Being a Unicorn


Cautionary tale of being the rare most wanted Unicorn.

If you are not familiar with the word Unicorn, let me introuduce you...

As stated in Urban Dictionary

A common swinging term used in the community to refer to a single female interested in meeting other couples. Described as such due to the rarity of finding said females. By no means derogatory but quite the opposite, a rare treat.

Being a Unicorn

And that was exactly what I was (perhaps still am).

I have been swinging for 5 years now, however I have not been active. Swinging was first introduce by a friend and I was fascinated by how adults can just let loose and allow others to play with their significant other. It was so prohibit, so taboo, yet so hot and kinky! I wanted part of it! It wasn't until I left my long term relationship that I decided to venture by myself and find what I was so much longing for.

In a lonely night I decided to go to swingers club, by myself. I wore my sexiest outfit, did my makeup and hair and was ready for where the night may take me. Arm with just my confidence, I went swinging. I a hot female, knew I was going to get myself into some kinky mess. But I also had my boundaries...

It wasn't long after I arrived that an attractive lady in her mid 40s came up to me. She introduced herself (lets call her T) and asked how my night was going. We made small talks and T invited me to her table with her husband. I had this warm feeling about her and made the choice to join them. At the table, I was introduced to her husband (J). Our conversation soon turned sexual, and they made their wants know. They were unicorn hunting (defined by UD- When a heterosexual couple searches for a bisexual woman to be the third in a three person relationship). I had fallen prey. The couple were established married for 25+ years and somewhat new to the lifestyle. They stated that they have been Unicorn hunting for about 2 years and have yet to find the rare bi girl. As I got to know them better, they hunted Unicorns due to T's closet lesbian desires. For the husband it was just the sprinkle on the ice cream.

We had sex that night, in the club and I admit it was one of my best sex sessions to date! Also, my first threesome. Such was the compatibility that we decided to exchange numbers. It was good night in my end and I left feeling fulfilled. A fantasy of mines had come into the Real World!

We started seeing each other and I truly felt they were a fun couple. They were very open to new experiences and at the same time were experienced themselves. It was during one of our sessions in which I realized I was a squirter, something I thought I could never do! Ohh, the orgasms... it was also the first time I was able to orgasm more than once in a session. I felt like a treasured treat! I was getting the best of both worlds and to top it off I did not have to invest myself emotionally and time wise to them. We would only contact each other when we needed each other and it worked for us! J&T where respectful to me... or so i thought.

In our last session, came the thunderstorm. The ultimate betrayal of my trust. It started as any other session. We were set to meet at a hotel close by, I came promptly and was greeted by both with hugs and kisses. We chatted for a bit and I was invited to their Anniversary gateway, happening next month. Where we would of gone out of town and enjoyed a whole day to each other. That was how included I was.

Early on (during our first encounter) I had established a no photograph no video recording rule. It was during the oral session I was giving to J that I noticed T wasn't joining us. I broke contact from J and looked for T... lo and behold... T had her phone pulled out and was obviously recording. She quickly put the phone down and said she was texting her mom making sure her girls were okay. Keep in mind, I never did ask her what she was up to. J, quickly jumped in and asked if T's mom did pick up their daughters. At this point, I felt very uneasy. I continued sucking J and acted if nothing happened. However, my mind knew that this was our last. To add to my suspicious J, started to hold my head down (something he had never done before) to keep me from pulling my head away. Something important to note is; I fuck with my eyes close. They had made that observation and exploited it. After that I did feel they continue to record me, in what they felt was inconspicuous way.

I did not confront them there, and you may ask yourself why? It was simple we were alone in a hotel room. I am a female and I was outnumbered. I cannot predict how J&T would of reacted to my accusations, and I simply prefer not to know. I broke up with them by text the next day. Their explanation was that they they were doing no harm and just checking on their daughters. Nonetheless, I know what I saw and couldn't believe they had chosen their selfish needs over my well being. They did ask me to reconsider my position, but a trust bridge had been burned and that feeling of pure animosity that I felt that night would never go away. I simply could not trust them, they had lost their rare most prized Unicorn. All due to their selfish wants.

Maybe in the future I may join another couple. I am still debating in my head. Sex was amazing and I learned so much about my sexuality but being stabbed in the back not so much enjoyable... This is to hoping my videos/pics are not floating around online.

J&T- where the pics/videos worth losing your rare Unicorn?

Being a Unicorn
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Most Helpful Girls

  • joeshi
    Omg at first i laughed out loud because the urban definition of a unicorn IS ME!! Hahaha i didn’t know there was a word for it. But gee I’m so sorry that you had to go through that scare. They are in their 40’s so they might not even know where to post it or anything of that sort. That’s why i wouldn’t worry too much. But at least you got such a great experience out of it, it sounded so fun 🤤. Maybe go to the swingers club and try again when you are ready? Have fun :)
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    • Anonymous

      It was so fun... until they broke my trust! Hopefully next couple is more respectful 😋

    • joeshi

      Yes for sure make your ground rules before anything again

  • mysterygirl134
    OMG I didn't even know there was a term for it as for what you went through I'm so sorry and hope you find the strength to continue doing what you love as it's a great thing all round you just struggle to find the right people
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    • Anonymous

      Thank you 😊

Most Helpful Guys

  • uniq_username
    Slutty women are not "unicorns". I'm not judging, I'm just saying. Sluttiness is the norm nowadays.
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    • Anonymous


  • Thatsamazing
    Why were you so averse to having your photo taken?
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    • Anonymous

      Pictures are permanent reminders. A true privilege, that only 1 of my playmates has ever earned.

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  • navyP
    My wife and I have been in the swinglifestyle for over 10 years and I can tell you they do exist but are very rare
  • toddlickspus4u
    I wish we could find us a unicorn it would probably save our marriage
    • Anonymous

      If you search for a unicorn for that purpose it will backfire immensely.

    • rachnesh

      Eek I have to agree. Marriage has to be solid and secure, trustworthy... Otherwise it could literally be counter productive and even cause a divorce. Or it could save it. Every one is different haha. My experience was bad, at least the first time... i couldn't look at my. Husband the same wh for along time