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Spotting The Insecurity In A Relationship

Spotting The Insecurity In A Relationship

#1: If you find yourself looking up all of your partner's ex’s just to judge them and determine if you think they are hot. Or take it a step further, then going and gossiping about those exes to your friends.

#2: If you take it upon yourself to patrol/snoop through your boyfriend's web browsing history to find out what kind of porn he watches.

A girl with small breasts finds out her boyfriends love giant boobs porn.
A white girlfriend finds out her boyfriend watches 100% Asian porn.
A skinny girlfriend finds out he loves BBW porn.

Or vice versa whatever it may be

Another one is going through his/her likes/comments on facebook, twitter,, and instagram. It has led to so many unnecessary arguments.

#3: you demand a headcount and the names of every person your partner is with. Your partner isn’t allowed to have friends of the opposite sex. (Granted - there are exceptions to this. Hanging out with ex’s, or people they used to sleep with. Those are reasonable causes for concern.)

#4 You hang on your partner like a monkey. Holding their hand. Demanding 50 hugs a day. Want him/her to tell you were go all the time. Goodmorning/goodnight texts, which i've noticed a lot with some girls/women, they get upset about stuff like this lol. Let your partner breathe. You're in a relationship, not prison.

Spotting The Insecurity In A Relationship

#5; sorry. if you have to brag 3 times, or more a day on Facebook or whichever social platform it may be, about how amazing your relationship is. Sometimes, it’s legit, there are very happy couples. But other times, I squint my eyes and wonder what they are compensating for lol

I'm sure this is more, feel free to add them. I like to keep my takes sweet, short and simple :)


Spotting The Insecurity In A Relationship
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Lliam

    I agree, Yvan. Well said. I can't add much more except that healthy relationships are built on trust. Snooping and hovering is manipulative and demonstrates lack of trust. Putting a tracking device on someone is no way to hang onto them. Insecurity is unattractive and will eventually drive someone away.
    Also, it someone chooses you to be with, it means that they like you for who you are. Therefore, you only harm yourself and your relationship if you compare yourself to others and try to second guess your partner's preferences. Self esteem, confidence and comfort in their own skin is what makes people truly attractive.

  • bhavy24

    Nice take

Most Helpful Girls

  • Jacqp

    I think if one side is feeling like they have to snoop like that. The other side us not doing their job. Couples are slacking these days, more passion and dedication to the one you are with would make the relationship feel secure. When one side is being ignored it causes confusion

    • spartan55

      That's ridiculous.

    • Jacqp

      Why? id say it's bang on hun

    • Lliam

      I agree with you, Jacqp.

  • icassidy

    Good take

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  • Inneedofusername

    Searching what porn he likes? That suggests that he watches porn at all, which is unaccaptable.
    I have nothing against masturbation- he could do that to fantasies or my nudes or even videos of me if he needs that. But if he is jerking off to porn while he has all of those things I have mentioned above- it is simply because he wanted to jerk off to some other women over me. On purpose. Because he rathers get sexually satisfied with thoughts of other women

  • ninjafemme

    I'm not insecure. I have no one to be insecure about πŸ˜ƒ

  • brittslitt