It's OK For Women To Be Promiscuous

There’s nothing wrong with being promiscuous. Our society is one big double standard, but I’m sure you realize that. You’re damned no matter what choices you make. If you’re overweight, you’re unhealthy. If you’re skinny, you’re on drugs. If you don’t drink, you’re boring; if you do drink, you’re a lush. If you don’t have sex, you’re a prude; if you do have sex, you’re a slut.

Here are my reasons to support female promiscuity

Female Promiscuity Is Natural

It's OK For Women To Be Promiscuous

New anthropological research on human behavior has found that when it comes to sexual selection, females aren't merely passive objects of male competition, but actively seek out multiple partners as an "evolutionary strategy." According to science, we're all sluts. This result was published by human behavioral ecologist Brooke Scelza in an article titled "Choosy but not Chaste: Multiple Mating in Human Females" which was published in Evolutionary Anthropology journal. (Source)

It is Their Body

It's OK For Women To Be Promiscuous

It is their body. Who are you to judge? They can do whatever they want to with their body. As long as their intentions are clear and they're sleeping with men for enjoyment and not sabotage, who are we to judge? Who is anyone?

We’re Curious Creatures

It's OK For Women To Be Promiscuous

Humans are naturally curious animals. Our progress is proof of this. So what's wrong if a woman wants to explore the sexual world? She can and if she wants then she should!

Being Single Makes You Desperate

It's OK For Women To Be Promiscuous

It is not true for everyone but on G@G, we're familiar how much desperate singles are to lose their virginity and get laid. Living without intimacy can be challenging. I'm not saying it's impossible. Nothing is impossible, but dating and sex go hand in hand. This desperation can lead to depression. Getting laid can help you to reduce it.

It's Experimentation At Its Best

It's OK For Women To Be Promiscuous

Sex can be part of the day to day life. Promiscuity is just a sexual experiment at its best. It's like one day you eat at McDonald's next day you eat at Burger King. That's all. Just like trying on shoes at the department store or test-driving cars at a dealership, some women feel the need to experiment with multiple men in the bedroom. Experimenting isn't a bad thing, and women shouldn't feel bad because of it.

Men Do It Too

It's OK For Women To Be Promiscuous

We're living in the 21st century. We've feminism, we've equality (or at least trying to achieve it) I'm not feminist but I do believe in gender equality and equal sexual freedom should be part of it. If we're okay with men sleeping around then why not women? They've right to do so. If we see a promiscuous woman we slut shame her. It isn't fair. Men are promiscuous, and women shouldn't be made to feel bad if they are as well. #StopSlutShaming


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes, it is OK. The problem comes when you find that special person to share the rest of your life.

    Guy asks, "How many previous partners?"

    You gonna be honest and say too many to count?

    Yes, it is fine being promiscuous. Just do not expect it to be as easy to find an LTR!

    Same applies to guys!


Most Helpful Guy

  • ... do you think women are mentally handicapped? They are well aware they have every right to be promiscuous as they want. They can make a living having sex on camera with strangers if they want. They're not going to go to jail or pay fines for it or get their driver's licenses taken away.

    What outrages women is that men have every right to say "I am not interested in having a relationship with a promiscuous woman."

    In other words, women know they have the power and right to make their own choices--what has them screaming in fury is that men are free to make their own choices as they best see fit.


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What Girls Said 33

  • Haha cute post - our ancestors also used to bash one another heads in with rocks but we don't that anymore!

    Follow up article: 'Barrier contraceptives defy natural order'.

  • Promiscuity, male or female, is not okay nor is it normal even though society has made it out to be that way. Promiscous is just a bunch of people sleeping with a whole bunch of other random people, people who practice that kind of lifesyle is not usually respected by both sexes.

  • Well, men better not complain about women being hoes then. They love them. Fornication is still fornication. If you do it too, you can't judge. "According to science, we're all sluts." Science can say whatever they want. I've never touched a man. No man have ever touched me in that way. I ain't no slut or hoe. I refuse to. Bunch of crazy people.

  • There's nothing progressive or "21st century" about promiscuity.

    These are excuses to act like cavemen.

    • What she said.

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    • I know being promiscuous is having many sexual relationships. We are talking about promiscuity here. I hoped you knew what I'm talking about so, what I was referring to was that whether it's okay or not to have many sexual partners considering you do it safely?
      Isn't pleasure and satisfaction all what we live for?

    • @YourFutureEx Do what you want to do. I just said I have a promiscuous friend. Means promiscuity doesn't make me respect you less. Doing it safely is a duty to yourself and to others, not something that would make it "ok" or not okay. It's never okay to have unsafe sex, especially when you're promiscuous.

      The real argument is about the difference between being a promiscuous individual and normalizing promiscuity in the society.

      If you want to do it despite all the dangers that surrounds it, do it. It is your life. But don't try to normalize your behavior by making nonsensical arguments.

      Especially don't sell your behavior as "progressive" and "21st century" to kids and teens because there is nothing progressive or new about multiple partners and risky sexual behaviors. It's as old as our existence and something we've been trying to improve.

  • Sure is it, people can do what they want.
    I just would rather not be as the i find the idea very unappealing.

  • Yes of course women can enjoy sex with different people. Men are the same, but they get upset because they can't find sexual partners as easily as women can.
    And in my experience men don't care about a woman's past as much as the posters on G@G would make you think. If they like a woman they will feel lucky that they can be with her, not try to weed her out based on her past.

  • Nah, promiscuous act is never OK. It is not okay for men, it is not okay for women and it is not okay for cereal bowls.

  • It's 100% okay for a woman to be promiscuous. It's their choice like men who are promiscuous

  • I think you are going about this the wrong way. Nobody should be promiscious, neither man nor woman.

    The morals in this era have fallen so much, starting with thinking that it's okay to have sex out of marriage, then it's okay for men to be promiscious, now it's okay for women to be promiscious. the next thing you know it will be okay to have sex anywhere anytime, and it's heading that way with exhibitionism and the rest. smh.

    The word freedom has screwed with people's head that they forgot that we are humans not animals, and what differenciate us is MORALS.

    • Yeah, finally someone! Promiscuity has nothing to do with freedom - in fact it's completely the opposite, it's a typical example of desublimation, a way to deprive your life of it's meaning, so in fact you end up caring less about your freedoms that really matter...


    • Nicely done!

  • It's not okay to be promiscuous. Some women need to have more dignity about themselves.

  • Yeah I never get the assumption that choosy means we don’t fuck a lot. Out if billions of guys you can be choosy and still fuck thousands.

  • Because sex is great 👍🏼.
    As long you stay safe it's fine.
    Just stay away from one night stands.

    • How many partners have you had?

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    • @Gyrfalcon No offense OK 👌

    • None taken Goodwifie 😉

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  • Yeah!, woooh! this guy! I've been somewhat experiential in my earlier years and I don't regret it. I'm clean, never had an abortion and only got sick once from an actual committed relationship.

    Promiscuity doesn't mean the person is easy or unclean either, I've turned down affluent and handsome men, who were just douches and made me dry up down there.

    Also no, I wasn't screwing three men in a week or anything like that, who has time for all that? I was just very free spirited and changed them when they started to make my head hurt. Or I would have sex with a guy because I wanted to.

    I would stick with my sex buddies for a good period before we drifted apart. I didn't hate men, nor did we have bitter break ups, they still see me and hug me. People assume I hate men because I was treated like shit by my exes, but a lot of the horrible things that happened to me, came from men who wanted me and couldn't get me.

  • Lol whoops i just wrote "its okay to be a slut"

    well mine is a lot different so whatever

  • it's ok to be a slut
    it's ok to slutshame sluts

    • how is it ok to slutshame?

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    • @FrenchyRomain Actually you are White Knighting. There is nothing wrong with wanting sex. a sex drive is healthy. However things done to excess - things done that are detrimental to oneself and others. Destructive patterns can and should be shamed - discouraged.

      You are being childish >It is current year< is not an argument. The same shit happens throughout human history.
      Use logic. They are countermeasures to Aids and HIV but should people go out of their way to get or give to others Aids and HIV?

    • @FrenchyRomain
      You are wrong that they live with the consequences. The people whose lives and relationships they ruin live with the consequences. Their families and friends that watch them walk a destructive road live with the consequences. The children who has no idea who their father is lives with the consequences. The fathers that are cucked and deceived into raising another mans child lives with the consequences. The people who now have STDs that they did not have before some fatal like Aids others incurable lives with the consequences.

      Destructive behaviours and lifestyle should never be encouraged.

  • Yes. If it's okay for men, it's okay for women.

  • Well, it may not be the best choice.

  • I hate that word promiscuous

  • I agree :)

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What Guys Said 86

  • While I have no intention to comment whether promiscuity is OK (it is a personal choice after all) I have a huge issue with the reasons listed here:

    1. I HATE the "it's natural" argument. It's a completely hollow one and carries no meaning. Everything in nature is natural, but that does not make it a good idea. It is natural to have random sex. It's natural to contract diseases. It's natural to eat your offspring. It's natural to get killed by flesheating bacteria. I hope I made my point.

    2. The "It's their body" argument is also meaningless. Of course it's their bodies. You can't control someone else's body. But that doesn't mean you owe nothing to your friends and family. Living your life like you are all alone on this planet and caring little for what your closest people think about your actions is the fastest way to dying alone and bitter.

    3. Curiosity killed the cat.

    4. Not being promiscuous doesn't automatically make you single or a prude. Quality over quantity has always held true. Unless you're Stalin

    5. Men do it to? Who? The average guy or those imbeciles from Hollywood? The world doesn't revolve around them and neither should our life choices. To do something just so that you don't fall behind the herd is cattle mentality at its worst. In fact the overwhelming population of this planet lives in various cultures, very different to what Westerners are accustomed to and the classic Casanova/macho who seduces women left and right will probably end up dead anywhere outside North America and Western Europe.

    So you have to do a lot better if you're going to convince women to drop their panties, man.

  • Science sees what man like to see. Woman in science give man what man like to see. Science is untrustworthy to be proven and useless and gives us man wrong ideas. If a man loves a woman let him ask the woman what she likes or not by simply dealing with her for a while.
    Man brag. Man are shy. They do not like to show that to other man.
    Man are afraid. Man do not dare to show that to other man.
    But eventually how man are is not in the benefit of woman's nature.
    Man destroy eventually womans nature.
    This is not in the benefit of man. So cowards of man need to become more brave. You do not go to the mall to buy a woman. You have to get after her.
    You do not take what they put in front of your nose. Because they bring the mouse to the cat.
    This way the cat lose its nature of hunt and wait passive for the mouse to be brought while the cat does not know they brought the mouse to the cat.
    So was the cat brave? No.
    Man have no father no more with muscles. Because society creates man without muscles.
    Woman lose thei apatide this way.
    Man are tought to be proud to wait for the woman to go to the man.
    Man ask this way to be cheaten. Man do this way not show to the woman they like what a woman does need to know and to feel is taken away from her this way.
    So man can not have a woman who is really faminine but just adjusted to the mans need as she is wrongly taught to be in our society.
    Man must break through that patron. Give a good example to others and they follow you.

  • Yes women have a right to do it. However men also have a right not to want to make a commitment with such women. There are reasons why men are not attracted to the idea of forming long term relationships with such women. There are even studies proving that those types of women, make for horrible partners for men. Women that sleep around can't even properly bond with a man after just a few partners in most cases. Even most women would advise a guy not to marry an ex prostitute, because it is obvious that women that sleep around a lot, make horrible long term partners. Generally this fact is what makes women sensitive to being called a slut.

    Another thing worth pointing out is that men are basically slut shamed all the time as well. Women are seen as degrading or lowering themselves when they sleep around, but men that sleep around are treated like they are misogynists that are hurting the women he sleeps with. Men don't get called "sluts" but they have equivalent names. Womanizer, which is used to show he uses women. Man whore, to make him sound like he has an STD, or is dirty in some way. Fuckboy is used to indicate he has no standards. Pervert, and creep are also common ones.

    In addition men are still more commonly virgin shamed, so he can only be seen as a man if he is good enough to be chosen by a woman, but is seen as a womanizer that uses women, if he doesn't want to commit to her. This is harmful to guys, because men that are seen as dangerous to women, have trouble finding a partner, and may even have violence used against him by other men. So guys, just like women, are having our sexuality used to shame us into acting a certain way as well. The difference is we are expected to man up instead of complaining about how unfair it is.

    Besides when it comes to shaming someone, people will often just attack anything they know will hurt them. Calling a man a pervert, or creep will effect him more than calling a woman a pervert, even if the man is very honorable in his intentions. Calling a woman a slut will effect her more than calling a man a slut, even if she is still a virgin. We each have are own issues there, but there really isn't a big difference. People will use the insult that will do the most damage, even if they don't believe the insult is true.

    Slut shaming women won't stop, until women no longer care about slut shaming. Virgin shaming men won't stop, until men no longer care about virgin shaming. That is just the reality we live in.

  • That's not correct. First and foremost one article claiming its good is not the same as having evidence that it is good. In fact we have substantial data showing that promiscuity is harmful to people, especially to women. First and foremost the fact that monogamy has been practiced in every major and almost all minor civilizations occurring independently of one another should be considered the first indicator of the issues with promiscuity. The others are of course are the fact that currently the only way women are able to be promiscuous is with the advent of birth control which is a very modern achievement. Without this pregnancy would be near certain and that means nine months of increasingly restricted movement, increased need for resources and decreased ability to defend oneself procure resources, reduced ability to flee from predators all of which increase the odds of death for the woman and her offspring. As for the source you provided they as far as I can tell merely state that its beneficial and provide no evidence basing this assumption off of one particular species (at least that they list) of monkeys that seem to have a greater tendency towards multiple mates (and ignores several species of apes that don't do this). Also the fact that male genitalia does not reflect this as human males have comparatively small testicles (and significantly larger penis) then most other species meaning they produce less sperm which itself would be required if they where competing with other males sperm, the greater the quantity the more likely that their sperm would be the one that fertilizes the egg, yet that is not what we see. Further more the only time we see any real deviation from general monogamy is in the form of polygamy which is multiple women with one male and their are few cases of actual polyandry. Both are not common but one woman with multiple male partners is incredibly rare as men will not wish to share a mate as it reduces their chances of reproduction. The only real exception is one group around the himalayes where conditions are such that in order to provide enough resources for a family to function it is necessary to have more males, most of which are blood related, producing and thus sharing those resources with one mate. The reason its important to note that they are generaly related is because this would ensure that a shared blood line will survive if not the individual one. So this is not what is observed in nature generally speaking.

    • Then you get into the statistics which show an increased rate of anxiety/depression, higher risk of STD's, increased dissatisfaction with long term relationships with increased rates of cheating and divorce all of which are catastrophically damaging to the relationship which itself is necessary to raise children. All data shows monogamous relationships create the stability needed to raise happy and healthy children. Statistically 80% of all inmates come from single mother homes, children of divorce (or raised by single mothers which is far more likely to occur with promiscuity (again keeping in mind that for almost the entirety of our species (and ancestors) existence their was no means to protect against pregnancy)) are more likely to engage in criminal behavior, more likely to commit suicide and be depressed, more likely to be impoverished, high rate of academic failure, etc.

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    • No because you being curious doesn't suddenly make it a good decisions, it just means your ignorant of what the possible consequences can be. So what is natural or fun is not what is efficient and healthy. Its like arguing that I should be allowed to eat all the fried food I want, all the sugar I want, without excercising and be healthy. Sure I can do that, no one is going to stop me, sure those things will even trigger a pleasure response in my brain, but that's not going to change the fact that it will slowly (or not so slowly) enlarge my liver, clog my arteries, put strain on my heart, harden my arterial walls, and cause my pancrease to give out ensuring that I die far sooner then I would otherwise. What I want and what is are two different things. No one should stop you, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't voice concern and discourage the self destructive behavior (which some psychiatrist are now viewing promiscuity as a form of self harm because of the issues it causes).

    • As for men doing it, not really. Statistically men are not really as promiscuous as they are made out to be, more then women historically probably, but generally they have only a few partners, about the same as women (want to say on average nine) and the numbers are skewed because a few people generally have substantially more then the rest raising the total average numbers more then what most people have. Further more some one else doing something does not mean its healthy. Men are far more likely to abuse substances too, does that mean we need to get women to take more drugs? Of course not. We shouldn't be encouraging promiscuity because its unhealthy (especially damaging for women), in men or women. Their is a reason why every civilization that removed its restrictions and taboos on sex fell within a short time after, it destroys the foundation of the society (creates instability within the family, puts the focus on physical pleasure instead of lasting purpose).

  • Its not ok. Call me old fashioned, but a commitment is a commitment. Institutions like marriages, the idea of getting old together, anything worth doing outside sex becomes meaningless. No thanks, a man needs to live by a code of honor, otherwise he's just a mindless beast. I hold the woman I love to the same standard. Otherwise I would have no self respect and I would be disrespecting her all the same.

  • Years of observation have convinced me that people who behave like this, are usually not at very happy times in their lives.

    This applies to men, as well as to women.

  • You can not force people to like what you want. Yeah we live in an odd time of slut shaming where bad decisions that are detrimental to the individual and others are not shamed or discouraged but celebrated and encouraged.

    If a woman is a slut then she should own it. All about personal responsibility. But the rest of the world does not have to accept sluts. Yeah some guys may have sex with sluts but that is all they are good for because that is all they bring to the table.
    Others won't bother with sluts because of our own personal preferences.

    A woman is free to explore her body and sexuality but she is not free from the consequences of her actions. A slut will never be treated like a lady because she isn't. far from it but lady in the original meaning of the word.

    A slut is highly irresponsible with her own body thus can't be trusted with anything else. Also it would be foolish to expect loyalty - self respect or self control. Spreads diseases knowingly or not. Many men have foolishly tried to turn hoes into housewives and failed miserably. A slut is not worth the investment just something fun to play with at the time.

    As for your #StopSlutShaming thing. Answer this question: Is being a slut something that people should aspire to? Please state your reasons for your answer.

  • Promiscuous = immoral disloyal person that only uses others for sex and doesn't actually care about people.
    It is not okay for men or women.
    They should at least have the decency to tell people up front that they do that kind of stuff so the others that disagree with that moral choice can avoid any relationships with them.

  • It's "ok" for them to sleep around, but that doesn't mean we can't find them less desirable for doing so.

    Also, if you are going to talk about how being promiscuous is a good evolutionary strategy for them, please explain how it would be a good evolutionary strategy for a man to become sexually exclusive and share his resources with a promiscuous woman.

  • Absolutely agree.

    Sex between enthusiastically consenting adults, as long as it is reasonably safe, is a fundamentally good thing. It's healthy for you physically and emotionally.

    Count me in on #StopSlutShaming

  • Yes, this world have huge double standards, but all of them are against men.

    You can do whatever you want with your life. You can love also animals if you like.
    Nobody will care about that, and you can still find someone to love you after it, but that is just your very personal problem

    The men are not promiscuous at all, this is just a huge cultural stereotype propagated by movies and stories. A man can have 1-2-3-4-5 girl friends until he marry. Some of them are stooping at first, some at second some at 5. These numbers are not showing any promiscuity.
    Any man or women is expected to do that when is young, nobody will condemn you.
    To be promiscuous means to have over 5 partners, but until 10 is still acceptable.
    Over 10 you are indeed in the promiscuous realm.
    Men just love to see women having good initiative, but that doesn't happen at all in the real life. They just wait for the man to do everything, to think everything, to plan everything, and this is really really tiring for any human being. For that, at a given point can give up and move away from you.
    In rest you just wrote here you imagination, far far far away from the real world, and what different people do consider.
    Nobody is retaining you from anything on this world, other than maybe you mother. And your father, if you have one or consider you have one. The feminists do consider with loud voice that men are not parents and the fatherhood is a male invention. Still this kind people (women feminsits) are free to speak and write books and spread their poison and silly learnings to the young women, destroying their life and the happiness of be on this world. Also this is destroying the society and any positive future.

  • Can women enjoy casual sex? Certainly. Without a doubt. A woman can have sex with over five thousand men, and loved every minute of it. It makes her feel sexy and proud, and if it's evidence of an illness, she's clear that it's one she doesn't want to be cured of. But SHOULD women (or men) have casual sex? That's a different question and one that is not likely to be answered clearly or universally by science.

    *"Being Single Makes You Desperate"*

    *" I'm not saying it's impossible. "*

    Why you are saying?

    We can't generalize.

    What is your Definition of Feminism?

    Should she sleep with anyone just because they are curious?

    Good Example of Mc D and Burger King.

    I would not be surprised if you compare sex with burger king in 21st century. Our bodies are precious. We should experiment. 🙃

    • "Living without intimacy can be challenging. I'm not saying it's impossible."

      Yup we can't generalize. That's why I wrote "It is not true for everyone"

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    • Oh bro. I am also researcher. Yesterday I presented my research paper. Rejected by authorities.

      Reason :
      Factually Incorrect.

      Again going to present in end of this month.

      Never get disappointed. Keep writing Takes.

    • Oh that's sad. All the best for next time tho :)

  • It's fine, but don't blame me for judging. I'm not gonna date someone who's promiscuous simply because for me, it reflects her tendency to be impulsive and impatient. Besides, I think sex is an intimate act that I'd only do with someone I love, so someone who doesn't think similarly to me isn't compatible with me anyways.

  • That's an individual choice. It will affect the way others see you, but you can't really control what others think. There will always be someone to judge you. You might get rejected for it, but you can't blame them for that. They make choices just like you do. All you can do is whatever you feel is best for you and hope for the best.

  • Sure it's fine - especially if you're on the receiving end. But like all things, don't expect there to not be repercussions.
    You can't ride the cock-carousel for a dozen years and then think mr. right is gonna want you. Just ain't happenin'. Like I like to say, 'don't squander your youth and beauty'.

  • Great article @Political_dude! I agree with what you've mentioned in your article! Women have the right to be promiscuous just as much we men have.

    I admit to have been promiscuous as well 😉

  • Of course! But man or woman, I'd be a bit cautious with who I'd tell. Many people still frown upon it and as a woman I'd be a bit extra careful. Before you know it, all men you know will think of you as a potential sex partner first and only as a friend/person second. Men are simple creatures, their brains easily suffer from blood shortage due to their blood migrating to another part of their body, making them even more simple then they/we already were...

  • Lets get some facts straight.
    We have principles then we have morals.
    This take is subjective to what?
    Morality. Yes? so if morality is ones own code in whats right, then why are you speaking for others? Spreading a false idea that a specific gender being immoral is perhaps the right thing.
    Immoral vs choice.
    Just cause you sleep with multiple partners doesn't mean you'll get rewarded. Actually there's consequences in the long term in eyes of others. Which they perceive as wrongful act, turn off, deal breaker if you call it.
    So now, still not convinced? So we esblished that not everyone see it that way, its immoral, generalizing and assumptions.
    Now, in what circle of hell do you get this idea that we should stop slut shaming, we are insecure, we are this and we are that. Its like me bitching about feminist and say stopmanhating.
    Well, do as you please but think of the consequences.

  • It's easy af for a Woman to be Sexual and get away with it.

    It's not the same for an unattractive male. First rule of Sexual Harrasment "Be attractive", Second rule "Don't be unattractive".

    Gtfo, It's extremely unattractive when a male finds out his girls has fucked around more than he has. It never plays out well.

  • Well as long as you’re safe about it, and honest with yourself and others and don’t hurt anyone then I don’t see the problem.

    Personally, when I date a girl, I never ask nor care to know about her number of sex partners or sexual past in general. What matters most is how she treats me and that she has no STD or kid.

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