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My Top 3 Bedroom Toys For Women

I am in no way an expert on sex toys. However, I have personally owned the listed items below and highly recommend them for anyone interested in trying something new!

#1 Different size butt plugs

My Top 3 Bedroom Toys For Women

You can find these usually in packs of 3 or 5 ranging in different sizes. If you're currently in a relationship and looking to spice things up I suggest starting here. I think these are best used during vaginal intercourse. Start small and work your way up to something that feels comfortable and increases pleasure.

The best part is that it makes vaginal sex better for both you and your partner. I've tried these with 3 different men and they all agree that it increases tightness and pleasure for them and can personally attest to how much I enjoy these. It's not often that I have vaginal sex without using one.

Finally don't keep these for too long. A couple months tops. Due to the nature of where these are going they get gross quick. Plus they are cheap so just buy something new in a different color next time.

#2 Vibrating Dildo

My Top 3 Bedroom Toys For Women

This is seriously my all time favorite alone time toy. It's just perfect in every way. I've tried dozen of different dildos and vibrators and this is my personal favorite. It's just the right size, really easy to clean, and it seriously gets the job done.

I've also got a smaller one similar to this with a remote control. I like this one better because it's got more of a handle to hold onto while you're getting down to business.

#3 Vibrating Cock Ring

My Top 3 Bedroom Toys For Women

If you've never used a simple cock ring with your partner I'd suggest starting there. I assume most people have as I feel like they are very common. If you're ready for the next level check out a vibrating cock ring.

Obviously it acts like a normal cock ring, meaning it helps your partner keep his erection and last longer. What makes this one special is it adds clitoral simulation for you as well. Just know it does take some practice and it's really hard not to laugh the first time using one (it tends to flop around).

I'm about to get a little graphic so if you're not into that look away now and just take my word for it. You've been warned. This isn't for fast and hard sex. It's best used for slow intimate sex with deep thrusting. For best use I've found that with each deep thrust to hold for a second or two pushing as hard as you can't against it. I've had multiple orgasm in 15 - 20 minutes using one of these. It's fantastic.

Like with any cock ring you don't want your guy wearing this too long. I would say 30 minutes max. Also know that when it comes off your guy is likely to cum right away. So be prepared for the volcano to erupt.

My Top 3 Bedroom Toys For Women
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Anonymous

    Nice take. I'll second the butt plugs. We haven't tried these ones in particular but we have several vibrating butt plugs of various sizes and shapes and almost always use them. We both enjoy the feeling during vaginal sex and since we usually end with anal sex, having the plug in for a while first gets her ready for that.

    I highly recommend a vibrating plug, too. It adds a little extra enjoyment for both of us.

    • Anonymous

      One thing I will mention about the plugs pictured is that the "neck" is pretty narrow. According to my girlfriend, that makes it a little uncomfortable when removing them.

      Also, if you are using a plug to prepare for anal sex, as we usually are, a larger diameter neck helps to stretch and relax her better and does a better job of getting her ready.

    • jen_phils

      I've tried the vibrating ones and didn't care much for it. I guess the lesson here is to try different things and see what works for you? I do really appreciate the thought out opinion and sharing your experience. I've only ever bought these plugs so next time I'll be sure and get something different thanks to you!

    • Anonymous

      Of course, and thank you for sharing this great MyTake.

  • Anonymous

    I knew a lady a few years back, who had one made of metal. She said once she was stopped getting on a plane because it obviously showed up on their metal detector, and she had to remove it in the rest room. I think she might have been pulling my leg on that one... LOL... We had sex a few times but I never thought of asking her to put it in prior to sex!

    • Anonymous

      Oh, I am referring to the butt plug.

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    • jen_phils

      I think anything metal is pretty hard core. I've never tried one, but I just can't imagine it being enjoyable. At least for me that is.

    • Anonymous

      Trust me, this lady was pretty hard core... LOL

Most Helpful Girl

  • Paige90

    I want to try the butt plugs. I have never done them but love anal sex so I think these would enhance vaginal sex. It would kinda be like two guys doing me at the same time.

    • lecher

      You should just do DP with 2 guys. It's pretty awesome

    • jen_phils

      While I've never been with 2 guys at the same time, I can tell you about the plugs. I honestly forget that they are even there most of the time. It doesn't really feel like anal sex to me. Instead it's more like an increase in pressure and intensity. So I don't think it would feel like being with two guys at the same time.

      That being said I've only ever used the large a couple times. I usually prefer the small or medium. You could try the large and/or something different to see if you get that feeling you're looking for ;)

    • LLEB007

      My girlfriend says it’s like having two guys at once, a huge turn on for her

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  • MissKittyz

    I really enjoy butt plugs but I'm personally not a fan of vibrating dildo. I do use separately a dildo for penetration and a vibrator for my clit but I do not like the feeling of a dildo vibrating inside me. It feels very weird.

  • Dargil

    I have read the reviews on these. They seem to be revolutionary, like: "Sure, honey. work overtime if you need to. I'll just busy myself until you come home."
    They are non-penetrating, so you get pleasure with no wear and tear.

  • Ericthebarberic

    I've bought shit loads of toys over the years and the one that ruined her for life is the Hitachi/magic wand.. nothing I've bought since satisfies her.. and if you try it you will know why.. it also has attachments for use on men... it will make you cross eyed and crazy if your not careful... lol

  • humanearth

    We tried but we keep them lock up. So when the mood strikes us. We forget we have them and never use them.

  • Massageman

    Nice toy chest. The problem with #1 is that the thin shaft (that connects the plug tip and the jeweled rear) is typically too short to fit our outer anal sphincter very well, very comfortably, or both.

  • DamnSam

    Try the "womanizer" terrible name but it produces a sucking feeling while soft penetrates... I fascinated 4 woman with that as chrismas gift...

    • Dargil

      The one I posted the link for is a similar device, Satisfyer.

  • StingRayxoxo

    My bum hurts just hearing about #1.

  • bradbradley

    Never tried with the butt plugs but the cock rings are nice

  • CT_CD

    What do the butt plugs smell like when you're done using them?

  • Poormanscomedian

    I don't have any of this, I can get the job done without help

  • Browneye57

    A 'sexpert'. ;)

    • jen_phils

      I've considered a very late in life career change to sex therapist. No joke, I think I would love that job.

    • Browneye57

      Perhaps you're onto something. But most prefer the real thing verses a 'toy'. Whateve's toots. ;)

  • Lyndsielee666


    • jen_phils

      I've tried one and wasn't really a fan. :(

    • For real? 😔

    • jen_phils

      Yep! My favorite thing is #2 on the list. I like a little bit of penetration with the vibration. It's not as big as it look in the picture.

  • paledude

    #1 looks ouch! ouch! ouch!

    • jen_phils

      It's not painful. At least for me it's never been painful. I don't use the large ones, it's just too much pressure and doesn't feel good. Otherwise if you have a girl willing to try it I say go for it ;)

    • paledude

      Thanks for clarifying.

      There was a morass (pun intended) of mystery surrounding said butt plugs. But (more pun intended) now I understand. 🤣

  • Wowgirl30q

    Cowabunga dudes...

  • Glen68