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The rumour about guys wanting only one thing, let's talk about that shall we...

I want to clarify beforehand that I am NOT targeting ALL women or saying they all talk with this mind set, I am simply saying that I have seen TOO MANY posts about this woman saying this.

The rumour about guys wanting only one thing, let's talk about that shall we...

Calm down woman, you are pissing off a lot of my guy friends you know... -__-

The rumour about guys wanting only one thing, let's talk about that shall we...

I have seen videos and reaction vids where guys react to hearing women saying it too, but that's just too F*ckin difficult to find, I might try and find it later in the post but for now I will just elaborate on what guys want.

"Guys only want one thing" refers to saying they only want sex, which is utter Bullshit.

I'll start with SEXUALITY

The rumour about guys wanting only one thing, let's talk about that shall we...

Assuming guys only want one thing when there are SO many different sexualities is actually bullshit, how can you be so blind to believe all guys only want one thing when they all have their own preferences?

I know guys who

-Like guys

-Like girls

-Like girls and guys

-Aren't attracted to either

-Like girls but aren't interested in doing anything sexual with them

-Like guys and girls but aren't interested in doing anything sexual with them

Being primarily sexually, romantically and/or emotionally attracted to men, males, and/or masculinity.


Experiencing little or no romantic attraction to others and/or has a lack of interest in romantic relationships/behaviour.



A curiosity toward experiencing attraction to people of the same gender/sex.


A person who experiences attraction to some men and women. This does not have to be equally balanced, they can be attracted to one of the genders more than the other, but if they are attracted to both in any way, they are bisexual.


Experiencing attraction solely (or primarily) to some members of the same gender.

Heterosexual (Straight)

Being attracted to the opposite gender only.


Sexual, romantic, physical attraction to all sexual identities.


The desire for relationships including multiple people. Ethical, honest, and consensual non-monogamous relationships.

Crediting website:


Guys who have tastes ranging from

-Tights/ Leggings/ knee socks

-Short girls

-Tall guys

-Tall girls

-Small chests

-Large chests

-Dominant girls

-Dominant guys

-Submissive girls

-Submissive guys

-Polite girls

-Aggressive girls

-Polite guys

-Aggressive guys

-Girls with certain accents

-Guys with certain accents

-Certain haircuts

-Girls who don't wear makeup

-Shy girls

-Shy guys

-Extrovertal guys

-Extrovertal girls

There are SO MANY more preferences and tastes, with all this evidence it is actually stupid to claim guys only want one thing when they all have different tastes, some having different sexualities all together, therefore meaning they might not even be interested in sex AT ALL.

The rumour about guys wanting only one thing, let's talk about that shall we...

I know from experiences that the ones who have said this to me in person, are always girls who have had one shit relationship with a guy and now refuse to believe any guy is any different, kind of insulting to the whole gender don't you think?

Like I said at the beginning, I am not targeting all girls, but I have had face to face conversations with over 20 girls who have this ideology and putting them in there place, telling them why they are wrong is just both insulting and troublesome to explain to them when they are so damn stubborn.

The rumour about guys wanting only one thing, let's talk about that shall we...

I mean, how would those girls feel if us guys always said

"Oh, girls only want one thing from guys, they only want sex and it's F*cking disgusting"

They would get immediately pissed at us and tell us how rude we are being, so why can't they see why they are in the wrong here?

Okay, I genuinely have to wrap this up, otherwise I am just going to get more aggressive and more verbally abusive, so I am just gonna stop now.

Thanks for reading and take care everyone! <3

~TheSnekHandler (Jack)

The rumour about guys wanting only one thing, let's talk about that shall we...
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Felinegirl

    I agree that most guys aren't that shallow, but queer people are a minority hence not a great argument.

    Most guys are straight and not asexual. I think girls who generalize, mean those 90% of guys who are interested in women and who would enjoy sex.
    Typically they mean: 'all the guys who express in me only want sex and nothing else'.

    I think those girls don't put enough effort into getting to know guys, they presume, and they don't realise that wanting sex doesn't necessarily mean they don't want anything else.
    Furthermore, they seem to forget that most guys don't try to hit on them. Those few players who try to hook up with everyone are the only ones they notice, because those guys are very forward and noticeable. I think that's where the stereotype comes from.

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    • This was an amazing comment, you went so in depth and worded your views so greatly, I loved reading it, thank you for taking so much time to write such an amazing and descriptive comment :)

    • Felinegirl

      Thanks for the reply, it means a lot to me that you said that! :)

    • Well you deserve it and continue with the great work :)

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  • KaitieSearching

    “ All guys want 1 thing. “
    For me, this phrase was not born of bitterness over a bad relationship.
    My dad says it’s so. I grew up with him telling me that he knows how boys think because he was one of them, and that’s why he doesn’t trust them with me. Maybe it’s not universal that men are that way. I don’t know. But it’s not always malicious that women think it so. Sometimes we were taught that.

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    • Well I would like to believe it was something they were taught at a young age instead of the ideology that I have come across, thank you :)

    • I think parents are right to caution their offspring, especially daughters, about having sex right away in a relationship. While I do believe that the majority of young men have good intentions, there is no doubt that some men are trying to use women for sex. (It's worth mentioning that not all women are innocent. Women can use guys for sex too). It takes time to get to know someone and fully understand their intentions. Teenagers often lack the experience to be able to pick up on the cues that the other person is only in the relationship for sex. So I think that fathers who teach their daughters "all guys want one thing" are right to protect their daughters, but phrasing the message this way paints a bad picture of men in general.

    • Chris4744

      I want sex but I also want a committed relationship and a family. I typically abstain from sex outside of relationships. That should say more than enough. On another point... women are just as fucking bad as men. I can’t tell you how many girls just treat guys like sexual objects, only it’s worse, because they want your money too.

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Most Helpful Guys

  • Evil_Chuck

    While this saying is not entirely false, women should understand how and why it applies. Contrary to popular opinion, there are two ways to a man's heart: his stomach and his dick. Not to be crude, but that's the reality. We have needs. We understand love and romance, but we realize them most effectively through having those needs fulfilled. At least I do. Sex is a conduit, not a destination (unless you are a teenager or simply uncommitted). Trying to maintain a mental connection without a physical one is difficult for us, and often unsustainable. A relationship starves without sex as surely as a body does without food.

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    • Well explained, good job :)

    • Stomach? What do you mean?

    • @shinka1y234 Food, a lot of guys love food and when food is made by others, it feels even more warming, for some reason if someone makes something for you, it makes it 10 times better <3

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  • MrxPranav

    For me who are single for all of his life I just want love and trust in relationship n nothing else

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    • That's beautiful man :) I want that too, I hope you get what you want and I hope you are happy ^_^

    • MrxPranav

      Only when any miracle happens then I could get what I want

What Girls & Guys Said

  • MrOracle

    The vast majority of men want sex, with or without a relationship. That's a biological drive that is heavily responsible for the success of the species.

    Most women don't want sex outside of a relationship (yes, there are exceptions), and they have trouble dealing with the fact that men don't need to be in a relationship or have an emotional connection to have sex - even if many of us prefer a relationship.

    Again, exceptions exist, but you cannot deny the truth of what I wrote, and it's understandable that women have trouble understanding it when their brains and instincts work so differently.

    This also speaks to why gay men are so promiscuous (there is no woman involved to say "I need a relationship first") and why many lesbian couples struggle with "lesbian bed death" (lack of sex drive) without testosterone in the mix.

    You may be one of the exceptions - guys who need a relationship before wanting sex - but most guys are not that way, and to say otherwise is to be naive or just dishonest.

    • Your description was certainly well explained and fair, I'm happy how you didn't get defensive but rather explained the reasoning for both sides and made a passive comment :)

    • Kiroi

      Doesn't seem right to me

  • nerms123

    Yeah you are right but the problem is guys who just want sex number a lot and are also the most vocal so that’s why girls feel that way. But I’ve also seen a lot of relationship minded men on gag. But they tend to be more quiet.

    • You are indeed right, the ones who only want sex are often much more extroverted and that is likely because they care less about how they are seen whereas the ones who want a relationship based on love, care, affection and general trust are shyer as they are somewhat scared of how they are viewed, as such they are overlooked more by others :'(

  • somethingcoolio

    I don't think guys are after only one thing. Saying that is just as silly as saying women are only after your money. I think people who think that have had bad experiences and maybe don't attract the best men. It's a shame that it's almost a socially accepted stereotype.

    • Well said, well said indeed, you took the words right out my mouth :)

  • WalterBlack

    All guys (except for the very small number of asexual or voluntary celebate guys) want sex. However, I believe that the majority (at least 50%) of guys want sex in the context of a loving relationship.

    • I got a little concerned for a bit that you were going to say all guys are bad and just want sex, it's only after I read the rest that I confirmed you actually made it clear that the majority want a loving relationship, well said :)

    • Yeah, I'm basically saying that having a sex drive doesn't make someone a bad person.

    • Precisely :)

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  • Dali-chan

    Same as men who claim that girls only want money.

    But the truth is you’re the one who wants money! Isn’t it yato?

    • 1) Yes, it is Yato from Noragami :)

      2) I think that the ones who claim that are the players that are giving the bad reputation of men, I for one don't believe they only want money as a gender of the whole, but there are ones out there who do which are giving your gender a bad reputation.

      I want to make it clear that

      A) Not all guys only want sex, just like women, we are misunderstood and because of that, it is both genders responsibility to clear the clouds as such and say exactly what we want, be more honest and that way make it easier for both genders to have a better understanding of each other <3

      2) Not all girls want money, they are in the same boat as us essentially, being misunderstood based on a couple of females who do want that and as such giving them all a misunderstood image.

  • I have found that deep down women seek love the most. The problem though. Dad left 50 years ago in the family. Mom had to get 2 or 3 jobs to make it. Mom could not teach son how to love girls. Now a lot of men don't know how to love themselves or any one else

    • So your dad left you at age 9?
      That sucks :'(

      It is true that at a young age guys are rarely told how to love girls but the same goes for girls, they are rarely taught how to love boys.

      The loving themselves part is very true, we are so rarely taught that it is okay to be emotionally open or how to love ourselves, which is not a good thing.

    • No the dads in families

    • oh, my bad, sorry :)

  • TheFarStar

    I hv sm guy friends who got d offer of FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS, but they just rejected it saying *m not dying for this shit.
    I just wanna hv a nice relationship n cute moments with d person i like.

    • Well that's nice, being friends with benefits can ruin a good friendship so it is sometimes better to stay safe and just be good friends.

    • TheFarStar

      Yeah, exactly.
      N i definitely think guys don't only think abut that shit. Coz they hv feelings too.

  • DollySummers

    That’s just how it is. Stereo typing men just cuz a few rotten eggs laid on there faces.

  • Liam_Hayden

    I usually encounter women who want sex by the second or third date, as if I am an slut or something. No thanks. They have to be real if they want to be with me.

    • Too right mate, you'll find that if the guy wants it he's "Disgusting" and often rejected, but if the woman wants it soon and the guy rejects her, he's "An inconsiderate asshole who doesn't appreciate the gift he has been given" so either way, apparently the guy is to blame which is dumb -__-

  • Lady_Frost

    The rumour about guys wanting only one thing, let&#39;s talk about that shall we...The rumour about guys wanting only one thing, let&#39;s talk about that shall we...

  • Red-Blaze

    All means a lot, obvsily nothing really mean all, just like your post dose not mean all, same as if someone tells you "Everyone has 2 hands" even that in the end its not true, but its most, and that is the meaning
    Same when they say that, and honestly, I have to some what agree with the statement, its not everyone obviously, but there is a fair share of guys out there, at least loud or pushy guys that only want sex
    And this is how it feels from personal experience just for one example lately, had someone that I told them for ages that I am not interested, finely it got into there mind that there never going to have sex with me period, and there response? "So all this time was a waste, good bye then for the last time!" and that mind you is after a few times I told them I am not interested, and they respond that its fine they only want to be friends and they understand

    I had sooo many cases of guys being nice and stuff, and in the end honestly its just ended up in a way to get into my pants, that at this point every nice guy around for me I am stuck in my mind with "Are there trying to just pull me for sex? or are they really just nice?" and really its really hard to tell some of this guys are really prasitent you will find sometimes even that after year or 2 they suddenly really get that I am not into them sexually, and they just leave basically, as now I am only a waste of time for them

    So I can completely get why someone may say it and I can someone agree that its how it feels a lot of the time, if you agree to it or not
    But if possible try to think how it is to live to a state that you feel that you almost can't trust any guy around as he may just be doing something to get you to have sex with them, and maybe you understand why someone says that, even that they clearly dont really think that (most of them)

    Beside all that, what dose sexuality have to do with anything, fish can go on ground, just look at baby frogs
    Most of the people have straight sexuality and just if someone is into other guys or cars dont mean they are not interested in sex
    And that is beside that again its not on everyone clearly

    And about
    "I mean, how would those girls feel if us guys always said
    "Oh, girls only want one thing from guys, they only want sex and it's F*cking disgusting""
    The answer is I think that guy must have meet some really rare girls out there, as that is not what I see commonly, and not what I have heard from friends (I am a bi)
    or that the guy is just saying BS

    Just like for you this feels like everyone is saying it (and likely its more because movies say it, then real people say it)
    Girls that say it are talking about how it feels, just like you are saying on how it feels for you

  • Juxtapose

    I'm actually really sick of these Puritans who act like sex is some kind of evil thing.

    The hippies were a lot cooler than we are now.

    • You are certainly thinking well, I see no real issue with sex, as long as it is with people who actually love you, what I mean is:

      1) Woman loves man but man only wants sex and then leaves, hurting the woman
      2) Man loves woman but woman only wants sex and leaves, hurting the man

      3) Man loves woman and woman loves man and have sex and stay together, both happy

      4) Man and woman are both aware that the sex is only recreational with no further intent, neither are hurt.

  • AuroraRoseat

    I believe there isn’t a significant number of men who are asexual or disinterested in sexual. I think the majority of men want it. Is that bad? No. What is is if he hustles after sex at the expense of the person.

    • You mean you want to get your vagina's worth?

    • I’m not understanding.

    • "he hustles after sex"
      You're saying he makes fake promises to get sex. It means women never give sex for free, a vagina always costs something. Most women expect to be paid in commitment and money, only then do they tolerate sex.

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  • el_Te_de_la_Rosa

    I'm trying to figure out why the rumor is quite accurate. Not for all men of course.
    Please just focus on straight and bisexual. In my opinion, men who are married and dating, they expect a sexual relationship, so they chase women (or/and men). They put effort to get what they want even sometimes they seek out from others who are not their own partner and girlfriend/boyfriend. (which I am disgusted.)
    I think it's our responsibility to state what we want. Personally, I would like to be mentally connected to someone, as a life partner. I don't want to be approached by men who don't want anything else but my body.
    Women, you need to be courageous to speak up for what you want. What you don't want. If you don't want to be viewed as a sex object. Be assertive. Make it clear.
    I believe one day your prince will come.

    • I agree that both women and men should say what they want and what they don't want, ironically it is actually more common for women to say what they don't want because if a guy says what he doesn't want, he is shunned, I am talking about sexual things here of course.

      But I totally support that both genders must make it clear what they do and don't want.

      I just don't want the genders making claims that they know what the other gender wants, that completely goes against the first rule, does it not?

    • Sure. Everybody should. Assumption, discrimination close our minds.

  • Nobody_95

    Saying all men only want sex is about the equivalent of saying all women only want your money. It's simply not true.

  • There are LGBT dudes out there but of course for us straight women our concern is straight men, and trust me a guy himself told me that if you look into a guy's brain you find nothing but a dick right there. Guys themselves tell me all they want is sex.

    • Not true, at first a guy is driven by his hormones to have sex ofcourse, but obviously guys find partners dont they? Think about it, how many couples are there? If all a guy wanted was sex then there would be no couples at all! I think this comment is more about the asshole that messed around with you rather than a serious question, but your really young and very pretty you will find someone else and move on, we have nearly all been though it not just girls

  • SomeGuyCalledTom

    Men only want one thing. Well, apart from all those other things.. ;)

  • Daniel3035

    I want sex im in no position financially to be in a serious relationship and im too young to be committed when I wanna go to so many places lmao.

    • Then why not save that sex for when you find the right person?

    • Daniel3035

      Been waiting for a while for the right girl tbh she hasn't turned up if I keep waiting my youth will be gone so i'm here like do I wait or just go for it? And well honestly life is too short to wait you know? I mean when your there in a few years you'll know its harder to resist and stuff.

  • Rangers

    The problem is that they constantly choose the guys who will hurt them and don't learn from their mistakes

    • Precisely, if they don't want to be hurt, why do they choose all the bad guys and then say all guys are the same, when really they take no interest in the good guys, overlooking them whenever they try to approach them or saying they aren't good enough.

      Saying they want a "Good guy" yet also saying they want the "Bad boy" type, what the F**k is up with that? -__-

  • Kurαȷ

    It's not a rumor it's a statistical reality.
    I have been dealing with my own gender for 29 years and I can easily confirm that the only motivation in the life of at least 70% of men is sex.

    Most men do not care about women outside of their ability to have sex, and they only lead relationships so they get convenient access to it.

    And that is not an exaggeration, it is just a fact rooted in the nature of their reproductive behavior which is promiscuity.

  • sex is not all i want just being with a woman and holding her being together is great too

  • Lizzy3469

    It's just that some men expect sex right away, like on a first date.

    • And as such cause a misunderstood point of view, in that it makes those women expect the same thing on the next relationship, I find it somewhat unfair to make a judgement based on a bad experience.

      I have been bit by a snake, I don't say they will all do it to me

      I have been tricked by girls, I don't claim they will all do the same.

      I have even had classmates exploit my kindness to get money (When I was VERY young) but I don't say all my classmates would do the same.

      The point is, you can't say that just because you have had bad experiences with a certain situation that all situations will have the same outcome.

  • Muhammad1999

    Cool take, sometimes guys dont only want one thing , its three things 😂

    • Haha! It is 100% true that guys don't want one thing, but I suppose 3 things can be arranged! :)

      -Affection <3

    • Wow cool assumption with the three things.

    • Thank you :)

  • Alexrodrz1234

    Well, some guys do only want that. Thing is girls feel attracted to guys that will hurt them, and ignore us the good guys.

    • Yeah and it is so agitating, especially when you (The good guy) are there this your girl friend and she is complaining about her relationship and how they are breaking up, saying all she wants is a loyal guy and then if you ever approach them, they say that "you're a nice guy but.." and they just go back to the scummy ones, like... what the fuck...

  • c00kthem0nster

    Honestly, I see where girls are coming from when they say this. I mean, think about it. there's 8 billion people in this world and say around half are guys. That means there's roughly 4 billion guys that are wanting to get down and dirty with them. But not all guys are like this. Just because one guy, or in this case thousands, ruin it for us good guys doesn't mean we should be shunned for it as well. Personally I love being in a relationship and I'm very loyal. But when im not in one and I want to just have some flings, I still want to get to know that girl and want to be on a level above just fun.

    • This was very touching and had you commented earlier I would most likely have given you MHO, keep up the awesome opinions dude :)

  • bamesjond0069

    Oh, girls only want one thing from guys, they only want sex and it's F*cking disgusting

  • NicoD

    Don't get me wrong sex is still a beautiful thing when shared by the right 2 people but seeing you genuinely happy and smiling just because beats out an orgasm 3 outta ,5 times.

  • Browneye57

    TLDR... but yeah, they've been brainwashed by the feminine imperative.
    And while sex isn't everything, it sure is far ahead of what's in second place. Same for money.

    A woman isn't much use to man if she doesn't want him sexually. Simple reality.

  • Screenwriter

    Very young men, teens, early twenties, often have sex on their minds... As they reach their mid and late 20s, they ease off the accelerator and start balancing sex and emotional connections. It takes some time and maturity. The hormone dump of puberty is at fault and it includes some women too, but probably far fewer than guys. Testosterone is the sex drive drug!
    But ultimately, humans seek love and support from friends, family and partners. There are a minority of men and women who never settle down or want a longterm partner for awhile. But even if they don't stay permanently with one person, they will stay for many years with one person. Humans seem to be serial monogamists. Do the best you can to find a mate who matches you.

  • confidently

    Hey I don't just want sex, but it would be nice (just joking) , but a faithful partner...

    • But as proven, we don't just want that primarily, we want other things and depending on our personalities, we prioritise them differently.

  • Jltakk

    I'd be fine with a relationship. Just someone to say "I love you" and they say it back is enough.

  • Badballie

    STOP ALL THIS BS MEN JUST WANT SEX, Love is a secondary thing. That is how it is, if you had no libo would you get married? NO !!! Men not lusting after women = no marriage. No children WOW peace and quiet, lot more money for YOURSELF.

  • ashley1996

    I feel this way because thats what i run into. I've dated guys from different cities, different types ( heavy, skinny, sporty, country boy, emotional) all the same, or they cheated on me. I even went for a guy a tad older, same thing. They initiate sex and leave if they dont get it and if they do they stay for a month or two. My point is, i understand why it bothers you, but its just our pain from the guys that have done us wrong. Its a defense mechanism to try and prepare ourselves if we've been hurt a lot by guys like this.. some of us just lose hope.

    • I get it. We lose hope with women too.

    • ashley1996

      Sadly it seems very easy after finding the same type of problem.

  • Alfie_Solomons

    Both girls and guys just want sex. No need to complain bro.

    • Except neither of them just want sex, they want other things too, did you not read the post at all?

    • Girls just want sex.

  • aialex

    We don't get angry if you said "girls only want sex".

    We get angry if you said "girls only want money".

    Not wrong, tho.

    • aialex

      I wrote this with the sole purpose to get downvote 😊

  • Harmseygrace

    This sounds like my boyfriend https://www.girlsaskguys.com/img/4060757

  • Ellie-V

    No matter what gender you are, I personally believe that if you cannot have a romantic relationship without sex, then that’s the main thing you do want.

  • OddBeMe

    You’re an idiot. Both genders want sex no matter who they’re attracted to. Thats why guys drive sports cars, women get their nails and boobs done, etc. Lgbt are exactly the same.

  • My step-mom told me this about my boyfriend when she hasn't even met him yet and it really pissed me off. I have more of a libido than he does, and were both just sappy romantics who care more about emotion than sex.

  • habib29

    Before everything, girls are human beings. I think this is the answer to this question.

    • Except this isn't a question, it's a mytake.
      And such an answer is not descriptive enough to be a answer to a question either

    • habib29

      You wrote something on an app called "girls-ask-guys", and that means it would be a question even though there is no question mark.
      About my answer, I still think it is so, and maybe it not descriptive enough but that doesn't mean it's not an answer.

  • ginnaly

    The theory sometimes justifies itself when a woman trusts a man to the point that she allows him inside her temple (body) and he never speaks to her again

  • JSmuve

    Someone needs to ask the broad in the first tweet if the fact that guys "literally only want one thing" is disgusting or that the one thing that guys apparently only want is disgusting. There's a certain ambiguity around the word "it" that makes this tweet a tad confusing. I'm inferring she means the first one because otherwise she's calling sex disgusting, assuming sex is the thing she's referring to that all guys apparently only want, which might say something about why guys don't stick around her for very long. *shrugs*

  • Moonchild714

    Both Genders Generalize aboutvtge opposite Gender way too much especially here on GaG. Guys on here over Generalize about Women saying we only want Money ehen some a Minority that's a Fact but tge Majority of Women it is Not Factual and Women get Angry about that Generalized Statement. Also, I've seen on GaG guys saying Women are more Promiscuous than Men first time I ever heard that ever in my whole life... Anyhow Women Generalize Guys only want Sex, Hot Women, and Young Women. Guys Generalize Women only want Rich Men, Bad Boys, & Trap Guys... Not Factual Statements with Either Gender. There are Minorities that think and act in these manners but we don't all do this. Just this morning I commented on a different post saying Another Generalized Statement...

  • Katerina_Belle

    You haven’t really addressed anything except taking it out of context.

  • MannySimms

    I'm sorry that you subscribe to the Victorian idea that sex is something for women to award "deserving " men with. I guess everybody knows that women don't really enjoy sex and consider it a burden.

    Enough bullshit and some truth:
    Women have full body orgasms and enjoy sex more than men. Using sex as a reward is a tool to get you to take them shopping. Men are swine; complain in church if you must. We all don't want just one thing, but getting laid is grouped with blowjobs and handjobs near the top,

  • IIGrifterSixII

    So the OP uses exceptions to make arguments. Let me be the AHOLE and keep it 100
    MOST men and most women can attest do want sex and will leave or cheat if they dont get it in a timely matter that varies from guy to guy. Generally speaking we all want it. It is a dealbreaker not to get it. The fallacy comes in when its listed as THE ONLY THING we want. Thats just not true. We want a friend, companion, accomplice... etc We are fully developed people and have the same type of complex desires as women but focused from a male centric world view which should be expected as we are men.

    • Side note: Why women find our desire for sex disgusting Im not sure since they're fighting for Wah! men empowerment and the right to ride the carousel till their 30's without judgment I guess trying to apply logic and accountability to a wah! man is like trying to slip pants on a fish

  • I agree with you... People in general have such prejudices and yet we should only be more open minded considering the variety there is...

  • Hannajenky

    If you only want a relationship and not sex you can have that with anyone.

  • Flotri66

    This sounds like it was written by a "nice guy" lol

    • A millennial trying to use trendy phrases but failing miserably

    • Flotri66

      @Syrian_survivor the "nice guy" phrase has been used ever since I've been using the internet. It's not trendy. It's been used so often by sexually frustrated guys that they inadvertently created the title people use to describe them. If anyone has failed here it has to be any guy dumb enough to vent on some website about girls because he can't get a girl to like him.

    • Who said this guy is complaining that girls don't like him?

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  • crazy8000

    Those females that say that are only trying to cover up something about themselves.