Why Most Women Are Not Bisexual

Why Most Women Are Not Bisexual

The purpose of this post is not to imply that bisexuality doesn't exist. It's to clear up a few misconceptions surrounding the popular notion that "most women are bisexual". This phenomenon started around the year 2000, well after my formative years, so I've always been suspect of it.

First of all, it is important to note that according to US Government statistics, only 0.7% of all adults identify as bisexual. This percentage goes up (a little) when it comes to Caucasian women 18-30, especially in progressive areas, college campuses, and those who work in the sex industry (porn and strippers). But that's cultural influence, not biology.

Also, the influence of porn is quite substantial. Couple that with the entertainment industry's use of it as a money-making tool, both these things have normalized this phenomenon to the point of it actually being ingrained into our culture.

Also, many women think this what men want. However, it is such a psychologically lazy way to garner male attention in order stand out in the dating pool. Perhaps they feel they have nothing else to offer, so they play this up.

Let's get into the 'studies'. The studies are done by horny old men, very small sample sizes, and tons of selection bias / confirmation bias. They show nothing other than women being aroused by the act alone. It does not show them being sexually attracted to the participants of that act. Otherwise, they would be chimpanzee-sexual as well, since they show arousal by chimp sex, too. 'Nuff said.

Why Most Women Are Not Bisexual

There are guys who obsess about this daily. Some are excited at the thought of all women being bi, others are very insecure in their manhood, and worry about the opposite sex finding them attractive.They watch too much tv, and too much porn, and don't get out and socialize with actual women.

The internet is generally a liberal and progressive place, especially sites such as this one -- plus we skew younger. And bisexuals generally flock more to the sex topics.

In reality, women are hardwired to be sexually attracted to masculine features and attributes, so the idea of most (or a good percentage) of women being bi falls on its face. Many young women (especially the hypersexual ones) are brainwashed by the popular culture to think they are bi, and that it's even the "default".

Are there bisexual women? Yes. But it's not most, and it's not even a high percentage. The cultural factors I just mentioned shape our perception of reality.

Why Most Women Are Not Bisexual
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  • Celtero
    It's an odd social phenomenon...

    I think bisexuality is a lot more socially acceptable for women than men, and as you said it's even sometimes viewed as an attractive quality by men.

    Therefore, I think a lot of women adopt the label as a social statement. On this site you get 13 year-olds claiming that they're bisexual. I've had a conversation with a young lady, and she eventually admitted that even though she was bisexual, she hadn't experienced sexual attraction yet. Okay, whatever, I guess it's mostly just a fashion statement.
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    • Yep just a trend.

      People always want attention. Notice how its always the youth 12-25 going through the usual self-identity crisis and wanting to belong.

    • Yeah, they don't even know what it means, yet they adopt the label because their favorite celebrities say they're bi, or it gets instant attention from young boys.

    • bente2

      I disagree with one thing you said: 23 year olds CAN recognize that they are bisexual/gay/straight. Kids can recognize this at any age.

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  • SarahsSummer
    Fianlly! This should be required reading for a couple guys on this site who, as you say are " very insecure in their manhood, and worry about the opposite sex finding them attractive" and therefore assume most if not all women are gay, bi or just not attracted to men.
    Cue the applause gif
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  • MlleCake
    What they don't seem to understand is that simply finding another woman beautiful, or being aroused by sex acts in porn, does not mean you want to have sex with other women, or have relationships with them. To be a bisexual or lesbian woman, you must desire actual sex with actual women, at the very minimum.

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    • A girl getting turned on my another girl in porn means she would want to have sex with her if the chance was there. So simple answer, she a lezbian or a bi

    • MlleCake

      @dothejohnwall97 That is simply not true. It just means that sex is sexy to watch.

    • Yeah, where is that dude? Haha.

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  • ManOnFire
    Preach it! I am NOT a fan of all this new age bi stuff, and ya know what? I've actually had some guys call ME gay because I'm not into it. Wtf?

    All this stuff is is a way to brainwash today's young women into believing they're more "sexually fluid" than men, and they are not. And don't get me started on that other stuff - "pansexuals." *rolls eyes*
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    • Yep, it's critical that you don't let the media mindrape you.

    • So true. They want to encourage us to be sex objects.

      isn't that what the lesbian feminists were against? Or was it a sneaky tactic to get all the women to come to them lol?

    • MlleCake

      I AM a bisexual feminist. I am perfectly happy to say most women are strictly dickly. Perhaps because female bisexuality/lesbianism was so invisible for so long, it doesn't have quite the stigma of male-to-male sexuality, but it doesn't appear to be especially more common. I'm not trying to convert anyone or manufacture more lesbians in the world. That's no on anyone's agenda. I get plenty of pussy as it is.

      I simply want people who ARE L, G, B, or T to be able to have a decent, dignified life and not have to live in secret. That's our agenda.

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  • Genie23
    Thank you SO much for posting this! I hope many guys read this. It's getting really irritating the way many guys on here calling all women as bisexuals or secret lesbians. Maybe, this Take will open their eyes and make them realise how stupid it is to assume every woman is a bi just because those guys have watched lots of bi/lesbian porn or read some post by pink accounts who are actually guys.
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    • There are some legit female accounts that will say "I'm 100% straight, BUT..."

      The problem is these guys blow a tiny minority of women to include most or all women. And that's based in insecurity and fear.

    • blow up*

    • Genie23

      So true.

  • dancing_in_nebulas
    Thank you for taking clarifying this to all the heterophobic people who keep calling everything and everyone gay.


    The fear of heterosexuality.

    (Often in strongly liberated areas where being heterosexual is taboo and unreasonable, due to being opposite of homosexuality.)

    Lol no lie, some people are horrified at the idea that someone, especially womwn can be 100% straight. They feel it is "oppressive" for women to like only men and must secretly all ne gay.

    *Science looks for biological proof of homosexuality and has conclusive studies.

    -A bisexual or lesbian's brain was found to have changes on parts of the synapses that made her have sensations of love and adoration for women, just as a man did.

    A heterosexual female brain does not have these synapses.

    So for lack of the biological element, its impossible to love and adore another woman romantically.

    If you never have the gene for blue eyes, how can you claim to have blue eyes? Especially when yours are brown.

    If homosexuality is biological, this means heterosexuality is biological.

    If gays are "born that way," how in the hell can one say heterosexuals are not?

    Somr dude on here was like:


    Strang because the heterosexual female brain and bisexual / lesbian brain in the study were both women, having the same grey matter amount.

    Yet the homosexual brain showed differences.


    I know, heterosexuality is just so scary for being a normalized thing compared to the bright, flamboyancy of homosexuality.

    You get more attention and people assume you are cooler for being gay because you're fighting "the man" and its trending right now.

    But seriously, no one liked it when homophobes told gays they were really straight: no one likes being force fed that we are gay for your lack of basic logic.

    Its a form of hate based on someones sexuality.

    My coworker was legit shunned by her LGBT club when she started dating a guy being bisexual. The even asked her, "girls not good enough for you?"

    Wow. Fuck that lady.
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    • What people say it's oppressive to be straight?

    • @Annie_Mosity

      Lol yes!! My friend is bisexual so sometimes I go with her to the LGBT meetings on campus and hear the dumbest shit. Also where I first heard this about all women being bisexual

    • Well it would be prejudice of me to think LGBQT can't be assholes too... 😂

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  • StrangerByTheDay
    I totally agree with @MlleCake , @PrettyKitty31 , @SarahsSummer , @archiz
    Thank you for those nice opinions. you saved me from typing a lot :-P
    Thank you my friend @ericclayton for this post.
    I guess all i needed to say have been already said from the post or opinions.

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  • lilaqua
    I agree and disagree at the same time. I think you’re onto something but there are more elements involved. I come from the school of thought in which all people are inherently bisexual, we lay somewhere on a spectrum, at certain levels we identify as gay, straight or bisexual but none of us have a “pure” sexuality. Biologically this exists for two reason, for humans sex is primarily social and humans have a very complex concept of identity. Similar to our closest relatives the Bonobo, we have sex for pleasure, fun, mainly social reasons. It’s much more effective as a social mechanism if we are able to have sex with two genders, not just one. More importantly as humans are such complex beings, pure sexuality cannot exist. Women and men do have levels of feminity and masculinity within themselves, along with varying sexual interests. We will never fit into the simple roles that biology has outlined for us, because we are individuals and our experience revolves around who we are not what we are. Saying that I think society has done a great job of manipulating sexuality, women are congratulated for being bi, straight men are suppressing any element of homosexuality they made exhibit.
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  • ADFSDF1996
    I don’t think every woman is bisexual or lesbian but I do think that liberal places like Los Angeles California, New York City etc tend to attract a lot of bisexual women which gives the impression to some of those that live in those places that “all women are bisexual”. As someone who has some libertarian views and is from Los Angeles California, I notice that many millennial generation women identify as bisexual or are in the process of questioning their sexual orientation. But I know that if I move to a more traditionalist state like Texas, I’ll find a lot of women that are 100% straight.

    I guess the real reason why this trend of believing all women are bisexual won’t end is due to the fact that many bisexual women are still in closet, so that raises the suspicions of the guys that worry about this. I read another take by a anonymous bisexual woman in which she said that she will never come out of the closet.

    By the way, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with bisexuals.
  • Annie_Mosity
    I'd say 50% of girls in clubs are Lipstick Lesbians for sure...
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    • Statements like that is a major reason this myth propagates.

    • You know I think the term may have taken on a different meaning where I live. Here it means a girl who kisses other girls for the sole reason of turning boys on. I understand it has another meaning too.

    • Ahh, ok. But it's still a minority of them doing that.

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  • Ellie-V
    For some, it's a trend, for others, it's just recognizing that sexual attractions is equal toward men and women for that one person. I don't care to label myself, but people would consider me bi. I prefer ladies. I am rarely attracted to men, but if a guy comes along that is super attractive on the indies, then i MIGHT give it a chance... maybe.
    Labels are stupid.
  • Suefit1
    Some (minority by far) women have a curiosity period about other women and may or may not go through with it on a sexual level but that dont make most of them bi-sexual. Some are yes. They know themselves where they stand. Most like myself get the yuk outs get out da here by the talk about kissing another woman lol
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  • JimRSmith
    I think girl on girl is hot as fuck, but I don't kid myself that all or most women are bisexual.

    I think women are less averse than men to playing up the same sex appeal, and even to putting on a show for men, but again, this doesn't make them bisexual.
    • MlleCake

      Thank you.

    • Markfish

      Yet lesbian porn is by far the most popular genre to women...

    • doesn't make them 100% straight either though, which if going by that, one may not be "bisexual', but a slight "bi" tendency aspect in them.

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  • Markfish
    Most women are bisexual, what they say is irrelevent, as they still make out with chicks and masturbate to lesbian porn when they think they are straight.
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    • Markfish

      Mytake owner! tell me how women who are aroused by lesbian porn are straight! Why women who masturbate to lesbian porn ARE NOT STRAIGHT! ↗ even scientists say are women are bisexual on the basis That women are aroused by naked women and lesbian porn indiana.edu/.../Chivers_Seto_Blanchard_2007.pdf read that and read Dr Reigers (university of Essex) work, he flat out says "women are either bisexual or lesbian but never straight".

    • Markfish

      I challenge you asker, if I best you, you have to have an update saying most girls are bisexual.

    • Markfish

      Come on @ericclayton , tell me how they are straight!

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  • cherryphi82
    It's twofold. I think some men actively promote this stereotype because they find it hot, others because they want to shoehorn women into some kind of sexual box because they have no clue how to figure them out. It all has to do with a skewed view of female sexuality.
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    • Actually, it's usually both at the same time.

  • JessForAdvice
    Love this!! Well done.
    I don’t think most women are bisexual. I think more people whether it’s guys or girls are more open to different experiences. Different fantasies etc. Especially since books/films like fifty shades has come out, it’s made the taboo not so bad.
    I think people are more willing to say, kiss a girl to see what it’s like- this is then being classed as bi if she likes it. That’s not always the case. These days things are labelled and blown out of context
  • Logorithim
    I'm no expert on this topic, but my layman's assumption is that a woman's sexuality may sometimes be a spectrum rather than binary or trenary, and I guess everyone has their own definition of what makes someone gay or bisexual.
  • milettescheepers
    Girls are there to go shopping with and tell your weirdest secrets to and mabe drink too much with. Not lick each others vaginas. I know you get strap ons. But thats fake
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  • Kevinnnn
    I think that it's just normal that most women aren't bisexual.
    The reason is just the same as most men aren't bisexual or
    something like that.
    When for 100 years every thing on earth was gay, there wouldn't be any life left.
    Except for (in my opinion) disgusting artificial pregnentation...
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  • ovoxo_
    Failed attempt to white knight. Most women ARE bisexual. Facts 💯
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    • There's so many things wrong with this statement I don't know where to begin. But you do you, bro.

    • ovoxo_

      The only thing wrong is your ass kissing take. That's about it. Later ✌️

  • JonDoe1985
    I would say that I can agree that most women are not bisexual because I really have not seen the stats. However, who you claim stats are coming from, the "horny old men", and I'd like to know the source of this. I do agree these studies were widely dusky get, but not because they are old men, but it's a known fact that there are a lot of half-assed studies that are only put out to garner more research money to study other things.

    But, yes, women are no more generally bi than men, I'm sure.
    • The "horny old men" quip was a liberty I took. I stand by everything else, however.

  • Kelly6
    Men are crazy
    I’m bi but that doesn’t mean every women is.
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  • Kookie00
    Goodness! It's about time! We don't all like women...
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  • archiz
    Culture can brainwash you
    But thay can go in both ways
    Like for me it s more being brain washed thay I should only be attracted to man etc...
    I ve come to terms now that I am bisexual cause I am capable of developping romantic and sexual feelings to both genders and it is genuine. Like I can see myself being with bith if society doesn t force me to behave a certain way since I live in an middle eastern society where people aren t open to it moreover homosexuality is even illegal.
    For me gender is irrelevant cause I don t think you should have a set of characteristics based on your gender, most people have a fluctuation of masculine and feminine traits in them anw (by stereotypes )
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    • I feel your struggle and totally agree with you.
      I live in Lebanon and people are so close minded :-(
      Not to mention Racism and Discrimination and Sexism !!!

  • monkeynutts
    Informative, people do things for a lot of reasons, probably half of those reasons are erroneous. Bisexuality is probably the same.
  • CubsterShura
    Unless women submit themselves to loser men and women start doing what men wanted them to do, they will forever bark about it.

    She rejected me and went out with that dude, she is a friendzoning gold digging bitch. She's a non-virgin so I internally cursed her the entire time I was in bed with her (as if every woman is supposed to save her virginity for HIM when he clearly didn't do the same, what a hypocrite). I'll put no effort on my own looks but when one girl compliments another on her getup, she is bisexual. I'll do whatever I want in bed and if she doesn't enjoy it then she's bisexual.

    • This make no sense...

    • Literature also makes no sense to illiterate people.

    • Ok, please explain. I'm illiterate.

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  • broskerposker
    " the studies are done by 'horny' old men"
    Seems like a useless statement, without any proof.
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    • I thought the same lol, they are studies done by actual scientists or doctors, but were overexaggerated by heterophobic gays or men.


      "Why didn't the title say," All women are a little into monkeys?"

      Heterosexual women showed arousal to monkey sex and same arousal to men to men sex, men to women sex etc.

      The "horny old men" lol just grabbed one part on bias - which is horridly fallacious logically and scientifically.

    • Markfish

      The response to monkeys was the lowest measurable amount, about 200 fold less arousing to lesbian porn to women. Even the control of snow falling got an arousal rating so... what is more accurate to say? We are aroused by everything? Or the lower levels on the graph aren't actually arousal?

  • lsaiah
    Only the stupids on here think most women are bisexual
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  • ArgonYsellian
    What amazes me is that the one writing this post acts as if bisexuality 'should' be the norm, as if its bad not to be bisexual. lol
  • MelaninDoll
    Yes they are. I'm not though.
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    • Sounds like a twist on "I'm not like all the other girls".

    • Or everything I say is a lie...

    • @Annie_Mosity Not sure what you mean, haha.

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  • OldSchool_Metalhead
    finally!! a guy that understands XD
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    • Markfish

      Most women are aroused by lesbian porn yet erroneously think they are straight.

    • @Markfish i never have been

    • meaning never been aroused by that

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  • BravoKi
    Why females are not Bi?
    (short answer) Females are not as stupid as I sometimes like to think.
  • Kandy-Kane
    Grosssss lmao
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    • Umm, which part?

    • Kandy-Kane

      Lesbian anything

    • Ahh, ok.

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  • bubble_tea
    Good take.
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  • Andre_it
    Someone wants to be someone else
  • BillieJean1070
    What does it matter if same sexes experiment?
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  • CT_CD
    Interesting myTake
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    • Markfish

      But you know most women are bisexual

  • BigAl1982
    Bi people aren't picky. Just greedy.
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  • John_Doesnt
    There's no reason to ruin my porn fantasies.
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  • clampfan101
    I think everyone is born straight.
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  • Senacık
  • LegateLanius
    Thank you
  • The_Revolver
    Most women are bisexual
  • NightOwl8801
    Not a bad article , pretty good take there
  • byusuri
  • GayHowellMeme
  • AmyRay
    why do they have to be?
  • MisterSir
    thank you
  • Anonymous
    I'm not bisexual myself but I have had sex with other women.
  • Anonymous
    All women are Bi
    Case closed, go to bed
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  • Anonymous
    I wouldn't say MOST women are bisexual but a lot of them are. Because it's much more acceptable in society for women to be fluid with their sexuality than it is for men. Then of course there are the attention seeking straight girls who throw the word bisexual around every time they get drunk and make out with a friend in the club, so you have to factor those out
  • Anonymous
    Thank you for this information..
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