How To Ride Your Man Like A Champ


How To Ride Your Man Like A Champ

Here’s the way I have found, with the help of a very cooperative girlfriend, that a woman can ride her man all the way up the mountain to multiple, increasing powerful orgasms and ultimately, squirting.

· He needs to understand that he can help with this position by grabbing her hips and helping her move. At first, leave to her own devices but as she gets more and more aroused, he should become stronger and more and more forceful in moving her back and forth.

· Put him on his back and mount up with you on your knees.

· Slide him in and settle in so you’re comfortable.

· Rock like you’re riding a horse, slowly at first and faster as you get more aroused.

· When you’re ready for him to help, reach down and put his hands on your hips. For effect, you can beg him in your sexy slut voice to help you.

· When you start to get close to cumming, move like you’re trying your best to break that thing off. Of course, you won’t but the point is to not hold back. Just go crazy.

· When you’re right on the edge, tell him to do you. He thrusts up as powerfully as he can and holds it with you impaled as deeply on his cock as possible, perched on his erection. He also forcefully tilts his hips and slams his shaft into your G-spot.

· As you cum, don’t even slow down. Keep going and you will cum over and over, each time increasingly intense.

· If you have The Big One, as I call it, you may very likely squirt so if there’s a gush, it’s not urine. It’s female ejaculate. Keep going until you’re completely done.

Here are a few ancillary suggestions:

· Pee first so that if you should squirt, you can be confident it’s not pee.

· If you’re into S&M, have him forcefully pinch your nipples as you’re starting to cum.

· He can slap your tits around if you’re into that. One girlfriend of mine liked to be slapped while she was up there with me telling her what a trashy slut she was for being up there in the first place.

· Some ladies like their men to reach around and smack their ass while they ride.

How To Ride Your Man Like A Champ
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  • hannahbanana11
    Riding dick is amazing and this mytake just goes to prove my statement so bravo dude
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  • Anonymous
    Now if he could last long enough for this, it would be great 😂
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    • AustinMan

      He can. That he doesn't is just a lack of self control.

    • Sari_K

      I couldn't stop laughing while reading that 😂😂🤭

    • I’m dead

  • Anonymous
    And men try like keeping Ur body in like 45 ° And do front and back motion cowgirl keep one hand in her tummy to push back and hold tits with other one and increase phase with straight eye contact... That will get the job done ✌️✌️✌️

    Enjoy squirts...🥰
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  • Anonymous
    I've never enjoyed it if I've tried to ride it like I do horse riding.
    • AustinMan

      Are you getting your clit involved?

    • Anonymous

      Yes. I don't care for it.

    • AustinMan

      Sorry. I don't know what else to tell you. I'm guessing the problem is more psychological than physical but that's just a guess since I know so little about the case.

  • Anonymous
    Good take How To Ride Your Man Like A ChampHow To Ride Your Man Like A Champ
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  • Anonymous
    Females do not produce an ejaculate substance like semen, because we have no organ to produce it. The liquid that squirts form from a woman's urethra powerfully before, during, after or instead of an orgasm always tests out to be urine.

    You're greatly mistaken about female ejaculation, whit it is, how it happens, etc.

    Most women do not squirt naturally for the same reasons men don't urinate when they are having sex: the muscles prevent it, because it would be contrary to inserting semen close to the cervix for reproduction.

    Women who do squirt naturally frequently report that it does not make an orgasm appreciably better or more intense, and may actually prevent the orgasm entirely.

    Any time scientists are ever able to capture any of this mysterious female fluid coming from the urethra, it tests out to be urine. Every. Time. People have been waiting and waiting for science to prove it is something else for a very long time. But science just keeps proving it's pee. Some women do have some production of prostate specific antigens that are believed to be originated in the Skene's gland, but that squirts out combined mostly with urine if a woman squirts at all.

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  • Anonymous
    Damn... I got a boner !
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