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My Weird Sexual Turn Ons

Hey everyone,

Just thought I'd take some time and divulge a list of some of my strangest (or kinkiest) turn ons, just for the fun of it!

Note that some of these were developed early on, others I gained slowly and gradually over time. Enjoy!

1. Sex That Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Domination Or Submission

I seem to be the only person on the planet who doesn't think of sex as some form of power play, sex without a notion of control, sex that isn't authoritative, sex that is just about.. well, sex! I like sex to be playful, to be sweet and gentle, to be passionate, to be respectful, and most of all, to be pleasurable!

My Weird Sexual Turn Ons

I like lots of kissing and heavy breathing, as well as for my hands to be free to roam and explore my partner's body (as opposed to being tied up where she or I can't even move. Not sure why that enhances sex for so many people). I like the girl to be felt up, caressed, fondled.. treated like a woman!

My Weird Sexual Turn Ons

2. Big Breasts

This one to me is completely normal but it seems that the guys on GAG hold the view that anything more than a B cup is grossly and abnormally humongous and atrociously big, so I'm choosing to include it in this list :P

"My eyes are up here!!"

I just find them more visually stimulative, more feminine, and nicer to feel and play with. And the way they bounce is pretty hot too!

3. Big Asses

Again, many/most of the guys on GAG prefer tiny, bony, nothing asses, so this one also goes down as a "weird" turn on I think lol.

My Weird Sexual Turn Ons
My Weird Sexual Turn Ons

4. BBW Fetish

This ties in with my preceding two turn ons since BBWs obviously have bigger breasts and asses. Something about the "thickness" of their bodies, the added curvature, the extra fat which translates into soft cushiony-ness, all of that just seems really hot!

My Weird Sexual Turn Ons

5. Pregnant Fetish

This one I've only had relatively recently, but what I find arousing about it is two things:

1) The visual aspect.

I never used to think that pregnant girls "looked" particularly sexy (I think it actually used to turn me off), but I've since changed my views and think, especially with a touch of lingerie, they definitely DO look sexy!

2) The mental aspect of it.

I've watched my fair share of pregnant porn (though I wish there was more of it out there!), and what I found that drew me to it and heightened my arousal was the fact that pregnant girls are on the verge of motherhood, meaning that you don't normally think of them in a dirty or "naughty" sense; you don't really imagine them even having a sexual side (even though at the back of your mind you know that the only reason they're pregnant is because they had sex). So something about seeing a girl's sexual side while she's heavy with a child, how even after the last sex session was "successful" because it made her pregnant yet she still wants more, AND how the child in her womb is completely ignorant of what is going on, to me that all of that is pretty damn hot!

My Weird Sexual Turn Ons

6. Nun/Hijab Fetish

Now, let me explain something. The hijab is meant to be MODEST - it's meant to be loose and symbolize chastity, purity, and holiness (in theory, at least). So when I see a hijabi in TIGHT clothes and makeup (like that pictured below), it just looks so "naughty", like she's trying to be holy but her slutty side is taking over. Or as if she's only pretending to be holy but really she just wants to be fucked real bad and is deliberately overtly showcasing this. She's basically turning something pious and religious into something sexy and erotic, and I find that so hot!

My Weird Sexual Turn Ons

7. Tights/Leggings Fetish

I think if you were to ask around, most guys will tell you that the season that is the most "distracting" for them (in terms of the clothing that women wear), is summer, since that's when the most skin is showing. For me, that has never really been the case. For me, it has always been winter, simply because that's when every girl will be wearing pants - and tight ones at that.

These are jeans but same sorta thing
These are jeans but same sorta thing

I find leggings a lot hotter than even a bikini just because of the way they really draw out and accentuate the girl's curves. Somehow you tend to notice her curves more when she's wearing something tight than when she isn't wearing anything at all. Not to mention that when a girl wears tights, you can see every detail of her ass, especially its movements as she walks. You don't see that in a skirt which is why I think leggings are even sexier than a miniskirt.

My Weird Sexual Turn Ons

8. Heavy Makeup Fetish

A lot of guys seem to be against makeup, which, when it comes to everyday activites, I agree. But in the context of sex, I just find a lot of makeup to be highly seductive and arousing. The contrast between, say, a girl's light scintillating eyes with her dark mascara, as well as the shiny or sparkliness of her lipstick, it just looks really hot to me.

From this:

My Weird Sexual Turn Ons

To this:

Yes, it's the same girl
Yes, it's the same girl
My Weird Sexual Turn Ons
My Weird Sexual Turn Ons

Makeup just makes women look so much sexier!

9. "Secretary" Glasses Fetish

Secretary is just the name I give to them since they're always the ones that pornstars wear when filming "Secretary" or "Office" porn. I especially find it hot if the woman wearing them also happens to have a mole right above her lip but on the side. I don't even know why but it turns me on.

Not sure why there's tape in the middle of them
Not sure why there's tape in the middle of them
My Weird Sexual Turn Ons

10. Underwater Sex

I never even knew there was such thing as "Underwater porn" but what do you know, there is! I stumbled upon it by accident and really got into it. And by the way, this is underwater sex *without* any gear, so they're basically holding their breath the whole time.

11. Breath Smelling Fetish

This one I think is almost unheard of but something about the natural scent of a girl's breath is so erotic and feminine to me. The warmth of it too just adds to its appeal.

12. Ass Sniffing/Licking Fetish

As is made apparent in this take, I have a thing for female asses lol, and that includes the smell of them.

13. Fart Fetish

My Weird Sexual Turn Ons

As weird as it may sound, I've never smelled a girl's fart. They're supposed to be just as smelly as a guy's, but since a girl's ass is just a lot more aesthetic, softer, rounder, etc, I just find it hot when a girl (especially wearing tight pants) let's out some farts lol.

My Weird Sexual Turn Ons

14. Scat Fetish

My Weird Sexual Turn Ons

Now with this one, I wanna make it clear what I like about it since my view of it actually differs from other guys who share this fetish. Most guys with a scat fetish identify as submissive and like to be humiliated, degraded, insulted, bossed around, referred to as "slave", etc. For me, none of that turns me on.

My fetish for scat, and this probably won't make sense to any of you anyway, revolves around the idea of the woman being the seductress. I'm drawn to the idea that the woman is so hot, so irresistibly sexy, that even her poop - her body's waste - is arousing to me simply because it came from her body. Not just her body, but from her ass - the sexiest part of all.

I also like the smell itself (I've bought poop-stained panties off women before and enjoyed the scent), and how each girl's poop scent is slightly different and thus is unique to her body. And my fantasies usually involve the girl smearing it on HERSELF, not on me, in particular on her breasts.

I won't say anymore since you're probably about to throw up right about now lol.

Anyways, thanks for reading and hope it was interesting for you :)


My Weird Sexual Turn Ons
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Most Helpful Guys

  • I've my weird fetishes too:

    1. Chocolate fetish. The thought of smearing chocolate sauce, cream and other yummy stuffs on the person's body to lick it off sounds delicious. It's like a candy shop.

    2. Neck fetish. I likes when slim women with a long slim neck wears chokers. I also likes being touched and kissed on my neck. I would like to do it on someone else too. Holding a hand gently around a thin young neck (not choking, just gently) sounds nice too.

    3. Femininity. Yes, I likes femininity. I've questioning my sexuality a lot and almost my entire life I've assumed I was into only men. I've noticed I liked a few men's looks (men looking like Orlando Bloom and some other fitting into the Hollywood/model standard - 7+/10), but later on noticed how picky I'm in men and how many women I finds beautiful. It's something delicate with the femininity that looks good in women, but cringe in men. I sees pretty and cute women everyday, but handsome men are rare like gold.

    • 3 isn't a fetish, but just something I likes. *

    • Oh yeah I've thought about things like chocolate or whipped cream for sex play before too but never really ended up fully getting into it.

      And I've noticed since I was a kid that more girls are good-looking than guys.

    • I've always wondered why more girls looks better than guys.

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  • Anonymous

    Scat and fart fetish aren’t something I can appreciate, but good on you for enjoying something a bit different. Actually, these fetishes are probably more common than most folks realise. The fact that you can easily find fart & scat videos would suggest there is a reasonable demand for these fetishes.
    Personally, Creampie is probably my number 1 fetish and probably more popular than most consider. Also, I share the love of legs, leggings, tights and stockings.
    I also have a thing for pale skin, which is probably a bit more unusual as far as fetishes go.
    I do have a weird fantasy, I’ve alwsys wanted to be seduced and bitten by a vampire. Even better would be a Hareem of several lady vampires. Is this weird?

    • Yeah especially with farting videos, there's surprisingly quite a lot of it out there!
      I also think creampie is kinda hot, and I too have a thing for lighter skin.
      Your vampire fantasy is not a common one I hear people having, though I think there's something called "vore" which is a fetish for being eaten alive, so I guess yours is similar to that lol

Most Helpful Girls

  • CarpetDenim

    Kind of ironic you give people shit for things like enjoying the idea of tying their partner up or being tied up by their partner when you have some kinks that are just as, if not more fucked up than that, lol.

    • Well I explained how my fetish for scat does NOT involve humiliation or degradation, and when I give people shit it's for more than just being "tied up".

      Girls specifically use the terms "abused" and "violated" and whatever else when describing their turn ons, and they obviously involve violence and harm. The tying up part is not really my main focus or objection.

  • Jemini_Crocket

    My Weird Sexual Turn Ons

    • Interesting 🤣

    • he needs jesus and holy water splashed on him lol

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  • brennanhuff

    Seriously dude. I was going to joke about why you shared your fetishes and whatever with most of what you said. But fart and poop fetish? gross man lol, but whatever floats your boat I guess.

    • Lol yeah I bet you weren't expecting that hey 😆

      But if you read everything else I wrote then I appreciate it. I'm not sure if people are just reading the headings and not the text that goes with them

  • DizzyDesii

    #1 you're not alone
    #2 glad someone supports my goals
    #3 aaaand this is why im single
    #4 doesn't bbw mean black? That lady ain't it

    Your other fetishes too weird for me

    • Well from everything I've read from people, I definitely feel quite alone on #1.
      Aw, how come you're okay with liking big breasts but not big asses?
      And BBW means "Big Beautiful Woman" so it's got to do with size not skin color. There are black BBWs and white BBWs.

      But totally fair if my other fetishes weird you out, they're definitely not for everyone.

    • DizzyDesii

      I meant i agree with #1
      #2 i have big boobs and a small ass sadly

    • I realized you agreed with #1 I just meant we're quite rare lol.
      And your combination is still sought after too 😊

  • englisc

    So you rail against people, women in particular, who like dominance and submission, as if they're fucked in the head... while you fantasise about fat girls farting and shitting on you.

    • 1. They *are* fucked in the head.
      2. Them being fucked in the head doesn't mean I'm not for different reasons.
      3. I explicitly said I don't want them shitting on ME (way to twist my words).
      4. If you wanna claim that I can't point out other people's fucked up-ness just cause I am too, then you're committing the Tu Quoque fallacy.

  • CuChullan

    I was enjoying the take, i was happy ticking the same boxes as you. That is up until the last ones. Women fart, sometimes it's like the cloud of yellow death that killed the Egyptian first born. Their poo stinks. Just like guys. As for scat, it's disgusting. You ruined a good mytake.

  • KC1545

    That was...

    • O, Lord, I beseech thee. Grant me respite from my evil ways so I may be of the pious ones.

    • KC1545

      I mean if you bout most of the top stuff that’s cool... but scat and farting...

    • Yeah I think I actively seek out the top stuff slightly more than the last two (when watching porn), so I don't think I'm all that messed up. Most of the time I just watch a normal hetero scene with normal sex and a hot girl.

  • Under_Maps_OF_twigs

    Numbers 1, 2, 5 and 6 are mine too.

    Glad to learn that 28.6% of your fetishes listed are mine also. The other 10 I don't care about, especially the make-up one. I can't stand make-up period, much less heavy.

  • pleasestopthis

    What if you're going down on your girl and she suddenly lets out a horrible smelling fart right onto your face? Sounds hot? lol

    • Haha, nah I'm not a fan of the nasty potent-smelling ones if that's what you mean. That wouldn't turn me on

  • DeeDeeDeVour

    Is that My Weird Sexual Turn Ons Megyn Kelly?

    • I'm not sure who she is and don't even know who Megyn Kelly is lol

  • Matthew1974

    If you think those fetishes are weird you need to get out more.

    To contradict the title these are not my weird sexual turn ons. But there are plenty of people out there who enjoy them and good luck to them. There is nothing wrong with enjoying something strange.

    (1) Needle play, people put needles through their skin and make patterns as well as tie ribbons on them.

    (2) Hook suspension, where hooks go through your skin and you are hung from the ceiling.

    (3) Pet play dressing up as an animal and then acting the role as well. Usually it's horse, dogs and cats.

    (4) Degradation. Some people enjoy being continuously put down. So for example a dominate woman would be continuously insulting the size a her partners private parts.

    (5) Wearing Gas masks.

    (6) Plaster casts. Some people enjoy being restrained by having unnecessary plaster casts on their arms and legs.

    (7) VacBed. You get a strange setup of latex in a frame and the person goes inside, then the air is sucked out. They have a breath hole but the strengh of the latex is enough to hold them tight.

    • Damn, those are a lot weirder!

  • HaveNoName

    I have serious think for a pretty/cute nose and that little subtle nose drop one one side. Of course the rest of the features and the girl have to be attractive also, but a nose can be one of the defining fetishes for me.

  • Twat_Twig

    I don't care how sexy you are, poop is nasty. :(

    • Girl poop smells surprisingly good tho. At least in my experience 🤣 lol

    • Twat_Twig

      Look I took a shit at work earlier and it still stank like 15 mins later. It definitely did not smell good.. 😐

    • Haha, I think if it's been done recently then it smells worse, but when I receive it in the mail it's been 24 hours so I think it's not as had or not as strong at least.

      Also, what did you think of my non-poop related fetishes?

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  • Putinyaplace

    Some fetuses I agree with, some are fucking weird. But everyone has their cup of tea.

  • So in short, you’re just a creepy bastard 🙂

  • Kelly6

    My husband have all but no
    And no big ass.

  • dilwalideal

    w, how come you're okay with liking big breasts but not big asses?

  • BronzedAdonis

    this started off well but went downhill quick

    • Yeah it kinda went down the toilet xD

  • Umm 😐👀😂

    • you're never getting that out of your mind now lol

  • I don't see anything weird here.

    • Yeah? Well I guess that makes me feel less of a freak then lol

  • Sweatyotterr

    TMI dude

    • Yeah soz lol

    • But at least they're different to the typical ones everyone else has

  • young_old_soul

    Thanks for sharing

  • latinabutterfly96

    lol interesting 😂

  • I agree with one of them, rest isn’t my thing

  • gym4ever

    wtf i just read.

  • Those are your weird sexual turn ons

  • Amazing

  • Anonymous

    I greed with much of your list with the exception of faring and a couple others.

  • Anonymous

    Number 12 and 13 are turn ons for me too (not the movement, pardon the pun).

  • Anonymous

    I'm only 1 and glasses nothing more

  • Anonymous

    I find videos of trump supporters getting harmed a turn on. Because I'm a good hearted empathetic liberal.

  • Anonymous

    Tiny, bony, nothing asses? Nah, most guys just like normal weight girls with normal size asses, not obese women with asses the size of sumo wrestler, like in the pics you posted. I will never understand the fat ass fetish. You are one weird fucker.

    • Yep, you're one of those G@G guys I was talking about 🤣 You equated the asses I showed to "sumo wrestler" asses, even though they're not even close to being the same.

      Any girl that isn't a toothpick is a sumo wrestler to you.

    • Anonymous

      The girls you posted ass pictures of are obese, quite literally. Their body fat percentages are literally well over the obesity threshold. If that's your thing, it's cool, but don't try to make guys like me who like normal, healthy weight girls out to be the strange ones. LMAO!