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Ladies: It's OUR Fault That Men Are Still Asking If Size Matters!

Ladies: It's OUR Fault That Men Are Still Asking If Size Matters!

Well, partly to blame but in very LARGE part.

This is one thing that gets me when I hear about people breaking up. Ladies lie about their men's size and men call their woman a bitch.

I'm not saying this is ALWAYS the case but it happens often. Sometimes there are actual mutual breakups and both parties maintain respect.

So, does size matter? Of course it does-- we all have preferences. But a man's size usually becomes inadequate to woman once he's her EX.

And ladies-- for the most part-- did you hear her complain about his size while they were together....Nope...

But for some reason, this is the ONE area where women seem to lie because they think they can do the most damage to his ego.

So ladies, if you're tired of seeing questiond about whether size matters... here's a likely reason why--- Stop telling people he has a small package!

Just a thought...

But the men have some work to do too...
We all do have work to do.

Ladies: It's OUR Fault That Men Are Still Asking If Size Matters!
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  • Izumiblu

    I can’t say I’ve ever complained about or made fun of my exes dick size. Never occurred to me tbh. Not that I’ve had many exes

    But I gotta say , like there was a question you posted the other day that I answered and some random guy came on my answer and started asking me about dick size. It took all of the restraint I could muster to not drop a penis size insult on him because it just pisses me off to be constantly pestered by these guys. Every damn day. Penis size messages in my inbox. Penis size question and my takes. Invites to penis size questions. I honestly think that gag should just put up a penis size page with a list of all penis size questions asked and answered and then remove every penis size question that gets asked. It’s annoying.

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    • That might actually work! Haha

    • Izumiblu

      Also sorry about that thread. I got a little aggravated and let my evil side out

    • No worries! It happens

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  • Screenwriter

    Human males have the largest penises per body size of any mammal. A tiny percentage have micro penises. Another tiny percentage have gigantor dicks. Most men have decent sized penises. The real point is penises usually don't give women orgasms ANYWAY! So what is the big deal about what size they are. Women are equally worried about breast size. Though I haven't heard anything about loose vaginas. Use your assets to best of your ability and few will be dissatisfied. If they are, there's nothing you can do about it.

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    • Thanks for your response!

      The mammal thing... I live out in the country and have you seen a horse's member? That's scary. So I'm not sure if that's an accurate fact.

      The whole point is that everyone gets bitter after a breakup and this is the one thing I always hear women harp about.

      Some women do respond more to penetration though, such as myself.

    • A horse weighs 1500 pounds... I'm telling you, we have the biggest... per our size... men weigh 175-90 lbs... no comparison... I'd say size wasn't the issue, but expertise... wasn't skilled as a lover... far more damning, in my opinion...

    • Ok, fair point about the horses... lol

Most Helpful Guys

  • GuidoThePizzaMaker

    If a man's sense of masculinity is dependent on the size of his penis, then yes, he needs a lot of work to do. As far as women insulting men about it, I think women understand this is a common insecurity that men and a cheap way of hurting his ego after he hurt them somehow during the break up.

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  • Anonymous

    If women stopped using penis size as a means of attack to shame men, then it wouldn't be an issue with us.
    Just like if jilted men didn't attack a females insecurities, women wouldn't have issues with their tits, ass, vagina, etc.

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    • highjinx

      its all they''ve got on us.

    • I wouldn't say it's all we have... it's just a lame thing to say.

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  • yucychan

    What a bizzare mytake.
    All of my female friends, peers, relatives, colleagues etc including me who have been through break-ups/divorces, never once have I heard anyone complaining about their partners' sizes, or saying that their partners' sizes are small.
    They do complain about other things though etc, like how he's a womanizer, cheater, bad habits, abuser, being aloof, you get the picture.

    • That's great! Sounds like you have some very mature friends.

  • Right on, Sydney! I adore you. You go, girl. You get these kids in line. I've been fighting this fight for the past week or two and I'm tired of writing about it now. Totally agree with your thesis. Enough is enough, right?

    • Ughh sorry you've been fighting it! Enough is enough! 😊😊

  • RolandCuthbert

    Hilarious! My ex wife told me about the guy she was dating who was supposedly huge.

    I took another sip of my tea.

    Ladies: It's OUR Fault That Men Are Still Asking If Size Matters!

    • I am sorry. If I were a woman, I would have the dudes in this forum tied up in knots.

      It so funny how thin-skinned and low on self-esteem so many males are here.

    • Dude if you knew how weak you come across you'd run full sprint to a testosterone evaluation

    • @ronaldo75 Son, you are weakness defined. You want pity. You want someone to feel sorry for you.

      So here. . .

      I do pity you. I do feel sorry for you.

      there. . . there. . .

      there. . . there. . .


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  • constant_freeflow

    I had my ex tell me that she was making fun of her ex husband penis for being small when she was married for over 5 years and have a child together. Now that she is my ex god knows what she says about me and I am not not even remotely small or average. Depends on which study you go with I am basically above average to huge but regardless this is definitely a thing that men can only ever slightly control actually and that is with dieting , not smoking, and just being somewhat active. Of course this is not to say they will go from small to large but you maybe surprised to find that it’s not just that it looks bigger bc if the pubic fat being melted away or toned but also the body flow and hormones being produced and nervous system feedback being elevated by proper nutrition and strong vessels and a stronger load of sensory feed which again the brain is a sex organ whether it’s entirely made for sex I doupt it but it obviously plays a bigger role on mental stimulation than ever given credit for. My point is if a partner doesn’t complain about your dick size after a break up she will complain or compare you to her current crushes in a negative light example “he always likes watching that stupid show” or “he is such an asshole for not letting have *fill in the blank*” . An ex is an ex and unfortunately not everyone can remain in good terms with them and not demoralize them or and vice versa if your partner deserved to be dump they will talk about you and any flaw you might have.

    Again I know this about “the size issue” but if size really isn’t the issue and neither is sex as vaginal natural lubricant can’t be faked and neither can red flushed face and shaking or shiver or automatic joints locking during orgasms then I guarantee other low blows will be targeted. ”His breath stinks” “I never liked his family “ “he only attracts whores” “he keeps not letting have my way” It’s all animosity until they realize what they lost. Some never do realize and just settle for less as well less to them is enough.

  • AndrewMG

    Oh I didn't have this problem after a break up at all... all my ex's were disappointed well before we separated, so they'd spread the story before the break up lol (@selfdeprecation lol)

  • Lady_Frost

    Ladies: It's OUR Fault That Men Are Still Asking If Size Matters!
    This again?

    Of all the things that could matter in a person, the focus being on the genitals is primitive to say the least. The equivalent of this would be women asking "what does it mean" questions. And who's to blame for that? Men?

    The victim complex and the blame game is a very popular choice for losers. I rather not be one.

    Why don't people get on with their lives (and their genitals) and do something better instead of asking extremely primitive questions 24/7.

  • Juxtapose

    The global average is around 5.2 and I see guys who are 7 inches and worry lol.

    If a woman doesn't like your dick, then tell her that her vagina isn't tight enough and her boobs are small and saggy :)

    • I'm mostly talking in the context of a relationship. It does matter but if you're in love with someone, it's low on the totem of importance.

    • @Juxtapose how big is yours

    • Juxtapose

      @SydneySentinel It does matter of course, I just see a lot of guys who are traumatized by the whole ordeal and I think too much pressure is put over something they can't control.

      @Wowgirl30q Omfg aren't you curious? xD

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  • FunkyMonkee

    I don't know about that, it's probably more to do with guys in high school locker rooms claiming that the bigger your dick, the more manly you are and the better you're gonna be at fucking a girl and making her want more... which is TOTAL bullshit!! Girls are almost uniformly 4" deep so, a much longer dick than that can actually be painful and probably won't even get all the way into her, anyway so, there's a few inches of dick that are going completely to waste and don't really matter.

    • I've literally never had a conversation about "ideal dick sizes" with other guys. Girls on the other hand will give detailed breakdown of their "perfect cock" lol

  • Bluemax

    I might be the only male in North America who has never actually measured his dick. The closest I've come is kinda comparing myself to others.

    What possible benefit is there to actually measuring it? I cannot possibly alter its size one way or the other.

  • If a guy got a skinny squirrelly little dick what are we supposed to do with that? And it really is our responsibility as sister to sister to warn other unsuspecting women about the shortfall and disappointment...

  • AuroraRoseat

    It’s effective because that is what hurts them. But if they don’t care... that tactic becomes useless.

    I don’t understand why many care when they can’t change it and why they would listen to an ex who is likely to hurt them purposely?

  • LeafLover

    Size definitely DOES matter... But if a guy asked me, I'd most likely tell him it doesn't matter unless he was a complete stranger. I've never complained about the size of a man's penis to him... because... how can you? You just pretend it's the best so you don't hurt his feelings.

  • NicoD

    I don't worry about that because I've never had a complaint about my size and the way I'm built gives me an edge cause I have a long thick shaft with a curve that allows me to hit most spots just long or thickers guys can't get to and that makes a difference in my experiences.

  • Browneye57

    Uh, no, it has nothing to do with women. The guys that are whining about size are the ones that spend way too much time jerking off to porn - they simply don't cast normal size dicks cuz that's not what sells vids.
    Anybody with a modicum of sexual prowess or experience knows big-o's don't come from dicks in the first place. And the vagina is amazingly elastic, able to expand and contract to fit a wide range. It scares us that you can nearly pass a bowling ball. ;)

  • highjinx

    they need an app for ugly dudes with small pee pees , all the ugly girls can go there and they will both love it.

  • A lot of Girls think size matters which it's all in their heads , the problem with it. is. social media and brain washing people. to believe that size matters , Now to a. certain extent it does , if the guy is smaller then 2 inches i can see that being a problem but 5 or up should be No issues , so when i hear about a girl bitching about a guys dick size i just laugh and say stop watching porn

  • THANK YOU. LIke women say "size doesn't matter" but the second you want to destroy a guy the first think you say is he has a little penis. Not to be gross but I'm a 'larger' guy and I"m always shocked to see how much women love it considering how much they say it doesn't matter.

    • highjinx

      like am i supposed to buy that story?

    • @highjinx The fuck do I care if a 41 year old male believes I have a big dick or not?

    • highjinx

      you must want everyone to no that you think its big lol

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  • bamesjond0069

    Well coming in at a thick 7" I've gotten tons of compliments and most of my exs have come back for more sex. So i think i have what most girls like. Once a girl said i was small and id slept with another girl who was there and she said "you must have a super loose vagina because he filled me up completely" it was pretty funny.

    • highjinx

      how do we no you not making that shit up , im ''12 and bicthes are falling on my cock faster than i can get them off of it. wink wink nod nod.

    • @highjinx well i dont have anything else to say. I don't know what its like to have a 4 inch dick or a 12 inch one. Take it or leave it. 7 inches isn't remarkably big, ever seen porn?

    • highjinx

      ever hear of spike hammer? how you doin?

  • Dolemite510

    As long as it’s not small I don’t think most girls are too picky. Most would want an above average one if they could choose but an average will do fine too. I think guys are just given the wrong idea about size based on that very small percent of girls that are freaks of nature and can genuinely hang with huge ones 😂

  • genericname85

    insecurity is a personal issue. women are not at fault for men being insecure about their dicks. you need to learn that not all peoples opinions matter. so if someone doesn't like your genitals, that doesn't mean they are objectively bad.

    • Boppy

      The issue with dick size is it's easily measurable.
      That makes it feel like an objective standard, same for height.


    The perfect size for the majority of women is 7 1/2 to 7 and 3/4 inches by 6 to 6 and a half inches around the shaft with a "head" 1/4 inch larger (around) WITH a bend up at the last 1 to 1 and a half of the penises entire length that slightly resembles a g-spot dildo.

  • SkipStop

    You mean there is at least something in this world that is not a man's fault? Oh thank you. We finally have at least one thing on the list.

  • Philyouup

    Wow , well said. A rather interesting point of view. Unique actually. Kudos to you!!!

  • GoodGuyBreakingBad

    Thanks for sharing your MyTake with us , I think it's crazy for couples to
    worry about a Man's size and also i think Men need to grow up and not
    worry about their size.

  • ElijahTheMan

    Shorter hits the g spot better. Longer hits the cervix better but that won't matter if she hasn't already climaxed. What to do? Use your imagination and I'm sure you can work it out with your partner no matter what his size (though a woman told me once her husband was almost too big so not sure what a guy with that problem should do).

    • highjinx

      have a penis reduction i had 4 inches removed it was to big.

  • Lol I agree with you. I like you you took all the burden and put it on your own gender ;). But seriously I do agree. And it's us men's faults when women ask if size matters.

  • smølf

    Size matters in fact most thinks matters and size is no exception. It is however far from the only thing that matters and since no man can change his size then focus should be elsewhere.

  • I never had an ex or anything sexual but I still think my penis is small. I faced lots of rejection, ghosting, and been laughed at. My pp is not average or micro.

  • Games_

    It does matter, any girl who says this must be lying. Some girls dont want it too big because it hurts, but a small dick is not sexually attractive

  • Huh it's not like men go around saying their ex had issues or something was wrong with them? 🤷

  • Denniszen

    A wise man once said "if a woman can bring herself to pleasure with her finger, as long as you dont date girls with big hands you should be okay".

  • itshandyandy

    So being hung like a hamster is now not acceptable to you lady's other than being like are fighter with a hose to match is

  • I think it's cuz guys see so many girls who say it does that throws a guy off besides most guys asume bigger is better


    Yeah!!! Woohoo!! You are right!!! Take it home sister!!! Rivht on!!! 😜😎 how was that?😀

  • Honestly, a shorter d***ck hits the g-spot better. The best feeling sex I ever had was with someone who had a below-average sized penis. He hit my g-spot with every stroke and all I could do is scream. But it has to be just the right kind of short. Otherwise it sucks. Big d***cks feel amazing because they fill you up and hit every wall. The problem is most guys with big d***cks think that's enough and suck in bed overall - or - they come prematurely since if you have a tight vagina like me, that is a big d***ck's worst enemy... the grip is going to make them cum too fast every single time and rarely will you ever get to be satisfied. Therefore, I prefer small d**cks but I don't discriminate lol.

  • Also a lot of women ask for it during sexting or flirting. it may also be a factor.

    • highjinx

      those are not women they are girls grown women don't act like that.

  • motownplayer2000

    Yeah, I dont put a lot of stock in my size. That's irrelevant if I'm there to please my lady. If she says it's good for her, I trust that she is telling me the truth. The fact is, size matters like 20%, the other 80% is mental stimulation and buildup. Just like they say, if a man has a problem with cumming too quickly, then foreplay is the couples best friend. Or if the woman isn't having orgasms before or when she is with her partner, communication is key. It holds true like you said, both sides have a lot of work to do when it comes to fulfilling the sexual needs of each other. And we have to stop being shallow, or blaming the other sex for what we feel.

    Ladies again, if your not feeling like your having the greatest sex, TALK!! WE can magically fix that issue for you, we can only help facilitate pleasure for you, you are the only one that can find the pleasure to get you over the edge. And guys is the same way!

  • grega239

    I seem to have the opposite problem. Several women said I'm too big and it hurts if I go all in... so much for bigger is better...

  • It matters

    • Of course it matters!! I just think if this didn't happen, men wouldn't ask this question soooo exhaustively.

  • Cocacolaaddict

    No amount of work will make your penis grow bigger #facts

    • lmaoo don't hit them with the facts though 😂😂😂

  • FeministDestroyer

    Pretty straightforward solution, women shouldn't do that because it just makes them look stupid realistically... and also a bully. no one likes a bully ladies. bullying is pathetic

  • be_tooysie

    the problem is that most guys witrh a big penis act like one!

  • scooogy

    If the size isn't enough, have fun getting off on your own ;)

  • justwannawatch

    How's this for size?

  • charlie_all_night

    Sad... I'd get the x there 3-16-20 times any piticular time am very often not even get there... I don't have sex to please me an endless hours a non stop 10.5 hrs been longest at single exp an a 17.5 with a 45-hr 15 min break due to company an taking swing by store between this 1 particular exp... Was like average 3 3.5 hrs each exp n usually I'm left not climaxed.. Split almost a month she's f n several men I believe an still begs me. F u hoe I'm save it for some1 special n keep from risk of any problems all together

  • Saadu

    size doesn't matters when the techniques n skilled r fine

  • GD360

    Lol the funniest mytake ever

  • Dongtai

    I’m pretty content with my package 😎

  • modeve

    Psychological problem of men.

  • Nahid1707

    It’s a stereotype