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Homosexuality Is Not Wrong! So Let It Go

Sexuality has nothing to do with morality. Attraction is just attraction, romantic or otherwise.

The problem starts when people get hurt like KIDS being manipulated and taken advantage of (pedophiles and incest)...you know, predatory behavior.

But there’s nothing predatory about homosexuality unless there’s some extreme case of rape...which is more of a prison thing than a real world issue.

Yes, they have high STD stats but it’s more prominent with the male gender. The issue are gay MALES. Not gay women. Is it more natural for women to be gay than men? No.

The problem lies in male behavior. Anal sex is more risky and harmful of anal tearing and scars from that type of sex. Exposing the partner to your blood and other fluids. When those get passed around, that creates illnesses.

But why are gay men so promiscuous in the first place? MAINLY Because of the lack of social acceptance and lack of proper education about gay sex.

Because after holding all those feelings in, once those kids become adults and have to fend for themselves, they don’t know how to behave.

It’s like how super religious families keep their daughters sheltered up until college and they start acting ramped.

Those girls’ sexuality is not the problem. The root of that crazy behavior is the problem—which is the home, the environment, and sometimes the poor representation from media.

Did you know that kids these days are having less sex now? That is because of the shift in sex education and...internet porn 😂

Overtime, this whole gay std epidemic is going to be a nonissue. The more POSITIVE gay representation and education we have, the less they fuck up their lives with diseases.

Besides all that, there are plenty of animals who engage in homosexual/bisexual behavior. There are “gender fluid” and “transgender” animals out here in the world.

Maybe it’s for population control. I don’t know 🤷🏾‍♂️

But I do know homosexuality isn’t going anywhere. No matter how much representation we give the gays and the lgbt, they will ALWAYS be the minority. But they will always be present.

That’s how nature works.

We support a whole lot of other ACTUAL unnatural shit on the day to day basis.

Whats so different about gays?


Deal with it.

And if your god is the one that’s encouraged your hateful heart, then maybe you need a new one. Preferably one that’s actually been proven to be real in the first place.

And no, this isn’t some leftist propaganda nonsense. I’m actually a conservative republican. I just don’t see the issue with gay people living their lives or children knowing that gay people exist.

Like the whole Arthur cartoon controversy with the gay marriage episode. If your child identifies with gay images and practices,...then they are probably already gay 👀

You people act like children don't experience attraction. They do. Gay or straight.

Live with it and don’t shame your kids into thinking their feelings are wrong.

How about focus on something that matters like little girls getting away with violence against young boys. Or boys thinking that being sexually inappropriate is okay.

Homosexuality Is Not Wrong! So Let It Go

Rant over. Thanks for reading.

Homosexuality Is Not Wrong! So Let It Go
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  • If everyone adopts your view of sexual morality, then - obviously - everyone will agree with you. However, your take revolves around ethics - looking at practical consequences - and ignoring fundamental assumptions which many employ en formulating their view of morality.

    For many people, homosexuality is wrong because the Bible declares it to be a sin. There is nothing more to the decision for those people. However, those people who denounce homosexuality do not all denounce homosexuals. We can hate sin without hating the sinners. And we can all acknowledge that we are all sinners, no better than any other sinner.

    And we can also accept that others will have contrary views, and that does not cause us to denounce those people, either.

  • coolbreeze

    Interesting read. To each their own

    • coolbreeze

      Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the most helpful opinion.

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  • EmoKate97

    Before i go on, i have ZERO problems with the author episode, the character seemed gay anyways and i don't even care. I don't mind it at all, that said;

    I don't think people have that much of a problem with homosexuality in itself in the west. Its just that people don't like it when its shoved down their throats, same can be said with anything, people don't like atheism or religion shoved down their throats, people don't want their favorite candy bar to support their opposing political view, people don't want to be told their sexist for not wanting a sexual orientation shoved down their fucking throats when they buy a razor or watch a cartoon or play a game in a way that isn't organic to the story.

    Shit there's a lot of people on the right that want to have sex with traps, and their argument isn't for homosexualtiy to get banned, its that its shoved down everyones' throats and the reality is the people who are doing it, the people who are criticizing Alabama for not airing the episode are the same people protecting muslims who gay bash. That's the real problem, nobody wants address it tho, everyone wants to virtual singal and be fake without addressing the real problem.

  • Just-Confused

    I didn't know animals were gay. What animals are gay? I've never seen a tom cat try and impregnate another tom cat, and I saw plenty of them doing it to the girls because my grandparents have lots of stray cats living around their yard. Could you tell me what species of animal is gay?

    I know about clownfish that they can change genders, but they can change genders. Science says that humans can't do that. Clownfish don't just decide to be the opposite gender without any physical change, and they don't have surgeries done to force the physical change. They just change on their own, naturally. If a human did that then well they are now the opposite gender. But I'm pretty sure that that's totally impossible.

    As far as being gay though, anyways, I'm pretty sure that's unnatural for humans. Sex is for making babies. Anuses are for pooping. That's why gay guys have issues because they're doing it wrong. Gay girls I don't even know what they would do, but it obviously doesn't work either because otherwise they'd get pregnant. So that's why I don't like it because it's wrong, and because they kiss and stuff too and that's just wrong to me as well but I don't know what the point of kissing is in the first place so it's not as bad I guess.

    I don't hate gays and I don't want them locked up or anything. I just don't like that it's allowed so much. And I definitely don't want it taught to kids like it's normal and natural. When I have kids I'm not gonna teach them that being gay is natural. And I don't want other people teaching them that for me. Why can't kid's shows just be about kid stuff like ABC's or little animals or a toy?

  • GraveDoll

    No one cares as much as you think.
    The problem lays with trying to spoon feed their bullshit and im suppose to fucking smile and leap for joy. Um no. I dont even smile like ever.

    If one comfortable with their decisions. Live your life.
    But it not for me and I am not going to sit and explain my damn heterosexuality to anyone and people who are gay should not either. No speeches are needed.

    News Flash:
    Most of us dont have any fucks.
    And everyone is entitled to have their view on it. simple as that. You can't denied science we basically are made to procreate. all this extra bs and snowflake vibes was invented by us while we sit and wait to die.

    shocking I know -_-

    • Only_Ozzie

      If you don’t care, then obviously it’s not directed to you.

    • GraveDoll

      Half the shit on here I dont care about

      But the problem is seeing as Im part of the stupid world until death decided to come and wisp me away.

      People like me need to let people know.

      Hey, it really isn't a big deal. considering people take one or two opinions of hateful individuals and ASSUME it the world. so yeah I felt it I needed to share.

      But then again who wants to hear something positive when focusing on the hate just seem so much more passionate I guess?

    • Only_Ozzie

      The thing is... I don’t assume based on the opinions of a few. For one, it’s not a few—there is still a significant amount of the world that holds homosexuality as a crimes.
      Two, again, it doesn’t apply to you. I never said that everyone thinks this way or has these ideas.

  • BrittBratt2416

    Disagree, it goes against nature. And religion aside, science can clearly tell us that man and woman was made for one another to keep population going through procreation. Humanity would die out if 95% of world lived this lifestyle. But anyway, just cause i don't agree with it/you don't mean we can't be friends or chill.

    • If it goes against nature then whole do different types of animals not just human show signs of homosexuality and gay relationships among their species?

    • @kittycat119 Yes it even goes against nature when animals do it in the animal kingdom do it. Most animals for the most part do mate with their female counterparts. But keep in mind, these are animals and animals do do random things fun or when bored. Even male lions will interact in homosexual relationships when bored or when the females aren't around.

    • So animals and people go against nature... Which by the way is what animals and people make up... Yeah that makes absolutely no sense I hope you know that

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  • MackToday

    You're a "conservative" but you post far left propaganda, interesting. Homosexuality is a birth defect. To legitimize disease is destructive and it is evil. Not going anywhere? That's what people thought about small pox. We just haven't done the hard work of eliminating it yet.

    • Only_Ozzie

      I can be conservative and still support some liberal ideas.
      None of what I said was propaganda 😂

    • MackToday

      There is nothing conservative about the perverted and destructive ideas you're promoting here. This is a defect not something normal or viable. It will never succeed.

    • Only_Ozzie

      Nothing needs to “succeed”. Gay people simply exist. They always have been. Even with the constant attempts of the past to kill them all... they still manage to here on this earth.
      There is no goal. It is what it is. It BE.
      And believe it or not, conservatism isn’t all about identity politics. Maybe if you read a book, you would know that.

  • ROCKS128

    Homo is very wrong.
    Attraction is mistaken as stupidity and greed.
    The energy and universe doesn't work like this.
    This shit is human made up as per his desires and greed.

    Animals may do homo, but even they have as much as right brain.
    And we are far evolved from animals to understand things better.

    It is written in books that men and women are meant for one another, no other things as you mentioned.

  • Dargil

    The Christian in me protests, but the Libertarian in me says live and let live. I do not care what anyone does with and to their plumbing. Just don't make me pay for it in any way and don't make me bake a cake for you.

  • bangyourhead

    It may not be wrong but correlates to a bunch of wrong behaviors.

  • TenPoundTabby

    You think it's not wrong. I think it is not only morally wrong but I can point to a lot of reasons why. That's all fine as far as debate goes. However, this debate -- this free speech -- is what homosexual activists want to shut down. They want to ensure that nobody can criticize them and everyone must celebrate them. You've seen this in the bans on "discrimination" in Colorado, and on the street preachers in the UK. You've seen what happens when someone or some business refuses to endorse homosexuality strongly enough. They are bullies, censors, and completely intolerant of any way but their own.

    Their tactics are reason enough to think something is wrong with their lifestyle. Sadly, there's a whole lot more.

  • BeMuse

    Sounds like you're the one that needs to let things go.

  • FroztyDaHoMan

    Teaching LGBT history to chidren is no different than pedophilia just hurting kids in a much different way. I think the way things have become the last 3-4 years is people on the left are clueless about this issue. You say let it go because we don't agree with it well we could let it go if you would stop putting it all over TV shows and movies glorifiying it with sick sex acts. If you people would stop being hellbent on making conservatives accept it which we will not do ever do that. Gays can live their lives all they want just keep it away from kids and stop pushing it on people who don't wanna see it.

  • HereIbe

    Well, NAMBLA says that pedophilia isn't wrong, either...

  • mrArcher

    No no. It's not. I agree. Just homosexual marriage.

  • Sexuality in general is wrong

  • I agree

  • Iron_Man

    I 100% disagree

  • lofii

    it's gross

    end of discussion

  • Gedaria

    Sorry not with you on this..