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My response to this post I found on instagram! Please read the content in the image posted before reading the myTake. Feel free to comment!

My response to this post I found on instagram! Please read the content in the image posted before reading the myTake. Feel free to comment!

Im going to try to be honest and unbiased here.

First off, new channels for male contraception have been developed, but these breakthroughs are recent and still under testing, i.e. they are not publicly available yet and are not expected to be within a short period of time, even if they have passed safety regulations. Also, the small clinical trials they have undergone are not enough to determine the complete safety of these new drugs, as the sample size is too small, and large scale tests have to be done to make sure the drugs are safe for overall use. https://www.healthline.com/health-news/will-we-ever-get-a-birth-control-pill-for-men#The-possibility-of-a-breakthrough Moreover, the long term health of volunteer subjects have not always shown good signs, such as changes in cholesterol levels, that could pose risks to cardiovascular systems in the men who use it. https://edition-m.cnn.com/2019/03/25/health/male-birth-control-conference-study/index.html?r=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F

As to why men do not like condoms, imagine a tight membrane wrapping the senditive parts that require stimulation, it would not only mean lesser nervous response to stimulation, it would also feel different than raw sex, which is why most condom companies are coming up with increasingly thin yet unsafe condoms to maximise male sexual pleasure as much as possible. Im not saying its wrong to want your partner to use condoms, im just pointing out why some men may prefer to pull-out instead.

As to the claim that men refuse to acknowledge rape and violence against women, i am very sure that everyone here knows that most men are aware that assault and rape against women is a legitimate issue that requires immediate action. I tried to find articles and polls on this but couldnt seem to find any, so if any of you guys find or have any data regarding the issue, do let me know! Of course there will be a few uneducated retards who will insist that rape and assault is ok, but thats a subject for discussion at a later time ,maybe in a later post i may create.Otherwise i find that instead, it sometimes seems to be (not all) women who tend to deny the existence/severity of assault against men, but im not going to delve into that issue either. Of course this is due to the obvious fact that women are more often than not on the recieving side of assault and men are usually the perpetrators of any form of violence.

As to the claim that men should get to decide what women do with their bodies, regarding body decor, men can advise women on what they can do with their bodies but ultimately it is entirely up to the woman to decide what she wants to do with her body. With regards to abortion, i know im going to recieve a lot of backlash for this, but i believe that since the man is, in all rights, also the child's father, he should have a say in what happens to his unborn son/daughter, except in the case of rape where the mother is the only deciding party. Otherwise its not a "i get to choose what to do with my body, and since my foetus is part of my body i get to decide what to do with it" kind of issue, but more of a "what should we do with our child" issue. Side note, the foetus isn't biologically part of the mother's body. They have separate circulatory systems, and are seperated from each other by the placental membrane, Which consists of tissues of the foetuses' genetic make up. But back to my point. Men should get a say in what happens to their unborn daughter/son, but should not forcefully affect the decisions of unrelated women. This doesn't mean i do not support abortion rights, i am just sitting on the fence as ultimately it is up to the couple to decide whether to abort or not, and i should not judge.

Feek free to correct me if you feel i am wrong! Do add your opinions, lets make this a meaningful discussion.

My response to this post I found on instagram! Please read the content in the image posted before reading the myTake. Feel free to comment!
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  • That_Skinny_Chick

    Other than misconstrueing a fetus/embryo as equal to a child, i think you're onto something

    Technically, tape worms and ticks have their own circulatory systems as well, the reason their rights are not considered has to do with their lack of measurable consciousness, or basically the lack of developement (evolutiinarily speaking) in their brains. Until a fetus has been attached to the uterus for about 8-10 weeks, there is no nueral function.(unless of course you decide to ask conservapedia instead of medical proffesionals but thats besides the point.)

    So for a full 2 months at least, apealling to a fetuses potential autonomy as grounds for saying its not solely a womans decision what to do with it, doesn't have any reasonable justification in my opinion.

    As for the post in general, not everything she said was accurate (as you point out) but i get exactly what she's trying to say with it. A mans biology allows him to simply cum and walk away. He bears no inherent, bodily respobsibility for what happens after he shoots his load. there's a biological imbalance of burden that makes it somewhat hypocritical for men to tell women what to do with their bodies in terms of pregnancy or anything else.

    And for the "est shit" at the end, i dont hold that kind of contempt for anyone with a genuine and reasonable opinion, even one i disagree with, but when you're talking about people on twitter those kinds of opinions are rare at best. Its not exactly helpful dialogue, and so it fits right in.

    • Sorry instagram not twitter, though it hardly changes the point

    • i guess so. To each their own opinion, but what i wanted to emphasize was that the woman should always consider the father's wishes when deciding what to do with the foetus. He is the father after all.

    • Also, you are technically right, thean doesn't share much burden in childbearing but it is his moral duty to care for the woman and foetus.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Qwertsy

    I agree.

    Men are a very stereotyped group lately. Not all men are evil beings who think they control women.

    What bothers me the most in the post you chose to speak on is how she claims women won’t take birth control because of the symptoms. I’ve heard this from people too many times to count. Make birth control is simply not well enough developed, not studied in depth, and not yet safe enough to yet hit store shelves! Make birth control works different than female birth control. It’s a whole different world, and takes a lot of time to develop.

    • Qwertsy

      ... is how she claims *men* won’t take birth control... ...*male* birth control is simply not...

      I should learn to proof read.

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  • LeeKenz

    I don't know how to respond. On one hand, I'd prefer to just be on birth control and let him cum in me, but like I guess safety first. But if the guy doesn't want to wear a condom then those girls should invest in some female condoms.

    Further I don't think guys ignore rape because that's their "bro" if you defend a rapist FOR ANY FUCKING REASON, you're a piece of shit and deserve to be locked up along with the rapist.

    Lastly, i think you have a very good point.

  • samantha_cat

    Thin condoms r still very safe to use, read the package, i can stretch a condom over my fist and feel everything over it so its not a tight membrane, and if u would rather pull out wich is wayyy more in effective then “thin condoms” according to u then u better be wanting a child on the way or else suck it up and lose some sensation, as for side effects do ur research on female contraception and its side effects

    • first off, nowhere did i imply that thin condoms were not as safe as pulling out, and i know female contraception has side effects but none that i know off which cause long term health effects that are still under investigation.

    • and i said thinner condoms are not as safe because they may be especially prone to defects from manufacturing, or sharp objects.

      Why do you sound aggressive though? 😂

  • esotericstory

    If women would like men to have contraception, why dont they donate to these causes?

  • DWD94

    The OP is a moron. Most men actually were willing to take birth control despite its negative effects.