Confessions of an Unbridled Nymphomaniac... Questions That May Never be Answered!

Confessions of an Unbridled Nymphomaniac... Questions That May Never be Answered!

Just wondering...

Is nymphomania a disease or a symptom of one? Why are orgasms so incredible that some of us become addicted to them? I mean, to the point of even doing the wildest things sexually that we may never do otherwise, while caught up in the psychotic whirlwind of erotic splendor. Is it unfair or are we considered lucky? addiction that takes over our entire body, mind and soul, leaving us, in many instances, out of control.

I know nymphomania is rare, but why does it take over the lives of those of us that have it? When I orgasm, I scream nearly at the top of my lungs, without refrain. My fingernails may puncture, pierce or even scratch until bleeding, those unlucky enough to have invaded my airspace and succumb to my embrace.

Confessions of an Unbridled Nymphomaniac... Questions That May Never be Answered!

How can I stop it?...or should I? When I am at work, all I can think about some days is having my next orgasm. Is that fair to me, or to anyone else that needs my undivided attention at the office? I practically run to my car when the workday is up. Usually, I go to exercise hard, physically, in the gym, and that takes my mind off of my desires temporarily, but when I get home, unless I'm too exhausted, I have to orgasm in some way, or another, and soon!...and usually, multiple times!

Is it even curable? Or, better yet, should it be cured? Or is every minute of unstoppable passion and every last drop of unencumbered lust to be enjoyed and coveted while it yet remains?

Confessions of an Unbridled Nymphomaniac... Questions That May Never be Answered!

Have I been so fully immersed in this addiction for so long that I may never rise back to the surface of normalcy? Or am I in an eternal place of nirvana and bliss to be envied? My consistent advice to everyone else is to love yourself for who you are. But does that advice apply to me in this situation, because that's who I am?

Am I being too open and honest, and unlatching the flood gates to a river of ridicule? Does anyone get it? Am I all alone? Just another isolated neurotic nympho? Or am I to succumb to my punishment now for my transgressions by being attacked as an offender of the refined, as I usually am, when I expose my heart on social media?

Will my questions ever find an answer?

...Just wondering?

Confessions of an Unbridled Nymphomaniac... Questions That May Never be Answered!
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    I have a constant craving for my guy (my boyfriend of 20+ years). Since November, we've been together every day. He has his own space and I have my own, but we'd take turns sleeping over in each other's place. He likes making love to me almost every night. Meanwhile, I must have "breakfast in bed" every morning. You might think I'm obsessed with him when I add that I want him throughout the day. If I can't hold myself, I pull out a "little toy" from my purse and insert it inside me when I can. So, go ahead and brand me obsessed as well. When he enters my house, I'm like a "puppy bundled with joy" who's so delighted that he's back. And, just like old-fashioned women do, I feed him a delicious dinner because "the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach!" When he's heart is happy, so is his 7.5" x 5.9" hot rod! Therefore, so will my pussy! I just want to keep having this everyday for the rest of our lives together! Is that a crime?
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    • Wow, Ms DeeDee, I am so impressed with your writing.
      I can feel your sincerity and love for your boy. And he certainly does sound like a prize, indeed!
      I know this took you some time and effort for this quality of a reply and I don't want you to think that I take such a thing lightly. I am so thankful for your sharing... really!
      ... and wet too... lol

    • I'm very glad you shared your take!
      :) <3 :) <3 :)
      Thank you!!

    • Ahsthen

      He's not six inches wide, unless he's a fucking mutant. I'd like to see it. Could be Guinness book-worthy. Anyways, that's cool. I require something domestically similar, and there's probably nothing I'd rather be doing than being with someone I'm crazy about. Had it twice. Been eight years since the second one.

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  • Mmmmmmb78
    Wow it sounds like you're constantly horny. It's okay though, I'm like that a lot too.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Shaft50
    I know what you're going through... the constant distraction of sex, or orgasming, or even just sexual pleasure... that pursuit that seems all important.

    Love the way you wrote this too
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  • MrOracle
    Nymphomania is sex addiction for females, and it means a person who has such a strong desire for sex that they'll have it despite even serious consequences (loss of job/income, loss of friends, etc.) and will have sex with others if their partner isn't available or willing/able to when they want sex. They may even have sex with people they aren't attracted to just to satisfy their needs.

    I'm not sure you reach the level of that - it doesn't sound like it based on what you've written. Clearly, though, you have a very high libido. In my experience, that's not uncommon for women who are in a secure and trusting relationship, as this tends to unleash a woman's libido, but you're probably on the high end of that.
  • coralee
    Nymphomania is an extremely controversial diagnosis and most psychiatrists today would not diagnose someone with it. Some mental illnesses and personality disorders do manifest themselves with risky sexual behaviour but it tends to be a symptom of a much bigger problem rather then an illness itself. There is nothing special about sex or an orgasm that makes people addicted to it, humans can become addicted to a whole host of behaviours ranging from the understandable to the downright absurd. The problem is that actual sex addiction and pop culture sex addiction are two very different things. Sex addiction isn't Tiger Woods cheating on his wife. Sex addiction is the compulsive need to have sex at the risk of everything else. You are no longer able to function on the same level. A sex addict doesn't just cheat on their partner, a sex addict skips work to have sex, a sex addict stops doing other things they enjoy just to have sex. A sex addicts entire world revolves around finding someone to have sex with, at the detriment to everything else.
    • What a great reply Ms Coralee! Thank you so much for sharing with such educated insight :)
      Many of the sex addiction descriptions you espouse I do have and have acted in the those manners at times, but not always in those extremes.
      Luckily I work in daddy's office and can get away with tastiness or absence at times but not always without a scolding... lol

    • tardiness not tastiness... lol


      l am normal glad not to be like that

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  • MlleCake
    Nymphomania is no longer the term used. It's called sex addiction.

    It is up to you if you think your sex conduct is having a negative impact in your life. Just being preoccupied with sex doesn't necessarily mean you are a sex addict.

    If you're concerned, you can look for a 12 Step group in your are such as Sex Addicts Anonymous, Sexual Compulsives Anonymous, Sex and Love Addict Anonymous, or speak to a mental health counselor.

      its all here say l think

    • MlleCake

      @BOUNTYGUY9 What is? That sex-addiction is hearsay?


      l wonder is that not normal for some humans l can do it 7times in a day is that not normal l thought it was no girls complain about it but l must admit that my penis does get soar and red looking

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  • Lance1965
    Real nymphomaniacs are cheaters, lairs, conniving, manipulative and usually lack self-esteem and respect for themselves which is why some end up in therapy. They are usually riddled with emotional issues and have major character flaws. I have known a few and they have all been like that. I am not saying you are like that but that has been my experience. If you can carry on that lifestyle without hurting people along the way then good luck to you.
    • None of that is true for me Mr Lance. I always follow the Golden Rule before all else.
      That certainly does not invalidate your point though, as it may be true, since we know there are exceptions to every rule, even the Golden One, as not everyone follows it.
      Thank you for your opinion!

  • nasty4fun
    No your not too open or too honest. You got it right love yourself for who you are. You know whether blessing or curse in your case is only perception. There are guys like me who would find a relationship with a woman like you the ultimate and most desirable treasure in life. My issue is that I'm into the whole slut wife thing. I want a woman who loves me but is willing to fuck others for me. In my eyes since there is no deciet or lie there is no cheating and therefore no adultery. The more wild my woman would get would translate to better for me even if it would translate as not wife material to another. My desires definitely translate as not husband material to the vast majority of women. I don't want just any woman to do what I find desirable. I want my woman to be the one, the only, woman involved and either random, or several guys to join. I can't say why but I've always been interested in the same idea even when I wasn't old enough to understand it. I still don't fully. I do know something that might be a surprise to you. There are guys out there that would love, respect, and honor you for who and what you. Never think yourself undesirable, or in any way less than any other woman. Don't you dare. You are a fascinating, desirable, and irreplaceable treasure. You are someone's dream come true.
  • Grond21
    Wow. That was fascinating. You are the third or fourth girl I have met who deals with this. It sounds like something you love about yourself, but just are not sure how you got into society
    • Thank you. I pretty much keep it a secret because there are so many people that want to attack those of us that are more sexually natured. I'm sure why but that's the way it is.

    • Grond21

      Yes, I understand completely. Being so sexual is a vulnerable thing, because sex itself is vulnerable. So if you are intensely sexual, it's easy to be judged and that can really hurt.
      It's funny though, this website is a relatively safe place for those of us like that. All the girls I have met who are that way were on here.

    • Agreed.

      It is certainly much safer than in person where you can't share anything like this with those you don't know, and even many that you do.

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  • Here’s how I see nymphomania.
    If the constant urges and sexual contact, the orgasms and pleasures, are what interest you than do as thou wilt. I will never, ever disparage someone who engages in sexuality with a willing partner (s). If you want to have sex with 200 guys in a year, or have sex with 20 people in one sitting, I support you and your choices. It’s your body, life and choices.

    If it isn’t what you want, then I’ll try to help you the best I can. I don’t judge.
  • Goochbreaker
    it's just what happens when you stop restraining your animal desires. Thing is, we only have civilization because we all restrain our animal desires. Go live on some hippy commune where everyone fucks and does drugs all day or be a part of society and try to sow some seeds instead of just reap harvest all day
  • cherryphi82
    Are you really a nympho though? This all sounds pretty normal to me. No, I don't think you are being TMI. I understand what you're talking about. Unless it gets in the way of you keeping a job/doing tasks of daily living you should be a-ok!
  • Red_Dragon
    I think it is a health issue. It may can be cured with therapy. I don't know. I know I don't have it. Now money on the other hand. What do you call that? Power hungry? Is there a cure for that?
  • AthleticMom
    Just my two cents but my take is that this is a roller coaster so enjoy the highs while you can
  • loganj
    If I drink tequilla then I think I might be that-you just let lose and I don't seem to have any inhibitions-I am drunk but I still know right from wrong but I want to try things
  • _uck_uckGoose
    Good to know I’m not the only one thanks for sharing this on my question.
  • Browneye57
    Writing a book? Seems like more of a literary experiment. [shrug]
    You're short on credibility. LOL
    • My last paragraph acknowledged my expectation of your comment Mr Brown.
      I have received your level of hatred and animosity in the past as well.
      It still makes me very sad though.

  • Deukalion
    Nympho are not faithful in relationship, but i would love to meet one to see who are more sex addict she or me 😁😁😁
    • You are very perceptive Mr D and that is why I don't get into any relationships.
      I believe in faithful committed relationships though and if I did get into one I would be faithful but, I agree the challenge would be great :)
      Maybe there is such thing as a male nympho then for your description Mr D... lol

    • Deukalion

      My ex told me that i am sex addict 😂😂😂
      because i wanted at least 4 times sex per week, she tried to hold me below 3 times , that's why relationship hold one and half month she was a
      bitch and thinking selfish.

    • You can always find someone who will be in an open relationship with you. Or try the swinging lifestyle. I believe a lot of nymphos are in these situations because said issues of trying to be sexually stable to one person. But sexual hunger doesn't mean you aren't emotionally committed to one person or can't be.

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  • Kelly6
    It’s nothing wrong with those thoughts, it’s normal to have those thoughts and ideas.
    I’m almost same as you wrote above , but don’t see it as bad
    • Kelly6

      Nymphomaniac Is very common at your and common in your lifestyle too

  • Jerre
    I sometimes think I am the male equilivant of a Nymphomaniac. I want to fuck all the time. I look forward to fucking and especially know that I will cum hard and will feel soooo good. Just enjoy the fucking and orgasms as much as you can.
  • Elliegirl
    Don’t be ashamed. Orgasms are great! As long as it’s not hurting anyone, I think it’s fine.
  • PiVsY
    Humans are naturally prone to addictions, sex is one of them but some are wired to have more sensation while also having little to no restrain.
  • normalice
    I thought nymphomania was defined as the constant urge to have sex, but not experience any pleasure from it whatsoever. At least that's what they said in The Big Lebowsky..

    But anyway, there are far worse things to be addicted to. Sex can be beneficial to everyone involved, unlike (for example) cigarettes. Plus, as a girl, you basically are assured and endless supply of random guys who will do unspeakable things to you pretty much on request. A guy with a sex addiction gets little sympathy and even less 'satisfaction,' but attractive girls have no real reason to deny themselves sexual pleasure as often as time allows.
  • rockrewls
    I think with the sexual revolution came sexual freedom and openness to enjoy sexuality, which in turn unleashed many women's hidden desires.
    The reason I specify women is the stigma that was attached to sexuality was more so on women than men.
    I think there may well be more women like you MS. Laurie then you think, and as sexual freedom and enjoyment become even more commonplace, society will see even more women embracing their sexuality openly.
    The question is can a man or woman that has experience most forms of sexual gratification ever remain in a solid stable relationship with its ups and downs, work and financial loads, children, which all consume time and energy and many times slow down or even tame sexual exploration.
    If a men and women are always looking for the next best orgasm, will they be able to be satisfied with a somewhat "normal"sex life, which can take place when the above events occur.
  • QueenofCups
    A lot of women would secretly envy you.
  • anshul177
    Wow that's make me so hard you are great write you actually know how to express the emotions I can feel it ffrom your words god damn
  • loveslongnails
    I'm not sure how to classify it. I just wish I was a great looking girl who knew you !!! :)
    l would say that l am normal but must admit l would give in to a girl girls are great l could/would never let any girl down
  • najekim
    Just sounds to me that you're just living life to the fullest. More power to ya!
    This makes my heart race and my loins ache. Maybe i know what you mean. 😮
  • shephardjhon
    " those unlucky enough to have invaded my airspace and succumb to my embrace."
    What reaction did they have to this?
    • BDSM lovers go crazy over it, they love it!
      The others are like..."OMG... WTF? ... lol

  • NYCQuestions1976
    Nothing wrong with getting it on as much as possible. 😉
  • GinaTina
    Now I wish I had that lol
  • sensual123
    I envy you on your erotic journey.
  • Juxtapose
    No victim no crime. Fuck to your heart's content.
    • Unit1

      Hahaha, nicely said :D

  • mrinconspicuous
    Prove it?
  • gandolph3
    I hope you have many partners
    Great informative take..
  • Nice222
    Great thanks
  • Michael82
    Some people needs to learn limits & boundaries
  • Anonymous
    I believe it's a hormonal problem, medically speaking. Sometimes stems from genetics and early childhood sexual abuse trauma.
  • Anonymous
    Having a high sex drive isn't as unusual as some would have us believe. Most people will only share the details of their sex life with people that are close friends. We live in a highly judgmental society with a view of sex that is more compatible with the 17th century puritans. And the fact that the nation is moving further and further to the right only makes it worse. It is difficult to be open about ones sexuality in a repressed environment and that certainly keeps the discussion from being fair and informative. Sex and sexuality in america has always been considered dirty and probably always will be.
  • Anonymous
    I'm kind of a selective nympho :P
  • Anonymous
    you ned jesus. simple as that. its a demonic spirit possession. neurology has little to do with it.
    • Ahsthen

      She just needs to come and be serviced by me. But all females should. Or bring their men to me, so's I can school 'em.


      @Ahsthen so very true we can share the girls and learn there guys how to please there girls lol

    • Ahsthen

      @BOUNTYGUY9 : you know it, mijo. Then televise it for all the proles to see.