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How I Discovered Mental Orgasms

Yes, you read it right. An orgasm without physically being touched. No hands. No partners. Just the brain.

How I Discovered Mental Orgasms

A few years back, I went without orgasming. No sex. No masturbation. Naturally, my body went crazy the first week. By week three my libido was overflowing and my mind was cluttered with all sorts of sexual thoughts. Most women turned my head. Women I wouldn’t normally noticed even for my attention.

During my 30 day drought I discovered something about my body. When I lied in bed and shut my eyes, I would let my dirty thoughts play. And of course I would get aroused. But it got to the point where I could feel myself coming close to climaxing. It shocked me at first. But it intrigued me. Could I get off just be thinking?

How I Discovered Mental Orgasms

That week I spent my nights letting my sexual energy go as wild as it could. No touching myself or rubbing against the bed. As the thoughts played, I focused on being completely relaxed, not trying to fight my urges but also not trying to force them.

Then. It happened. In the midst of my lustful thoughts I felt my lower region swell as almost all of my muscles contracted. It felt as if I came. The feeling of ecstasy flushed all over my body. But unlike the typical orgasm, it didn’t stop after the first hit.

How I Discovered Mental Orgasms

As I tried to catch my breath I felt myself swell up again and as soon as my muscles contracted another orgasm hit. Then another. It got to the point where my legs started shaking and I could stop myself from kicking. Not only was I getting off with sheer brain power, I was making myself have multiple orgasms.

Once I was too tired to think I lied in bed breathless. Exhausted with a slight headache. It was like I had just come from the gym. Everything was so silent, my mind calm and the wind of a fan hitting my body. My mind and body were in this harmonically relaxed state. It was like I had made some big discovery. I had unlocked one of my body’s secrets.

How I Discovered Mental Orgasms

The mental single and multi-orgasm. After I discovered it, doing it again was easy. I would be in class wondering if I could do it right there. I’d put my hand over my eyes and look at my text book as if studying. Then I shut my eyes and focused. Sure enough I was able to bring myself to the point of climaxing. Of course I didn’t let the dam break. Once I start having multiple orgasms, stopping is hard and it would be very hard to not show.

So I stuck to doing it in the comfort of my own home. As far as I can tell there are no drawbacks besides short headaches. I can somewhat control the multiple orgasms. I can keep them going for as long as I want pretty much. If I do it too long I’ll start to get headaches. I try not to let it get to that point because I’m not sure what causes the headaches. They only last 5-10 minutes. My guess is exhaustion but I don’t want to overdo it and give myself brain damage or something.

What’s a discovery you’ve made about your body that most may not be able to do? Can you get yourself off by thinking it? Share your stories!

Thanks for reading ✌️

How I Discovered Mental Orgasms
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Anonymous

    That's a good discovery. I totally believe it's possible. What do you think is the particular advantage? So that you can cum in public or very quietly, or are they better because they're multiple or quite a different feeling altogether? It sounds very tantric. Advanced yogis make incredible lovers because of their breathing and control. They say this because of "having mastered the art of lovemaking over millennia." To be able to control when and how you cum, no matter what your age, is a great skill to have.

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    • Dongtai

      I’m 26 😂. But I think the greatest advantage is having complete self control. It’s like my mind and body are completely synced. My sex drive has always been pretty high even for a guy.

      I think finding out about this was inevitable for me. Another benefit I guess would be maintaining my high libido without losing my ability to focus on anything else. I have control over how horny I’ll get out during my day and can use the energy for other things like lifting waits or bettering my mood. I should do a Mytake on the benifits for this. There’s a lot.

  • Desconhecida

    I can relate to that in more ways that I could ever describe! It's an amazing experience which can happen to both men and women. Girls are usually more familiar with this because they tend to explore their bodies more ~ the same way you ended up doing.

    May I ask what made you decide to stop masturbating for a month?

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    • Dongtai

      I was doing it a lot. I felt that I was weakening my natural urge to go out and meet women by satisfying myself sexually. When I stopped, those urges came back and I was dating girls within a month. Girls who I were normally too nervous to approach I ended up dating because my urges were stronger than my fear of rejection.

      I personally feel that my sex drive plays a big role in my success with women. So I needed to figure out how to tame it. If I’m too horny, I can’t think straight. But if I’m not horny enough I don’t have the confidence/motivation I need to meet women.

      During that 30 day period I discovered mental orgasms. It tamed my urges but didn’t take away my motivation to meet girls. It basically keeps me balanced.

    • It's impressive how you are aware of your body. Thanks for answering! 🙂

Most Helpful Guys

  • Buckzor

    Wait is this actually a thing? I could go months and months on end (actually I have before) without experiencing anything even somewhat close to this.

    How this works even blows my mind, I don't get it or understand how it would even happen.

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  • Denniszen

    Its called tantric sex and mental orgasm is a funny way of saying mind fucked.

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • These “mental orgasms” are part of my spiritual practice of Tantra magic.
    Of course that probably sounds silly and dumb to most but it works like a charm.

    • Dongtai

      There’s nothing silly/dumb about spirituality and don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise. I’m spiritual as well and I do think that’s how I was able to discover this.

    • Thanks ☺️ at first I was embarrassed because of all the varying opinions but now I don’t give a fuck. However, I’m aware that many people think I’m crazy or demonic.

    • Dongtai

      As long as you’re not out here trying to hex people I say you’re cool alright. Thanks for the follow

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  • jessi462

    It look like something so out of mind! Never though this could happen to anyone! Having sex must be awsome! Haha

  • MikeAndMolly

    Not everyone can have a purely mental orgasm and it's much more common in women, but it's not that uncommon actually.

    I can't do it, but good for you man.

  • crazy8000

    The biggest part is mental and majority of people doesn't realize that.

    Also noticed that many female's tends to be the one's that doesn't do what's necessary to make the mental part happen for their male partner. expecting he shall get it by default because she has the gotten triggered.

  • anon1903

    I usually experience this. vivid images flashing, a couple of moans but climaxing... no I'd not go that far. That point is unreachable on mental level.

  • Girther10

    Interesting, but lacking the feel of truth. Tell me, did you ejaculate at all? Was your cumm splattered anywhere? Isn’t that one of the things that occurs during the more “traditional” orgasm?

    • Dongtai

      You should checkout part two on my page for an in depth answer.

      The term they use to describe this is dry ejaculation. But I release a lot precum when I have multiple orgasms.

  • RasmusAiken

    Yes. Wet dreams are basically orgasms generated in the rem-sleep brain. YouTube has self-hypnosis directed at achieving similar orgasms. The focused awake brain can likewise achieve orgasm.

  • N192K001

    Wow… not exactly the standard way NoFap is done, but (if such a report is true), you've just made a ground-breaking discovery.

  • YHL6965

    So that's what you unlock once you succeed at No Nut November. I would not do that, I tried abstinence to see if it really had benefits, turns out it was distracting me too much after the first week. My "power" when it comes to lust is being able to control most of my boners : as long as my mind does not start imagining stuff, it's very unlikely that I get a boner.

    • mandy97

      a week seriously? thats how long guys can do omg

    • YHL6965

      @mandy97 I lasted one and a half week because I did not see the point, there was no benefits, only drawbacks. Why keep a dead weight? If you want to last until you have spider webs in there, that's your problem, I don't care about your score to be honest.

  • Grond21

    Huh. I have read about this, but you are the first guy I have heard about that could do it. Usually its only women. Did you not ejaculate during those times?

  • I've experienced similar with vibrators and doing nothing but wait there or by trying to stop an orgasm if successful it works. What you basically experienced is a females version of an orgasm but much more intense.

  • MannySimms

    I've known for some time that women have "better" orgasms than men since their whole body is effected. I've always been able to get hard without any physical contact so I decided to try to spread the "buzzing" from groinland to other body parts. Success! Shoulders and arms came first. Persistence enabled me to feel intensity from my fingers to my knees. The change is wild so I've stopped there.
    What you're doing is similar since it's all mental with you and 50% with me.

  • OrangeBoy2

    It never happened to me sadly.
    But to be honest... No orgasms for more than 3 days is just too difficult. I stop thinking, no focus to work..

  • Harmseygrace

    Sure mate. This all isn't utter BS.

    • Oh I get it now. You're the vegan guy from earlier.

    • Dongtai

      Dude you’re 15. Go play outside. Study for your spelling test. Why are you commenting on a post about orgasms?

    • Maybe because it sounds bloody ridiculous.

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  • yes i had one of thease one time when i was 23 i was thinking about sex so much i had a orgasm with out even masterbating

  • OddBeMe

    You stick with that and I’ll please your girlfriend :)

  • SwordShield

    Bro, wtf, this some young Sheldon/Einstein shit here.

  • Keith469

    I have tried to do this literally dozens of times but never yet succeeded,

  • yourfavperson

    i thought this was common?

  • bigbang101

    I want to learn it!

  • prettiblacc39

    I have no words but... WOW!!!😲

  • KristenKT

    wow. I liked this

  • MoscowMitch

    Congratulations I think you just had a stroke.

    • thrombis

      Lol. Good one! A masturbation joke was in there too! Lol

  • RebeccaSJ

    Yes, excellent.

  • charlie_all_night

    I dont think I have... Lucky to climax ever...

  • TheWaterisFine

    You said it all ! 🤯 Lol

  • adolescentswede

    I would speculate you hypnotsized yourself

  • Georgetop


  • eavin144

    Yup watch "her" movie

  • jamesmango

    is sidlenafil work over female

  • Is that even exist?

  • Anonymous

    okay thanks for making me horny time to cum

  • Anonymous

    I have once but it was not enjoyable do to certain circumstances, and it was after a similar insisdent of stopping masterbaiting and then a few months later it happened...

  • Anonymous

    I sorta did this once but woke up at the middle of the night half way through having a wank, it was weird lol But was awesome. I think its called sexsomnia

  • Anonymous

    I do it too and it works. I'm a virgin and I've had mild clitoral, vaginal and uterine orgasms. They didn't last for too long though.
    It happens when I don't masturbate for 2 or more weeks.
    I still prefer touching myself.

  • Anonymous

    This has only happened to me during sleep as a wet dream, I’ve known it could be done but could never do it , but sex is all in the mind

  • Anonymous

    yes this is something that is known, particularly during sleep can this be achieved, dreams can even be controlled to an extent with focus and practice.

  • Anonymous

    Damn I thought I was the only one