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The issue with some transgender people

The issue with some transgender people

Warning you are probably gonna get offended.

And Im just gonna dive to the point. The issue is that by saying that masculine little girls automatically makes them transboy or feminine little girls makes them transgirl ...is just wrong.

Yes Gender expression is a thing but people constantly forget that it barely has anything to do what what gender you identify as...So why do I always see people go on tumblr and write that buttercup from power puff girls is a transboy when she never said she wanted to be a male..and why are people constantly taking masculine girls and saying they are trans..or feminine boys and doing the same.

Look its fine if you do it because you feel you relate to them in some way but if you are shoving your ideas down others peoples throats then stop.

Second of all, what the hell makes a boy a boy and a girl a girl anyway?

Apparently based on society and lgbt research, a girl is a girl if she likes makeup, doing her hair, being more prone to show emotions, liking feminine activities. wearing "female" clothing, shopping and trying to impress boys. Well being a boy is liking masculine activities, wearing "male" clothing, acting in a blunt way with no emotion/little emotion, not gossiping, not being social, not caring about appearance, and playing video games.

So.....what about the people that aren't trans and just have a different personality than there fellow gender. Why do we push people in boxes just because they are not acting as the gender they were assigned with, and why does it even matter?

Do transboys only feel that they identify as a boy because the people around them were too feminine, and their friends gossiped too much and shopped too much, did they feel like tomboys were over sexualized, were they jealous that males got more rights, were they worried that they wouldn't come off as funny or clever if they remained female. Its really simple, if we start showing more masculine cis girls and feminine cis boys (straight or gay or whatever)in media than people wouldn't be so confused.

But seriously, why do so many people feel they were assigned wrong.

Because it all stems down to what we push on boys and girls. A girl that doesn't want to get into gossip, and wear makeup and be sensitive doesn't like that idea of being a girl so she will probably realize she's a he?....because "he" has the idea that boys don't deal with that.

Boys have grown up believing that emotions and ridiculous and showing them is bad and they need to be tough but someone might want to be more sensitive and kinder then most other boys and so they'll see being female as an opportunity.

So what even makes someone male and female, are there brains different, no.

There bodys are, there sense of gravity is. And its said that boys immature slower than girls.

But boys and girls are actually very similar and the only reason why they are so different is because they were raised differently.

If you don't believe me, raise a boy like a girl and raise a girl like a boy and you will see the difference.

But anyway.

If society keeps pushing the idea that anyone feminine is a girl

and anyone that is masculine is a boy

THEN ITS SEXIST. How about just teach girls to not gossip and bitch and not force other girls to wear makeup. And teach guys to show emotions and be a little bit more sensitive, its not that hard.

Wanna know how to tell you gender. Then I guess if you really really feel like you were born in the wrong body, and it has nothing to do with gender rights, or personality, or traits. If you really feel like the opposite gender in your body, thats dysphoria and you are trans, respect for you.

anyways the next person to tell me I'm a demiboy, panromantic, asexual is getting punched in the throat

Fuck gender.

The issue with some transgender people
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  • dogsteeves

    As a Baptist Christian I believe God made 2 genders

    Genesis 1:26-27, 2:21-23

    And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

    And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.

    in my opinion what makes a man different from a woman is their genitalia between their legs

    Man has Junk between his legs
    Woman has a Slit between her legs

    I believe in trans gender but that only when a
    Woman get a junk and breast
    Man has a Slit between their legs

    Is a disorders of sex differentiation or a DSD that useally effect female babies but can effect males it happen during the transition Inside the womb we all start female but then male will gain a Y instead of the 2 XX for female.

    Type of DSD aar

    Female with ambiguous or male genitals (46, XX DSD): (A child with this type of DSD has the female chromosomes (XX) with normal ovaries and womb. Genitals may be male or ambiguous (not having a clear sex). The child may have an enlarged clitoris (a female sex organ) that looks like a penis. The lower section of the vagina may be closed.)

    Female with male chromosomes (46, XY DSD):
    (Some female children have male chromosomes (XY) but their external genitals may appear entirely female or unclear. In addition, the womb may or may not be present. The testicles may be absent or not properly formed.)

    Mixed genitals and sex organs (46, XX Ovotesticular): This is a very rare type of DSD where the child has tissue from both ovaries and testicles. The genitals may appear female, male, or a mix of both.

    Sex chromosome DSD: (Some children have neither male nor female chromosomes. Instead, they may have only one X chromosome (XO), or they may have an extra chromosome (XXY)).

    Most common that called trans gender

    Rokitansky syndrome: (Some females are born without a womb, cervix, and upper vagina. Some may have underdeveloped organs. In this condition, the ovaries and external genitalia (vulva) are still present. They will still develop breasts and pubic hair as they get older. )

    I would wish that Facebook wouldn't have all the different choices but what can we do about it the world is changing for better or for worst and it subjective.

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  • MikeAndMolly

    Gender dysphoria is a mental condition marked by significant discomfort related to the perceived sex of the person experiencing it.

    Gender dysphoria causes high rates of suicide, self harm, depression, anxiety, and other mental and physical conditions and it has no known pharmaceutical, surgical, or therapeutic treatment that has been shown to work except for one:

    Acceptance and transition. Hormone therapy and possibly surgical transition depending on the individual case.

    Thus, we call these people trans and accept their new gender identity because it makes them genuinely happier and healthier people. This step is the most important to reduce suicide and self harm rates and increase life satisfaction for sufferers.

    We call them trans and accept their gender identity because it costs us essentially nothing to do so.

    Because it's just the right thing to do.

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    • Anonymous

      Yeah I know that but what I'm saying is, that the issue with transgender is that we just assume that femininity automatically makes someone a female and masculinity automatically makes someone male.
      So you now you have so many people running around confused about their gender and some that also suicide because they have no idea where they fit anymore.

    • That's a common misconception, perpetuated and overblown by conservative media and talking heads on the internet.

      While it's true that there are people who don't know where they fit in in society, very few people genuinely transition or label themselves based on gender conformity. It happens, and when it happens it's very visual because of how messed up it looks to everyone else, but the core problem of gender dysphoria is honestly still so much more important than whatever stupid people are calling themselves confused because they don't like pink enough or whatever.

      Gender dysphoria causes a massive increase in suicide and self-harm rates, and the symptoms (and death rates) can be mostly alleviated by the acceptance of the community and family of the person experiencing the dysphoria.

      Imagine if, by treating your friend a certain way, you could stop them from dying of cancer or at least massively increase their odds of survival.

      That's what activists are concerned about now, not about pigeonholing people into "trans" boxes because they like monster trucks even though they don't have a y chromosome.

      We're not telling everyone that you have to do this because we're deluded about how science and truth works, but rather because it's the right thing to do to help others with dysphoria.

      You claim that "we just assume that femininity automatically makes someone a female" but I literally don't know anyone who does that or thinks that way, and I bet no one you've actually spoken to in real life thinks that way either.

      That's a straw man argument against trans-rights activism.

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  • Screenwriter

    This really isn't about "transgender people." It's about the definition of gender. We're born male or female. But gender is about the social norms associated with the sexes. It's about what IS considered masculine or feminine. The point is masculinity and femininity, just like sexual attraction, exists along a scale. If a male feels that he's a 5, the most feminine number of the scale, then he might think he needs to be a female in appearance and body. If a female thinks she's a 1, the most masculine number of the scale, then she might think she needs to be male in appearance and body. I would hope that the open discussion of transgenderism would get folks to realize we all have feminine and masculine characteristics that make us who we are and we should accept and love ourselves as we are. That doesn't seem to be quite happening yet. Maybe in time less rigid ideas of gender will be accepted so very few use surgery or hormones for drastic changes.

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  • Anonymous

    My advice to you - don't hold things people say on Tumblr in such high regard. More than likely it's just fan fiction, the random musings of a trans or queer person on the Internet. The mainstream school of thought behind transgenderism does not follow this logic. Only if a child says they want to be the opposite sex, is when concerns are actually raised. Adults cannot force a diagnosis on a child based on their personality and preferences alone, that's not how it works. Anyone who says differently is fear-mongering.

    However, society is never going to radically change it's perception of what feminine and masculine is. Men will always need to conform to a certain level, and women will too. Most people are perfectly okay with fitting into the gender mold. Some aren't. It's a tough world for those kinds of people. Cut them some slack when they're just trying to find themselves, or find a way to fit in.

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  • Guffrus

    Well, I dont know about anyone else, but Im triggered!

    Buttercup is not a transexual and i will not hear more of your lies!


    I can't HEAR YOU!

    I won't LISTEN!

    • Anonymous

      I never said she was I was talking about people that said she was tho

    • Guffrus

      The problem and question goes far beyond gender to, class, national and other cultural identies.

      I think I am right to say that conformity itself is in fact natural, we are a social species and those who function in a group will survive better than those who dont.


      This isn't the link that i wanted, I have seen another thing where this is expanded upon with a more modern experiment and I believe i am right in saying that there is evidence which shows that people are not just lying to conforn with the group but that peoples perceptions inside their own minds is altered such that they themselves dont know about the truth they are lying about, some mechanism in the their brain is removing that choice from them and they actually experience what the group pressure is telling them to experience.

    • Guffrus


      That is the link i thought that i had posted, i did not mean to post a link to the search results list.

      As i say there is another video somewhere with an expanded version of the experiment.

  • smølf

    We have males and females, all else is illusions. Gender and sex is the same, and its defined by the sex chromosomes.

    There are two genders on earth male and female anything else is undetermined but doses not constitute a separate gender.

    Stick with science instead of odd ideologies and you will fail less.

  • bamesjond0069

    There is no such thing as trans. Now look at everything again. Wow its all so simple now. There are idiots and fags and feminists who are crazy and say words like trans which doesn't even make sense because trans does not fit with the concepts of gay or feminism. Think about it. This is like asking if retards can't get the square peg in the round hole and coming up with a 50 point solution to explain it. No. Its simple asf.

  • Massageman

    God made two sexes- male and female - he created them. Genesis.

    A relatively small number of people have true a GD due to a DNA mutation.

    Recent studies show that there is NOT one "gay gene" .

    My older daughter played softball in high school. My younger daughter is a "girly girl".
    They are both females.

  • Gedaria

    The why I don't know. I have had this situation all my life. When I was young I was told oh you will grow out of it , I'm in my 50s and it not gone away. Why there more today, it's more acceptable and people are beginning to understand the the situation...

  • ZeQueer

    I totally agree. Gender is a social construction put in place since millennia to better control the population. The advertisement. trade. health. in reality we all have our own gender, education shows us a way and later we choose it suits us or not. We don't have to put pressure on it

  • jessi462

    You go girl!!! I like the way you say things... make me thinking a lot. But i agree and i hope to see other post like this cause its awsome!!

  • Skadouchebag

    Let me ask everyone here a question: how does a zooligist decide which sex a bear is? is a bear "assigned" a gender at birth?

  • You actually have a really good point right there!!

  • AmberDandy

    This world is getting crazy from so many choices, decisions, images, preferences etc etc. Live and let live. World peace!

  • Anonymous

    women are overtaking the world so boys wanna be women now lol.

  • Anonymous

    It doesn't matter how much a boy acts like a girl or a girl acts lile a boy. Gender isn't categorized by feelings or how much a person wants to be the opposite gender. There are men and there are women, there is nothing in between ( with few exceptions) and no way to change what you are born as.

    • MPsti710

      No you a Bitch or a Man simple as that nigga