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Stop donating sperm

Stop donating sperm

I think men should stop donating their sperm for a couple of reasons.

1. You should be getting paid for it.

right now sperm banks would "reimburse" men for the sperm they donate, meaning they would give them a couple of bucks when those sperm banks can get up to more than a 1000 dollars for a vial of the sperm you basically give away for free. look at this list of prices

Stop donating sperm

check out this list of prices

I don't get it why women can get rich using their bodies whether they model or even work as call girls and prostitutes but men are supposed to let their bodies be used for free. I mean it's those men's fault they don't get paid more, because they're willing to donate it for free. but there's a really disgusting reason why men allow the society to use them for free. It's the same reason why men have died in wars throughout the history protecting people who don't give two shits about them. Men like being called heroes. they like the idea of helping and protecting others especially poor single women who want babies. just look what this Australian websites is telling men in order to cajole them into donating.

Stop donating sperm

2. If someone finds the idea of having sex with you disgusting then they're not entitled to your sperm.

I don't mean women should have intercourse with their sperm donors but if you don't like a guy or guys in general then how can you like the sperm that belongs to them. Besides, some people are better left childless. i know that's harsh but we have enough feminists in the world. You don't need to help them reproduce using your seeds.

3. You're not allowed in the kid's life.

You won't be regarded as the kid's father even if he/she is being raised by a single mother. I think the fact that you're the biological father of that child makes you responsible for their life and just because you have no legal rights here doesn't mean you're not morally responsible to care for your child.

Finally this is my message to men: We all have assets that make us valuable to the opposite gender and whether you like it or not one of the reasons women start relationships with you is the thought of one day having kids and starting a family. One of the biggest assets of a woman is that we like having sex with them and can you see how carefully they protect that asset? When was the last time a woman told you " Hey i don't like you and don't want to be with you but i'll have sex with you for free. I don't care about giving it away for free." That should teach us how to protect our own assets and all i'm saying is if men are going to donate sperm and let their bodies be used by others they should charge them for it as much as they can just like women do.

Stop donating sperm
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  • Passinggas

    Shit I wouldn't for any amount. I don't want some man-hater feminist raising one of mine... f that.

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  • Shamalien

    You know what he's right though, men are devaluing themselves like prostitutes by doing that

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  • "men are supposed to let their bodies be used for free" It's literally a matter of orgasming into a cup. It's nothing like any of the jobs you listed. Those jobs require effort.

    • adidas0169

      So men are suppose to be used for free. i dont know where your thinking comes from but nothing in this world is free.

    • @adidas0169 Men aren't being used for free. Men get paid $70 for orgasming into a cup.

    • adidas0169

      Usually it takes up to a yr to get any sort of money for your 1st deposit. but your words were " men are suppose to let their bodies be used for free".

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  • BrittBratt2416

    1. Okay I see were you coming from, but like you said- men are doing this free. I mean, it is a choice for most men to give their sperm if they want to. You gotta think about in business terms, If a business is getting something for free then their really not going to pay at all or not as much. Sperm is important, however it's not in high demand like eggs are because men produce sperm forever. Meaning if you lose one doner, their not going to look at as a loss cause theirs thousand ( I don't know im just guessing, I don't know how many men are donating yearly or daily) who are still donating. Also most women aren't really going to these places to get sperm cause we can get this for free from the men we're in relationships with if we both decide to start a family.

    2. You have a fair point here, It's not impossible to find a mate wants a family. But for the lesbians then this is their only option.

    3. Sorry to tell you but most men who are giving away their sperm for free usually don't care were or who it's going to. Most of the men actually don't want any involvement with the child cause they see it business transaction, to get a little bit of money in return or doing it out of hospitality to help those are infertile or just want a child without the help of a partner. Trust and believe, most men who want to be involved in their kids life would donate to women who are strangers to them but instead start a family with a woman of their choice.

    Im meh about donating sperm and eggs, I know it's not for me personally cause that's my dna and I want my dna and my fiancee's dna to belong to each other. I do think it kinda defeats the purpose of a man and woman coming together to create offspring. Also my mom told me how this girl ended up in relationship with guy she didn't know who was her brother cause they didn't grow up together, that is also a possibility of something like that happening if you have all these kids you don't know about and they don't know about each other either. It probably a slim but it can happen.

    • wouldn't donate. Sorry.

    • thank you for not calling me a misogynist after reading mytake. what you said about eggs being in high demand and sperm being always available is technically true. although when i checked a few sperm bank's websites i was surprised that they were asking men to donate almost in a desperate manner which is a good thing i guess. it means there are not a lot of men donating. and they have policies regarding the number of times each man can donate every year. before i did some reading i thought men could walk in whenever they wanted and donate. your point about the possibility of biological family members dating is really interesting. i did not think about that but if we keep going down this road that might happen more in the future which is scary

    • MaxPlum

      Sorry to pick at one point, but how can you call it a business transaction if they aren't getting reimbursed for the product/service they provide

  • megaman242

    Your a bit nuts. It's not just singel woman who get sperm from a sperm bank. Some of the sperm is not even used to impregnat a woman, some is used in research. And there are plenty woman out there that are not interested in having kids EVER and they still have relationship and love and sex. So it just sounds to me your a bit angry at woman.

    • oh wow you caught me. if you read mytake again you'll notice i did not say you should not donate sperm. i said women are doing the right thing by getting paid for their bodies which is what men should also be doing. i knew someone was going to think i hate women and...

    • adidas0169

      No im not angry at women if i was angry at them i wouldn't be married and so you know she can't have kids anyways

    • megaman242

      Do you have two accounts?

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  • Shark_61695

    1. It's not the sperm bank's fault they don't give you much money... capitalism, supply and demand, research and processing costs drive the prices. If they paid men $1000 a time, did testing, processing and covered overheads, they would have to charge up to $2000, probably more to get a higher % profit.

    2. If no one bought your sperm, who would pay you for it? A lesbian couple who wanted a baby would pay a company $1000 for your sperm or not have a child. How would you make your money from your sperm without the additional demand created? Low demand would reduce the money you receive and increase the cost to the women.

    3. I'm sure there is at least one company which allows the donor to be part of the family. This is up to the donors and recipients before donation/insemination. If you donate and change your mind later, this is your problem. Don't donate if you want to be part of any possible child created from your sperm.

    If a one night stand led to a child and the woman didn't tell you, would you care so much? Would you demand and expect to receive $1000 for the act? Or would you expect demands for child support? If you paid for a prostitute and they became pregnant would that be different?

    My personal opinion if I were to donate sperm would be a preference to be known as the biological father but no further obligations than that... more a godfather figure than a dad. I wouldn't demand money from donating but would accept any offered.

  • coolbreeze

    You are right because women make $8,000-$10,000 donating eggs. Why can't men make that much for donating sperm.

    • milassy

      Ever heard of supply and demand? That ought to be it

    • @milassy if that were the case men would get paid even more than women. because there's a very high demand for sperm donation. all the websites that i visited were begging men to donate but none were desperate for egg donation

    • Women are paid that much money in order to encourage women to do it, because the women have to submit to a PAINFUL INVASIVE SURGERY. All a man needs to do to donate sperm is to orgasm into a cup, something he would probably do anyway.

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  • Boromir

    You know that there are help groups for incels? It’s not good to keep walking around with those ideas, don’t hesitate and seek help before it’s too late...

    • you're probably one of those men whose balls are squeezed in some woman's fist all the time. of course you don't understand what i'm talking about

    • Boromir

      You’re wrong on so many levels. I fully understand your issue and problem. Your issue is that you’re an Incel. That’s today considered a mental pathology you can get treatment for. It’s anti social behaviour.

      No lady squeezed my balls in any form I did not agree on. I did however already used their content many times for a good cause :-)

    • good for you. i'm using my "content" as i'm reading your boring comment. i have to somehow keep myself interested

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  • SkipStop

    Agreed. But imagine how many guys would be jerking off 5x a day to collect that money. The business might go bankrupt.

  • Mahx2

    Man WTF?
    Donating sperm isn't work, it only provides infertile couples the family they deserve.
    « Single mothers [...] » : nope ! In most countries it's forbidden.
    The conditions are extremely strict.

  • adidas0169

    I enjoy pumping my wife full of cum when i do get laid. generally speaking you need a college degree to donate and you dont get paid right it can tak up to a yr for your 1st time donating

    • milassy

      Wait, you need a college degree to donate sperm? Wtf

    • adidas0169

      Basic Requirements for CCB Donors

      Age 19-38**

      Height of 5'8" or taller.

      Currently attending or have graduated from a 2-year or 4-year college.


      Legally allowed to work in the U. S.

    • milassy

      Okay. Thanks.

  • bolverk

    I would not donate sperm anyway even though I donate blood regularly (65 pints so far),

  • 1. afaik you do get paid for donation
    2. nobody is considered ugly since you would get paid for it
    3. you wouldn't really want to be involved in any of that kids' lives.

  • HeavenSentInstrument

    Better to donate sperm than busting nuts every other day and having them not produce anything at all.

  • itsmearjun007

    I could be a billionare of i started donating it since i masturbated

  • JesseJayNeak

    There's no use in doing it. They could sue your for child support

    • i don't think they can. you donate to the sperm bank not the woman herself

    • They still can. I know that

  • Izumiblu

    I’m sold. I’ll quit donating sperm immediately.

    • no not you. you're free to cum inside any woman you want

  • lightbulb27

    I agree, would not do it!

  • Madeziner

    Its just a choice.

  • Gertz

    I agree with most of your points.

  • 0oGreyo0

    I really need that 100 dollars tho lol.

  • Anonymous

    The reason for the cost difference is justified.

    Due to quantity differences and procedures and hormones required for women to donate eggs. And I may not be fully right but I believe it's several they donate for the cost.

  • Anonymous

    Donating sperm is social cause