Guys Don't Lift Just For Women...


It's Not All About You...

Guys Don't Lift Just For Women...
Guys Don't Lift Just For Women...


What I see here all too often is entitled women acting as if us men go to the gym and build our bodies solely for them and their attention. This is entirely false for most people that actually have impressive physiques. When I first started lifting, yeah I wanted attention from women and that was one of the reasons as to why I did it. Note that this was when I first started.

When you actually start building a physique and start seeing the results, it turns into something so much more than being sexually desired by women. The amount of discipline and effort that you have to put into building a physique would be considered ridiculous to the average person.

It takes a lot of work...

You have to have so much amount of sleep. You have to drink a certain amount of water. You have to have a certain amount of protein, carbohydrates, and dietary fats a day. You have to make sure you're getting in certain micronutrients with every meal. You have to eat every couple hours depending on your metabolism. You have to eat certain foods at certain times so that your body can utilize that food in the most optimal way. You also can't drink alcohol for the most part because alcohol will pretty much ruin all efforts that you're putting in. You also have to train your ass off at the gym.

If you're using anabolic steroids and/or exogenous testosterone in any format, you have to pay attention and manage even more! You have to get constant blood work to keep track of your lipid profile, your E2, your free/total testosterone levels... etc. You have to have a certain amount of estrogen in your body to build muscle during bulking season. You also have a certain amount of testosterone and you have to control how much of that testosterone is being converted into estrogen. As a steroid user, you can't really eat red meat or many dietary fats at all for this will offset your LDL to HDL cholesterol ratio followed by a number of other issues. The list goes on and on...

Now I'm not saying that you have to do all of the above to build a nice looking physique, but to actually build an impressive physique that turns heads, you absolutely have to live this extremely disciplined lifestyle. If impressing women was the guys primary motive for doing all of this, then he would just give up because it's just that fucking mentally and physically draining. There has to be some passion behind why you do it, otherwise, you'll just give up.

Guys Don't Lift Just For Women...

We're just not motivated by the interest of you...

What motivated my passion? Well, as I said before, one of the reasons why when I first started was women. As I also said, it turned into something else that means so much more to me than being sexually desired by women.

When I train, it's almost therapeutic because it's the one part of my day in which none of my life struggles matter anymore. I get in my zone and forget about everything else for an hour or so. This is also how I channel a lot of aggression that I have. I get out of the gym, my dopamine levels spike, and I feel amazing for the rest of the day.

When you put all of your efforts into something, and consistently do things that you might not have wanted to do at the time, but force yourself to do it anyways, the yielded result is success. I can't tell you how immensely satisfying it is to see all of your hard work turns into something that you can be proud of. That moment when you take off your shirt in front of the mirror to take a shower in the morning before work and say "Holy shit" ... well, that feeling is empowering as fuck.

Lifting and bodybuilding have always been there for me even though some the darkest times of my life. No matter what was going on in my life, I was always able to train and put in my efforts so that I could feel some type of success in my life. Lifting and bodybuilding have made me a better person today. It taught me discipline and it taught me how to work hard. It also taught me that I have control over my life and my success. I instill everything that I've learned from bodybuilding and lifting into everything that I do in my life between university studies, my relationships, and my professional life.

You all can go to the clubs every night and get hammered, or play video games, or smoke weed, or do whatever the fuck you want to do to unwind, but I much rather be in a gym blasting my headphones and lifting heavy ass weights with a friend. I won't judge you, so don't judge me.

Arnold even described it as being better than cumming...

Our passion becomes stronger over time, but not because of you...

A lot of guys who get into lifting and bodybuilding do so because they're not very confident in themselves. I'll respond by saying... what's wrong with that? If you're not confident with yourself, and you're willing to make a diligent effort to change that, then that should be admired rather than mocked in regards to some negative stereotype.

Putting all of that effort into it, and seeing results... well, it reminds that guy who might not have been very confident in himself that he has control over his life and his life doesn't have control over him. He disciplined himself and as a result, reached a goal that he can be proud of. It taught him that discipline and hard work can do a lot. I've trained with noobies at the gym and have literally seen them transform their physique, and as a result, their entire demeanor transforms as well. How they carry themselves, how they walk, how they talk, how they stand, it's different. I fucking LOVE seeing that. I love being a part of someone's transformation.

Guys Don't Lift Just For Women...


The attention from women is only an additional perk to all of this. We're posting pictures of bodies because we're proud of our hard work, not to satisfy your interest. Women, the world doesn't revolve around you so get over yourselves.

Also, we genuinely don't care if you want to go out of your way to tell us that you apparently don't like a well proportioned, lean, and muscular physique even though it's biologically attractive on a universal level. Preach all you want, you're just background clutter to us. We're too busy with all the hot girls.

In my experience, above average women love a muscular, lean, and well-proportioned physique whilst below average women seem to despise it. This is considering that your physique doesn't surpass a level of being too extreme. I'm not saying that there aren't outliers to what I've experienced, but it has been what I've experienced. I've been an average dude, and I've been a shredded dude. The difference is day and night.

On another note, I'm hoping that there will be a guy who reads this, and it motivates him to actually get into lifting or bodybuilding. If that's the case, then message me and I'll start you off on the right track. When I tell guys who struggling with confidence and women to start lifting on here, it's usually just dismissed as some douchey response. Well, it's really not, and I've explained why it's not in this whole take.

Guys Don't Lift Just For Women...
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  • Anonymous
    I鈥檓 a cop and you can鈥檛 really tell how fit I am in the uniform, my biggest reward is on the occasion I get in fights or have to go hands on with people. I grab them or I hit them and I see the surprise and fear, I watch the fight drain out of them. More important than that I have a better chance of staying alive and protecting the public.
    Idc about the looks aspect, really at all. The women thing is like barely a perk. It鈥檚 about my health and abilities. Good take
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    • Tony_1693

      lol Kevlar seems to make most cops look built as fuck. Great point though, people don't realize how quickly you get winded in a fight. When I was in the academy I got lit up for having my uniform sleeves tailored too high and tried to make the excuse that it helps my commanding presence lmao

    • Tony_1693

      Truth be told I didn't even request for my sleeves to be tailored too high. My arms are just big af and the tailor did it like that by accident I guess.

    • DamnMan

      I'm not a cop, but I understand.
      I had to break up a fight between some teens bigger than me, and they tried to take me on and were surprised that this small guy wasn't moving against the two of them. Made me laugh for an hour afterwards. lol.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    Lmao! I love those woman that truly believe a man is going to put in THAT much time and effort to simply impress them. Gtfo!
    I found myself nodding my head while reading this whole take. I don't think there is a single thing I could debate with you. Damn it! Lol
    That stack of food though was fucking ridiculous holy shit! How can you possibly eat all that?
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    • Tony_1693

      Well, that's not really for one day lmao. Was just a joke that I sent on snap.

    • Anonymous

      Well you're a liar then! Lol
      How long did that actually last?

    • Tony_1693

      Four days I think. I'd eat breakfast every day and have shakes on top of that as well.

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  • widdershins_
    My brother used to bodybuild and he and his "lifter" friends would always be bragging about how many girls they had managed to draw in with their bodies and which women they wanted to pursue. My bro and his friends were into MMA and some endurance training but women came up more than their actual training did. Maybe it was the testosterone but women were definitely on their minds when it came to their physique, at least 50%.
    • Tony_1693

      Yeah you definitely get a lot of attention from women and I'm probably just like your brother and his friends with conversation. Doesn't mean we do it just for them though. Extremely high amounts of testosterone will def do that lol

    • I get that. Haha

  • Tohru
    Yeah And one reason I got motivated to lift was because I offered some milk to a friends uncle and the gallon in my hand caused my hand to tremble like a goddamn earthquake. Everyone in the room laughed at me lol and also this quote helps too
  • async
    A friend of mine is a total meathead body builder. The guy is huge, 6ft tall and a lean 225lbs. Biceps big as my quads. I was giving him shit one time and said something about how a lot of chicks dont like guys that are TOO big and he says to me, I don't care what they think I want guys to look at me and say damn that fucker is big. Kinda says it all right there haha
  • blondfrog
    Actually yes we do dude. Maybe a small portion is to just show off and to get stronger or healthier. However mostly we work out to impress women. We want to reproduce with the most attractive and healthiest women, that's evolution.
    • Tony_1693

      A lot of guys workout for women, and there's no doubt about that. The guys with very impressive physiques always have other motives.

    • blondfrog

      Yeah exactly, but the main motive is for women. Just like how women mostly wear make up to impress us guys.

    • Can't speak for every woman but that's not at all why I wear make up.
      I wear make up because I like it. It makes me feel even more confident and I like the way it looks.
      I really couldn't care less what a guy thinks of my make up. I don't wear make up to impress guys. I'm plenty attractive without it.

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  • Belliebella
    I get something familiar from others. People assume im Only doing squats because i want a Nice ass, so basically saying im doing it for attention. Some people even question my motivation behind working out when i say i do it because i want to be strong. They assume im Only doing it to look good for others, and i find it kinda insulting. I never though guys worked out to get girls attention, i find it odd how some girls actually belive that
  • F媒rdracaD贸cincel
    Where do you guys learn all this body chemistry stuff that helps you figure out what to do/when to do it?

    I doubt they teach you at the gym.
    • Tony_1693

      You learn throughout the years what works and what doesn't. A lot of reading online as well.

    • @Tony_1693
      I think it was a rhetorical question man.

    • @Anon-ymous1 No.. it wasn't

  • AthleticMom
    Agreed gal attraction & not all of them... is solely a side benefit.
    Once I dated a lifter and discovered he was much more involved in his own body than... well, almost mine! Some of his buddies even had an attitude that retarded them from hot pursuit of gals, since their lifting bods were far superior to anything most gals could offer, so a lot of lifters must be approached, not the other way (typically) round.
  • MadCringey
    Yeah usually ugly girls feel this way.

    I have a question, do you think carbs are good or bad to have before a workout?
    • Tony_1693

      Simple carbs pre and post workout are best in my opinion. Simple carbs meaning carbs that are disgested in the body right away so that they can be utilized. I also like a complex carbohydrate about hour before training so that I have that steady energy, yet I won't feel bloated. So something like a serving of brown rice. Be sure not to go to the gym while you're still in the process of heavily digesting food. Takes a lot of energy for you body to digest and breakdown food and you want all your energy to be on your workout. Not only that, it's just in omfortable as fuck.

      Also, if you want to have a cheat meal, you should have it right after a workout because it will be converted into glycogen instead of bodyfat. Something with a high insulin level index would be ideal.

    • Tony_1693

      Uncomfortable *

    • MadCringey

      I've noticed that if I don't eat any carbs before I workout (like at all throughout the day) I have way more energy. The thing is I'm trying to build muscle...

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  • TheUsername27
    I'd love to get jacked to attract women. Truth is when i go to the gym I sort of enjoy it but it just tires me out/becomes a chore... bottom line is I never stick at it and make progress. Guys that do I bet 99% have other reasons why they go... attracting women is not a good enough reason to injure such hard work.
  • RuthAnn1781
    The same can be said when a woman puts on makeup, she's not doing to impress a guy, she's doing it for herself
    • mkay

    • Believe it or not, the world doesn't revolve around you and what you think looks good. Girls don't go out of their way, spend an hour on their makeup, to try to appeal to you. Get over yourself

    • triggered?

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  • PoeticMemory
    It's crazy how some girls will think that being healthy and loving your body is actually about attracting them... smh
    • Silver158

      Some of them will even argue that point until they're blue in the face. lol

  • dogfish
    its ironic when those same women get annoyed when people say 'women wear makeup to impress men'
    • Tony_1693

      I don't know if I could really compare it to that, and I'll explain why a little later. On my phone right now and I'm sort of busy baha.

    • This has to be MHO lol

  • freakyzeaky
    I like to lift, bit not to build, but for strength. I plan on starting my regime back up soon.
  • Anastasiya00
    We know y'all don't do it just for us. We are not like you who think women do everything for y'all hahahahahahah
    • Well, I can tell just based off that you're an idiot

  • McJones
    I workout and eat as healthy as possible since it's a way for me to feel way fresher energy wise. And also for the many benefits you obtain from it. Plus i freaking love it!
  • Kiran04
    The bigger question here is why do you care what these women think? If a woman thinks I lift for her and I don't, well that doesn't affect my life in the least so my give a fuck meter reads "0". People always assume being mature means taking things seriously. Au contraire. Being mature is just as much about letting things go that don't matter. Maybe even more so.
    • Tony_1693

      It's simply a tale to express my views. As a bodybuilder, I've heard it all. Thought it would make for a good discussion and maybe bring someone clarity on the topic from an inside perspective.

  • Nomatterwhere
    It's the same with me, I first started only to impress girls and all that. I'm quite tall (6'1'' or 186 cm) and I wasn't overweight, but I had zero confidence, no friends, even no acquaintances, so I said why not start hitting the gym. I did, and I didn't become more confident, but I became much more relaxed and all square after the gym.
    I do strength training and endurance training, I actually don't care about the food, I eat whatever I want to.
  • Imafreespirit
    preach it. This is really good. It is definitely something you fall in love with. I'm into fitness as well and I'm often asked why I care so much, people seem to miss in the point that it truly becomes a passion. I'm not a bodybuilder but I love strength training, i care about my numbers and put a lot of effort into it, it is truly something I love but a lot of people think I do it to have big butt and turn heads around, which is kind of annoying really because I value my performance more than the attention I get.

    I have huge respect for people that are into this kinda thing, admire your passion man. That's how get people far and get separated from the average.
  • ChronicThinker
    Women are so selfish.
  • DeeperMeaning
    I think any person who puts effort into their appearance does so in order to attract somebody. It doesn't have to be the sole reason, but attraction from the opposite sex is an indirect influence. And perhaps not even the opposite sex, but some type of recognition. Human beings like for their accomplishments to be recognized, human beings like for other people to think they look good. There's nothing wrong with that. Both men and women put effort into what they look like for outside approval. Doesn't have to be 100% of the reason why, but it's still a contributing factor.
  • lilaqua
    If a guy is lifting he's probably trying to actively unnattract me
  • Chief16
    Any bro who hits the gym to be looked at has some serious self esteem issues. Fuckin' eyesores.
  • BronzedAdonis
    great mytake, thoroughly agree.

    Id like to see more fitness/bodybuilding mytakes from you.
  • FatherJack
    Not into pure bodybuilding , a former soldier ( paratrooper ) boxer & martial art exponent , so my physique was merely a side effect of my military service & later , intense hobbies. Combo of weights ( gained decent , but not bulky muscle ) , obviously cardio ( sparring is DEFINITELY hard cardio !! ) conditioning , stretching.. not forgetting correctly cooling down !! Agreed... it's a passion !!

    To be fair , women do not exercise , dress or use make up to attract men , they do it for themselves / other women. Most are sick of too much male attention as it is !! Also it takes FAR more than just a decent body to win over a woman. There are many hardcore gym rats that have been involuntarily single for several years !!
  • Silver158
    I'll admit, my initial motivation for getting into lifting was to impress women and get their attention. I used to weigh about 17.5 stone (250 pounds). I was unhealthy and clueless. A friend showed me this program and I tried it. We used to joke about being like "hey girls, who's more ripped, me or my friend?"

    This program resulted in me losing a lot of weight and getting a good physique. I started getting attention from girls. it was good. Unfortunately mostly from the entitled ones you mentioned lol.

    But, after a while it became more about looking how I wanted to look and not ending up really fat again. My weight tended to fluctuate a lot because I get busy and don't have time to work out and meal prep. So I ended up starting to favour the intermittent fasting approach to keep my body fat in check. It works well for me and my lifestyle. Plus, pizza :)
  • kitty71
    Guys lift for themselves and only them but for girls
  • sp33d
    So, contrary to popular belief, you don't work out to "look good". Take notes, kids.
  • raspberry0416
    A lot of guys do lift just for women...
    • Tony_1693

      Once in a while casual gym goers are typically the guys who go just to impress women. Guys who actually dedicate themselves to the lifestyle have motives far past just women. In other words, the guys with the real physiques are the guys who go for reasons other than just women.

      The guys who go for just women are at best, mediocre. Attracting women is not a good enough reason to live such a demanding and disciplined lifestyle. The guys who do it just to impress women end up giving up and never passing that threshold because they don't have much passion at all. That passion has to be there for that motivates you and drives you to keep going when you don't want to. Women... well, that's not enough of a reason.

  • CT_CD
    I agree with this
  • Nyx_85
    Cool story bro.
  • Volvagia
    well no shit
  • Water_Bottle
    Agreed. Got fit for myself.
  • Anonymous
    I agree that's for me was just a part of it and not why i started working out.

    Honestly I started lifting as i got picked on before i was even thinking about women then because of sports and just because I liked the positive attention i was getting from it.

    Now iv shrunk down as i just have less need for it and it's mostly health and for my own sake. Not that i dont care what women think or pepole in general for that matter i do but im not even trying to date right now and also i think some pepole find it threatening for the same reason it gives you a feeling of security and thats less good when all your friendship groups now have nothing to do with sports or exercise.
  • Anonymous
    I lift so I don't look sickly. Also I like to keep my strength encase I have to put someone on their ass. NICE TAKE BRO!
  • Anonymous
    Same thing for women who put in a lot of time on their makeup. Don鈥檛 flatter yourself boys, were not doing it for you. 😘