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Doctor's Hate Him, One Weird Trick to Being Alpha As F@#&K

Do you ever feel tired? Lonely? Depressed?
Do you have problems with human interaction?

Never had the guts to ask your crush out?

Well despair no longer! World renown Giovanni Gentile has one weird trick to solve all these problems!

Don't beat your rooster when he starts to cock-a-doodle-doo
Don't beat your rooster when he starts to cock-a-doodle-doo

That's right fellas, pornography is ruining the way you feel, act, think, and behave. Frequent pornography rewires your neural pathways to react to strange stimuli, such as two strangers copulating. Watching people have sex is not normal or healthy.

Pornography use can cause insecurity in men and dissatisfaction in the women around them. All these insecurities will affect how you deal and interact with women. Not to mention people who frequently masturbate generally don;t have a sex life. Its a vicious cycle which leads to an avoidance of female interaction.

Have you ever busted a nut and fell asleep so soundly? Well that;s because you just drained a huge amount of energy and flooded your body with dopamine. This actually makes you less energetic and your body has to use vital minerals to restore the lost semen. Not to mention pornography abuse has been linked to Erectile Dysfunction in men. Save that vital life-force energy for when it counts.

Next time before you decide to tug at the Old Rooster, you should look around. Is your room clean? Is there anything more important that you could be doing? well do those things! If you finish every chore, take care of every responsibility you have and your life is completely organized, it means you don't have a lot on your plate. So go get a hobby, volunteer, join a club, call your mom, pray, do anything but masturbate.

That's right you floozies, don't think you can go around rubbing yourself everywhere either! Pornography abuse and female masturbation, has less research behind its negative impacts, but if its anything like what happens to men you should stop. Not to mention every time you rub or touch yourself you are desensitizing yourself. Don't you want to save those sensations for that special someone

"Whats new pussy cat? woah, woah, woah, woah!"- Tom Jones

Doctor's don't want you to know the truth about helping yourself overcome pornography addiction and masturbation, and all your haters don't want you to know this trick because they know it will make you a better person. So prove the haters and doctor's wrong with this one weird trick.

Doctor's Hate Him, One Weird Trick to Being Alpha As F@#&K
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  • chimeara

    I am very secure watch loads of porn, spank the monkey like he is the most misbehaved curious George version ever and have an incredible sex life. I do share porn with my wife and share masturbation. This may be why my situation is an exception. I am not hiding from my wife with my activities but including her. Also Yea I got a small penis but I have never given a shit because I can use it just as good if not better than someone with a 3rd leg. Open communication with my wife makes me a better lover. I enjoy constantly trying to become a better lover through feedback.

    I do however agree with the sentiment especially since most people are not open enough and confident enough with their communication to pull off what I can.

    • I would say you are the exception rather than the rule! But yeah, most young guys jerk off a lot and dont have a wife or are 100% secure in their sexuality.
      Thanks for sharing your experience!

  • Anonymous

    Ill never,

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