Women Who Dated "Bad Boys" Now Want "Nice Guys"

I'm not writing this to insult the asker or shame her in any way. This is also not meant as an attack.

The asker in question wrote this. And when girls say things like "I dated a lot of bad guys and I had enough, now I want a good guy" I can only take it as insult.

Women Who Dated "Bad Boys" Now Want "Nice Guys"

A lot of us "nice guys" (as an aside, this term is toxic as hell; The implication nowadays is that a "nice guy" is just a dude befriending you for sex) have to wait a long, long time before women our age finally sober up.

Basically, while you're out partying with "Jamal" and having a good time, we are holding a steady job and being mostly alone, because we aren't "bad" or "cool" enough. Meaning we actually cared, we actually wanted to be romantic and good to you, but of course, that wasn't exciting enough.

Women Who Dated "Bad Boys" Now Want "Nice Guys"

And then, after years or months of you having your fun and your fill with the bad boys we get the older, weary you as second helpings. We were the 10th choice (after you get exasperated with bad boys), or the 20th... the whatever we are the last in line, because we are stable, nice, loving and caring. Something it takes you years of dating to figure out you really wanted.

And MOST of us nice guys waited so long for a mate of any kind we succumb and simply accept this, that we will always be the thousandth fiddle to whatever fun wild flings you had, that we never got to experience because of the nature of our lives versus yours, and you reap the rewards of a stable lover and a life of fun and wild times.

While we get what? A tired burnt out lady seeking stability? As I said I'm not here to insult you, or shame you, or any of these things. I'm here to point out the injustice of this, and hope women see it.

Women Who Dated "Bad Boys" Now Want "Nice Guys"

I'm not one of the nice guys that call you slut or a "cum dumpster" because you had plenty of sex with the bad boys. No. Some of the guys here writing takes about "Nice Guys" are telling you a truth you need to hear but they are going about it the wrong way. Insulting you will not get you to listen to them. I'll try to explain it to you without the insults and vitriol.

What you need to understand is that these nice guys you passed over, who in many cases are no longer acting like nice guys anymore, are human beings just like anyone else. For years they have tried to get your attention and be the kind of guy they thought you wanted, and had to sit back and watch while you passed them by and turned your own attention to guys that they felt did not deserve you. They had to sit at home alone and make love to their socks while you went off and had wild sexual adventures with jerks and assholes.

Women Who Dated "Bad Boys" Now Want "Nice Guys"

Over time this made them bitter and this made them look at you differently. You were no longer this sweet girl that they wanted to treat as their princess, you were just another chick who wanted nothing to do with them and instead gave attention and her body to the same two or three top dogs that all the other girls were trying to get with.

Then, after all of those lonely years, they hear you saying:

"Well, that ride was fun, but now it's over so I'm willing to grace you with my presence now".

How are these guys supposed to react? "Well I'm glad you had fun and don't worry about all those years I've been sitting here by myself waiting for you"? It doesn't work like that. Just as you are no longer the girl who rejected them for all those years, they are no longer that nice guy that you passed over. The fact that they are now either bitter lonely guys who want nothing to do with you, or they have actually improved themselves and make a life of their own to just not wanting to settle with a girl that has been all used up by the bad boys.Your rejection of them is a big part of the reason they are like this now.

Women Who Dated "Bad Boys" Now Want "Nice Guys"

There's no going back now. You can't "unfuck" all those guys who ended up treating you wrong, you can't "reverse" all the emotional baggage you took for all those years, and they can't get back all those lonely nights they spent pining over the person they thought you were. It's a sad ending but that's the reality for girls who do this and for guys who were worth having. Eventually you'll most likely find a guy who will swallow his pride and pretend he's OK with your past and probably end up letting you walk all over him in the hopes that his acquiescence will get you to stick around....but will you even really want that guy?

Talking for myself, I've seen many questions and myTakes of girls explaining why they no longer want the bad boy and why there are no good guys left, but spend barely a paragraph on why a nice guy should be interested in them.

Women Who Dated "Bad Boys" Now Want "Nice Guys"

While you were partying or crying over being stood up, nice guys were writing you poems, trying asking girls on dates that may never happen or ended up badly, going to church (religious guys), volunteering to charity, visiting and helping seniors, working hard and advancing their careers and probably finding a nice girl that does the same along the way. Much like how you realized that bad boys aren't worth the effort, nice guys learn that women like yourself are best to be avoided as well.


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  • LOL... i totally agree. girls go around slutting themselves out and after they are all broken down then they decide they want the good guy. i just shake my head at all those used up bimbos in their 30s hitting on younger guys or well-to-do guys in the bar. if you're over 30 and you can't count the number of dicks you've sucked and fucked on 1 hand then there is no hope of a happy life for you. a woman's un-attractiveness as she ages is directly proportional to the number of men she's slept with and the number of cigarettes smoked. i'm not saying be a prude, but it's pretty easy to figure out if a guy is boyfriend material or just using you for a pump and dump. most women never understand that their value goes down as they age while men's typically goes up. i mean they are aware on a certain level- but because they can still attract a man for sex they delude themselves with the idea that somehow it will morph into a happily ever after- and it almost never does. so while they (sometimes literally) bounce from cock to cock they just fuck themselves into marriage oblivion. then one day they realize the cock train is coming to an end and before they get thrown off they try to buy a ticket while standing on the deck of the caboose. i think most of these girls that now want a nice guy are just spinning the story so it sounds better. they aren't getting the dick attention like they used to- and so they want to lock in a dick that is likely to stick around. or in. or wherever. people don't fundamentally change usually. i don't believe for a second that most of these bitches all of a sudden see the light. they still WANT the bad boy- they just can't GET the bad boy anymore. so they take second or third or thirtieth best. plus the side benefits that come along with it. but lets get real, it's not like most women are waiting to be married anymore to even have kids. they have kids when they want and then try to get another sucker to help raise them. i don't blame any man for kicking these nasty slags to the curb.

    • I love you,
      Women like you get love and respect.
      God bless you, you deserve the best man in the world.

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    • @dantheman1990 i've always been honest. i don't sleep around so i am not hypocritical to denounce these hos that go around shagging everything that moves and then think they will end up with prince charming. but i'm not a prude. you date and find a guy that you can GET ALONG WITH and enjoy being with and then you compromise where necessary to make the relationship work. you don't dump a guy because he isn't perfect. i believe relationships and marriage are about becoming the perfect partner, not finding the perfect partner. i've had several LTR's and am currently in one. you seem like someone who just enjoys having sluts- so you can keep them. there's an expiration date on men too. keep that in mind. and yes i do loath sluts because they give all women a bad name and the truly good men who want to be with a good woman become rightfully defensive after being burned 342 times. so sluts are out there making my life more difficult than it should be.

    • Could not have said it better. My main problem is the "Bad Boys" know how to make babies, but usually are not fathers. Then a man that is a good father is expected the raise the babies from a "Bad Boy" relationship.

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  • The only injustice here is how racially insensitive you were in your essay which is basically a bunch of paragraphs complaining about how angry you are at 'Jamal' and fellow 'bad boys' who the girls choose over nice guys like yourself without bothering to mention a single reason why these girls should choose you instead.

    (nothing about what you wrote is remotely nice but hey- I'd hate to trigger you into writing another essay so I'll move along.)

    • Ah, but there probably are countless studious kind black men who are passed over in favor of, well, goons, be they "Jamals" or "Chads", it matters not.

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    • @Charleslvajr Said feminist 'Influencer' left the thread and ran away, not doubt to retreat to a more amenable safe space echo-chamber, more than four days ago. Not worth it- just downvote, report and ignore her.

    • @SinghSong Had to. Couldn't leave it. My weakness.

  • What makes a "nice guy" a nice guy? His friends and family say he's nice? he says he's nice? I'v been out with many a "nice guy" and i'v been out with many a bad guy. The bad guys are real the "nice guys" ponse about putting a show on but behind it all that's all it is a show! The have a sense of entitlement because they have decided they're a "nice guy" they believe YOU are the lucky one to have a "nice guy" like him cos his best mate says he's nice or he has decided he is.

    Being a "nice guy" isn't about how much you drink or how many drugs you have taken, these things only harm the user. A single guy is not a bad guy because he went out with his friends and banged a gram of coke up his nose at the weekend. A bad guy could be anything and do anything like a "nice guy" can. A "nice guy" in my eyes makes his woman a priority, looks after and pays regular maintenance for any kids he's had in previous relationship, is open, honest and has a positive impact on your life. He will take you with your ups and downs and support you.

    A "nice guy" usually labels himself as such to sugar coat the fact he's average looking with a mediocre personality but expects a super model with an amazing personality because he doesn't go out with his friends and come home blind drunk once in a while. He uses it to cover the fact that he may need to work on himself and lower his ridiculously high standards.

    Any self confessed "nice guy" is one to stay away from, it is a narcissistic cover up! Also an excuse to moan, bitch and whine about why you're still single.

    Thumbs down away lol

    • So youd marry a guy that does coke?

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    • @HandsomeGuy500 Maybe if you know what you're doing.

  • Injustice? Are you being real or or was that supposed to be a dramatic exaggeration? There is no justice or injustice going on here. You were nice and women passed on you. So what. Big deal, that's life! This happens to us all. The same thing happened to me with men.

    • yeah the difference is these same women come back later demanding a nice guy and claiming they don't exist. That's the problem, the hypocrisy, its not that they stuck with their decision, its that they made their decision, eventually got older realized that they couldn't settle down with the bad boy and now expect the nice guy to swoop in and fix their life for them, pretending like it the past doesn't matter (it does) claiming that they shouldn't be judged for their actions (what else would you judge a person on?) etc. If a woman wants a bad boy fine, but that was their decision don't then claim that the nice guy you blew off is obligated to date you or accept you now after the fact. That's the issue.

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    • You're not no injustice, men just don't want women has been used and abused.

    • @burpzzzzz That's their problem.

  • Fuck off, nice guys are always just uncharismatic versions of their "bad boy" counterparts who are just more entitled, less open minded, ridiculously picky and incapable of actually seeing a woman as a human being which is likely the reason behind their inability to empathise with anyone who doesn't have a penis

    • *gets dumped, changes tune*

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    • Where i disagree is that you are deluded that bad boys see women as human beings and empathise with them.

    • @levantine99 alright, maybe we have a different understanding of what constitutes a "bad boy"?

  • "They had to sit at home alone and make love to their socks "

    Oh gosh. I just can't... 馃槀

    Oh boy!

    Look I've known PLENTY of nice guys with good intentions, an education, decent job and what not and willingness to treat a girl right that had no trouble getting dates and finding a girlfriend. They didn't have to be an asshole to do it. So if you can't find anyone the issue is not everyone else... common denominator buddy.

    • The main issue is this guy is basically generalizing. Although it is a fact that a lot of girls do like bad boys (excitement, unpredictability etc) but not all do. However, the most attractive trait tends to be confidence. But, a lot of younger girls confuse some guy being an asshole as confidence. When in reality if you were to stand up to him he'd probably crumble quicker than a generic celebrity's face.

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    • @Silver158 I have a guy friend that isn't very attractive (I'm being nice here) and is constantly whining about being rejected yet he is extremely picky himself. He's had opportunities but they weren't up to his tastes so he turned them down or ignored them. He once bugged me to tell him how attractive I thought he was on a scale of 1-10. I'm typically against the whole scale system so I said no but he wouldn't let it go. So I gave him a 5 (being nice) and he flipped his shit. Literally started yelling. "I'm not average! I'm good looking! Why are girls such bitches!" So I asked him "Ok what would you give yourself?" and he told me me he was AT LEAST an 8... He's not even close.

    • @Silver158 And yeah he's always going off about how he's so 'nice', a 'good boyfriend' (not according to his exes though) and "way better than those other guys".

  • I don't think there is injustice going on here. There are girls AND boys who want to party it up while they are young, and then settle down when they get older. There's no conspiracy against "nice guys" like yourself who didn't do well on the hookup market. Just keep looking for the "nice girl" of your dreams and don't worry about everyone else.

    • Too many bitter "nice guys" on this site. Color me surprised.

    • Bahaha yeah it's funny how when bad guys change and want a good girl, it's not looked down upon. Fucking shitheads 馃槀

    • There is no injustice, noone is entitled to nothing, except if he is handicap and needs health care etc.

  • I believe the girl who wrote that was trolling, it's a guy. If a girl really was chasing bad boys and they screwed her over, she'd probably be so embarrassed that she wouldn't talk about it.
    She'd just go get her a nerd if she's that impulsive about things not working out with the ones she wanted.
    Men are all a like anyway, pick your poison, there's no good guy/bad guy

  • Funny seeing all the triggered self-proclaimed "nice guys" because half of the time you aren't as nice as you say you are. I remember talking to this "nice guy" when I was younger that went on a rant after he told me that he liked me, but I didn't feel the same. He started calling me a whore and a slut when I had never had a boyfriend or had sex before. I like a guy that will treat me well and is romantic, and just because someone has tattoos or dresses a certain way doesn't make them a douchebag or just because someone looks "nice" doesn't mean that they actually are. In my experience, these "nice guys" that complain on the internet aren't liked by women because they are ugly, whiny, and entitled.

  • - that's the same as all you guys who want to go around fucking all the girls and then settle down with a virgin or some 'submissive foreign girl'
    - maybe it's just you looking over all the nice girls and going straight for the hot ones. It's the same damn thing
    - so women are no longer allowed to change their type?
    - did you even let the girls know you were into them, or did you just stare at them from afar and throw all those poems in the trash without her ever seeing them?
    - people change as they get older. The same way you no longer want the party girls is the same way they no longer want the bad boys
    - maybe the bad boys are actually really nice. Are you sure you're actually a nice guy or do you just think you are?

  • Many have judgedvme and are still doing it cause I'm not a bad girl but after reading this I feel much better and maybe even proud of myself.. lol

    • Feel proud

    • This just shows that you are normal but in the wrong company where respecting yourself is shamed.
      Don't change, you'll regret it

  • Both my exes were good boys who turned out to be horrible people. I still can't believe that these are the same studios sincere disciplined boys who are worshipped by their teachers, peers and family.

    At this point, by seeing a guy from outside I can no more tell who is good and who is bad. And to me, good and bad isn't about your habits and such but rather how you are as a person.

    • I'm sorry that you had bad experiences but its the same thing as for guys who date seemingly nice girls but turn out otherwise.

      Take your time to know them better, and I'm not punching down on you, I am just trying to point towards a guideline.

      Take your time to know the person, use yourself and your time as a litmus taste. Take your time and don't give in physically until you are 300% sure. If he is there for you irrespective of physical involvement being on the table or not, thats your cue that he isn't going to as bad as your priors, don't be standoffish, but be a friend, let things take their pace, the ones that don't stick around weren't/aren't worth anyways.

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    • You can definitely blame those two for being shitty people and ruining it for other nice guys
      Feel free to blame them 馃槉

  • Sounds like you've been burnt aka treated a certain way by different women probably gorgeous women. The thing is women even women who's had a very experienced life really don't have a problem finding a good guy. Sounds like you were chasing the wrong girls. Maybe she wasn't interested, maybe she was out of your league, who knows but you need to take the bitterness out of you. And use that energy to find someone who's actually interested in you stop chasing them let them chase you. I think it's good for girls and guys to have fun in their younger years to experience different things so they'll know what they want. I don't mean going out sleeping with different guys but just not being tied down to one guy in experiencing fun with your friends and even dating with no sex. And when these women your so-called shaming do get ready to settle down if a guy really likes them he's not going to care that she had fun in her early years he's going to care if she clean nice honest and ready to start a life with them so the point of your whole essay is really stupid but you're entitled to express yourself however you want to so good luck just don't be so bitter those women are probably not thinking of you anymore why should you think of them. And if they are thinking of you then either you're going to be friends with them or you're going to let it go and move on from them.

    • If you honestly don't believe guys judge a girl on her past you are very mistaken

  • I don't know, you're a grown man. If the best thing someone can say about you is that you're nice... well that's not saying much.

    I mean think about that for a second. Someone can put any adjective before the word guy... and the best they could do was say nice. Well... sorry you don't have much going on. Forget that you try to conflate this imaginary choice that I must choose between a nice guy and a bad boy. That's total b. s. made up by someone who imagines things don't get better than "nice"

    • That's very well put, and I look at it much the same way.
      The thing is that women focus on the positives, while men focus on the negatives.
      If a guy has few negative attributes, he may consider himself a "nice guy", but if he doesn't have any positive attributes, women still won't be interested.
      On the other hand, if a guy has a lot of negative attributes, he may be considered a "bad boy", but women will be prepared to overlook that if he has a lot of positive attributes as well.

    • @sketchy when a woman says someone is a nice guy. Its code for... he's an ok human being but he is not a good love interest. He doesn't have the attributes she is looking for as a partner so she's being polite and not hurting his feelings. Now I've found that a lot of "bad guys" are only bad in the minds of the nice guys simply because they have type a personality traits. Not because they are actually bad. Sure, there a nice g u us that are more than that and there are bad guys that are actually bad.

  • Oh boo hoo. You don鈥檛 have the balls to approach and now you complain about bad boys. Just like all the whiny little men that went before you, you only prove to me you are not dating material, you lack balls and whine.

    • Lol dang, girl. You do have a point though.

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    • @Tw1nm3t3or i already finished high school, but, k. I鈥檓 not going to waste my time responding to some bloke ranting about something idgaf about. YOUR opinion is not fact, so.

    • Actually it is you delusional brat

  • The whole "nice guy vs. bad boy" dichotomy is getting old. You can try to define people that way, but at the end of the day, it is so much more complicated than that. What do you call the "nice guy" who insults a girl and calls her names because he's angry that she rejected him? Can that really be a "nice" person? And that do you call the "bad boy" who visits his grandma every week and brings her groceries? What really makes a person good, or bad, or nice, or mean?

    Most people are going to date some people who are wrong for them before they find the right partner. Most people are going to change throughout their lives and look for different things at different stages. Most people who endure bad treatment from a partner will eventually learn and move on to something better. And that's actually a good thing.

    • It depends on if the labels he throws are warranted or not. Did she reject him in a respectable fashion? Was she rude? Was she manipulative? Did she not only reject him, but try to turn others against him as well? Through lies? Did she succeed?

      Nice guys have limits to the abuse they will take. Cross that line, they drop all pretense of being nice. Nice doesn't mean doormat.

      By their fruits, you shall know them. The bad boy delivering groceries to his grandma does not erase his guilt, just because he proves he is not a complete monster.

      If she says, politely: "I don't see it, and I can't do you justice. I don't want you to get your hopes up; I'll only let you down;" that's fair.

      If she says: "Ha! Go kill yourself, eternal virgin!," then I can forgive him calling her a nasty cunt.

      If she gives him a maybe answer, stashes him, then goes behind his back and makes him look like a total pariah, family-wrecking him too... she can burn in Hell.

    • @ObscuredBeyond Of course, it depends. But how many women reject a guy that way? Do you really think that鈥檚 always the cause?

  • -Waits for all the dislikes-
    Not /all/ women are like this. I won't lie, people make mistakes and that's okay. There's some MEN who date bad girls too and does the same thing that women do when they date bad boys.

    No one is perfect and that's okay. Some bad boys/girls may turn out good, it depends on that person. Some good boys/girls may be good, but they're actually bad. You can't judge a book by its cover.

    Maybe that 'Jamal' looks mean and 'bad' on the outside, but may be good on the inside and behind closed doors, but the good boy/girl may look nice and sincere on the outside, but is rude and 'bad' on the inside.

    • Once is a mistake. Anything more than that isn't a mistake.

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    • the problem is women want nice guys when they have no other options. Nice guy aren't pissed because they were rejected when they weren't wanted they are pissed because women have the nerve to come to them when they are damaged and even bring nothing to the table.

    • @burpzzzzz you ain't a nice guy dude Iv seen your posts

  • It might just be me but I definitly want to date someone who is 'nice' and honest with me. Obviously he shouldn't be boring though, but I'm aware that there is a difference between boring and nice. And sometimes guys are just really misunderstood and portrayed as 'bad' because the girl refuses to see his side of the story and just keeps talking about how he fucked her over...
    Anyhow, I know that there definitly is a truth in this with some girls. But anyone with enough self respect wouldn't stay with someone who doesn't treat them well.

    • boring is a new age concept. the "not boring" guy, won't clean your shit when you become immobile on your bed as a granny.

    • @levantine99 Oh I didn't mean that kind of boring. More a thing of, he should understand fun/jokes and not so stiff, not that I expect him to be down for anything. Obviously I'm aware that life isn't just a beautiful adventure in which you ride motorcycles and party all day.

  • I mean it's a broad spectrum. Just because you're not one woman's type, doesn't mean she's a slut who sucks bad boy dick.

    • two way street though. Just because he's a decent guy doesn't mean he's boring or whiny or whatever bs you make up.

  • Entitled much? Fucking hell...

  • Its true, bad boys ok for just a date but for long term relationship nice guys suitable.

  • good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught.
    Everytime you ask something different in a relationship, bad boys do have that something.

  • What about the "nice" girls? You know, many women also get passed over for that hot, shallow chick and you know what? We don't complain or devalue you as a human, even if she's cheating or treating you like crap. It's pretty callous, heartless and petty to call someone "used up seconds", or "emotional baggage".
    From all the complaints and insults it seems that the average man cannot handle heartbreak, or they're less capable than the average woman.

    Young people in general have to wait until the "fun" types of people are no longer first picks. This happens to both men and women, but it's mostly men who complain about it. Why? Just wait your turn lol Eventually all those "boring" traits will be most valued.

  • I agree with your title to an extent - it always depends on the woman, though. Some don't want a nice guy, but most really do. Especially once they've experienced worse - which they thought was better when they were stupid and didn't use their brains...

    The bad thing about these women is they need to learn from their own experiences instead of learning from other's...

    Nice guys should know their worth - and in my experience most of them do, and if they feel like that woman is the right one for them, regardless of her past - then that's their decision.
    Maybe they need to learn from their own experiences as well...

    • We did learn from our own experiences by growing a spine and no longer allowing ourselves to be treated like an insurance policy.

  • Well, when your not that good yourself, a bad boy don鈥檛 look like a bad boy, he just another man

  • I don't want a " bad guy" but if a man smokes he's not bad. I don't want a " nice guy " either because I'm aware that I'm not super nice there is more to a person than being nice I want a man that has a great character and ambition who's personality fits mine. When a guy is too nice he kinda gets irritating also don't try to be the guy you thought she wanted because if you were that guy she would have chose you. If a guy is nice and good looking I might not be interested he might be boring or something.

    • Alright, i just wanna be clear since your paragraph is a bit confusing. You say a guy isn't bad, just because he smokes. Makes sense, i smoke and drink, i dont think odlf myself as a bad person. Know many other guys that do too.
      The rest i understand too, exept for the last part.

      "If a guy is nice and good looking I might not be interested he might be boring or something."

      This part. Now im sure you didn't mean you would prefer nice and awkward/bad looking. Cuz you know, that would still be boring minus good looks.
      Im thinking not nice, and good looking. As in you want a good looking bad guy. Kinda different from what you said at the beginning, where doing soecific things doesn't make you "bad".
      You are 18, so maybe you haven't had enough experience to make an abdolute statement, so let me tell you, you dont want a bad guy, good looking or otherwise. No girl ever came out of a relationship with an abusive guy , looking like she didn't regret it.

    • @lord_chilled I'm just sating that not because a guy is " nice " means that he can't be boring and yes I will always want a man that I find attractive

    • And you are saying , your attraction is based on good looking, bad men?

      You do realize that there's more than just two groups of bad, and nice, right?
      Most people fall somewhere in between, so just because a guy isn't bad, doesn't mean he is nice, and if a guy is nice most of the time, that doesn't mean he can't be bad

  • Whenever I hear the word nice, I usually associate it with the person being nice for a reason. Therefore, not really nice just out of the blues.

    No one does anything for free after all. Off course the ''nice guys'' in your post turned bitter when the woman goes after the jerks; they weren't just looking for platonic friendships but to have sex later on (whether in a casual date, in a friends with benefits type, in a relationship or waiting till marriage... still involves sex either way).

    Off course my ideal would be badass, brave type similar to Steve Irwin but with a kind heart if you get what I mean. He wouldn't be fitting neither bad nor nice... rather a good, productive man.

    • Crikey he's getting grumpy and ''oh you're alright mate, you're alright''
      Funny guy... he's missed

  • Is that like the men here who like to sleep around then demand a virgin when they get married? And call every woman they slept with a slut...

  • Lol guys do it too. They can't turn a ho into a housewife and you can't turn a bad boy into a faithful husband

    • I've had at least one housewife material girl tell me that passing me up was the biggest mistake she ever made. But she married the other guy and moved to Ohio. So... I hope everything worked out.

      I've also run into a lot of con artist hos, who are really good at feigning the "housewife material" thing to get close to you - until you let your guard down. Then, they let theirs down, and get mad if you confront them about the hos they really are when they're totally busted.

    • @ObscuredBeyond oh wow sorry to hear that, well if she changed her ways that's just her history. She's not hoing around anymore.

      If a player got reformed I might give him a chance

  • Hmm it sucks

  • I saw an old movie called the Last American Virgin about a "nice guy" that couldn't get the hot girl that his bad boy friend got easily. The thing is her best friend was in love with this "nice guy" but he didn't want her because he thought she was ugly. He was frustrated that she went for his friend and not him seeing himself as a much better person but he was no better. This is just like real life.

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  • ::slow clap::

    While I agree with this feeling, I do respect that some women regret their so-called "wild phase" and want to find something more substantial. People can change.

    Guys want to get laid too, and I think the main problem is that regular nice guys, the bottom 70 or 80%, don't have the je ne sais quoi to get laid like most average to gorgeous women, because it is the man who has to do the charming.

    If these same good guys really held off from having sex during their early 20s and maybe even into their 30s to wait for a committed relationship they could never get into, then I can understand the preference for a woman who has always had the same values. However many guys simply don't get laid because they voluntarily wait. Most guys don't get laid or have long dry spells because they have hangups, insecurities, social issues, or some other thing that turns women off, including relationships, friends with benefits situations, AND flings.

    Personally, I have mixed feelings on this. On one hand, I completely agree. It feels screwy for a woman to put out so easily to some hot guy but make a guy who she is really interested in for more than just sex wait for months on end. I get why women do this; she wants to make sure you are interested in more than just the sex, but that doesn't erase the feeling guys get knowing they are second best and aren't as attractive as those other guys. Makes us feel far from special.

    On the other hand, I want a woman who is sex-positive enough to be kinky and raunchy in bed. I don't want to settle down with a woman who doesn't know what she likes in the bedroom, doesn't take initiative, has low enthusiasm, isn't game for some new things that we both may have never tried, etc. I have dated a virgin girl and I can tell you, a person who doesn't open up completely in the bedroom is a drag.

    That is one area where the sex-positive and experienced woman is alluring. She will be the type to give random BJs, swallow, put a finger in your butt and not think it is gross, and all other types of kinky things. That isn't to say that a good girl won't be willing to try these, but usually, those who have a strong moral code also put restrictions on their own sexual behavior, even in a monogamous relationship.

    • "Most guys don't get laid or have long dry spells because they have hangups, insecurities, social issues, or some other thing that turns women off, including relationships, friends with benefits situations, AND flings."

      I used to be very idealistic. Promiscuous sex wasn't what I was looking for, but a stable committed loving relationship. And I had this mentality even at early 20's. Yes, I also had social issues. After running into these types of girls, and having all sorts of experiences with them I realized it was a waste of time. Only then I paid more attention to getting laid, and gain sexual experience and had to rip off the Disney fantasy I had in my head. I realized it wasn't worth sitting around waiting for these girls to jump off the carousel of bad boys to have their interest, and just kept doing my thing while getting into more casual relationships and sex. I had to improve my game basically.

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    • And of course, we have women have sex with a new guy every single month (or weekend!) On one hand, experimentation is something a lot of people want, but good guys get bitter when they can't land a relationship for love, championship, and yes, stable sex and then blame the hook up culture for it. There are plenty of relationship-minded women, even younger ones! Don't let a bad confirmation bias fool you.

      I think we can tell if a woman is truly irresponsible and her sex life was a symptom of that or if she just took advantage of her good looks. Yes, even average women will take advantage of their sex appeal and how horny guys are. BUT usually this really is a phase. Studies have shown that most high (ish) sex number women have the majority of their sex partners within 1 or 2 years. They get it out of their system, they experiment, and then they jump into monogamy. This phase usually lasts until it is time to start adulting, usually in late teens and early 20s.

    • Check out this article: www.psychologytoday.com/.../nice-guys-or-bad-boys-what-do-women-want

      Basically younger women are attracted to the "cads" for short term and the "dads" for long term, while more mature women want the "dads" for both short and long-term. Notice, the older women mature and learn. The women you want are the ones that learn early on that the "cads" or "bad boys" are no good and will look for good guys that at least have some of the traits (ideal all of them) that turn them on in a man while trying to avoid the dbags and players.

  • Yeah, that's a good poimt. By the time that kind of girl realizes she no longer wants a bad boy and now wants a good guy, she's used up and tainted. No decent good man wants a former slut.

    Really, the best bet for any good guy living in America today is to get a woman from South America or Asia. Just write off Western white and black girls completely.

    • South American girls are also very promiscuous but probably not as much as Western women. Asian girls... well it depends from which part of Asia they come from.

    • No self respecting man will accept a used up piece of second hand shit.

  • What happened to the nice guys, ladies? YOU did...


    • Whoa that's a very good article

  • How many of these women I watched crash and burn. They became complete jaded sex burn outs with a kid in tow while in some cases not knowing who the da da is. I don鈥檛 see how it is possible for any of them to not cause themselves permanent damage. But still there is a smuck that comes along and accepts into their $ht of a wrecked life. Women un-tethered by feminism are completely self destructive. Sit back and watch it burn鈥 Don鈥檛 be a smuck.

  • Women never give up the desire for bad boys. The bad boys, however, lose desire for those old (over age 30) post-wall skanks, so they move on to younger, prettier, less used-up snatch. That leaves the skanks with a choice--Either get a job, live in welfare filth, or latch on to a beta-wallet (nice guy) for security. Of course, the skanks will almost always continue fucking around behind the nice guy's back. Sloots gonna sloot, ya know.

  • Well, this ought to be good...


  • I'm noticing a few things that I do agree with, even if I see this as a Disney villain's speech after getting rejected by the main protagonist.

    I'm having a similar problem today, except I do not fit the description of the internet "nice guy".
    I'm a "sick guy". I'm a guy with a particularly unattractive main feature which is what my life currently revolves on - a disease that can't be subdued by standard methods.
    I've tried several dating apps and found an interesting thing that affects all the females using those apps (mathematically, I can't say "all women"): the younger ones do care quite a bit about partying and booze. Their main interests seem to be not whatever they put in their profile. Let's take one of my matches on tinder, who I accidentally liked due to a spasm of the arm as an example.
    Her profile states that she's interested in traveling, hanging out with friends and spending time with her family. She does not smoke or drink and she despises sex for the sake of sex.
    Now let's take a look at her pictures. In the first one, she's riding a horse. Riding horses is a rather expensive hobby. In the second, she's dressed in what seems to be a very short, sparkly dress along with high heel shoes that are covered in glitter, matching the dress and holds a bottle of wine in one hand and a glass in another. One picture would not be enough to negate her claims of disliking alcoholic beverages, but every picture onwards is of her coming in contact with alcohol on different occasions.
    I've started a conversation with her for lack of anything better to do and hopes that despite her profile she is indeed the person she claims to be. Her sixth message was a query of my ability to satisfy her sexually and afterward, the size of my genitals.

    Now, I do agree the OP came out a bit unnecessarily angry about the topic, but he does showcase truthful points.

    • So I'm assuming you have MS or Parkinsons? Because arm spasm. If you don't mind me asking that is?

    • @Silver158 Focal epilepsy of the left temporal lobe. I'm on the highest dosage of Vimpat and Levicerateam. Side effects include involuntary spasms, among other things.

    • Damn man, that sucks. Sorry to hear that.

  • Bad boys lol. Most of the fannies girls think are bad boys are just wankers who swagger like they're something and talk out of the side of their mouths. They're posers who piss their pants as soon as you get in their face. The real bad boys don't act like that. They're usually nice to talk to and easy going until you cross them then you find out what a real bad boy is.

  • Women like the "bad boys" for their physical attractiveness, fun factor and their confidence, not because they are 'bad'!

    This is why the genuinely good guys of the world, instead of bitching in their teens and 20s about "girls liking bad boys"...
    ... need to do their best to be as attractive, fun, and confident as possible.

    • But complaining is easier and less time consuming!

  • Mr Anonymous, you described the experiences of my teenage and 20-something years and how I came to hold the view of women that I do today.
    During my teens and 20s I had everything that women were supposed to want, but I could almost not get a date because I was not a scumbag.
    Then, after they turned 30, women began to come sniffing around me like bitches on heat.
    They still do, even at my somewhat advanced age.
    Just last week three women hit on me and two of them asked me for my mobile telephone number.
    When women approach me, what I see and hear is a woman who would not have given me the time of day when she was 20.
    My view is that they can go back to the bad boys who made their crotches tingle when they were 20.
    By now Harley MacBadBoy, Chad Thundercock and Ivor Necktattoo would have morphed into Mini Me versions of their alcoholic (or stoner) singlet-wearing fathers in the trailer park.
    Enjoy your 'exciting' bad boys. You deserve each other.

      Love you brother.
      Everything you wrote is absofuckinglutely true.
      These women who got banged by thugs, bad boys, low life scum now want to get married with the high achieving successful guy.
      Such women are disgrace to society but guess what,
      The nice guy they want to settle for now is way more intelligent and no longer a nice guy and he is pretty good now in smelling sluts and rejecting them soon.
      Now these hoes become feminists, and teach the younger women in her teens to fuck as many guys as they can because they want all women to suffer the pain they went through.
      These women are emotionally fucked up, and any guy that they get involved with, they are going to make that guy's life a living fucking hell.
      Bloody sluts hoes, i won't even touch these sluts with my cock even if they pay me 10 million dollars.
      Used piece of garbage now want to land the nice guy who they rejected 5 billion cocks ago.

    • "By now Harley MacBadBoy, Chad Thundercock and Ivor Necktattoo would have morphed into Mini Me versions of their alcoholic (or stoner) singlet-wearing fathers in the trailer park.
      Enjoy your 'exciting' bad boys. You deserve each other."

      Nicely put.

  • Men are not marrying anymore, just the simps are.

  • There is a way to get even with them. I did this one time.

    A 45yo or so hottie (cheerleader type) contacted me on a dating site. Her profile had a picture of her and her college age daughter. She is the type that never would have considered me when I was younger. I responded, "I am not interested, but you can introduce me to your daughter."

    Fortunately, there are some young women who are mature enough to pick a good guy. They are the ones not dating boys their age.

  • I honestly feel you are overthinking it - People generally change their "Types" if they have any as they go through life so my view is I can't change the past only the present and the future - I try to respond to the person as they are now so say a connection develops and we discuss our histories, it may or may not effect me, I will just see how I feel at the time but I definitely don't enter into it with pre conditions.

  • there's plenty of girls who dont slut around in their young days. Why dont you guys get with them?
    I think there is way too much guys complaining about having to get sloppy seconds, but if you had spent the same effort into getting with decent girls instead of sluts, you would have one by now

    • I think you are right to an extent.
      The average looking chic sitting in front row looking like a nerd with small Boobs and no make up.
      She prolly had a crush on you but you ignored her because you wanted that hot sexy birch with monstrous Boobs and bulky ass

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    • The Plain Janes where I went to school treated me like chalk dust. And the only hotties that weren't taken or hos, were mental cases that hated me for no reason. I know at least one of them went to jail. Don't know about the others. If I ignored a gal at college, she never noticed. Rejecting a gal only made her vindictive, and she'd make sure all the other girls mistook me for Hitler or something.

    • @ObscuredBeyond well im sorry to hear that. Maybe the average girls at your school were pretty snobby as well. Pretty much every girl at the second school i went to was like that. But when i got to know a few of them closer they seemed alright. And i knew some nice girls from other schools. The point is , they aren't easy to find, not at all, but its worth searching.

  • Fantastic rant, I see the anger behind what you say, but I ask... Why wait? Women outnumber men 7:1... there's always another choice. And when she does return to you.. finally.. slam the door in her face.

    Be a real man about this proud and strong.
    Bitter and angry are major signs of the weak, that is why women go for alfas who are not bitter or weak.

    I am with you in agreement and thought I should share knowledge with you.

    • I never said I "waited" for them. I date girls who are much younger than me now

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    • yeah it's all good now, but all I'm saying is some guys never abandon their idealism and wait longer than they should rather than self improve in all areas possible and realize the type of girls described in my take will do more harm than good

  • The question I always ask those public vaginas is this: What makes you think you deserve a good guy?

    Then they get triggered and press the dislike button.
    And the same question can be asked to guys. What makes you think you deserve a good girl?

  • What about the other way around, guys who slept with lots of cheap women and now want a high value girl to have kids with? What鈥檚 your stance on that?

    • Hypocrites. And that is the type of men women generally go for.

  • Every girl goes through that phase it seems
    But then they get treated like second tier gf's lol... then decide that the good guy was the right guy hahah

    Problem is, it's most often cause of looks... the bad boy isn't just a little bad he most often looks good too

  • Goodtake. I don't know about the nice guy part writing poems and songs to whoo women who only want bad guys but I do know that if I spend years working hard to build myself up to being successful in life by the time I'm thirty well I'm not going to want the women my age that turned me down for bad boy types instead I'm going to look for a younger hotter women with more to offer. Why would I want a thirty year old woman with the thousand cock stare after her spending years on the cock riding carousel just because she's through with bad boys and wants to settle down now that she's hit the wall.

  • The way it always has been... us good nice guys end up having to be patient and wait for the ladies to get the wild oates out of their system wanting the bad guys and then as they mature and get older finally after all that time realize they want the nice guy go figure. Why not just have him from the start, what's the deal?

  • Very well said. Its very disappointing to see this happening to genuine good men who do not deserve such. I find it quite funny how girls who haven't even hit their 20s yet are laughing at the bitterness that they create. If we as honest hard working men have to go through YEARS of pain and bitterness, why should we deal with settling with the surprising changed woman who after countless dicks sucked and fucked THINK they deserve a chance at a stable life?
    Its completely insulting as you said and absolutely disgusting to think they are entitled to such a life after destroying ours.

    We don't deserve to take care of the 30 year old scraps. We work our asses off and them some on our careers and lives, but no way in hell should it be shared with those who make it hard for us to start.
    I'm not saying all women are bad there are few good honest ones out there but its THOSE women that deserve to be given a chance. Not those who put us through years of frustration, sadness and bitterness.

  • Just act like an asshole and don't treat women with respect and you'll get laid. Women love that.

    • Yeah bro, that's reality.
      But that's like putting up an act who we are not, like pick up artists

    • No, that would have gotten me put in a treatment center, and labeled a sociopath by my own family. Not to mention, expelled from school. It was damned if I don't and damned if I do.

  • TLDR - but my guess is you're confusing 'nice' with 'kind' or 'good.
    You don't have to be a beta-chump to be a kind person, but no high-dominance alpha guy is gonna put up with so much bullshit. He just doesn't have the time or inclination, and he really doesn't have to cuz the girls are always throwing themselves at him, wanting to have sex with him hoping she can land him to be hers, which is also highly unlikely.

  • I wish I would have been the asshole I am now when I was in highschool. I could fucked all of these young teenage girls.

  • If those 'bad boys' was black, it's an double trap. Also saying that "good girls love bad boys" is misleading, as most of those girls are sluts, and not an good girls. Sluts who think that they deserve a decent guy, after all that they had done.

  • Look here bro. Trashy women like trashy men. There is a reason those women like "Bad" boys because those women are wicked themselves even though they don't appear outwardly.

    For all the "Nice" guys you guys dodged a bullet when those kind of women choose the "Bad" boys instead of you. Trust me, those women are no good at all.

  • Be simple with women;
    She ignores you then wants to date --> Tell her to fuck off
    She acts like a bitch --> Tell her to fuck off
    She says you're *** - bad connotation --> Tell her to fuck off

    She acts normally and as a respectful woman --> Date her

  • The reality is that if you don't wanna date girls who were with bad boys in the past, then you're not gonna date anyone, because the vast majority of girls wanted the bad guys when they were young because they were dumb and just went for the looks and what the vagina told them, not for what was actually good for her, hence once they grew up, they stopped dating those type of guys.

    That being said, some do make it sound as if they just wanna use and take advantage of the nice guys :/

  • Do you really think that this monkey ass story about good and bad guys would give you sympathy. Noo dont beg for sympathy try and you would be surprised by results good guy not equal to shy guy. Not many badasses get the sexiest girls. So stop this
    teen girl sobbing stop listening to Taylor Swift and get your ass outside.

    Its the best post I saw on this website.
    These women end up in rehab or commit suicide.

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