For The Ladies, Reasons Why You Might Want To Avoid Men Who Shame MGTOW

For The Ladies, Reasons Why You Might Want To Avoid Men Who Shame MGTOW

Obviously, by now nobody needs a degree in rocket science to figure out that women’s approval is the last thing we MGTOW men care about in life, therefore despite the fact, this mytake aims at women do not mean I’m writing this in favor of women. however, if you are a woman and this is how you interpret it then be my guess as I really can’t change your views but to be honest the real reason why I write this is to lift the skirt upon those men who shame MGTOW because I do believe that they deserve to be humiliated once in a while.

Anyways here are the reasons why it isn’t a good idea to praise men who shame MGTOW.

Men who shame MGTOW are the true pussy beggars in society

For The Ladies, Reasons Why You Might Want To Avoid Men Who Shame MGTOW

This is the root to it all!

Obviously, both feminists and nonfeminists women hold an intense grudge towards the MGTOW lifestyle for the fact that we come off as misogynists to the masses and for causing a lot of systematic fears such as going against

· Dating

· Relationships

· Marriage

· Monogamy

· Starting a family

And many other bullshit that revolves around gynocentrism. However, many white knights who are obviously unsuccessful with women believe that shaming MGTOW is going to facilitate their chances at getting pussy. They think women are going to praise them in their nonsense and you’ll be surprised how many of these folks have made fools of themselves in the long run. Hell, I even encounter a few of these folks here in this site but I’m not going to say any names. So the bottom line is ladies if not to defend MGTOW or anything but if you really want to date a nice, strong and most of all smart man then I suggest you stay away from these folks that shame MGTOW. The odds are that these guys just want pussy and they really believe that they can seduce you all by shaming us.

Men who shame MGTOW have no directions in life

For The Ladies, Reasons Why You Might Want To Avoid Men Who Shame MGTOW

Those who shame it obviously don’t understand it!

Again, MGTOW men obviously come off as raging misogynists and I’m not gonna denied that most us are. However, MGTOW itself is not about hating women, unlike feminism MGTOW is not about

· Teaching men to oppress women

· Advocating violence towards females

· Taking advantage of the system and use it against the opposite gender

· Live off and exploit the opposite gender

· Start a family to gain selfish entitlement

MGTOW itself it's simply about teaching men how to live a peaceful life and enjoy themselves without living up to women’s expectations because as human being we deserve to get this large burden of ignorance off us. So if any man is dumb enough to go against this then he’s obviously an ignorant loser who doesn’t see any shades of grey in his live. If you ask me I don’t think these are the men to date or even get into a relationship with because their ignorance, lust for approval and mediocre agendas will not make them fit to take on a life where keeping a relationship stable, starting a family and pointing that family to the right direction.

Men who shame MGTOW are the true insecure white knights

For The Ladies, Reasons Why You Might Want To Avoid Men Who Shame MGTOW

Shaming others does not make you a better person and it does not give you any sort of supremacy in your gender!

If you have the need to shame others to make yourself feel better about yourself then you obviously have

· Insecurities

· Self-esteem issues

· Inferior complexity

· Overly inflated ego

And many other things that make you a very negative person by heart and if you shame people who don’t shame you or anyone else then this makes you far more worst of a human being. So, if you are a man and you are against MGTOW then you have all your reason to do so. However, if you want to shame us then this obviously means that once again you are insecure and the need to shame us says a lot about you. this isn’t going to get you anywhere and it further proofs you are not dating material, most women will pick on this sooner or later anyways.


So, there you have it folks, if you are a woman and you are reading this then I hope that by now you took this as a future heads up. Yes, you might hate us with all your heart but just remember that most men who try to go against us aren’t any better than us, you never know what true intentions are. Take it for me because I obviously learned the hard way not to trust women who go against feminism hoping that their actions are going to make them appear more appealing to other men around them. for the men reading I also you learn a lesson that going against us isn’t going to make you any more successful with women. to my fellow MGTOW folks who read this, I really hope you found some humor in this and hopefully from here on now we can laugh our asses off whenever we come across fools who think that shaming us is going to get them ahead in life.


Most Helpful Girl

  • MGTOWS must die cause they are waking up men! just kidding. well everyone should live peacefully without intruding other people's life. i chose to marry u chose mgtow. As Socrates said, for both of us, equal amounts of good and bad times await us in life... .

    • if these people that shame/attack you exist, they don't really believe "that way they'll go far in life". thats nonsense. they do it to appeal to someone and/or cause they operate under a certain paradigm. my main problem though with your movement, is that instead of being a creating power, that advances some sort of civilization, its mostly a stagnation/and damaging regime, much like feminism.

    • well sis that's because we are not a movement, mgotw is just a lifestyle. we are seeking any ways to create power and advance to some sort of civilization. all we are doing is refusing to fall for all the gynocentric traps that society put on us men and use women as the baits

Most Helpful Guy

  • Don't know why people say MGTOW and Feminism are two sides of the same coin. I'm not following MGTOW, I'm my own person, but saying MGTOW is on the same level as feminism doesn't seem right. MGTOW is at least better than Feminism for three reasons:
    1. It has a valid, non-deceptive reason to exist.
    2. It's a counter to a movement that is objectively unfair.
    3. Granted, I haven't seen much of them (my assumption is there's less of them, from my experience), but there are probably also MGTOW nazis that hate women. Thing is, if they exist, they don't have systematic influence like feminazis. If they did, and there were a high number of MGTOW nazis that "hate women" it has the potential to become as bad as feminism. I really never see such people though.

    Feminism's got nothing on that. Feminism:
    1. Deceptive reasoning for its existence. Feminists justify the movement's reinstatement by claiming inequality where there is none (like claiming women get payed less for the same work).
    2. Causing social issues: promoting girls to be hypersensitive to micro-harassment.
    3. Has systematic influence (divorce stats, false rape claims)...
    4. And finally, it's the movement that led to the birth of MGTOW.
    If Feminazism vanishes, poof, so does MGTOW. So saying it's as bad as Feminism isn't even true.

    • finally someone understands it!

      but yea that is just to show how pessimistic people are nowadays. they see everything from a black and white perspective. they immitiately assume us and feminists are two side of the same coin simply because we opposite but never take the time to analyze the strategies we actually use to fight our problems

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What Girls Said 20

  • Agreed.
    Nobody who takes MGTOW seriously, as in thinks it's a legitimate movement, whether it be seeing it in a positive/negative light, is best left to their own devices.

    • well I actually respect those who don't take us serious, but now for the guys who try to shame us thinking that shaming us is gonna get them laid then I think I have a problem with them. so I was also thinking why not kill two birds with one stone by lifting up their skirts every now and then while helping out the lives of their victims?

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    • @CAsurfing I would argue with other users about feminism?
      Interesting. I'd have no problem owning up to it if that were actually the case but I've never been in support of modern-day feminism so you must have mistaken me for someone else.

    • :( too bad

  • A MGTOW made a youtube video about an article I wrote for Thought Catalog, and my fiance read it and said that sounded lame and that MGTOW sounds incredibly homosexual. That's when I knew for sure he was a keeper.

    • yea too bad your fiancé is not God and can't speak for the whole world.

      lmao "homosexual" you'll be surprised how many folks out there have used this shaming tactic on us almost decades before your fiancé did yet it still doesn't bother us at all. so if this is what truly made your fiancé a "keeper" to you then I must say sis you are TOO EASY to please. otfrl if I was your fiancé I wouldn't let you near any of the other group of men who shame us because I bet the minute they come out with a better shaming tactic then that of your fiancé's he's probably going to join us all once you decide to cheat on him with one of those other who used better shaming tactics then his

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    • It's not about blaming women it's about informing other men especially younger men on what's going on.

    • @burpzzzzz They do both.

  • I'm pretty sure you have a lot of post that are about hating women and only wanting prostitutes... So I think I'll do the opposite of what you say. Because I would rather avoid guys like you.

    • that's very cool, because honest guys like me who know what they want in life find women like you repulsing anyways. your need to turn this into a personal argument says a lot of red flags about you

      till then I hove you have fun dating and messing around with hypocrite liars who will do nothing but trick you and play with your emotions by making you believe that they love you and most of all CARE about you when in reality all they want to really do is use you for sex.

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    • There used to be a blog called boycott bitches that was worse than any crazy feminist I've ever seen. You can probably find it on the wayback machine. Their content was pretty bizarre.

    • yeap @itwasmelaniasfault hopefully the dudes you try to connect with don't make you feel worst than an actual prostitute, unless they have already

  • Your hypocrisy undermines this entire Take since according to you, men who like women/ disapprove of MGTOW are:
    ."Pussy beggars", "Insecure white knights", and "have no direction in life"...

    But then you also claim that "if you feel the need to shame others to feel better about yourself then you also have":
    "Insecurity", "self-esteem issues", "inferiority complex", and an "overly inflated ego".

    I have to say I agree with you on that last list.. the irony of you embodying it is pretty poetic, too😂😂

    • *.. obviously have"

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    • giving someone else a "dose of their own medicine" does not make you a hypocrite. obviously if you're giving them a dose of THEIR own medicine is because they attacked you first. like Jennifer Lopez said in that movie Enough...

      "Self defense is not a crime"

      therefore if somebody attacks you first without a motive other than fact that he/she thinks they are gonna get some sort of reward by attacking you then you obviously have all your rights as a human being to shame them in return.

    • lets not forget that I'm also warning those folks that these hypocrites are trying to win the approval of so I'm killing two birds with one stone.

      I'm attacking those who attack me first

      and saving those who my attackers are trying to much out of

  • I find it odd that you make all these generalizations about men who disagree with you, but on your reply to MzAsh's comment, you said, "Too bad your fiance is not God and cannot speak for the whole world."

    • He's mad because I enjoy the fact that my guy doesn't support mgtow and had some snark about them. Then he blew it out of proportion after that, saying how I am easy to please if that's all it took. He obviously didn't understand my own snark. Oh well. Not my problem lol.

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    • @MzAsh "He's mad because I enjoy the fact that my guy doesn't support mgtow and had some snark about them. Then he blew it out of proportion after that, saying how I am easy to please if that's all it took. He obviously didn't understand my own snark. Oh well. Not my problem lol. "
      it's clear you can not make a logical argument.

    • @burpzzzzz Lol ok

  • In my opinion, feminism and MGTOW are both stupid. The rest of us normal people will interact and have relationships with the opposite gender as nature intended.

    • Nope there is no anthropomorphic being called "nature". That's naturalism. There is God, and to the degree we fail to do it as He intented it, there will always be feminists, mgtows, and clash of the genders. I wouldn't call us normal we could just have an oxytocin addiction.

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    • its natural for the genders to want to be together but its more natural to want to be to God. most monks/nuns are spiritually healthier than us.

    • yeap just to munch each other away like the "government intended." and guess who's gonna be getting the last laugh as we watch all of you shorten each other's lives bitching and quarreling each other into stress

  • Since MGTOW are basically misogynists in disguise...(not a very good one I might add), I'll be staying away from both them and anyone shaming anyone for anything they have no control over.
    Since those guys have control over being or not being misogynists... I say those guys shaming them probably have a reason to.. or a few.

    • dude how are we in "disguise" when the majority of us aren't even afraid to admit we are misogynist and make women's approval the last think we care about in this world? I even said this myself in the beginning

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    • "Since MGTOW are basically misogynists in disguise." That's not an argument but an attack on a group.

    • I am not a mgtow, but men simply detaching themselves from women in a romantic manner is not really sexist, they probably just dont like the cards they have been dealt into society because its not fair to them romantically. Sure, the neckbeards online may talk bad about women, but I am sure the majority of mgtow are mostly concerned with things like divorce as a lot of those men have already experienced the unfair court systems. These days it is really hard to find someone who won't put you something as crazy as taking half of your stuff or holding your child in custody as leverage

  • Woah, I don't hate MGTOW because I think they're misogynists. I don't like them much because they judged and rejected me without knowing me. Just like feminists do to men. Oh, and I've seen a lot of them say women cannot truly love, and wow, that BURNS. They don't like traditional gender roles: that's women using men, and they don't like non traditional gender roles, women feminizing men. So there's literally nothing I could do to not be "a bitch." So all, women regardless of behavior or opinion are bad. There's only reproductive reasons for us to exist at all we're all evil just by the nature of being. MGTOW hates me, and they don't know me, and to be 100% honest with you: I don't like them because it kinda hurts my feelings. I know, I know, that fed into their narrative. I'm okay with that. It's the truth. And whatever MGTOW is, they aren't stupid, and they aren't 100% wrong. It's just sad, for me, maybe not them; I don't know.

    • Most women are like that, if doesn't apply let it fly.

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    • This is what feminists say about men! This is what feminists have been saying about men! The difference is that these feminists have LOTS of money and are allowed to teach in academia. MGTOW is a good reminder of how terrible radical feminism (which has poisoned regular feminism) is with the gender reversed but it's not the answer. More of the same is NOT for me! And the claims are NOT true! Not from the women in my life. Not from the women nearest and dearest to me. Women are manipulative and love power play, just like men, but they are not monsters, nor are men.

    • bell, thinking like this will be good for you in the long run. Sadly some people like to cause drama in other peoples lives.

  • I find it fucking hilarious how you MGTOWs never shut up about women... hardly going your own way is it? Haha!

    • wouldn't you say the same about feminists?

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    • @burpzzzzz now I really feel like we are playing chess with a pigeon here

    • no annie, you really didn't respect him with that type of reply lol. He was just saying be weary for the guys who will literally say anything to get on a womens side and you replied ''why do mgtows never shut up about women''

  • I don't care about MGTOW as long as they don't bother women. If you want to live a single bachelor's life go ahead. It's not my business.

    • that's cool but just remember that men who oppose us are the true threat to women if you sit down and really think about it

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    • I know what mgtow is meant to be, but the reality is much like the extreme feminist movement. The main difference is mgtow are more exclusively online, but I see them all over the place trying to school men into their way of thinking. I also don't like what extreme feminists have brought upon us, but this mytake isn't about that.

    • @MzAsh looking at the bright side I'm shaming men who shame us while preventing them from using their lame tactics (if it works cause I doubt it does) to shame us as a way to get rewarded with pussy

  • Well I can say we need a group to fight against women who are sexist towards other women. And leave men at peace and focus on some women cunny nature. Dealing with women for me is like passing my hands over razor blades an injury waiting to happen. just one story of many happened to me just right now. I met a friend while hanging out with my sister. My friend introduced me to another girl who just greeted my sister and treated me as if I was not there. Many girls do things to hurt each others out of competition. And that is one of the least bad situation I faced by a random stranger

    • glad to see someone is wide awake.

      " Dealing with women for me is like passing my hands over razor blades an injury waiting to happen."

      apparently a lot of them don't mind passing their hand over razor blades even if it cuts them because their mind is in getting pussy.

  • I don't care, your life is your life. As long as you don't dismiss me in a professional context for the sole reason of my gender.

  • I’d avoid men who shame MGTOW just because shaming people is not a behavior that I find attractive in a partner. I don’t hate MGTOW, they can do whatever they want as long as they’re not hurting other people. Frankly they don’t have any impact on me at all, and I rarely hear anything about it beyond this website. It’s not something I have ever found to be a problem, nor have I ever really met ANY men in real life who talk about MGTOW either way- shaming or otherwise. But, on principle, I don’t think that being against MGTOW necessarily makes someone a bad person, as long as they are being respectful about it. In the extreme, it can be as harmful as extreme feminism can be, and there’s nothing wrong with being aware of that.

  • So, most of my friends are college aged male co-workers, and literally none of them ever talk about MGTOW, except in passing to make a reference. The only time I ever hear about it at all, is on this site...

    And none of these guys actually need a job, because their parents are paying for them to attend SCAD, they just get bored while earning their film degrees, so they act part time. Then they graduate, and go back to run daddy's company.

    The rest of my friends are either currently stationed at 2 army bases or the marine base, or they were stationed nearby and decided to stay. None of them ever speak of MGTOW either.

    Nothing good or bad from either end of the spectrum.

    • There seems to be four kinds of people. Those all for MGTOW, those against it, those in the fence, and then the rest of us (like 90%) who either don't know about it or we do and we just don't care that much. We might have a bit of an opinion but it's not something that is that important to us. More like a novelty in online discussions.

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    • @FatherJack Thanks!

      Yeah I love assumptions don't you?

    • What is SCAD

  • Mmm I kinda feel like your shaming men who don't agree with mgtow by calling them pussy beggars, no direction in life, and insecure simply because they are not mgtow nor follow it. maybe some do it to look good in the eyes of women, but some men may have reasons as to why they don't agree with it. Same with feminism. Now if guys choose to go mgtow then it's fine, I just see it as the male version of feminism. Both of you talk about how you can't stand one another nor want to be with each other either but in the end we know you both can't live without each other and still want someone to love.

    • Oh we can live without the white knights. I don't consider these men pussy beggars those are PUAs not white knights. White knights are certainly a problem in our society.

  • MGTOW or as I like to call them, maggots shame themselves. I'd like to avoid guys who are dumb enough to follow that way, thanks.

  • MGTOW movements is to what I know hypocrite so people who shame it have a reasons to do so...

  • I didn't even know that was a thing

  • I think both MGTOW and feminism is a bit extreme.

  • Interesting take


What Guys Said 32

  • MGTOW are a bunch of loosers accompanied with women haters. Your the f... idiots. Us guys your talking about are doing just fine in those so mentioned depts. I don't have any problem with my social , intimate or finacial life. And most of us dont... dont be bashing us other guys that have our shit together , while you retarded's still are rebellious to women in general. FY... MGTOW

    • thank you, your overly emotional and overly passive-aggressive speech has been well received!

      "Us guys your talking about are doing just fine in those so mentioned depts. I don't have any problem with my social , intimate or finacial life. And most of us dont... dont be bashing us other guys that have our shit together , while you retarded's still are rebellious to women in general"

      lmao if this was all true then I don't think you would of found my mytake as offensive as you did

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    • "glorify and rectify"

      isn't this what you're doing right now as well?

    • No , I'm calling you and your ideology what it is.

  • "Those who shame it obviously don’t understand it!"


    they understand it well enough to see the problems with it. Considering latest trends, any sort of criticism seems to be "shaming".

    • mgtow doesn't follow trends and whether or not if you put others down in any way, shape or form is "shaming" whether its trendy or not

  • this is bullshit i turned from mgtow because i found it just as bad as feminism i can tell you now i sure as hell am neither of these i dont go around shaming mgtow but if the situation comes up i will speak my mind

    • yeah i tried to listen to a couple of them, and for the most part they are toxic whiners. but i also encountered a few that really try to accomplish the whole "men development and spirituality journey" thing... .

    • @levantine99 YOu're mad because you hit the wall and no longer seen as valuable.

    • if you think we are a rivals to feminism then you obviously did not understood what it was all about.

      either way withdrawing yourself from us was the best thing you could of done. hopefully you won't come back knocking on our doors in the future once your future wife divorce rapes you or uses you as a walking credit card

  • No one is "shaming" MGTOW, I'm just saying it's for losers. Which it is.

    • Devils advocate: In fact you are flaming yourself if you need to belittle others to feel better. So you take validation and self worth by mating with us? Are you hooked up so much to our oxytocin producing patterns to feel the need to belittle your fellow men that desire to carve their own path? I see fat basement single feminists as bitter as well but i won't call them loser. I don't know their backstory.

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    • @levantine99 Compensating? Lmao you can run a proper psychological analysis on this guy based on one sentence. He's entitled to his views and they are certainly not that off base. Here's and example--If I sit there and think that someone who lives with their mom at 30 is a loser, then that's not an attempt to make myself feel better about myself. That's just means I'm cognitive enough to realize that he deviates away from social norms and is behind everyone else in society given his status. That makes him inferior and I rendered that judgement on him based on gag logic.

      You claiming that he's trying to make himself feel better because he's not using nicer words is by no means an a valid indication. He's simply responding to the take and that's his opinion. That's completely off base.

    • @Tony_1693 except that I don't live with my mom, I've actually been living on my own for 7 years now so your whole premises here are extremely flawed. so next time please do more research on me and not just take my words for it before you continue making a fool of yourself

  • MGTOW is not the answer, for me.
    None the less I am not going to shame men who through their own life experiences think that this is a good option.
    I think that in some regard guy's who aren't the true face of the organization: ie: woman haters... are shown to be what the movement is about. Ironically it is the same for feminism... except feminism is more socially accepted. LOL.
    In any case good take.

    • yeap that's because the govt created feminism to strip women away from being good mothers and wives and force them to work. thus tricking them into believing them that it was all men's fault in the process

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    • nobody is taking your right to talk smarty pants, on the contrary you're the one who chickening out from an argument.

      and I this is getting very stupid, so I think I'm gonna end this here

  • MGTOW is simply male feminism lets be brutally honest, they're both decrepit/toxic and useless organizations.

    It's because I understand both groups and seen what they're really like that I see just how much is wrong with them and how messed up the people in these groups are.

    • would you say black people are messed up thanks to the KKK? or the Jews over the Nazis? or Christian in the middle east thanks to ISIS?

    • Show All
    • you did say...

      "The KKK hasn't even done anything since the 70s, the Nazi's didn't just kill or target jews and Islam did result in the christian population in the middle east going down to almost nonexistent. "

      which sounds like in other words you were saying...

      "despite all their commotions feminists haven't hurt or killed anyone yet, so lets pretend nothing is happening"

    • O that I thought you were talking about something else.

  • I really don't understand the whole WGTOW moment but found this My Take to be funny and wouldn't take it seriously.

    • thanks I say the same about you now with the fact that you took the time to comment this

  • Goodtake. It's kind of like Hollywood liberals and Clinton donners like Harvey Weinstein who claim to be feminist and pro-womens rights antisexism meanwhile they are using their position to bribe actresses into prostituting themselves out to him for movie roles.

    • never once did I said women should approve us mgtow men instead, so FAILED!

  • What is MGTOW, other than a hate group that lumps all people of a certain other group together as bad people? What's the difference between MGTOW bad-mouthing all women as worthless and Nazis condemning all Jews as evil?

    • Nazis actually condoned violence and still do once in a while, don't know if you seen that movie American History X. mgtow in the other hand do not use violence or any sort of hostility, all we do is try to focus on bettering ourselves without living up to society's expectations and staying away from women because we know society likes to use them as decoys and from the looks of they actually like being used as decoys

    • In that case, go ahead and stay away from women, and me, too, because I'll be hanging around with the women you shun.

    • that's cool, I wish you all luck because after all I've shun them for a reason

  • MGTOW and feminism are two sides of the same coin. I take the third alternative and go for the family unit as bastion of stability. The family as opposed to social movements are not trends and but are traditional. The family transcends such social movements in all aspects.

    • Very well said! I agree. I am engaged. Can't wait to marry and start a family.

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    • yea did you know Darwin started his family with his cousin?

      when I called you Darwin I was actually mocking you, Einstein! and yea typical speech coming from someone who just lost an argument. lmao SJW, seriously dude how am I being a SJW? I'm not defending any particular person here or coming to anybody's rescue hinting everyone that I'm starving for likes and upvotes.

    • Not an argument.

  • The way I look at life is to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and I look at the true aims of say MGTOW or Feminism before they are corrupted by society or things like internet forums. Okay literally only speaking of things in their purest forms, it is a question of people being happy or comfortable with their approach to life (with the usual qualifier of not negatively impacting on another group), if any group achieves this so be it, let them have it. Again if they look after or promote their own interests fairly, I have no issue with them.
    To your take yes there may be a element of "White Knights" which sometimes has negative implications such as you mentioned. How much is at a manipulative intentional level possibly not a lot but maybe at a subconscious level it may exist. I often feel that clichéd criticisms of groups are often a case of misguidance or misunderstanding. You can see argument between two supposed "Opposites" and have two thoughts that there is not a lot of difference in their ultimate aim or there is absolute no need for these two groups to be in each others orbit. When I see these discussions invariably break down, I just give them a wide berth.

  • You would think the White Knights would like more men to go their own way: less competition. It's understandable for women to hate MGTOW; they need men on the plantation paying into the system.

    • which explains why we get hatred from both feminists and nonfeminists women

    • It's women's nature to try to make men miserable and not allow a men's only thing. Why is it LGBT, not GLBT? Didn't the term Gay become a trend first?

  • My issue is that MGTOW guys here on GAG are always more than happy to go around telling people how they don't need women in their lives... but spend every waking moment complaining about women. It's a worldview that is based on, centered around, and laser focused on women. Do we ever hear MGTOW folks talk about men's issues? Not unless it's in the context of complaining about women or Feminism or whatever. MGTOW guys *say* they're focused on men's issues, but spend most of their time calling other men "white knights" and such rather than discussing actual issues relevant to men.

    So to me, MGTOW is just a bunch of misogynistic dudes who have found a story through which they can rationalize their hatred of women to make themselves feel better. The moment I see some evidence MGTOW is about men and not women, I may change my mind.

    • " It's a worldview that is based on, centered around, and laser focused on women."

      you do know feminists do this a lot too right? seriously how can we not focus on that when our main struggle in life revolves around women. also women aren't the only enemies we have, we are pissed at society as well. we are sick of how we men are all slaves, we are sick and tird of being constantly told that the only way a man is a "real man" is to become a Hugh Hefner, Donald Trump and Brad Pitt all in one.

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    • You got me there - MGTOW isn't a movement. You'd have to stand for something in order to be a movement.

    • glad to see you finally catch on a realize it


    I agree.

    "I suggest you stay away from these folks that shame MGTOW. The odds are that these guys just want pussy and they really believe that they can seduce you all by shaming us."
    Men want as much pussy as the next Joe across the street.
    Men/women, who shame MGTOW display, that they do care about this group/lifestyle philosophy and not only their distaste towards it but also their not-so-nice side obviously, which should be taken into account.

    But so did you
    "If you have the need to shame others to make yourself feel better about yourself then you obviously have"

    Since you called me a white knight this has backfired right back at ya. My magical mirroring shining armor has reflected this.


    All that however doesn't change the vocal one's, who identify themselves as MGTOW/MGHOW openly hating on all women. They are the one's bringing dirt to themselves and the MGTOW. Ask anyone (whether you care or not is not relevant) what they think of MGTOW and you will get feedback in form of "women haters", "bitter neckbeard virgin losers, who can't get laid", "WOW playing basement dwellers like the nerd in southpark" and "Misogynists". This isn't about that they are actually attacking MGTOW. This is the feedback, that should be taken into account and then see if you can stand out from it. Although it's not very likely.

    Same with anything including feminism, bronies, furries and any ideology.

    Just pure philosophy here.

    • "Since you called me a white knight this has backfired right back at ya. My magical mirroring shining armor has reflected this."

      lmao dude are you on drugs?

      so you been holding a grudge on me ever since, ey? I guess I really did hurt your feelings with that if you've came this far with that. also lets not forget that night I called you white knight you used a shaming tactic yourself before that. you said mgtow men are too misogynist all because we refuse to se women like soft angelic creatures. yet we never condone any harm or hostility towards the,

    • Nope.

      I'm not holding a grudge against you. I'm not lashing out on you.
      I am merely recalling you calling me a white knight.

      Back then I was pointing out misogyny found in *SOME* MGTOW. It looks like you felt addressed. Were or are you one of those MGTOW I described earlier since you responded to me?
      Because I encountered other few MGTOW, who didn't.

  • I believe the criticism is unwarranted, but I don't think MGTOW critics are necessarily directionless losers. They're just normies trying to justify their choices. Most of them anyway. Among the critics you'll get every dude from elite virtue-signaling twat to cave-knight loser. Basically all the kinds of male feminist.

    • yeah that seems rational, and "normies" should be between quotation marks... . Cause being a desperate horndog is as normal as being an expatriate nomad is.

    • @levantine99 The bulk of criticism comes from the mainstream, it obviously gets treated really badly by the media so I think normies is fitting. But ok, if you want to also reference male feminist white knights then go ahead. But I think the same urges that leads guys to be that will still influence regular dudes to rush to shit on MGTOW on behalf of women just because someone told them MGTOW was bad without knowing anything about it themselves.

  • Shut the hell up. You sound dumb. Men suppose to marry and built a family together with a woman. You MGTOW guys are clueless idiots.

    • says the super dumb idiot who believes the only purpose men have in life is to put pussy on pedestals and start families to consume us to the grave later.

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    • @burpzzzzz exactly, these fools (the true ones) would say or cling on to any ignorance they hear just to justify their own ignorance and cope with their state of denial

    • The Buddhist views on marriage are very liberal: in Buddhism, marriage is regarded entirely as personal and individual concern, and not as a religious duty

  • I'm pretty sure MGTOW and Feminism are both controlled by the same people at the top of the pyramid.

    There is an enemy that we should all be united against and that enemy is NOT "team penis," or "team vagina."

    If you don't know who or what the REAL enemy is, it's a sure sign that you're feeding yourself on a steady diet of enemy propaganda, because they put it out in a million different flavors, but there's only two ingredients: Divide, and Conquer. So if you feel like you're part of a group that has to fight back against persecution, GUESS WHAT, you're a sucker and they fucking got you, you idiot. Get smarter. Quit falling for these fucking low-level traps.

    Nobody has time to baby-sit you anymore.

    • actually you are totally wrong, I'm a conspiracy theorists myself and I gotta say that is one very stupid and terrible way to look at it.

      I mean obviously "team vagina" started in the 60s claiming it was being oppressed by team penis all its life when we all know this was bullshit. before "team vagina" showed up women had the right to either work or be a stay-at-home mother/wife but now they don't have these options thanks to "team vagina" so this obviously screams out that "team vagina" was indeed created by our money hungry government.

      now those who you refer to as "team penis" in the other hand we haven't even been around for a decade. and if we were created by the same folks that created "team vagina" then why have we been causing so much systematic fear lately? you have no idea how much money the government has been losing now thanks to us waking up men and steering them away from marriage, alimony, child support and many other bullshit

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    • in case you haven't realize this mgtow is not a movement so your whole views on it are flawed

  • I don't like to proclaim myself to be for any specific movement. I select specific issues that different movements introduce and decide whether to support them or not. After all, movements often are corrupted by their leaders views. I'd rather just be an outsider to all movements with my own opinions on different matters.

    • except that mgtow is not a movement and we dont have leaders. we have experts who teach us new things in life such as how to avoid female drama and all that other bullshit but they are still not leaders to us. we dont all try to operate under the same mentality, unlike feminism

  • I am happy to have masses of men pledge their allegiance to MGTOW. Less competition for me.

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