Guys: Stop Griping that Women Like Bad Boys!

Yes, I said it. We men collectively need to stop complaining/lamenting/whining/whinging about how women want Christian Grey or Edward Cullen or whatever bad boy of the week. And no, ladies, this myTake isn't for you, so you can click away.

Guys: Stop Griping that Women Like Bad Boys!

Let's look at the scientific facts of this.

Guys: Stop Griping that Women Like Bad Boys!

Perhaps that graph isn't 100% accurate, I admit. However, we all know the facts.

1. Girls in their prime like exciting guys who are bold, brash, not nice and reliable. Or if you're Taylor Swift, the word you use is "a killer"!

2. Yes, there are some girls who want kind, decent men. Particularly after age 25 when they are burned out on guys who give them drama and never commit.

So! Here's the thing. Whinging literally does nothing. However, you have the facts. So you can decide your course of action, instead of needing a smack from the Hound. So here's your choices.

1. Find a girl who wants a non-bad boy/killer. There's some hotties who want that. Or you can lower your standards and date a fat girl or a older girl.

2. Play videogames and focus on other things, like a job, until plenty of girls get tired of the drama of exciting guys sleeping with them and not calling back.


3. Adapt and win. You roll with it. Look, I know this sounds tough and scary to some of you. I know some of the gammas out there are going to post and say "All this game stuff is stupid, it's just jerks tricking weak minded girls into liking them." Those idiots also are mostly virgins or pay hookers.

Guys: Stop Griping that Women Like Bad Boys!

Here's the thing. You can't change how the world is, or female nature. Complaining about it won't help. And as men, we have perks. One of the downsides is, unlike women, it's not fitting for a man to bitch about things. We, as men, need to take control and act. You need to roll with it.

What does this mean? If you're not getting dates with the women you want, you have few options. The best of the options is to adapt and roll with it.

"Changing my personality for women? That's weak! You're pussy worshiping!" A few weaklings will cry out.

Well, I change my personality to have a job. I get up at 6am, have an hour drive to work, deal with idiots, roaches in the ceiling, typing on a keyboard. I become a mostly pleasant person to deal with, who doesn't even report people to HR when I could. Why? Because money magically appears in my bank account for doing so, that's why. And just like that, we can become more attractive men to succeed in dating.

See, what one man can do, another can do. Watch this video until you feel like you could confidently stroll into a yoga class full of hotties while sporting a huge hard on.

Here's how you start. Go somewhere. Look around. Find an attractive girl who isn't currently with a man. Don't wait for a perfect moment! Go talk to her, and refuse to let your nerves get you.

Meanwhile, as you improve your charisma and social skills, learn to better yourself. Lift weights. Dress stylishly. Make sure your hairstyle and facial hair are proper.

See, doing this can make your life better. Whining about how girls hate nice guys does nothing.

So be the bad boy, the killer, the natural. Be the guy that has a 20 year old hottie glancing at her phone and hoping you'll text. Be the guy that has zero trouble going for the kiss on a date, the guy who makes a game out of seeing if he can pick up a girl in an odd location. Don't be the loser who goes straight home from work every night to watch a movie. Don't be the weird guy or nerdy guy who a girl laughs and rejects.

Be the guy that leaves girls haunted and makes an impression. Be the ex boyfriend they lament about to their current man. Be the winner. And one day down the road if you decide to marry, don't be the tired middle aged man with a fat wife at church. Be the killer who marries a hottie who looks like she could be your daughter. Learn the rules of the game, and OWN IT!

Guys: Stop Griping that Women Like Bad Boys!

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I tend to think that the guys who complain, if not whine, incessantly about women who like bad boys are seldom, if ever, good guys themselves.

    • There are good nice men in the world, but women reject them and go for the bad men who treat them badly, and then complain at how badly men treat women. Female logic.

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    • @HandsomeGuy500 u talking about urself boi?

    • @HandsomeGuy500 Amen brother

Most Helpful Guy

  • I am not attracted to women who like badboys, and I'm not interested in being one. Those women have no real depth or character going on for them, so they like guys who will "thrill" them. They can continue to want who they want and go down that road, and I will continue to want what I want and choose the smarter, better, sexier woman.

    • Thank you, not all pretty women want bad boys. I think these guys who buy into this just don't put themselves out there enough. I know so many pretty girls who want nice guys. In fact some of them are already dating guys who treat them well

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    • The tamed bad boy is just as likely to be replaced as any "nice guy".

    • @Charleslvajr Yes, very sharp! Spot on!

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What Girls Said 6

  • How DARE you poke fun at nerds! Tisk!

    90% of the guys I've ever dated have had nerdy hobbies. The ones that didn't bored me the most.

    "Be the killer who marries a hottie who looks like she could be your daughter. "

    Uh who says women want to marry a guy that could be in nursing home YEARS before she is ready? Unless you are just lucky enough to find someone who isn't actually way younger but just looks young for her age. But this idea some guys have that they can age and tons of young hot women will still want them... Unless you are rich or REALLY good looking and you are aging REALLY well... nope. I've never seen a guy over 45, even the better looking ones, that I would currently prefer over a guy that is 35. I mean I'm sure I'll be attracted to 45+ when I am closer to that age. But I much prefer men close to my age. I always have. I don't find wrinkles attractive. I don't think it makes someone 'distinguished'. And dating someone way older only makes me think about how much the future is going to suck.

    • It's one thing if you are only going for a hookup but marrying someway way younger? So they have to care for you when you are too old to even wipe your own ass? Or visit you in the nursing home? Watch you waste away and die and then spend the remainder of their lives alone? Lots of guys seem to think they can hit 40-50 (btw your sperm starts decreasing and forming abnormalities after 30-35 that can cause defects so the idea you can heavily breed all your life is wrong and just a delusional myth) and marry a 20 year old. Imagine living the last 20-30 years of your life alone after you just watched your partner die. Too old to find someone else... Maybe you have children to keep you company but they likely have their own lives and barely even call you anymore. Do you really want to leave someone like that? In my opinion people are supposed to grow old together.

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    • @freakyzeaky If you date someone with a kid or kids you have to accept that their kids come first and there will be times (depending on the age of the children and arrangement between parents. IF both parents are involved) where your needs are put on the back burner. That's just how it is. A lot of women close to your age do have kids but there are still plenty that don't. I don't know what sort of area you live in but if you are from a small town or something you will probably see a lot of single mothers. I'm also not sure what your preferred age range is.

    • 7 years younger or older. I prefer late 20s, early 30s, and I do know it is possible.

      Yeah, no doubt the single mother will put her kids first. I wouldn't expect it being any different (or want it to be). I suppose it will depend on the woman as to if I want to take on those extra challenges.

  • I kind of feel sorry for guys who have had to put up with annoying women if this is the kind of view of women you end up with, but then I remembered I had a very similar view on men before finding one that was interested in me. Turns out being the same species means we actually have more in common than not.

  • Why isn't there a middle ground where you neither whine about it nor become a sociopath?

  • I don't know if it's true for everyone else but I don't want a ''bad'' guy... I don't get why men/women have to be one thing or the other.. I like guys who are sweet, good looking, funny, kind, confident and passionate but also have an edge you know.. if that makes sense.. so assuming that if a guy is confident he must be an asshole, or if a guy is kind and sweet he must be one of those boring nice guys, is stupid. we can be all those things and much more..

  • I don't know what to say. You made a few decent points, bitching about girls not wanting to fuck you because you're a "nice guy" isn't helping anyone. You kinda lost me though, you don't have to change to get girls to like you. If you pretend to be an asshole then the relationship isn't gonna last because you're pretending to be something you aren't, but I guess if you play the part well then you kinda are an ass; that's not a good thing though. Maybe try to not be shallow and whinny and get over yourself. There's always gonna be someone that doesn't like you, that's life. Just be yourself

    • "maybe try to not be shallow"

      If only women practiced what they preach.

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    • @Mr-Kabuki You know, that "bad-boy" facade that draws women like mosquitoes to blood.

    • I was a nice guy. Always got friend-zoned, girls constantly told me not to change and that I'd find a girl one day. That didn't happen.

      Then I worked on myself - lifting, dressing differently, frorcing myself to talk to women, acting differently around them... Then I got laid plenty.

      What you're telling guys to do is never to improve themselves or their situation. This advice does nothing but hold them back and then the lack of sucess in finding a girlfriend makes them feel worse. I wish women would cut that out.

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What Guys Said 24

  • The important thing to note is that girls don't care about bad boys. It is just that bad boys naturally express attractive traits of faking high social status by displaying confidence and assertiveness.

    When given a choice, a girl will always choose the more attractive bad boy than a boring good man.

  • About the age of 30, something snapped inside my head and I walked away from wanting anything to do with women.
    My frustration, heartbreak, loneliness and increasing sense of despair reached a point at which some sort of circuit breaker was tripped.
    Elliot Roger went homicidal, I went passive-aggressive monk.
    For about 15 years I had been the stereotypical 'nice guy', because that was how my mother had taught me to treat girls.
    According to what I had been indoctrinated to believe, that was the way to success with women.
    It was only after I turned 30 that I realised that, in the process of trying to help me, my mother had set me up for failure. . . big time.
    If all my attributes had been written as a list, it would have been everything that the women's magazines had said that young women were supposed to want in a man.
    About the age of 30, I understood finally that the magazines had been as wrong as my mother was.
    Young women did not want a young media professional who looked good enough to have his head on TV; had a reserve commission in the army; had an honours degree; was in great physical condition thanks to the army and a devotion to Shotokan karate; liked European tailoring and cars; was an amateur and occasionally professional actor; liked fine dining and theatre; and who had old-fashioned honourable intentions, in that he was looking for that one special girl to love.
    Worse, if I did mange to take a girl on a date the parents always loved me. That is the kiss of death, when dealing with a young female.
    No, most young women wanted knuckle-dragging shitbags who could barely speak, had the cognitive capacity of a garden slug and usually had little future past minimum wage, or welfare.
    Long-term planning is not high on the list for a 20-year-old female. That sort of thinking comes later.
    For young females, it is about seeking a rollercoaster ride of emotional stimulation, even if that stimulation is through use, abuse and heartbreak.
    After I turned 40 I read a book called The Instant Millionaire, by Mark Fisher. I recommend it highly. It is about how the choices that we make are determined by our self esteem, including and especially which head we choose to have on the pillow on the other side of the bed.
    That revelation of the obvious told me that young females wanted the bad boys and other losers because they thought that was all that they deserved.
    I like this US black comedian's take on the subject.

  • I can't stand guys that complain about stuff like this.

    If you are complaining that you can't get women because they only like bad guys, then BE A BAD GUY! Problem solved don't ya think?

    (And I don't mean robbing banks - I mean don't be afraid to tell a girl to go fuck herself (nicely) if she offends you, don't pay for her food, etc)

  • I could sum up this entire MyTake with a single picture.

  • I think that this mytake dances around the issue of confidence. Be confident in who you are, because peoples opinions or actions shouldn't dictate your identity as a man. You don't have to be an asshole to get girls...

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