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What it feels like to have small breasts for me!

What it feels like to have small breasts for me!

1. The majority of men prefer bigger ones.

Sure, there are some men who prefer smaller ones, but they are in the minority and the chances that I would find such a man and then like him back are very low. "But hey, just because they prefer other type of breasts than yours doesn't mean it's a dealbreaker". Well, yeah, but it still feels awful to know that they don't like the most sensitive part of me and are paying less attention to it than they would if they were different.

2. Consolations told to women with small breasts aren't consolations at all.

"You can make up for them with a pretty face/ nice butt, etc." - so my boobs are something that needs to be maked up for? Thanks, I feel better already.

"If he will love you, he will accept every part of you" - how nobly of him. Let's get one thing straight - women want men to find their boobs attractive, and to caress them because he wants to do it. Not "accept" them like some burden and caress them because he thinks you want it.

3. I get very envy of women with bigger, perky breasts.

Jealousy is something that eats you from the inside and leaves you bitter. It's never a positive feeling and I would rather to never feel it, but that's the thing about jealousy - you can't help it.

4. Surgery is not worth it.

Even if I ever had the money to afford breasts augmentation - there is no point. Surgery wouldn't make them closer to each other and I would lose the sensivity. So even if men would pay attention to them after the surgery - I wouldn't feel much anyway.

What it feels like to have small breasts for me!
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  • MrOracle

    "The proportion of men who like small breasts is a lot higher than what you seem to imply. It's a minority, but it's a BIG minority. So the odds of finding such a man, especially given such men are MORE likely to approach you is actually fairly good."

    This right here. Read this a second time, and then a third.

    I've known girls with big (and very nicely shaped) boobs that have complained that guys ignore them in bed, which I used to not believe until I'd heard it often enough. The fact is that a lot of guys like something else: asses, legs, feet, armpits (!), or whatever, and they don't give much attention to girls' boobs no matter what they look like. Yes, that sounds crazy to me too, but it's true.

    So don't just automatically think that guys are ignoring your boobs because of their size - some just ignore boobs period.

    Then there are guys like me who love boobs - big, medium, or small - and are happy to give them attention. If that's important to you, then that needs to go on your list of "must-haves."

    Oh, and thank you for not getting implants. My biggest deal-breaker is fake boobs.

    Is this still revelant?
    • I've noticed that men who prefer smaller breasts are usually older, 35/40+ while I'm interested in guys 19-30

    • MrOracle

      While younger guys (high school, mostly) tend to want bigger boobs (to an immature mind, more/bigger/faster/louder is always better), that starts to fade once you hit college age, so if you're dating guys in their mid-20s or later, it really shouldn't be an issue. Sure, some will still want big boobs, but most don't really care one way or the other, as long as they like you as a person.

    • @Inneedofusername If you're basing your conclusions on this website, that's because from the polls I've seen, the men on this website generally skew older in general (whereas the women on this site are usually in their teens or twenties).
      When I was in high school, I overheard some guys talk about how they prefer smaller tits. One said that it was because big tits remind him of his mom.

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  • Well the bra size of the average pornstar is a B, smaller than average. www.yahoo.com/.../...ruth-sex-stars-122610225.html

    Besides that, the guys on here such as @MrOracle and @0112358 have made good points. (I think @OlderAndWiser made have some good insights to add, too; he's done some good polls on the topic, finding that roughly 1/3 of men prefer small breasts, 1/3 prefer big, and 1/3 have no preference, if I recall correctly.)

    But I have to add: "Surgery wouldn't make them closer to each other" What? I'm NOT saying to get surgery, but... you want your boobs to be closer to each other? The idea that women's breasts are "close to each other" is a myth created by pushup bras. Look up images of women wearing "plunging necklines", without bras, and you'll see that most women have a space between their breasts.

    • betaTester

      This website is the only place where I hear about men preferring small boobs 😂😂😂, and most older men on here are more desperate than the average male, despite keeping up appearance most of the time (occasionally it slips)

      The data for pornstars includes people who do porn for a few months, (which is a large portion of them actually) and the comparison is basically like this, you select the underweight, drug abusing women who do porn for a few months, then compare their average boob size to the boob size of the average chubby/fat/obese women from the US. It doesn't really say anything meaningful.

      FYI I am one of those guys who don't care much about boobs, so I can't quite remember the boobs of the last porn actress I watched but I don't think they are small, but big boobs is always a plus, just that other characteristics are more important

    • Trust me, by breasts are more far apart than average ones. I've never seen a pair that much spread apart on chest

    • @betaTester I've overheard guys talking in real life about how they like smaller boobs. I've also seen people talk about certain celebrities' "tiny titties" in a positive way.

      "most older men on here are more desperate than the average male" Yeah, I'm sure the men's desperation is the reason they're ANONYMOUSLY voting that they don't care about boob size. Meanwhile they have no problem voting that they're anti-feminist & stuff like that.

      Anyway, according to a study that examined 340,000 women from over 100 countries, nearly half of countries had an average breast size of A-cup or smaller. Almost all countries have an average breast size of B-cup or smaller. (& The average BMIs are all in the healthy range, so no it doesn't have to do with them being underweight/malnourished.)
      The average breast size in the world is 327ml, which is slightly larger than a 34A (310ml). What it feels like to have small breasts for me!

      If small boobs were so unattractive, then they wouldn't be the norm in most countries except for western countries in which most people are overweight.

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  • OlderAndWiser

    Our culture teaches young women that they need to have big boobs to be attractive to men, and it teaches young men that they should be attracted to big boobs. So you hear shallow guys talking to each other about, "Man, did you see that chick with the watermelons on her chest?" That is how guys get acceptance from other guys for their sexuality. Young guys don't brag about being attracted to small boobs because it's not popular and might even get them branded as a pedophile: "So, you want a girl who looks like she's 14 years old? What kind of a pervert are you?"

    When guys get older, get more confident of themselves, and have less of a need for validation, then they feel more confident in expressing an appreciation for smaller boobs. But it's still not something that gets discussed as frequently as big boobs. So listening to what you hear guys talking about will give you a misleading impression of guys' preferences for boob size.

    Read penis size surveys and if the survey asks a guy to report the size of his erect penis, the answers will be bigger than if you actually have their penises measured by someone else. There is simply a strong bias in reporting that kind of information. The same goes for breast size polls.

    I periodically post a poll asking guys on this site what their preference is for boob size. I have posted such a poll at least three times in the past 4 years and the results are rather consistent. About 25% prefer large boobs (36D or larger,) about 50% either like medium breasts (34C-36C) or have no preference, and about 25% prefer smaller boobs (34B or smaller.) And even among those surveys that do not allow anonymous reporting, the results consistent;y state that breast shape is more important than size for many guys. Large, medium, or small, most guys prefer boobs that are perky and not sagging (which tends to favor smaller breasts.)

    If you want, turn off the safe search filter and google "small boobs." You will find many porn sites - not just one or two - devoted to girls with small boobs. There obviously is a demand for they genre of porn.

    I prefer petite girls who are well proportioned, and that usually means 32A to 34B. Many younger guys share similar preferences.

    • Your point about getting branded as a pedophile is a good one. I've seen that happen. I think it's so screwed up.

      Worldwide, small breasts are normal for adult women. Nearly half of countries have an average breast size of A-cup or smaller. The vast majority of countries have an average breast size of B-cup or smaller.

      Anyone who finds that hard to believe, probably lives in a western country, in which it is indeed common to have breasts of a D cup or above (largely due to being overweight and/or getting breast implants). But that's not the norm among the world as a whole.

      Considering most women in most countries (outside of Western ones) have small breasts, it's clearly not pedophilic. It's absolutely normal for fully-grown, adult women to have small breasts. The extra size in big breasts is composed of fat, so breast size has nothing to do with milk production.

    • By the way, according to that study of the breasts of 340,000 women from over 100 countries, a woman with a 32A has larger breasts than the average woman in 44% of countries.
      44% of countries have an average breast volume of 235ml or below. The average 32A is 240ml in volume. (This chart is in "cubic centimeters", but "cubic centimeters" and "ml" are the same.)
      What it feels like to have small breasts for me!

      So if being attracted to 32As (small A-cups) is pedophilic, then I guess that means that men in nearly half of countries are pedophiles.

  • FunkyMonkee

    1. If those are your tits in the picture, they look perfectly fine to me! I wouldn't mind if a girl had tits like that, besides, there are way to make them bigger.
    2. No such words as "maked" or "nobly". You mean, "made" and "noble". And, from what I've seen, women go OUT OF THEIR WAY to make their tits INCREDIBLY noticeable and then DEMAND that you pay NO attention to them at all or risk being called a pervert!!! Men DO find tits attractive!! Haven't you ever noticed?/? Have you been living in a cave your whole life? "Accept them like some burden"? What?
    3. No, you get envious. I've never understood what perky tits are!! If someone has a pair, could you send me a picture of them so I know what you're talking about? What's jealousy got to do with tits?
    4. Correct!! So, don't go the surgery route! There are lots of other ways to get bigger tits!! BreastNexuus. com can show you. Just this afternoon, I saw a guy with a set of B cups!! Pretty cool!! And, it had NOTHING to do with his weight! He was a relatively skinny guy!! If HE can grow bigger tits, YOU can, too!!!

    • Oh god, I've written "maked" after 12 years of learning English... I'm ashamed of myself xd Google translate said nobly is an adjective from "noble" so that's where this mistake has come from. And I believe being jealous and being envious is the same thing, those are just synonyms.
      2. First of all, no, those women that you're talking about don't have a problem with men staring at their tits. There is just one important thing: those must be handsome men. Being hit on by a guy that isn't physically attractive will always cause that "Ewwww pervert" reaction, no matter what he's doing.
      "Men DO find tits attractive!! Haven't you ever noticed?"
      Second thing - men find tits attractive if they actually are attractive. There are some men that like all breasts but they are usually old - around your age - and/or ugly, so they can't be picky anyway. And I'm interested in young (19-30) hot guys. They don't have to accept whatever comes to them, so they have their preferences, and small, far apart breasts don't fall into "hot" category for them.
      "Have you been living in a cave your whole life? "Accept them like some burden"? What?"
      Like I and many people on here have said - boobs, even if they don't hit one's preference, aren't a dealbreaker. So a guy can love a certain girl, find her overall attractive, but he isn't particularly attracted to her tits and he just "accepts" them as a part of her, but it's nothing to be excited about. Do you finally get what I mean here?

    • No, jealousy is to do with people and envy is to do with things.
      Sorry, but a guy can't help how he looks anymore than a woman can help how she looks. You shouldn't judge people on how they look! That's what "Beauty & The Beast" is all about!
      Darlin', men love nearly ALL tits!!
      Wait'll you get to my age! You'll find out it's NOT old! Your next 30 years will go in a FLASH and you'll still be going, "I'm in my 50's, but I still feel like I'm in my late 20's!". And when people your age start telling you YOU'RE old because you're in your 50's, you'll be telling them the same thing I just said!
      Tell ya what you do, get a bunch of your girls friends together with a bunch of guy friends for a wild topless college party and make sure you include some girls with "unattractive" tits and see how many guys go after those girls, too.
      Oh, yes they do!!! It's not all that easy for even young hot guys to get girls!! I was there! I was even in a locally pretty popular band!! Do you know how many time either of those factors got me a girl? 3!! And the 2nd one didn't really count because she didn't even know what she was doing. The first one didn't exactly count, either because she was just using me to make another guy jealous.
      A young guy looking to get laid will take just about any willing pussy that comes along regardless of what her tits look like!!
      Yeah, that's the way most good guys are, but that doesn't explain what the "burden" part is. Burden of what, having tits? Having guys that like tits?

    • "Sorry, but a guy can't help how he looks anymore than a woman can help how she looks. You shouldn't judge people on how they look! That's what "Beauty & The Beast" is all about!"
      But what does this have to do with what I said? I said that guys who like nearly all tits are not attractive because they can't be picky
      "Wait'll you get to my age! You'll find out it's NOT old! Your next 30 years will go in a FLASH and you'll still be going, "I'm in my 50's, but I still feel like I'm in my late 20's!". And when people your age start telling you YOU'RE old because you're in your 50's, you'll be telling them the same thing I just said!"
      Again, this doesn't have to do with anything and it doesn't change the fact that as you get older you get less and less picky. Also old people have low libido
      And ehmm... I don't know if naked parties are normal where you live, but they aren't here.
      It's super easy for hot guys to get girls. If women aren't all over you, well, then you must not look like young Johnny Depp.
      "A young guy looking to get laid will take just about any willing pussy that comes along regardless of what her tits look like!!"
      Yes. But we aren't talking about just getting land, I've already said that. Just because some guy would have sex with a girl doesn't mean he would caress her tits or even anything at all.

  • LoU_Hades

    boobs are overrated by women.
    big boobs are a nice addition but sexy body with good waist hip ratio + long legs is much more sexually arousing than just boobs alone.
    I would always pick a girl with sexy body with cup-A, than one with a less attractive body but with cup-D

    I speak for my preferences, maybe other guys disagree.

    • And this comment shows exactly what bothers me. I don't know why guys miss the point of this take, did you read it all? I don't give a shit if a guy finds my legs or my ass attractive - caressing me there gives me as much pleasure as licking my elbow would so none. And this whole comment is the perfect example of everything I've written. Seriously, have you read it?

    • LoU_Hades

      Yes.. it's a short rant.
      Your point about consolation is the point that bothers me on women when they start to talk about their appearance. Women think too subjective. Yes... most girls aren't able to see their self objectively even if they stand in front of a 2m high mirror. That's why every guy get a stone face when his very attractive girl he loves starts to talk about deficits in her appearance.
      Oh.. the point of jealousy is interesting in terms of vanity and I believe you.

      You didn't formulate your take as question. Hence I didn't feel obliged to answer it, I wrote what I think about small boobs. In the objective way I see females appearance and boobs.
      Do you really think my intention was licking your elbows or caressing of your jealous ego? What makes you so special for me in your opinion? Your special small boobs power?

  • Dargil

    I certainly don't represent the mainstream, but I find a girl's bare chest, which displays softness and vulnerability to evoke deep intimate feelings and (!) a desire to protect her. Any display from flat with nipples through a B-cup does that, with more conventional sexual desire above that. But there is such a thing as too big, which does not evoke those feelings. The're just TITS.

  • White-American89

    1. The majority of men are usually undecided and base their sexual desires on the woman the breasts are attached too. Teenage guys usually have a thing for big breasts in the same way they do for lingerie usually a preconceived notion of sexual fantasies and porn. If you look at the lists of famous celebrities guys like it's usually chicks like Natalie Portman, emilia clarke, Ellen page, Mila kulnis, Jessica Alba, scarlet Johanson, Anna kendrick, seems gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Emma Watson, Natalie Dormer, Zendaya, Isabell Moner, Hallie Steinfield, Anya Taylor Joy, Adrianna Grande none of who have giant tits but are exceptionally pretty.
    2. Women with small breasts can attract men because they can get away with showing more cleavage or by not wearing a bra whilst big breasted women just look slutty. I often see small breasted women with them pushed up and out on display.
    3. Women are their own worst enemy, they are always jealous of each other over breast size, but size, weight, height and so on.
    4. Breast augmentation will get you male attention while you are fully clothed but they never look and feel right compared to the real mc coy, then there's the ridiculous looking scars around the nipple or under the breast. Women should only get breast augmentation in my view if their breasts are misshapen.

  • Passinggas

    “ The majority of men prefer bigger ones.” I think there was about a 30% men that are attracted to small ones. Some like the smaller ones more, I know. Some men are smart enough to recognize features that small breast women have that is all part of her package and knows that he is more compatible with her.

    “Sure, there are some men who prefer smaller ones, but they are in the minority and the chances that I would find such a man and then like him back are very low. ” There was a study done that said men that were low earners tend to go for huge boobs because of the lack of self reliance and the correlation of that to nurturing. The study also went further to say that intelligent men that have earning potential are attracted to small breast women.

    “Well, yeah, but it still feels awful to know that they don't like the most sensitive part of me and are paying less attention to it than they would if they were different.” That is soo wrong, those small ones excite some men and me and they will probably get too much attention.

    “Consolations told to women with small breasts aren't consolations at all.” "You can make up for them with a pretty face/ nice butt, etc." again wrong, they are attractive on their own, and I know because I feel that way.

    “ I get very envy of women with bigger, perky breasts.” Well they will attract some unweaned obsessive boob fanatic while you will attract some intelligent educated type. Why would you be jealous?

    “Surgery is not worth it.” You got this one right and they destroy the natural beauty of what you were born with. The fake ones are horrible to look at.


    What if I told you, no one cares as much as you think.
    That a man will love you and feel attracted to you, because you make him feel good and manly, not because you have big breasts or not...

    • Have you read my mytake? I've mentioned the exact same "consolation" in point 2

    • SOARER_

      I am not consoling you
      No one cares that you have small tits, its all in your head.

    • I care. And I want guys to care too, that's the issue - they don't care about them.

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  • AuroraRoseat

    I majorly agree with number 4. Believe me when I say many men don't care about the size of the breasts and plenty say that more than a handful is just a waste. I also feel that many small breasts are more beautiful than bigger ones. To me, they look nicer on various types of women.

    I'm not going to give you a bunch of excuses but I will tell you that many men love small breasts and if one of them doesn't, he can take a hike.

  • holograph

    Natural is always, always, always better than unnatural. I won't say you're not allowed to have augmentation if you really want it, but I will say please don't do it.

    In #1 you say "Well, yeah, but it still feels awful to know that they don't like the most sensitive part of me" - but we DO like them!

    For what it's worth, sensitivity is soooooo much better than size, in my personal opinion. (I actually don't know if most guys would agree or disagree with that statement.)

  • Stingray444

    Nah, Tbh a lot of men like petite/small looking breasts as they like the look of petite women. I'm one of those guys, I've always liked small boobs but tbh any size is good for me too.

    Girls can't help when size that they're born with, and tbh boobs aren't really all that important as you think when we are seeking for a partner or even for a hookup unless he's just an ignorant/immature guy who's priority is only boobs.

  • Philyouup

    There is nothing I can say, this is a very honest statement of your feelings.

    But you have a few things wrong.
    1. "feels awful to know that they don't like the most sensitive part of me and are paying less attention to it than they would if they were different."
    A. They are breasts, we love breasts, big or small Think of it like ice cream Some guys Most guys love ice cream, the fav might be chocolate, we like other flavors as well.. your smaller breasts are not a turn off.. NOT AT ALL

    2. A real man will accept you.. YES a real man would because your Breast Size really doesn't matter to us.. Big tits and a stupid mind is not worth nearly as much as a little tits and a great mind. BREASTS ARE NEVER A BURDEN... Wait, really big tits are actually, they get in the way..

    3. You have breast envy? This is easier said than done, but love yourself for how you are, there are plenty of men, dare i say most men, who don't care about what size your breasts are.. Most of us are not that shallow ! Give us credit. really, we are not mindless assses .

    Surgery, this works for a lot of girls , self esteem wise, and it doesn't affect sensitivity in most all cases, the caveat, cheaper you go, the more fake they look. I knew a girl that go them.. she was really small, I could not tell they were fake.. she paid big bucks for them though..

    BOTTOM LINE It is not as bad as you seem to see it. you are beautiful no matter what size you tits are.

  • godfatherfan

    Lol.. WOW is number 1 wrong. Sorry but the "majority" of men don't give a shit what size they are. And unlike when women say "size doesn't matter", for men it actually is true. Yes, there are men that want super huge mega tits. But they are very very much in the minority.

    • "super huge mega tits" 🤣🤣 LOL that reminded me of that porn add with the fucking lady with each tits weighing like 50 pounds and squashing her girlfriend XD Wtf?

  • SomeGuyCalledTom

    Small boobs, big boobs, they're all nice ^_^ for me it's more about shape, proportion and pertness anyways, size is just one metric and frankly is kinda overrated. And maybe small boobs are less "flashy" in a way, so they're not just constantly dominating my line of vision, so it's easier to appreciate a girl's overall figure without her boobs just SCREAMING for constant attention lol

  • Browneye57

    And poor you. You've decided your entire worth as a person, a lover, a human being, is wrapped up in your tits. SO MUCH FAIL.

    So here's your joke for perky little tits...
    Q. Why do men like big tits and little pussies?
    A. Cuz they have big mouths and little dicks.


    PS. Your tits are fine. Just rock whatcha got. Just find a guy that likes YOU just the way YOU are.
    And yes, fake tits are a non-starter. Ever feel them things? They're hard, not like soft real breasts.

  • Panda_gurl88

    I’ve meant more than a few guys who prefer smaller boobs.

    It’s not all fun or great to be bigger believe me on that, it’s harder to be taken seriously, they need support or else hurt, they get in the way, clothes fit weird, and it gets annoying that they’re the first thing a lot of people notice.

  • Lynx122

    I agree that surgery is not worth it. I think making up for small boobs is the wrong word. Personally I prefer bigger boobs but some girls look amazing with small boobs it just fits them very well. It's more about the overall image than focusing on one body part. But I liked your mytake and I get where you're coming from. Accepting the things you can't change is something that everyone has to learn.
    Good Luck.

  • PrinceVEGETA64l3

    I'm sure what you have is perfect for you. Not every male like a woman with big breasts.
    Breasts don't make the woman. Be confident in who you are and be happy with what you have.
    Don't change your body for anyone ever. If they can't like/love you just as you are then them liking/loving you say after implants then they don't actually love you for you.
    If your that self conscious about your size then message me and we can talk. No alterior motive here just unrestricted conversation.

    • Have you actually read the whole mytake? I've mentioned that "if he loves you he will accept you" consolation. The truth is - you don't fuck with personality

  • Red_Arrow

    I have always preferred smaller. Ever since I became interested in girls. I know you are interested in the opinions of those around your age, but just letting you know that we like them not just when older, but also when younger. So do not feel you are fighting a losing battle. You look great!

  • wingattebaby16

    I agree with you 100%... i was a small A til I got prego and have been a Huge C/Small D since I have been breastfeeding for over a year.

    My obgyn says she Thinks my boobs will stay bigger if I stop nursing, but because I have a small petite frame, she said dont be surprised if I shrink down to a B or small with stretch marks and a lot of sag...

    • Red_Arrow

      I am betting we will still find you sexy. You looked great then. Looking great now but not as great (to those of us who love smaller). And will look great later, even with sag.

  • If you hate your boobs so much swap with mine 😂😂 I always wish I had small boobs so that I could run and do other kinds of exercises with no pain and not worry about sagging as I age 😂 trust me big boobs are WAY OVERRATED. WAY TOO MUCH. OVERRATED.

    Also, the function of boobs is to breastfeed anyway and boob size doesn't affect its function. So why even bother 🤷🏽‍♀️ don't let people's words affect you, they are gonna die with their stupidity. Be grateful for what you have, girl! Small boobs, medium boobs, big boobs, all of them come with their own set of pros and cons. Neither is really better than the other.

    • I don't want to ever have any contact with kids, so my boobs purpose is not breastfeeding.
      I would swap boobs with you any second if I could xd Women with big boobs often complain that their breasts are being oversexualized - but I want my breasts to be sexualized and my problem is that they are not due to their size

    • You can still be sexualized with small boobs. Boobs are just one feature out of so many.

    • Your boobs size will increase with time and with sexual experiences

  • NicolaJ35

    Understand completely.

    When I was younger, I was an A cup and was I ever self conscious about it. But, I suppose I just learned to live with virtually nothing there.

    Although, yes of course I was envious and jealous of girls with bigger boobs.

    Surgery isn't the solution, it's only a quick fix!

    I'm a C cup these days.

  • 1) No they don't. One of the the most popular women on Playboyplus right now has size AA breasts. She won "Cyber Girl of the Month" several times, and almost won Cyber Girl of the Year. I swear. Anywhere from AA to C is just fine. You don't need D or DD breasts. I actually am turned off by anything bigger than CC.

  • RobertToast1828

    I personally prefer smaller boobs. That and I find it more attractive in a woman to accept themselves for who they are than to get implants (because that would indicate to me the woman I might consider dating is insecure and willing to allow a man to dictate what she does with her body). "If you really think you're beautiful, you'd be your own girl" -- Robert Redford in "This Property is Condemned"

  • JakeMist86

    Boob size doesn't really matter much to me. I have delfinetly had the opinion however that there are boobs that are too large, never thought there were ones that were too small though... just my opinion. Love yourself and be happy, if you want a guy to play with your breasts tell him!

  • tara987

    Thanks for this. To call me small breasted is a compliment:) I think it's one of those things that many people don't think about but I, like you, think about it often. I am fine with myself - I know I'm cute and desirable. But it's still a thing that I have had part of my life since I was young.

  • Chadnelson1973

    I like smaller breast. Get your boyfriend to give your breasts some attention kissing , nibbling feeling them can activate growth hormones to get them growing. Plastic surgery is overrated and dangerous. I wouldn't want my girlfriend to have plastic surgery or implants nor would I ask

  • Do not change ever. I love women with smaller breasts because they are more sensitive. You can use a feather and they can feel it. Bigger breasts get in the way and i find unattractive. Would you like a man like me at least? Never be jealous for it is beautiful, your small perky breasts. 😎

  • Katie1964

    I'm just a B cup, but Hubby tells me that mine are perfect to him. So while I think I am small, it feels just fine since the one person's opinion I care about more than mine thinks they are great.

  • IlyaTheImpaler

    What it feels like to have small breasts for me!

  • Clarke498

    Girls in your position gotta understand that people like me (that like bigger boobs) will never say no thank you if we find an awesome girl with smaller ones. It's just a preference. I'd still not care. Not in any way that mattered... I know a beautiful girl with smaller boobs. If she liked me, i'd be thrilled, but her personality is a bit off to me. Her boobs were never a problem.
    Also, i choose small boobs she'd let me have fun with over bigger boobs that's locked away any day.

  • Zebadee88

    You are making huge assumptions.
    I have had partners with 34A up to 32G... I loved them all and the breasts were NEVER bthe reason i dated someone.
    So how does your argument work now?

    Flip it round - no guy with a cock smaller than 10" not ever going to satisfy a woman?

    • Ámayas_20

      Fucking 10? That would just be sore

    • @Zebadee88
      Did you understand what you read? Or did you even read it?

    • Zebadee88

      "The Majority Of Men Prefer..." - Show me your research data... :)

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  • Badballie

    Young lady you are wrong, small firm breast with erect nipples are sexually very erotic, with age, big boobs will sag after babies, and yours will not. so after babies you will have the best boobs. These big boob women, will find they need sturdy strong bras to keep them up. Naked they go south hanging, un sexy, many of these women keep their bras on because as soon as they lie down it looks like a fried egg with fat jelly keeping it more or less where it should be.

  • ask4any

    Your right, surgery is NOT worth it. I have found in my experience with smaller breasts vs. larger breasts that smaller breasts are more sensitive, nipples are a sexual organ all their own on smaller breasts and women are usually more orgasmic with smaller breasts. I like ALL breasts of course, but smaller breasts do more for me AND her than larger breasts. You can PM me if you would like to discuss further.

  • MissChasityL

    Wanna exchange? The back pains and bad posture aren’t worth it😂 but I would have loved to have B cups fr

  • zagor

    First of all, the majority of men who prefer bigger breasts is like 52%, so you are just being silly as plenty of men like smaller breasts. If no men are showing interest, it is NOT because your boobs are too small.

  • DanOh2018

    I actually like petite women, bonus if they're fit. I agree, surgery is a waste. Almost everyone has something they dislike about their body. Part of life is just doing the best you can with the hand you're dealt.

  • UncleJessieRabbit

    Hey, small breasted women are nice too. I believe #1 is more like an over-generlization. Yes, bigger breasts are known to be more attractive to a lot of men but that's what it is at least half the time: just a preference. Not a deal-breaker, and not to me either. If anything else, the pressure is from both sexes and not only men per-se.

    • "Yes, bigger breasts are known to be more attractive to a lot of men but that's what it is at least half the time: just a preference. Not a deal-breaker"
      I know, I've mentioned it. I guess I wasn't clear in what's my problem in particular: I want men to be obsessed with my boobs like they would be if they were big.
      "The pressure is from both sexes and not only men per-se"
      I don't care about what society thinks or whatever and I certainly don't care about women's opinions. It's all about the fact that women with big breasts have them adored in bed and men are often so focused on them that they forget all the rest. I want it. While I get the complete opposite from guys, like "you know, a nice ass is so much important, I don't even care that much for boobs" - so they ignore boobs and focus on everything else which is a huge problem as I don't get much pleasure from caressing my parts from hips down. It's all about tits for me.
      That was a long reply, but so many guys didn't get what is my point that I had to say it.

    • No man will be "obsessed" with your boobs, no matter what the size is.

      I see dozens of women everyday and I am habitual of ignoring them.

      I will ignore my wife's boobs just like I ignore other women's boobs. No big deal.

      Men find many things attractive in women but they won't express it everytime.

      They will express it in the beginning. When they start getting habitual of looking at your boobs, they won't express it in any non-verbal way.

      Even if your man loves your boobs, he'll be bored after some time and start ignoring your boobs.

      It doesn't mean that he doesn't like your boobs or doesn't find it attractive.

  • Surely

    Maybe I can't convince you that there is some one out there for everyone, but if I were your age, there wouldn't be a problem with you having small breasts.
    Less fatty weight to carry around and less chance of back pain in the future.
    My preference, is long toned legs that make a nice butt out of themselves. Then comes the brains, face, breasts, hair. Not necessarily in that order.
    Good choice on not getting a breast enhancement!

  • BrotherFrost

    Do you want a guy who likes you for your physical features, or because you are you? I find so many women i bump into every day attractive, but do you know how many of them i approached? Zero. On the other hand, if we share an interest then she can grab my attention for more than three seconds. And anyway, do you know the big-small breasts ratio of the women i found attractive? I have absolutely no idea. The first thing i notice is their overall body shape.

  • md170

    Big are cool to look at but I think deep down most guys don't really care as long as it's B size so there's something and that's it

    Just like how girls talk about a guys stuff, just enough is all you need.

    • Felinegirl

      B isn't that tiny, what about us smaller girls?

  • All breast are perfect and beautiful. It's funny cause guys also worry about size and think those exact things. But at the end of the day I have to say what really matter is who you are as a person. I'm a firm believer that beauty comes from with in you look amazing and have and ugly personality. Be happy and blessed with the body you have there is a right person for everyone like a puzzle piece.

  • X1NK3R

    Lemme be real with you right now I like good tits not big tits not small tits butt good ones because have boobs so big they at saggy u done goofed that's not great now if they are smaller than they aren't saggy and that normally means good tits sooooo yeah small to medium tits are the best unless u got some big and not saggy tits which is not very often

    • X1NK3R

      And a majority of the time people aren't boobs people which is odd but true so don't worry about it

  • MindYourEyes

    I’m happy to have small ones too. Life feels easier xD and clothes look cuter with smaller ones to me. XD

  • biggersmack1

    I care way more about figure, face, butt, and legs. Anything more than 36c is getting to big. Most women have big breasts because they are overweight.

  • Bigger breasts are nothing to be envious of. They are perky for only so long and then gravity takes over and they look like they could play shuffle board with them when they reach 50. There are fit issues for clothing and you may have frequent back aches or straps digging into your shoulders. Smaller breasts stay up for so much longer and as they say, any more than a mouthful is wasted. But you wouldn't know til your boobs were in another girl's bra, kind of like til you walked in someone else's shoes.

  • MysteriousDarkness

    If you have anywhere from nipples to a small b cup I saw embrace them because there are a lot of people that love thise sizes. Personality, life goals, common interests, love, care etc are more important tgan boob size.

    • "Personality, life goals, common interests, love, care etc are more important tgan boob size."
      Please don't repeat the consolations that I've already mentioned in my mytake explaining why they aren't consolations

  • Shalaaa

    You can help jealousy, love.
    You are in control of EVERYTHING you feel emotionally including but not limited to the way you see yourself.

    Confidence doesn't come from the way other people see you..
    And honestly I'd probably have to write an entire mytake myself to explain this as thoroughly as I'd like.

    But it doesn't matter, you'll know what I mean soon enough.
    You've probably already stopped reading and rolled your eyes just like I would have 3 years ago lol.

    But there's truth in these words..
    I'm telling you.
    Your breasts are BEAUTIFUL!
    I actually prefer them small myself.
    Do you know how much of a pain in the ass big tits are?
    Coming from someone whose experienced both,
    The grass is greener in team A cup 😅

    Itchy. Painful. Sweaty. Are those nipples or pepporonis wtf?
    You get the point.

  • TallAnon

    Honestly, big breasts are nice, but can be overwhelming. Small breasts have their own charm. A girl with small breasts and a loose shirt can drive my crazy, just hoping to barely see something. With bigger ones, everything is pretty out there.

  • HeyMikie

    I love small breasts and have always preferred them. I wish every woman could see themselves through the eyes of a man. Especially a man who is in love. I think most women would ease up a little on themselves if they could. Just sayin