Why Men Are Allowed to be Promiscuous

Why Men Are Allowed to be Promiscuous

A lot of women complain that men are sexually promiscuous and complain about sloot shaming but i'm here to enlighten you all on the fact that there is reasons for this that women don't understand and are oblivious to the truth that will blind them and fully understand why it is socially acceptable for a man to sleep around and not a woman

1. Men have to work to get laid

As a man you have try to get laid unlike women, if a woman opens her legs and lays on her back in the street chances are she'll get a good guys to plow her with no sweat. But if a man opens his legs and stands in public view, the chances of a woman jumping on him is the same chance as seeing Hitler breakdance his way to the Reichstag tomorrow, a woman just has to open up Tinder and she has 20 guys offering penis to put inside her, a man opens up tinder and he'll have no messages because women are too scared to send the message first anyway

2. Women don't slut shame men

I see that women complain about men being able to sleep around but this is because they don't put pressure around men being virgin at all, a woman is less likely to care if a man has slept around or not whereas a man will run the other way if a woman turns out to be a massive sloot with no morals.

Man: So, how are your past relationships

Woman: Yeah I had sex with about 80 guys in colleg-

Man's reaction:

Why Men Are Allowed to be Promiscuous

Woman: So, how are your past relationships

Man: Yeah I plowed 400 sloots in college

Woman: Wow you must be very experienced, I see past your numbers, the past is the past

As women it is your job to sloot shame men rather than complain about men not getting sloot shamed.

3. If a woman has slept around it shows she isn't careful about her body

Women have more risk in being promiscuous than men have risk, whilst the chances of being riddled with STds is still high, women have the risk of pregnancy and if she sleeps around it shows she doesn't care about the risk. A man doesn't have to worry about getting pregnant.

4. Women put pressure on men to be more experienced than them

Virgin women want a guy that has had experience before, so by their desires they want men to be more sexually active than them in the first place, a virgin guy most likely wants another virgin or someone else with very little experience. But women want a guy to have experience. A woman would rather sleep with a promiscuous man than a virgin man.


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What Girls Said 14

  • .. all of your points are consequences of men having any kind of sexual liberty in all religions/cultures across the globe. This is more of a summary of 'Thanks to men being allowed to be promiscuous, the consequences are'.

    You didn't list a single reason why men have allowed had this freedom.

  • its my job to sloot shame men? okok

  • Thank you, now it is just so clear, you've really enlightened me on the subject.

  • But who are men supposed to be promiscuous with if women can't be?

  • If I man told me that he was promiscuous I would turn my nose up. I think you have to have something mentally wrong with your head to go and sleep around (male or female).

    So I don’t understand why a man feels ‘that they have to get laid’ why not just look for a long term relationship. I wouldn’t want someone who had been intimate with every tom, dick and harry!

  • My mum slut shamed me in front of my family including my husband a few months ago. She didn't call me that directly she made comments in regards to how many guys that I dated when I was in my twenties. I didn't have sex with every man that I dated actually I was dumped by so many guys because I wouldn't put out.

    Now fast-forward to now.
    My brother is now a divorcee and has dated and been with a fair few women, being quite crude about at times.
    Yet there are no nasty comments coming from our mother.

    Talk about double standards. 😳

    • As people age their number will obviously be higher

      like 20 at your age would be one partner a year since 19

      20 at my age would be utterly disgusting

    • The thing is that nothing has been said to my brother in regards to how many women he has had sex with. He was married for almost 17 years.

  • Men can sleep around because they have no shame, women feel too much. Those women who have no shame are immoral.

  • I really disagree. I think woman should have just as much freedom. How you think guys act describes me much better then how you think girls act. As a lesbian it is hard to get laid. I don't slut shame anyone, though if a man or woman called anyone a slut, I'd shame them for saying it. I don't stand people like that. Since I'm a lesbian well, no pregnancy risk and I preffer virgins because I like the excitement people feel the first time they try it, and I want to be the one that shows them for the first time.

  • Doesn't that frog symbolize white supremacy, kkk?

    • Pile of pomegranate seeds could symbolize white supremacy if you want to imagine it so. Whatever you want to believe.

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    • @Shakeandroll86 Those people co-opted it. It's just a comic character usually. The creator of the comic is really sad and disturbed about the type of people who are using his creation. That said, it's not a particularly funny or enlightening comic from the little bit I've seen.

    • Lol
      Why did you down vote her 😂 you upvote everyone

  • I'd gladly jump your bones anywhere anytime

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What Guys Said 27

  • Interesting , I wonder if this has to do with how genes are spread. Promiscuous male offspring will likely spread her genes further than no promiscuous offspring? Promiscuous females might well give birth to bastard offspring that the male has no idea are bastards so he is careful to select females that are monogamous?

  • Guys are bitching about this shit way more than women, it's ridiculous. Yours and five gazillion topics (that say the exact same thing) before you are all seemingly written from a bystander's perspective.

    Why is it, then, the world out there is so different from the one you describe? I'll admit the anecdote is amusing, but when do you ever see such a conversation happening?

    "If a woman has slept around it shows she isn't careful about her body"
    If she has contracted diseases, then yes, Otherwise, no. Quite the contrary, actually. She has brains enough to keep her fuckings safe.

    "A man doesn't have to worry about getting pregnant."
    You don't want to get her pregnant, either, unless you actually plan on starting a family. So, there is plenty to worry about. There are also rare but extreme cases to consider so contrary to what you believe, it's not like any man would jump headfirst into the sack with some random chick (for simplicity, assume she looks good enough for you).

    "A woman would rather sleep with a promiscuous man than a virgin man." Is every intercourse leading to or preceding a relationship? NO. So, if you don't want to worry about minor details such as experience, get someone who'll get you off and go to bed, you have work the next day.

    On the other hand, if you are seeing someone you care about, live together with and want to get your feet wet, how much do their previous experiences really matter? I'll let you figure that one out.

    It's fine if this topic is meant to be a joke. If not, then you might want to look into en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argument_from_ignorance

  • Men on an evolutionary level want to lower the risk for "mama's baby, papa's maybe".


  • Shut your mouth you Chad, you don’t know true heartaches until you’re a gamer. Imaging that you’re playing Minecraft and some loser from Losertown griefs your server. That’s true heartache right there. Or how about when you ask Veronica out on a date, she says yes, and then she doesn’t show up. That’s also real heartache. You Chads have the ability to get any girl you want in the world, yet you still insist on “ow my pp is sad”. Go die in a hole you wretched beast.

  • Because women are willing to give it up for free. Men would not be able to be promiscuous if women weren't willing to let them. And please, women are just as "allowed" to be as promiscuous as men are. Women are the largest propagators of slut shaming, as men simply don't care if a woman is "easy". What you should be asking is why women care so much about what other women do.

  • "If a woman has slept around it shows she isn't careful about her body"

  • If a key can open a bunch of locks, it’s a great key. If a lock can be opened by a bunch of keys, it’s a shitty lock.

  • I am surprised you did not use the locksmithing analogy. A "skeleton key" that can open many locks is prized. And so is a lock that is hard to open.

    Men are the keys, women the locks.

  • anyone is "allowed" to be promiscuous.

    However, promiscuous men are at least respectable.

    A promiscuous woman is one who allowed herself to get fucked by men who don't really care about her.

    A promiscuous man is at least getting his rocks off and doing the actual fucking. It's not rocket science.

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