Six Types Of Men Women In Their Right Mind Should Avoid At All Cost!


I'm writing this myTake to give women a heads up on what types of men to avoid as Boyfriends and especially a husband.

Six Types Of Men Women In Their Right Mind Should Avoid At All Cost!

In my observation of some men on GAG and YouTube, its literally sicking these type of trashy and nasty men exist in our society in the 21st century.

The Ultra Conservative Retard.

Six Types Of Men Women In Their Right Mind Should Avoid At All Cost!

These type of men is one of the worse kinds of men.

This is the kind of man that likes and strongly prefers to control his woman every move and is deeply insecure and gripped with fear that he might lose his control over his woman.

Moreover, this kind of man has the personality and moronic conservative perspective that women only purpose is to be a fulltime housewife/maid under house arrest to serve him, cook for him, clean and wash his clothes and be a baby factory machine for him rather than his wife, while he offers hardly nothing of value in return and if questioned he resorts to anger and manipulation.

This ultra conservative man is a major idiot, mentally and emotional abusive and is extremely close minded and can't be reason with at all.

Lastly, he will also use fear and manipulative tactics to guilt trip his woman to fit his agenda that only serves his selfish pleasures.

Effeminate Sissy.

Six Types Of Men Women In Their Right Mind Should Avoid At All Cost!

This kind of man hates traditional gender roles which I support to a certain extent, and has some kind of sick fetish of fantasizing of being a woman and assuming the position of a woman in a relationship and is rather submissive instead of being masculine and leading his woman.

This kind of man is very weak and pathetic. He must be avoided to be in a relationship with.

The Cuck Prick.

Six Types Of Men Women In Their Right Mind Should Avoid At All Cost!

This man shouldn't be even worthy of being called a man.

As far as I'm concerned this kind of man has lost his salt as a man.

The cuck is a man that sexually receives pleasure from watching his wife getting sexually freaky with another man while he records her or stands in a corner masturbating to her having sex and is also willing to raise the child of the man who got his wife pregnant. He's a damn loser.

He Likes And Desires To Be Pegged.

Six Types Of Men Women In Their Right Mind Should Avoid At All Cost!

Ladies, let me tell something, any man that asks you or likes to be digitally penetrated or tells you he wants you to drill him sexually with a dildo is latent homosexual and is nasty too. Period.

No masculine man will never dare ask or even fantasize of having a toy that resembles a penis in his rear end.

Avoid this kind of man to be with lest one day you catch him with another man in bed because his curiosity got the best of him and he wanted a real penis instead of a strap on.

Deep Seated Insecurities.

Six Types Of Men Women In Their Right Mind Should Avoid At All Cost!

This kind of is dominated by fear and anxiety, he's easily intimidated if a woman makes a higher salary and is more educated than him and in order to try to manage his fear and insecurities he relies on control and manipulation of his woman in various ways.

Some of which he is obsessed with having a full time housewife because in that way he can control his woman easier if he is the one who puts a roof over her head and feeds and clothes her.

Moreover, he will have a tendency to always dictate where can his woman go and talk to, have social media or not and snoop around her personal belongings.

The Sluggard.

Six Types Of Men Women In Their Right Mind Should Avoid At All Cost!

As I said above I believe in gender roles, and I deeply believe one of those primarily roles is for a man to work and provide for his family and household.

A man that won't work or can't keep a job because he's lazy isn't a man worthy of being entertained to be with. He will cause nothing but instability and financial stress to the relationship.

Honorable Mentions.

Six Types Of Men Women In Their Right Mind Should Avoid At All Cost!

The violent man. The stingy man. Low sex drive man. The submissive man.

Six Types Of Men Women In Their Right Mind Should Avoid At All Cost!
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Most Helpful Guys

  • genuinepervert
    I mean yeah that is a general goes for most people and a few could be for women or men. That being said it seemed that the writer may have a few issues of his own to deal with and may could have a good possibility of falling into a few of his own categories just saying like the ones that are personality related. My personal opinion is it was written by a individual that has some narcissistic traits with some obvious but odd warning signs to avoid. No shit don't date a psychological abuser aka narcissism don't marry a guy who has a fetish i don't like is all I heard from that one. Yes it's weird but odd reference. Might as well said watch out for those Necrophiliacs lol. The Peg leg another specific and strange trait to avoid and the sissy vs mr mom you can be a stay at home dad but you don't have to dress like her 100% my opinion. but yet another homophobic trait to avoid. So avoid angry homophobic guys that needs some help with drugs and porn addition is all you had to say
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    • GreenPenguin

      I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed the hate towards feminine traits in men.

    • MrNameless

      OP is homophobic

  • Anonymous
    I am an ultra conservative and have been married to her for a longtime. She has gone from living in a car when I met her to being a multi-millionaire as I have been very successful over the course of my career although I didn’t start out rich. She has great children fathered by me, each of her sons is over six feet tall. All our children have Masters degrees. She is very happy and said to me a few weeks back that she couldn’t imagine her life without me.

    Your advice kinda sucks regarding ultra conservatives as we are just different than you but make a wonderful husband. You are just hateful and intolerant. Typical.
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    • Yeah my girlfriend hates work and much prefers cooking and cleaning and in her words "i want to be your baby factory" so i think she would disagree with his biased view of traditional men.

    • Anonymous

      @bamesjond0069 my wife has had a great life. She hasn’t had to work since having children. She spent a lot of time with them as they grew up, she was involved in their schools, took them to soccer practice, made them nice lunches and dinners, she cared for them and it was better for the kids and for her. I had good dinners and my children were well taken care of, as was I. It is a good way to raise children and likely the best way.

    • I agree with you completely. Its strange how all these other people are these days.

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Most Helpful Girls

  • CubsterShura
    Good list! Also it's important to avoid guys who just don't share the same Faith or level of religiousness in common with you. Also momma's boys, guys who are dominated and pampered by their mothers (and sisters) when they make any life choices. I have never seen a single marriage going well if the man was still drinking his mother's milk. Yes you should be loving your mother and sister, but they shouldn't be dictating your life, and even if you trust their wisdom and their advices which is fine to an extent, they definitely shouldn't be dictating your MARRIAGE LIFE!! A lot of Desi men here need to take their mothers along with them on dates and even honeymoon. Please please please don't be that guy.
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    • roland77

      Tolerance should not be ignored. Everything can be solved without avoiding us Atheists. I allowed my Roman-Catholic ex-wife to pray before eating and sleeping and going to a local church (no transportation costs, just ~100m away) but I don't want to be converted, period. That is not being tolerant to us Atheists.

  • Mädchen
    I agree. I mean there are women who are into These types of men but I'm definetly one of them
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  • MysteriousDarkness
    With the honorable mentions any one who is violent be a guy or woman should be avoided.
    Since you do not like being pegged you think that women who are into guys should avoid guys who like it. A guy can get pegged and still be a man. You act as if all guys who enjoy being pegged are homosexuals which is not the case. There may be those who secretly are homosexual, but their are those who are bisexual or heterosexual. It is a kink or fetish and does not determine if a guy is a man or not.
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    All of the traits you mentioned are definite NoNos. Six Types Of Men Women In Their Right Mind Should Avoid At All Cost!To have just one of them in a man is a deal breaker.
  • I mean, i wanna peg my guy... Men have their g spot in there and can give one of the strongest orgasms for them!!! Doesn't mean their gay dude, wanting to fuck dudes makes you gay lol
    • Yeah that was the one point I disagreed with. If a guy DOES have gay leanings, then pegging might be one way they come to the surface. But pegging itself is not a predictor of homosexuality. I haven't tried it yet but have received prostate massage before and loved it, and would try pegging with the right girl who was also into it. I regard it as an entirely separate category from "gay sex"-- if I really was THAT curious about sex with a man, I'd just go fuck a dude and get it over with lol, if I'm with a woman it's coz I wanna be with HER-- period!

    • @SomeGuyCalledTom its a man taking a female role. So i think its more like transexualism than gay. Its as gay as wearing a dress as a man and having sex with a woman. So not gay but its in that ballpark of genderqueer shit that people often refer to as gay.

    • @bamesjond0069 nah I gotta call B. S. on that one. But I'm of the more general attitude that you can't judge a person by their sexual kinks. Who knows the psychological origins of many kinks that get taken for granted as "normal", let alone the "weird" ones? Many girls have rape fantasies, but doesn't mean they wanna actually get raped, y'know? Many guys have schoolgirl fantasies, but doesn't mean we wanna diddle little pre-teen girls or some paedophile shit. People in general often treat sexual kinks far too literally. "oh a strapon looks a bit like a penis, therefore taking one must mean a man is gay/ genderqueer", nahh I just don't buy it, if you actually asked such guys to articulate why they enjoy that kink, you'd likely walk away with a list of at least a dozen different motivations, none of which would imply any homosexual or homoerotic leanings. (A certain percentage of those guys may show gay leanings BECAUSE "oh it looks a bit like a penis", but that doesn't mean all the other guys would make the same association. Likewise, a certain minority of girls with incest fantasies may ACTUALLY wanna fuck their cousins or fathers, but many just get off on the tabooness of the fantasy itself and are satisfied with daddy-daughter roleplay with a trusted sex partner.)

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  • I think most women know what to avoid, but they are either desperate, have no self esteem, a bad self image, want to take care of some dipSix Types Of Men Women In Their Right Mind Should Avoid At All Cost!, or need their head examined. You can preach all you want, but if they don't hear your words you are wasting your breath and casting your pearls before the swine.
  • DaMack999
    You forgot one the Hispanic know it all. The one that always hangs around women and a motor mouth and slaps and beats his woman and ya can't hold a decent conversation with men.
    • roland77

      I head from my African girlfriend that most African males don't care what females feel when they have sex with them. I cannot call that "making love", for sure.

  • Jamie05rhs
    Thank God I'm not any of these. The only thing I come close to being is a sluggard; but at least I admit it and I'm fighting back against it.
  • jss123
    Narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths. Applies to women too. I don't getting the pegging either... I had a woman stick her finger up there without telling me first. I really didn't like it. Why would I want a dildo up there? I don't understand what women see in anal sex either...
  • Bluemax
    Ultra anything, conservative and liberal, is to be avoided.
  • cossidilla
    Good bro good and most definitely the guys that liked to be pegged that's not a man in my book thats guy acting like a woman so it's a he she
    • How does a guy being pegged make him a woman?

    • cossidilla

      Don't be stupid it don't make him a girl he still a guy but the woman is made to feel something take advantage of her not a guy a guy gets pegged and he gon feel violated his whole life even if he don't like guys no more

  • Another well written my take, I can't understand the hate on the other one when you did one for both men and women
    • CoolHoney

      one thing is people are dumbass. they all fight twith privet are

  • Babygirl2020
    I'm 48 female I've only been w 2 men that wanted sm thinks anal done on them 1st was a finger during oral on him he was a masculine Dominate male

    The other was a guy a vanilla relationship. My last vanilla period I was with 3 years. He wanted to try a vibe up his ass only did it 1x
    Later discovered him cross dressing n who knows what else he was a weak man
    N repulsed me
    I stayed for his kids I was raising kids graduated n I'd already made him move in another bedroom n cut sex off he then 1 day left n never came bk now living w his mommy
    I like a masculine Dominate man that leads his family
    I'm w a great man that's good to me n is Dominate but not overbearing
    He only wants anal w me nothing done to him
    I'll be honest
    A man that I'm gonna be with I prefer him to not want anal things done to him
    That breaks the Dominate factor for me
    Just how I feel
  • ElissaDido
    Good take
  • NerdInDenial
    Are you going to do a list of women to avoid?
  • CoolHoney
    it good but you forget about cheaters. wannabe players or cheated.
    • You can't tell if a person is a cheater or not. This Mytake is signs to avoid getting with a bad person in the 1st place.

    • CoolHoney

      . It was good but still guys did cheated in my past relationships. they're pretending to be in a relationship until they found a greener girl

  • coolbreeze
    Interesting take
  • Gottabsavagee
    I find my guy in this 😱🤣
  • Avicenna
    What a toxic "Murderer's Row" of losers.
  • Massageman
    Good points. Thanks.
  • HoratioCaine
    Hahaha the low sex drive man.
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    Ok, now do one on women
  • elisa_0
    Love it! thx!
  • LAYyla
    Shit my ex wanted me to peg him. 😑
    • Good riddance.

    • Pete671

      imho the guy should never ask for it, but always receive it if the girl wants to do it,,,

    • roland77

      @LAYyla Why shit? We have a prostate, massaging it can lead to strong orgasms. Don't give that massage to gays only!

  • KaraAyna
    Haha good take
  • jwsstein
    That's a good list and true
  • Year3000
    This is true
  • NatalieKeller95
    you forgot the autistic/retarded man
    • MrNameless

      You seriously demonizing autistic and handicapped men?

    • @MrNameless well they can't save themselves when it comes to love, they have no drive or passion

    • @NatalieKeller95
      So you thin any guy who has any degree of autism lacks passion when it comes to love. I love romance and intimacy. Get this I am on the autism spectrum. Quite assuming that everyone who is on the autism spectrum is the same.

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  • Anonymous
    I let my ex Peggy my ads.
    • Anonymous

      X peg my ass^^^^^^^
      Fucking auto spell All ways peg's my ass

  • Anonymous
    Notice you have no problem with bigots... of course reading your posts, that's no shock
    • roland77

      Fanatics are always bad, no need to mention, I guess?

  • Anonymous
    You forgot the worst type of all... self-righteous, judgmental religious freaks.
    • Anonymous

      I'm guessing this flew right over QA's head. lol

  • Anonymous
    Manly man wins again!