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Seven Reasons Why I Love Tall Girls

Tall Girl Posing Next To Her Vintage Car
Tall Girl Posing Next To Her Vintage Car

I decided to write this MyTake because I feel tall girls don't get the appreciation they deserve. I've heard of "Short Girl Appreciation Day", but where is "Tall Girl Appreciation Day"? Don't get me wrong, short girls have their pros too, but they get enough love. Today, I wanna give some love to tall girls, especially since I feel a lot of tall girls are insecure about their height. I hope this MyTake will make tall girls feel more confident about their bodies. A word of warning though, this MyTake does contain some sarcastic remarks about short girls. So if you don't have a sense of humor, don't read this.

Reason Number 1


Long Legged Turkish Girl
Long Legged Turkish Girl

This is probably the only one that won't start any debate, as I think both men and women, including myself, agree that long legs are sexy. In fact, this is probably my favorite physical feature of tall girls. There is just something sexy about a woman with long, slender legs. Long legs are also better for performing certain activities, which I will mention further below. There is also a romance factor that I like about them. There is just something sexy about a man's mouth slowly working it's way down a set of long legs. It takes longer to reach your destination, building stronger tension and anticipation. Yeah, long legs rock!

Reason Number 2


Cartoon Character With Big Feet
Cartoon Character With Big Feet

You've probably noticed that taller girls tend to have larger feet, which makes sense because if their feet were small they would fall over. I know a lot of girls with big feet are really insecure about them, but trust me ladies, there are plenty of guys out there who love 'em. I'm one of them. It's a widely known fact on GAG that I have a thing for women's feet, and in my opinion, the bigger the better. I'm trying to keep this MyTake at a PG-13 rating, so I don't wanna get too explicit, but you probably know the kinds of things of things foot lovers are into. So let's just say, "there's more to love." ;)

Large Feet Of A Tall Indian Woman
Large Feet Of A Tall Indian Woman

Reason Number 3


Tall Girl With Long Toes
Tall Girl With Long Toes
This is another common feature in tall girls that many people consider unusual and even hideous, often giving them nasty nicknames like "finger toes". So it's not a shocker that many tall girls feel insecure about their long toes and try to hide them. Once again, you have nothing to be ashamed of ladies. Long toes are incredibly beautiful and feminine, and you should consider yourself extremely fortunate to have been blessed with them. And once again for foot fetishers, there is more to love. ;)
Tall Girl Curling Her Long Toes
Tall Girl Curling Her Long Toes

Reason Number 4


Tall Indian Girl With Long Fingers
Tall Indian Girl With Long Fingers

If you're starting to notice the theme here, basically, tall girls tend to have longer body parts, and the same thing applies to their fingers. And in case you haven't figured it out already, I have a preference for longer digits. As is the case with toes, I find long fingers extremely attractive and feminine. And believe or not, even THESE get quite a bit of hate. If someone tells you you have "alien fingers", don't take it as a compliment. I have long fingers and have also been made fun of for it. Seriously, I don't know what's wrong with people. They have poor taste. The fact that I myself have long fingers, is the reason I'm attracted to girls with long fingers. We don't need to feel insecure in front of each other. Long fingers are beautiful, and two long fingered people holding hands must be quite something.

Reason Number 5


Shilpa Shetty
Shilpa Shetty

Okay, I know this isn't something that's limited exclusively to tall girls, but when was the last time you saw a fat girl who was 5 ft 10? Exactly, you probably haven't. From my observations, tall girls typically tend to be slimmer and also more fit and athletic. This is probably because tall girls are more physically active and more likely to participate in sports or yoga.

Reason Number 6


Tall Girl vs Short Girl Kissing
Tall Girl vs Short Girl Kissing

If you think this one is a bit silly and over-the-top, you've probably never tried to make out with a short girl. Of course, I haven't either, but I have seen enough to know it is no easy feat. You shouldn't have to stand on your tippy toes, nor should I have to bend down or lift you out to make out with you. It kind of ruins the moment, when we have to stand in awkward positions in order to be able to make out. With tall girls, you do not have this problem, because you are at equal eye level and can move in right for the kiss. With tall girls, you can caress and kiss for several minutes, because you don't need to continuously adjust positions every minute. You can focus on the task at hand. I'm not saying short girls are bad kissers, but it's kind of hard to demonstrate your skills if you can't even reach your boyfriend's lips.

Reason Number 7


Hiking With Tall Girls
Hiking With Tall Girls

In addition to looking extremely sexy, long legs also come in handy when taking a girl hiking, or even just for a short walk through town. If I had a dollar for every time a girl told me, "Slow down, Zeus! I can't walk that fast! I have short legs!" I'd have enough money to hike all my bucket list destinations. EVERY TIME I take a girl or my mother hiking, I have this problem. I am naturally a fast walker, especially when my adrenaline is pumping or I'm running short on time. Plus, when I walk slow my legs cramp up. I don't mean to put down short girls, and there are a lot of things I love about them, but they are the worst hiking buddies. These girls are annoying and make you lose precious time. And they always end up getting left behind, because they simply cannot keep up with me. With tall girls, I do not have this problem. They're long sexy legs allow them to match my stride and pace, which is something short girls simply cannot do.

Hiking With Short Girls
Hiking With Short Girls

Thanks for reading. Any "negative" or "sarcastic" comments made about short girls were purely for comedic purposes. This MyTake did not intended to put down short girls, but instead reinforce the confidence of tall girls. I hope tall girls appreciated this MyTake, and short girls were not offended by it.

Group Of Sexy Tall Girls
Group Of Sexy Tall Girls
Seven Reasons Why I Love Tall Girls
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Kaytiee

    I think this post was great as someone whos 5"4 I didn't find it offensive, but some incorrect. My grandma Is shorter than me, I think 5"2? But no one no matter how young or tall has the abillity to hike like her! Bloody hell a walk around the park for her Is like nipping to the loo I can never keep up with her!

    Hiking has nothing to do with height, more leg strength with my mum and grandma has from swimming and various sport and gymnastic activities during childhood.

    I think on the contrary this may be a bit of a stereotype for tall girls which they may not like, they might not like being seen as athletic as they can still be the complete opposite.

    As for the toes though.. really not into feet especially not longer toes, and thats just my preference. I can appreciate a body unbiased but long toes? eek.

    • Okay thank you
      That toe part was funny

      by the way, I know short girls who workout and STILL bitch that I walk too fast

    • Kaytiee

      So? you're still generalising which is wrong, simply because you're biased to your preference. Try dating a healthy girl for once whos active, then you'll see you're wrong

  • Inneedofusername

    Being tall DOESN'T equal having long legs.
    Long legs are about proportions. You can be short but have proportionally long legs and short torso. Or you can be like me - tall, but with proportionally very short legs and loong torso

Most Helpful Guys

  • Anonymous

    Tall women also probably give birth to big sons if you want your son to be an athletic jock. Are tall women more inclined to be athletic?
    It is strange most models are tall, but most actresses fall typically in the 5'5" range. Probably because their male co-stars are short.
    There would seem to be a sweet spot for height. I wish I had the self-confidence to have dated a woman taller than me, but i was too insecure. I could probably be cool with an inch or two taller than me, but 4", 6", or 7", I don't think so. That's my problem though.
    There are beautiful women that are tall and don't get asked out. Shy guys should seek them out. Who cares what people think.

    • Bollywood actresses are pretty tall.

      I'm 5'10'' and I think anything taller than that, I wouldn't date

    • Anonymous

      beautiful and smart is still beautiful and smart at any height. Don't limit yourself.

  • Salah1224

    For me , i prefer Short girls.. hugging her, her head is placed on your chest , giving her a kiss on her forehead , you can just pick her up and carry her somewhere , or help her get something she can't reach.. i find it so :P..

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  • StingRayxoxo

    Thanks for the Tall Girl Appreciation post!! I remember boys being annoyed that I was taller than them for many years growing up. I love being tall now.

    • I'm 5'10, my mom was 5'11, and my sister is 5'8. My daughter is already a bit taller than her peers.

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    • Argyro00

      Just rape us pretty much.

    • MoneyBeets

      You short

  • Sweetascandy1990

    I think tall women a beautiful :-) I'm 5 feet and thick (not fat). I had a complex of my height when I was younger until I realized that every guy has different types.

    I do feel though that in the media you have tall women being appreciated. I don't see many short women my height being models.

  • Jaye234

    It's hard towering over everyone in town. Even though I'm considered average height standing at 5'6" 1/2 and my mom is 5'10 so I can imagine how she must feel.
    I catch a lot of grief over how tall I am and how tall my daughter already is.
    It's nice to hear that women who are over 5'2 aren't mutant giants from another galaxy!

    • 5 ft 2 is tiny
      She should be at least 5"4
      How tall is your daughter?

    • Jaye234

      She's only 5 but she's tall for her age. She'll be at least 5'6

  • GraveDoll

    I'm 5'8

    and appreciate the take!!!
    But I wear an actual size 7 in shoes. I hear all the time "god you have small feet" and I didn't know why? seems average size to me. A guy I use to date mention that many assume that taller women have big feet.

    all in all, I'm happy with my height

    • Lol. I'm 10.5 and even I'VE been told I have small feet.
      Size 7 seems average for a girl

  • midnightmoon05

    Good take... most of my friends are taller than me obvisously since I am 5ft.
    I like cute little toes. Those toes... hummm kinda looonnngggg... like fingers.
    Never pay attentions to tall girls toes tbh
    I don't mind being an inch or two more taller so I just wear heels.

  • ChocoLada

    Cool myTake. I understand some of your reasons why you like tall girls (1, 5, 6 and 7), but 2, 3 and 4 are kinda weird 😂
    I'm tall but my feet are normal size, my nails are short, and my fingers are not much longer than average 😜
    Anyway, I'm glad that at least some guys appreciate us tall girls ;)

    • Dude, you know my kinkd, so why are you so surprised? :p

      I didn't say their nails were long, but I prefer longer ones so those are the pictures I chose.

      Your do MMA so yours HAVE to be short, or you'd kill someone. :p

      A few other tall girls also commented that they have small feet. One tall girl told me, "My feet have to be big, or I'd fall over."

      What shoe size are you? I've talked to a few girls our height and looked at celebrities, and they had around 9-10. Mine's 10.5.

      And I guess some tall girls have long torsos but short legs.
      I expected those numbers to get weird reactions, but not from you since you already know I'm into that stuff.

      But that's fine. I like when you tease me, and at least you still likes it. Was trying to show some love for tall girls. ;)

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    • I know. I'm not most guys. :p
      Yeah, I saw your pic and I didn't think so. That's kind of disproportionate and I guess girls who have that are self contious about it.
      Thank you :p

    • ChocoLada

      I know you're not like other guys :)
      You're welcome ;)

  • Jean-Marie_Céline

    Good myTake, very well written!
    Believe it or not, but my girlfriend is way taller than me and I never noticed any of the things you indicated 😂😂😂.
    I'll definitely will now.

  • TonyBologna25

    Yeah, I’ve had a thing for tall girls as well, but your reasons as to why are just weird as hell. Can’t believe you listed bigger feet, longer toes, and longer fingers lmfao. You seem like a strange dude. Both of my ex’s are around 6ft and i’m 6’1”. I was bodybuilding and around 240 lbs at one point. Walking around campus with my tall hot ass girlfriend felt empowering tbh. People just respected us.

    • Oram52

      Did your 6" ex's like wearing heels?

    • @Oram52 Both of them were pretty insecure about how tall they were, so it was pretty rare for them to wear heels.

  • shi-shi

    I think tall girls are really cool, I'm 4'10 and I always wished I was much taller

    I figured the only people who didn't like tall girls are insecure short guys?

  • DeeDeeDeVour

    I would look pathetic standing among these Seven Reasons Why I Love Tall Girls tall girls.

  • horilka

    Lol they don't necessarily have big feet and hiking skills rather depend on how strong legs are. But thanks for the appreciation ideas🙂

  • ThatInsaneChick

    I'm 5'10", and I honestly could not imaging being the runt in a picture like that. Jesus lmao. Good take, I'm glad there are some of your kind who like the tall ones

  • GuidoThePizzaMaker

    The foot thing is kinda gross, but you do you bro lol!

  • RedThread

    Lmao I prefer tall women too but I think feet and toes are gross on all people. I guess we appreciate them for different reasons.

  • Logorithim

    Great Take. Tall women are goddesses. Glad my girlfriend is one.

  • CubsterShura

    1. Long legs. Yeah, correct. Although it's about body proportions, taller girls indeed tend to have longer legs and yeah long lean legs are hot.
    2. Ok um I have like, moderate to small feet but they are WIDE, and I remember sending my ex a picture of my feet with henna design on it and I was asking him how it is... He did not comment on the design at all. He's like 'you have big feet' argh. Not many guys like big feet, or maybe it's an Asian thing, like they had the food binding practice in China.
    3. Long toes and fingers, you're probably right. Over here long fingers are an attractive thing so I can't imagine making fun of them. I think they are beautiful too. I don't think it necessarily means you have long nails though.
    4. Slim body has to do more with the fact that their bodies look more vertical and so even if they are wide or got some chub it doesn't look like they are fat because of their height. Short women on the other hand, tend to look curvy if they even even a little bit of a wide hip. It's all about proportion and not necessarily physical activity. I live in a place where women don't workout a lot and taller girls still have that slim build.
    5. That's why I don't like too tall guys 😂 tall guys are hot but there's a limit to how much taller he can be than me! The thought of making out with a giant freaks me out :'v
    6. It could be a problem but I have fairly high stamina so I can keep hiking for a long time. And being slow ain't that bad after all, gotta enjoy the atmosphere while I'm at it!

    The reason why the shortngirl appreciation thing started was because of the supermodel trend where they all are extremely tall and you never get to see a 5'3" supermodel, short girls are very underrepresented in the modelling industry. Even today you can't be a model or get into a beauty pageant without being at least 5'8". Which literally implies in a way that us short girls can't be the beauty standard, which is frustrating as hell.

  • Nadim171

    Well... I actually don't care too much about height. But, honestly our taste in feet is so different 😂 I like girls with small feet and short toes and nails

  • alice55

    Not all tall girl have big feet though, I'm tall and my feet are smaller than the majority of the girl (that are generally much shorter than me).

    • LOL. That's what a lot of people have been telling me.
      I didn't know you were tall. I'm glad to hear that. How tall are you?

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    • alice55

      In France average height is 5'5 but I'm still considered to be tall but maybe that's because girls are quite short where I live

    • Yeah probably. lol
      They seemed pretty tall to me, at least taller then American girls.

      I believe it, because people in mountainous regions tend to be shorter than people in flat regions.

  • aquíestoy

    I think girls that are approximately between 5,6 to 5,10 are attractive BUT!! No taller than that

    • Wowgirl30q

      I think over 5'7 your tall

    • Okay YES! I have to agree.
      I posted the last pic just it's a good representation, but I also think any girl over 5'10 is too tall.
      I don't want a girl to be taller than me

    • Wowgirl30q

      Fair enough

  • Elliegirl

    Yay! I’m 5’9” and love being a tall girl! I see all kinds of posts about how short girls are so cute (which is true), but it’s nice to finally see someone appreciate us taller ladies!

  • RolandCuthbert

    Reason 8. . .

    You like being dunked on.

    Seven Reasons Why I Love Tall Girls

  • Twalli

    At 5'4" a tall girl would have to bend down and/or I would have to stand in my tip toes to kiss. So easier to kiss is bullshit because you don't take the guy's height into account. As for slimmest or look ack thereof, I have seen more overweight "tall" girls than vice versa. They are 5'8" or taller. So, again you assume something that has no basis in reality.

  • patrickstarz

    Yeah I love tall girls with phat bootie's. I came across a tall Latina with a phat booty who needed some dick because her husband was locked up. Lol

  • humanearth

    I used to date a girl that was 6 foot 1. The best part was we could fit into each other's clothes.

    That's a added bonus if your into cross-dressing, gender bending, sex role plays, and the sex works out better.

    Think about standard sex. Tall guy on top short girl on bottom. Her face is in your chest.

    Now with Tall Boy and Tall girl you can suck face and have standard sex together. That a win win in my book

    • I was with you on everything except the cross dressing part. Creepy much, especially for a straight guy

    • humanearth

      Hey to each their own.

  • Honoka_Fan_32

    Such a kiss ass. 99% of the women on earth don't think highly of short men lmao.

  • smg99

    Tall girls are symbols of sensuality and glamor. I’m of avg. height but any day we all wish were these examples here.

  • Argyro00

    Good Take though Tina Turner isn’t tall considered one of greatest legs in the world just saying.

  • zayndan

    You disgust me bro. I like tall girls too, but the way you say it, its like you worship them

  • TadCurious

    I agree that tall girls don't get enough appreciation are sadly sometimes made to feel freakish because of their height. Good myTake!

  • ShadowofRegret

    I love tall women, so it is nice to see them being appreciated for once.

  • anmari2001

    Maybe The big foot is just a tall girl

  • Glue-Sniffer

    Those ugly toes with disgustingly long nails make me cringe!😖

  • Cowboy6666

    I love taller girls than me n will marry one hopefully.

  • Secret6620

    Amazing post 😍❤️

  • Wowgirl30q

    Best take ever...

  • queenrxse

    No one cares

  • up_64

    Tall girls for the win. My ideal is like 170-180.

  • MoneyBeets

    I’d climb those mountains with my cawk

  • Anonymous

    I do agree with a lot of what you said

  • Anonymous

    some of the reasons you say are ones I can agree with

  • Anonymous

    They actually get a hell lot of appreciation lol. Being seen as THE ultimate beauty standard isn't enough in your view LMAO?

  • Anonymous

    LMAO you would never see a girl as tall as can 6'4" in a relationship or married to a guy that's only 5'4"!

  • Anonymous

    I'm like 5'8 and I don't have big feet or long toes. I'm a size 6 shoe with small toes. So this mytake doesn't represent all tall girls.

    Otherwise I absolutely love this mytake! As a tall girl myself, I tend to get mocked for it and guys feel intimidated by me, especially when I wear heels.

    • Really? A big footed girl told me they have to be big or you'll fall over. The toes I agree with you though. Some tall girls don't have long toes.
      What about fingers.

      Yeah, most people, even girls don't like girls who are already tall wearing heels. And most tall girls do not.
      I was gonna add a section on "heels", but I kind of have mixed feelings about that one

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    • Anonymous


    • Oram52

      I love tall girls and love when they wear heels. I can't think of any fit girl who couldn't look good in heels.

      Can I ask in what way you're made fun of being tall?