Women Are Better and the More Blessed Gender, Aesthetically!

Being a man I literally feel that nature has been biased in favour of women and has blessed everything nice to them!

1.) Women naturally have a better face and curvy body that's a lot more aesthetically pleasing and beautiful than a man's body.

Women Are Better and the More Blessed Gender, Aesthetically!

2.) Women don't really grow much visible coarse body and facial hair and hence, shaving isn't necessary at all for them.

Well at least not on the face, while shaving the face is a "necessity" for men or else he would resemble a caveman and his beard would feel uneasy and uncomfortable as hell! Sure women do a lot more beauty treatments but that's just to enhance the beauty, not as some necessity.

Women Are Better and the More Blessed Gender, Aesthetically!

3.) Woman's legs are a lot more curvy, thick and has natural shape and sex appeal.

This even arouses other heterosexual women, while even a naked male body can't arouse women to that extent!

Women Are Better and the More Blessed Gender, Aesthetically!

4.) Women's cleavage is so much better than a plain simple and sometimes ugly hairy torso of a man!

Women Are Better and the More Blessed Gender, Aesthetically!

5.) Woman's genitals are better to look at.

They are tucked inside the body and hence have less of a chance of getting injured and damaged while male testicles are sensitive, weak, and cause pain like hell!

Women Are Better and the More Blessed Gender, Aesthetically!

Besides, men seem to be closer to being a beast!!

* Sigh* I wish I was a woman!

Women Are Better and the More Blessed Gender, Aesthetically!


Most Helpful Girl

  • while i appreciate you showing your liking of a girl's physique, i still think a guy's body is way better than a girl's. here are my reasons:

    1. guys have much more defined bodies than girls, naturally. they're also much more appealing to look at

    2. guys can look good with or without body hair. if a girl has body hair, it looks gross and strange

    3. girls have boobs that can sag later in life. this looks very gross and guys don't have to have this which still makes them more appealing

    4. girls get things like stretch marks and cellulite, guys don't or at least rarely do. not saying these are gross on girls, because it's not, just something guys don't have to be self conscious about since they rarely get them

    5. a guy can lose fat a lot faster than girls because of hormones. girls have to work a lot harder to get the same results which can be annoying for us cuz it seems "that easy" for guys

    6. a guy can be naturally very attractive whereas if a girl wants to match that attractiveness, she may feel like she needs to drench her face in makeup products

    i could list more, but those are the ones i thought of in the last few minutes. one thing i'll also mention is that the pictures of girls you chose are a lot more attractive than the guys you chose. if the attractiveness would've matched maybe, it wouldn't seem as "different"

    • You feel men can look good even with body hair and beard? While slightly fuzzy female legs look unappealing? Not true... because even you say that those men in pictures are ugly and dirtier than the woman in pics..
      Saggy boobs... so what? Still good enough than grey chest hair and LOT better than grey facial hair on a Man!! Skin of Penis and balls sack does get wrinkles... which women don't have to worry about...
      And no Bald heads for women to worry about.

    • Well speaking about body hair. If a guy starts losing hair , he starts looking less attractive in some cases. If a female starts losing hair , she starts to look ugly... grey chest hair or grey vagina hair what’s the difference... eh...

    • PS- I was referring to the scalp boldness

Most Helpful Guy

  • Women are actually most loving, caring , sensitive , emotional creatures.
    I love women

    But Feminism has ruined women.

    Women are no longer seen as respectable human beings but just as a sex toy because women 'demand it'.

    They demand to be treated like a sex object and a slut because that's what Feminism has taught women.

    Modern society has fucked women up.
    And I'm afraid, the respect for women is going down and down each passing day.

    I wish Women understand that Feminism is suicide for respect, honour and dignity of a woman in society.

    • It's funny how feminism was supposed to do the exact opposite. Feminists claim that their being oppressed by being objectified, yet they promote being a slut. Feminism has become toxic. Egalitarianism is where it's at. Equality for all!

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    • @kimberleylove I mean, I agree with the acceptance of the LGBT+ community and removal of gender roles, but not much else. I don't understand why feminists don't care about 3rd world countries where women have it a lot worse. The most 'intelligent', but still not that smart answer I've got is "If America has full equality all the third world countries will follow." This doesn't take into count 3rd world countries however. Only really other western countries. The funniest answer I've gotten is "It's more important in America, as American women are more oppressed"

      I understand why American feminists feel so strongly about the issue. America has a real problem with weird perverted guys. I haven't been to the US before, but my girlfriend has. Her cousin basically told her not to look at guys. Accidently, she looked in the direction of a guy which caught her and went over to her and ruthlessly started hitting on her and her cousin. So I can understand the problem.

    • @GodHatesKaitlin There's a difference between wanting equality and being a hater of men. If feminism was really about equal treatment of the genders, it would be called humanism or equalism. Women always over do things, have you ever heard men arguing about masculinism? That they are treated inferior to women? No, but it's the case. In this growing world of mad people, no one notices that now it seems to be men who are being treated unfairly.

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What Girls Said 55

  • This is stupid. First off those aren't your average type of women. Those are photoshopped models who most likely have had plastic surgery.

    Second heterosexual men are supposed to find the female body attractive and vice versa.

    Both genders have pros and cons.

  • Those were some ugly pictures and I will get nightmares. But what I wanted to say was that women also have to go through pregnancy, the process of giving birth, and that can change their body shape. Their weight can increase after giving birth, and not every woman has a perfect body. Those pictures were carefully chosen to be bias. Men can also be handsome, whereas women have to use make-up and women have to put in more effort than men to look nice. Women also feel the need to look attractive but every woman is different. Women also have days when they have messy hair, when they are in their pyjamas and without make-up. Those women in the pictures may not have that perfect body after 10 years and the reason can be anything- age, having children, bad diet. Of course, those women must have spent hours and months to get that perfect body, and a lot of women can't be bothered to exercise. I would say we should embrace our physical characteristics, it is god's choice what we look like, we can't choose, even though we can improve and groom ourselves. In the end, everyone will get old and sick, and beauty is temporary. Today's generation focuses a bit too much on outer beauty, on body, to the point people start comparing themselves, they start putting half naked photos on social media, they spend hours in the gym, and our life should not revolve around outer beauty, they are many other things. One way to look beautiful is to be happy, to be busy in life and nice towards others. Definitely, outer beauty is not the only thing we look at when making friends, if someone is pretty and rude, no one will like that person. Teenagers and young people should definitely have a lot more things to worried about- their study, their career, being independent, taking care of their parents and siblings- but nowadays all teenagers can think about is relationships and looking good on the outside as if they are celebrities.

  • I disagree. It's all about the perspective from which you're looking at it. For heterosexual women, men are more pleasing to look at. What you're basically saying is that women are objects/can be objectified, but men can't.

  • I mean, you've picked images of women that not majority look like. Women have hair (little to a lot, depending all over their body), stretch marks, sagging, cellulite, and all that. Not saying any of that is bad, but that is more realistic than these pics.

    The images of the men you've picked are all overly hairy. I don't think they look bad, but again it's not how majority of men look. The guys I know barely have any chest hair and aren't very hairy on their arms and legs.

    • Shame that all gals don't look like them...

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    • @Anon-ymous1 Nah, I prefer variety

    • The guy I'm talking to is blonde, and doesn't have a lot of hair. Even on his arms and legs. When I got o the beach with friends, I see they aren't really hairy either.

  • 1) curvy face of a woman is scientifically proven to age faster than a man’s face. And a beautiful curvy figure... lol... of course you will find that more appealing than a man’s figure because you’re a man :D
    2) women do grow visible facial hair and UNLIKE men they MUST WAX them. There is no hipster trend of women with whiskers. My date once pointed out that I have whiskers. :D For a man it may seem unprofessional, for a woman it’s straigh up disgusting. And for poor Indian and dark haired women who sometimes have facial side hairs... in short-we wax our faces too. Oh, and count to that our EYEBROWS which we gave to PLUCK not SHAVE , hint-it hurts us more to wax our whiskers and eyebrows than it is for you to shave and the body hair torture...
    3) again lol that’s a man’s point of view. Man’s legs are way more attractive to me lol.+we have 1001 insecurities related to our legs because that’s a body part recognised by many men first.
    4) I love a man’s cleavage. A masculine chest that is hiding behind a shirt is a nr1 turn on. Also , not ALL men are hairy and not ALL girls have breasts, some are just as plain (but still nice) as men. Personally, I love that little area of hair on my bf’s chest, it adds manliness and makes me feel even more feminine but again -different tastes.
    5) women have just as many insecurities as men have about their privates. Also I think that penis is way more aesthetic , evenly shaped than vagina (seriously, there’s like a 100 layers of skin, red, pink, blobby, elongated, shortened ). And we can’t pee wherever we want lol

    Woman’s life goes hand in hand with hormones which destroy our bodies overtime. Menstruation, pregnancy, menopause. We are more likely to have stretch marks. We sometimes have to wax EVERYTHING:arms, facial hair, legs, bikini zone, underarms. I sometimes spend 2< h doing this.
    There are both pluses and minuses for both genders.

    • PS I personally lose 7 to 10 days of productivity because of severe menstrual weakness and pain , fainting, nausea etc. Every f**** month.

    • This woman said everything I wanted to say

  • No we're not
    You only think that cause you're a straight guy
    I think you're too busy checking out the top 10% of women and not considering women who are below the 50% percentile range for looks.

  • 1- I actually think there are more attractive men than attractive women.
    2- I looooveeeee man hair. It’s masculine and hot.
    3- I agree women’s legs can be very beautiful but the strength in male legs is hot too..
    4- Because men are build like “one piece” they appear very strong. Which is hot.
    5- all genitals are rather ugly tbh.

    • I don't get your point number 4.
      Point number 2.. OMG! Did you like the male pictures above? Bearded and hairy bodied men...
      What say about very hairy chest and abdomen?

  • posts a perfect female body which 99.9% of female population don't have and says women are aesthetically more pleasing.
    We can't judge the looks of a female body based on the body type that only 0.1 % of the women in the world has

    • I was mainly talking about lack of coarse body and facial hair in women... not just the perfect shape of women as opposed to women.
      Women have naturally almost hairless smooth skin of face and body as well... well at least women do not have any chest, stomach, thigh hair... as me have.. also men need to shave faces and yet it isn't as smooth as a woman's face

    • And oh well going by your profile pic, at least you have that perfect model face and shape.

  • Well, uh, i can say that i dont look like that AT ALL. Of course attractive women are attractive. But there's also a lot of attractive men. It takes a lot of work to stay in that kind of shape!

    • I meant did any of the male picture above seemed appealing to you?
      And which one is best and worst?
      Prefer any woman over any of the men avoe?

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    • Are men shown above scary because hairy?

    • No, not scary at all. Some men are attractive, some women are attractive. It's 50/50 for me.

  • giphy.com/.../hulu-the-hotwives-of-las-vegas-3o6ZtjPWBNLKt0aoY8

    Yep us women have it so easy.
    We need to look good but without looking like we're trying too hard.

    Childbirth 😳.
    Once that baby comes out everyone thinks that they have the right to tell you how to be a mother and that you're not doing anything right.

    • Same is for men.
      Men have to do all the approaching... yet not to seem too much desperate. Not to seem creepy or rapists...
      Always labeled as creepy by women!
      Do all the hard work to maintain spark in relationship yet not to overdo it or yet it's called pushing too much and even labeled as marital rape

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    • What did you feel?
      Aren't you more attracted to woman's body and picture above?

    • I feel like I'm going to block you that's how I feel.

  • yes, women are blessed with good traits, but so are dudes! think about it:
    guys don't have to go through periods, first off. you guys are lucky as hell you don't go through that!

    Males are usually stronger. already been a proven fact simply from being around males that they are usually stronger than women.

    as for guys, they are still more of a turn on for me than women. I mean yes, women are beautiful. I'm proud to be a fellow female. I know how you've wondered why all females (instead of some) aren't attracted to each other. people just have preferences. it isn't a turn-on for me whenever I see a girl's boobs or something. after all, boobs are there for an even bigger reason than just for someone to enjoy sexually.

    being attracted to the opposite sex is a primal thing of nature. ya know, you feeling that women are more beautiful and all that is just a prime example of what you are attracted to. all it is, is your preference. people have their own preferences, and there's nothing wrong with that. there's no right or wrong way. its much easier for me to feel romantically and sexually attracted towards a guy than to a girl, because that's just what I feel.

    • Boobs and periods have a purpose. I don't know how bad it is to have periods or big boobs... but beards are absolutely uselss and hard to deal with. You constantly need to shave or trim it.. till the last breath... and it's absolutely useless... so is male body hair especially the chest and stomach hair , which women fortunately do NOT have!

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    • yeah its true. but what IF chicks did stop shaving completely? would you be able to handle armpit hair, leg hair, and hair.. in other places? since in all those places it would be thicker..

    • YES
      Obviously. It's non issue.
      But if men stopped shaving body and face... they will look caveman and NO woman would even want to be around him

  • So true, I love being a woman, the desire and ability to be girly; I still think my guy is absolutely attractive to me!

    • Why do you prefer men over women for relationship and sex?

    • Probably because I'm not attracted to women in that sense of the word!

  • It depends, not everyone is the same and I think you can't know how it is to be a woman if you aren't and I can't know how it is to be a man so I won't judge

  • I'm jelly of the guys. Well, I find it even, it's just so different

  • I agree with most of them, but we still have to shave and don't forget the periods and cramps.

    • Nothing bad about cramps.
      Plus men have to shave whole body and face..

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    • That's not entirely true. It's more to the point where he finds the beauty of women so awe inspiring as to believe the downside to not be as bad as what you are saying it is/could be.

  • I can agree with you, but not for the reasons you submitted here.
    I would have sourced social standing to point that out.

    • Okay.
      So You prefer women or men, for relationships and Intimacy?

  • We get it. You are a man who likes women.

    Stop assuming everyone has your tastes. We don’t all see life like you. Stop ramming your opinion down our throats.

  • I find men and woman to be equally good looking but when I see a beautiful woman - I feel nothing since I'm straight and only like men.

    • when you see a beautiful woman - you feel nothing, what do you feel when you see beautiful men?

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    • wiki.asexuality.org/Primary_vs._secondary_sexual_attraction_model

      See the model and then rethink about heterosexuality.

      Heterosexual people experience primary sexual attraction often. But SOPIOSEXUAL- (n) one who is attracted to or aroused by the intelligence in others.

      Gray asexuality is considered the gray area between asexuality and sexuality, in which a person may only experience sexual attraction on occasion.

      You already said (When I see a hot stranger on the street) it mean you already acknowledged about their attractiveness.

      Women also have decent personality and intelligence and it's not a gender specif traits so if a woman have decent personality and intelligence then after knowing that you can sexually attracted to her since you aren't attracted to body you are attracted to personality and intelligence.

    • You are demisexual, which is different to being straight.

  • Id say both men and women are attractive, but the woman body is a work of art.

    • Glad you agree with me.
      Who is more sexually appealing to you?

    • Im a heterosexual, while i find women very attractive, im not sexually attracted to them.

  • I wish I could find women attractive... My life would be so much easier

    • Pfff you'd think that, but you'd be wrong. Homophobia exists and the majority of women you like are straight. Basically all the girls I've had a crush on (Except 2) have been straight.

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    • Why don't you like women?

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What Guys Said 80

  • Women don't known as the fair sex for nothing, but a man wishing to be a woman is just weird. You didn't saw a lot of women who shave their legs, do you? so it's funny that you use body hair as an argument. Why don't you use even an single picture with unshaven woman? As for facial hair, yes it's can grow a lot, unlike body hair that usually have much lower limit, but it's not such a big deal as well. I know few women that have a problem with beards, but I can hardly call them heterosexual. Also if you had periods and was not able to use an toilet while you standing, I am not sure if you would keep talking about how wonderful is to have female genitals. Also it's seems to not know that low blows works on females too, and women tend to be more vulnerable then men in general, because female body tend to be weaker, and less resistant to hits. A man's body designed to be strong, sacrificing some fragile prettiness for strength is not a bad deal, plus a man strength tend to add to his attractiveness. Male beauty standards and female beauty standards, an masculine man can look good by male standards. Also there is cases of good looking men and bad looking females, and women are competing mainly with other women, just as men are competing mainly with other men. A woman might find a better looking man, but if she find an better looking woman, it's not going to give her much, unless she is an lesbian. :)





    • Even if a woman has some body hair is really fine and only on the lower legs , some fuzz on the thigh and forearms... not so bad. And nothing on the torso as men tend to get.
      Also facial hair sucks on men. It's Soo thick dense and grows long if left all natural.

    • Well the only reason that women don't have hair on the torso, is because it's might get in a way of breastfeeding, while for man it's not it's not an issue. As for beards, they can be quite badass and even nice looking, even though it's different from beard to beard, and man to man. In any case the society don't see female body hair as more okay then male body hair, otherwise it's men who was expected to shave instead of women, you can disagree with the society on it, but that's how it is. Anyway as you so in @EllezBellez98 take, she also not a fan of body hair, and I can understand that, but nothing stops you from shaving, if you dislike your body hair so much, and if you not lazy about it.



    • I do shave. But I hate that how prickly stubbbly it gets and isn't soft smooth hairless skin as a woman has

  • Congratulations. You're a straight man. Of course you're going to think women look better. A man who works out and has a nice body can look pretty aesthetic too. And lol @ #5. Vaginas/vulvas are nothing great to look at. If it wasn't attached to a pretty girl you'd probably think 'ewww wtf is that thing"

  • media.giphy.com/media/O5NyCibf93upy/giphy.gif
    It's all a facade
    If you've ever lived with a woman you'll know how gross they truly are.
    Women do in fact have hair, they just shave and wax it off.

    And shed hair all over the place, if you have carpets you know what I'm on about.

  • Op is like 'I like women so they areore beutiful'

    Scientificaly speaking, in all mammals, it is the males who look more glorious.

    Same with humans. Take a fit and healthy man with a fit and healthy woman, without make ups or anything.

    Male looks strong, agile, has more muscles to shoe etc.

    Greeks and romans tries to catch aestetics of people, and their ideal form was man. Not woman.

    • mens is more beautiful, penis is more beautiful... ass of mens is amazing! hard and without stretch marks

    • @Fernandaxxs disagree.
      Ass of a man is better? Then why is everyone mad about female butt... and male butt is never seen as appealing and sexy?
      And most people including women find Penises and testicles ugly weird hairy things.

    • No they don't. And people go crazy over some people's asses just because it creates a business and a ton of money for some other people, nothing else

  • "1.) Women naturally have a better face and curvy body that's a lot more aesthetically pleasing and beautiful than a man's body." Of course that is what you think. You are a man.

    "2.) Women don't really grow much visible coarse body and facial hair and hence, shaving isn't necessary at all for them.: Body hair may be displeasing by contemporary standards of aesthetics, but it has had evolutionary advantages.

    "3.) Woman's legs are a lot more curvy, thick and has natural shape and sex appeal." Women's legs are not bigger than men's legs. And, if you are a heterosexual male, of course you prefer female body parts. How do women feel about male body parts?

    "4.) Women's cleavage is so much better than a plain simple and sometimes ugly hairy torso of a man!" Yes, men have evolved with a decided attraction to female breasts. And most females have not.

    "5.) Woman's genitals are better to look at." I agree, but I am a heterosexual male. "They are tucked inside the body and hence have less of a chance of getting injured." Women spend MUCH more time going to GYN's and dealing with problems of the reproductive tract than do men.

    What good does it do to make such a comparison. Men and women are different and I, for one, am damned glad for the differences!

  • Trust me, you don't want to be a woman. Not because men are superior, but the shit women have to deal with and sexism and history of repression women have dealt with. It's 2018 and look at the METOO movement. It's not there for shits and giggles, it's because of the breaking point women have had with sexual assaults, harassments not being taken seriously in our culture and how things are handled. It's good being a man and hopefully things keep improving so continues to get better for women. Plus as a man we might not be so pretty, we have strength and a privilege we take for granted. We don't have to fear sexual assaults or rapes like women have to. And while there are women who can kick ass, I don't feel vulnerable as in protecting myself because of my strength against another strange man in public, like a woman could be much more vulnerable. But as far as bodies go, it does seem like women have more to look at and like the male body is kind of like ripping women off generally speaking. A man has these curves, even if a woman doesn't work out that is sensual and the goods. While an average man doesn't have muscle or "stand out" features, so she has this plain hairy, flat body whereas women have these nice curves and grooves.

    We men get to look at the "3d" eye popping va va voom features that the female body has, while women have typically the 2d, anaolog features. I think some men should almost feel guilty with what they provide less of for there woman to look at on their body, whereas she provides generally more. Like he's ripping her off ha. Lucky for guys women don't care as much about that and aren't as visual otherwise it seems like a lopsided exhange.

    • Also, let's not forget in regard to sex how men have it better a lot. For example the one negative men can have is ED, but as far as discomfort or pain. For example, girls when a virgin can feel pain. Or discomfort if cervix rammed, and just more things women can feel from intercourse than guy's, where our dicks aren't as sensitive and deal with more and where a woman's vagina isn't "too much' for a man. But some women can have tilted uterus or vagismus, or smaller vaginas and if having sex with a man with big girth, that can hurt or be uncomfortable. So it sucks for women with their anatoym in that way whereas guy's anatomy is seemingly less likely to hurt.

  • I'm straight, but I find both men's and women's bodies aesthetically pleasing. As a nudist I consider the human body to be a beautiful creation, and something no one should be ashamed of.

  • Nah lol
    I think a man is the epitome of the human race
    Those Striations though. So powerful feeling


  • Beautiful women are basically proof that God is real and he feels kindness towards us men.
    I mean seriously. Look at that. God loves us, fellas.

  • "* Sigh* I wish I was a woman!"

    I am reluctant to say this but I feel just like that too!

    I guess we will never know how to be a physically attractive man (for women at least). It is truly nature's bias.
    I wish I knew what could be done about it or ways to cope but I'm wondering often about it still.
    Women are just generally way more attractive than men are.

    But if you want my advise: You better keep this attitude hidden if you want them ladies, most of who are attractive already. They do can pick it up and you wouldn't even know and before you know it, you'll end up single forever because of it.

    Women are just awesome and attractive and blessed with their naturally impressive, stunning beauty. 👩😍

  • Lol I look exactly like those hairy men, if I wouldn't trim the hell out of my body.
    I agree though, women can be breathtakingly beautiful to look at sometimes. I love the curvature of the legs leading up to the hips, pelvis and butt on fit women.

    • Exactly. Their curves are lot more appealing and beautiful.
      Oh well, how do you feel about being so much hairy man?

    • Suppose it's life, can't really do much about it. At least I have a nice beard and I don't have to worry about losing my hair since there's no male pattern baldness in the family :)

    • You like your beard? But do women as well?🤔

  • While this is true, I think it's safe to say that the asthetic appeal of the male body lasts much longer than that of the female. I'll fight anyone who claims someone like Hugh Jackman isn't STILL attractive. Men seem to grow more and more attractive as they age up in to their 40s and 50s. Woman have a point at which they start being less attractive often even before men finish becoming attractive.

    Other than that I pretty much agree with all of this xD

    • Make body has aesthetic appeal?🤔

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    • @Blossom5 I doubt woman's skin wrinkles and gets older much quicker than a man's skin. Why so you have such nice imagination about males?

    • I still think it's funny that the pictures you chose of guys to prove that women have it better are of genuinely attractive men.

  • Oh there is no doubt that women have the overall superior body.

  • As a straight man I want to agree with you but I feel that our (men’s) physical appearance is under appreciated. We are straight so we are incapable of finding men physically attractive. Even straight women may not be able to find men physically attractive in the same way we find women physically attractive due to not being able to be as visually stimulated as we are. I think only gay and bisexual men are actually capable of finding us attractive in the same us straight guys find women attractive.

    We (men) actually have way more advantages in the looks department
    1.) We carry less fat
    2.) Our bodies are stronger
    3.) Our bodies are way more complex, even artists find it harder to draw a man’s body.
    4.) We don’t need cosmetics
    5.) We don’t need surgeries
    6.) On average, we age better

    • But we do carry lot of facial and body hair Unlike women.
      We get bald head...
      Our genitals all hang out and is very hairy and weaker than females genitals.

  • Yeah, fully agree, it's something what I thing for long time now, and I am glad someone put it out.

  • 1|0
  • I must say your look on women it's like reading my mind. I am so envious of women , l look at naked women and I am so jealous and feel like crying asking why I haven't got a body like that. Tried going to transition to a female but all I saw was a guy in a dress... I wanted the real thing but that is not possible. My second wife knew my feelings before we got married it helped she liked girls too. We had some really enjoyable times!!!

    • Glad even you wish to be a woman.
      May I ask what do you dislike most about your male body? Message me if you want to.

    • It's a little complicated not so much I dislike my body it's I love the female body. It's softer curveier. Women have nicer asses. Don't have have dangle at the front to get in the way. But more importantly women look at life different to men. I know they can get a little bitchy but nothing like men get like with their jealous acts and matcho pride. I must have over 20 women I am close to plus being married twice just enjoy being around women. In all that time only had sex with 3 women one of thoughs I was drunk and couldn't remember...

  • yes l love all girls girls are the best on earth treat all girls with love and respect as love is in the eye of the be holder girls know us guys love them we just can't help loving girls

  • Both genders are attractive in their own way. Its all relative.

  • Biologically, there's some truth to what you're saying. As the child-bearers, women have had the greater selective pressure to develop visual (and other sensory) indicators of good health. However, men's perception of female beauty is probably skewed to some extent by the selective pressure to notice these indicators and respond to them with sexual arousal.

    • Why don't men have to be appealing to women and arouse them?

    • They certainly do, particularly for short-term mating (casual hookups). However, indicators of health are not prioritized in men as much as behavioral indicators, such as emotional stability, leadership, social status, access to resources, generosity, and protection. These traits in men have historically improved the odds of women successfully giving birth and raising their children through to adulthood.

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