How Women Create Sexual Frustration In Men

How Women Create Sexual Frustration In Men

Recently I posted a question here asking why people encourage horny, sexually frustrated women to go out and get laid but treat men who are horny and frustrated like pathetic losers who need to relax. A lot of answers were you’re typical, “That’s not true, women get called sluts and guys are given a pass,” while some females did admit that it’s true but only because guys show their desperation. So some of those made me want to post this Take with more of the situation and what can make guys be so frustrated if they’re really not getting any sex.

Disclaimer: this Take ended up being longer than I intended, but hopefully you'll stick with me, and the "TLDR" spammers can move on.

It is true that women often are to blame...

And when I say this I’m not saying they’re to blame as in them not giving men sex is the root problem. I mean they are often to blame for how they treat men about sex, and because of their attitudes as women. A lot of women think guys are wrong to be angry but in some ways guys are actually very right to be upset with them about it.

And the reason for this is because often women try to qualify men for sex or decide if or when a guy is ready for it, or how he should want it or pursue it, when that really is none of their business. They would never want men judging them or getting in their face about the sex they have or the sex they want, or trying to decide if they even have any value as a woman in order to want or have sex, but women are doing exactly this to men! And this probably is a large part of guys’ sexual frustration.

How Women Create Sexual Frustration In Men

Women whine about men only wanting casual sex and think they need to chill and get focused, but then as soon as she’s horny and wants to just get laid she wants it to be okay and cry to the world, “Why is it bad if women just want to have sex and get labelled sluts for it?” So now because you’re desperate and horny and want casual sex, we shouldn’t judge you, but when it’s guys who are, you get annoyed and judge them in a flash and think they’re pathetic for it.

Women want to make up their own rules...

It's just as sad and pathetic to me to hear a horny woman whining about not wanting to be called a slut for wanting casual sex, as it is to hear a guy whining about how he's not getting any play. Both are the same. Yet women want to make up their own rules about it. They want to say how there's a way to go about getting casual sex and how they have standards even in that. Let's be real here: having casual sex has no standards. It's just momentary satisfaction. And the difference is that guys aren't trying to front and talk about having any moral standards with it. Women are. Nor are guys really fucking anything that moves because most of us want sex with someone who looks decent, whereas it is much more common for a woman to sleep with anything/to be "pansexual."

How Women Create Sexual Frustration In Men

They say how a guy being desperate is unattractive and how it won't get him any sex, but a guy can not act that way at all and she will still think he's desperate simply for trying to get it period. But the rules are supposed to change when she wants casual sex. Now I'm not supposed to think of her as a slut or desperate, and however she wants to get it should be perfectly fine.

Guys who are still virgins...

It's especially frustrating for the guys who’ve never had sex or even a girlfriend before, or if they’ve only had sex once in their life or with only one girl. I’ve read their stories on other sites, from some men even in their late 30s, and it does make me kinda sad for them. Although some women try to say they think it’s great if a guy is still a virgin or is not pressed to lose it, other women do not really think this way and can be worse towards male virgins than other guys can be towards them.

How Women Create Sexual Frustration In Men

You have a lot of women who’ve already had sex or with several men, and treat male virgins as if something must be wrong with them for why they haven’t had sex once they find out, or treat them as undesirable, and think that having sex is something they should’ve already done by now. And they don’t want to give the guy a chance or be his first because they have a similar narrow mindset like the employment world: you have to have experience first.

They don’t want guys who’ve never fucked before and feel like they’ll be bad at it. And then these guys get frustrated because they also have a similar reaction to employment world expectations: okay, so how do I get experience if none of you give me a chance? Maybe a virgin guy doesn't want to be a cliche by just picking a virgin girl, maybe he's open to women who've already had sex but they're not open to him.

How Women Create Sexual Frustration In Men

All this can make a guy feel hopeless, and on the one hand these women don’t want a guy to be desperate or so anxious for sex, but then basically tell them they need to get out there and lose their virginity if they want to have fun and get experience. How does he do that if you’re treating him bad for wanting that, and rejecting him for his inexperience? You’re judging these guys for never having had sex, but then judging them for wanting it a lot too. And forgetting that once upon a time you were also a virgin.

Women are bragging about getting sex easier than men…

I think this is also a big reason for guys being sexually frustrated. A lot of women try to deny this by saying it’s guys who claim women can get sex easier, and although that is true, there are still just as many women who say it and think it as men.

How Women Create Sexual Frustration In Men

Women are calling guys desperate and think they need to chill or try to take it slow and relax, but then they want to brag to us about how they think it’s easier for them to get sex if they ever are desperate and horny. They’re not wanting guys to be so consumed with it or try to get it so much, but they’re basically taunting them about it, as if they’re behind a fence telling guys, “Oooh look what we can have a lot easier than you, and it’s so much fun. You’re missing out.” Or like, “Sorry for your lot, but it’s always good news for me when I’m horny.” Or, “Hell yeah, I can get laid more than you, and that should bother you and I’m glad it does.”

How would guys not be frustrated by that? You think it’s annoying that he’s desperate or too focused on sex, but pretty much stir that by trying to bully him about how you think you can go out and get it any time you want, and he’s not supposed to feel bad about himself for it or not supposed to want it too. Because in truth women actually are trying to make men feel incompetent, inferior, less capable, and less appealing by talking about how easy they think they can get sex, and they absolutely do enjoy that it bothers guys. Some would deny that but it is the truth. They’ll hate it when guys say it as if it indicates that women are only good for sex, but then agree with it when they want it to benefit their image as women because they want guys to envy it.

How Women Create Sexual Frustration In Men

Shaming men vs. shaming women...

People like to cry about how much women are slut-shamed and guys are high-fived for getting laid, but this isn’t entirely true, and the argument really is different when it comes to men. Guys aren’t getting this great reputation that women are complaining about as unfair. Most people applauding guys are other guys, and most people shaming women are other women. While a lot of people “expect” men to have lots of partners, that still doesn’t necessarily mean they approve of them for doing it but that they resign themselves to the fact that it’s “male behavior” they can’t change. Men are still scorned and stereotyped as creatures who will fuck anything, yet when women are fucking anything we’re just creatively and simple-mindedly calling them “bisexual,” “pansexual,” or being more “sexually flexible.”

How Women Create Sexual Frustration In Men

Men are even catching hell for not having sex like I mentioned. Nobody frowns on women for still being virgins. Nobody is constantly judging her as not being able to get laid because she’s annoyed with guys or says something about them. Nobody tries to put a woman on the spot and ask her, “Honey, when was the last time you had sex?” No one is sizing up a woman’s ability to deliver in bed based on how feminine she is or how she behaves with guys, we just think she’s always good because she's a woman. No one is thinking a woman must not be able to get laid if she hasn’t ever had sex or in a long while. No one is saying a woman is watching porn because she can't get laid. And no one has a ton of masturbation jokes for women who are single.

How Women Create Sexual Frustration In Men

Men are the ones who get scrutinized for all that, and women are just as much a part of it as other guys are, and they do help stir up sexual frustration in men because of it. It bothers guys to be judged, scrutinized, and jeered at by other guys, but it bothers them a lot more when women are doing it because women are the ones they desire and are looking to have sex with, not other guys. So it hurts when the opposite sex is scorning you and sizing you up based on your sexual experience, lack of it, or desire for it.

Not getting any and being judged for it can be worse than being called a slut because you're basically thought of as incompetent, not good with women, lacking something in your masculinity, or someone women should question or worry if you're good in bed. Slut-shaming is bad but at the end of the day most guys who call a woman a slut would still fuck her in secret, and her morals are judged but not her competency as a woman.

How Women Create Sexual Frustration In Men

So, yes. I can understand how guys can be sexually frustrated. I’ve been there in the past myself, and it’s not a good place.


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Most Helpful Girls

  • I feel like the only reason I can understand and sympathize for men is because I'm open-minded and I actually want to understand men problems. I have brothers, I have a father, male cousins that I'm around 24/7. One of the reasons a lot women don't understand or can't comprehend men problems is because they don't care about men problems. Women can say they do but it's obvious that they don't.

    • This is very true. Sadly.

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    • Oh, no Miss. The idea was all yours :)
      I was just stood around looking pretty ;) lol
      Can you tell me, or is it most secret?

    • @Guffrus You inspired me to ask a question that I've been dying to ask, you can go and check it out if you want :)

  • Men need to understand women's problems and vice versa. I for one want to understand men's problems and support them. I can see both the sides of the story and can say that most women dont want to understand men's problems.

    That being said I can also say that its important for women to make sure that when she is sleeping with someone she doesn't have doubts or questions and is comfortable because lets be honest women will suffer if they dont take precautions.

    Final word : be careful and cautious but dont judge someone.


Most Helpful Guys

  • Mostly a really good Take. All I'll say is that guys aren't virgins; only girls are virgins. We just have a first time.

    But it is really annoying to hear or see a girl claim how easy it is for her to get dick, and not expect to be called a slut or expect any sort of negative reaction, whereas if a guy claims to be able to get pussy and ass super easily, a lot of chicks act like "Yeah, sure man. What an arrogant prick."

  • I don't hear often about women bragging about getting sex. I don't remember the last time actually, but its probably been once.

    That being said.. I'm a 30 year old virgin who's never been in a serious relationship. I've had a couple dates, but they haven't gotten past the first date or two, and tinder isn't working all that great for me (maybe I'm just real picky).

    Anyway, I really do feel like the stigma for guys to get laid IS there, and that women prefer experienced guys, and that means like everything.. Beyond sex, but in life in general, especially as they tend to be younger than the guys they are dating. It's hilarious seeing 18-20 year olds being paranoid about still being virgin, when they have a full ife ahead of them. But when you're 30, and they find out or they start to think, a good amount get turned off. This is really frustrating to me.. and as you said, I'm stuck in a catch 22 situation. I just wanna get laid really bad, but I have to deal with this. Getting into a serious relationship is hard enough as it is, so is getting laid with girls on tinder who claim they only want relationships/no hook ups.. and the ones that do admit to hookups on their profiles well chose the top 3% men. I feel like just paying for sex with an escort a few times to build my confidence up. /:

    • Wait a minute, wait a minute. I read this over again. You're saying you actually LIKE that women stigmatize inexperienced/virgin men?

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    • Men need to comprehend ladies' issues and the other way around. I most definitely need to comprehend men's issues and bolster them. I can see both the sides of the story and can state that most ladies dont need to comprehend men's issues.

      That being said I can likewise say that its imperative for ladies to ensure that when she is laying down with somebody she doesn't have questions or addresses and is agreeable in light of the fact that lets be realistic ladies will endure in the event that they dont play it safe.

      Last word : be watchful and mindful however dont judge somebody.

    • @johnmoses46 You believe that women DON'T need to comprehend men's issues?

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What Girls Said 25

  • I can't stop laughing.

    • @MlleCake It really is amazing to see the way women on this do not want to have to understand men and see the situation, but want us to take them seriously about their own sexual anxieties and complaints of being slut-shamed. Very interesting.

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    • I actually didn’t know she is bisexual and wasn’t referring to that. I was telling you not to bother with her because she still believes in the wage gap. Lol

    • @ManOnFire

      she is a 45 year old crazy chick do not listen to her
      Ignore her trust me she is not worth it
      she is almost dead anyway she will have to answer to GOD just like everyone else on earth

      and dude do not waste your time 90% of women do not try to understand men
      they are so focused on themselves

      they think life is about them,
      there are very few women that try at all, a lot of women aren't even wasting their time working on other women

      cause they are stupid
      here is my advice
      treat them like crap and just fuck them and move on
      no point in dating stupid

      just think of them as fuck holes that's it
      do not get emotional with them, i understand you want more something real but im sorry
      women are not worth it

      im speaking from exp, they are just good for a fuck that's it
      and that's what they want to be

      message me im gonna show you something

  • Thank you so much for writing this! This stupid double standard has to stop. You are truly on fire man, great MyTake! ;) :D

  • I read this intending to ridicule it, but there is some truth.

    Any time I want sex, I can get it with really no effort, depending on my standards for the evening. I could even get a free dinner, drinks and a movie.

    But this is because the game is rigged. Economically it's a sellers market (for young women anyway) Too many guys of all ages wanting girls from 18-29. Now look at women in their 40s and 50s. The situation is reversed.

    • The thing is, those older women had their time though when they were younger. Whatever difficulties they are facing now are their own fault for not settling down and getting married when they were 18-29. With men, however, we never get to have our time. We are pretty much worthless both sexually and socially when we are younger while the women are placed on a pedestal, and then by the time we get older and actually have some money in the bank and a good life carved out for ourselves, we get married because that is what society has conditioned us to do. And so a man never truly gets to have “his time,” so to speak, in the same way that a woman does when she is 18-29. He goes from being a loser virgin straight to being married with all of the duties and responsibilities of a husband and father. What men should do is remain single when they are older and actually have the fun that they were always denied. We need to stop shaming the bachelor lifestyle.

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    • @Starbers999 Of course older women can get younger men! But most aren't interested. That whole "nobody wants older women" meme is such a lie.

    • @majorG Actually many older women are interested in younger men but are worried about how it'll look. And honestly women being with younger men is not even really a new thing, it just hasn't been as widely acknowledged as older man dating immature women in their 20s and 30s.

  • I haven’t really noticed any of this within my regular life so I can’t comment. I’ve never shamed anyone for anything. I haven’t noticed the sluts vs studs thing either, no one really cares but if you are a player, male or female you’re gonna get called out. Maybe I live in a weird place.

    • A weird place called reality.

    • @Pamina hahaha true

    • Yet most of the guys know exactly what I'm talking about. Why? Because they've had the experience with females. To you it's not reality because you're not thinking about it and don't want to.

  • interesting mytake.

    first off, what's up with all of the ironic derogatory pig noses copy pasted onto women's faces in those memes? Is that some kind of sick joke or?

    second, i don't know where you live and what sort of women you know, but there are many women that i know who don't just casually have sex with multiple partners on a regular basis. if you have a job/school, friends, and family, you know, A LIFE, then women like myself don't actually have time for that kind of behavior.

    • The pig noses represent the pigheadedness of women who are braggarts. I didn't create those noses, I just found the pictures and found them to be very cool and perfect for this Take.

      "i don't know where you live and what sort of women you know, but there are many women that i know who don't just casually have sex with multiple partners on a regular basis."
      - Regardless of whether they do or not, the point is that these women are still degrading men for either never having sex or wanting to, yet not wanting people to deride them as women for whatever sexual behavior they have or plan to have.

    • yes I agreee with your last paragraph. there are women who can be very hypocritical. there are also those women who have sexual and emotional problems who do want to have sex in a long term relationship but because of their problems they come across as stringing men along. those women are usually most likely to engage in casual affairs. they need to take a long hard look at themselves and stop putting the blame on men. men, also, need to stop blaming women for their hangups as well. no gender OWES the other one sex.

      thanks for the perspective

  • ... what did I just read? I get that there is some semblance of truth in the point you made, but there should be an understanding that the reaction that both males and females get are totally opposite when they cross the line towards sexual intercourse. The frustration in circumstances is just naturally there when a woman refuses to become sexually active and unfortunately men always insinuate that this is done purposefully to play hard to get.

    • "The frustration in circumstances is just naturally there when a woman refuses to become sexually active and unfortunately men always insinuate that this is done purposefully to play hard to get."
      - That is the least of it. Men are injured much more by women's judgment and scrutiny of men for wanting sex or never having it, especially when women are whining about how they're perceived for wanting or having sex. And THAT is a fact that women do not want to humble themselves and own up to even though they know it's true, because they don't want to have to acknowledge how they're part of the problem.

  • That moment when you read such myTakes and you are glad that sex before marriage is haraam in Islam... :')

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    • @Starbers999 Maybe you read the Bible but you must've missed points in it. As a Christian I have read the Bible, unlike many other so-called Christians, and I can tell you for a fact that there is no rule for Gentile Christians to not eat pork. There was for Jews. Not for Christians. I don't pay attention to people like him. And you should be more careful about what you say so you don't regret.

      Thanks for understanding. Most women who read it don't want to humble themselves and realize.

    • @princess4u I know that it is. However I am not Christian or Jewish. I'm Muslim.

  • Nothing wrong with a little sexual frustration... where the heck did you find all these memes?

  • The take mention guys who are still virgins in their 30´s and how come is sad. Well there are women mid 40 who are still virgins with no experience in dating or boyfriends either so what can you say?

    • They lost the game even though it was on super easy mode?

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    • Well not only that, I think something like 30% of males end up virgins, less than 10% of women do.

    • @Bananaman177 Yep I would agree with that statistic... probably more than that for males , males are less in demand than women anyway , also there are more than 600 million more males than females worldwide , due to a male heavy birth ratio everywhere , and the disgusting practice of female infanticide from the Middle East to China.

  • Wow. That was just... pathetic. Go ahead and bash me as I'm sure you will, but the truth is you have issues. Emphasis on YOU.

    • You know well what this Take is saying. The only pathetic one is you who doesn't want to listen to understand.

  • I can't believe that article is even serious. It's a joke, right?

  • choose your judges wisely. you want to succumb and crumble from the judgments of humans or the judgment of God? thats the only judgment that matters and it has way different criteria than secular people. innocent men or women shouldn't be disheartened.

  • Never known a woman to brag about being able to get sex, quite the opposite. I am over sixty years of age and I get sick and tired of men trying it on with me and assuming that any woman they want has to say yes. Yes we could easily get a lot of sex, but why would we bother with men we hardly know, strangers, men who only want sex or men who want us to cheat on our much nicer and sexier partners? When a man feels horny he can pay for sex, to him it is just sport/fun/a release. With many women it is about friendship and love too.

    • Lady, you just said you've never known women to brag about getting sex easier but you just did - "Yes we could easily get a lot of sex," and a lot of women on this site and some who commented on this Take are doing it. It's very popular.

      The point of this post isn't about giving sex to men. It's about not giving men grief ABOUT sex concerning having it or lacking experience with it. Which is ironic for women to do when they don't want to be sexually judged.

      The message really was very clear and simple, and I honestly do not get how so many women could miss that. Unless they simply don't want to humble themselves and understand.

  • Pictures are used to make all people sin and all movies were for that reason already during WWII. The real fascists were the people from the UK in reality who told others under force how to be. No matter propaganda try to make you believe. Because everything is upside down from what they tell us. So why do you use those pictures?

  • i don't know ManOnfire . i think i answered only 1 of his previous questions .
    but just to say . what is more impressive than this My Take by ManOnFire is the way
    he handled every comment and criticism given by the responders . i read every word
    in this thread . a very touchy subject for both men and women . waiting . waiting .
    and yet . he was never triggered into reacting defensively with hostility to those making
    comments and criticisms he might disagree with . it is most impressive how ManOnFire
    did not take anything personally . he never resorted to insults rudeness mocking
    or name calling others for making their points . and though his MY Take is debatable
    on so many levels . it is to his credit and to his leadership in this thread that all other
    responders acted with the same amount of dignity . i hope others will take notice .
    perhaps even me .

  • lol what in the world is going on with those pig pictures? XD

    Women don't get ridiculed for not having sex because some men highly value virginity and implied chastity (even if it's not there) (aka most guys don't care if a girl is not a virgin, they just don't want to have a loose reputation)

    For men, having sex is a HUGE part of growing up/becoming a top male. I mean, biology. Young adolescent males gear up towards having sex, it's like a competition, they have to fight each other and older, more seasoned males to have a female mate with them.

    Yes, the ball is in a woman's court, and there's nothing wrong with that really. It's natural. We pay for our selective behavior by enduring pregnancy, birth, and raising the child.

    I don't know women who regularly pick on virgin dudes. I just don't... I mean, is this a real issue? Guys, opinions?

    • Enough guys commented who had it happen, yeah. I don't agree that it should be okay for a woman to expect a man to have already had sexual experience. Why should his experience or lack of it determine his value as a man especially sexually?

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    • You're right, but what if there's those introverted, shy, anxious guys who don't even stand a chance in that competition? Or those guys just not seen as desirable?

      If we're talking solely about casual sex (as we are in the post) - pregnancy, birth & raising the child (men help out to..) isn't even really relevant?

      I do, being a virgin myself I know what it's like to be ridiculed by both men & women, the feeling of shame, disappointment and even humour when I admit it to any female. Giving me the same of sap story (awww it's cute you're waiting for someone special to lose it to) - When in reality, i'm not, i'm just frustrated, full of anxiety & insecurities among other issues that have stockpiled and made it seem even more far off of losing my virginity. All starting from simple BEING a virgin & the stigma it brings.

      Casual sex is also bad for virgins, as those women are generally more experienced, they will & do tell their friends who is and isn't a virgin too.

    • @Buckzor See, you're still very young in my opinion, like it's not something I'd question... and the people that were rude to you about it are absolute jerks.
      I think casual sex or not, women are more selective (because of the greater consequences+more options) and men are still less selective.

  • Not as much frustration as Islam causes

  • This is BS!

  • Honestly as a woman its fustrating when we need it but get let down by our so because he doesn't want it yes its easier for woman to get sex but i would never turn my partner down when he wants it even if im not feeling it i would still give it my all i could care less if im called a slut i probably was before i got married hell but at least it was fun and i never shamed a guy most of them did it to me even when it was their issue and problem

  • Why did I waste my time reading this.

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What Guys Said 27

  • Dude you're comparing apples and oranges. Men and women aren't the same. And it's not just our species: Generally, males compete to fertilize the females. Why? Because sperm is much "cheaper" than an egg + pregnancy + breastfeeding (in the case of mammals) + whatever childrearing goes into it. And with humans, that investment is massive. Human babies are utterly helpless. Completely dependent on their mothers (and fathers, to a lesser degree).

    Regardless of whether you think it's unfair, men have evolved to want to pretty much fuck anything in sight, and women have evolved to be a lot more selective.

    You have to take that as your basis when you talk about this stuff. And you also have to realise that most of it is subconscious. Just like you don't decide to be attracted to that scantily-clad babe waltzing by in the summer sun, women don't choose what men they find attractive. Most of it is subconscious.

    The sooner you get over the idea that equality means men and women should be treated as if they were the same, the better you will do with women.

    • None of this dribble is even relevant to the Take. We're talking about how women can incite sexual anxiety in men because of how they judge or scrutinize men sexually, yet want people to take them seriously when they're whining about being labelled as sluts for their own sexual behavior or feeling disrespected or degraded themselves. So in your mind that's more important and makes more sense.

      God help anybody who would follow your monkey studies in order to do well with women.

    • Show All
    • @majorG Of course I can do both, and have before, but sometimes other things have to come first. Though right now I am working on sex with one of my co-workers. But as far as actually going out to meet women and work at sex, I'm not exactly trying, no.

      "They make lots of assumptions based on their own experience. More often than not, the problem is ignorance, not malice."
      - Sorta true. It's like solipsism as one guy here said.

      I'll look at the site.

    • Sure, sure, you're right. Dating can also take up quite a lot of energy. Anyways, good luck on the co-worker :)

  • Kinda long, very whiny.
    Women are driven by their hormones. Their menstrual cycle dictates their desire for sex. It pays a guy to know and understand this - when to ramp up the alpha and pursue her, and when to ramp up the beta and be comforting.

    Or as I like to say, "She likes sex alright... just not with YOU." LOL

    • It's more like being upfront about what's going on, not whining.

    • True that. It's all about hypergamy. The more things change the more they stay the same.
      Our entire western culture is built around protecting the 'weaker sex'. :)

      Here's another tidbit... the more women try to be like men the less desirable and attractive they are to men. Third wave feminism isn't doing women any favors. At all. Period.

    • @Browneye57 "the more women try to be like men the less desirable and attractive they are to men."
      - This is exceedingly true.

  • A lot of these sexual double standards go both ways. None of it matters if you learn how to get what you want regardless of what people say and think. Complaining about these things will get you nowhere.

    • You're not being honest with yourself, man. These double standards do not go both ways. When you can actually tell me about women who get teased or jeered at for not getting laid or failing at it, or said to struggle getting sex, then I might take it more seriously.

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    • @Al-Khawrazmi

      I just think that a lot of men talk about it too much and obsess over it when that time could be better spent on self-improvement and gaining success.

    • @englisc So to talk about how women create a problem for men with their sexual anxieties is loser-ish, but wouldn't be if a female wrote about it in her shoes.

  • You hit the nail on the head, my man! Especially about the ringer that guys who haven't gotten laid yet have to go through with women. It's like everyone is looking for some specific number of people for their partner to have had before them, and it really needs to stop!

  • Women don't understand this because they only need to be seen to get attention, gifts, and even sex from men. As men, we have to approach, we have to ask them out, we have to pay for the dates, we have to say the right things, we have to make the first move, we have to prove constantly (at least to some women) that we are viable sexual partners. Women are already viable sexual partners simply by existing. Their worth to men is intrinsic, whereas a man's worth to women needs to be developed.

  • OK, I only read the title and some blurbs before I had to just scoff.
    As a man, I know that a real man create things for himself and no one can take that away from him, not another man, not a woman, not God Himself.
    Subscribing to this way of thinking will only lead to pain, loss and wasted energy on foolishness.
    Be better than that!!
    I think you can!!

    • Ummm... nothing that he writes about in this take has anything to do with a man creating things for himself. What you are saying is true, but it's also not relevant.

  • Women have less than zero sympathy for men they deem inferior.

    So not only do they not want to have sex with you, they wish you had never been born. Actively. The proof of this is in their violent, visceral reaction to sex robots. They reject 80% of men, but those men aren't allowed to have sex bots either, they get NOTHING! THEY SHOULD KILL THEMSELVES! EWWW!!!

    That's women for you. Vicious and cruel on the inside, charming and sweet on the outside about half the time. Give or take.

    • Sex robots would be an awesome solution for people who only want the sex part. It would be a win for everybody. At least, I think it would. Putting things into practise though, we often find out hidden problems.

    • @petsnakereggie Sex robots seem like a quick fix. At the end of the day, a lot of what men are after is intimacy. Of course they also desire sex, but that's a deep drive to pass on their genes, and a robot can't very well do that, so it probably wouldn't feel satisfying.

    • @majorG Only 40% of men pass on their genes anyway, compared to 80% of women. So who are you talking about? You ever look at the suicide rates by gender?

  • Everything you have said in this take I have experienced.

  • Typical... Women confronted with inconvenient facts... attack and mock.

    Then seriously expect men to feel sorry for them when the one guy they talk to out of the other 24 they rejected that week rejects them for the same shallowness they show.

  • I don't see chicks bragging about sex though? But there's a lot in truth in this take.

  • This will trigger a lot of people, but I think it needs to be said, as it illustrates this point well. When I was younger I could not get laid to save my life, the males my age made sure to tell me how they got it often and was so awesome for getting it while me not getting it made me a pathetic loser that should kill myself and do the world a favor, the girls thought it was funny I used my hand and thought I was an absolute worthless piece of shit that they needed their boyfriends to beat me up, being treated like a leper (a social outcast) made me think very violent thoughts about the entire human race. I was very dark and my head was filled with evil thoughts. I finally got laid in my mid thirties and after almost 8 women, I now have a lot of softer and lighter emotions toward humanity, as now I feel as though I am worth as much as any other human being.

  • I was laughed at for a long time for being a virgin, none of the girls I've been with have been virgins and yet they enjoyed bragging to me that they could get any guy they wanted and I was stuck with them

  • Yeah I've noticed this. In some corners, while promiscuous men are looked down upon as 'horndogs', promiscuous women are applauded as 'liberated'.

  • It's mostly just solipsism, which is what I seem to keep mentioning every time you post something. It's the root of everything you talk about. Women are naturally solipsistic. They can't help it. It's literally a part of their genetics. You mentioned women saying they can get sex easier, but men can spend time quicker. See women at the end of it all want men to spend their time and resources too but mostly time. Again like I keep saying when they become attention whores and you don't give them that they too become desperate. Our genders are different but they have similar outcomes.

  • I completely understand this. I haven't had sex in 3 years! I'm horribly frustrated and I want a special person to lay with not some slutty bimbo. But it seems all the good girls are taken or they don't want anything to do with me.
    I could not get casual sex even if j wanted to. It's supply and demand, women are the demand and so they supply it to the right customer. And when they want to go out and sell it instead of waiting for someone to go to the store, they don't have to worry about not getting any sales.

    I'm just really lonely and desperately need to feel the touch and embrace of a wonderful girl I hope to but probably never will meet.

    • So what is your plan for making that happen?

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    • youtube. com/watch? v=bmav517MQJc

    • @majorG the link doesn't work.

  • There are all sorts of double standards and hangups not to mention unfathombly high expectations on both sides of the gender barrier they aren't all the same on both sides but there are plenty to go around
    And as I have said before if we all me and women a like were a little less selfish and a little kinder and more loving towards each other including those who may not be the super desireables there would probably be less people who are deeply depressed due to being socially ostracized who occasionally grow actively resentful even maybe if these people were treated kindly and felt loves they would grow into more desirable people and you could feel the joy of having helped a person heal...
    But I am just a silly idealist I suppose

    • I love your words and it is good to hear them and I hope many agree with me. Because that indeed would be a great idea.

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    • @Dchrls78104
      Quite right that was my point the same mechanics are in play here
      The social marginalization our society inflicts on some of its members hurts a lot of people and some of those will turn to subcultures who are similarly ostracized others will just retreat into themselves

    • @Dchrls78104 And even worse to know those children on purpose made poor for that reason but even sadder that many children like it while other children hate it and get hated because they do not come along with it.

  • They can only create sexual frustration in beta males. Women don't have any control over men at the top 20%

  • Oh man. Is it just your mind or this actually happened to you?

    • Some of it has happened to me, yeah. But that's not why I wrote it.

  • Is this for real? hahaha holy shit man

  • Interesting take. Thank you for sharing ;)

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