OUT OF THE SHADOWS - The History of American Nudism



In order to more fully understand American nudism, let's first quickly examine the origins of nudism, as we know them, in brief world history.

It is well documented that the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks practiced a cultural form of clothing optional living as far back as 1385 B.C.

Students being nude in school and during exercise in these civilizations was common and considered just a normal part of life and a choice all citizens could make for themselves on a daily basis.

OUT OF THE SHADOWS - The History of American Nudism

The early Olympic Games in Greece were played in the nude by most athletes as well as all other regular athletic events. The very word "Gymnos" means "Naked" in Greek and, of course, is where the words, gymnastics and gymnasium are derived from. Today we might interpret the Greek meaning as "naked exercise".

The Catholic Church ended the Olympic Games in 393 A.D., declaring the nude games as "Pagan", thus leading the transition into the period known as "The Dark Ages" (500-1000 A.D.)

Now enters "The Renaissance Period" (1300-1700 A.D.), as the Catholic Papal ban was not to last forever. For while the iron fist of the church began to loosen its tightened grip on the citizens of the world, and the freedom of choice slowly reappeared, the confinement of clothing as the only norm of accepted social structural adherence dissipated to a great extent.

Again, nudity was not looked down upon as shameful, but once more as a natural and normal state of being.

OUT OF THE SHADOWS - The History of American Nudism


In the 16th century the Christian Puritans arrived on the shores of America unhappy that the Church of England had embraced a spirit of tolerance, and even admiration, of the human body.

Once in the New England colonies, they actively practiced their strict moral views, and insisted that all sexual pleasures be shunned with a high standard of, their version, of morality adhered to.

One of those standards derived as a result of the early biblical terminology known as …"the lust of the flesh", was seen as “so vile” as to cause a decree of total refrain from even bathing, as a way of preventing such feelings. Yes, you heard it right. No one was allowed to bath as we think of bathing today, in water, without clothes ...I’m not kidding.

That all started to change as some more famous Americans began to emerge amidst the early nudist practitioners leading the way in this most natural form of freedom of expression.

OUT OF THE SHADOWS - The History of American Nudism

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) in his study of medicine believed that "air baths", as he called them, were very healthy for you. And how right he was, as it was scientifically discovered that the sun provides our bodies with much-needed vitamin D, which is absorbed through the skin during such sun-bathing activities, and which lack thereof is the cause of many common, as well as not so common, human ailments to this day.

Famous American poet, Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862), also took "air baths" in the form of naked walks around his community.

American President John Quincy Adams was regularly seen nude while bathing in the Potomac River.

It was further common for the early American pioneers of the western frontier to go to the local swimming hole and strip down to bath or swim, which gained today’s slang term, "skinny dipping".

OUT OF THE SHADOWS - The History of American Nudism

Mark Twain’s fictional characters, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn were skinny dippers in the book and was never looked at as the least bit odd to read about in the literature of that day, as it was so common at that time, in real life.

Prior to the yet invented modern-day swim suit, skinny dipping for bathing or recreation, even though mostly segregated by gender, was expected and very common in nearby lakes and rivers.


As with many things in life that tend to reverse themselves from time to time, in came an era of great societal repression, piano legs were covered to alleviate even the most remote possibility of sexual arousal during this time period - yes, you heard it right again, even piano "legs" had to be covered!

Peasant nudity was totally unacceptable in the cultural refinement of the ruling class and elites of that day who demanded total cultural control of the people.

The first domestic swimsuit allowable by the elite's and designed for "decency" appeared circa 1830 in France, but did not become popular in America until the 1890’s These swim suits covered all but the feet, hands and head regardless of the gender of the wearer. In terms of modern day comparison ...can you say Islam anyone?

The first indoor toilets were invented in the 1890’s and affected the acceptability of the nude tradition of the time in various ways.

Prior to this, it was common for the bathtub to be in the kitchen area where the hot water was taken from the stove so that the bathtub could be quickly used by all family members, one after the other. Open family nudity for this, weekly or bi-weekly, event was normal as all quickly used the tub, some even together, to take advantage of the heated aqua prior to its dissipation to a cooler, more unpleasant temperature.

As the outhouse became outdated, new homes were built with plumbing going to a separated room from the rest of the house where both the toilet and the bathtub could share the same water pipe with the added benefit of a door for privacy.

Now, it became rare to see each other in the nude thus leading many to start viewing the human body as an object of shame instead of an object of beauty, as nature intended, thus leading us to where we are today in most cultural circles.

During the late 19th Century certain Americans continued to resist the pull toward the Victorian lifestyles as we began to see seeds of the continuing movement toward, and need for, the freedom and acceptance of individual liberty as it pertained to nudity in the US.

At a time when modern medicine could not cure or explain disease, it was believed that the industrialization and urbanization of the United States was fostering many of the ailments as a result of unsanitary housing, crowded conditions, restrictive Victorian clothing and bad working conditions causing poor health and illness.

This brought about many beginnings of much of what we think of as today’s modern phenomenons, but is actually far from it – natural healing, clothing reform, vegetarianism, an abstinence from alcohol and tobacco and the practice of Naturopathy. an important part of all this needed natural healthy lifestyle was determined to be nudity and was considered to be an integral part of becoming


In 1901, German sociologist, Heinrich Pudor, wrote the first book on naturism and is considered to be the “Father of Nudism”. In 1903 the world’s first Nudist Park was opened in Lubeck, Germany. By the 1920’s nudist clubs began to open in France and England as well.

The first nudist magazine, called “Gymnos”, again the Greek word for “naked”, was printed in Germany in 1921 and then others followed in Britain and France.

In the US, the pattern of European nudism was quickly followed as a more “natural” form of living and was promoted by Bernard MacFadden, an early pioneer of health reform. Mr MacFadden promoted “natural living” in his newly published magazine called “Physical Culture” and at one of the nation’s first nudist resort area’s he called “Physical Culture City”, which was then followed by William Call and his “Common Sense Club”.

In 1929, Kurt Barthel and a group of German-Americans, familiar with the European style of nudism, held the first formal outdoor nudist gathering in North America, on Labor Day weekend. That very next spring, Mr Barthel formed “The American League for Physical Culture” (ALPC). ALPC then became “Sky Farm” at a site near Spring Valley in Rockland County, New York which enjoyed a membership of 200 the very first year.

Word spread of the nudist resort, which got to the ears of nearby New York authorities who launched a police raid, landing many members in jail. At the trial of the members, the judge determined that everything they were doing was done in private, with no lewd behavior being exhibited, and acquitted everyone involved. The appeal for naturism then soon increased beyond measure with many more soon joining the naturist movement.


Nude beaches originally became popular along some coastal areas of France during the 1950’s where nudity for most French people was not seen as offensive in general French society, which liberal body culture in France still persists to this day.

OUT OF THE SHADOWS - The History of American Nudism

In Denmark, most all beaches are clothing optional as well as in other Scandinavian countries like Norway. Germany has many clothing optional areas in their public parks and in selected areas of some major cities. In warmer climate popular vacation getaway destinations, there are many clothing optional tourists’ areas in places such as Crete, Barcelona, and more islands than one can count throughout the Caribbean and elsewhere.

Now back to American beaches. It is believed that San Gregoria Private Beach is one of the two oldest nude beaches in the United States, as established in the late 1960’s. San Gregoria Private Beach is in San Mateo, California and since it is a private beach, can only be accessed by way of an entrance fee paid to the Owners.

OUT OF THE SHADOWS - The History of American Nudism

OUT OF THE SHADOWS - The History of American Nudism
OUT OF THE SHADOWS - The History of American Nudism

The second of the oldest beaches, is known as Hippie Hollow on the shores of Lake Travis in Austin, Texas. This is a totally legal public nude area and the only legally sanctioned one in the entire state of Texas. On a sunny day, you will find hundreds of sun loving Texans and other visitors swimming and sunbathing about in the buff here.

There are literally dozens of nude beach areas all around the US ocean and lake front shores.


Solair Recreation League founded in 1934 and located in Woodstock, Connecticut, may be the oldest continually operating nudist resort in the US.

Since that time, Nudist Resorts, once referred to as Nudist Colonies, have sprung up all over the Country with over 180 member resorts listed on the American Association of Nude Recreation website currently in the US alone.

OUT OF THE SHADOWS - The History of American Nudism

Nudist resorts offer an huge array of social and sports activities, including club houses with pool tables, table tennis, dancing with live bands, bocce ball, tennis and volleyball courts, children’s playgrounds, swimming pools, hot tubes, Jacuzzi's, horse shoe pits, hiking trails and the list goes on.


Yes, plan your next vacations in the nude!

From luxury cruise ships to sail boats to house boats on the lake.

OUT OF THE SHADOWS - The History of American Nudism

OUT OF THE SHADOWS - The History of American Nudism


Believe it, or not, all swimming conducted by males of all ages was required to be in the nude by the "American Public Health Association" for all male swimmers from 1926 until 1962 at high schools and at all YMCA’s, as well as any other public swimming pool facilities for health reasons.

Read more about it at this link...



As per Wikipedia … Topfreedom is a cultural and political movement seeking changes in laws to allow women to be topless in public places where men are permitted to be barechested, as a form of gender equality. Specifically, the movement seeks the repeal or overturning of laws which restrict a woman's right not to have her chest covered at all times in public.

OUT OF THE SHADOWS - The History of American Nudism

No one seems to be paying any attention to the topless girl except the smiling cop with his Iphone camera in his hand :) ...lol
No one seems to be paying any attention to the topless girl except the smiling cop with his Iphone camera in his hand :) ...lol

In addition, topfreedom advocates seek allowing nursing mothers to openly breastfeed in public.

OUT OF THE SHADOWS - The History of American Nudism

Find out more history about the topfreedom movement and top freedom laws at these links...


https://gotopless.org/topless-laws (see map)

OUT OF THE SHADOWS - The History of American Nudism

The green colored states are those where top freedom is in effect.
The orange colored ones have amibiguous state laws on the matter.
The red colored ones are the ones where the mere showing of the female breast in public is illegal according to state law.

Go to this link to learn more...




There are literally hundreds of nude, and clothing optional, beaches, resorts and private clubs throughout North America with which to exercise your ability to be nude, top free or to enjoy bathing suit and dressing styles, like thong and g-string style bathing suits, that would otherwise be classified as inappropriate in normal settings.

Nudity is one of the greatest feelings and experiences of total freedom imaginable. Take the time to explore one of today's modern full amenity resorts or private clubs and see for yourself what today’s nudist movement is all about …after some careful research to find the place most suited for you, it’s unlikely that you will have anything less than a delightful experience!


My parents have been practicing nudists since even before they first met. From our births, my sisters, and I, were brought up visiting nudist resorts, beaches and clubs.

We have introduced countless friends to naturism, including both guys and girls. Many others have asked us questions about the lifestyle over the years so I am going to address the most common ones in this Q & A to follow, all of which I have learned first hand over my lifetime experience with nudism/naturism.

Q - Are there sexual activities that go on at nudist clubs, resorts, beaches and other nudist events?

A - NO! There are no public sexual activities that transpire at any formal nudist events in any way.

Q - But what about guys who are new to the lifestyle that may involuntarily sport an erection from excitement over the nudity they see?

A - Guys and girls are required to carry towels to sit on. Should this happen to a guy he is to cover himself immediately the moment he thinks this may be occurring. No one should ever see any sign of male genital stimulation in public. Anyone doing so is told to get dressed and promptly escorted to the exit.

Q - Are nudist events clothing optional, or is there a requirement to be nude?

A - It all depends on the club or resort. Many clubs and resorts require nudity, others are "clothing optional".

Q - Why is nudity required at some clubs and resorts?

A - It is believed that the majority of attendees to the club and resort will feel more comfortable if they are not among the minority of nude attendees and do not want to feel that many others are there only to gawk at the naked people around them, but instead are active participants in the naturist lifestyle.

Resorts that do require nudity, make exception for female members and visitors that are on their periods, who can then wear bikini bottoms during that time.

Q - Are all clubs and resorts equally insistent that no sexual activities transpire at their events?

A - YES! Nudist resorts are licensed by the local municipalities which require strict adherence to non-sexual and/or lewd activates at all times and have municipal codes and guidelines that must be strictly followed. To violate any of these rules could easily mean that their license/permit will be revoked and they will be out of business permanently. That is why you will find a zero tolerance policy at these resorts.

Q - Why are children allowed at many resorts?

A - A true naturist believes that the nude body is natural, normal and never to be ashamed of regardless of age. We are born totally nude. Age only comes to mind when thinking of sexual activities. The naturist lifestyle has nothing whatsoever to do with sex, thus never gets the two confused, and is why background checks are administered.

Q - How are perverts and pedophiles kept away from these clubs?

A - Most all clubs require membership. Visitors are allowed, at which time copies of photo ID are photographed or Xeroxed and kept on file at the club offices. Members at most clubs are required to submit to police sex offender background checks so many times these clubs are safer places to be than almost anywhere out in the general public where you have no idea who's wondering about.


American Association for Nude Recreation, The Naturist Society. Clothes free organizations and Naturist Action Committee









I sincerely hope you enjoyed my myTake on "The History of American Nudism" and I want to thank the GAG administrators for allowing me this great forum to present it!

Please up vote it if you liked this myTake ...PLEASE?

OUT OF THE SHADOWS - The History of American Nudism
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Most Helpful Girl

  • TarrAva
    Thanks Laurie for this excellent myTake. In my opinion, the best, most concise and best documented, ever, since I joined GAG. And I am usually shy of compliments.

    This should hopefully clear the widely spread misconception of nudism/naturism and the preconceived ideas that those not practicing this culture have about those comfortable enough to be in their Adam and Eve costume.

    It is actually my belief that those boys and girls, guys and gals, dads and mums or grandpas and grandmas that adopted that lifestyle are the ones that are least judgmental about a person's body because they know and experience day in and day out when they are being scrutinized (yes people compare and judge there too) and that kids that grew up in that environment have less issues with their sexuality.

    Europe has been the leader in so many new paths that have been followed much later elsewhere, nudism being one of them and now unisex washrooms, just to mention those 2.

    People understanding that being nude is nothing reprehensible in itself and should never be sexualized are also those that are most open minded in many other aspects of life.

    The only drawback I can see is that those not familiar with optional clothing sunbathing is that they do not pay sufficient attention to sunburns to areas that are utmost sensitive but even that can be prevented with a minimum of protection against UVA/UVB just like anyone should do on a beach anyway.

    And for those that are concerned about hygiene, all it takes is a towel that is always placed "clean" side on the chair or place you sit, primarily for your protection but also as a plain and simple courtesy to others.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Thank you so much for your wonderful compliments and your observations that are so on point, as always! :)

      I am not an advocate of mixed use restrooms though in the general population. I would never want my daughter, if I had one, in a bathroom stall with a pervert guy sitting next to her that has not had an ID and background check like they do at the resorts I speak of.

    • TarrAva

      It is indeed a very controversial subject, even in parts of Europe.

      Scandinavia, more than any area in the world is showing leadership in implementing very progressive and liberal attitudes. You probably know that better than anyone else here.

    • TarrAva

      Thanks for the MHO. What a nice myTake!

Most Helpful Guys

  • GDG44
    I get the nude beach, but I am not sure about the social clubs. Whatever floats one's boat is fine.

    The history is very interesting though. How does one balance nudity with skin cancer? Presumably some of the reason for extensive body covering swimsuits was the lack of sunscreen options?

    With sunscreen bleaching the coral reefs, is is environmentally responsible to bare as much as one can, thus requiring more sunscreen?

    I don't really understand the separation of the M/F sexes in locker rooms. I have been approached by gay men in locker rooms, which makes me extremely uncomfortable. If there is M/F separation, should there be orientation separation too? Or no separation at all?
    Is this still revelant?
    • Direct sun exposure is important for 15-30 minutes per day prior to sun-screen protection to get maximum vitamin D benefits.

      I do not recommend chemical sunscreens in anyway. They are actually dangerous from a cellular level. Use only natural organic sunscreens.

      That will also take care of your environmental concerns Mr G :)

    • GDG44

      Can you recommend any good organic sunscreens?

    • Alteya and Goddess Garden both have great products, but there are many others
      OUT OF THE SHADOWS - The History of American Nudism
      OUT OF THE SHADOWS - The History of American Nudism

  • MrOracle
    While I believe that there's a "time and a place", I have never understood why people get so damn upset about non-sexual nudity. I get that you don't want to see other people banging in the streets or whatever, but a naked boob hurts no one.

    Great take, Laurie.
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  • Paige90
    Good post. There are some nudist resorts that allow more sexual activity than others. If the resort is too sexual the AANR will usually not include the resort as one of their member resorts. I love going to my resort (Caliente Spa & Resort in Tampa) and I go every weekend. My parents live there as they bought a beautiful home there when I was 15 years old.
  • TadCurious
    You did a fine job laying out the history of nudism/naturism. But as someone who enjoys nude recreation myself it's always seemed hypocritical how the "mainstream" nudists view erections. Although they pay lip service to celebrating the naked human body (supposedly "without shame") this comes to a screeching halt when it comes to the natural workings of the penis. The many nudists/naturists who see this hypocrisy and disagree with it aren't in favor of inappropriate and lewd sexual behavior. They simply recognize correctly that spontaneous erections occur without any lewd intent and when a boy or man aren't doing anything inappropriate. As you write in the Q and A part of your myTake:

    A - A true naturist believes that the nude body is natural, normal and never to be ashamed of regardless of age.

    Nudists and naturists would never shame a woman or girl if her nipples became erect. Like guys' erections that can happen for both sexual and non sexual reasons. So until the double standard and hypocrisy ends the nudist/naturist movement still has work to do when it comes to living up to what it claims to believe in.
    • Well, simply put, ..."that's a hard sell" irregardless of the argument in favor of it.

      If one wanted to go down that road, there are many other things that could be added to it.

      It's kind of like if same sex can marry simply because they love each other, why can't you marry your dog. It's just a matter of how far do you really want to go with it.

    • GDG44

      What percentage of flying high is due to having a sexual attraction versus other types?
      My guess is attraction happens more often than not. One of the reasons I would not want to be at a nude anything with my SO, it would be creepy to have some guy perving with an erection over us. The fact it isn't acceptable hopefully would make such incidents rare or at least send the person away.

  • smg99
    I simply loved the comprehensive article on nudity as a lifestyle rather than a beaten off path, from the norms we are used to, even currently.

    It does taking an understanding towards and from those who deliberate deeply on the topic in a subject sense, not from a religious view.

    That’s exactly what it’s not. I am also surprised your parents were of this background and I believe that’s made you a very perceptive and deeply analytical individual.

    I loved it your take on nudity.
  • modeve
    Thanks. Very informative MyTake. History of nudism should read every person especially who hate the idea as it tells it is neither perversion of mind nor innovation of modern day. The nudists find MyTake inspiring and encouraging.
    • Thank you so much Ms Modeve. I agree, there is a lot most people don't know about it. At least those with an open mind will be more informed as to the truth of it :)

    • modeve

      Great. I always appreciate your MyTakes and Questions.

  • matchrestore
    Great MyTake on the subject of autism and nudity in general! It is very informative and I like that it shows that it's not something new, and reasons why it fell out of practice in the past.
    • Thank you Mr Editor!

      I feel special that you said that :)

    • Nudism not autism. With a new phone autocorrect needs to re-learn what words I use a lot I guess!

    • Also with a post like this, you should have "editor" after your name!

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  • Robertcw
    I am definitely going to visit San Gregoria Private Beach in the next few days now.

    Didn't realize that existed! I've beem driving all the way to Baker in SF. Pssh. San Gregoria is half the distance.

    I'm excited.
  • juicyjessie
    Brilliant take! You have certainly done your research well!

    It sounds like your family and mine are very similar. We belong to two UK clubs and frequent sevaral beaches, depending on the weather!
  • Scarecrow13
    Very good my take. I did know most of this history, and it shows the ebb and flow of societal view of nudity. Even today it is hard to get a good feel for which way we are headed as there have been laws seemingly going in opposite directions. I think overall though we are moving in a more accepting direction, for now.
  • Oram52
    Nice Take, informative. Deals with a lot misconceptions. As soon as you say Nudism people assume devil or hippies. As soon as we're born we're conditioned to be ashamed or embarrassed about our bodies. Its strongly frowned upon. It might have something to do with biblical story of Adam and Eve as well, as they covered themselves immediately. They had to be modest, it was sinful to be nude. Hence such morals were imposed. From little I know Pagan cultures before that were more comfortable with nudity.

    I do want to give it a try definitely sometime in future. There is nothing obscene about, its natural.

    1) You mentioned that erections are frowned up that ok. But do you have some idea how long does it take for guys to become accustomed to it and hence not get turned on get an erection. From understanding you have, do guys learn to manage their erections or they become accustomed to it.

    2) Getting involved in nudism/naturism does it desensitize you? By that I mean do you still get turned on looking at hot bodies, breasts, butts, vagina etc (speaking from guys perspective of course). Suppose if I was looking at men's magazines like Playboy, or porn, or just generally a girl looking hot. Would I still get turned on same way I do now? Intensity would it be same or I'd become desensitized?
    • Hard to answer your question because I am not a guy to be able to relate to it from a guys perspective and because each person will probably be different. I don't think it will be the same for everyone.

      Maybe ask a guy nudist to get a better "feel" for the answer... lol

    • Oram52

      lol yeh thanks I thought you might've known from talking to other guys :)
      I'll try reddit or something.

    • When boys were required nude for competition or practice, I made no effort too avoid erections because I was taught too treat such situations as normal, healthy male sexual development. Being examined and fondled by girls wasn't considered sexual interest because male nudity wasn't sexual, so we were told, and female responsibility too learn male anatomy and gain confidence taking care of sons, fathers, brothers, male classmates and teammates, was their entitlement and social responsibility. The girl who checked my hygiene and reproductive health everyday got an erection for her troubles, inserting fingers inside my rear and lifting testicles for health reasons, and having too tell the female swimcoach that my penis was irritated by the clorine sodium solution in the pool in front of this girl seeing my erecting penis the topic of discussion, we just figured that I must really like this girl since she always got a solute touching me there, and she agreed to going out with me. Erecting in public decreased because it increased socially with this girl. The more she played with my anatomy in private, the less arousal I experienced in public.

  • Jjpayne
    Wow! Really complete and detailed! Well thought out mytake! Thanks for sharing and posting it for us!
    • You're welcome!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read it, I know it is quite long, but it is history :)

    • Jjpayne

      You did a great job with it and even included references nice work!

  • OUT OF THE SHADOWS - The History of American Nudism

    Leader of the free world.
    • Paige90

      That must be a 60s or 70s picture as hardly anyone has pubic hair now.

    • goaded

      @Paige90 Probably 1980's, in the DDR. Not everybody shaves, even today.

    • U don't get it, the young woman in the left is

      Miss Angela Merkel
      the President of now united Germany!

      She is devenitivly the most powerfull politician in Europa!!!

  • loveslongnails
    Where do you come up with the time to do this much detail and research? Do you have a sugar daddy? :)
    • Well...

      ... lol

      No! :) ... I actually spent the best part of a year putting it together slowly as I don't have the time but I like to do things right.

      I have maybe 10 more in the hopper, some of which you may get a "rise" in your level of happiness with when you see them... lol

    • You know me sooo well Laurie :) Can't wait.

  • Grond21
    Wow, I learned a ton reading this. It was fascinating! It's well researched.

    (As an aside, the banning of the Olympic games didn't cause the dark ages, and the Puritans didn't leave Europe because they were unhappy with the tolerance of the English)
  • Jerre
    An outstanding presentation! Congrats on a job well done.
  • ltownclown31
    So it looks like you did a lot of research but I'm a nudist in my own home only time I wear clothes is when I leave the house
  • Glen68
    Clothing should be optional everywhere all the time
  • John_Doesnt
    Rich people only. Because the rest of the world needs clothes to stay warm and protect them from the outside.
    • goaded

      All those rich sub-Saharan Africans...

    • @goaded they wear clothes to protect themselves from the elements. You never see them completely naked.

  • austinbooth
    I love this my take. I support this movement the whole way
    All I can say is fantastic Take
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Wonderful myTake! Thank you Laurie!
  • manmeat
    are peeps on here that say they have had sex on nudist beaches etc just trolling or does it happen?
    • Yes, it does happen and I have seen it, but it is rare.

      Nude beaches are not regulated like nude resorts and events put on by nudist organizations are.

      Many nude beaches are not even officially sanctioned as such, but more of "turning a blind eye to it" if done at beaches that families don't often frequent.

    • manmeat

      have u ever had sex on nude beach?

  • douride2
    Great take but I'm still not going nude.
    • ... lol

      Yes, it is not for everyone :)

      Thank you.

  • jessicarosen
    Excellent take, Laurie!!!
    • You are so sweet for taking the time to tell me, thank you so much!

  • Arielbubble
    Now THIS, is done pretty cool shit lol
    • *some lol

    • Thank you so much Ms Ariel!

      I am so happy that you like it. It makes all the time putting it together worth it to hear that :)

    • Your very welcome honey

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  • adika63
    Clothes are made closets
  • vald9inches
    Great my take!
  • NovissimumVirorum
    The more clothing the better
  • mozts
    Hallo. Good to meet u. please cam we be friends