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The results of testing a fake hot guy Tinder profile!

We all want to know don’t we, as men, if our sexual experiences stack up with others.

A platform like Tinder let’s our minded wander. “If only my nose were a little smaller... I’d get more matches.” Or whatever it is.

The proverbial, ‘what if’ scenario.

I have been dying to test Tinder with photos of very attractive men. And I haven’t because I’d need to delete my personal account to do that and I’m just not willing because I can get matches on the app.

But somebody on Reddit with nothing to lose did try this. Here are his results:

Here’s his fake profile.
Here’s his fake profile.

Funny enough, a guy can’t help but apply that what if reasoning here to the data. “But what if he was super built like a body builder and posted a shirtless photo! Surely then he could get as many matches as the girls do!...” who knows.

The results of testing a fake hot guy Tinder profile!

The fact is, having boobs is the strongest predictor of high amounts of matches on Tinder. And while a ‘hot guy’ gets 15x as many matches as an average guy, the hot guy still gets 11x less matches than a girl.

Let that sink in. Ladies reading, see the plight of male dating. (It’s why we come on here and groan and whatnot).

Ironically, the hotter guy got less message responses from more matches than the average guy from the few girls that did match him. This in theory reveals a little bit on how women choose partners from abundance of options.

Perhaps perceiving one guy as having too much female competition? (Who knows). But there’s something in that, for sure.

What’s cool about this is that it shows that even hot guys struggle on Tinder. Which may or may not blow some minds, make and female included.

Here’s the take away. If you’re a girl and want casual sex, Tinder is so effective for you that you could literally have as many options as you could ever want. If you’re a guy, even if you are hot, it’s not a reliable source if sex to meet your needs, unfortunately it’s only reliably good for one gender.

Will keep readers posted when I figure out a reliable way for single men to get their sexual needs met on a regular basis. I just found this enlightening.

The results of testing a fake hot guy Tinder profile!
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Anonymous

    You realize this research is flawed right? Doing an experiment with only 3 profiles is not sufficient, valid or trustworthy. You need a way bigger pool of profiles and a proper definition of 'hot, average, ugly'. Without a definition of 'hot', 'ugly', 'average' we get nowhere either. The vet profile looks like a gay man to me and faintly sketchy, so I wouldn't approach him on dating level. Let alone go over to his house or have him come over to mine. Big no no. A shirtless body builder does not equal 'hot' to me. Just average and actually screams: gtfo he is a creepy dude with a shirtless pic on his profile don't even let him into my house cause he might kill me.

    And simply because every woman and man on this earth have different preference in their partners and what they consider 'hot', 'ugly','average' it's impossible to test this.

    Add to that that the 'hot' people are only likely to get sex. And chances are, they have it with people who are crazy, stalker material. Now would you prefer that? Being hot, having slept with a hot girl, only to turn around in your bed and have a knife in your back? I wouldn't.

    • Shirtless mascular man is hot for most women though. Maybe you don't but most women would choose mascular, masculine man over nice, caring guy even they have same height. Women want A Man and muscle is the only thing you can show on picture about that.

    • I didn’t do this, someone else did. I just shared their results.

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  • ChronicThinker

    The plight of male dating? Try to plight of using Tinder to date period. You have to keep in mind, as well, that just "having tits" on Tinder doesn't secure you more dates, per se. In my experience, it more so increases the likelihood of someone trying to pretty much just pump and dump you.

    Also, it can be a reliable source for males too. Good male friends of mine hooked up regularly on Tinder, you just have to have some basic concept of charm and be relatively attractive.

    Not say women don't get more matches, they certainly do. Just pointing out it isn't all sunshine and rainbows.

    • Hmm. Well, pumping and dumping is kinda the point of a hookup app, isn’t it?

      That’s what Tinder was created for. Therefore having boobs really helps for that. Clearly.

    • Well, I mean, a friends with benefits would be way better than a one time thing. But it’s not created for commitment.

    • Some people TRY to use it for genuine dating purposes and even to find friendships - not ideal, but not everyone wants to simply fuck.

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Most Helpful Guys

  • ManOnFire

    One time years ago when I signed on to OkCupid I used a temporary photo of a white male model that would be considered attractive. I used that photo for (1) just to have something there until I took a good one of myself, and (2) also to see what would happen. Just like I thought my profile skyrocketed in views from females and I even had some Favorite me, before someone obviously alerted the admins that it was fake and they took the photo down. Once I put up photos of my true black self, my views dropped through the floor.

    • Damiankane

      It's probably cuz you lied to them not cuz you are black man

      If you ask me black men more than just fine in the dating realm

      It's Asian men especially indian men that face the true problem

    • ManOnFire

      @Damiankane I'm sure the lying didn't help, but with online dating you will still get overlooked for being black. And this is because the majority of women on dating sites are wealthy or priveleged and do only want white men.

    • Damiankane

      Hey black men are up there with white men
      It's the poor Asian and Indian men that truly suffer

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  • Mamamialetmego

    Most of the time what i have realized hot girls use dating apps to draw followers to their social media or boost their ego. Yes there are girls look for sex but most of the time girls want validation and ego boost in these places.

    • Also you have put the wrong image for experiment you should have put more mascular, masculine faced man. Women want that kind of men and this image looks like some caring, nice guy which is not attractive for women even they tell they are attractive.

    • smg99

      Actually he’s sexy the picture guy. Dreamy type

    • Biggest thing I’m realizing on this site is that women have vastly different ideas on who is hot and who isn’t.

      That supports the idea that no one guy is getting all the Tinder matches.

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • "having boobs is the strongest predictor of high amounts of matches on Tinder" So what about an average-looking girl?

    • That’s absolutely the right question. I need to find someone who tests this situation next. If I can’t find one I may just do it myself and test it out.

    • Average looking girls get fucked the most and get the most men

    • MrNameless

      average girls should still get tons of matches.. I wouldn't be surprised if its easily more than the hot guy

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  • lumos

    All it proves is that girls actually have standards while guys will like anything as long as it has a pair of boobs. Do you think it's any easier for girls just because they get matches? No. They also have to go through all those matches and try their best to weed out all the shitty people who only swiped right because tits. So for girls, it's also back to square one. Getting lots of matches =/= a guaranteed, successful relationship. Quantity =/= quality.

    • Tinder is a freaking hookup app. Omg. Lol.

    • Blightly

      I tried applying standards to girls and I couldn't find a single girl who met them. The bar is so low I feel like an idiot if I lowered it any more. Hearing the standards girls hold guys to is hilarious in comparison

    • lumos

      I guess it just depends where you live then, because where I'm from, it's both a place where people find hookups but also a place where they find relationships. I just ended a 3 year relationship with someone I met from tinder.

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  • Felinegirl

    Being a girl isn't what makes sex so easy. Trying to date guys is what makes it easy. I know hot gay girls who have trouble finding someone, but average gay dudes who are swimming in options.

    Maybe it's not about boobs. Maybe guys are just easy/girls are just difficult!

    • Totally agree. Gay men have as many options as straight men. Absolutely no argument here.

    • And yet you women claim to want sex as much as men... hmm. 🤔

    • Felinegirl

      Gay men have a lot of options actually. I think you read me wrong.

      I personally had trouble motivating boyfriends to keep up with my libido, but I agree women on average have a slightly lower sex drive. Only slightly. But because of that slight difference, they have the power to be picky and get away with it.

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  • GiveMeAllTheCookies

    Shame on us for wanting to date men we find attractive.

    • Well, actually, I thought he match rate of 7.5% was kinda low. Hot guys should be getting way more matches than that, I thought.

      Hot girls are matching with 80%. I expected hot guys to match 80% too. But hey didn’t.

    • And the point is?
      Women should lower their standards? Sorry but no.

    • Lol. Point is, hot guys ain’t getting 80% of girls. Thus, it’s a myth.

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  • Daniela1982

    I'm dumb, so humor me. Why in blazing comets do people go on Tinder? Is it the Craig's List alternate that attracts people or the expectation of getting fucked?

  • SexyAshh

    For one, the hot guy profile is not hot.

    2. Any smart person could tell thats a clear fake, dead giveaway.

    What was the point of the research if you just couldve googled it/youtubed it

  • tenukitanuki

    y'all lazy scumbuckets and yer gat danged Internets dating. Look, I used this https:// to find a woman before it was reasonable; I tried to message a friend that moved away and some girl in a town over had a similar name and... personality? My dude was a skater into RATM and we were in 3rd or 4th grade-- point was I ended up taking that girl out to the actual release of Office Space and tried desperately to affect human contact like any hot blooded teenage boy. Thank you, Internet.

    But she is not The Way, my child. You must obtain your desires in the (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°) งReal World (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°) ง

    You see, in this (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°) งReal World (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°) ง your confident average man, with a plan can find a date quite easily. He simply must be willing to keep heart and keep trying. If your stride remains unbroken and you're open to finding a loving woman or man in the world, they'll find you and look you square in the eyes. They'll probably adjust themselves in a way that's not discomforting but provocative. And sometimes you make a catch by letting it go without a second thought. In fact, that's The Way; dating without dating, flirting without flirting.

    Deleting dating profiles within a couple weeks of making them is just a symptom of my hypersexuality. What I really want is to observe all the "available" females in a region. Honestly, I would prefer to recognize them in the (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°) งReal World (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°) ง but also know nothing else about them except that they are single. Ultimately, that would be the best thing for the future. The worst is when you sense a connection that has to die in the crib; much easier to walk away from flirting that's really just surface level. I'd prefer a pleasantly obvious marker of bachelor/ette status versus the current system.

  • rose004b

    Why would real, hot people even need to be on an app? I'm sure they have no shortage of options offline. If I were on Tinder, I would instantly be suspicious of hot people on there. As for that lame fake profile you posted...
    1. "Ethan" looks like an idiot doing that pose.
    2. Straight men acting cutesy is... revolting.

    • LOL. What would you prefer a guy do in his photos?

    • Guanfei

      Why? Simply because it's much easier. All you have to do is be there and wait for the matches. No need to go out, to play the lover, to buy anything, to make any effort.
      Everything you need is right there. And it works. That is, if you want to hookup. Finding something serious is another story.

    • by the way. Maybe they aren’t out of options, but maybe they want lots of different sexual partners. So, say they have five or so IRL, well maybe they want 30 more. So they make a Tinder.

      Maybe they want hundreds of partners.

  • shimmeryns

    I suggest to meet and chat up with females in real life. Don't waste too much time making "experiment" with fake profile.

    • DWD94

      Lame. Most women aren't approachable IRL. Tinder and dating apps are way better because you know for a fact that the women on there are open to dates. In real life, you have no clue if the girl you think is attractive:
      *has a boyfriend/husband
      *is a lesbian
      *is asexual
      *not interested in dating at the moment

      With a dating app, you can just type out a message like "Hi my name is (insert name)", copy, paste and send message to like 100 women and you'll get responses that way. Why approach IRL when not only most women aren't approachable, but you can get better results for a fraction of the effort?

    • shimmeryns

      @DWD94 online dating are for those who can't make meaningful connection with people they come in contact with in daily life. But hey if works for you then good for you!

    • DWD94

      I can make meaningful connections just fine thank you very much. But why bother approaching IRL when I can get way better results for a fraction of the effort?

      And like I said before, its not something most women will understand because most women are not really approachable IRL. Dating apps are a god-send.

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  • newgirlontheblack

    Is that the picture you used (the guy posing with the puppy)? I wouldn’t respond to that because it looks like the type of “girl bait” that doichebags put out. Posing with animals and children, talking about how you just want to me the girl you’ll dance with at your 50th wedding anniversary etc theee things all come across as insincere attempts to get girls in bed

    • I only shared the results of someone else’s test.

  • VaIiant

    "WAAAAHHHHH having a penis is just SO hard! I can't get free, casual sex! Woe is me!"

    • Says the girl with the super hot boyfriend.

    • VaIiant

      I prefer to define him as the super smart, sweet, boyfriend who is my bestfriend, but if you want to define him by the fact he's attractive, go 'head.

    • Reminds me of the joke of the boy showing a girl his penis and saying, "Bet you don't have one of these!" The girl shows her pussy and says, "With this I can get as many of those as I want."

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  • Carefuloutthere

    I don't get the point of this.
    We all date/hook up with people we find attractive. That's just human nature.

    Attractiveness is a matter of opinion. Lots of girls on here are saying he's not hot.
    I think he's hot.
    What's attractive to one person isn't to another.

    I've never been on a dating app, I have no idea how they work. Tinder especially has always sounded kind of sleezy.

    If Jessica Alba was on there, she'd get a lot of interest. It's the same thing.
    I'm not seeing the problem with that.

    • Well, it is sleazy. Number one. However, it’s also effective if you are a girl. So, if you ever get an urge just make a Tinder and you can literally have your pick come over in the snap of a finger.

      You don’t have to be hot for that to happen. Fact is because men like nearly all the women on the app, you don’t have to swipe very long to find a willing guy you like.

      That’s probably why not many guys get matches, and much less get actual meetups. But in all honesty, if you ever find yourself wanting sex you can use Tinder to get it exactly on the spot. Just letting you know since you say you have never used it.

      Doesn’t help the guys any, except for getting another girl on the app. But it’s true if you want it.

    • emkaybe

      I agree, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I know what I like, and it does not have to be the prettiest girl that I find sexy, it doesn't have to be the biggest boobs (not attractive to me). It might be a lot of different things, the eyes, smile, personality, whatever.

  • RolandCuthbert

    It is basically endless. Multiple times a day we run into this whole. . . woe is me, I'm a man deal.

    What is going on?

    Dude, do you understand the anatomy of a delusion?


  • Unit1

    This is pretty much proof of the obvious:
    "why is the sky blue?"
    "well it's blue and That's it"

    In other news water is wet and fire is hot.

    A good reminder however.

    • Well, I personally was surprised to see the hot guy get so few matches. I expected him to get more matches than the hot girl. That’s how it should turn out if the whole 80/20 thing was true. But it wasn’t so.

    • Unless there was a skew from the girl profile not swiping like a hot girl. Maybe this test needs to be done with an actual hot girl swiping behind a fake hot girl profile.

    • Unit1

      Well it's still a valuable lesson. Supply and demand. There are more supplies of men than demanded - however many boys are trash (wanting nudes, pump n dump, abusive boyfriends...), so the competition has something to balance itself out. That by far does not make up to it, that women don't like-like men.

  • Lauren-green

    Well the fact that he put "not looking for anything serious" means no girls are going to swipe right on him. Like girls tend to look for a relationship rather than casual sex so if that was on a hot girls bio, guys would be all over it. But girls don't want casual sex (as much as guys do) and are instantly going to swipe left. Plus that so looks like a fake account, and that guy makes me feel uneasy. Like his eyes looking into my soul like that, no thanks. 🤗

    • Many of the girls from my generation and a little younger seem to want hook ups way more than an actual relationship.

    • Yeah but also if you think about the fact that 62 percent of tinder accounts are male and only 38 percent are female, of course females are going to get more right swipes that males. Just due to the amount of male accounts over female accounts.

    • I don't know, I've never been on that and don't have a smart phone either.

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  • GuidoThePizzaMaker

    I never used tinder, I have some less than attractive guy friends who always score using it.
    They seem to be realistic about who they can meet, and understand the hot girls aren't likely to match or reply with them.

    Of course women get more attention and replies, matches etc
    thats just how it works.

    • Well shit. I need to meet these friends of yours so they can bestow wisdom upon me man!

  • Most women are not interested in casual sex, so useless for most of us.

    • It’s like being born with a gift you didn’t ask for — a curse of the attractive woman. Lol.

    • Are you boinking me? Have you never read questions on GAG? Girls are looking for fuck buddies and no strings attached sex all the time.

    • @Daniela1982 There’s gotta be some asterisk on that.

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  • LegendarySir

    Girls choose before swiping. Guys choose after matching.
    For a girl, having 100 matches in one day is no indicative of how hot she is, it just means 90 of those guys swiped on her without even checking her pictures. That's why girls get a lot of matches, regardless of how attractive they are. While guys, even the hot ones, don't get nearly just as many matches as an average girl.

    • Good point, I literally see my male friends just continuously swiping right one every account that pops up, whereas girls only swipe right on accounts they like the look of

  • Bananaman177

    My prediction is that women will not look at this data, not care about it, and if they are somehow forced to look at it for like, two seconds, they will roll their eyes and simply conclude, like always, that men are bad, and if anything is bad, it's all men's fault. And screw men. They're all trash.

    And then they'll sit there on their phone and look at pictures of men in skimpy clothing all day.

  • Mädchen

    Yes women seek out casual sex much less than men do. It's not necessarily tied to how hot the guy is. Some people are into hook ups, some aren't. And obviously men are much more into it than women. Didn't need a graph for that. You call this 'the plight of male dating' but also say tinder is not for dating, only for hook ups. So which is it?
    And what do you want women to do now? Have sex with more guys, average guys included? Cause at the same time guys also complain about women who do exacty that. By the was there is a was to get casual sex for men. It's called prostitution. I don't know why not more guys doing that. Cause I can't tell you how many times I've heard all women are esentially prostitutes cause they all just want money for sex. So why not go to an actuall prostitute? I'd do it if I was a guy and into causal sex.

    • Would you really go to a prostitute? Lol. Serious?

      Guys complain about that because they want it without paying or jumping through hoops. I honestly think guys produce semen at such a rate that it simply must be emptied out. That’s the source of male sex drive. It’s simply unlimited because sperm production is unlimited.

      And therefore everyday we can’t help but be like squirrels for boobs. Anytime there’s an attractive girl we snap our heads. just can’t help it, cause, you know, we got new sperm that day.

      Guys only complain about women being slutty if and only if they are not being included on the list of men she sleeps with. It’s the aspect of ‘well shit she’s doing every other guy except for me, I must suck’ that men latch onto if and when they spit shame. Has nothing to do with actual female promiscuity. The only thing I can think of to actually complain about would be the type of men she sleeps with. If she does the type of men I don’t like, for instance maybe I could see that as a reason to not like them.

      I do think men judge girls more on the types of guys they sleep wit rather than how many. If she has sex with guy like him then he probably wouldn’t complain. But if she did a guy that he knows and hates — that’s a problem. Usually.

  • Pejtu

    U dont have to do the experiments to know that come on dude
    Its always been like that and it always will be like that
    Handsome tall intimidating dude has much easier when it comes to finding a girlfriend or hookup or wife whatever
    Its the same with girls

    • smg99

      If their personality is anti social and the words that spill out are rehearsed many times it becomes lame for them too.
      As in we find such guys will exhaust us into boredom.
      Genuine connection and polite nature trump the arrogant facade of tall mysterious handsome men.

    • Pejtu

      @smg99 i dont agree
      not every tall mysterious handsome men is socialy awkward or anti social

  • godfatherfan

    Yea, I never once thought this. What is the purpose or worrying about what others do? Everyone knows that the "pretty people" of the world have it easier, esp the women. It is what it is. I am not one of those so why worry about it?

    • breadusa

      Facts. Why worry so much about dating? When we prioritise our dating life above all else, and think of nothing but "what if I was a 10? what if I was wealthy?" then we would drag ourselves further down the rabbit hole. At that point, nobody would be willing to save us. I heard a good tip from someone: focus on yourself, and put yourself first always. How can you put your 100% in a relationship if you can't look after yourself 100%? For example, I am quite dark for my race. I would LOVE to be lighter; other girls wouldn't bully me if that was the case. But it humbled me. I'm more empathetic. Less judgmental. I have things that pretty people will never have; mutual respect, kindness towards everyone no matter how different they are, and humility.

      Sorry for rambling. tldr; yes, I agree. Nothing is more important than our own mental and physical health, which should always come before our dating life.

  • UnicornLobotomy

    "Will keep readers posted when I figure out a reliable way for single men to get their sexual needs met on a regular basis. I just found this enlightening." Don't hold your breath guys.

  • MannMitAntworten

    The results would have likely been different had they made him a waiter versus a veterinarian. Heck, my geeky vet gets plenty of women, because he is a, veterinarian. The guy is in his 50's or 60's and does that poleymon tracking game or whatever it is.

  • Guanfei

    I actually remember another experience, quite famous on the web, of a guy who made a fake profile, with the pic of a hot guy, and in his description he said he went to prison because he was a pedo.

    Well he still matched a lot, and the girls he matches with straight overlooked him being a pedo and even said it was ok while flirting.

  • Thatsamazing

    Yeah... guys want sex more and seek it out more. Girls receive the attention that they so crave. Humans are animals. What else is new.

    • Exactly.

    • Why patriarchy was the default mode for humans in the past, because men were too busy defending the tribe, hunting, making tools, building homes, training animals etc to put up with women controlling the family and reproduction... they'd be pillaged and destroyed if they wasted as much time as we did trying to find "the right on" to have and to keep some how and have kids with.

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  • pinkhoodie53

    If only every guy looked like Dr. Mike, I’m sure they’d have messages left and right. According to his YouTube videos he has women volunteering to clean his house.

  • young_old_soul

    Tinder is garbage. Use Bumble, Hinge, and other better sites. Tinder uses an ELO score rating system for users, resulting in most women having far higher scores than most men.

  • Bandit74

    Would have been interesting to see the results of an average girl. My guess is that they would have around a 60-70 match %

  • Tinder is full of shit, I never got a match ever since I downloaded the first time for months, I deleted it and never used it again, it'll waste your damn time, matter fact don't use any dating apps or sites period there all fucking garbage

  • Kit_Kat88

    I wouldn’t swipe right on him because he’s not looking for a relationship. He seems like he’s trying too hard. Haha a girl can be average or hot and still get dozens of matches

  • thefutureisfemale

    Ew, that's not a hot guy. He's gross.
    ~ Mrs Manson

  • Cask23

    Simple nature of human mating.

    Men do the chasing, women are the chased.

    Even "hot" guys will get less matches than a hot girl because women rather be chased than do the chasing.

  • Oh no. The world is ending. Casual sex is so haarrrddd... like my dick.

  • LogicBomber

    Have you seen the tests where the hot guy is a total asshole and even claims in his profile to be interested in children sexually and women still aggressively and perversely ask him to fuck.

    Women are more disgusting than they claim men are, but they are more selective and shallow about who they become perverts with.



  • Wolframium

    This is good. Like…this is very good.
    I always wanted to see similar research. And even though there are not namy numbers and statistics, it's better than nothing.
    It also prooves what we all know. Not only tinder, but the whole dating world is yours if you're a woman. Congrats, you've born as the better sex. In this anyway.
    There is surprising part with hot guy getting less replies, I'm not gonna lie about that.
    I miss some „average girl“. No super hot, just „average“. And I put it in quotation marks, because average looking girl is…IDK.
    I miss more detailed statistics, but…to be honest, I want full scientific study. And not just one, I want it in different parts of USA, in European countries, in Japan, India… I want data, a lot of them.

    • lol at this research in the middle east, parts of eastern Europe and China , still a patriarchy those places

    • Wolframium

      @UnicornLobotomy Oh. I'm not sure if I believe in that. :-)
      Like…yes. There is that retarded prefference for guys. Becuase they make better soldiers for whoever is in charge. But this is stupid. You need more women.
      SO I suppose I agree with ou to a certain degree, but I also believe it's changing.

  • sonnysunshine

    Interesting but you need to focus your energy on a hobby. Get your validation out of life not women.

    Now I know that’s easier said than done but it’s true.

  • JustWorthlessMe

    Here is a certainty, women will never admit the truth because reality favors them. An ugly, 260lb woman will reject 50 times more guys easily than the average guy will get women that will even respond to a hello.

    personalities don't matter... if they did, then the assholes who beat up and/or sexually assault their women wouldn't have a line of women waiting with their tongues out. Hell there are women who throw themselves at convicted rapists and pedophiles and have murdered their children for men if they are attractive

    There are many cases of this... but don't let facts stand in the way

  • tartaarsaus

    So basically based on that insufficiently small sample, many men are desperate AF.


    • shimmeryns

      Sometimes I wonder if it should be an isolated case due to how small the sample is lol!

  • chunlilovesvega

    this is what I call attractive

    • Katebfun

      Is that River Phoneix the dead actor?

    • VIVANT



    • yes that's him... he's the most beautiful man that's ever lived, doesn't matter he's dead

  • gym4ever

    First of all there is no average looking and hot looking guy. More effort you put in better you will look.

  • hellacray

    I keep telling you people Tinder is there to boost women's egos and destroy men's self esteem.

    Just don't use dating apps...

  • Dragonstarterplus

    Great now try doing it with a non-white male and see what happens

  • Juxtapose

    Women deny it, men say "no duh."

    Business as usual.

  • I think the dog got the likes instead of that man there in the picture.

  • HereIbe

    Women get flooded with horny dudes desperate for pussy.

  • Pulimuli

    Welcome to the world: women have it super easy when it comes to dating and finding sexual partners

    Also women like good looking men, surprise!

  • Lawschoolgossips

    Something about that guy’s eyes would make me distrust him.

  • genericname85

    dude that's so weird but also interesting. thanks for making the effort and sharing this :)


    its all a lot of bull shit they are all as daft as a brush