A Guy Can Tell If A Woman Has Slept With Several Men

A Guy Can Tell If A Woman Has Slept With Several Men

A month or two ago I posted a question here regarding this subject, and recently I talked about it more in a question I answered, so I decided I’d write about it to further explain what I mean for some of the people who didn’t get what I was saying, mostly females. They seemed to think such an occurance is ridiculous, while other guys knew exactly what I was talking about. This has been the real case for me and I’ve turned out to be right about 95% of the time, so I don’t understand how females who answered that question I posted could even try to tell me what I’m saying is not true. I know that not all guys have the knack for figuring it out, but I think a lot of us do more than women really realize.

Whenever I’ve met or even observed women from a distance, I have almost never been wrong about knowing that she either does sleep around, or has at least had more than one sex partner in the past, whether it's been in relationships or hookups. What happens is that I will either find out later on from people who are very close to her, or she herself will mention guys she’s been with. Either way, my sense was correct. But how do I and other guys know about her body count to begin with? Well, now we will go over it.

The way she acts with guys...

There are usually two ways a woman acts with a man that lets you know she’s had sex with more than one guy in the past, or even at present, and her behavior with you doesn’t necessarily have to be flirty or teasing to mean she has either. Often it will actually be the very opposite. It will either be a reserved kind of behavior, or very open and friendly with guys in a way that’s not exactly sexual.

A Guy Can Tell If A Woman Has Slept With Several Men

Reserved/Stuck Up

The kind of reserved behavior I’m talking about is different from a woman just being generally reserved, and is a kind of aloof character that she mostly acts with men, and can often border on or be direct snobbiness or being a true bitch. This is usually what I've noticed in younger women who’ve slept with a lot of men, more than just 5 or even 10, and is because she knows about her history and is possibly paranoid that other men will think they can have a shot at her, and she will even try to avoid you sometimes.

This is often a definite case for women who are very attractive but especially physically. Some of them don't smile much, and when they do it doesn't seem entirely legit or they try to be careful about it with who and where, nor do they laugh a lot and it often takes something particularly comedic to make them giggle. They will act in this reserved or bitchy way with men because they’re afraid that if they get too close or friendly that it will just draw more attention to them or guys will think they can sleep with her, or that guys automatically want to sleep with her because she knows she’s done it with plenty of them. And because if she does want sex or is looking for it, she wants it to be on her terms, not guys’, even though it often does end up being on guys’ terms anyway.

A Guy Can Tell If A Woman Has Slept With Several Men

Quietness is key. Often times this is the biggest indicator of a woman’s sexual history. If you’re someone like me who has a knack for reading the unseen pretty well, then you know what I’m talking about. Often times the biggest secrets are covered in the loudest silence, and is many times the case for women who act in a reserved, somewhat closed off or snotty way with men. The more a woman tries to pretend indifference towards men or avoid them, the more obvious the opposite can be. Sometimes there is more to the situation than just general disinterest from a woman.

Open and friendly…

Is the other way to tell a woman has already had sex, or with several men, but I don't think it's quite as common as the Reserved Woman or Bitch. Her open friendliness with guys is actually not even particularly sexual or flirtatious, but it’s just her nature because she likes sex and male company a lot and feels comfortable with men. It’s not exactly like a woman who prefers male friends either, or a tomboy. It’s just a kind of very nice way she has with men because she likes them, and unlike the Reserved Woman or Bitch, open and friendly ones generally don’t feel threatened by a guy making a pass at her or even making sexual jokes with her, and she herself will make them. Even if she’s not interested she will just laugh it off. I even know a few women like this on my job.

A Guy Can Tell If A Woman Has Slept With Several Men

This is usually the case for women who are comfortable with their sexuality, and largely with older women. When a woman knows her body and what she likes, she can be very good with men in a social setting, maybe because she’s had a good time with them in bed. A woman who is very sexually aware of herself and what she’s into tends to have a lot of good sex and with more than one man in her life time, which maybe even crosses over into her social life and gives her a confidence and ease even in interacting with men.

Her body language and the way she behaves…

Explaining this is very, very complicated because I guess you have to be a guy to fully understand it but I will do my best. Typically a woman who has already had sex and especially with more than one man has a certain way of carrying herself that’s like a loose kind of demeanor. Relaxed would not quite be the word I want to use, but loose as in cool-ish. There is just something in her entire demeanor that says she knows the ins and outs of what it is to be with a man intimately. Basically, there are no surprises anymore, and her behavior tends to be more loose or sometimes even aloof. There is a certain sexual development in her that even is exuded through her body language and even facial expressions as crazy as it may sound.

A Guy Can Tell If A Woman Has Slept With Several Men

Some guys think that a woman wearing makeup - or a lot of it - means she’s not a virgin, which actually is very true sometimes, though I do know that some virgins wear makeup just TO give the impression that they’re mature and sexual, so I wouldn’t rely on her use of it to give you any clues on her sexual experience or lack thereof.

Also, sweet girls, or ones who try to act very clean or wholesome, often are not, especially the sickeningly sweet ones. They act like this to hide their true sexual activity, or sexual impurities like sleeping with pastors or men in the church, giving sexual favors, or doing really naughty stuff with random guys after hours, in cars, school, under bridges, or in offices. So don't be fooled by them either.

Compare the way she acts with you vs. with other guys…

One of the biggest ways you can learn a lot about a woman is to observe the way she acts with other guys compared to how she acts with you. I learned this a long time ago, and as a guy you will find it to be a very valuable strategy in life.

Women tend to show different faces to different people, but especially men. Women who’ve slept with more than one guy in her life can act differently with you if you’re a guy who’s friendly and outgoing and has no trouble talking to women but you seem “nice” or are actually decent. Women with a body count can perceive you as “pure," soft, too "sweet," or nerdy because you’re a very kind or even intelligent guy, and they’re sizing you up and think you aren't the kind of guy she would ever want or need for sex, or you won’t be able to deliver the kind of sex she’s into. Even the way she talks to you can be as if she thinks you’re naive, and tends to have fewer words with you because she thinks you don't know stuff or don't get it, even though you do.

A Guy Can Tell If A Woman Has Slept With Several Men

Now observe the way she behaves with other men: you notice that she’s very chatty or even giggly with other guys she thinks are real men or experienced, and can talk to them for a long time and you notice her body language seems more relaxed like she’s showing her true colors. In her mind, these other guys seem like the types of men who would fuck them how they want or seem confident enough for it if she ever wanted it.

Men have a Sixth sense…

No one lies about or hides their sexual behavior or past more than a woman does, so a guy knows how to pick up clues about it in other ways. I'm aware of guys who don't have this intuition, but I believe most men do. Even men who are virgins can tell. I guess it’s like a kind of perceptive sense of smell guys have, so to speak. And it could be because we ourselves are very comfortable with sex, are not inhibited about it, and don’t care who knows what we do or when we’re interested in sex either for the most part, so we're more sexually aware. Sex-minded creatures have night vision and can see other sexual creatures as well.

A Guy Can Tell If A Woman Has Slept With Several Men

But like with any situation, we’re not always right and get hit with the occasional curve ball, and we may not know the exact number of guys a woman has slept with in her life, but we can just know if it’s been a few or several.

And anyway, most men can already figure that most women in these times are not virgins, or at the least not sexually pure, despite all the gender studies and journalistic research articles that want to try to convince people that women are not as sexually active or desperate as men. I think most men usually can detect a sexually active woman, and even horny or sex-deprived ones as well. I know I can. You have the naive guys with unrealistic, virginic expectations in a woman, and the ones who get heartbroken when they find out she’s not one or slept with more guys than he has with girls, but I actually don’t really think these guys are that common anymore.

A Guy Can Tell If A Woman Has Slept With Several Men

And other times? The truth is that you may not even see any signs in a woman that says she’s slept with more than one man, you just get a sense that you know is not wrong. Sometimes when we interact with people we get certain vibes about them and they’re just plain right. Sometimes you just have a hunch about somebody and it’s not your imagination or having the wrong idea but the very right idea. Simple as that.

Why is a sexually experienced woman apparent?...

As crazy as it may sound, sexual activity has a way of changing or corrupting women in peculiar ways. And it can be seen more than I think they realize. It could be because by nature women are usually gentler or seemingly more clean than men, but sexual activity can alter her mind and demeanor, especially if her sexual experiences have actually made her start wanting sex more and giving her more adult or gritty tastes and desires.

A Guy Can Tell If A Woman Has Slept With Several Men

With men, you usually can't tell if they've had sex or not unless he is very young and seems particularly naive or pure, nor does sexual activity in men alter their character or demeanor much unless they want it to be known by having badass/badboy behavior. At least with what I've noticed anyway. Often times guys I thought seemed like they were virgins or hadn't had much sex have surprised me like hell with the total opposite. So I do think there is a significant difference in this with the sexes.

I really welcome other guys to give their own details here - if they have any - of how they could detect if a woman isn’t a virgin or has had sex with several men. Would love to hear your stories.


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  • Women are more or less an open book when it comes to their feelings. They make almost no effort to hide them, so if you can interpret how they act around other men you can easily get a good idea of how many men they've slept with. The key is to observe them when they don't think you're watching.


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What Girls Said 38

  • Interesting.
    Most guys who I befriend say they thought I was a whore at first. Which is funny because I'm generally pretty quiet and to myself unless you get to know me a bit better.

    What did they make this judgement-call based on?
    I have big boobs and am supposedly seen as 'hot'. Therefore, by proxy I must ride the cock carousel on a regular basis.

    • Were these guys in highschool?

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    • Lol. Go with that then.

    • Sounds like the fallacious "affirmation of the consequent" when you think about it.

  • Men are paranoid, over analytic freaks, that is why they don't deserve good women. If this is how you feel, you should stick with a worthless woman I find that men are more humble with women they don't want. Whore houses stay open, get yourself some decent sex there when your woman sucks.

    • And you supposed to be a good woman?

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    • "and am very sure of m worth so need to stop explaining myself to you"

      The last chick who said this to me came crawling back less than a week later with brown on her nose, tears, and fresh red lines on her wrists.

  • When I meet a guy I don't like disclosing how many sexual partners I've had. Because they judge. I used to openly state that I dated x amount slept x amount and x of those were my boyfriends. But they take those numbers and believe I've slept with them all. I never claim to be a virgin nor innocent. But I find that guys aren't interested in being in a relationship with you if that's there intention.

    It has nothing to do with how many sexual partners you've had. When I was a virgin guys used to think I had sex. And when I slept with my first boyfriend he insisted I had lied about my sexual partners and so its gone on. Perhaps it's because I freely talked about sex. Because I need mental stimulation before physical.

    I've always been especially confident in myself which my parents would say makes me come across a lot older. The things girl's worried about never worried me. I accept me whole heartedly, I don't claim to be perfect but why get fussed over something I can't fix.

    With this it meant stripping off in front of someone I truly liked easy, I mean out of whoever he picked me and likes me back. Yeah I'd get excited and giggly but I don't share my body with just anyone. All the people I have slept with I've known thought friendship first expect for my recent tinder date. He got to me really quick, we clicked and I threw caution to the wind! Idiot! He played me and I didn't even see this one coming.
    Which I'm still in shock over and came off the site due to this.
    So maybe you do know I don't know but I presume most people in their 20's aren't virgins and have had at least 3 sexual partners.

  • As a woman with ASD I find the whole reserved and non-smiling part to be a tad harsh being that we often have trouble with social interaction and expressing emotion. I guess it might be true for the AVERAGE woman though. Though people shouldn't just jump to conclusions because a chick seems shy, aloof, or doesn't smile.

    • Honestly a lot of what you wrote, if a guy took you completely seriously, would make him think I've slept with a whole city lmao. He might not even consider there is another reason I'm this way.

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    • Exactly. Like that is going to make a woman fall head over heels in love. haha!

    • Aren't they? Come on you tell me.

  • Um, I have only had one penis go in my vagina my entire time I've been on this planet. You can't look at someone and just tell how many people they slept with unless there's a number only you can see floating over their heads.

    • You can't tell the exact number, but you can get a feel for her sexual experience by interacting with her or observing her behavior and body language. That was the point.

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    • @BrittBratt2416 I think they still would even if she was a woman posting it. People - even men - are still hypnotized by the psychological thing where if a woman says it then it must be true. You've got guys out there who would disagree with her but plenty others wouldn't.

    • Hmmmm nah I disagree, I been on this sight long enough to see how guys feel about women's opinions

  • When people aren't assuming I'm a lesbian they assume I'm a slut, and for the longest time I didn't know why. If your take is correct, it explains why they think I have a high count because of how I behave.

    I'm a virgin by the way

  • What about the women that have no shame? This one chick was telling a guy he smelled good & told him to come rub up on her. Then they were bickering back & forth about work. Then he joked & said do I need to take you outside & man handle you (non sexual) than she said I need that, I haven't had it in awhile. Mind you this chick has fake boobs and ass. She seems like one that sleeps around. I was disgusted because she then asked about his girlfriend.

    • people thought I slept around in high school just because I was pretty, curvy.

    • Well, it sounds like she was obviously trying to be quite open and flirtatious. Shameless ones are always apparent, but most "sluts" hide their lifestyles and history.

    • At least they try to but I'm sure whatever man they meet can sense it.

  • ... and it's posts like these that make me want to quit GAG.
    A woman who has had sex with more than one man is considered a normal, well-adjusted person (at least in the US). So your post is basically saying that you hate women who are well-adjusted and you think women somehow don't know what they want with men. Nice job.

    • That's how you perceived it. I guess you haven't seen me say numerous times on GaG how I oddly am attracted to women who've slept with more than one man in her life.

      I think you were just looking to naysay so you could get upvotes. I notice that about you.

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    • @raspberry0416 The point is to talk about how guys can recognize things that women think they don't. And some really don't but I think most do.

      "You can pretty much assume that women you meet have had multiple sex partners, no sixth sense required."
      - Right. But there's more to it than just simply having sex.

    • Don't quit GaG.

      We need you.

  • So me me get this straight, if a woman is “reserved/bitchy” or “open and friendly” you can tell she’s had sex? Are you high man? These moods/attitudes could be for any reason whatsoever. I have a close friend who is open and friendly with most guys she meets and is a 25 year old virgin. I’ve got another friend who is reserved/bitchy as you say because she is a lesbian and really doesn’t like many guys and several more friends who on any given day have all of the above moods. What blows my mind even more than your ridiculous claim is that it actually matters to guys if a girl has had sex before. Nonsense, utter nonsense. Why is this even a thing? Especially for a 31 year old man?
    WTF is wrong with you? Virgin hunter disease?

    • @SarahsSummer LMFAO!!! I guess you haven't seen me say more than once on GaG how I'm oddly attracted to women who've slept with more than one man, have you? Hmmmm.

      All those circumstances you noted are also true, but my point is that being open and friendly or reserved or bitchy can carry certain vibes more than just being plain friendly or bitchy. And as I noted, for a guy he will definitely know what's what if he observes the way she behaves with other guys.

      So if my senses about women have actually been right, how can you say I'm wrong? That's what keeps humoring me. I've got the proof or facts, and chicks are getting mad about it. A reaction to attack is often rooted in self-denial.

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    • @SarahsSummer You don't think I already do that? When it comes to interacting with women I focus on all spectrums and look at all of her objectives and personality. It's just that when I can tell she has a body count, I might get more involved. I like to hear her stories. I like to find out what she's into. And I do want a shot with her if I like her enough.

      The vibes of sexuality can be a complicated thing for a lot of people to grasp. It isn't for me. When you are honest with yourself and are perceptive and have your own energy, you can see what's going on with other people, especially if they're like you.

    • I agree with that.

  • Girls have spoken, I can only add one thing to the "take":

    • Lol. Thing is, me and the other guys don't care, because we know that females obviously are going to be in self-denial about it or get mad. We don't care, because we know what we know, and no amount of women hating it or disagreeing with it is gonna change it.

  • Based on this take and some of your egotistical responses to the female responses on here, mainly @SarahsSummers and @orangecherry , I believe you think too highly of your own opinion, yourself, and your intelligence, thus really making you and this 'Take' you wrote ignorant.

    You make a grandiose statement based on no research but your own minuscule experience with women and have your head so far up your own ego's rear end that any response on here not agreeing with you is met with a LMFAO or 'You must not have seen me say...' or 'There's always an angry chick'...

    Maybe be a bit more open-minded and, well, smart.

    • As usual they are triggered !

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    • @ManonFire Again, a fallacy. If you didn't bother to 'debate' then you wouldn't have responded. Like... at all.

    • Reread your comment again !
      You seem have a short memory loss. lol

  • I believe it, but then it's kind of a known factor for people who were sexually abused as kids, it's like having a bullseye on you back that "good decent folk's" stay away from and every person who enters your vacinity is the same. I imagine it works for normal people to it just isn't thrust is their face to the same extent... Errr well something is

  • im reserved if i like a guy -bc i get shy.

    or if i dont like him and dont want him thinking i do.

    im talkative with guys im not attracted to.

    im a virgin.

    sex does not 'corrupt' women its part of who she is. have sex through most of their lives. a child is not a pure woman. she's a child.

    • But your reserved behavior may not be stuck up towards men and you may not try to avoid them.

      I said sex CAN corrupt them in certain ways.

  • I'd be interested to see guys meet me and try to guess whether I'm a virgin or promiscuous, or where I lean on the scale anyway. Honestly I'm curious what impression I give.

    • Have no guys met you yet?

    • @Pauliho Well sure, but I don't usually get an honest guess from them. Most guys tell me jokingly "I bet you're a freak" since I'm pretty soft spoken, but I don't know if that's what they actually think.

    • Ah I get you. Most guys tend to assume the quiet ones are freaks in bed.

  • You can't get everything from external appearance and determine it from there. It's not a reliable source. use your gut instinct instead. 😅

    • Gut instinct is basically what I'm saying, and that clues from a woman's body language or behavior can help you figure it out too.

  • I'm the open and friendly girl lmao but I was like that before I had sex sooo I feel that this is you taking a women's personality and trying to link it to sexual partners had and that is just not enough evidence to know. And most women who are sexually active have not had just one partner, usually 2 or more so it's not hard to guess.

    • If you read the Take carefully, I noted how the kind of open and friendly a woman who's slept with several men is different from just any old plain open and friendly woman. As I said, there are vibes in it that carry different body language and suggestions apart from a woman who hasn't had much sex - or any - and is open and friendly.

    • I was open and friendly before I had sex and even after having sex with multiple people I am open and friendly. I have always had the same humor and I have always had a closer bond with the male gender rather than females. I just don't think that the evidence you have is actually substantial.

    • I don't believe that personality is enough to define a person's sexual behavior and sex life. There are people who strive to receive nudes or get head but don't intend on sex yet they could be seen this way to if looking at your above information.

  • I sorta understand parts of what you're saying but in the same way you can't really judge every women this same way and jump to the conclusion that she has.. some personalities are like that and they are still a virgin... it just depends on the girl you're basing these theories on because you can't pick out these things on every girl because each are different in their own way.. but at the same time I get what you're picking at just that the way you wrote the mytake makes it seem like you're judging every single girl like this

    • I wrote it based on the fact that I've known enough women like I described to really be ones who have slept with more than one guy, and it often does pan out correctly.

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    • Ah yeah I get what you mean haha hope ya meet some better suited girls for you then if that's the experience you've had, try look at the interior part of them too not just the exterior :") hopefully that might be different haha

    • The interior part is ugly... lol !

  • Wow, this is 100% totall bullshit. Im amazed

  • It's actually impossible to tell. When I was a virgin, a lot of guys assumed I wasn't; even though my personality, the way I presented myself, and body language were all always modest and pure enough to show that I obviously was, and I was always obviously respectfully honest when telling people whether or not I'm a virgin. They could tell that I wasn't the type to lie about myself. But they still assumed. Not because they thought I was the sexual type, but because they secretly wished I was (high school; full of morons). But then when I started being sexually active, super social, open, flirty, presenting myself more provactively, and slept with a lot of guys, guys suddenly wanna believe I'm a virgin when I'm now no longer showing signs of being one; even though I tell that I'm not a virgin.

    To be honest, I wish I was. I wish I could start over. But unfortunately that doesn't happen.

  • Wow this may be okay to say with some women but according to your theory I have slept with multiple guys at once or have a huge number. I border on both shy bitchiness and openness. I can count on one hand my sexual partners. If that is considered inexperienced fine with me but that does not mean I am not super confident. I can hold my own with a man in and out of the bedroom, hell more than half the time I am running circles around them. Generilzations suck FYI. You can’t group women all in to one category, nothing pisses me off more. I take great pride in being different than most women. We are not made from a mold. You don’t want us assuming and judging you. Refrain from doing so to us. Otherwise my generalization from the fact that most women never receive a real orgasm from their man will be, almost all of you suck in bed...

    • If you read the Take carefully you would see how I noted that the kind of reserved/bitchy way a woman has who's slept with lots of guys is not the same as a typical reserved/bitch-type woman in general. There are different vibes to it, and is usually best known when they have INTERACTION WITH MEN. Which you aren't so you're not getting it.

      "I can hold my own with a man in and out of the bedroom, hell more than half the time I am running circles around them."
      - Women are always bragging about how much more energetic they are in sex than men, yet you tell me how women don't get a real orgasm from a man.

    • We can have a high sex drive without receiving full pleasure from you guys and then need to depend on ourselves.

      If YOU paid attention to what I wrote I said “I” am often running in circles not women. I am lucky I have experienced an orgasm and do every time I have sex with my current partner. It is rare and amazing. I was asking that all women are not generalized that’s all.

      I am well aware a lot of women have low sex drives. I ve been told that enough times and told about the rarities.

      I do not believe that you can tell about all women, that really was the point.

    • @Curiousbynature31 "If YOU paid attention to what I wrote I said “I” am often running in circles not women."
      - Right. But you wouldn't be the first woman to say that. Is my point.

      Of course I can't tell with ALL women, no one can. I can just tell with many women.

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What Guys Said 31

  • Your right about how they treat guys they think are pure vs the badboys. I am the virgin looking type and I see it. Also the quiet type is also true . but its not something I pick up on immediately it takes me few weeks of observing to figure out what type if girl they are.

  • One of this signs you missed is the 'slutface'.
    Women who have a lot of sex have this bloodless zombie looking face with no lustre, glow or attraction.
    It just looks like a pale dead face. It's a classic sign that many men have ejaculated in her.

    • You mean "The Thousand Cock Stare" ? lol

    • @Hungry_Shark Well, yeah, that's basically what I was saying in the Reserved/Stuck up section.

  • I feel like most of the women replying just dont want to act like you're right on this whole thing because that'd give them away, and lord knows how women hate the idea of guys knowing who they like

    • That was EXACTLY my same thought.

    • I bet if there wer eold women who dont care they would definitely agree on some of these, of course it can't be 100% true but there's something there

  • When she post how sad she is !
    She always take selfies !
    She gives everyone unconditional love but for you not so much !
    When she initiate the talk about sex !
    And finally,
    When she ask you : where are the good men?

    Great post man.

  • Alright I read the first segment and I’m already recalling my Uncle’s teachings…”you are not so special, if she did that with you on the first day, what makes you think you’re so special that she’s only done that with you on a first day?” Combine this with turning many of my sex friends into friends and then learning about all their sexual gallivanting that they simply left out before ‘only friends’ status was official…and OMG…and I thought I was being a slut!!
    Reading on, the way she acts with guys…oh boy, the ‘dumb flirt’ that says “he’s just a nice guy” or “he’s just a friend” hit my brain like a rock. They said they would never with him or any guy like him…yet him and others like him all got a turn in the long run.
    Reading on…yes, ball busting shit testers vs. the giggle touchy “whoops did I just touch that” girls. Both in their own ways are very different from actual reserved girls that don’t know where things are going. The first sentence after the “sixth sense” part…and omg, what I wrote about that already says it all about my reaction to this statement. I think the stats of an average woman’s partners being 8.7 compared to a males 1.2 says it all…but if not, let me just point out that for every woman I banged after the chubby first one when I was 16 equals a 0 for some guy out there. Mind the language, but the gap is a bit more filled in on the female side of things.
    I enjoyed this read, it gets a thumbs up from me. Would love to hear from women that don’t play dumb about women’s sexuality compared to the average male….1.2 that’s like 1 and 1/5th of a lay to every 8 dicks for the average female…I mean come on man…think about it. I have no idea where I got those stats and can’t find it right now because some stupid article keeps popping up from the key words…but my 6th sense says it’s closer to truth than most would like to admit…men and women.

    • Show All
    • @lord_chilled I agree... it is harder to do. The consequences are also much greater if something goes wrong... not only that, much more likely to go wrong now. Thus, all that self preservation we see.

      It happens when the benefits no longer outweigh the cost... humans do seek pleasure and avoid pain after all...

  • I can't really tell it like you do, but i can tell if she's like a big time sl*t, as in , a woman who slept with a ton of guys and is promiscuous/unfaithful.

    This i can tell just instictively by looking at her amd her demeanor. I don't know of ots like the "sl*tface " thing or of its her eyes. I can't tell of she's had an exact number tough, and i can't really tell about virgins.

    I guess i only have the insticts required to avoid the obvious promiscuous girls

  • I don't think its an exact science, but I do think you can usually come up with a decent estimate of how promiscuous a woman is based on how she dresses, looks, what her personality is like, who she hangs out with, and what her hobbies/beliefs are.

    I think an introverted girl who has a cute face, and doesn't drink or doesn't go clubbing will usually have a low number.
    On the opposite end, I believe extroverted girls who have hot or angry faces and like to drink/go clubbing will usually have a higher number.

    • Yep, you got it.

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    • "I didn't say I could know if she's a virgin. I said I can know if she's already had sex" Do you even read what you write? You think you're a psychic and that makes you feel superior and better with yourself, so be it. Believe in that bullshit.

    • @yougurt "I said I can know if she's already had sex AND IN PARTICULAR WITH MORE THAN ONE MAN." is the main point. Of course knowing if she's a virgin and knowing if she's already had sex go hand in hand, but it's about if it's been with MORE THAN ONE GUY.

      It's of no consequence to me how you view it, but what I know means a lot more to me than what you don't and don't believe.

  • Yes. A lot of men have this 'Superpower'.
    When I look at a girl, I can usually tell what kind of girl she is. Like, if she's the quiet and innocent type, party type, gold digger, etc.
    I really enjoy this power because it makes the filtering process much easier. I know that girl X is safe and girl Y should be avoided.
    Your powers seem to be stronger than mine. I don't think I can tell if she slept with 1, 2, 5, etc. I can only guess 0, 1 or 2, and too many.

  • Dude.. wtf?
    Don't you know femininity is fragile as fuck?
    Why you attacking these poor ass ladies? They can't wrap their heads around the truth, they'll only hear what they wanna hear.

  • If my sixth sense doesn't tell me then Long Island Teas do. Feed her a few. Start discussing sex. Boom. just like that you will know. She will volunteer all you need to know and more. If she is someone I am seriously interested in, the number matters. I won't touch her until I know whether or not she was promiscuous. If I'm number 121 then I'm quite certain there will be a number 122 and 123.

  • This is a no-brainer these days. If she has a pussy and is over 12, you can pretty much be guaranteed that she's had multiple dicks in her.

    • Very true.

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    • @GodHatesKaitlin In Utah, maybe. LOL

    • That's state wide. You can't argue with facts.

  • I don't know if I agree with this Take, but I can tell when a woman is confident in her sexuality vs. a woman who is unsure of herself sexually. How she carries herself and her attitude towards sex is not hard to tell, but not always at first glance, and it has nothing to do with her sexual history or lack thereof.

  • It isn't all this difficult to read women once you understand the way they think. All of them follow similar behavioral patterns, with the exception of very few women. It just takes experience and time to learn to read them.

  • This article was pretty funny, thanks for the lulz OP 😂

  • Honestly OP, I don't really pay attention to how much a girl has fucked.

    • And that's cool😊

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    • @hotpinkanon Hmm. Yeah, that makes sense for her to do that. I think she's in denial anyway. Score goes to you.

    • she responded and only then blocked. Why to respond and then block?

  • My question to your question is, do you really care? As far as I'm concerned, as long as a woman doesn't come with an STD, I could care less how many men she's been with. In fact, I don't even want to know. Maybe when I was in my twenties I thought differently but I can't remember back that far.

  • I cannot see it, except when she's doing it under my eyes.

  • yes, what you wrote is as accurate as it gets, we for the most part know even when women think we dont.

  • Now, THIS is stupid. It contradicts itself, firstly. Secondly, how can you possibly attribute personality variance to how someone behaves sexually? That's just silly.

  • I am just wondering why it matters.

    • It does for some and doesn't for others. For me I'm oddly sexually attracted to women who've slept with several men anyway, so I guess that could be one reason why I can read them easily.

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    • @maestrodematimaticas
      everyone has a past and baggage. it just depends on how much baggage both partners are willing to take. i respect your decision to feel wary of a partner with a very sexual past.

    • Yeah, its a personal thing. I'll overlook a lot of things but I can't compromise on that one. Have tried in the past. Felt bad for the women actually. They treated me great but I just couldn't take them seriously. If I'm #49, I'm quite certain there will be a #50 when the urge hits her or if we get into an argument. Would take a 300lb woman over a promiscuous one.

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