Confessions of a Prostitute

Confessions of a Prostitute

In the beginning...

From a young age I was always quite sexual, I remember masturbaring as young as 5 or 6 years of age, I didn't quite know what I was doing but I knew that rubbing down there felt good so I did it.

I lost my virginity at 17; I was pretty good for a few years and only slept with guys while in a relationship. I jumped from relationship to relationship but a few years ago after a relationship breakdown everything changed.

I started to post on Craigslist for random hook ups; I would sleep with a new guy almost weekly, sometimes I'd meet someone I really clicked with and we'd become friends with benefits. I couldn't tell you what lead me to Craigslist, I don't remember how that part happened.

Although I was sleeping around I was quite picky with who I saw, there was one guy who kept contacting me who I kept rejecting, he eventually offered me $250 for an hour of my time, he lasted 20 minutes but I still got my money and that's how it all started.

The rules...

1. I will not meet married or attatched guys, even though I see this as a job I won't touch another woman's man.

2. I always use condoms plus I am on birth control, I also get tested regularly.

3. I don't see anyone under the age of 20, even though 16 is the legal age of consent where I am from I feel like under 20 is too young.

4. I will not take a guys virginity.

Whoring Around Town...

At the time I was struggling financially, I was behind is so many bills to the point where I was being sent to court if I didn't pay up, to me this was easy money to get out of a bad situation but now it's just something I do for fun.

It was easy to make the transition from casual sex with randoms to getting paid for my time, I do enjoy sex and I needed the money so it was a win/win situation! I work for myself so I don't have to pay someone else to get me clients, I have various ads on different local classifieds pages so I pocket all the cash myself.

by the way it's really difficult to keep explaining to friends why I always have a lot of cash on me, I'm running out of excuses lol

I would say I am still quite picky with who I choose to sleep with but not as picky as I was before. A lot of the time I get a bad vibe from certain men so I do not meet them. My instinct hasn't steered me wrong yet but I will not become complacent, I am always careful.

I see about 4-5 men a week, I have regular clients I see fortnightly and others I see a bit more sporadically but it's a consistent flow whether it's regular clients or newbies.

My sex life is never something I have been ashamed of but it's also not something I share with anyone because people can be quite judgmental and I don't care to deal with it.

I have been doing this for about 3 years now but I'm starting to think I need to end thhis life, find a good guy and settle down. I am not taking on new clients anymore, I am seeing my regaulars but have warned them that I won't be in this much longer.

Choosing this life was easy but stopping it proving to be difficult, I'm getting sick of leading a double life and I hate lying to everybody I care about. I'm slowly taking the steps to get out of the life and I know I'll get there eventually.

Thanks for reading, feel free to ask what ever you want, I am an open book.

Side note: I have been single most of the time I have been doing this and when I was dating someone I stopped, I have never been unfaithful.


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  • Good Take. I always love to hear stories from women who've slept with a lot of men. If you don't mind, can I ask you what race you are?


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  • worked in that business for a couple of years myself just to have some extra cash. I don't regret it but I was in a similar situation than you. Other who are forced into it are in a completely different situation

    • Really?

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    • it's difficult to find a relationship and only 2 good friends knew about it. Didn't wanna keep lying to my friends and family. Got enough cash after 5 years so I thought it's the right time to stop and move on

    • Are you in a relationship now?

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  • Don't settle down. First and foremost most men will not want to be with a prostitute former or otherwise. The other issue is that the more partners you have the more likely you are to cheat/divorce/be unhappy in a long term relationship, be unhappy with sex and that will lead to marital break down and if kids are involved the destruction of their family which itself leads to increased rates of depression, substance abuse, increased drop out rates for school, promiscuity (thus perpetatuating the problem) etc. If your not open and honest about your past as well, that's going to ruin any long term relationship as well because your already lying to him and its only going to get worse. You have acclimated to a style of living where you get easy money and easy sex with no strings attached. You have not lived a life with limited sex and limited partners, your brain is now wired for that not for monogamy. You have essentially trained yourself to be promiscuis and this will inevitably ruin any relationship your in or result in you cheating or eventually returning to that life. If however you are serious about settling down then I would say take a few years of no prostitution, no sex and see how long you can last in order to retrain yourself to be less dependent on that life style, before you consider a long term relationship. Also be honest, yes it will mean fewer men will be interested in you for long term relationships but it also means that a guy who is interested in you isn't going to end up finding out the hard way that the person he is with isn't "real" that is he is with some one who has lied about a big and influential part of her life. It will also mean that the man has made an informed decision and is going to be more comfortable with your past then one who you have to lie to to get him to stay with you.

    • I am always faithful when in a relationship, I don't have eyes for anyone else when I'm taken. My ex boyfriend wanted to see me with other men and I refused to do it because I just don't want another man if I'm in love. I'm only ever promiscuous when I am single.

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    • @Z-Spark I read through half of your discription and you said I claimed to say all this shit I didn't say so I didn't read any further lol nice try though

  • Your guy you gonna "settle down with" is gonna be in for a rough awakening. Shit's gonna come out earlier or later.

    • it always does.

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    • " i know im right"

    • @Sabretooth I don't rely on fragile deception lol wtf? That was an example of the worst case scenario. I have no fear of anything like that every happening to me because I take precautions to avoid such things. You haven't opened my eyes lol I hve my precautions in place.

      Your attitude that you're never wrong is just arrogant and makes you seem like an douche ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • "find a good guy and settle down. " the part I laughed.
    I bet you hit the big ThreeZero and like every middle aged woman suddenly ask for the fairy tale prince to spend the rest of your life with while the pussy has become a piece of bacon. Good luck.

    • That's not really how vaginas work lol

    • I haven't hit 30 just yet and I've always been open to have a relationship, I think I even mentioned in the mytake that I had a relationship for a while and I stopped doing this then got back to it once it ended. I know I'll find a decent guy and settle down at some point so I don't need your luck but thanks anyway.

    • lol you're delusional girl

  • "3. I don't see anyone under the age of 20, even though 16 is the legal age of consent where I am from I feel like under 20 is too young."
    -But you lost it at 17?

    "4. I will not take a guys virginity."
    -Why though?

    "I have been doing this for about 3 years now but I'm starting to think I need to end thhis life... I won't be in this much longer."
    -Because you believe it's a wrong way to live a life?

    Thanks for sharing :)

    • No, because I'm sick of lying to my loved ones about what I get up to.

  • It is your choice. I won't bash you for having quite the sex life, but with your sex drive, you may not be able to stick with just one man. I am getting a bad feeling when thinking about it after reading this. The man you decide to stick with may have to be one open to open relationships.

    I have faith you will make the right decision for what is the best fit for you and your needs.

    • Where did I say that I have an insanely high sex drive?

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    • You do realize I first commented you a suggestion based on what I read. I thought you would have been open enough to discuss it with me as opposed to arguing my suggestion. You say you don't want to challenge my argument yet you continue to do so! The sad thing is, I didn't have an argument until you took it to the next level and started to insult me. I wasn't being negative nor trying to judge you. Thank you though for judging me.

    • You said that with my sex drive I may not be able to stick to one man... thatโ€™s not a suggestion. Itโ€™s an assumption lol

  • Hope you feel rewarded... cause not sure how you can feel fulfilled with doing such a brainless mindless act... I mean it takes no effort or has zero challenges...

    Boring life if you ask me... the money doesn't mean anything, it's empty dollars cause you didn't earn it... so there isn't that same respect as someone who actually worked for it...

    • Sex certainly isn't brainless or effortless, if you feel that way you aren't doing it right lol

      I have earnt my money, my objective is to pleasure my clients and that's what I do.

      Some people's job is to stand at the front of a store and welcome/farewell people, others scan and bag people's shopping. We all earn our money somehow. Just because my job is to have sex that doesn't mean I don't earnt it like anyone else.

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    • You're right, you didn't say I am unhappy then word you used were "no you're not happy" which basically means the same thing lol

    • Makes all the difference in the world!
      ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ ok you got me I didn't reread my comments cause I am lazy.
      Bottom line is you can be happier

  • Not every disease is physical in nature, nor can it be detected with blood tests or equipment. But to your credit, at least you have rules, and abide by them. They won't save you, but at least they ensure you minimize the damage you could spread to others. Perhaps if more hookers had rules like yours and stayed faithful to them, then hookers in general wouldn't be quite so frowned upon.

    • I don't really get the point of your comment.

  • I've never understood the appeal of prostitutes. Honestly, they take all the fun and excitement out of hooking up. Where's the sport in paying some guy at the marina 500 bucks for the marlin he caught? The thrill is in catching one yourself in the wild.

    • That's the thrill for you but some guys aren't looking for thrill, they just want the sexual release and some guys get a thrill out of paying for it. I have one smei regular client who pays me for a full hour of sex and just wants me to give him a blow job for a few minutes and leave. He is turned on by being used for money, I actually feel really guilty doing that but he insists it's what he wants and refuses to pay less.

  • Thanks for sharing your story. I have a friend that doing pretty much what you do but she will take married guys. She is older than you. She has tried to quit many times. Quits then un-quits. She has loyal customers that won't let her quit. Plus the money is great.

    Another friend that owed me for doing something for him, paid her to entertain me some ten years ago. She and I clicked and became friends. Gives an awesome massage. She won't have sex with me anymore since we became friends. :(

    Why do you want to quit? If you have loyal customers that is everyone's dream. My friend is officially is in the massage business and very good at that. She is certified from a local school. (She will do a massage for me.) But most of her money is from providing sexual services.

    She has built up quite an investment portfolio from the cash she has made over the years. So she could quit and live on it. You might want to do the same thing. I hope you have saved some of the money.

    I hope you find a guy that will appreciate you. We are out there.

  • "find a good guy and settle down"
    Good luck.

    if you see 4 men a week and have been working for 3 years that's 624 sexual partners, assuming that every encounter is a different person which you said it isn't. If we can assume that even half of your clients are regulars thats still 300 men. Average number of partners for a woman is about 4. Which means you have 7500% more partners than the average woman. So yeah, good luck.

  • questions

    1.) Why won't you take a guy's virginity?

    2.) Who would you say was the best if you could choose out of all of them.

    3.) If you don't mind, how much did you make a month?

    4.) Favorite position?

    5.) Who's the youngest you've ever slept with?

    6.) What's your favorite age group?

    If any of them are too personal then my apologies.

    • i would like to read the answers to this questions too

  • Just curious why do you not want to take a guy's virginity? Did you ever see female clients?
    A warning careful with your taxes that is how most of the time the government gets you. At least here.
    Thanks for sharing and I hope that you can continue to close that chapter of your life and move on good luck.

    • i'm guessing there's too much drama associated with taking a guy's virginity in exchange for payment. The ego/insecurity issues seem almost crippling.

    • K thanks for replying.

  • Times are changing, there are no old fashioned men anymore:

    • that's so untrue lol

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    • Who said I insist on finding an old fashion guy? I said I want to find a good guy lol you know someone I'm compatible with and who treats me well. I never even said old fashioned guy until you brought it up ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Wow I actually can't read through any more of your insane rants, you sound like a crazy person. I bet you're one of those conspiracy theory nuts ๐Ÿ˜‚

      I'm usually always up for a good online argument but the shit spouting is actually insane, I wish you all the best in life mate.

  • I don't see anything wrong with this since you're a consenting adult and know what you're doing. I've met two women who were ex-prostitutes (they were not romantic interests of mine) and if their daughters hadn't told me that they were, no one would ever have known.

  • iam sorry but picky and prostiture shouldn't be used in the same sentence it just doesn't work that way.

    as for meeting a guy and settling down... only guys that might even be interested are gays, super betas with no character and those who have zero options.

    • Well it does work that way, I've been doing it for 3 years lol

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    • @ebbyeb are you a prostitute?

    • @Z-Spark Are you?

  • You know, this sounds completely made up. I've known prostitutes, including a good friend of mine who was abducted and human trafficked as a teen who then willingly became an escort after she escaped. None of the ones I've known care if the guy is married or attached and certainly none of them look at sex as something so special where they want a virgin to have some unique, cherished experience. On top of that, all of the ones I've known date and have relationships in their "real" life. Granted, everyone is different but your myTake is not unique in that prostitutes have spoken many, many times before and very little of what you say here fits the way prostitutes claim to feel about things.

    • With all those rules, I wouldn't be surprised if she had them fill out an application form! Lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ Seriously though, if a man was going to put this much effect into having sex with someone, he would just go home to his wife! Lol ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Just because I am a prostitute that doesn't mean I don't still have morals, I do this because I enjoy it and I don't want to hurt anybody so that's where my rules come in.

      If I sleep with a married man I would feel so guilty, I would feel as though I am hurting his wife and their marriage. That not something I wish to do.

      The virgin things is along the same lines, I don't want to hurt anybody or take advantage of anybody. I most certainly believe that a first time should be something that you won't regret later so I don't want to do that.

      The reason I don't date that much in my real life is because when I'm with someone I am not going to sleep with other men, this goes back to me not wanting to hurt anybody and respecting what a relationship stands for.

      You can choose not to belive me, that's ok but don't be under the impression that I must have no morals just because I'm a prostitute.

    • @Poppykate That's exactly what I tell married men, I tell them to go how and fuck their wives.

  • Damn it! This is why I'm firmly believing, that women have it easier because nature granted them the irresistible beauty and charming body. -_-
    Men are at a great disadvantage here! Curses.
    And it makes me want to be born a woman ๐Ÿ™„
    Anyway I don't blame you since we live in a debt-based world and I was a broke, starved dog myself.
    Men don't have that luxury.

    "find a good guy and settle down."
    Yeah, that's totally not going to happen after all of this.
    You could just become a porn star like Julia Ann.

    • I don't even know where to start with this load of crap...

      First of all I guess I'll start with your last comment many woman who come from a sketchy past find decent guys to settle down with so it most certainly is going to happen for me because I'm going to make it happen.

      Now for the fun part!! Woman do not have it easier, don't even try to play that game. There are pros and cons to both genders so don't even bother comparing them, I don't understand why people do that.. it's not a competition.

      The reason the sex industry is dominated by woman is because there is a demand for it so if you're going to complain about anything you should complain about how so many men can't keep their dick in their pants. You think men are at a disadvantage? Well you guys only have yourselves to blame for that. There aren't a lot of straight men in the sex industry because there is no demand for it, women can control themselves better than men can.

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    • Forget it.
      I'm muting this now. I'll get my other answers elsewhere.

    • I have no answers for you dude, you already have a preconceived notion about this so I can't be fucked explains it in further detail.

  • Good luck getting a guy to settle down with, almost all men will not be with a former prostitute. You could lie, but he will probably find out at some point.

    • There are still a lot of spineless little simps out there that will be happy for a whore's worn-out vag if it means getting female attention.

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    • very subjective, watered down, weak!

    • Pretty all of it is. We can't condense all this into fitting all human kind. Honestly ๐Ÿ™„

  • First off let me say, thank you for sharing this honest story.
    I really enjoyed reading it. No not because I'm some sick pervert that likes to fantasize about the things you get up too but merely because from the sounds of things you could actually be someone I know.
    From the way you talk about it you've been very sensible and been able to lead a very normal life.
    I used to date a girl that told me things like you. That she started exploring her sexuality very young and she herself lost her virginity at 17 she also mentioned that if she needed to she would prostitute to get out of a sticky situation.
    Up until she met me she didn't need to ever do that. But her partner before me left her with some very scars you know severe heartbreak.
    No matter what I did she just didn't trust anything I was saying or that I genuinely cared for her.
    It was very tiring but that aside she was a great woman.
    As I assume you are. Listen I don't think you'll have any problem finding a guy.
    And any respectful man won't ask for the details of your previous sex life.
    It's quite a rude thing to ask.

    The only question I have is. If you are currently financially OK. When you leave will you still be OK. And do you have a plan to support yourself in the future. Also will you be able to cope with a regular day job?

    Best wishes...

  • Would you have any tips for someone who has been struggling with a pornography addiction and is trying to kick the habit? :/ And what has the biggest struggle been thus far in trying to leave that kind of life? Don't answer if it's too personal, I'd prefer to respect your privacy if there's anything you'd rather avoid saying.

    • The struggle is that I enjoy what I do but I don't like being dishonest so it's a difficult way to live.

      I'm not sure what advice I could give you for a porn addiction, maybe slowly try to wean yourself off? If you do it multiple times a day cut it in half and then in a couple weeks do less and less.. that's all I can think of.

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    • It's cool, I don't mind. I wish I had better advice but the fact that you acknowledge it's a problem is the first step so that's good. I just googled, maybe give this a read.

    • Cool, thank you :) I appreciate it. I hope stuff works out for you as well :)

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  • You say that you're not ashamed-- but you're making a confession. You say that your sexual life is not anyone's business and that people can be quite judgmental but, here you are, "confessing" -- anonymously -- that you're a prostitute to a bunch of strangers online --but you're an open book and we can ask questions. You seem quite concerned about morality-- but you encourage other women to become prostitutes if they're curious. Things are "right" or "wrong" only when it's convenient.

    • Just because I titled it "confessions of a prostitute" that doesn't actually make it a confession lol "confessions is a.." is just a catchy title. It's not a confession, I am sharing my story, getting it off my chest because I don't speak to anyone about this and giving people MyTake on this lol

      Are you confused about where you are? You're on GAG, a place where people can share their take, ask questions.. that the point of this app lol I shared this to give people insight into the world of a prostitue and to show that we're not all drug fucked and on a street corner waiting for the next car to come along.

      Some of us are happy with our life styles and don't need drugs to number the pain. We can do this with a clear conscience.

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    • @troychapman It's immoral to defend someone for encouraging women to get into prostitution. End of.

    • Of course I don't want anyone to be miserable, whether or not she does this is her choice and she knows what some of the consequences of doing this are. Now she can make a better informed decision, I told her if she thinks she can do it with a clear conscience then go right ahead. I am doing it but I don't have a clear conscience because I hate lying to my friends about it.

  • Wow honor in a prostitute. I respect that. I respect your rules dude, your pickiness and careful approach. And I am telling you this as your total opposite, a marriage waiting, religious virgin. But no judgement on my part, I don't believe anyone has a right to do that. People who would use God as a way to spit on someone and look down on them are the highest form of sinner to me. Nothing you do can match the disdain and arrogance of the quasi-spiritual.

    And even if I believe what you are doing isn't good for you, or ultimately a force for good, I don't claim for a second to understand what it is like, where it will lead and what it really means, nor do I claim to be able to asses you as a person based on this. Nothing in your intention is malicious and that's what matters.

    I wish you all the luck in getting out and I hope you use the money you have to start a wonderful, happy, easy, honest and fulfilled life.

  • I don't judge you. A close friend of mine is a prostitute. Craigslist, too lol
    Her story is kind of sad, however. I'd known her since second grade. Her mother is a schizophrenic and her dad is neglectful. I remember her always getting bullied because her skirt was waaaaay too short and her hair was messy. Her dad didn't buy her a new school uniform for years and she grew out of it. My mother would give me extra money for her at the canteen and offered to hem her uniform for her.
    Anyway, I hadn't spoken I her since we started high school because she moved schools. When we met up again at like, 16 she was sleeping around with a lot of guys. She was sexual from a young age too. She told me about blowjobs and stuff and vaginas and we were so young we called them bajinas lol
    She got on crack. Met an older man on sugar daddies. com and he would give her the money for the stuff.
    Sad story. I used to have her over a lot. I remember once, she was on the train over to my house because she wanted to borrow tampons off me. She had no bloody money for tampons because she spent it all on stuff.
    I haven't spoken to her in a while. My husband doesn't want anything to do with her. I understand. But I often think about her.

  • You've never mentioned it to your SO when you were taking a break from it? It sounds like it's such a big part of your life rn and you enjoy it so much..

    • I do enjoy it but I don't enjoy lying to my friend all the time and having this secret so I want to stop for that reason, I didn't mention it to my SO. I will never tell anyone.

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    • Be true to yourself and fuck what anybody else thinks. The older I get the more at peace I am by not worrying what everbody else thinks.

    • @Margillard There is a big difference in not care what people think and being careful about what you reveal about yourself, if I tell my friends who are pretty much my family they wouldn't judge me but they would worry about me and they'd probablt think if need financial help. It's more trouble that it's worth.

  • Sleeping with different guys is a serious problem because 1. You can have a disease no matter if you used protection or not that guy can make you fall asleep somehow and do what ever he wants to you 2 . he probably wants more of it if you say your busy or this of that then he will probably come after you 3. Honestly i hate saying this to you but he might lied to you to.. and 4 if you want a husband you can not be doing this cuz that will cause a big problem for you and your relationship

  • Very interesting take. Too bad you can't do what you enjoy because of the stigma on it. I read some other interviews from prostitutes and they had somewhat the same story. They love their job, but hate the stigma.
    So how do you advertise and pick out the rotten apples? Do you meet them in person before the date?
    I've also heard that talking and making the client feel comfortable is a big part of the job. Do you experience that as well?
    What was your most fulfilling experience in the job?

    • I just gonna my gut instinct, sometimes I just get a creepy vibe from certain guys so I don't meet them.

      A lot of first time clients can be quite nervous, it's kinda cute lol I just chat to them about their job, life and other things so they get more comfortable. It is important for them to enjoy the experience and be completely relaxed.

    • I do meet them before the date, I meet them in public and chat to them first. If I get an uneasy feeling then I'll leave but it's never happen. I always know from the online conversation if a guy is genuine or not

    • The most fulfilling experience was a guy who was really messed up, he think that being horny is wrong, he thought that ejaculating was wrong. He would apologise to me about everything, when he got hard, when he came. It was really sad to see how he has been brainwashed into thinking anything sexual is bad. I have been working with him to help change his mindset and have a healthier outlook towards sex. He is slowly getting there, I actually don't even charge him much, I see him for $50 coz he insisted on paying for my time but for me it's not about the money. I just wanna see him not be so scared of sex. I

  • But... the guy could just lie to you and tell you he's not a virgin if you happen to ask...

    If I were you I wouldn't tell anyone either. Also I'd be careful of that one regular client not getting stalkerish on your ass...

    When you decide to end this kind of a lifestyle it would probably be wisest that you move somewhere far away so no one can recognize you.

    Also... when it comes to your future husband - I'd be honest with him... you don't want to keep something as huge as this a secret from him...

    • Well it's not like I post the rules online, I chat to people first and you can generally tell if a guy is a virgin. Most of the time they'll be upfront and say it because they worry they won't be good or last long so they like to warn me first. I do what I can to make sure clients aren't married or virgins but i could have gotten it wrong at some point but not that I'm aware of.

  • How do you know if the guy is actually not-attached? Isn't that something he can conveniently leave out of his information when contacting you, or just lie about if you ask him?

    • I always ask but make it seem casual as if I don't mind or sometimes they mention it first, I can also tell because most attached guys have very limited availability and mostly want to meet just before or after work. I'm sure I have probably slept with a married guy at some point but I taken precautions not to do that but if I don't know then there isn't much I can do.

  • That's a pretty risky life-style I hope you will able to get out that life and find a good guy. I think it may be difficult if the guy you want to marry founds out about your former occupation.

  • This was actually Interesting to read. And you sound very professional! I'm glad you didn't run into a horrible situation like getting nearly killed or something!.

  • If you want to stop then Change your phone number and stop posting ads. I'm curious though abut your vetting process on picking these single, non-virgin 20+yo guys.

  • I don't have anything against prostitution, and I don't think poorly of woman who choose to do it. I think it's great that your looking to take your life in a new direction, and I hope you find what your looking for and wish you all the best.

  • All the more power to you if you've been able to make it work. I'd be scared to death of abusive rapists or other crazy types. I've casually hooked up with some guys that were obviously messed up people.

    • I guess I always have that fear in the back of my mind but I have never had an issue with any guys. I chat to the guys before meeting them and with certain people I just get a really uneasy feeling so I don't meet them. I have pretty good instincts and can ready people well.

  • Interesting read, at least you are open about it. I think it is good that you want to change your life I can't imagine how difficult is it to keep it from your friends and family.

  • I find it diff to believe they are regulars. They must have feelings attached for u. Call it sex dating with income.

    • Do you regularly take std checkups? When you were doing this job?

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    • How did your friends know you had extra cash? Was it the expensive things you bought that they saw on you?

    • Define a good guy?

  • That was really interesting to read. Thanks for the insight!
    I don't normally approve of sex work, but before you have a go at me let me explain, I have quite an old fashioned opinion that women should be modest and save themselves for that special person, which is something I don't like to talk about as people think I'm being oppressive. Honestly I wouldn't force this life on anyone - everyone's free to do what they want and I respect that - but this is just the way of life I think is best and I'll stick to it myself. But I have to say I might change my mind if all prostitutes were like you!! I love how your rules incorporate standards and morals. They're really important to me and I'm glad you share that. You've really opened my mind with this post, and I thank you for that. Good luck transitioning to your new lifestyle :)

  • I respect that fact that you yourself respect other people's commitments. Good for you! Wish you all the best.

  • were you ever scared of being killed? Prostitutes are prime targets for serial killers

  • Do you think you deserve a good guy tho?

    • Of course I do, when in a relationship I am loyal and I'm a prettt awesome girlfriend. What I do doesn't define who I am as a person.

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    • The part of you that dedicates your life for others says a lot about your view on other people and shows a kind and mature nature.
      The prostituiton part says a lot about your sexual values, that you separate love and sex and that sex ain't sth special or intimate fr you but just sex.

      Most guys who dont separate love and sex wouldn't want to have sex with you ever, its the difference of sexual values that is important for them and then its unimportant how well you treat them. Therefore i find it quite unfair that you dont want to say to a guy that you have completly different sexual values than him...

    • @Actress78 Just because I separate love from sex that doesn't mean the two could never be together for me as well. When I'm in a relationship, I am 100% committed to that person.

      The reason my ex boyfriend and I broke up is because he had a fetish to see me with other men and I didn't want to do it because I was with him and he is the only man I wanted to be with.

      My view on sex is different from when I'm single to when I'm in a relationship, I even went without sex for two years so I could be with the guy I loved at the time.

      You don't know enough about me to pass judgement on my character.

  • Great post. Is there anything you won't do in sex if they request it?

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