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Things Men Can Do To Help Them Get Laid

Things Men Can Do To Help Them Get Laid

Things Men Can Do To Help Them Get Laid

Can’t seem to get past the hanging out phase with a girl? Trust me, you’re not doing something right then. How do I know? Because I am one, so read these tips for how to help get a girl to sleep with you.

Things Men Can Do To Help Them Get Laid

Body Language

Body language is big key factor in sealing the deal. Interestingly enough, Psychology Today states that " Body language is the most important factor when it comes to seduction." Through your body, you need to show a woman that you’re interested, dominant, and confident. Sit up straight, open doors for her, and don't talk to much with your hands. Be calm, cool, and collected make her feel comfortable around you.

Things Men Can Do To Help Them Get Laid

Women Are Mental

No, I don't mean women are crazy. Women work off of mental stimulation in general. Sure, you can be the hottest guy in the room but if you don’t know how to socialize with a woman, you won’t get very far. Do this through texting or chatting face-to-face. The point is, you attempt to make yourself the guy she thinks about when she’s home alone.

Women are naturally more selective than men when it comes to having sexual intercourse.

Things Men Can Do To Help Them Get Laid

Do Not Rush Things

Many men have this problem and it's a BIG problem. When they see that the girl is somewhat interested in them, they jump on her like she’s prey. This is the quickest way to scare a woman off and ruin your chances of with sleeping with her. Nobody likes feeling pressured so talk to her get to know her. Remember she's a person not a sex object she has feelings.

Things Men Can Do To Help Them Get Laid

Make It Clear Your Interested

Make it clear you’re attracted to her in a gentleman way. You need to let her know you’re not interested in just a friendship. Once that’s been established, then she chooses if she’s going to stick around with you. So, you must let her know you are attracted to her. Just like men sometimes women miss small signs of interest and just need to be told.

Things Men Can Do To Help Them Get Laid

Be a Confident Male

Confidence is really the key when it comes to getting what you want. Confidence is something you should develop on your own time. The saying, “fake it ’til you make it” will not work in this situation. Women are approached a lot and can tell the difference between real or fake confidence. So, if you want her, show her you could have her.

Things Men Can Do To Help Them Get Laid

Look Your Best

Not saying you need designer clothes or anything fancny, but you do need to look clean. A shower, a haircut, you know, the basic stuff. If you look like someone who may have a STI, no woman is going to risk it.

Flirt With Her

Don’t tell her “you’re hot” or “you’re sexy”. Women hear that stuff a lot. Any idiot can say that crap. Compliment her on something specific. Better yet, compliment her on something totally non-sexual, such as her personality or smile. This helps build up sexual tension and makes her feel good about herself without scaring her away. Never call a woman baby or sweetie to fast that freaks us out.

Things Men Can Do To Help Them Get Laid

Talk To Her

Keep the line of communication open between you two. If you met her recently and have her number, either call or text her semi regularly. Try to build a relationship with her through conversation.That way, you can continue flirting via text and build the comfort level she has towards you up. Women won't date a guy let alone sleep with one that they don't trust.

Things Men Can Do To Help Them Get Laid

Don't Be Needy

Women sleep with men who don’t need them. Also, not with men who beg to sleep with them.When you’re needy (in other words, when you desperately try to sleep with the girl in question or are whiny), you’re repulsive to us. Women want to sleep with men capable of bringing them some type of value (emotional value, social value, financial value) regardless she doesn't want a guy who needs her, she wants a guy who wants her.

Hopefully, some of this advice helps you guys seal the deal. Thanks for reading everyone.

Things Men Can Do To Help Them Get Laid
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Most Helpful Guy

  • monkeynutts

    You put your foot in the dog business when you said women are mental.
    Hell yeah ya all a bunch of mad bitches.
    But monkey forgives you and will still love you anyway.

    • Noooooo

    • Wow has good art, but she has no idea what the majority of women think because the majority are not hot babes but ordinary women with big asses and small and flabby boobs.

    • @Daniela1982 dude be nice. And people will be nice back. PM so I can see if you are ok.

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • ManOnFire

    These messages are old. Hook up culture has shown us that women are not this conscientious anymore. It's too many guys out there knowing how to nail it in an instant, and they are not as witless and struggling as women would like to believe.

    P. S. Please stop putting your photos in all your posts, it's very narcississtic.

    • I do what I want you should look up big words like that before you use them. Because I'm wrong every day. P. S don't look

    • ManOnFire

      @Wowgirl30 That's all the more reason why you shouldn't be talking then. And, yes, you can certainly block me. I would enjoy that.

    • Pussies and catty bitch's block people. That's definitely a dude that's arguing with a chicks move bro😂

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  • HereIbe

    Too much stuff. You write like men were women--too many words.

    Translated for men:
    Grow the fuck up and don't be so fucking EAGER. If she likes you, and she knows sex is a possibility in your mind, there will be sex. So chill, but don't be cold. Keep HER attention, not yours. If she's still talking to you, giving the smiles and the eyes, you're good. If she stops, you're off point.

    That's all there is to it.

    • Actually a good summery of it

    • HereIbe

      And? Of COURSE it's a good summary. It's also not so needlessly long that no man would bother to read it.

    • Thanks

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  • AndrewMG

    I mean to be fair whilst it's good advise, it's pretty basic in the sense if you're a guy then don't be a dick! lol

    • You would be amazed how many don't understand that

    • AndrewMG

      Trust me I wouldn't be amazed, I've met plenty of dickheads in my time! lol

    • So see common sense Mytakes are needed

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  • CurvyPryde32

    Well said. I especially love the "don't be needy" my god some of these guys. 😜

    • That's numero uno to me.
      There's nothing worse

  • This is really good!! All great points!!! Well done!!!

  • NightFlirt

    And for all those guys why still can't get into their girlfriends panties, I'm always ready to suck and fuck, for a price.

  • SexyAshh

    Maybe stop sending rando pics of their small penis’s as well 🙈😂

  • skeetskeetskeet

    Id guess the last one about being needy is where a ton of guys fuck up.. Its disgusting and sad to hear


    It’s not a bad post

    Though I enjoy feeling needed. It turns me on 😊

  • JP_Man

    If I may add to the part where you talk about confidence and the "fake it until you make it". There is a twist here. You can not get confident over night so you got to apply the plate theory there. Witch could be simplified as "try it until you make it" form. It also means going trough some failure before success and not necessarily getting the first woman you seek.

  • Grond21

    I am not seeking to get laid, but in terms of what woman what, this is excellent

  • midnightmoon05

    Excellent points Missy Wowgirl!!
    Thanks for writing.
    Emotional value!!! yes please.

  • No_Archons

    Why u tryin to help guys bed girls? This shit doesn't lead to a healthy relationship and pickup artist tactics are already popular enough

  • Hurdleez-Swampede

    What do you mean by laid?

    The only thing men need to lay down is a bed or couch and if he is not sleepy, he likely won't need to lay down. The same goes with a woman, boy or girl. People usually only lay down when tired or sleepy.

  • Sensmind

    Ah your style is coming back to me now - Great take about advice to guys, I have had my most success when I do things on instinct (but it is always helpful to have advice filed away)
    Thoughts: I would say be aware of the lines quiet confidence/overbearing (arrogant), mental stimulation, genuine interest/over the top (rushing) - One last thing try to figure out the dynamic going on, what is going on, is she submissive/looking for safety/protection or independent/adventurous/bold - Most believe they are one or the other but I believe most people are "Emotional Switches" so try and figure out your partners combination of these, how to tick these boxes in a non predatory way.
    Also be aware of what he/she wants sex/fling/dating etc.
    Anyway best of luck to all and they find what they want

  • Grobmate

    Great points. Sad that there are guys who don't know this though lol

  • coolbreeze

    Nice guys finish last

    • Not true

    • joyboy12

      Yeah as if nice guys who are bland and boring being so predictable and the nice guys who act nice to have sex should be allowed to finish first lol

  • joyboy12

    Your so right but watch the men with terrible dating experiences because of their bad personality, etc attack you

  • loveslongnails

    Make love to a woman's brain and heart and she'll gladly give you her body.

  • Bigfappa

    not worth the effot, why waste time trying to impress a girl when u can jus use hand instead?

  • valentine74

    Yes i think no i know im going about this seduction the right way for 2019

  • BluesheepOwl

    Hell yeah this would get me😍 Great take!

  • Elliegirl

    Great take!

  • Paige90

    I agree with all of these

  • Champ78

    Three questions for you.

    1. Does a guy have to be absolutely perfect at talking with women to even have a chance?

    2. How does a guy be confident while not looking like he’s not trying to look confident when he’s actually not?

    3. Does it even matter what I want?

    My entire life I’ve felt like it doesn’t matter what I want to a girl I like, it only matters what she wants and what she gets out of it. Honestly I hate that but it’s what I’m used. I’ve never had a girl like me for who I am and I’ve always looked easy to them.

    • I can tell you aren't confident by reading this. And If I can tell, then girls can tell x10.

      I think the fundamental core of this sort of sexual confidence lies in a realization that sex is just natural, number one, and that it shouldn't be elevated to mystical or magical status. But not just that, the realization that you are already good at sex for the fact that you have genitals and they work. I mean, really, that's all you need.

      The confidence, then, becomes this realization. The insecurity is the self-doubt, self-loathingness -- the opposite of this realization and I think it's caused by damaging sex negative upbringings. Really simple. You are already good to go in the most basic and fundamental level. Everything you do must come from this core umderstanding or else you're insecure and needy. Simply put, I think. There's more to it, but I need to wait to publish a take on this topic.

    • Champ78

      @Robertcw I’m confident in everything but dating/sex

    • Okay. I think this is really simple then. Do you have a penis? Does it work? Is it clean?

      If so, congratulations. You can be confident in your sex skills. It's that simple. Once you accept that, and you can because it's true, then yiu can chill out and not think you have a problem to deal with.

      And pretso, that's real confidence. It's like a proof in geometry class. Once you see it's actually simple you wonder what the hell was the problem before. It's just like that.

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  • Outstanding advice

  • Juxtapose

    Good advice! I agree with it.

  • Be attractive

  • 1828avaava1828

    love the top picture wowz!!

    • 😂😂😂 takes a girl like me and you to enjoy something like that🙃🙂😊

  • Glen68

    Great advice

  • Hawky_

    Great advice

  • agamo

    Thanks I needed this.

  • FragileSnowflake

    Thanks I need this

    • I try no prob

    • by the way why don't you smile in your pictures?

      Your smile is beautiful 💜

    • I was taught not to smile in photos. But thank you so much dear

  • Intellectual_aF

    My opinion... It's a very great source 💯