Justifications Given By Sexual Perpetrators for Their Actions (aka Rapists)

Justifications Given By Sexual Perpetrators for their actions (aka rapists)

Perpetrators use rape-supportive attitudes and sexual assault incident characteristics to justify forcing sex on their victims. Logically, perpetrators who can justify their behaviors are at increased risk for future perpetration.

If you don’t know what perpetrator is, It is a person who carries out a harmful, illegal, or immoral act. In this take the term perpetrator shall refer to the rapist. And rape refers to unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth of another person, with or without force, by a sex organ, other body parts, or foreign object, without the consent of the victim.

Recently, In 2005 Rhina Wanger and her colleagues from Wayne State University, Detroit carried out a study of perpetrator’s behavior. This study examined the relationships between rape supportive attitudes, sexual assault incident characteristics, and the post-assault justifications of 183 men sampled from the community who self-reported committing at least one act of sexual aggression.

Men’s sexual aggression toward women is a pervasive problem in U.S. society. Between 25–57% of men report having perpetrated a sexually aggressive behavior against a woman since the age of These acts range from verbally coerced sexual contact to physically forced penetrative sex, with verbal coercion and the victim’s incapacitation the most commonly reported tactics

Justifications given by perpetrators for rape are as follows:

1) Women are Seductresses

Justifications Given By Sexual Perpetrators for Their Actions (aka Rapists)

Seductress is a woman who seduces someone, especially one who entices a man into sexual activity. A woman can seduce someone but perpetrators assume that all women are seductress, meant to get fucked or always have sexual motives when interacting with a man.

2) Women mean “YES” when they say “NO”

Justifications Given By Sexual Perpetrators for Their Actions (aka Rapists)

No wonder wrt this point since #MeToo movement. When she says “No” she secretly or subconsciously means to say “YES”. Every woman is a slut deep inside but keeps saying no so all you’ve to do is push her little bit (Rape her) and she’ll accept it.

3) Women are sex objects

Justifications Given By Sexual Perpetrators for Their Actions (aka Rapists)

A common medieval thought, women are sex objects whose function is to be sexually available to men at all times. Women are created for only one reason i.e. Men’s pleasure. They’ve no motive in life except pleasuring men and producing babies.

4) Men are entitled to sex for being “MALE”

Justifications Given By Sexual Perpetrators for Their Actions (aka Rapists)

Similar to the previous point, it says I have a penis and because of that, you owe me sex because….. I have a penis! They assumed that as a man they could take what they wanted from the woman and hence raped her.

5) Most women eventually relax and enjoy it

She actually enjoyed getting raped (how?). That’s one of the reasons given by rapist to rape her. Even when holding her at a gunpoint, they actually thought she is enjoying getting raped.

6) Nice girls don’t get raped

Justifications Given By Sexual Perpetrators for Their Actions (aka Rapists)

Like nice guys finish last, nice girls don’t get raped. They’re always fully clothed, they aren’t promiscuous etc. But inversely it also implies she deserved to be raped because she isn’t a “Nice Girl”

7) She asked for it

She wanted me to rape her. That’s a ridiculous logic but considered true by the rapist. “She wanted me to rape her”. I think as long as it isn’t a sexual fantasy, no woman will want to get raped without consent.

8 ) I was unable to control my sexual urge

Believe me, although it isn’t a valid excuse, it is most logical of all arguments. I couldn't control my urges hence forced them on someone. I know it isn’t justifiable but sounds most logical yet rapist has to be blamed 100 percent. It is the only justification in which rapist doesn’t blame women for rape (!)

9) A Husband cannot rape his wife

Justifications Given By Sexual Perpetrators for Their Actions (aka Rapists)

Marriage gives you right to have sexual intercourse with your partner even without their consent. In other words, it is “Love” and not “Rape” if you’re married to that person.

10) It was a minor wrongdoing

This is most laughable of all. Basically, you’re not accepting rape as a crime. Wtf? Is a rape joke or something? You’re destroying someone’s sexual life and yet you’re labeling it as “minor wrongdoing” ??

Note: These points do not reflect author’s views. Founded by a scientific study and published as a scientific paper, those are views of confirmed rapist form Virginia prison.

What do you think of those justifications? They’re absurd in my opinion but you’re entitled to share yours! I’m enabling the anonymous option for the same but if you write comments justifying rape, it might get removed due to G@G posting rules.


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  • I don't agree that women are coerced into being raped. As a woman you have a responsibilityto make it clear that you don't want to have sex. Not be indecisive, allow it to happen, realize you didn't want to after all, then cry rape. If a guy tries to talk you into having sex, it isn't rape if you allow it to happen.

    As far as women dressing sexy, I agree it's not an open invitation to have sex with them. But if I wear a low cut top I'm not gonna say I'm being sexually harassed by a man looking at my cleavage. I take it as a compliment that they are attracted.

    I have experienced real sexual harassment in Jr. High school. I has one main guy that would slap my ass when ever he walked passed me. And one night when I was walking to a friend's house, him and his friends jumped out of a canyon and surrounded me. He started grabbing my boobs as they all laughed. After tripping me I got up and ran. They had bikes so I had to hurdle bushes in the neighbors yards to get away. He even got my number from someone that knew Me, called my house at midnight, and told my step dad, "I want your daughters f'cking body." Point is that is sexual harassment. Not some guy checking me out.

    My ex's teenage daughter tried to cry rape so her boyfriend wouldn't find out she cheated on him. She snuck this guy through her window. Her boyfriend thinking she was raped told her to tell me. She put on a good performance. So I took her in the room and said we need the clothes you were wearing because we need to call the police and report it. But before I did I asked her did you say no? She said yes. I told her if we accuse him and they find out you lied then you will go to jail. So i asked her once again did you say no? She said,"Well in my head I did." As if I guy can read your mind. I was pissed because she was willing to ruin this guys life just so her boyfriend wouldn't know she willingly slept with the other guy.

    It just seems that women are crying rape and sexual harassment when it isn't in some cases. And really it's a smack in the face for people who really have gone through that.

    • I once wrote a very G-rated inquiry to a coworker after she was giving me mixed signals. I double checked the company policy guides and flagged my managers as well.

      She said no. So I left her alone.

      Three months later, out of no where it was brought up as a pretense to fire me.

      I have been struggling with my attitude towards women ever since, considering the manipulative evil false accuation has done to us.

      But reading your post gives me hope. Maybe you all aren't out to get us, and that some women would actively stand against the abuse of accusations.

      What you want through WAS true harassment. I harassed no one. They really were wrong.

      And THANK YOU for not letting your ex daughter get away with jailing an innocent. She doesn't deserve a boyfriend if she's going to cheat.

      We men respond to a firm no. Just be encouraging to us to find a wife with someone else.

      I'm glad some women understand thanks already. God bless you. I'm borderline crying.

    • Nice comment. I like your way of logical thinking.

      Whatever happened to the other guy that harrassed you? didn't your stepdad call the cops or something? Or at least his parents.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Thanks for sharing your Take. No comments my brother. I am glad that your Take is promoted. Keep writing interesting Takes GirlsAskGuys Community.


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  • These, and similar excuses, can be found in all kinds of abusers. I recently started googling pedophilia after stumbling upon someone saying that there are lots of pedophiles who don't act on their urges. I wanted to see if someone had interviewed a pedophile, just so that I could maybe understand someone's personal experience, rather than read scientific research about it. Ended up finding an article about a man who had lots of graphic pictures and videos of children on his laptop. When asked about whether he thinks it's right or wrong (or something along those lines), he explained that he thinks the children enjoy themselves and that in certain pictures or certain videos, it seems like they're having a good time. Absolutely mind-blowing.
    But then I read that it's a very common mindset to have among abusers of all kinds. They'll start normalizing what they do and what they feel because otherwise they'd walk around with a heavy conscience. So it gets to the point where they start projecting their feelings and thoughts onto whoever they're abusing, thinking that they actually deserve or even enjoy it. It's sick.

    • Picking fight with everyone on this thread, aren't you? People are sick. Just look at upvotes and downvotes

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    • @Cozybcuz I’m not sure how the law would work in that case since you are no longer a minor, and assuming that any abuse or force didn’t occur in your hypothetical videos. Like if it’s just you. But if it involves an abuser or pedophile forcing you to do things, it would very much be considered child porn. Gray area? Not sure.

    • in my theoretical thought experiment it's just me. would probably call it a gray area. could probably still be put in jail for it

  • Lol, you gotta love all the male down votes on female comments. It just goes to show how out of touch men really are with this problem. I've never been raped, but I've been assaulted, and at least three of these things you listed the guys used as an excuse to put their hands on me.

    Silence won't be broken, though, until men accept that a lot of the members of their gender really are just trash or flat out stupid. It sucks for those that don't do these things, but honestly, even if you aren't a guy who would ever assault or rape a woman, you're just as bad as they are if you are going try to reason why the assault happened.

    Bring on the down votes, dudes. No fucks given.

    • Some women misuse the laws by filing fake rape charges and fake sexual harasment charges against a man. They use it as a weapon to get whatever they want in return whether it be money, comittment, marriage etc.
      It gives the woman a very strong negotiating position, is it false?

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    • I would argue that it is important that we try to reason out why people do it how else would we be able to work against it? Secondly this issue is incredibly complicated with in-depth psychological aspects so please don't trivialize people like that.

    • No fucks will be given in turn for your assaults. Work on your capacity to be gracious towards the innocent.

      I forgive you though, because I relate to you. I downvote you not because I am mad, but because I am disappointed.

      In fact, cancel that, I'll upvote you anyway, so long as it's a small step towards healing for you.

      All this, I do on higher principles than vengence.

  • For those who aren't in hell yet, I'm hoping it's still getting hotter!

  • Not one person in their right mind would rape someone (at all) and use any of those excuses as theirs and if they do, they have some sort of mental issue. I can't believe there are rape supporters on this take, vile creatures if you ask me! Good take!

    • it's actually a really interesting subject, a lot off normal people rape without knowing they did it. Due to misunderstandings and confusion and a lacking sex-ed. here is a really interesting video about it http://bit.ly/2Ga6i9G :)

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    • @Cozybcuz What do you mean by the same people? No matter who is doing it, it's still wrong, I just don't understand how you wouldn't know what you were doing is wrong, regardless of confusion and misunderstanding. Before I had any education on rape and assault I knew what was considered rape and what was not

    • well it depends on what you are looking at let's say 100 rapes were committed over 5 years of time. A big portion of that was committed by serial offenders, who displays narcissistic and anti social behaviour. it's rarer that someone does it only once. They who only does it once is most likely the people i mentioned in the first comment. Sorry for being unclear.

  • That's messed up. Those are just excuses though. They're smart enough to know what they're doing is wrong.
    Nice take!

    • I can't believe we've rape supporters on this thread. Opinions supporting rape are upvoted and others are downvoted

    • Wow that's so messed up. I have no words

    • Some of the things my guy friends have said to me over the years makes me think that many guys really aren't smart enough? I once had my 2 friends complain about times that they were trying to have sex with girls, but they were too drunk to get wet.

  • In my opinion... these that are listed are in my opinion sounding like it's a brain problem/or they have made it their reality.

    When it comes to girls, in our society now, the fashion trends are kinda pushing towards "it's cute" for braletts to be visible through clothing/skin tight/short shorts/mini skirts/crop tops... And it's not necessarily bad but it definitely isn't good either. And then there's some girls who dress like that--for attention, saying it's just cuz they like it and it looks cute/sexy, then some guys start staring and getting sexual thoughts about them. That ain't good, why not bring back modesty?
    There are girls who claim rape, there have been many instances, for various reasons as well, and jailing innocent guys because they didn't give two shits about another person's life. Like it goes 2 ways.
    And I'm not saying rape is alright, I'm in no way supporting it. I'm just saying that there's bad guys in the world, and bad girls in the world too. It's a good take on one side. Not sure if I explained well enough from my opinion, but there it is.

    • Oh, thank God. Hope. I came in here expecting a bandwagon of male bashing and hate. I came in here expecting to find more justification to not care about the issue, because no one ever seems to think of the innocent guy.

      Thank you lady, for giving me hope.

      On the topic of rape, I agree that it's wrong, but I grow tired of paying for someone else's sins just because I have a penis.

      It's good to feel forgiven for someone else's sins. Thank you again.

    • @TheHolyDarkness I would like justice for all equally, not just one sided:)

    • @TheHolyDarkness Sadly you only have to read the comments on this to see what most men think of it,, and it is not good!!!

  • Ok, so we aren't talking about people who just claim rape and destroy the persons life by sending them to prison?

  • They say you want to be raped if you smile, you're a bitch if you don't smile. If you dress nice you want to be raped, if you don't you're a lesbian. There is no way to win against crazy, the sad thing is only the percentage of people that actually are that disillusioned. Speak softly and carry a big stick... They only need be be so boisterous about nonsense because.. well you get the metaphor.

    • So honestly, as a guy, I have not found this ^^ to be true. I know that the way guys act towards girls is definitely different than the way we act around each other. Is it really that extreme?

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    • @winterfox10 So only conservatives are rude to women?

      I argue it all has to do with individual values. I recommend against making it political.

    • @TheHolyDarkness That's not what I'm trying to say... I know what you mean though. I don't want to make it political but I don't really know how else to make the distinction. The most chauvinistic people I've ever met have been in the Liberal party and claimed to be feminists.

  • She was wearing revealing clothing 👎

    • Yup. That comes under "she asked for it" since they consider revealing clothes as an invitation

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    • @InTimoreDei Then what would be the best clothing for women then? If women' clothing were one of the sources for this issue. What do you propose we wear then? I have known of nuns, women in reglious clothing, women who are wearing nothing skimpy, just normal clothing, being sexually assaulted and raped on a daily basis. So what are the ideal clothes for women then?

    • @yucychan thank you.
      I saw photos of an art gallery that had a strong statement about this. Clothing was hung up on display of rape victims with their permission.
      You could see a tracksuit, shorts, dresses,, long skirts, pjs, swim wear and most sadly a little girls outfit with a my Little Pony picture on it.

  • People make up a LOT of excuses to convince themselves that what they're doing isn't wrong.

  • I can't even begin to guess how many times 6 has been implied and taught in my messed up community. This type of thinking is taught and spreads throughout our society, we first learn it in our homes, on tv, from our neighbors. Then you have high school students like the ones below, some of who will stop thinking it's ever ok for rape to happen but others that won't, and they will spread their ideas.

    • Copied me

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    • We frequently come to love our strings. It's a coping mechanism I think.

    • That picture is a completely inaccurate depiction of the actual results of that survey. Makes it seem far worse than it was.

  • Excuses, excuses. I wonder if anyone can even justify child abuse.

    • Usually it's something along the lines of "Well how else is the kid gonna learn?" or "My dad/mom did the same to me growing up and I turned out well."

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    • @winterfox10 no but the ones where they rape children and then murder them. Like it happened with Zainab she was only 7, abducted raped murdered and then her body was thrown in a dumpster inside a trash bag.

    • A person could probably justify it to the selves some how, but in general right and wrong comes down to a subjective point. Unless you believe in a higher morale or something. Anyway the main reason for child abuse is that the parents them selves were abused as children. we are highly impressionable creatures who take after our parents and other figures in our early life.

  • being coerced is not rape

    • If you have to convince someone to have sex with you, you're not doing it right. Just like how when police coerce a confession from someone, it's not considered a valid confession in the court of law.

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    • I gotta disagree with you there. I was forced to blow my cousin when we were kids. I was a lot smaller than he was, and I didn't think I had any choice in the moment. Does the fact I didn't bite his cock off or punch him in the face mean that I didn't get raped?

    • @InTimoreDei just because coerced confessions have been used, it doesn’t make it right. Rapists also walk free all the time but that doesn’t make raping ok.


  • Great myTake! Thanks for outlining these.


What Guys Said 40

  • Rape is never justified.

    But there is a difference,

    Do you lock your doors in night?
    Do you lock your car while driving?
    Does your car have air bags by company?
    Does your car have anti locking braking system?
    Does police give you speed ticked while driving fast?

    If yes, then the reason is Safety.

    We all want to minimize the chances of accident by ensuring security and taking precautionary measures.

    If a male is standing outside a pub half naked, and he gets raped by women no one will point a finger at women.
    But if a woman gets raped outside a pub when she was wearing skirt , people will blame men for that.

    Wearing short clothes, giving eye contact to men when you're not interested, showing your Boobs and ass provocatively, passing comments and taunts etc are called teasing.

    If you tease a Lion like that and if he attacks you, will you blame the lion 100%?

    Now we have cases like a 13 years old girl is raped, or an 70 year old woman gets raped. That is LEGIT rape.
    In this case, the accuser should be tortured to death slowly. Maybe follow Greek style of bull heating chambers.

    But if you're enticing a man and teasing him by wearing short provocative dress and since man is an animal, if he attacks you sexually and then you blame all on him 100%, then you have to give it a second thought.

    But hey, its my thoughts you can agree or disagree with me. It's up to you.

    • You're going receive hella dislikes lol

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    • Soooo your comparing human males to wild animals 🤔 nice.. There's no difference your either a rapist or your not

    • The problem is it doesn't matter what you are wearing. A lot of women that got raped were wearing sweatpants for example (easier to take off then jeans). I have gotten cat called and groped for wearing my work uniform, workout clothes, winter clothes etc.

  • There's something that's missing here...

    These justifications are given after they have been caught and are forced to answer to someone. However, in my opinion, all of these justifications completely miss the point.

    The underlying issue with rape (or other crimes) is simply that the perpetrator does not value your life, or your well-being.

    A person rapes another person because they do not care for the victim's life or well-being. A person robs another because they do not care for the victim's well-being. A person murders another because they do not care for the victim's well-being.

    That is the underlying issue with ALL crimes, including rape. However, given the decline in society values today, it comes to no surprise. Gone are the days of family sitcoms. Every new television show on Netflix is all about glorifying violence, murder, rape, and deception.

    House of Cards, Narcos, How to Get Away with Murder... CSI... etc. While men may be the ones to commit rape more often, the same "I don't give a shit about other people" is why women tend to commit other types of crime like child abuse and theft.

  • All of these justifications are absolutely idiotic, and after reading this, I had this interesting thought exercise: Try replacing "rape" with other types of crimes, like theft and murder. Here are some examples based on the point numbers you presented:

    1. If you're gullible enough, you deserve to be swindled. Don't hate the player, hate the game.
    2. The "No means Yes" argument to me is similar to acting on the perception of being asked for bribe. Example, a police officer pulls you over, you decide to try to bribe them and completely misread, and think that they want a bribe. You decide to wedge a $100 bill between your license and registration before handing it over. The cop didn't ask for a bribe, you you assumed that "License and registration" is a euphemism for asking for a bribe. Next thing you know, you're being arrested for attempted bribery.
    3. Remember when black people were 1/3rd of a person, and weren't even treated as human beings? Yeah! Me too.
    4. Related to the previous point: A land-owning white slave-owner may justify their enslavement of others by claiming that the're inferior, denying them their humanity, or citing some unrelated biblical account about the children of Noah in a convoluted line of thought.
    5. They call it disturbing the peace, rioting, and vandalism. I call it being a great INSERT NAME OF SPORTS TEAM fan! They should join in and destroy their own stores, cars and other property.
    6. Careful people never get mugged. You got mugged; you weren't careful enough. It's also similar to saying "Innocent people don't go to jail". Oh! You're in jail? You must be guilty! Newsflash, that's not always the case.
    7. The boss at a business left the safe open accidentally; it's like they were asking for the money to be taken.
    8. I couldn't control my rage, so I killed someone for mocking me and making fun of me, and hurting my feelings.
    9. A child can't steal from their parent. You see, your parents are supposed to raise you and provide for you; which includes money they give you or spend on you. Therefore, I'm entitled to their hard-earned cash, so taking it without their permission or consent is OK!
    10. Slavery is in the bible and has existed for all of human history. It may be a "hideous blot" as Thomas Jefferson called it, but as bad as it is, it's justifiable somehow.

    Anyway, my point isn't to say that rape is better or worse than any of these crimes and immoral acts, but that trying to justify it is criminally stupid.

  • Man, a short biased and unscientific study of a prison population does not add any real insight into sex crimes committed in the US. There are over 300million of you and I would learn more from listening to victims. Some people are evil, that's generally why they end up in prison.

  • I agree with what you are saying however, the statistics that you used include "verbally coercion " now if that includes threats than I would agree that it is rape or at least sexual assault, but they also include things like verbal pressure in other words nagging and guilt tripping. That cannot be considered sexual assault unless if a woman nags her husband to do more household chores it is slavery. The number of men who have committed sexually aggressive behaviors is high, but not 57%.

    • To the girls who down voted me, are you really saying that if a man says to a woman don't be such a prude have sex with me it is sexual assault (without saying or doing anything else). It may be kind of rude, but it is something you want to put men in jail for? If it is thank God I am a virgin.

  • All of these sayings have a modicum of validity behind them.

    A girl CAN say no and mean yes.
    A girl CAN wear revealing clothing and hope for a cute guy to hit on her.

    Its possible. But that doesn't make it a rule! Just cause the girl hopes she'll get hit on by a cute guy and have a great night with him doesn't mean she wants YOU. So in the end the difference between a rapist and a non-rapist really just boils down to empathy.

    If you lack empathy you project what you feel onto the other and you're completely closed off to receiving signals and emotions from the person in front of you. So the dude who holds the girl at gunpoint and rapes her genuinely believes she enjoyed it, because he did, even though any normal person would be able to tell in a second she's scared to death and is having the most horrible experience of her life.

    But its never so simple. Sociopaths don't make up the majority of the population. Most guys have a minimum of empathy and they can tell when the girl looks scared, sad, happy, excited, seductive etc... They're not obviously projecting their desires irrespective of the girls state of being.

    Also, communication is mostly non verbal. For the following dialogue:
    -The earth is flat.
    -Yeah, right!
    This can take on two completely OPPOSITE meanings based on the tonality, body language, rhythm of speech of the second or even the first person speaking. "Yeah right" can mean, "yes absolutely", or "no fucking way".
    So "women mean yes when they say no" (or when they say nothing) is not false 100% of the time, sometimes thats actually the case. How you tell the difference is with empathy, by reading body language, feeling the emotional tenor of the interaction etc...

    I think a case like this would be incredibly hard to judge. Factoring for the fact that (even though it is also a fraction of the population it does happen), there could be simple buyers remorse. Girls can be sociopaths too. I'd say it would be quite hard to get a clear cut judgement. This is basically all a grey area, there's no black and white, and its all case by case. But its a very interesting debate for sure.

    • Now I'd like to address two things:
      1- 57% percent? So dude if you have a dad and a granddad and a brother that pretty much statistically GUARANTEES that one of them is a rapist? Get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. Here! I call bullshit all the way, sorry , not sorry man. ->Sources and research methodology if you want to give this any credibility because thats an un-fucking-believable number. I mean even in Egypt which is like rape capital of the world (real forced intercourse followed by possibly killing the girl cause she's a slut now kind of cruel insanity) it doesn't hit those numbers. (Sources, the UN reports on violence against women!)

      2- How exactly is coercion defined?
      "If you dont suck my dick I'll kill you?" -> Sounds like legit coercion.
      "I'll post those pics of you to your company forum if you dont..." -> legit blackmail
      "Look its been a week if we dont have sex I'll get with someone who wants to" -> is that rape by coercion? I don't know. The coercion thing is unclear.

  • No excuse women have the right to say no. Admittedly some girls do dress in very horny way and can get the old man to rise if Pervy enough take a photo and release your self but her body is out of bounds unless she wants you to. Even a wife can say no to her husband!!!

  • Given your positions in the past, I guess I don't really understand the take. But feel free to elaborate.

    And just to refresh your memory, we talked a bit about your position on stereotypes regarding Indian males. You also talked a bit about you had decided to be asexual.

    Was that a bit of a smokescreen?

  • This is like the "gentlemen" pedophile thing the media has been pushing lately. It needs to die, no excuse for forcing yourself onto an unwilling person.

    Even if she is a slut, why rape her? She's a slut! You dont need to rape her!

  • I can understand a poor guy doing a rape, we all need and deserve sex, some of us can't afford to pay for sex, what's a poor bloke supposed to do? But why did Harvey Weinstine do all those rapes? He's rich, he can afford to pay for sex, there's no excuse for doing a rape if you're a millionaire.

  • In Hungary if someone tries to rape you, you can kill him. There won't even be a trial. The police check evidence, files the report and period. I also think in Russia it is the same. Nice writing by he way!

  • I find it interesting how it doesn't address all the excuses women use when they rape, like how one female teacher who had sex with her underage student stated how she felt like she was the victim.

  • There's no good excuse. Just to point out something about the last 3
    8.) They could just as easily go home and beat their meat.
    9.) This used to actually be a law. Sex was considered a marital right.
    10.) That Brock kid's recent case reminded me of this. His lawyer said he shouldn't be punished too badly for "20 minutes of action."

    I think an important one to add that the researcher didn't notice is that men think if they payed for the date they deserve sex. www.lisashea.com/.../whenisrapeok.jpg
    this list is quite telling.

  • Rape is all 100% about control of a victim for one's psychological pleasure, not nessearliy sex.

    I admit before I was a Christian back in college I tired to convince a female friend of mine into oral sex.

    I held her against the wall in the library staircase trying to make her agree.

    She was a Christian and liked me and wanted a relationship with me, since I knew that, I felt I could use it to my advantage and convince her just for oral sex, but she wasn't haven't it.

    Yeah, I was a little devil back then...

    • You were a savage 😎

    • But now you still think a wife... even if they are separated owes their husband sex. You told me that I should have let my husband just rape me because it was my duty. That is what you said on a previous post.

  • Not only is rape wrong, I don't see how anyone would get pleasure from the sex considering the other person blatantly didn't want to have sex with them.

    Part of the pleasure of sex is knowing that someone else finds you attractive enough to have sex with and them enjoying it too.

  • This is old shit what you are preaching.
    We are not living in 1990 where rape used to happen legitimately.
    Now, in 2018 you should be talk~ng about fake rape cases and fake sexual harasment cases. Men are just a puppet to woman's desires and manipulation.
    Nowdays women are asking for trouble.

    First they dress provocativly.
    Second, they give you eye contact.
    Third, they press their boobs and ass in your face.
    Fourth, if you touch them back. Fire alarm Fire alarm, Mayday mayday Rape. I got raped.
    Im being sexually harassed. Shoot the guy, kill him.

  • And meanwhile while people decry "rape culture" Europe and America literally imports actual rape culture from south of the border, Arabia, and Africa.

  • I'm appalled by this article. Men can be victims of rape too, including the one writing this message. Quit acting like rape is only for women, because its not.

  • Rapist are high in the psychopatic scale. It doesn't surprise me they en been murderers when they ate not stop in time.

  • If the rapists refused to listen to the victims, why should we consider their opinions

  • Over here, a mother let strangers rape her MALE kid. Why? Because as a mother, she's entitled to. Now you witness.

  • Hmmm... I actually agree with every one of those reasons.

  • Rape is about control not sex. Give these guys axes, an island, and no guards, and they'll take of the problem themselves.

  • given that rapists end up in prison, noone's really buying their 'justifications', hmm?

  • I would really like some sources as some of these statistics seem quite preposterous.

    • read its, would say it got decent content. But it's clearly trying to frame it as all of these account were rape. Also the margin 25–57% is a ridiculous one incredibly loose and odd. If you want a better view of this look in to this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvUSKkahl3M

  • It seems like the central issue for a lot of men is the frustration that many women simply change their minds at really inconvenient times. It's fucked up, and it's not fair, but women do have the right to change their minds. Sometimes that change happens when you are both naked and she's fondling your junk, and it's really frustrating. As men we have a responsibility to go slowly enough that she can feel like she is in charge. It lets you savor her, and it lets her know that her feelings are your priority (aka: better sex for her).

    I think that most men sort of hover that Aziz Ansari line where it's like rape but it's not really rape because she should have been more decisive about saying no... I call it consent under duress. I think people are so hesitant to give Ansari the boot because if they do, they need to start asking themselves some hard questions.

  • A rape is never justified. I repeat, never

  • All things that make someone less than human

  • Rapists are pathetic. That is all.

  • Bueno

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