seem like they get angry?
    Well, imagine if you were always thought that there was someone special that was going to love you for you.
    Then, being told that you were never going to meet that person.
    It's like that person had died.
    What virgins go through, is like the stages of grief. Grief for what they will never have.

    1. Denial and Isolation: Becoming anti-social and not developing bonds with people and becoming less open. Thinking that there is nothing wrong with themselves, and they just need to find that special someone.
    2. Anger: Realizing that life isn't a romantic comedy and believing it's unfair. Why should THEY have to change. The world is ugly, the romantic idea is beautiful.
    3. Bargaining: Okay, maybe I will try to improve. But I still want to hold onto my idea that someone will love me for me. Maybe I just have to develop myself to be worthy of what I want?
    4. Depression: Nothing is working. I'm either not able to change myself because the issue is too deep rooted to change. (An actual physical issue or mental one that requires outside help.) Or it requires me to become something I'm not.
    5. Acceptance: I change myself into something else, which may or may not be healthy (become a heartless player, for instance) or I succeed in becoming better.

    Some may stick in one of the stages or even bypass stages, just like real grief.

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    • True
      This is a very good explanation. Thank you for providing such clear insight. This helps me dig even deeper in my own issues.

    • This gives a much more qualitativ reason to consult professional help, since grief is proven to be treated effectively!

    • Vyxzuw

      @Swiss_Tengu If it's gotten really bad, then yes, you should seek professional help.

      Usually people can manage grief with help from friends and family.
      The problem is most virgins will isolated themselves emotionally from people, for fear of being shamed for being a virgin.

      That's where the problems start.
      Younger religious virgins will usually have other religious people that can help them.
      However, that tends to go away later.

      Still, even if you are unwilling to open up about your virginity and/or lack of experience, you can still have friends help with your more obvious issues.
      Body image issues can be dealt with by having people to work out with.
      Social anxiety issues can be helped with by interacting with people more.
      These are issues that people know you already have, so why not ask for help fixing them?

      That and having people help will help with the feelings of loneliness that exists.
      And progress will boost confidence.

      Now I just have to follow my own advice...

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  • WalterRadio

    Anyone who reads this knows women are not the ones with the problem.

    "without seeing those Victoria's Secret angels' images blown up on screen. Then knowing that you will never be able to sleep with any of them."
    Models do not look the same in person without their professional makeup and photoshop as they do in the media. I know, I have dated several models and a couple of actresses. They are pretty, but not incredible like you think they are when they wake up in the morning. Most people wouldn't even recognize a famous person they have only seen with professional make up when she is without it.

    " It is observing their mating habits and knowing that they will never sleep with guys like us. That they only want the players and assholes."
    Yes, the great women will never sleep with losers. No, they do not only want players or aholes. They want confidence, success, ambition, and power (money).

    Lucky for you, there are plenty of women who do not have high standards and who would have sex with you. Just look on Craigslist or Backpage and ask them how much.

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  • AnonBitterBunny

    Okay, from one bitter person to another, you sorta suck!
    Sorta meaning... REALLY, like a lot, you really suck, a lot.
    So I'm gonna be judge-y (not a real word, I know) and while I don't have the "right" necessarily, still gonna do it.

    You know as a bitter person myself, it seems to be easy for me to resent others or things just so simply it's typically my initial reaction actually.

    But the difference between you and me my sucky comrade is that I know I suck and that I'm wrong, and I try not to be!

    I mean seriously, self-reflect ever?
    You literally blamed everyone, anyone you could! FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS, YOUR OWN VIRGINITY.
    I mean you even blamed your mom!

    NOT COOL. Not cool dude, not at all.

    I get it it's frustrating, I get resentment, I get the ugliness of being bitter and I get wanting to blame the whole fucking world cause why on earth does it all have to be me own fucking fault!!!

    But know that aside from hurting my heart, mostly my head cause of the cringe, you're only hurting YOURSELF.

    You "hate", you resent ALL WOMAN because as of yet you couldn't find one you liked and wanted to screw, who would also want to screw you.

    Resentment I get, I get it. But you should be less worried about your v-card and more so on finding someone you'd give a shit about, someone you'd love, care for!

    And also you should worry about what seems to be a slowly growing inferiority complex.
    Trust me, those suck.
    Actually, they suck even more than you do~


  • estoydorado1

    You do know that Leonardo DiCaprio used to get bullied mercilessly right? You know what he did about it? He ignored it and worked on his career and life dreams. He didn't let anybody dissuade him from his goals. Virginity isn't your problem, it's actually a consequence of your pitiful attitude. We all have trials, lashing out only prolongs your isolation.

    Word to the wise, assholes don't get laid (you're attitude is proof).. It's the charmers that do and your overpriced rags don't make you suave.. you sound tiresome.

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    • The only difference between Leo and I is that women sleep with him while they ignore me. But if you really want to get down to it, both of us hate women. Otherwise we would not use them for his own pleasure like expendable pieces of meat. Yet, in the true spirit of hypocrisy, you are only offended by MY misogyny and not his. Why? Because I am not as rich, famous, or attractive in your eyes. You are elitist and hypocritical. Furthermore you know nothing about me or what I have accomplished and what I will become. I graduated high school as valedictorian and student of the year, I have a 4.0 GPA in college, featured essays, and perfect grades. By all accounts I HAVE bettered myself yet women still ignore me.

    • @The_Underground_Man I know that Leo is a player and I don't care. I personally don't even find him attractive tbh. WHat he and his consenting flings do behind closed doors isn't my problem. I'm pretty sure that he doesn't talk crap about the to their faces, though. I don't even know what you look like so why are you ranting that "I'm not as attractive in your eyes"?
      Insecurity and projection at their finest folks. by the way, I've never even told you to stop talking. I simply stated that insulting women is exactly what's driving them away.

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  • DinaM

    Yeah. With that attitude you're not very likely to stop being a virgin anytime soon.

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