If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

Love may indeed be blind, but in order to create that love in the first place, you’ve got to start somewhere and wearing lingerie makes the “falling in love” process a lot easier for some people.

An interesting observation is that lingerie is worn more often while dating than it’s worn after the wedding vows have been spoken.

Lingerie is a big turn-on for a lot of men and women. And both genders generally know this. Some women and some men wear lingerie for its effects on their partners, while other people wear lingerie because it makes them feel sexy. Many women and men wear lingerie for both reasons.

But regardless of the reasons why men and women wear lingerie, it popularly is due to ability to stimulate a lovers libido and some times their own libido.

If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

It's soft to the touch and can be very revealing without giving everything away before the "Christmas Gift" is fully unwrapped.

If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?
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Most Helpful Girls

    I do t really see the point of it tbh

    I mean I love wearing underwear and a bra

    But the rest seems like a lot of effort for something that won’t be on long

    Unless it stays on bc you don’t want to be naked

    But turn there just depressing reminder I don’t want to be naked

    Also I must be getting get cheap stuff bc it’s scratchy and never soft
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    • humanearth

      I know there is a lot of junky scratchy lingerie. The good stuff cost a lot and it is soft.

      So it really does go by you get what you pay for.

    • VIVANT

      Utah I wouldn’t want to lay down a ton on something that will make me feel like I’m hiding my body

      For me , I have clothes on or I don’t 🤷‍♀️

    • VIVANT

      I do love corsets for the style

      But I like turn in the outside lol 😊

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  • MotherEarth2020
    I myself was never really into the lingerie, until I met my husband. He bought me some and I liked it. I still prefer my jammies pants and T-shirt, but sometimes I do wear the pretty girly stuff be bought me. He loves it and I love to make him happy.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Likes2drive
    I guess everyone has their own taste on what’s sexy to them, I guess with lingerie it gives and even better look at the surprise without seeing it yet and it never stays on long anyway
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  • Dr_Latex_McPeggin
    Because it is sexy as hell... ;-)
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What Girls & Guys Said

  • "If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?" Because lust isn't.
    • Corerue

      Oooooh I like that! :O

      And men are very visual so the more potent the visual stimuli, the more he is easily conquered. Lol

  • chrissykerdock
    i like wearing a garter belt with silk stocking and in high heels with panties and bra definitely makes me want to perform a good blowjob where otherwise I wouldn't want to... same with wearing a short minidress without lingerie of course.
  • shimmeryns
    Love is blind, lust is not -- it is heigtened by something to pleasure our senses. Touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste.
  • wingattebaby16
    Lingerie hides what the man knows is there, but being hidden is part of the thrill.

    A woman only clad in black thigh high stockings is a lot more alluring and sexy than a totally naked woman.
  • i1T2daty
    Love may be blind but lust has better than 20 x 20 vision
  • goodlongman
    Men are visual beings that is why women over the ages have always gone to great lengths to improve their looks
  • Inv8derChris
    I'm not saying it's not sexy; but I've always been more interested in what's in it
  • RobDude82
    I'm probably being captain obvious and didn't pick up the irony but "love is blind" as in it clouds your senses/judgement. Your belief and desire in someone can leave you totaly blinkered to how stuff really is.
  • tiajoka
    Uh cuz guys still like their girls looking sexy lol. My mom was really skinny when she got married to my dad. She's heavier now, but he loves her so she's still sexy to him and so sexy stuff makes her even better.
    Love is blind means that if you love someone, they'll be automatically attractive naked even if no one else thinks so. But that doesn't mean dressing up still doesn't make them look even better.
  • Corerue
    Because lingerie adds a new level of... play into the relationship. It has it's own allire.

    Me? Clothing don't make the woman always, but if she has personality and a corset. Well paint me interested. XD
  • JackSmy
    When I really like her, I just want to see her like she feels comfortable, and what she usually sleeps in!
    Lace itches and isn't comfortable; some of the synthetic, stretchy things don't 'breathe', and that's not good! Other uncomfortable shit that some misogynistic asshole imagined?
    When she is comfortable, and really trusts me, when I say I prefer that, and she reluctantly believes, like meeting a unicorn, but I show her how much more fun it can be without all the fake BS, and imagined ideals, and just being comfortable, together, and then we can get on with the fun play things!
    Some might understand, others, maybe not. . .
  • RickPen
    Love and lust are not the same thing, though they're often confused. Likewise, they are not mutually exclusive, but to say that love begins with lingerie is a misrepresentation.

    Love is typically defined by three different terms: romantic (associated with sex and lust), phileo being "brotherly love," and then agape, which is defined as faithfulness, and almost a sense of duty.

    I don't look for lingerie or sexy outfits to grow love for a woman: I can do it all on my own, just by their actions, and some words. Looks fade, always. The personality does not change so drastically.
  • emmily2396
    You're going to take it off anyway, so I don't see a point in investing too much money. Sure, I buy something if it is cheap, but other than that I look more for the practical aspects of it
  • MrHopper
    Its more lust than love, but a good set of lingerie to me is better than being naked! if you going to remove it then dont bother to put it on!
  • Tree_Hugger45
    It's honestly kind of pointless... It's super expesive, and then it's usually off in a few seconds. Kind of a waste of time to put it all on and spend the money just to have it come off quickly.
  • jabariw18
    Because religion is so deeply threaded into our way of thought that love and sex are always looked upon as the same thing even though their not. I can love a girl without wanting to have sex with her but I can also want to sex with a girl without loving her. Either way, a sexy girl is going to look sexy. Period. Sex is a totally separate thing from love unless in a religious context then they are one in the same. Obviously monogamy is important but it still doesn't make other women any less sexy.
  • MysteriousDarkness
    You are confusing love and lust. Lingerie alone does not make someone fall in love but can be a small oart of the puzzle that makes someone fall in love with another person.
  • Massageman
    Because they are usually doing it in the dark and they need to grope, hence, love is "blind"? Guys are much more visual than gals and this gives them something even nicer to look at.
  • Ceasar97
    love may be blind but the little head in the pants isn't.
  • BadAnswers
    uuuhm , i dont think lingerie makes love , it makes temptation , it makes sexual tension , i dont think love has ANYTHING to do with that
  • Felinegirl
    Lust isn't blind is the answer. But love isn't blind either.
  • Grobmate
    It does nothing for me. It's purpose is more for the woman than the man. It is to make them feel beautiful.
  • BuckWild
    It's pretty silly to start off with the premise that love is blind in a literal sense. I think it's pretty clear to anyone who has been part of the human experience that love most certainly is not blind. Sexual attraction for both men and women is very visual - especially for men. As such, seeing women in their underwear is very erotic. If your premise is referencing the old saying that love is blind, then it still doesn't make any sense because in that case the word "blind" should be taken figuratively and not literally.
  • Twalli
    It's no surprise that lingerie is worn before marriage more often than after. You won the game, you got the guy, you don't have to keep trying to get him to marry you, he already did.
  • Dsg1193
    Love is blind because you may not be able to help whom you’re attracted to. But at the same time, you may already find it sexy for a woman to wear lingerie.
    • humanearth

      How about the other way other around. What if she love him in lingerie

  • xXSaturnXx
    I guess it's because guys like it and some girls like wearing it.
  • Browneye57
    The 'blind' part is about forsaking all others - not turning a blind eye to your lover.
  • crazy8000
    Shallow attraction.

    To many haven't developed enough to understand the difference with real love and shallow based feelings.
  • like markup. lingerie is meant to enhance as woman's natural beauty not cover it up. many people forget that. but all women have some kind of natural beauty to them. no matter how they look physically. also helps if she enjoys her body for how it looks in the mirror.

    best to find something she likes or is willing to wear. that fits her well and hugs her body in a way that makes her feel sexy or attractive about herself.

    however since most of the time lingerie ends up coming off either before or during sex. does seem a bit pointless at times. unless she really just wanted to go that extra mile and wear it.
    • Reaperbot666

      typo. should read " meant to enhance a woman's natural beauty not cover it up"

  • ZzombiezZ
    My feeling is that "Love being blind" would refer to what happens AFTER you have actually fallen in love...
    I would hardly fall in love because of lingerie (or due to the lack of it). The wearing of lingerie, or absence of it, would certainly not encourage or discourage any notions of real love.
    However, after you have fallen in love, it would mean "being blind" to the partner/significant other's faults or errors (Maybe they don't wear lingerie then and you accept that? LOL)
    Personally, I find zero correlation between Lingerie and Love!
  • buttcrackjoe
    Love is blind means a person in love is blind to their crushes flaws and sees only the good things
  • Apope16
    Because lingerie and sex aren't love. They can be ways of expressing it though.
  • genericname85
    love isn't visually blind. it's figuratively blind.
  • DashboardLight
    Because the ''falling in love'' kind of love ain't blind. It requires physical and emotional attraction.
  • Marriedwith2
    It helps that women's bodies are works of art and the tease of what you barely cannot see is intoxicating
  • Gedaria
    That's not love, that's passion, love of the female body !!
  • RebeccaSJ
    It's a stimulant for both parties. Hubby and I both enjoy it when I wear it, and when I remove it.
  • Nikki001
    Sometimes like to change things up tease each other.
  • Shamalien
    one word

  • Cactusqueen
    Lust can see
  • Pamina
    Because lust isn't blind.
  • Just_someone23
    Hell... I love my men in lingerie
  • Shezadi
    You are confusing lust with love.
  • stardust101
    Lingerie stimulates lust, not love lmao
  • RolandCuthbert
    Love is blind. You are talking about sex.

  • Jenny4455
    Lingerie is about lust, not love
  • latinabutterfly96
    Love ≠ Sexual arousal
  • MannySimms
    You're confusing love with lust.
  • BrittBratt2416
    You're misunderstanding lust for love.
  • chaeyoungswife
    Love is blind, sex isn't.