How To Ride Your Man Like A Champ


How To Ride Your Man Like A Champ

Here’s the way I have found, with the help of a very cooperative girlfriend, that a woman can ride her man all the way up the mountain to multiple, increasing powerful orgasms and ultimately, squirting.

· He needs to understand that he can help with this position by grabbing her hips and helping her move. At first, leave to her own devices but as she gets more and more aroused, he should become stronger and more and more forceful in moving her back and forth.

· Put him on his back and mount up with you on your knees.

· Slide him in and settle in so you’re comfortable.

· Rock like you’re riding a horse, slowly at first and faster as you get more aroused.

· When you’re ready for him to help, reach down and put his hands on your hips. For effect, you can beg him in your sexy slut voice to help you.

· When you start to get close to cumming, move like you’re trying your best to break that thing off. Of course, you won’t but the point is to not hold back. Just go crazy.

· When you’re right on the edge, tell him to do you. He thrusts up as powerfully as he can and holds it with you impaled as deeply on his cock as possible, perched on his erection. He also forcefully tilts his hips and slams his shaft into your G-spot.

· As you cum, don’t even slow down. Keep going and you will cum over and over, each time increasingly intense.

· If you have The Big One, as I call it, you may very likely squirt so if there’s a gush, it’s not urine. It’s female ejaculate. Keep going until you’re completely done.

Here are a few ancillary suggestions:

· Pee first so that if you should squirt, you can be confident it’s not pee.

· If you’re into S&M, have him forcefully pinch your nipples as you’re starting to cum.

· He can slap your tits around if you’re into that. One girlfriend of mine liked to be slapped while she was up there with me telling her what a trashy slut she was for being up there in the first place.

· Some ladies like their men to reach around and smack their ass while they ride.

How To Ride Your Man Like A Champ
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  • hannahbanana11
    Riding dick is amazing and this mytake just goes to prove my statement so bravo dude
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  • Poppykate
    Don’t go too wild with the riding! Because yes! The writer was right... you might not break it off, but you can accidentally bend it in half. 😖 painful for all concern!
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    • true, very painful on the pop out if you do not stop in time and it bashes and bends LOL

    • AustinMan

      Not if you rock instead of bounce. Better clit and G-spot stimulation, too.

    • It's not about speed, Its about rhythm.

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  • Alej27
    Indeed this is usually the positiion that does ir for most of us. It is known nothing really knew
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    • AustinMan

      Yet there are questions all the time about how to ride their man. This is designed to address that need.

  • Goodwifie

    My husbands favorite wifie on top position

    It all comes down to communication.
    by the way don't slap a womans titts without asking her first 😂
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  • SomeStrangeGirl
    Is squirting out pee even normal? Is it attractive?
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    • Goodwifie

      It is normal.

    • Yes. I have had a woman squirt while going down on her. She almost gushed in my face, but I saw the spasms before she did it so I had time to move out of the way. It was super hot. Honestly, I kind of wish not moving out of the way...

    • @freakyzeaky and @Goodwife Thanks!

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  • CT_CD
    I would never let a girl ride me.

    1. I'm asexual
    2. It's a dangerous position. Could break your penis
    3. It's submissive
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    • CT_CD

      And squirting is mostly pee.

    • AustinMan

      Wow!! Wrong on all objective counts. If you're asexual, you're not having sex anyway so it's a moot point.

      It's not dangerous if she's rocking instead of bouncing plus a solid erection isn't that fragile.

      It's not remotely submissive. I'm guiding her motion, smacking her ass, hard, pinching her nipples wickedly, and slapping her, ordering her what to do.

      Finally, female ejaculate is NOT urine!!!

    • CT_CD

      When a girl "cums" or whatever it's a small amount of actual female ejaculate. When she squirts enough to fill a cup or more and soak the sheets it's mostly pee

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  • Unit1
    I'm a virgin and what is this?

    Not sure if it's worth remembering until I finally get laid but it seems like really amazing sex.How To Ride Your Man Like A Champ
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    • I feel your pain bro. I didn't lose my virginity until my mid 20s and had long stretches of involuntary celibacy.

    • Unit1

      @freakyzeaky thanks bro.

  • LovingLover
    😳 very informative article.. thanks for sharing... it sounds painful to me... I like gentle... I say this being a virgin... .. does sex have to be rough to reach great orgasms?
    • jasco

      Sometimes for a virgin no cause your body isn't use to it so it may orgasm right away or it make take a while depending on your tolerance

    • @jasco 😄 thanks for the info

    • jasco

      No problem

  • ladywiththequestions
    Very good article! Tbh, being on top is the only way I have the most intense of orgasms.
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  • Rain_mf
    Great explanation!
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    • AustinMan

      Thanks! I appreciate the feedback and your support. Ride Mary, Ride!!

  • JennieF
    I'm pretty good at it.
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    • AustinMan

      I believe that. Does he ever make you keep going until you've had so many orgasms you're literally begging to stop or passed out?

    • JennieF

      Yeah. He's pretty good too.

    • ATG12

      That's awesome

  • your-bro
    Lol I am a virgin and knew all this tips.
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    • your-bro

      What I disilike about this take is that you think sex is only for women's pleasure. To you how to ride a dick is all about her orgasms

    • AustinMan

      @your-bro I start by focusing on her pleasure. I do that for a couple of reasons, one chivalrous and the other self interest. I want her to really, really enjoy sex with me because that's what a gentleman does absent other factors such a direct request for us to have a selfish quickie focused on my pleasure. That does happen.

      The other reason is that women, bye and large, are both sexually submissive and want to please their man. By getting her all of what she needs and most of what she wants in bed, I have found she becomes extremely attentive and compliant in getting me exactly what I want.

    • Also, a guy's orgasm is almost inevitable. The longer he prolongs the experience the better anyway. When a guy focuses on the woman, he then doesn't focus so much on his own pleasure which allows him to increase his stamina. Of course, a guy should do things that make him feel good too, but since it takes much longer for a woman to orgasm and because a woman can multi-orgasm, it is usually preferred to let her "get hers" first.

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  • momo770
    I peg men like a champ.
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  • Vivluv
    This wasn't much help, but man did it turn me on!
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    • AustinMan

      Why was it not much help?

    • AustinMan

      I'm always looking to improve these My Takes.

    • You get wet easily hmm? x lol

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  • Desruprot
    looks like fun, glad more info is out there.
    • AustinMan

      If she rides hard and has enough consecutive orgasms, every woman I've ever been with squirted. It's great. I found it very affirming to know I got the job done. Once she's done, in my experience, she'll do anything.

  • BigDog1
    Damn, now I'm hard!
  • LegateLanius
    Oh my god, i would be in love
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  • red_knight
    Simple & Sweet...
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  • thechico79
    also, i had one that like to be choked lightly.
    • AustinMan

      That's always fun. Some like to be smacked hard on the ass, some like to be slapped around while she's up there getting scolded for not fucking hard enough, and some love to have their nipples crushed just as they start cumming.

  • sandya88
    Very good article.
  • Anonymous
    I'm still wanting for my first girl to ride me
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