10 Awkward Things I Find Attractive In A Woman

10 Awkward Things I Find Attractive In A Woman

Okay @alinakhanx0x . You asked, I delivered. Just be warned, some of these are INCREDIBLY awkward!

I was actually planning to write this kind of MyTake for a while, but never got around to it. I didn't really realize until recently, but throughout my entire life, I have been attracted to girls with unusual attributes. Now at Alina's request, you will get to hear a few of them. My original list had over 20 things, but I decided to narrow it down to the ten that I felt people would consider the most awkward. I've included both physical and personal attributes.

Again be warned, some of these are REALLY strange. This is your last chance to turn back.

Okay, I warned you. Let's get started.

1. Hairy Arms

10 Awkward Things I Find Attractive In A Woman

This is something I developed a taste for only a few years ago. Don't ask me why, as I don't even know. I just remember that one day I saw a girl with hairy arms, and thought it was hot. At first I thought it was a rare thing, but now I've begun to notice more and more girls with hairy arms. It is especially common in Latina girls. I don't know if it's a recent trend, or if I just never noticed it before. Either way, I can't help but feel excited when I see it, especially if she's super cute. For me, the more prominent the sexier. I especially find Desi and Latina girls with long black arm hairs extremely attractive, as long as she doesn't look like a gorilla. I've grown to like it so much, that I now find women with NO arm hair weird looking.

2. Crooked Teeth

10 Awkward Things I Find Attractive In A Woman

Out of all the things on this list, I feel this is the one that people will find the grossest. Who in their right mind, besides me, would find crooked teeth attractive? Well, the Japanese and Koreans are quite fond of it. So much so that in Japan, girls actually pay big money to have their teeth crookeded. Okay, I will admit not EVERY girl with crooked teeth is attractive. She has to have the right look to pull it off. What that look is, is too difficult to describe. All I can say is, I met quite a few crooked tooth girls on my travels, and found every single one of them to be extremely cute.

3. Braces

10 Awkward Things I Find Attractive In A Woman

I know, this really contradicts the last one, but girls with braces are absolutely adorable. So as much as I find crooked teeth attractive, if she decides to get them straightened, I'll be just as happy.

4. Long Fingers/Toes

10 Awkward Things I Find Attractive In A Woman

This one shouldn't even be on here but it is, because for some reason people find this creepy. I honestly don't understand what people have against long digits. I find them extremely attractive. I personally can't stand the sight of stubby toes and midget fingers, but that's just me.

Since we're on the subject of fingers and toes....

5. Long Toenails/Fingernails

10 Awkward Things I Find Attractive In A Woman

If you follow my posts, you already know I have a thing for this. This one I at least understand why people find gross. However, this is one of those things which I think, if done properly can look really hot! Although long fingernails are quite common, long toenails are not, except in South Asian and Black women. Why they choose to do this, or why it's considered attractive, I have no idea. But I will say, I am extremely happy to know there are cultures who find long nails attractive, as much as I do. I'd rather look at long nails, then short worn down ones you can barely see. I personally appreciate a girl putting so much effort into her making her hands and feet look attractive. Unfortunately, most people in the West don't find long nails attractive, like I do. Don't worry long nail girls, I love you!

Staying on the topic of feet....

6. She Has Foot Fetish

10 Awkward Things I Find Attractive In A Woman

Okay, this is the best picture I could find on such short notice. Although two girls licking each others feet does turn me on, I am mainly talking about girls with a fetish for men's feet. I've only ever met one in my life, so I'm not sure how many are out there. But if I'm lucky enough to find a girl who wants to mess with my feet, I will be the luckiest man on earth. In the mean time, I'll enjoy sending hot foot stuff to lesbian and bisexual girls.

7. She Sends Me Pics Of Girls She Finds Hot

10 Awkward Things I Find Attractive In A Woman

Maybe this one isn't so awkward. Maybe a lot of men find this hot, I don't know, but I certainly do. I am finally starting to believe the theory that all girls are at least a little bisexual. Or maybe men's and women's standards are just different. Maybe it's normal for women to find other women attractive, even if they don't wanna sleep with them. I don't know, and I I honestly don't care. I just know that I find this sort of thing extremely hot!

8. She's Extremely Smart

10 Awkward Things I Find Attractive In A Woman

Well, apparently it's awkward for men to be attracted to smart women. So I guess we have another one that shouldn't be on this list, but is. Although I have always liked intelligent women, I didn't become a sapiosexual until my last year of community college. It was then that I began to realize that women stating random intelligent facts really turns me on. There have been a few instances in class, where I had to keep myself from moaning out loud, because one of my female friends said something that stunned even the teacher. Maybe that's a little creepy, but I can't help how I feel. Smart women really turn me on, especially when she's smarter then me, or something high level like a medical student or engineering student. However, a difficult major isn't enough. In fact, it's not even necessary. She simply has to be well versed in various subject matter in order to qualify as potential girlfriend material.

9. She's A Rebel

10 Awkward Things I Find Attractive In A Woman

This is mainly because I myself have always been a rebel child. I was the sort of kid who never liked being told what to do, or having my rights and freedom abused. I still don't. For this reason, I find girls who rebel against authority and challenge social norms extremely attractive. My personal favorite are the Muslim girls who rebel against their religion, whether it be posing nude to protest headscarf requirements, or fighting for education and the right to drive. Or Western women fighting to breast feed in public. Girls who help me cheat on a test in class, also make this make this list. That being said, I only find it hot if I support her cause.

10. She Has An Unusual Name

10 Awkward Things I Find Attractive In A Woman

I put this one last because I feel it is the strangest of all. Although I won't reject a girl simply because her parents named her Diana or Stephanie, a girl with an unusual name is actually a huge plus for me. A girl simply having an unusual name is enough to get my attention. I know it sounds strange, but I find unusual names extremely attractive, and would feel very fortunate to marry a woman with an unusual name.

Thanks for reading. And if you possess all or most of these qualities, hit me up. We might have a future together.

If you're a girl, list which of these qualities you possess in the comments section.

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  • Besides 7, the only other point that I have is hairy arms

    • If you weren't 16, I'd comment. LOL

      But OMG, you have the same exact flooring as me. LOL

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    • The arm hair doesn’t really bother me. It’s all the other hair that I fucking hate but yeah.
      Don’t really think anyone finds it attractive 😖

    • I know most women are self conscious about it, and most guys find it gross

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  • Vasilica is a common name in Russian fairytale.. Even in Bulgarians, just saying
    Nice mytake, good to know

  • Hairy arms: nope
    Crooked teeth: yep
    Braces: no
    Long fingers/toes: yeah my fingers are long
    Foot fetish: no but its cute when guys do
    Hot girls: no
    Smart: people say so so yeah
    Rebel: yep
    Unusual name: no
    3 1/2 out of 6
    ~ Mrs Manson

  • Thanks for accepting my challenge and very well written👍

    • You're welcome. Was I supposed to nominated someone else? Too late now. LOL

      You mind posting which of these you have? The other two girls did, and I kind of wanna keep that going. Oh wait. I think I can edit it. I'm gonna tell people to do that. LOL

  • That's really uncommon things to find attractive. It change from the basic things ^-^

  • nice my challenge goes well

  • Great MyTake


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