10 Sexual Practices That Are Older Than You Think


WARNING: This MyTake contains imagery depicting historic sex acts and sexual artifacts, as well as accounts of historic sex acts. Some may find these images and accounts offensive and disturbing. Read at your own discretion. You must be 18 years or older to view this MyTake.

Now that I got that out of the way, let's begin.

Moche Blowjob
Moche Blowjob

Women's Sex Toys

The oldest sex toy on record was unearthed in 2005, in a cave in southern Germany. The stone object measures around 20 cm in length (7.8 in) and 3 cm in width (just over an inch). Its life sized phallic shape, suggests it was most likely used as a dildo. Humorously enough, the object also doubled as a flint splitter. The artifact is between 26,000 and 28,000 years old, and was carved out of siltstone during the Ice Age.

Worlds Oldest Dildo
World's Oldest Dildo

Ice age women were not the only ancient people to use dildos. Dildos dating from the second century B.C. have been unearthed in China, and the ancient Greeks and Romans updated the dildo, adding leather sheaths to make them more pleasurable and create a more realistic sensation. These leather sheathed dildos were so popular, that in the ancient Greek play Lysistrata, the Greek women staged a sex strike to end the Peloponnesian War partly because they could no longer import good leather dildos. If a leather-sheathed dildo didn’t do the trick, the ancient Greeks simply baked loaves of really hard bread called olisbokollikes.

The Roman's are also credited with inventing the world's first double ended dildo. How exactly it was used, I'll leave to your imagination.

Roman Double Ender
Roman Double Ender

One story from Ancient Egypt suggests that Cleopatra invented the world's first vibrator. Apparently, dissatisfied with the usual dildo, the Ptolemaic queen is rumored to have made herself a vibrator by filling a hollow gourd with live bees! YIKES!

Cock Rings and Chastity Cages

I know what you're thinking, only modern humans could come up with such a bizarre invention, right? Wrong! The first documented use of cock rings occurred in ancient China. They were made from the eyelids of goats, with the eyelashes still attached, to help increase pleasure during intercourse. Later during the Ming Dynasty (between 1368 and 1644), penis rings were made out of jade and ivory and were sometimes encrusted with jewels, increasing pleasure.

Ivory Cock Ring
Ivory Cock Ring

Early European explorers like Marco Polo, also documented the use of the cock ring among men in medieval Burma. Burmese cock rings would be inserted under the skin along the length of the penis, to increase sexual pleasure as well as lengthen the penis.

Rings which lengthened the penis were also used by the ancient Egyptians, African tribes, South American tribes and other SE Asian cultures.

Chinese Chastity Cages
Chinese Chastity Cages

In addition to cock rings, the ancient Chinese also invented what we today call chastity cages. I guess ancient people were kinky too.


Although we tend to think of "safe sex" as being a relatively new concept, a drawing discovered in a French cave suggests that men have been using condoms for at least 13,000 years. The drawing, which was dated to around 11,000 B.C., appears to depict a man engaged in a sexual act, while wearing some sort of animal skin around his junk.

Prehistoric Frenchman Wearing Improvised Condom
Prehistoric Frenchman Wearing Improvised Condom

Hieroglyphic evidence suggests that men in ancient Egypt wore loincloths, to protect their ding dongs from sunburn and biting insects. Even the young Tutankhamen is rumored to have worn makeshift condoms.

One of the earliest references to condoms in ancient Greece is a story about King Minos of Crete. Greek mythology tells of Minos having “serpents and scorpions” in his semen and using a condom made from a goat's bladder, to shield his wife from what would surely result in a very unpleasant sexual experience.

Ancient Romans are also evidenced to have used condoms made from animal bladders during their infamous orgies.

Then around the 15th century, Chinese and Japanese men began making their own condoms. Made from animal intestines, silk paper, animal horns and even tortoise shells, these makeshift condoms became known as Glans Condoms, because they only covered the tip of the man's penis.

Around the 16th century, when Europe was experiencing a large syphilis epidemic, Italian anatomist Gabriele Falloppio, came up with a chemical-soaked linen sheath that fit over the penis, and used a ribbon tie to prevent it from sliding off during intercourse.

Worlds Oldest Surviving Condom
World's Oldest Surviving Condom

The world's oldest surviving condom was unearthed in Lund, Sweden, and was dated to around 1640. The condom, made from pig's intestines was discovered completely intact, along with its original owner's manual. Translated from Latin, the manual suggests that users immerse the condom in warm milk prior to using it, to avoid diseases.

Trimming The Bush

If you think pubic hair removal was a relatively modern phenomena, think again.

The removal of body hair for aesthetic reasons is said to have originated in Mesopotamia and eventually spread to ancient Egypt. It was not uncommon at this time for both men and women to remove every inch of hair on their bodies, aside from their eyebrows and the hair on their head, to allude to cleanliness and conform to a beauty standard set by none other than Cleopatra herself. The ancient Egyptians used tweezers made from seashells, pumice stones and even beeswax and sugar-based waxes, which they would apply and rip off with fabric just like we do today. Copper razors dating as far back to 3000 B.C. have been found among the ruins of Egypt and Mesopotamia. Evidence of women using homemade pastes to remove body hair, has been found in Turkey.

Egyptian Women Removing Their Body Hair
Egyptian Women Removing Their Body Hair

In ancient Rome and Greece, pubic hair on women was considered "unclean" and "uncivilized", and women of high social class were especially required to have smooth kitties. While in ancient Rome, even men were frowned upon for having pubic hair. While Romans used more civilized methods such as razors, stones and tweezers, the Greeks would either burn it off, or hand pluck each hair individually. YIKES!

Nude Roman Statues
Nude Roman Statues

Foot Fetish

Like many unconventional sex acts, foot fetishism has its origins in Ancient Greece. The famous Greek poet Homer, once wrote about the beauty of the Greek goddesses by making reference to their “soft feet” and “beautiful sandals”. Sappho reveals the erotic nature of a woman’s walk as well as the loveliness of “fine-ankled” women. In the story of Aphrodite’s birth, archaic poet Hesiod only mentions one physical attribute, her “lovely” and “shapely” feet. These are just a few of the many quotes from ancient Greek literature which reference women's feet.

A popular wedding custom in ancient Athens, was the tying of the bridal sandals, often with the assistance of Eros, emphasizing the foot’s connection with love. Footwear was also a common wedding gift.

Ancient Greek sculptors also put a lot of detail into both men and women's feet. The Greek Foot, a condition in which the second toe is longer than the other toes, was considered a thing of beauty and symmetry.

Foot fetishes were also popular in ancient Rome. Historical records suggest that Roman governor Lucius Salvius Otho would often go to brothels in order to worship womens' feet. And according to the writings of Suetonius, "senator Lucius Vitellius kept his mistress’s red slippers under his toga and used to kiss them in public. He was also a big fan of empress Messalina’s feet, going as far as personally removing her shoes."

Foot of Venus de Milo
Foot of "Venus de Milo"

Unlike with foot fetishes today, in ancient times both genders were equally fascinated with each other's feet, and the fetish wasn't stigmatized like it is today. In fact, in the ancient world, female feet were regarded as symbols of chastity and femininity. For a man, having direct access to a woman’s feet was a sign of intimacy and openness from the woman.

Another hypothesis is that ancient men were fascinated with women's feet, because they represented a kind of “oft submission”, which was extremely arousing to the dominant men of the ancient times.

Medieval Foot Fetisher
Medieval Foot Fetisher

Womens' feet were also celebrated in Medieval and Renaissance Europe. They were described by medieval poets as an epitome of female beauty because they were “arched” and “long-toed”. In these times, smaller feet were considered more attractive. This was in relation to the kind of male submission advertised by courtly love and the figure of the “angelic woman” proposed by the Dolce Stil Novo. The famous Italian lover Casanova was rumored to have a foot fetish, and in the castles of medieval Poland, a woman being barefoot was the same as a woman being naked.

While women’s feet and shoes have always been sexualized, the medieval shoe known as the poulaine”, was an example of sexualized male footwear. The shoe was demonized by the Catholic Church because of its phallic appearance.


In case you're unfamiliar with this practice, here is UrbanDictionary's definition:

Getting seconds away from climax and stopping, waiting for a few more seconds then start again, do this a few more times then you are meant to have a amazing long climax and you feel great.

It can also be performed as a sexual fetish, in which the woman stimulates a man's penis, but forces him not to cum.

Chinese Couple Having Sex
Chinese Couple Having Sex

The term itself may be fairly modern, but the practice actually originated in ancient China, where men were actually encouraged NOT to ejaculate during intercourse. You heard me right. This bizarre sexual practice is centered upon the Taoist believes of "Chi" (energy) and "Yin and Yang" (positive and negative energy). It is through maintaining balance between the two forces that one can achieve perfect spiritual harmony and physical well-being. When it enters the human body, "chi" takes the form of "jing" (the essence that gives us life). Taoists believe that the loss of jing may cause illness and even death. So, what does any of this have to do with edging?

According to Taoist believes, the bodily element that contains the most jing is semen. This lead ancient Taoists to believe that a man should not lose too much semen. For this reason, ancient Chinese men were encourage NOT to ejaculate during intercourse. Ironically, one of the most effective ways to get more jing was by having sex, especially with beautiful virgins. So yeah, basically the ancient Chinese men had to fuck smoking hot women without cumming, except when trying to have children of course. I honestly don't know they did it.

Oral Sex

If you think oral sex was popularized in the 70s, and brought into the mainstream by films like The Godfather and Deep Throat, think again. Scholars speculate that couples have been experimenting with oral sex since the Stone Age. The Sumerians also most likely experimented with oral sex. But the earliest documented evidence of oral sex comes from ancient Egypt.

The story goes that Osiris was murdered by his brother Seth, and his dismembered body was scattered across the world. Osiris's sister-wife Isis, reassembled him, however, she was unable to find his penis. So, she made him one out of clay, put her lips on it, and blew her brother back to life. Hence the term "blow job." Thanks to its religious connotation, fellatio wasn't viewed as sinful in ancient Egyptian society. Cleopatra was well known for her love of fellatio. In fact, it was Egyptian and Phoenician prostitutes, who were the first to use red lipstick as a way to advertise their "experience."

Isis Sucking Off Osiris
Isis Sucking Off Osiris

In ancient Greece, the act was known as "playing the flute", but most Greek women were unwilling to perform these acts, so most men got oral sex at the local brothels.

Then there was ancient Rome, where fellatio was so taboo, it was considered worst than sodomy. Performers of fellatio were accused of having bad breath (lip kissing was a popular greeting), and were often left out of social gatherings. For this reason Roman men would often seek out prostitutes and slaves for blow jobs.

Another ancient culture that was known to perform fellatio, were the Moche people of Peru.

Roman Fresco Depicting Oral Sex
Roman Fresco Depicting Oral Sex

On the other hand, cunnilingus, which wasn't a big thing in the societies mentioned above, was really big in Ancient China. As Chinese men were encouraged to abstain from climax, cunnilingus became a popular way to please women, and was also believed to increase longevity. It is well documented that China's only female empress Wu Zetian issued a royal degree that required all government officials and visiting dignitaries to pay homage to
her by performing cunnilingus on her while she stood on a dais with her skirts hiked up and her legs spread wide for all to see.


The controversial sex practice known as "swinging" only caught on in the United States in the early 20th century. The practice has its origins in pre-Islamic Arabia, where men of high nobility would rent out their wives to men of lower status, for the sole purpose of bearing a child with her to straighten his bloodline. But of course there were rules. Men wouldn't rent their wife to just any man, he had to have certain physical attributes. Another rule was, the man wasn't allowed to engage in sexual intercourse with other women, while his wife was on loan. And any child she birthed was considered the child of the husband, not the biological father.

In ancient Balylon, it was permitted under the Code of Hammurabi for a husband or wife to seek revenge on an adulterous spouse, by too sleeping with another partner. And of course we're all familiar with the infamous Roman orgies.

16th Century Swingers
16th Century Swingers

However, the concept of "wife swapping" as a sexual kink, didn't really originate until the early 16th century, in Europe. Over a period of time, it gradually evolved and around the 18th century, it is believed that swinging was conducted as a ritualized practice in which couples exchanged their spouses.


Contrary to popular believe the threesome or "ménage à trois" as its often called, did not originate in France. In fact, some of the earliest mentions of threesomes can be found in none other than the world's oldest sex manual, the Kamasutra dating as early as 400 BC. In it, are descriptions and images of various three way sex acts, among which is double penetration. Depictions of threesomes have also been found on Indian temples.

Threesome In Ancient India
Threesome In Ancient India

Baths in the suburbs of Pompeii were also adorned with sexually explicit scenes, including at least one depicting a bisexual threesome, in which two men stacked themselves behind a woman who was also being penetrated.

Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, fertility and other things had many orgies, and currently has a sex position named after him. Trust me, you don't wanna know what it is.

Threesomes also became common in Renaissance Europe, and were the subject of many popular paintings including Botticelli’s famous Primavera, in which three Tuscan women are shown in a circle, holding hands and gazing at one another. Another famous piece from this time period depicting a three-way sex act is Théodore Géricault's, Three Lovers. The famous Italian lover, Casanova is also reported to have had his fair share of threesomes, including one involving two sisters.

The Three Tuscan Women
The Three Tuscan Women


If you've seen any of Rammstein's music videos, or watched that one movie that one actress, or have gone through some really fucked up shit in your life, then you know what BDSM is. What you may NOT know however, is that the practice is much older than people think. The term Sadomasochism was named after the Marquis de Sade, an 18th century French author who was sentenced to 32 years in an insane asylum for his works depicting graphic bondage scenes. However, he didn't invent the practice. Experts have found evidence of people willingly submitting to beatings and being tied up throughout the 14th century, but the origins of this practice go back even that. BDSM, bondage, kinky shit, whatever you wanna call it, it might be useful to know its origins before you go for that whip.

One of de Sades Graphic Bondage Scenes
One of de Sade's Graphic Bondage Scenes

The practice we today know as BDSM originated in Mesopotamia, around 470 BC. Historical records found evidence of domination-style celebrations and sacrifices involving cross-dressing, altered states of consciousness, and lots of combined pain and ecstasy. Evidence of ritual flagellation and bondage for religious passage can be found throughout ancient Greece, and villa in Pompeii contains some of the oldest evidence of female bondage used as an initiation ritual. But one of the oldest and most famous examples on BDSM for sexual pleasure, can be found in an ancient Etruscan tomb, appropriately named, Tomb of the Whipping. Dating from the 5th Century BC, the tomb contains some of the earliest erotic artwork known to man. It shows two men whipping a woman, who is engaged in a sexual act.

Painting in the Tomb of the Whipping
Painting in the Tomb of the Whipping

The Indian Kamasutra includes sections discussing sexual practices involving pain and pleasure. In fact, the book specifically states that these practices must only be done with women who enjoy such things. This makes it one of the first texts to discuss consensual kink activities. Carvings on Indian temples are further evidence that BDSM was not uncommon in India.

Temple Carving Depicting BDSM In Ancient India
Temple Carving Depicting BDSM In Ancient India

Thanks for reading. You better have read it, and not just skimmed through it, because this MyTake took me 11 hours to write.

10 Sexual Practices That Are Older Than You Think
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  • ChocoLada
    Interesting, a stone age dildo, LOL 😂
    I thought that cock rings were used to prolong the hardness... hahaha, cool 😏
    BDSM in ancient Mesopotamia, long time before Marquis de Sade, wow, intriguing, I never knew that, but I kinda like it 😈
    I heard that Polynesians also had (or still have) unusual and kinky tradition of borrowing their wives to guests in their homes... Europeans were shocked, especially the British 😁
    Very informative MyTake, it takes a lot of effort to find so many interesting traditions from the ancient past, this could become one of your greatest hits ;)
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    • ChocoLada

      Oh, I meant lending their wives to guests (the guests were borrowing from them) - we have the same word for borrowing and lending :P

    • I heard the same about Eskimos. I don't think that's really a thing anymore.
      But I do know that on some of the Pacific islands they have no concept of "rape", because they don't believe in the notion of personal property, so they feel entitled to all your belongings, and that includes your wife

    • ChocoLada

      I guess that means some big and strong woman can take other woman's husband, and it's still "not rape" 😜😁😂
      10 Sexual Practices That Are Older Than You Think

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  • SydneySentinel
    Very thorough, Zeuss. Good job!
    Possibly the wrong place to bring it up... but I didn't realize that men liked feet so much until you. You're the first person that made me think, "oh wow, my feet are actually really pretty." I've never considered that before!
    Anyway, very interesting read. Thanks for sharing.
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    • Seriously?
      I don't know what to say

    • Screenwriter

      Very nice take. Only one critique. The artwork said to depict wife swapping showed men and women dressed in early 19th or late 18th century clothing. No 1500s people dressed like that. Kudos on the rest. Nothing is new about sex or none of us would be here!

    • @Screenwriter Yeah well, YOU try finding a pic for it. See how easy it is

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  • Sensmind
    Great take yeah its funny where the brain goes when you read it. I recall two things I read/heard or saw somewhere (1) The Victorian gentleman who was obsessed with Greco Roman culture was to used to all the women portrayed as smooth in art actually believed that was the natural state when on his wedding night found his bride possessed a full bush, fainted (2) The first vibrators were advertised as "Back Massagers for the treatment of hysterical women"
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    • OMG
      That first one is hilarious

      I think I came across the vibrator story while researching this

  • UnidentifiedHuman
    I jus wanna know how they detected the age of the dildo and know that it’s from the ice age,

    I find this very hard to believe, cos like... how could they possibly tell it’s age? What equipment do they do for that?
    And how do they definitely know it was a dildo?
    It could have jus been some rock object that coincidently looks kinda like the end of a dick
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    • I already explained the second part in the article
      The age question, I don't know, ask them.

    • Oh sorry, I have a very short attention span so only read the first paragraph then clicked elsewhere lll

    • N I don't know if I believe these scientists

      They’re probably jus saying it’s from the ice age lol

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  • WhiteShoulder
    I already knew most of this in a general sense, but I didn’t know all the details. Thanks dude.

    Edging can be done to girls too, but making them cum when part of them doesn’t want to is both more common and usually more effective.
  • Liz_thorne
    Interesting but not very surprising. Humans were always into weird shit and tbh those who think non-traditional sexual acts are a modern invention are just naive.

    by the way I read one of marquis de sade's works and it was probably the most disgusting thing I ever worked through.
  • dancing_in_nebulas
    First of all... ow @ flint splitter dildo.

    Second of all - this should be an article in National Geographic, or at least Cosmo lol

    Excellent read!
    • Lol thanks
      So you wouldn't masturbate with that world's oldest dildo?

    • Lol omg no - that thing is practically a rock.

      Girls had some mega thick pussy back then ha ha

    • Lol
      How would you know?

      But actually, anthropologists have discovered that the men had much larger penises that were actually designed for doggy style, so the pussies were probably larger as well

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  • ImagineSketchy
    Wu Zetian had a problem.
    Most if not all of this is not surprising. Humans are smart enough to craft tools to serve their... Desires. Most of this is expected. I knew about the goat organ condoms and the oral stuff except for Wu Zetian... Who again had a problem.
    • Yeah, I watched a documentary on her, so I know she had a problem, but I didn't know about the forced oral sex. I'd personally love to have been one of those dignitaries, but that's just me.

      Some people say she was just portrayed negatively because she was a woman, but i don't think so

  • purplepoppy
    Cock rings to make it bigger? Sounds like ancient man shared the same concern as men today.
    • Skyrim5346

      actually cock rings are designed not to make it bigger but to enlarge the nerve endings and apply pressure to the main arteries and beans cuz every man has a main vein running down the length of a shaft which if I remember my health class correctly some of my Early College studies feeds Blood to the Head of the penis over the top of the urethra and actually penis pumps are designed for the exact same purpose to enlarge nerve endings in veins not to make it bigger there's no way to pump your penis bigger the only way to do that is with plastic surgery there's no pills Rhino horn none of that shit works but believe it or not there's also blood plasma shots but you can get injected men can get them injected into their testicles penises women can get them injected into their nipples are clitorises are labias and of course their clitoris is not to mention directly straight into the G-Spot but they're also all sorts of other sex toys they can also increase the size of your junk but only temporarily and this is all basically about increasing the size of your genitalia but no offense to all the ladies out there but there's also now the practice of oil injecting your butt and your breasts so they look natural and wider than your waist so you look like a Barbie doll so this size thing isn't all about men's penises I wish everybody would stop it with that nonsense who cares whether it's big or small you're born with what you're born with can't change it unless you have Deep Pockets this is actually my coin phrase put that in your pipe and smoke it

    • The part about them putting it UNDER their skin though and sliding it, really makes me cringe

    • Skyrim5346

      yeah I know what you mean I like women who get their clitoris pierced but oh and their nipples but the genitalia modifying the genitalia like keeping it the same but modifying it yes it is very much cringe-worthy

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  • GDG44
    11 hours to write is one thing, 11 hours to research is another. It seems that this is well researched so kudos.

    This article made me realize that not everyone has oral in their repertoire, which is surprising.
    • Yeah a big chunk of that 11 hours was research and finding pics
      And I didn't take any breaks either

  • brennanhuff
    damn rock dildos? Them women were tough, that seems like that should hurt even with the woman wet when using them on herself. Dildo's are quite soften material I believe.
    • They had tough pussies, yes

    • I meant modern dildos I believe are quite softer material. Those women apparently had pussies made to ravage their men ha

    • I don't know
      I've never touched a dildo, but I would imagine so. lol

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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Awesome myTake indeed. 11 hours well spent.
  • DorkVader
    I wanted you to mention foot-binding under your foot fetish section, but it's fine, I guess. Very concise and informative! Good job
  • Skyrim5346
    wow bro this took you 11 hours you just asked you a question here are you Swedish or maybe Swiss now I'm just kidding bro but that's pretty cool man I'm following the question I'll take the time to read it man 11 hours and somebody told you was just cut and paste I am definitely going to read this and I will definitely give you my opinion and some of your artifacts and some of your stories kind of remind me of of the stuff that Kinsey was doing back in the day you're smart dude😎😎😎
  • Bee-Hatch
    Maybe stop fetishising the past and try getting some. Your piece is a bit meandery at times, and mostly cut and paste. Is this really your take, when you're relaying stuff from other folks work? I'd say it's closer to plagiarism.
    • Jesse0

      Or maybe it's just really good, dude said it took 11 hours

    • Liz_thorne

      How do you know it's copy&paste? Can you link the original articles?

  • Bananaman177
    Don't mind me, just leaving this here.
    Don't mind me, just leaving this here.
    • Yeah I heard that joke before
      That the Greeks invented sex, the Italians introduced it to women :p

    • Although really I shouldn't help spread such false rumors, but you know. . . it is kind of funny. I've read a lot of conflicting sources and it seems the debate will never truly be settled. The truth is always somewhere in the middle between two opposing sides.

      10 Sexual Practices That Are Older Than You Think

  • WalterRadio
    The milk on the condom is interesting.

    Lactobacillus is a bacteria in milk, yogurt, and healthy vaginas.

    I wonder whether there is a connection.
  • Jean-Marie_Céline
    Good myTake.
    I remember that my ex was a fan of DeSade and I did enjoy reading Juliette.
    My current girlfriend enjoys some interesting literature and cinematography and is somewhat an expert on similar "taboo" practices, but there's definitely less of a violent connotation (most of the time).
  • midhun12
    My mind as blown after reading this😂, i wonder how ancient times people knew where to insert their thingy in woman to have a baby? Like we know about it now cuz of pornography. I wonder how they knew I'm curious 😂
    • Lol. I was wondering the same thing

    • DorkVader

      Because animal husbandry. You watch enough beasts do it, you start to get ideas

    • @DorkVader lol. That's what I was just thinking

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  • Pedrodad
    Thanks for the very informative history lesson and a few words of wisdom to add... Guys if you can't find a condom don't use the one that was discovered from ancient times...😜
  • Likes2drive
    Wow that was long an interesting mytake, it is interesting how far back things go that you wouldn’t think that they did back then. I also have the Greek foot
  • Xtiix92
    And this is ancient southern arabian, sabaean10 Sexual Practices That Are Older Than You Think10 Sexual Practices That Are Older Than You Think
  • nicholas2820
    i love this sex move a lot where her legs are wide open and my hands are on her hips and my mouth is on her vagina with a tight grip then i start to push her vagina back and forth agaisnt my mouth hard and fast till she cums
  • Jesse0
    You have too much time on your hands to talk about ancient sex 😂😂
    • 11 hours to be exact

    • Jesse0

      11 hours of an intriguing MyTake, good job and very informative but also very bizarre. MEDIEVAL CONDOM

    • This shit better get featured

      I know. There was some stuff I decided best not to include. Ancient people were pretty fucked up

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  • FictionalCharacter
    Huh, I guess humans become curious and act out these sexual acts no matter what year it is lol.
  • Trooper205
    Well done! Very nicely made! You should get an A+ on history for this!
  • taksuga
    This is one of the coolest things I've read on this site! Thank you much for putting this together, it was really cool to read.
  • Twalli
    I knew about the shaving thing. During peacetime in the era of the Crusades an European saw a Muslim man walk past him in a public bath with his pubic region shaved completely. The man asked to get shaved, and then brought his wife in to get the same treatment.
  • Texaskid1
    Very good mytake ( yes I read the entire thing). I only suspected that the ancients were all a bunch or pervs but this pretty much confirms it. Super freaky!!!
  • Dean269
    In wife swinging. Its surprise to know high class men were infertile
  • Scaredycat8844
    That chinese empress had it made. Damn
  • AkshiJanjua
    ironic that Chinese and Indians have become conservative now
    • yoganshB

      I don't know about China but bro i wanna know why you referred India. What made you think so

    • AkshiJanjua

      because i live here so i know

    • Spread of Christianity and colonization really made everything that was sexual wrong

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    Believe me with all the work and knowledge you put into it i was hooked. 😂 i loved it.
  • roland77
    Thank you for collecting all this. One question: How early dates a #Cunnilingus back? I thought also #Cleopatra has been licked?
  • esotericstory
    I learned nothing new here. There is also nothing that suggests ancient chastity cages were used for any different purpose than the female equivalents. Totally fallacy to say otherwise.
    I love history of all kinds but I think this is pretty cool thanks
  • TheBadAss
    I enjoyed reading this one... Thanks for sharing the info...
  • wingattebaby16
  • Hannajenky
    Awesome lol
  • NightOwl8801
    Nice article, very well written...
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    Wow great take
  • Hemakutty
    11 hours... You have lots of patience.
  • sp33d
    Ideas for history textbook material :D
    • I wanna start a history of sex class in college
      The final project will be to research one of the acts, then perform it in front of the class

  • 5points2gspot
    Already knew about all that... But thanks
    • jdhtx1

      Girl, I mean, after all those pages, and effort... you all like, REDUNDANT BOO... but thanks? Lol... You just hurtin' feelings. That was the most hilarious reply... it cracked me up.

    • @jdhtx1 🤭🤭 I'm just being honest though. I didn't mean to hurt the writers feelings. I talk the way I think. I think I was even laughing when I wrote that, possibly driving too.. It has a lot of interesting stuff but I got into all of that as a teenager. & plus I'm part of several different groups on fb. So a lot of that stuff is always being discussed.. 🤣😂🤣😂

    • jdhtx1

      I don't care what cha mindset was, that shit made me crack up. I broke up into little pieces. Dude said he spent hours doing it and you said, "bruh, them hours... never gettin' em back, need to read ya audience better, good luck wit the rest of your life." Lol

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