I Would Get an Abortion if I Got Pregnant...

I am 20 and as far as my career is going, I am at the top of my game. I love my job and career, as stressful as it is. I would never do anything to mess that up. That includes pregnancy.

With my grown up job, I pay my own bills every month. And it shocks me that women do the same that I do on less. I could financially support a child if I needed to but I dont want to. I wouldn't have an abortion because I am not financially able to support the baby. I would "selfishly" choose abortion for this simple, non-politically correct reason, me and only me. I would selfishly choose abortion for the reason that I can continue on the path I have planned. One filled with spontaneous adventures, a career, and marriage. But probably not in that order.

And to be even more non-politically correct, it wouldn't be a hard decision. I would start crying uncontrollably and then once I am able to think and speak coherently, I am calling Planned Parenthood.

I am already on birth control for my migraines and anxiety but it is by no means a heavy duty birth control. If I started having sex, I would take a heavy duty birth control. Along with the heavy duty birth control, I would take the morning after pill and be sure to use a condom. So good luck getting me pregnant. But birth control fails and condoms break. So if I am being honest, yes if I got pregnant, I would choose abortion. It would hardly be a discussion.

Also, I wouldn't sleep with someone who is pro-life. I would only sleep with someone who doesn't want kids either. This is why having similar opinions politics matters to me.

And if there is some law that wants to make me sympathetic to the fetus, two can play at that game. Like that stupid Texas bill that would make the mother of the fetus give the fetus a funeral. Thats cool I can do a funeral. On the one condition that I get to wear the sexiest black dress I can find. And since I have a minor obsession with dark lipstick, I will be wearing dark lipstick as well. I am thinking this look?

Am I evil? Yes. Yes, I am.

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  • Makes sense. There's no point in going through the struggles of being pregnant the pain of childbirth for a child you don't actually want. You're using protection, you're being responsible. It that fails, you've got to go for an abortion, it's the only logical option.

    I've never understood the whole 'pro life' thing. I think it's a pile of bullshit. Abortion isn't killing a grown baby. It's killing a fetus, that fetus is not a developed human being, that fetus can not survive on its own that fetus has no self awareness whatsoever.

    I could just as easily go back to beyond a fetus and tell a couple that they better have sex tonight and not use protection otherwise they could stop a beautiful child being born in the future. How dare broski over there jackoff into a tissue when those sperm cells could combine with egg cells to create a beautiful life.

  • So many people who are pro-choice are too apologetic about being pro-choice. I applaud your unapologetic view on abortion, and I fully support your right to make that choice. Not all abortions need to be justified by some horrible experience. Not wanting to be pregnant or have a child is just as valid of a reason.

  • 1. "Making abortion illegal doesn't stop abortion" is similar to "Making murdering illegal doesn't stop murdering".

    2. Do a human have the authority to decide who has the right to live and who hasn't?

    3. Both death penalty and abortion are a death sentence where some people takes the authority to decide who's worthy to live and who isn't. But the main difference is that in abortion it's always innocent people who dies because of someone's choice, but when it comes to death penalty it's not always the case they're truly innocent.

    4. What about adoption or foster care?

    5. Please watch this video on YouTube and you would see how abortion works:
    "2nd Trimester Abortion Procedure Dr. Anthony Levatino - Former Abortionist Turns Pro-Life"

    • Well yes because if I want an abortion, I will get one.
      Thats why we have the death penalty. Plus republicans seem to think that Muslims or Syrian refugees lives aren't important.
      I am not going through labor and the adoption care system is broken. Sexual, physical, and emotional assault is all very common for foster kids.
      Hahahaha why would I wait until the second tremester for an abortion? I wouldn't want that stupid parasite in my uterus longer than it has to be. I am not watching it because I plan to get an abortion as soon as I find I am pregnant. Plus, most abortions happen very early. The only late abortions happen because the mothers life needs to be saved.

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    • I'm not a republican. I'm actually usually on the liberal/left side. Especially when it comes to the welfare politics.

    • I was talking to braveheart

  • Fine with me. I don't want to have babies with you either.

  • You're not evil, abortion at early stages ain't wrong at all better than rasisingba child you don't want and absloutley hate yourself and your life , parenting ain't east if you want kids imagine not wanting them plus the responsibility and stress

  • I'm pro-choice, but I wouldn't date a girl whow would have an abortion (other than medical reasons)

    I've actually never been with/ know a girl who would have an abortion. I guess my circles are different.

    But hey do you. Who am I to judge. #Respect

    • " I'm pro-choice, but I wouldn't date a girl whow would have an abortion (other than medical reasons)"

      You're not pro choice, you are "whatever-benefits-my-opinion-more" person.

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    • @lyannamormont 1). I never asked your opinion on this subject matter ( You jumped in) (2) I don't care what you think and I'm not going to change my view on this just to make you happy. 3) Fuck Off because I don't live my life to please you. As I said before I've never met a women in real life who would ever have any abortion. So this isn't even an issue for me to deal with on a day to day basis...

      Fine you want to claim back a silly label. Then I'm not "pro-choice"( but my view still stands ) so I hope you feel really good and happy now "Pro-choice police"

      You literally threw a fit over a label. Congrats πŸ‘πŸ‘β€

    • Ok ok.

      Dont write opinions if you dont expect comments over your stupidity

  • No such thing as a "safe" abortion. All abortions are risky, period. And all of them increase the mother's chance for developing ovarian and breast cancer. In fact, abortion increases risk of breast cancer even more than miscarriage does, which it is most similar to.

    You are a sociopath with no real empathy. Life to you is all about you. Except, that nagging conscience that you have to keep stabbing and suppressing. Otherwise, if a building were burning and you had the chance to save a child, you'd worry about what color lipstick you wanna wear to the next outing with friends, and laugh as the flames licked up the child. And when the child's mother arrives too late on the scene, and blames you for knowingly doing nothing, you deck her and walk away, because you are part of the swamp that Trump imagines he can drain.

    But congratulations: you're now on most men's do-not-date list. A fine warning: that's almost the female equivalent of the sex offender registry list. So... have fun with that.

  • Babies are human beings and no one has the right to take their life. I'm surprised this is what modern liberalism has come to. How can we say we are better than the nazis when we are willing to kill our own infants? Now before you say, I'm pro choice but I dont't think it's a good idea for any woman to have an abortion during the late trimester. You sound like a narcisstic sociopath. I feel bad for whoever crosses your path.

    • I never said I would have an abortion in the late trimester, numbnuts. I dont want that parasite in me longer than it has to be. Plus a majority of abortions that happen late, are almost always to save the mithers life.

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    • Fetuses aren't babies. They're not infants, and they're not people. They just have the potential to be.

    • those who do so will have to answer for it-life is life-i can't think of anything more sickening than murdering an innocent life for your own screw ups.

  • What is the point of this mytake exactly?

    You have a lot of growing up to do.

    • I just felt like writing it.

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    • I have been told I go off on tangents. Could easily be reversed and I could say if you don't like it, don't read it. That's right. I did.

    • @1truekhaleesi the simplists thrrowing around insults are the petty people here.

  • People like youbshould not have any kids. You are way beyond selfish. Mocking a funeral is not even funny. It is good that you do not want any kids because you would do one of three things: give the child to an orphanage, give the child up for adoption or destroy the child life by being way too focused on your career and your bucket list.

    • Well I only have one life. I am going to live it however the fuck I want.

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    • I don't think you're my friend. Back off. My childfree stance is a different subject. One we will not discuss because I am very tired of having life choices questioned by losers on the internet. Especially when I am not the one who brings it up. Of course some people are genuinely curious but most are not. You could easily google why women choose their careers over children.

    • I don't want someone who is not worthy enough to be my friend as a friend. That is why we are not friends.

  • At 20 I understand but I've met a few women who did a 180 when they got knocked up. They had the kid and just put it up for adoption. Might be a difference of opinion if I was the father of the kid. At my age I'd say I am ready to have one and could care less if the mom moved on after it's birth.

  • Nothing wrong with that as long as you're sure. You sound sure of yourself. Good for you! Wouldn't wear that dress to a funeral though. Priest will fall over into the hole and that always awkward.

  • If this is supposed to be a pity take or a "look at me, im a victim" take, you aren't doing a good job.

    The only pity i have is for the murdered baby.

    If you dont want kids, dont spread your legs. Simple as that.
    As long as you dont take a dick, you won't have to worry about abortions.

    • Too bad you're parents didn't do the same. It takes two to tango.

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    • I pity whores like her !

    • @SuperMan89s dont feel bad.

  • If you are a big girl, who has a big girl job, and who can pay off your big girl bills, you can afford the appropriate birth control.

    This can include the pill or other hormone contraceptive. And condoms. And abstinence when you are ovulating (i. e., pee on an ovulation stick, and if it is positive, wait a few days).

    There's no excuse for people to become pregnant "accidentally", since you know the factors and timing that lead to pregnancy. The only excluding factor is rape/abuse leading to pregnancy, or in the case of children. But hey... you're a big girl right?

  • That's great. Keep it up!πŸ‘

  • It is hilarious looking at all the responses from the weird male class at GaG to your "Take".

    I am going to take a different approach and just plead with you to practice birth control.

    And if you do have to face a decision about abortion, I will humbly ask that you to choose life.

    I am not insensitive to the choices women face every single day, when they are facing an unwanted pregnancy. My sister faced it. But the family came together and we found a way to provide to her child. Many women don't have that support. And as you have witnessed at GaG, many men in our society don't care and go straight to condemnation. The fact is they have not even thought of the role that the man plays in having a child.

    You may think you can find a man who shares your views. The fact is you won't know until you have to tell a man that you are pregnant with his child. Maybe it does not mean much to you. But I think this "Take" is mostly for show.

    If you are ever in that situation and you utter those words to the guy you are with, you might get an answer you did not expect. Because he probably gave it little thought in the beginning. I know I did. If my ex had gotten pregnant with my child, I would have fought tooth and nail to that life. And I would have raised that child alone if I had to. But I did not find out how I felt about children until later in life.

    People change.

    Anyway, yes, this was an excellent "take". I am sorry most guys here were not up to the task to talk to you in a rational calm manner. But most guys at GaG think your assertiveness is a threat to their masculinity. I just hope you are just testing the waters and gauging the reaction. Don't beta male weirdness force you into making a decision you will regret.

    Most guys here can't help it. They think their their maleness is dependent upon whether or not women are submissive to them.

    Anyway. . . thanks for the take.

    • Of course I practice birth control. I am very particular anout who I sleep with, if any. I have connected with a lot of childfree women online and many horror dating stories. Like the guy lying to them and saying he didn't want kids when he (desperately) does.

    • Of course. But I don't think men get "desperate" and lie intentionally. For many of "us", it becomes a realization. It is one thing to talk about not having children. But another thing all together when you are faced with a pregnancy.

  • I read this take in reverse order. Still makes sense. It's ok to be evil. Some time we have to compromise other's lives to save ours. Also do share your world tour experience with us. Stay in touch :)

  • I don't think your evil just practical

  • If you don't want to have a baby, there are guaranteed methods that do not include murder. I hope you never get the opportunity to prove how sincere you are about your selfishness.

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    • Disagree with you here dude.
      Promoting murder isn't excellent.

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    • @lord_chilled For those centuries women didn't have a choice.

      The Asker isn't full of hate, she just knows it's not the right time for her to have a baby, and she'll do everything she can to avoid it, and in the most responsible way possible. Come up with a 100% reliable contraception and abortion rates will drop even further (it's already halved since 1980, in the US).

      It almost seems that you want it to be a punishment. (What crimes do you get 9 month hard labour for?)

    • @goaded yes they did. They had the choice wether to have sex or not.
      And you know what they did?
      Abstinence. Before contraceptives, abstinence was the number 1, safety method.
      And it was 100% effective.

      The asker is narcissitic and full of hate. Trust me , there is nothing worse than a woman that dislikes kids.
      If you dont get that from her description, look at her responses to some comments. Its like she's enjoying it.

      No not a punsihment, i want people to accept and take responsibility for their actions. If people did that instead of being irresponsible f*cks, the world would be a better place, if you have sex and get pregnant, let it happen naturally, and let the kid be born.
      If you knock up a girl, dont fucking run away, be a father to the child.
      If your policies and laws turned out to be bullshit, accept that and either step down from the leadership position, apologize, or at least take them down and implement new policies.

      People HAVE to take responsibilities.

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  • The part you didn't talk about is your obligation to make sure you keep track of your condition and get it taken care of as soon as possible. You also didn't talk about the medical risks of having an abortion. You talk about it like you are getting your hair cut. Yeah, I don't like my hair so I'm just gonna have a little trimmed off and maybe get some highlights.

    Abortion carries real risks too, it may be an acceptable trade off to you still and that's fine, but to not bring it up as a risk makes light of a serious procedure. About one in 120 first term abortions result in serious consequences ranging from infection or sepsis to damage of the cervix or uterine lining. Results from these issues can go from requiring additional medical treatment to complications in future pregnancies to infertility and death.

    But at least you are thoughtful enough to make real effort to not become pregnant to begin with. If only everyone thought like this abortion wouldn't be nearly the issue it is in our society.

    Much like you mock the Texas law about the funeral, I mock the "my womb is an open door" slut that believes abortion is a liberating experience for all womankind.

    • So I am a slut? I already said I am not sexually active but either way, a persons sex life is none of your fuckin business. Oh honey you couldn't pull off highlights unless you were going to a nineties party. #partylikeits1999 Fuckin obviously I would get an abortion as soon as possible. I dont want that parasite in me longer than necessary. I would rather shoot myself than be pregnant. I think that is a bigger medical risk but that is just me. Wait. Infertility is a "complication" with abortions? GLORIOUS! I dont want kids anyways. I
      That is why I am going to get my tubes tied ASAP.

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    • Don't be an idiot. I don't backtrack on anything I say. Do you believe abortion is a liberating experience for womankind? Sure doesn't sound like it to me. BUt whatever, I think this just goes to show that maybe you aren't as sincere about some of this as you tried to make yourself sound. That you realize abortion does actually create a moral dilemma but you choose not to acknowledge it. That maybe you really believe abortion is a liberating experience every woman should have. I don't know, you seem overly bent on this and your English comprehension is somewhere around 7th grade level from your emotions, or that's just how you are.

      Believe me when I say, if i intended to call you a slut, you wouldn't have to infer it, it would be very clear.

    • Okay sure whatever. Yes because the day that the government can control my uterus is when they cut it out of my cold, dead body. And only because I am an organ donor. The wording is pro-choice Janice. Emphasis on choice. If a woman wants to keep the baby, great. If she wants an abortion, great. But I support her either way. I believe abortion should be an experience for every woman? Where the fuck did you get that?

  • Or you can just be responsible, have sex safe, or wait until you're ready/married to have a child so you wouldn't even have to get one? And you're not evil but it is a evil decision by murdering you're own flesh and blood that did not ask to be created in the first. It doesn't make sense that women are still getting accidentally pregnant in 2017 or at all, we learned sex education in school a long time ago: it's the woman who gets pregnant. Don't want to get or be pregnant? Use protection or just be abstinence since that is 100% effective in keeping a woman pregnant free. But people don't want to use common sense anymore, people put pleasure before responsibility these days at that's what abortion is. Irresponsible women getting irresponsibly pregnant and then turn around and say "it's not my fault or duty to care of a child I made, so I'm just going kill it". It doesn't make sense how a lot people accept this murder but don't accept other murders, a human being is a human being regardless if they are in or outside the body.

    • I said in the my take that if I started having sex, I would put myself on an even stronger birth control, use condoms, and possibly morning after pill. How many times have I explained this even though it is written in the my take? This is at least the fifth time. I am going to go slam my head against something and maybe than I can see these peoples logic.

    • Yes I get that, which is why I'm saying if your're already doing those things then you won't have to resort to abortion. But some how if you still end up getting knocked up, then that's the result of just having sex period.

  • I have to say I agree with most of what has been said and I know my female friends agree. I am not sexually active right now because there are more important things in my life than a relationship or risking pregnancy. If I were to get pregnant right now it would ruin my life if I didn't get an abortion, so I would get one. I am not bringing an unwanted child into the world, nor am I going to make my career suffer.

    • And I have to say... There really should be far more people out there who think the way you do. Let's be honest, that is the truth.

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    • @snowshy Yes, my thoughts exactly. And this isn't even some radical "feminist" notion--it's just one that makes the most common sense. It's the most reasonable and practical thing to do--that is, if and when your brains aren't entirely washed out by religion or similar fundamentalist beliefs. I completely agree with you.
      And the fact that so many males have such a negative stance towards this is indeed very telling. Just goes to show that most can only relate to their own experiences. It's not their own body and life to worry about, so of course it's easiest of all for a lot of men simply to dictate their beliefs and opinions without fully understanding or even giving any thought to how the female may be affected by such an issue.

    • @YouAreAbysmal Too many people fall back on, "but other religious people tell me it's wrong so..." so you'll let your life be dictated by some archaic rules that don't even address abortion? Stupid. And your stupidity will rain down on your children.

      I am so glad that I have the privilege of the modern world to not need anyone's approval but a doctors in order to get on with my life if it did happen.

  • My body and I decide when I want a baby to go full term.

  • Bahaha the responses to this XD

  • The morning after pill is not a birth control method to be taken regularly. Actually, you shouldn't even take one more than once every 90 days. It's a huge discharge of hormons that are bad for your health and it should be only taken as a last resource, if the condom broke and the birth control pill is not in effect (because you forgot to take it or because of medication).

    • First I would put myself on strong birth control. I am hoping to get my tubes tied ASAP.

  • It's good that you stick to your plans and won't let anyone bully you into something else. People should be glad there might one day be one less orphan in the world because of you.

  • probably every woman who goes through abortion also goes through feelings of guilt shame
    self loathing doubts of self worth and identity regret fear of judgement by others or god
    or something . you - being evil . interesting enuf there's a lot written on the net about
    spirituality and abortion . inner healing . emotional peace . a range of alternatives .

  • I just (unless in cases of rape, incest, or the mother will die) cannot understand how anyone could ever proudly proclaim to be okay with baby killing. You don't appreciate the gift you have. There are so many people like me who would do absolutely anything for that experience & can't.

    When did we become a place where we encourage irresponsibility as opposed to if you have sex, you go into it knowing it could result in a child. It was your CHOICE to do it anyway. So take responsibility & deal with the consequences of your choice. Give it up so someone like me can raise him/her & (s) he can then decide their lives.

    They have the right to live especially since it would be your irresponsibility that would get them here (unless you're under the exceptions above, which I would truly be understanding of despite disagreeing with the method)

    I hope you yourself never get pregnant

  • Me too. Id get one too.

  • Abortion is killing someone, a future child, a human being. How can you live with the idea you've killed your future child? (if that really happens).

    • I dont want kids. Its not a child, it has potential to be one though

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    • It's not a child, damn it. It's never a child of the abortion happens in the first trimester.
      You are literally getting rid of an embryo or early-stage fetus that has no capacity to maintain life outside the human host. That is FAR from a human.

    • Whores dont care about that !

  • I honestly felt compelled to join this goddamn site and make an account just for the sole purpose of commenting on your post.
    And all I want to say is..
    Good for you.
    Good for you for knowing what you want, for being straight to the point, and for being unapologetic. Good for you for knowing the right choice you'd make to suit YOUR life, and not someone else's.
    There's nothing even remotely evil about what you've said, when in fact, you're simply being as damn realistic as someone could possibly get.
    What so many people here seem to fail to realize is that even females have the inherent right to basic body autonomy (absolute shocker), and only THEY should ultimately be allowed to make the final choice regarding what happens to a fetus. So many males are getting so fuckin' up in arms about this issue, but it's not THEY who'd be the ones carrying around a parasitic organism, essentially, until they'd be forced to go into labor and birth it, just to give up another unwanted kid into the already-overflowing foster care network.
    Pro-birthers are like the plague. THEY are the ones who are truly selfish. How can people possibly call anyone selfish for NOT wanting to bring another unwanted child into the world? How? The so-called reasoning behind that simply baffles me.
    I hope more young adults & actual "adults" might one day come to this realization, honestly.
    There's nothing wrong with choosing to do something else with your life apart from being a parent. Let's be honest. You've only got so much time, so even if you don't have the best or most profitable career, you still gotta make the best of it and do what suits YOU. Fuck having kids just because others believe that at some point, everyone should.
    Can only live to satisfy yourself, ultimately, so good on you for realizing that.

  • aand?
    u know the truth? Nobody give a sH*i*t if u do abortions or if u dont...
    Everyone care only for themselves. Its ur body, its ur kids that u aborted... nobody care.
    i personally dont accept abortions for myself, and thats my choice, i have 1 kid, and i dont want to have more. I know my body and my cycle and i will do everything possible to prevent pregnancy.

    • Well nobody cares you have kids, cheryl. Love how you blanked out the cuss word as if I hadn't heard or said it myself.

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    • Have you read the responses? Clearly a LOT of people care.

    • @BaileyisDarcy clearly a lot of people what the govt to have vagina control.

  • Abortion debate is like a debate between those who prefer ketchup and those who prefer mayonnaise

  • Ok but with modern contraception you'd need to be seriously retarded to get pregnant. I have the contraceptive implant in my arm and even if I didn't the pill is as little as $30 A month.

    • I said in the my take that if I started having sex, I would put myself on an even stronger birth control, use condoms, and possibly morning after pill. How many times have I explained this even though it is written in the my take? This is at least the sixth time. I am going to go slam my head against something and maybe than I can see these peoples logic. I am just being realistic and saying I would have an abortion, if all the birth control fails. Which is unlikely, but birth control does fail and condoms do break.

    • Isn't the morning after pill like giving yourself a whole bunch of hormones? You really shouldn't take pharmaceutical drugs you dont need.

    • As much as I would like to get my tubes tied, thats not really possible at my age. I would take the morning after pill, if I was particularly worried and it has been more than 90 days since I took the last one.

  • You literally only made this to try and make people hate you and think you're a bitch. You literally said nothing of meaning or anything, this is actually just pathetic

  • I with you girl. I have too many prospects and things to look forward to at this age to ruin it with motherhood.

  • It clearly is easy for u being that your mind is set no and if or buts but honestly if you doing all that and still get pregnant you are meant to have that baby in my opinion
    I'm pro choice i support abortion for certain circumstances if you get pregnant and u have your life together as much as you claim your just having a abortion because your selfish and that's fucked up just get ur tube tied or burned and save some eggs just in case you grow out that selfish mindset and want kids

    • Good thing I don't believe in God. So if a couple keeps having miscarriages, are they just not meant to be parents? That is not what being pro-choice means. Dude, if it was possible my tubes would already be tied. I wish I could get my tubes tied. No doctor would do the procedure on the 20 year old. I know people well into their fifties who dont have or want kids. Betty white never had or even wanted kids. So no, it is not a phase.

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    • @jacquesvol You sir, are right on point, as is that nun. Pro-birthers are like the plague. THEY are the ones who are truly selfish. How can people possibly call anyone selfish for NOT wanting to bring an unwanted child into the world? How?

    • @YouAreAbysmal I'm not a pro birthed either its but I just don't think the few strong smart beautiful goal oriented people in the world should abort because we have a lot to offer world we are rare type that's dying out because a lot of us don't have children and don't pass our strength and smarts along and meanwhile dumb asses keep popping out babies so he'll yeah i think it's selfish because the the people that should have children abort and the ones that shouldn't have kids have several

  • Just curious, what is your career at 20?

  • Personally I wouldn't do it but I have a friend who is just like you. I literally just don't have the heart to do it so I'm celibate. In the matter of the safe abortion thing, being prolife means those having abortions are murderers, I'm not sure if people care about those they consider murderers.

    Anyways make sure to be safe with all those contraceptives you want to use, some of them can have side effects that I don't think you want.

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