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Female apathy and why there is no end game to far leftism!

Before we look into far leftism/SJWs/Feminism we first must understand the female evolutionary state of mind. Women by design are naturally very apathetic towards males in general and it's not out of hate. Women love their sons, brothers, husbands and fathers, but for the male population in general there is always a feeling of apathy surrounding women.

In theory the reasons for the lack of caring from women could simply come down to evolutionary survival. To show any form of sympathy or empathy towards a male means he may not be strong enough to protect and/or provide. This is why women will show those emotions towards children and animals but never towards the male population.

Female apathy and why there is no end game to far leftism!

So where does Feminism/SJW/Far Leftism come into play? They are all extreme forms of the female mindset. Feminism is the demand for the ultimate form of security and resources. SJWish is the hyper form of female manipulation. Far leftism is just the feminine version of sociopathy. Leftist if you notice have the ability much similar to women where they can cut off emotions towards certain people and cause them great harm. Leftist also play extreme mind games and have no real end game seeing as they always find a reason to hate or create new restricting laws.

Women in general aren't bad. They are simply designed not to give a fuck about men. They don't give a fuck about your depression, your prostate cancer, your mgtow, your men's rights, your stress, your worries. (Again keep in mind if it's family or lover they will care.) Instinctively they gain nothing from giving a fuck about you.

Female apathy and why there is no end game to far leftism!

Men on the other hand will give a shit about women's wants, needs and desires. Guys will do stupid stuff like this just to win over the female population. Deep down these guys know women don't give a fuck about them so they need to stand out by becoming male-feminists in hopes they get female approval and pussy.

Female apathy and why there is no end game to far leftism!

You will never see a chick make an ass of herself. She'll never hold a sign worrying about men or male issues. No, this jackass like most men just want to be loved and notice by women but sadly goes about it the wrong way. He literally ignores all the hard work his male brothers have done for this world just to hold a feminist picture in hopes women will like him.

Female apathy and why there is no end game to far leftism!
Female apathy and why there is no end game to far leftism!
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  • Anonymous

    There is a natural order between men and women. Because men have more natural power, we can overdo it, e. g. radical Islam, and separatist fundamentalist Christianity (I've lived in the second) both oppressing women. But place us in the ideal setting for humans. Rural. Agricultural. Loosely religious. Where survival depends on each fulfilling his and her role with precision. The expansionist old west. They weren't identical. Men led but burdened. Women were objectified but elevated. The second World War war effort. The depression. Our civilization is burning out and we are devouring ourselves. A world wide cultural and financial collapse may come in this century and a lot of the BS will disappear. OK where's my Zanax?

  • SomeGuyCalledTom

    Thought-provoking article, yeah those male feminist types either don't realise how utterly brainwashed they are, or are willing to ignore the logical fallacies anyway coz their "need" for approval is so deeply ingrained.

    Honestly, a man saying "the future is female" is one of the more pathetic memes to emerge from 2018/19 and far leftism. It's a form of self-erasure, a denial of the value of one's very manhood.

    Also, the far left contradict themselves constantly. They say the future is female, yet also claim that gender is a social construct and doesn't exist. Sooo if I say I identify as a female, does that mean the future is mine? Dumbasses.


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  • Anonymous

    If this is true, it can be one source of violence toward women. If women truly don't care about ANY men unless they are relatives or lovers, this is tragic. It seems to intimate also that men only care about women because they produce the next generation. I propose that women care about men because they do not know which man could appear as a protector or friend in a world where a few men are predators. We are humans and we're all in this together. I care about men as much as I care about women. We all need each other.


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  • MlleCake

    What a bunch of nonsense.

  • SteveSmith1985

    Man... This is so... Twisted. You make all kinds of wild claims, and then use those claims as jumping off points for further... Well... Bullshit.

    I'm a guy. Always been popular with the opposite sex, as well as socially with men and women. I guess you could call me an 'alpha-male' insofar as I'm a natural leader, extrovert, confident, assertive kinda guy. I can talk to women easily, and am generally thought to be more or less attractive.

    BUT in every other way, I'm NOTHING like a typical alpha male, as I understand it, in the sense that it's used by adherents of all this 'men's rights' nonsense.

    I am not at all afraid to show my emotions. In front of men, women, women I'm sleeping with... Anybody.

    I do not bully, pick on people or otherwise try to make other people feel small in an effort to make myself feel big. In fact, I have quite a soft spot for people who are being bullied.

    I think I'm not the only guy like me around. You're overly simplified categories sound like they make sense maybe on paper. But how do you explain someone like me, and every other guy who doesn't fit AT All into the categories you use to make sense of the social world?

    I can tell you, from a lifetime of personal experience... The idea that women don't care about men who aren't evolutionary important to them is: absolutely 100% completely NOT TRUE. it's just simply not the way things are, in fact, in reality. It's something a bunch of you made up! That's literally all it is. A bunch of guys who are bitter, feel rejected and then JUST MAKE SHIT UP. Then spread it... That I have a problem with. That's just dangerous. Insane and dangerous.

    Look I'm sorry you were bullied, I'm sorry you've given up on women. But it's offensive when you're straight up spreading lies meant to appeal to other disaffected guys who then spread those lies on turn.

    Your entire premise here is belied by each and every male who has ever formed a meaningful, non sexual friendship with even a single woman.

    Most guys have had at least one woman who undoubtedly cared for him that wasn't his relative nor his sexual partner. I don't know how you can really actually believe this crap.

    I mean do you not even have one male around you in real life to tell you "no man, I've been friends with lots of girls. Trust me, they definitely can and do care about men. I've lived it"

    You know, you seem to be about the most "reasonable" 'men's rights' type I've run across... and I still find the whole enterprise, community, movement or whatever you call it absolutely disgusting, just repugnant in every way.

  • SkipStop

    100% correct. Leftists are misandrists. Democraps, libtards, feminists, misandrists are one huge hate group trying to destroy men and society as a whole. No point of teaching them because they are braindead when it comes to common sense and reality.

  • KimKardashiansFeet

    Ehhh, I disagree. Maybe because I do care about men and I know other girls who also do, more so than those who dont. I see the feminazism/sjw/strong feminism thing as the equivalent to mgtow. There are people who dont care and people who really do care.

    • The MGTOW/incel men and the feminist/SJW women basically fit the same niche: people with shitty personalities who blame the opposite sex rather than realize that the problem lies inward.

    • DWD94

      MGTOW and feminism aren't comparable. Feminists regularly send death threats, dox people, engage in harassment, try to get people fired for wrong-think, etc.

      MGTOW's make youtube videos and... thats it.

      Thats like trying to say a sunflower and an apple are the same because they both come from seeds.

    • DWD94 mustve never been on incel communities.. you do know that incels see women as robots? They want the goverment to assign beautiful women to them for their own pleasure, I've seen some wanting them to take away basically all womens rights. And honestly id say the difference might be that they know that people won't listen to them where as feminazis might actually be able to do it and I dont blame them. The worst thing I've heard incels doing though is basically school shooting and sexual assault, incels look up to them by the way.

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  • TenPoundTabby

    Eh, I don't think most women disdain or don't care about men as a whole. I think it's honestly that they have implanted incorrect impressions about men in their minds and they don't ever evaluate them. It's easy to cluster together with the sisterhood and never ask how the other half lives, because it's easy to caught up in yourself. Guys do it too.

  • differentpixel

    You must have a very hard life, as a far-right incel.
    Maybe when you grow up, you won't hate women so much.

  • Passinggas

    Agree mostly but I think SJWs and feminists have a political Cultural Marxist agenda that is pure evil.

  • supercutebutt

    The end game for the mentally Trumptarded is a mass shooting followed by suicide or life in prison.

    • Curmudgeon

      Except that so far the political shootings have been by Commiecrat Leftists, most notably the goon who tried to take out a score of Republican congressmen.

    • @Curmudgeon Funny how the gun-stockpiling 2A lunatics blame "snowflake" liberals for being the scary ones. You know it's the opposite. Stop gaslighting us, you maniac. Go sit in your bunker with all of your guns waiting for the war with the shape-shifting lizards. Or is it dog men you are afraid of now? I can't keep track of your psychosis.

    • @Curmudgeon you couldn't be more right. Don't waste your time arguing with mentally ill idiots like this.

  • Browneye57

    Why do you have a 'blue' profile?
    And yes, progressivism is a mental illness. Those people are sick, mentally.

  • MackToday

    Women expect you to stand up but I've seen them support men, healthy women anyway not Marxist ones of course.

  • Kas19

    "My mommy didn't love me, so here is a MyTake on why I hate women."

  • HereIbe

    You're one sad little incel. Women are very empathetic toward men if we let them know we like it.

  • MarketNews

    How do you figure? The majority of "leftists" (liberals, socialists if you will) are males.

  • SnowFoxy1


  • I agree

  • ChronicThinker

    ... Pfffttt hahahahahahhahahahahaha.

  • Anonymous

    I care about other human beings and their rights regardless of their sex and gender. There.

  • Anonymous

    Female apathy and why there is no end game to far leftism!Female apathy and why there is no end game to far leftism!

  • Anonymous

    I dont agree then all women are apathetic towards men, i think youve met some shitty women that have skewed your perception of what normal decent women are actually like. I Agree with everything else you said.