Why women should celebrate being creatures with their hairs of head, armpits, legs and private areas and how to rebuke the naysayers


I will cover the hairs of women and why they need to feel glorious and proud of their head hair, armpit hair, leg hair and private area hair.

Head hair

Women are typically very naturally blessed with more head hair than men. Men have to worry about male pattern baldness while women usually never have to. Women are glorified for their hair in the Bible and ought to realize how much power she holds with her hair. Angels rejoice when women have long hair, so that is high praise and regards.

Why women should celebrate being creatures with their hairs of head, armpits, legs and private areas and how to rebuke the naysayers

Armpit hair

Women get physically ridiculed for displaying proudly any armpit hair and it is very sad and disturbing that men does this to a damage a woman's psyche. The hair removing revolution is a gimmick to hate on women for having it. Beauty is not entangled with hairless bodies. Women, please start embracing the armpit hairs you are given. There is no shame in showing your hairy armpits. You deserve to feel sexy and amazing. I blame the beauty standards unfairly placed upon women and ignorance in society for not being able to realize that armpits need hair as it better helps women maintain her natural pheromones and that made her very desirable. It is sad and sickening that society is pushing the hairless movement on our women and making them more like chickens and hairless like our very young humans. Please make a stand and a pledge you will proudly display your armpit hairs, you mighty women.

Why women should celebrate being creatures with their hairs of head, armpits, legs and private areas and how to rebuke the naysayers

Leg hair

Our culture in America especially over the last 100 years have made women shameful hairless creatures. The ability to grow leg hairs is about our entrances into our puberty years, not about women changing their leg status from haired to hairless. Please stand up to these male bullies who want to sexualize you and be appreciative of your leg hairs. Women are not chicken who needs to stress leg hair growth by plucking them out or make themselves like that of children who aren't usually mature enough to be available to keep leg hairs. Please make a statement that you will not be used like a beauty pawn by welcoming in your leg hair growth.

Why women should celebrate being creatures with their hairs of head, armpits, legs and private areas and how to rebuke the naysayers

Private area hair

Yes, there is a trend that men find hairless private areas hairless as attractive and needs to abandon that fetish. Women should be in wonderful awe at their private areas with lots of hair that was given them to signal their natural body's welcoming gift into womanhood. Hair on private areas proves to her and men who wants to be in sexual encounters with her that she indeed has nature endowed upon her the readiness physically to begin sexual relationships. By removing the very sign of pubic hairs is a disgrace to our wonderful God who blessed both men and women with our wonderful private area hairs.

Why women should celebrate being creatures with their hairs of head, armpits, legs and private areas and how to rebuke the naysayers


We really need men who will treat our haired women with loads of respect and gratitude. Women are wise and don't need to be under male dictatorship of how to present their bodies. Our women of 1900 and before tend to know that her hairs were glorious and made her attractive and not shameful. If women were introduced to these beauty demands, their standards for hair and razors would be virtually zilch. Thanks for listening and hope you were amazed!

Why women should celebrate being creatures with their hairs of head, armpits, legs and private areas and how to rebuke the naysayers
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Most Helpful Guys

  • BladeMan
    Disgusting topic and nonsense advices. I would never date with a girl if she has armpits and legs hair. This is just an other feminist bullshit. Feminists are so retarded. They promote nonsense things like armpit hair, leg hair.

    İts not about showing respect. İts just disgusting. İts like saying respect to poop. Social media makes people so stupid. And this is an example.
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    • Not stupid at all. You just want women to be societal slaves to what men think is trendy.

      Yes you would date a woman if the hair shaving trend ended or never began because you'd never have the concept of women who shave their body share so it would be common place. You are a prisoner of the moment.

  • J_Klayton
    I agree that everyone including women should embrace their natural bodies and have more hair.
    I have no problem with women having body hair.
    It's important to note that it's not just men pushing these hairless standards onto women.
    Women also shame other women into shaving and women also pressure men to be hairless as well.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Masteress
    I definitely think the girl with armpit hair is gorgeous. Leg hair I can't exactly agree on. As for private hair, I dont mind it at all on a guy. So I dont know what to say about it for girls. It just gets REALLY itchy when I shave down there and the hair is actually meant to be thick for protection so it would definitely be nice if private hairs were accepted more.
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    • October808

      It's the worst when it starts growing back and starts stabbing you. I tried it once and never again.

    • gullryvia

      Do you accept your thick pubic bush and even bush and hairy balls of a man?

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  • mistixs
    You make a good point about body hair. From an evolutionary perspective, if body hair was naturally repulsive, then natural selection would've gotten rid of it - it wouldn't be present in literally all women. From a religious perspective, the Bible says that body hair is beautiful. See Ezekiel 16:7-8:

    "And I helped you to thrive like a plant in the field. ***You grew up*** and ***became a beautiful jewel.*** Your breasts became full, and ***your body hair grew,*** but you were still naked. And when I passed by again, I saw that you were ***old enough for love.*** So I wrapped my cloak around you to cover your nakedness and declared my marriage vows. I made a covenant with you, says the Sovereign Lord, and you became mine."
    • Exactly. It is merely demonically repulsive that our men want women with body hairs like that of little girls. Our men are immaturely not equipped enough to understand Ezekiel and Song of Solomon and their high praise for women who were haired upon their body.

      I hope you follow after a haired body and not follow suit to what can help lead men unto carnally desiring hairless women. There is a deep longing for unnaturalness on women by men. Noticed how men like that more of women which is not naturally occurring whereas women tend to still like our beards and chests? Check out my other MyTake written today.

      96% or so are men like hairless women, meaning 4% like haired women while about 65% of women like beards and over 90% like our chest hair. Women love the natural man more than men love the natural woman.

    • mistixs

      Yeah, & the part about shaven pubes is very recent, too. You'll often see women with bushes in 70s movies. & My mom didn't believe me when I said that most men today expect women to be shaven.

      where does Song of Solomon mention body hair, btw? I don't doubt it; I'm just curious for the verse.

    • Song of Solomon seemed to mentioned a full bush but may be mistaken.

      Yeah, your mom would be shocked at our highly effeminately structured men who seek these women in unnatural ways. I'm fed up with many effeminate men on here attitude about haired women who talks trash about men liking haired women.

      Also, if I had even hinted that my sister or mother having hair growth on legs or armpits was uncomely (which I don't think it is), I'd get slapped across my face even if it was at the museum, grocery store, bank or wherever.

      Like you said tho, men aren't desiring women in the proper maturely organized way God signal our readiness for sexual production and desire. They are using it for Satan's glory instead of God's glory.

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  • wesdev
    Simple fact. Hygiene. Long Armpit hair means armpit stinks easily. Long vagina hair, same hygiene issue. But there is something called trimmer. Its simple, quick and easy on skin. No need to wax.
    Waxing and totally making armpit bald is overrated and unnecessary. Also, many women don't trim armpit hair to facilitate easy waxing. So it means they grow it till they wax. So its as gross to me as keeping the hair.
  • Redstang88
    Armpit hair isn’t the end of the world, and I could probably live with the leg hair. But she’s gotta at least keep the bush down a little, not a fan of coughing up a hairball
  • skyboy64
    I like women who have hairs , but I will respect women who wish to remove their own hair if they think is best for you and me , if I had a girlfriend that wanted to ask me what part of hairs to remove or not remove I'll say whatever please my girlfriend the best.
  • wagsingle
    Whee the hell do you get off telling women how they should feel about their bodies? They don't need you to tell them how to feel about their hair. Going by your bible thumping I'm sure your really good at telling women what to do with their bodies.
  • scholastic_vibez
    I’ve actually received love notes from my girlfriend thanking me for loving her in spite of days her hair was a mess or she forgot to shave her legs. Women has busy lives like men, and stuff happens.
  • i don't respect people for their body hair. this is ridiculius. you can have your hair however you like. i don't care. but if you want my mout on your pussy, then there can't be hair or this isn't gonna happen. i also find put hair disgusting. i even shave my own. having hair doesn't deminish my respect or my recognition of your humanity. it just ruins your chances of getting laid with me. that's all and i think that's perfectly reasonable.

    if you disagree, good for you. go for the hairy chicks. not my business.
    • *mouth* ...*pit hair* thanks autocorrect.

    • Of course you hate hair. You hate all God given things. If you became Christian one day, you'd quit shaving.

    • i'd maybe consider becoming a christian if there was a god that gave me anything. but that won't change my preference in body hair. i care for my body how i want, not how you or some god wants.

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  • honorboundHeart884
    First off , I personally didn't create a trend for women to do anything.

    Personally don't be bias lumping all us men together.

    I'm virgin, so wth up know lol

    Shave or don't , have fun, be were wolf, be tiger, a coyote lol

    I never said though shall be shaven like bald as a walrus, a Rex cat lol

    You spend your money on things , you have free will.

    Theirs a difference from trimmed and just straight up, snatched balled lol

    Chill free ranged , ladies, we know you want what you want trying to bite our heads off for your choices.
  • I support women’s rights... but I like women who shave. It is a dealbreaker for me. Hope that’s cool. I know it’s society putting these obligations on women, but it’s in my psyche.
  • Sonorous
    I don't care how much hair a woman has enough to respect it. But if she wants me to find her sexually appealing, she would need to shave it. Seeing large amounts of leg/arm/armpit/vagina hair on any woman just reminds me of men. In my opinion, it makes them look more masculine. And I'm attracted to femininity.

    So I think everyone should respect everyone regardless of what they look like. But not everyone should find that sexually appealing. And that's okay. I don't think it should be seen as a bad thing or something that needs to be changed. Just like how everyone's teeth have the propensity to turn yellow. But we maintain to be hygienic which tends to be the more attractive option as well.
  • I can take the armpit hair, but that leg hair is really tough to ignore.

  • _SOARER_
    Finally someone who gets it. Women shouldn't have to be stressing over weird modern beauty standards.

    I never minded hair on a woman. Its natural and fine, shaving seems tedious and annoying. Obviously there are times to trim body hair, but most women dont even have much of it.
    I see it as another way to profit from women, make them ashamed of their bodies and its seriously unproductive.

    I also find a hairless private area sort of weird. A woman has hair down there and its ok. Its sexy tbh, nothing beats a mature woman. I think the hairless thing was promoted by pornographers to get guys into pedophile sort of stuff.

    Hair dying is also a bad trend, it damages hair. Their natural hair is a gift of God.

    Also back in the day, most women were more covered, so they never had to worry about exposing their skin, and therefor their body hair.
  • standardguy
    I think that body hair on women is a consecuence of the fall into sin in Eden. Not the hair on the head of course.
  • Viktor893
    I fully support and absolutely do not consider the hair on the body of women as something repulsive
  • Mr_Ant
    Well, if you feel that strongly about it, alrighty then!
  • pizzalovershouse
    ok but every 1 has diffrent likes so there is a wrong an rite answer for all
  • backdoorman
    No thank you.
  • SkipStop
  • That's some hair :)
  • themaker39
    Give me an anti emetic.
  • Danax9
    Shaven if she likes oral
    • JeremyT

      Open the big Libia with your fingers and play...

  • aguyintheworld
    I like it when a woman has hair under her arms
  • 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
  • gullryvia
    I love hairy women.. so rare these days.
    • If you love hairy women, then why do you hate hairy men?

    • You think it should be reversed?

    • gullryvia

      Because woman's body hair is limited to certain areas only and it's so less and civilised hairs , short thin hairs compared to a man's hairs