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White Women and Black Men Aren't Going to Stop Liking Each Other

White Women and Black Men Aren't Going to Stop Liking Each Other

For the record, I know there are plenty of people who are okay with it, but there are others who really hate this, so I finally decided to say something about it, and I’m gonna try to be pretty level-headed here and not use insults but still tell it like it is. I really didn’t realize hating relationships between black men and white women was such a big thing until I started seeing it more, and I even got hated myself for talking about it here last year. While there are some who say it doesn’t matter to them, there are others who are boldly honest and bitter about why they hate it.

Black people like to date outside their race...

First off, it’s a pretty common thing in the black community these days for a lot of us to prefer dating outside our race. Even more black women. And sometimes even our parents encourage us to. I’m cool with white women and like dating interracially, though most of the women I’ve gone after have been Latinas.

White Women and Black Men Aren't Going to Stop Liking Each Other

I used to be the type who didn’t want to date my own because of the ghetto/loudmouth stereotypes, but that’s not really a thing for me much anymore. I feel more of a friends/family relationship with black women than feeling romantic about them, and I’ve met plenty of black women who tell me they only like white guys or “Spanish boys.” It doesn’t bother me. I’m not offended if our women don’t date us, because both us black men and women know how we feel. But it does offend me when people of other races are strongly against their own dating black and want to make up their minds without really getting to know us.


I am amazed at the people on GaG - mostly males - who’ve tried to convince me that relationships between white women and black men is a rare thing. These people either aren’t getting out enough, or where they live is far more white than black, or they need to pretend this is the case to feel better about it. Relationships between black males and white females is a pretty common thing in America, going on for centuries, regardless of whether you see it around you or not. Common enough that you find boatloads of stuff about it on Google and YouTube, and lots of pics of black men-white women couples. The proof is even in America’s children. Probably the majority of our country’s biracial kids are half black children who come from those relationships.

White Women and Black Men Aren't Going to Stop Liking Each Other

Even many of Hollywood’s half black actors, actresses, and singers come from the same thing. Wentworth Miller, Mariah Carey, Haley Barry, Vin Diesel, Zendaya, and others. All of which have white mothers and black fathers. It’s even speculated now that Kim Kardashian may actually be the daughter of O.J. Simpson like she always wondered.

White women who DON’T date black men…

As a black man I’m aware of the white women who don’t like or want to date us. Believe me, we have experience meeting those types as well. They think most black men are thuggy, streetsy, violent, drug-dealing, and uneducated, and therefore have stereotyped us as unfit to date.

Usually for me I can look at a white woman and tell by the look on her face, the tone in her voice when she talks to you, little or no eye contact, and her body language that she’s not into black men and doesn’t want them talking to her; even if they don’t want you to know that, though other times they’re not entirely trying to hide it either. You can just figure it out, especially if you watch from a distance and observe how different she behaves with non-black men.

White Women and Black Men Aren't Going to Stop Liking Each Other

Some of them are completely fine with black women though, and have black female friends, but just dislike black men. They have one-sided bigotry. Dating sites is also where you find these women a lot, who are looking for specific perfect-looking ‘toned and athletic’ white males with celebrity looks or status. And the ironic thing is that often those women are overweight or not particularly attractive themselves, and they’re on these sites because obviously not a lot of white guys want them back in real life either.

However, I have met and tried to date some white women online before who did admit they don’t like dating black men sincerely because of a bad experience but that I “seemed different” though things never really went anywhere. I can maybe understand their apprehension after having already been with black men, but others who already make up their minds without never having really known us are still pretty much racist.

“It’s just my preference”...

White Women and Black Men Aren't Going to Stop Liking Each Other

If you don’t want black men, you don’t want them, but I must say it’s curious to me when white women who don’t like us try to defend it as the tired, overused “preference” thing, yet think other white women who have a preference for us are "dating low,” being stupid, or just being trendy. They want you to respect their “preference” is that they’re not into us, but think negatively about women who are.

Not to mention, they - along with some white guys - want to call it a “race fetish”(the fashionable term nowadays) but they don’t see it as a race fetish if they only like Hispanic guys, Asian, or even their own white men! Even more, some of them will find it annoying if black men like them because they’re white, yet don’t find it annoying when their own men like them because they’re white, or when Asian and Hispanic guys do either for that matter. And probably the worst - which I still can’t get my head around - is the white women who don’t want black men, yet like dating white and Hispanic guys who talk black and try to dress and act hood, hip, and badass. So you don’t like that in black men - who authored that style - but think it’s cool in non-black men. Makes perfect sense.

White Women and Black Men Aren't Going to Stop Liking Each Other

So honestly, I don’t have a lot of respect for those kinds of white women with all their defense of their “preference.” But regardless, as black men we still move on, and know there are still enough other women who have relationships with us and aren’t going to stop either, especially in these times.

Unfair hatred towards white women…

You have both situations where black men can be looked down on by their own people - usually women - for being in relationships with white women, and white women who are looked down on by their people as well for being with black. The latter is something I’m learning about more and more these days. I know plenty of white families have accepted a woman’s black boyfriend/husband just fine, but there are still situations where some do not, and others where she would want to date a black man but knows her family wouldn’t like it, or is afraid of her ex knowing too.

I’ve been surprised to learn that there really are white men who actually hate white women for dating or sleeping with black men, thinking they now have “diseases” or are trash for being with us, which is supposed to be an insult to not only her but a black man’s character or integrity too. It’s also not fair to view white women as “easy” for sleeping with black men either. Even violence has erupted from some white men for this. I remember a story on the news some time ago about a white man who went on a killing spree because he was so sick of white women going with black men, and killed himself.

White Women and Black Men Aren't Going to Stop Liking Each Other

It’s for all these reasons that there are still some white women who are not as confident as others in being open about their interest in black men, sometimes even keeping their relationships a secret from their families. I’ve heard it said from some that more white women than we actually realize are attracted to black men and would be in relationships with them but do not feel free to because of some white families’ and white men’s racial distaste for that, even now in the 21st century.


It is true that there remains to be a curiosity between some black men and white women about having sex with each other, and those who’ve already had it either love or hate the experience. I’m aware of white women who did it and didn’t want to “go black” again and found it uncomfortable or not as good as they thought, but there are still enough of them who are into it. And, yes, liking ‘big, black cock’ is a common thing, and I don’t really know what to say about it. Sometimes it offends me and other times it doesn’t, depending on the circumstances. Though I don’t really like how American and European women fly to the Caribbean just to sleep with black island men on summer vacation. It’s a sex trade that’s no better than businessmen going to Asia to sleep with Oriental women.

White Women and Black Men Aren't Going to Stop Liking Each Other

I have mixed feelings. I’ve met white girls online who didn’t want to talk anymore and had their fantasies crushed once they found out I was black, and I’ve also met others who got excited and asked for a picture. Sometimes it has maybe alarmed me a little, and other times I’m alright with it. A few actually wanted dick picks and I was not comfortable with that. Some have even beat around the bush about looking for a black guy to invite into their bedroom with them and their boyfriend/husband which I really am not comfortable with lol. I’ve even had husbands show up in my inbox on a couple sites in the past saying stuff like, “My wife would love you,” or “My wife has told me she’s always wanted to fuck a black man, would you be interested?” Not cool with that, lol.

White Women and Black Men Aren't Going to Stop Liking Each Other

I personally do find intimacy between black men and white women to be very sexy, especially blowjobs and plain missionary. So I can’t really scold it as objectification. It is what it is. And honestly? If the two people are sexually attracted to each other for these reasons, I don’t have a problem with it. If white guys can be sexually attracted to Asian girls, and if white and Asian girls can only like white men because they are sexually attracted to them, why is it always a problem because there are white women who are aroused by black men and vice versa? Can’t that be their “preference” too?

White women and black men aren’t going to stop liking each other...

And that’s just the fact of it. Regardless of what other white people might think about it - and even some blacks - it’s not going to change. And it doesn’t have to or need to. There’s far too much interracialism in America now anyway for that to ever stop. Hell, I don’t like the fact that a LOT of Asian women are only interested in white guys, but I can’t change that, and I honestly don’t care enough to try to slander them or have racial hatred towards them for it.

White Women and Black Men Aren't Going to Stop Liking Each Other

Some black women say they catch hell too for being with white men, which is true to an extent, but not the way white women and black men catch it. Black women aren't getting those really awful, ugly words that they'll give white guys AIDS for sleeping them, or that they're apes or rapists. Black women aren't being demonized for liking white guys, whereas black men can be accused of "putting white women on a pedestal" for liking them - by both black people and even some white women. And a white woman will still sleep with a white man who's had sex with black women, whereas there are white men who will reject a white woman for having slept with black men.

So while relationships between black men and white women can be hotly stylized, they can be hated just as much.

White Women and Black Men Aren't Going to Stop Liking Each Other

No doubt, even for me as a black man there are things I don’t always like about black man-white woman relationships, like how some black men only want to date the really overweight white girls, and the white women who want to talk black just because they have a black man or are only interested in dating black men if they’re thuggy and badass. But those don’t make up all hot chocolate with marshmallow relationships. What these men and women do and how they like each other is between them. Even if they’re only liking each other for the sex or objectifying each other, these two people are happy with that, and it’s none of our damn business. And none of it is going to change just because there are people out there who don’t like it or feel jealous that their own race is going after the other.

Simply...accept it.

White Women and Black Men Aren't Going to Stop Liking Each Other


White Women and Black Men Aren't Going to Stop Liking Each Other
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Most Helpful Girl

  • MandyRuth
    Great take! Its sad that people still have to criticize others for dating outside their race, when its really none of their god damn business! I think it just comes down to jealousy or one's own insecurities, and obviously racists beliefs.

    P. S. I think black/white mixed race people are some of the most gorgeous people on this planet! Not to mention mix raced children are beyond cute!
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    • MandyRuth

      The fact that so many people downvoted my opinion just proves my point even more.

    • ManOnFire


    • It's sad that so many people are obsessed by skin color.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • DodgersGM

    For real, I don't care at all if white women date black dudes. I just want strong families to become a priority again.

    Side note: I don't fetishize any races, but I'd totally date a black girl. I find many of them to be beautiful.
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    • amig0

      If Europe had a stable population of native births, I wouldn't care a lot about whites race mixing. But the low birth rates AND immigration into Europe is a bad combination. Mongoloids have a race of over 1.5 billion strong. Africans have a race of over 1.2 billion strong. But with never ending immigration and the break up of the white family units in the u. s/europe, it's a bad combination. Whites only make up barely 800-900 million of the world population.

    • ManOnFire

      @DodgersGM Lol. Awesome.

    • Yeah, strong families need to become the norm. They have been trying to break that for a while and those leaders/elite responsible for promoting the degeneracy should be hung in my opinion

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  • RolandCuthbert
    Uhm, you really don't think you are kind of self-hating?

    Look, I don't have an issue with interracial dating, having dated outside of the community myself. But I don't understand "Black" men who flaunt their preference for dating outside of the community as "normal".

    I think your whole perception about catching "hell" for dating out is just off base. It isn't that you date outside your community, it is that you only date outside your community. And you are fooling yourself it you are claiming it isn't because you have some deep issues with how you see yourself or your community.

    I think some of the things you post are kind of weird. Like you claim you don't like the way some "Black" men date only fat "White" women. Or how some "White" women only like thuggish "Black" guys. How are they any different than you? How are their preferences less legitimate?

    But strangest of all, you seem to have an issue with "White" women who are only making the same choices you make in terms of preference.

    They prefer "White".

    I am sorry my response is haphazard. But this take just threw me off. I am sitting here typing with my mouth agape.

    • ManOnFire

      Lol. And that's okay. I know who I am and comfortable with that.

    • Whatever helps you to sleep at night.

      I guess.


    • How is he self-hating? He's delineating a lot of elaborate and good points on why some people still see it as problem. Perhaps I'm missing something, but please point out to me what specifically he says that is problematic, and specifically, how he puts black women down/says he prefers anything *but* black women?

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  • wolfcat87
    This article overlooks quite a bit. I live in a state that's 98% white. I have had a lot of white female friends who will not date a black man. Most of the time, it is because their families would not approve. It's not always just about color. I had one man from Texas turn me down, because he was worried about his mother having a heart attack. He didn't want to waste my time knowing his mother would likely end things.

    I've dated few black men myself. Again, it wasn't a color issue for me either. In most cases, when we sat down to talk, we literally had nothing in common! There are also many people who don't want to deal with curly haired children. I don't blame them, it's a pain. some people just have an idea of what they want their children to look like.

    I know a lot of black female friends and relatives who will not date non-black men either. They feel like they are not attracted, it's being a race traitor, diluting the black gene pool, I've heard it all.

    Sometimes it is just easier to say it's preference. Everyone has their own idea of a perfect mate. No use in holding a grudge or getting upset about it. No one should jump into a relationship just over looks, there's so much more at play in life.

    For some white people, it is a fetish to be with black people, and for some black people it is the same the other way. I knew a guy from Ghana who lived where I am and would get offers from white couples to join them. Total fetish. Many girls here would jump on an ugly black man just because he was black. Many of these women are indeed trashy. They were trashy before they wanted a black man. Correlation is not causation, ha ha. If there's a sect that idolizes blacks on TV and their perceived culture and go after a black partner for those reasons, it's pretty much a fetish. I have had both white and black men fetishize me for being mixed. It's very common. So, people are not wrong in thinking it's a possibility.

    Honestly, most people accept interracial relationships. Just because they don't want to participate, for whatever perfectly good reasons, does not say anything bad about the person opting out. Just because they ask questions does not make them wrong either. If your love is just love, then most people will accept that and move on. Does it really matter what anyone else thinks?
    • JDavid25

      Curly hair is beautiful, it's only seen as a pain when you wanna do somethin to it..

    • ManOnFire

      @wolfcat87 Not sure what I overlooked seeing as most of what you said are things I noted in the Take, though I highlighted the biggest issues.

    • wolfcat87

      @JDavid25 Curly hair is beautiful, but I have to do three heads of very long curly hair every morning. It's very exhausting!

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  • Logorithim
    I have to disagree with you on the claim that "black women with white men don't catch as much hell as black men with white women". That was not my experience with black girlfriends- and the hell mostly came from black males who themselves were in interracial relationships.
    • ManOnFire

      Interesting. Learned something new.

    • Hypocrisy much? Oh the irony !!

    • All were either friends or acquaintances, which shocked me even more.

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  • CHARismatic110
    You're still going on about this? Dude, no one cares about interracial relationships. They've been around and will continue to be around. Just glad you didn't use this as another opportunity to bash black women. Because newsflash: that's why you got all the hate you did last time. Not because you prefer white women. But because in order to let everyone know that you prefer white women, you had to call black women every ghetto, trashy, hoodrat in the book. So make you mention THAT next time.
    • xXiTacoXx

      ^^^ This. Honestly, black women really don't care if a black man dates a white girl or a girl of a different race as long as he keeps us out of his damn mouth.

    • ManOnFire

      @CHARismatic110 Ya wanna know what's funny? I actually have bashed white women in both these Takes more than black women. You didn't notice that, did you? Lol.

    • @xXiTacoXx pretty much!

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  • miramiraonthewall
    Well this was... interesting. Full disclaimer - I'm a black woman who isn't into black men. I do, however, think its important for everyone to do the personal, introspective work necessary to work through any prejudice or ignorance that may be informing a preference. Understanding where those things come from is important.

    A lot of black men who prefer women of other races are struggling with a variety of things, I've noticed. The things some of them let their partners get away with is revolting, and I personally see that far less with bw who date interracially. There's almost a fetish for degrading bw I notice and some of my white friends have told me some things bm will tell them. My friends dont like it but other women eat that shit up. It's very interesting.

    Also, I always feel like bmow couples are staring at me, and its kind of weird. It's like theyre looking for a reaction. Maybe they expect one and are projecting, I don't know. I'd like that to stop - please talk to your people. I'd also like us all to be more self-aware of what lies behind our thinking. Lets raise our consciousness, while dating whoever you want.

    I do wish these guys would stop trying to tear down black women, especially given all the hell black men put black women through. That would also be nice.

    But if you embrace everyone, including and especially black women, are respectful and conscious of your own psychology/prejudices/self-love or lack thereof, and just prefer white women, then that's fine. However, it is hard for me to see a truly politically, socially, and self-aware bm, who just happens to prefer ww, posting a "#bmww" post here. So I'll probably take it with a grain of salt.

    Also, a lot of black women everywhere would bust out in laughter at your "ww like white men who 'act black' when black men created this or that blah blah." White women are always praised for copying black women and black men who love them love it. If you watch white girls twerking online or like white girls with a certain body type, I'd let that one go and just accept it, as you say. Some white girls like black features/culture on white men the same way the vast majority of black men like white women who copy or resemble black women in one way or another. You can't have it both ways.
    • ManOnFire

      Hmmmmm. You yourself are black and don't date black men - which I noted in the Take is okay, yet you think black men who don't date black women have issues. Very curious.

      "Some white girls like black features/culture on white men the same way the vast majority of black men like white women who copy or resemble black women in one way or another. You can't have it both ways."
      - That's not the same thing. Either race being into that is simple-minded to me. A white woman being into wanna-be white or Spanish guys is very disjointed in her thinking. Black men who like white women acting black is troubled as well, but flip it: it's rare for a black man to not be into white women but who would date his own black women who talk or act white. That I can say is a big difference between us and racially psychologically troubled white women.

    • I cringe at the concept of "talking or acting white" tbh.

      But anyway, yes, I do notice differences. It's unfortunate but true. I even notice a difference in understanding of self and connection to blackness among biracial people with white mothers vs black. A couple of my biracial friends even agree with that. It is very interesting, but not surprising as black men and women (and men and women in general) tend to develop differently. And I didn't say all of them, it's just a pattern I notice. Some black women have issues too, but it seems more pronounced and common with the black guys into ir dating. Like waaaay more.

      I don't agree that this is "disjointed thinking." lmao You're reaching to try to make yourself feel better about them not wanting you, but you're entitled to that.

    • ManOnFire

      I notice differences too, as my own sister was biracial. I notice that biracial kids with white mothers can be different from those with black ones.

      Hmmmmm. Really not sure about black men having more issues with ir dating, as we're usually the ones more open-minded about it.

      Lol. I don't like white women who are into wanna-bes. Or those who only like thuggy black men. That was part of the point of the Take, and even if they wanted me I still wouldn't want them back.

  • PrincessPie
    • ManOnFire

      I thought it was a great pic too💗

    • Yes, they're both gorgeous as well, well matched couple lol

    • I thought it was a great photo as well. They both are very good looking and seem to complement each other <3

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  • fashionguy17
    I'm a black man as well. I actually grew up in a 98% white state, and all my past girlfriends were white, all my friends were white, all my teachers were white, all my classmates were white... you get the picture. If you actually did see black people, they never stayed long. If you saw black kids at school, they were usually adopted by white families. My family (all of us are black), were the only black family in our entire town.

    This was basically me when I went out with my friends:

    Anyway... I moved to Texas in 2009. Since then, I have dated Latina women, Asian women and black women. I'm currently 27 years old, and I'm dating a black girl. I actually found that I am more attracted to black women than any other race. Would I still date other races? Yes! However, I prefer black women, and I am currently dating one.

    I honestly don't mind interracial relationships. I always say date who makes you happy. It's the simple. Even though I don't interracial relationships, I DO MIND how people go about them.

    Since living in Texas, I have met black women who only date white men because they say white men are better than black men, treat them better than black men and want more than just sex unlike black men.

    Same with black men here. I have met black men here who say that they prefer white women because white women don't have attitudes, aren't after your money and know how to treat black men.

    I also blame the media for those types of stereotypes, because on TV, when you see black people together, they are always arguing. However, when you see black/white couples together, it seems like the perfect union. Also, TV seems to really be pushing the black/white couple these days, which is kind of getting old. I don't mind seeing them, but it makes black/white couples seem perfect, and they are not always perfect.

    As a black man who has dated all sorts of women, I can say that white women are not better than black women and black women are not better than white women. Race has nothing to do with how you will act in a relationship. Where and how you were raised determines how you act.

    I respect interracial couples.. I just don't respect people who get into those relationships because they don't like their own race.
    • Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant response.

      Bravo a thousand times.

      And thank you so much for this post!

      The only thing I would say is I would substitute the word culture for whatever you type the word race.

      But still, a very powerful response.

    • 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 very well said.

    • So if you say you prefer black women, that's all fine and dandy, but if a black man states he likes to date outside, not even specifically white women, but Latinas or Asians, that's a problem? And then you have to make a big show about how white women are not better than black women and vice versa. He didn't state anywhere that any of this was so. You are taking this completely out of context and are making it about something that it's not.

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  • xHoneyxBeex
    I've always wondered why people care so much about who OTHER people date. Everyone should just date who they like, why does it matter? My last relationship was interracial (he is black, I'm white) and there were times where we did experience hostility from both white and black people.

    A few of his friends didn't like me and some people told me I was "damaged goods" for dating a black guy. Of course it didn't bother me, obviously those aren't the type of guys I would date anyway. Lol But it's just amazing to me how invested some people are in the private lives of others. I would look at these people and ask them, "why do you care?" and they would rarely have an intelligent response.

    That relationship didn't work out (for many reasons) and I'm now dating someone the same race as me. Obviously he's not a jerk and doesn't care what race my ex is. Lol I'm very happy with him but hypothetically if I became single, I wouldn't mind dating interracially again. It's never been something I've put much thought into, I just date whoever I like (assuming they like me as well haha).
    • shoot! you broke up?

    • @COCOCHANEL Yeah, that was almost 3 years ago so it's been a while. haha

    • time goes by too quickly

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  • Bottom line... people ought to be able to date who they want no matter what race they are. It really isn't anyone's business. And if they choose or not choose to date a certain race... they shouldn't be shamed.
    • HOAAH

      AGREED. I hate it when people say I only married my husband because of his white skin, so disgusting how people thing... none of their business

    • Here's the thing. You say everyone should be allowed to date who they want but the problem is that white aren't allowed to. White men that like white men are destined to be single for the rest of their life. Media brainwashed white women into only dating black. In short white women only date black men now. So you're saying everyone is allowed to date who they want except white men?

    • HOAAH

      @Mike100745 date whoever you want as long as they want to date you too...

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  • coralee
    I don't understand why anyone would limit themselves to one race. There are attractive, great people in all races. I've mostly dated white or mixed native guys but that's because I spent half my life in a town where those were the only options. I can't see why anyone would turn down a great guy just because his race. Seems like their missing out on a lot of opportunities for a petty reason. I have a preference for dark hair doesn't mean I'm never going to go out with a blond.
    • ManOnFire

      Wow, great comments.

    • coralee

      Great comments for a great Mytake :).

    • coralee

      @momlover212 Yeah this is flat out bullshit. Sorry buddy this pseudo science was disproven ages ago. The world has moved on you should too.

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  • amig0
    Europeans/people of pure european descent are the absolute minority on earth and they have the widest/rarest variety in hair and eye shades. The more these people mix, the more unlikely it is that genes will be passed on to the next generation. Mixed races aren't unqiue, they're racially ambiguous because indians, south east Asians, middle easterners and hispanics all have the same exact dark, dominant features. The variety of europeans are recessive and should be preserved. This is a very well written article and I'm not completely against interracial dating. No ones opinion on this issue really matters because people are gonna do whatever they want, but I'm just telling you, this is the main reason many white men in particular are against ww/bm relationships.
    • vishna

      "I'm just telling you, this is the main reason many white men in particular are against ww/bm relationships." I don't think preserving red hair is the main reason some white men don't like to date non-white women...

    • There is nothing in planet Earth as the pure European and if you are trying to include British in it, then sorry British are not European and they never were and will be.
      Europe is just the extension from the Middle-East and in reality the cross b/w the Middle-Eastern caucasoid from d/f routes of migration.
      MCR-1 gene known to give blue eyes is very very common in Middle-East and the their prevalence ratio is equal in all continents and no one have monopoly over it.
      Eu tries to market as their own trait but in reality, you guys are just result of "Arab lust producing un-wanted shit"=does it sound racist HAN
      watch this map the green one is caucasion race and check its area before branding it as your own.

    • amig0

      @AlphaGhost You know exactly what I mean. Stop being so technical. Obviously no race is 100% pure. But general ethnicities and races should remain intact I think.
      China and Africa and India aren't going to lose their cultures/racial majority anytime soon. Europe will in the next 100-200 years if nothing is done. There is a difference.

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  • Being_a_good_Indian
    Most Americans agree that people should be treated respectfully and fairly. Yet many people in the United States still report feeling discriminated against. The reason might be that people are actually discriminating unintentionally.

    The important thing is to educate yourselves and watch for biases when they surface. Because that’s the only way to stop labeling individuals and groups with your biases.

    The girl who had never seen my penis are commenting that I should grow some inch on my dong

    Weakness is what brings ignorance, cheapness, racism, homophobia, desperation, cruelty, brutality, all these things that will keep a society chained to the ground, one foot nailed to the floor.

    The Inspirational Journey of Anok Yai ↗

    Legally or socially sanctioned privileges and rights were given to white Americans but denied to Native Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanic and Latino Americans.

    • Yeah, internalized racism manifests in different ways. I think you know of another Indian male poster, "political_dude", I think. He accepts the negative stereotypes of Indian males, claiming that they have been "earned" or are in some way partly true.

      I guess, depending upon a person's social context and upbringing, one could understand why a person would adopt the most negative stereotypes about himself or his community.

      Of course, the disgusting stereotype about "Black" men in America is that we are sexual demons.

      And racists in this thread are not giving us much help dispelling that notion.

    • @RolandCuthbert

      I am well aware about few male Indian male posters. I sometimes block few people. Few report me for Plagiarism. Few report me for Spamming.

      😘 Fascinating Facts About Sex 😉 ↗

      5 Myths About Porn ↗

      Heights of conspiracies.

      No comments. 😊

      So women of GaG, have you ever recieved threats online? ↗

  • pooper89
    One of my good friends is engaged to a black guy and she's a ginger. But she loves black culture for some reason. I don't and never have, nor would I ever date a black guy. Granted, doesn't mean I can't find a black guy attractive -im a straight female. But I just wouldn't pursue it
    • ManOnFire

      I always got that sense about you, yeah. Like I was saying in the Take: you can just figure it out.

    • JDavid25

      Well at least you honest about bein prejudice.. LOL..

    • pooper89

      @JDavid25 haters gonna hate

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  • existing_not_living
    TBH, I really don't care. I'm black and I date white guys. What right do I have to judge a black guy for dating white girls? If that's what he wants, then he can have it.
  • MrMysteryMan
    I have these thoughts often.

    Oh and don't forget about the bullshit of how blacks are taking over the white race by stealing their women... BWAHAHAHAHA truly laughable.
    • ManOnFire

      Ikr? Lol.

    • And I get down voted for this? People are truly brainwashed.

    • I say this to all in relationships where you are looked down upon.

      Never let outside pressure influence who you love and want to be with. They aren't in your relationship, they don't have any clue as to the people you are or how he shows you he cares or how you show how much you appreciate him. It's shows more strength in the relationship if you give two shits as to perceptions people have and you still love your man and stand by him. Lord knows us blacks need those types of women in our lives, sorry to say. And, usually the white women that are attracted to and get with black men and stay with them are the ones that are worth holding on to, since they are strong enough mentally to ignore the bullshit we face daily, and show so much care for us in spite of the negativity. That is a good woman, nevermind whatever cultural background she comes from.

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  • lyannamormont
    It's not that I don't date black men, I dated before. And I don't have thug stereotype if you know where to look for educated men. You can find those drug dealing thug types among whites, in short white trash.

    My problem is that whenever I dated black men (two of them 3 months and 6 months), I experienced racism from his friends. Especially his female friends. Black women are somewhat (or the ones I had seen) hateful towards white women dating black men. I had been called names and a lot of shitty things happened and I really don't wanna have the same experience again.

    Also, my parents are both white, but they are from a community where there is basically no black person. (I am not American). So i also consider now if i get serious with a black men, how my parents would react. It's not necessarily living my life according to their standards or expectations but it is still kind of trying to find an optimal point to please them as well.
    • ManOnFire

      I understand all of your concerns. I noted the white parent problem too.

    • Mine is not really a racist white parent problem. It's actually not a problem and they didn't even say a single thing about me possibly dating and marrying an African American man. In fact probably they dont give a fuck as long as i am happy. but i feel awkward.

      Especially at this age, i am done with education, and having a stable financial life. So i am ready to settle down. I am kind of reconsidering my options when a black guy wants to date me. Mind me I have always black admirers somehow. I am not fat by the way at all. xD. Like 5'3 midget with 115 pounds is normal lol :P

      But my most important concern is other black people giving hell to white women. Before I came to the states permanently, I always thought as an immigrant the racism i experience would be best empathized and understood by blacks. But i have suffered the worst racism from black people unfortunately; thou one of my two best friends is black. So I am reconsidering like multiple times before i agree to go out with a black man

    • ManOnFire

      If you're from another country that's probably why black people here have disliked you being with black guys. It's bad enough when my race gives white American women hell, but when you're white and foreign they REALLY give you hell. They think a black man is selling out to an extreme.

      If you're foreign that's probably why black men like you. I myself will choose a foreign white woman over an American, and I have known and been attracted to Russian women, Balkan, white British and French, Romanian, and Slavic. They do tend to be pretty interesting, sexy women.

      I would just say: don't let your experiences prevent you from being with black. Not all black families and friends of a black man are like the ones you knew. Mine aren't.

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  • Shutupman
    I don't like stereotypical African features and not a fan of real dark skin. I prefer Caucasian features simply because that's what I am used to. Mixed are also okay.

    People like what they like. Preferences are okay.
    • ManOnFire

      At least you're honest. Preferences can be okay, but I noted the irony in how people who defend their "preferences" still have an element of racism to it, or don't even realize their own contradiction.

    • JDavid25

      "I don't like stereotypical African features and not a fan of real dark skin".. Like he said at least you are honest even if it is kinda prejudice..

  • keenmind2007
    I think that interracial couples are quite beautiful especially seeing a black woman and a white man together. It's a semblance of some sort to say we are not limited to whoever we can date or be with despite racial background and skin colour.
  • jacquesvol
    Few people have problems dating outside their race, once they know the other person.

    RACISTS have big problem with other people who date outside their race (but will do it themselves when nobody is looking.
    • ManOnFire

      Good point. I know there are racist white men who would fuck a black woman in secret.

    • Of course, hypocrisy is is as old as bigotry (or older)

    • Jacquesvol, old friend. . .


      You and I are not new to this game. Let us put aside race. Do you have any concerned about the survival of your culture, its history, and its customs/traditions?

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  • Dawsonwc
    I used to get caught up in all this as a black man who dated whoever until I realized that I know the truth about people. We’re all mostly the same and those that get all worked up over stuff like this are free to waste as much time as they like caring about something so frivolous. Imma do me while they sort through their problem.
  • hellionthesagereborn
    I'm going to have to disagree to an extent with this. I think it is a bit rare to find a white woman black man relationship, simply because black men only make up about 6% of the population (statistically its just not possible for it to be common). I would also state that yes some white women do have a fetish, if your after the "BBC"(which statistically does not exist as their is no correlation between penis size and race except when its self reported (i. e. when it cannot be substantiated)) or as you stated flying out to a country specifically to have sex with the black men their that is a fetish and that is really messed up (as you admitted). I think many people who dislike women who are into black guys are concerned about that, that its a fetish and it I think understandably makes them uncomfortable (as it should, its objectification its really scummy (and I think that some black men do this as well with white women)). The other reason is again as you mentioned, that they think that many black men are thugs and I don't think that is entirely something that can be ignored. Depending on where you live your more likely to come into contact with thuggish black men then others (same reason why you where not as interested in black women because you thought they would be ghetto) so if that's your experience its hard to separate that, for instance I have known people who did not like "black people" but they where friends with Africans because to them it wasn't the same, it was a cultural issue rather then race. So I think that is something that should be considered. I do think that people should also realize that its cultural and does not apply to the entire group but we (people) tend to make judgments based upon experiences and so if we have had negative experiences with one group that will be the template so to speak with which we view all people from that group. So if your in Chicago and you interact with thuggish black men for instance (where your more likely to find them) your going to think of that when you hear "black men" rather then say a upper middle class black man (like Thomas sowell or Larry Elder or what have you), or you will think thug even if they are from a more rural area and thus much less likely to be that then say an urban area. I'm not saying that's good, just that it is natural and we all do it and we need to kind of be aware of how negative association and positive association can affect our perceptions in general of groups of people.
    • In fact this is why Daryl Davis (black man) befriended members of the KKK. Basically in order to be racist you basically have negative association with them so his response to that was to befriend them talk to them and present a positive association. So while it may be more work I think its important not to blow off peoples opinions, they have them for a reason, its not like they just decided randomly to not like a group of people, it was due to a negative experience or negative perception. Once you get talking to them you can show that it is not something that is intrinsic. So while I get what your saying and do generally agree, you like what you like (personally I've never understood race preferences, beautiful is beautiful who am I to say no to that?) and their should be no issue with that, I do think that we should not just out right dismiss why some people are against it. Again, some times their is an underlying issue (like fetishism (which I am sure is rare but it does exist).

    • Also I think your take is missing the flip side which is when white men date black women. Frequently those women are called all sorts of terrible things (bed wench, self hating, etc. etc.) and those white men are discriminated against just as much (and from what I have seen worse in some cases) as black men with white women. I also think that society as a whole tends to be more tolerant of that union then white men and black women (at least again from what I have seen. In media it seems like your far more likely to see an interracial couple that is black man white woman then you will white man black woman (or Asian man black woman, Asian woman indian man etc.)). But other wise, again, I would agree for the most part.

    • He did touch on the white men, black women relationship side. He just downplayed it. He feels as though black women and white men in those relationships don't catch as much hate. But as you've said and I've seen/heard for myself, they do.

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  • DiegoO
    Very interesting. Sometimes I am confuse to how open native Europeans/Euro descendants females are in having a interracial relationship, and if they are I wonder if they're open in having a long term relationship of that type or it's just something out of curiosity.
    • ManOnFire

      Sometimes it is a curiosity thing, which can be annoying to us black men, but other times it's real. I've had more than one white girl over the years inbox me about how they prefer black men.

    • DiegoO

      Yeah, well, I am not saying interracial relationships are wrong but when you start to have a preference over someone from a specific race or ethnicity, it can become a fetish and you can leave aside a perfect match (who might be from your same or another ethnicity) for "the preference" without even realizing it.

      Been open to an interracial relationship should be: seen a potential match regardless of skin color or ethnic origin. You gotta be careful though for not dropping in the "preference game" and not been victim of someone who likes you for your skin color, in this case.

    • ManOnFire

      Like I said in the Take that doesn't bother me. And "race fetish" is New Age terminology. I guess if a white person prefers their own race then they have a race fetish too, right?

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  • ovi2boss
    Nice take for those who support it, but why you accuse white girls who have prefference who exclude black guys?
    And after that you speak about black guys prefering white women and you're ok with it.
    There are haters and supporters on all topics I don't see it as stigma.
    • That's the thing that bothered me. If he has his preference, what right does he have to critique other women who prefer not to date "Black".

    • ManOnFire

      @RolandCuthbert Omg lol. I think the thing you missed about preference out of this whole Take was exactly as I put it: preference can be okay, but it often ends up being ironically racist because the people defending their preferences will still have racist views towards people who prefer what they don't.

      Like I was saying, it doesn't offend me when black women aren't interested in black men. We're the same race, we understand why we choose to date outside of it. But when people of ANOTHER race have already made up their minds? that can be somewhat offensive. In the same way I even take offense when there are white men who don't think black women are attractive or date-able.

      It might not hurt for you to read it a second time, and although you're 45 you're still not too old to contemplate a little more before having something to say in objection, because I'm pretty sure you already thought you had the right answer before you even finished hearing what the author said.

    • And what is the basis for claiming they are racist? How do you know a "White" woman is racist simply because she does not date "Black" guys? And how is a "White" woman who only dates "Black" guys not racist?

      It is like you have not given this any thought at all. You don't even seem to know what the definition of racism is. If you did, you would understand it has nothing to do with who you prefer to date or have sex with.

      It boggles the mind that you claim people who prefer to date exclusively outside of their "RACE" (which is actually culture), are less offensive than the people who prefer the members of their own culture.

      And I read your whole post. It is hypocritical and inconsistent which I have pointed out repeatedly.

      You are not being honest with yourself nor with the people in this thread. That much is for certain.

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  • VegetaSSB
    Yep, they won´t and they shouldn´t stop liking each other, its so stupid to think less from someone just because of skin color, skin color means nothing, values, live views and so on , these are what are really worth.
  • Blossom5
    I think anybody who has a preference to a race and just has that predetermined decision that they won't ever date anyone from a certain race is a superficial person and a low key racist whether they realize it or not. Love doesn't know a race or a culture. I loved a guy from a race that I never even thought about. It was only because I have opened my heart and looked at him as a person. Don't let a race determine who you should love.
  • kittycat119
    I get that hate as well. I come from a very racist family... and I was racist as a kid. But once I hit senior year I ended up falling for a black boy who was a sophomore. And instantly I was getting hate from other black boys that I only like light skinned boys or something mean. And other girls hated me for it as well. And my parents have basically made it clear they want nothing 2 do with me now that I've been with him and want 2 stay with him
  • TheUsername27
    I personally couldn't care less. I have found there is often a 'type' of girl that dates black dudes more often then not, but also all other types do as well.
    With the big black dick thing... i think a large part of that has been pushed by porn into a bit of a fetish. I'm on the large scale and have found some girls really like it, some don't mind but some don't like it (it's too much).
    • I'm from the UK i should add, there isn't really a stigma here, i forget most of you are from the US.

    • ManOnFire

      I know, in the UK people don't have a lot of racism towards blacks which I really admire.

  • DonRomeo
    The basic truth, and the summary of your post, is that caucasian women will either sleep with, or not sleep with, dark-skinned guys, based purely on racial stereotypes.

    Women are completely bigoted - I've met girls who rejected me because they Only fuck dark-skinned guys. Which is racist against caucasians. And using racial stereotypes. If a girl wants to sleep with a dark-skinned guy, its based purely on racial stereotypes or because they like that hip-hop bullshit. Its a fetish, and either way, they dont care about who you are as a person.

    But this is just a tiny subset of womens' bigotry. The far more prescient question, is why dont they fuck poor men? Why do they discriminate against men born into poverty? A far more important - and revealing - question.

    When I see a girl whos with a dark-skinned man, I Want to believe that the colour of his skin had nothing to do with it. But, disgustingly, it does. It starts from a festish or stereotyping. And you know this is true, because it has a very simple explanation.

    When was the last time you saw a couple with a dark-skinned female and a Caucasian Male?


    Extemely rarely do you see this. And the reason is simple: males dont use racist stereotypes to select a girl. Women do.
    • I'm a black woman married to a white guy, we are out there.

  • ThisDudeHere
  • johnny_hustle
    I don't give a shit who dates who. What kind of women I stay away from are the ones that only date someone because of either stereotypes or past experience involving races and therefore concluding all people of said race are just as bad or just as good their past experience or stereotypes.
  • lord_chilled
    Personally, this doesn't concern me as im neither of these races, but i will let you in on something:

    There is this thing called the " Coudenhove-kalergy plan"

    Its a scheme to promote interracial relationships and particularly interracial sex, in order to create a mixed population of people who have no real identity towards any of their ancestral culture and ideology.
    The result is to create a godless, cultureless, weak, easily manipulated population, that will become the slaves of the ruling elite.


    This plan was schemed a long time ago, and is now coming to fruition in Europe.

    I have absolutely zero doubts that they are trying the same sh*t in america.
    However, unlike Europe, americans seem to be resisting this, because a lot of americans are kinda racist, mostly subtle, not openly, but you guys kinda are.

    Some of you dont even believe it, but based on how much you stereotype, you are (which is funny considering most people in the usa are mixed, just not by what you define as race)
    In this case, thats not really a bad thing tough, since it is actually slowing down the process of the elites trying to turn you all into slaves.

    Anyway, this is what they are trying to do, they are trying to destroy people's cultures and turn them into slaves.

    Take it as you wish.

    As for me, i will keep doing my thing and promote pride in my culture for my people. Not that i really have to since we already are.
    And i wouldn't want my children to date interracially or interculturally/interreligiously
    • Good luck with those lofty goals.


    • That oudenhove-kalergi plan conspiracy hoax has been circulating among white supremacists for years. They're the only ones believing it.

    • amig0

      @jacquesvol Explain how the kalergi plan ISN'T occurring before our very eyes.
      Also, do you have to be a 'white supremacist' to believe such facts?
      You sound like you believe white people wanting to preserve themselves as a unique race is actually racist. Seems like you're the racist here.

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  • Shyy503
    I don’t care who and who date , what and what race date.. everyone is mixed now a days.. it’s really sad to say some races could be extinct some day but I really love mixed people , it’s so unique.
    I’m mixed myself , maybe about four different races within me and I’m dating my boyfriend who is black and Mexican , and apparently American as well..
    I’m also very interested in black genetics because the hair is so beautiful.

    People who say they should stick to they’re own race are either religious for that matter or racist..
    Color shouldn’t matter
    (My opinion)
    • ManOnFire

      I have some German and native American down my line somewhere too.

    • amig0

      Africans aren't going to be extinct anytime soon and neither are mongoloid east Asians, or indians. All of these populations are extremely high. Europeans mixing are the problem because they're the absolute minority on earth and I very much feel that europeans really should only be mixing with other europeans. White people have the widest variety in hair and eye color and these genetics are recessive and extremely rare. The more whites mix, the less these features will persist. No offense to mixed people, but mixed races, indians, hispanics, middle easterners and other south east Asians all look very similar to each other because dark features are dominant. It's not unique at all.

  • Stick to your own. Quit kissing ass and admiring others that don't belong to your people.
    • ManOnFire

      Omg LMFAO!!!

    • I don't know why you're laughing when you clearly have internal problems with your own black women.

      Black men like you are the reason black women suffer so much in America since you push a negative stereotype on them. Shame on you!

      I can't ever see Myself humiliating my own Hispanic sisters online before other races.

      I see you accusing black women of being a loud mouth and ghetto which is B. S. every ethnicity has those kinds of women around the world.

      Trailer park white women are loud and ghetto, Asians are loud and ghetto in some Asian countries and my own Hispanic sisters in Latin countries are loud and ghetto, but you want to single out only a few black women that live in the hood to shame them as a whole... You freaking pathetic.

      The immense majority of black women I met which some were my buddies and were some of coolest and down to earth people and educated since I went to HBCU.

      Get help. You need it bad. Looking for approval from other races won't cure your self hate.

    • We don't agree on much HCG, but I got your back on this one.

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  • Jjyuyu
    race doesn't matter. Some hate it, they think that people should just date within their race and that's up to them. Their opinion doesn't mean the whole world will follow. There's people who make a fuss even WHEN it's between the same race. Shit is wack just leave people to love who they want
  • RationalMale
    1. White men and women have every right to despise/look down on whites who date black.
    2. Okcupid dating info has shown that the white female/black male couple exists mainly in the media.
    • ManOnFire

      Omg lol!!! You're gonna go by dating site stats? Lol!

    • Okcupid's dating information collection is literally the biggest computable sample of human dating interactions in recorded history. So yes. You literally won't be able to find anymore better.

    • @RationalMale
      I agree that the data is good but as a Deep Learning guy (i. e. some statistics background), there is sampling bias. The data is only from OKCupid. You might get more accurate data via web-crawling Facebook, train a Convolutional Neural Network to identify different races, and train another to identify poses that show romantic affection. You might also need a network to identify if two people are the same or different to remove duplicates (the facebook auto-tagging feature might work). For more accuracy, you could use pairs of accounts only and only count it as valid if both people have posted pictures with each other.
      P. S as far as the topic is concerned, I don't care who dates who.

  • vishna
    lol oh my god, yes @the white woman who doesn't want a black guy but wants a guy who in engrossed in black culture, mannerisms lol like wut?

    I will say, I never got how someone can just 'not be into' their ethnic group's men/women or a large group of people in general. or just not into another ethnic group, so ex) I don't know a lot of Indian dudes but if I saw a fine one, I'd be happy to date one if he was nice. What's weird is when the entire ethnicity is off limits. That's weird... people have different features and personalities
    • JDavid25

      Yeah, I agreed with him on that.. It's pretty silly, and kinda prejudice..

    • DodgersGM

      "What's weird is when the entire ethnicity is off limits."

      This ^^^

      In my mind, that's when it becomes a type of racism.

    • vishna

      @DodgersGM agree, I've yet to wrap my head around how it isn't.

  • RussianRebel
    I think people give too much importance to this irrelevant subject. Will the world be better if there are more mixed couples? No. Will it be worse? Not either.
    • ManOnFire

      Hmmmmmm. COULD the world be better? Possibly, because with so much intermingling it will eventually get hard for people to be racist.

    • It's logically impossible for an irrelevant choice like race mix getting any success in making the world better. The world is MUCH more than your fragile self-esteem.

      If is not that case, countries like Brazil would be a heaven in earth... And it is not.

    • ManOnFire

      Brazil's hell is based much more on their 'fragile' government, violence, and corruption than race. Although it still is an issue there, that's not their biggest problem.

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  • GayHowellMeme
    Black men and white women must separate from each other now
    • ManOnFire

      Lol. We all know you're a racist. Stop trolling.

  • loganj
    I think just the difference in skin color is a turn on for many and that will never change
  • spacedanty
    i always had this question.. this happens and its normal i agree but i dont really see many white men with black women... so do black women have more trouble finding a guy sometimes?
    • ManOnFire

      No. It's that black women aren't entirely as open to being with white men.

  • ATuairiscean
    I really try to step all the way back and say I will like a person regardless of their gender, race, religion, class, education etc - It may turn out I have type but that shouldn't be a thing - Same goes for other peoples' relationships - As for people who make it a "Thing", I think that says more about them than me.
  • menina
    That's a nice take!

    I didn't know about some things you talked about it. Like the fact that some people say that a white woman who had sex with a black man, would get AIDS. That's a little bit shocking to me.
    But I already knew that these couples get a lot of hate.

    I used to have a neighbor who is white, she has a daughter and a son. Her son only likes black women and he has 4 kids with 4 different mothers, and they're all black. She's racist, but her son is her favorite. So, even though she hates black people, she tries to deal with her grandchildren.
    Her daughter got pregnant by a black guy. Instead of supporting her daughter, she let her son hit his own sister for being pregnant. And she told her daughter to leave the house.
    While her favorite son was still living with her.
    And I noticed that every week he had a different woman with him.

    You're probably not interested in this, but I thought I should add this to my comment.
  • AlphaGhost
    I think anyone can like anything but you should be man enough to think above it, that it will work or not. I love the black woman curly hair.
    I support every race in the world but I would like the US to make special laws and stop branding everything from Middle-East as white.
  • azzntittiz
    Okay I'm gonna say something positive and woke now... wait for it.
    Ehem, There is only one race and that's the human race, if we judge based on one's character and not their physical we will gain so much insight our true selves about who they truly are. [Applause and whistles] thank you very much. of course that makes no sense, but it's positive.
  • swagswagswag
    You sound like a coon lmao, you really wrote a whole article on dating outside of your race. Who the hell cares?
  • FatherJack
    Black male / white female pairings are quite common , but the reverse ( WM /BF ) is still quite rare , I've wondered why that is. I have heard a lot of black women complain that they prefer " their own " men , but " their men " in turn mostly prefer white women.
    • Same with a lot of white guys lol

    • wolfcat87

      I just have to say... there are definitely a number of black women who will not date white men, and there's the issue vice versa.

      I my experience, a lot of white men think it's cute to make really big mistakes while flirting that get them shut down quickly when trying to pick up a black woman. They may call her "exotic", they may obsess over her skin color or appearance, make comments like "I hear black women are better in bed", they may make countless other mistakes in what they say. It's a major turn off. They make us feel like fetishes instead of people. We don't want to be valued for our skin any more than we want to be devalued in many cases. Some do, but not all for sure.

      Also, many white men are afraid to ask a black woman out. They have more of a fear of rejection than white women do asking a black man out.

  • People like to date outside of their race. Scientific reason is that nature likes variation and biracial kids have more diverse genes. I am from Bangladesh and since I started learning Mandarin I came across many families where one parent is Chinese and the other is Bengali. Their kids, omg, are brilliant and adorable to an extraordinary level. That is what kind of made me think that biracial kids have better genes.

    Otherwise, everyone is used to their own race and wants someone outside of their race. Opposites attract...

    For me, I don't care about race as long as he's a good person 😭❤
    • Research outbreeding depression.

    • cavmanier

      I think the logic of "better genes" is based on larger variability being more resistant as a species (not better as individuals). In other words, 100 cheetahs with very similar genes are more likely to ALL die than ALL 100 cheetahs with a broader range in variability if a disease particularly specialized to kill them is introduced. I don't think variability in genes is related to making one person smarter though... lol. That sounds like eugenics. Broadness in genes excels as a species, not so much as individuals that I'm aware of.

    • cavmanier

      Also I'm pretty sure genetic variability and "race" isn't really related. That's just a cultural attitude people use as labels.

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  • lala5556
    I'm a black women and I am perfectly fine with black men dating white women.
    • ManOnFire

      Thank you😊

    • lala5556

      Your welcome everyone has a right to date who they want. I would be a big hypocrite if I objected because I date outside my race too.

  • AD240pCharlie
    I'll be glad if black men took white women. That would leave more black and Asian women for me...
  • Dargil
    If we are going to rid ourselves of racial bigotry, we have to accept peoples choices, even when they don't go our way. This does not mean we are "color blind". It means we see color as art appreciation and enjoy nature's infinite variety.