All these size questions lately. My Take


All these penis and breast size questions and am I normal questions on GaG have got me thinking how poor sex education is at schools.

By the time they're teenagers boys and girls should know what normal penises, vaginas and breasts look like, know what the average penis size is etcetera. Based on GaG they definitely didn't.

Maybe doing it by showing photos or videos of lots of different genitals so they can see what they have is no different from millions of others in the world.

Boys rarely see erect penises so the only thing they can compare themselves with is porn and see that as normal. Same with breasts and porn. Most breasts in porn are surgically enhanced and aren't natural.. Boobs aren't that perfect and firm. The left and right ones are often not even the same size! Showing girls they're like millions of others will eliminate lots of insecurities. Same with their vaginas.

I'm one the uneducated people too. I honestly didn't know what normal looked like or was either. If I had proper sex education at school and home this certainly wouldn't have been the case. In my case I was just told how children were conceived and very little else. Its not good enough.

All these size questions lately. My Take
All these size questions lately. My Take
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  • Tiffany_Taylor_Made
    The problem is that, with the way studies are conducted today, we can truly never know the actual "normal" penis size or what a "normal" penis looks like. As written in a myTake that I wrote in August, I don't believe that the average penis size is truly 5 inches. Instead, I believe it to be bigger than 5 inches, such as closer to, or if not 7 inches, if anything. In my previous myTake, I explain the many flaws in the penis size studies and how they are laden with misinformation. For example, even though articles claim that the largest penis size study measured the erect penises of 15,521 men and concluded with an average within the 5-inch range, the truth is that only a small percentage, or 692 men, had their erect penis measured, which is only 4.4% of the men involved in the study. It's unreliable to claim that the average penis length is only 5 inches when you only measured the erect lengths of 4.4% of your sample size. This means that the other 95.6% of the men that didn't have their erect penis measured could possibly be bigger than 5 inches when fully erect. Instead, the majority (over 90%) of men in the study had their stretched penis length measured, which is simply pulling on a flaccid penis to make it appear longer and taking its measurement. The problem with that is that a stretched penis isn't the same as an erect penis. The thing that baffled me the most was that the results showed that the men in the study had a slighter longer stretched penis length results than erect penis length results. It baffled me because it is very possible that a penis can grow extreme lengths from its flaccid to its erect state. Blood entering the vessels of the penis that cause it to expand in size can do much more than some simple fingers pulling on it. Therefore, to find out the true full potential penis size, a penis should always be measured in its fully erect state and nothing else. For more information and access to the raw study, you can check out my myTake.

    I personally believe that the medical industry paints the narrative that 5 inches is the average to help alleviate the worries of men and boys that believe that their penis size is too small. I also believe that the authors of articles that write on penis size and use these studies as sources misread (or completely miss) the nomograms and fail to catch that these studies only measure a very small percentage of erect penises when compared to the sample size, and focus more on stretched penis length. Until the studies become more reliable, we can only assume what is normal, based on experiences. In my personal experiences, as a person that had a good number of sex partners in all my 12 years of being sexually active, I can honestly say that I haven't encountered 5-inch penises very often. I also very rarely see 5-inch penises in homemade amateur porn featuring real couples. Many other women would agree with me too. It's very unusual when you read from almost every source that the average penis size is 5 inches, but you barely ever see them. Nonetheless, because of the fact that penis size studies are flawed as mentioned and because boys and men only truly notice penis from watching porn, it's hard to get a clear idea of what is truly "normal" out there. Therefore, until the quality of the studies improve with more representative samples, guys are always going to keep asking if their size is normal or if they're big enough.
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  • tallandsweet
    Yeah, I agree with you that the questions are unnecessary, but honestly you can just google what the average is and compare yourself to that. I think guys who ask for opinions on their genitals are more attention-seeking than insecure and misinformed.

    With women, I've never seen a question like that, and I feel like since around 2015 small boobs have become more and more accepted, and divsersity is welcomed more as well.
    So I don't get why people would feel like their boobs are the wrong size, I'd understand it if they were concerned about their boobs' shape, because that's something that's different for every person for sure.

    All I know is that when I was about 14 years old or something, I stumbled across these articles on the website of BRAVO, which is a magazine in Germany that has offered sex ed for literally centuries (Dr. Sommer), you can get it everywhere:
    A gallery with different penises (just that, not pornographic):
    A gallery with different vulvas (something more and more people are trying to change through plastic surgery!):
    "Is my penis too small?":
    These are NSFW but informative.

    The articles are written in German, the comments with the pictures as well, but I remember that these helped me a lot back then and were a good reality check.
    We did something similar in school, still some guys are insecure.
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  • green1supremacy
    There are billions of men on this planet, so to accept and even believe a study with such a small percentage is wasting time. Be happy with yours and remember it is a muscle, don't be scared to exercise it. Lol seriously.
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  • fewqw
    Size doesn't matter. If you're not giving up b4 her. She will be good. Just make her toes and eyes roll. And she will thank you later
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  • OlderAndWiser
    Yes, it is absolutely amazing how ignorant young people are on this subject, and how much their ideas are influenced by porn.
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  • MannySimms
    I learned about sex the standard way; in the street. Average size? Blame all those Chinese guys for the low number. Too many of them!
  • Daniel3035
    I'm literally 5'6 ish never once have I ever felt insecure about my penis size.
  • Anonymous
    F*ck, I'm still below average then lol
  • Anonymous
    Why do a lot of guys on here say average size is 6.5 ?
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    • jss123

      It definitely isn't. There's plenty of studies that show what the average is. They measured 1000s of men to determine it. See:

    • Dargil

      Wishful thinking.

    • Boppy

      They could be misinformed. I mean, if they don't go looking up statistics, the most common size mentions are gossip and porn.

      Where I live in (East Coast) America, 6 is where it's at. 6' is the average male height, 6" is the average penis length, and 6 figures is the salary needed to be respectable.
      It's easy to say, so it's how most people I know talk. 6 is probably not the average for any of those metrics.
      Nobody wants to openly be the guy with a 5.3" dick when they hear anything below 6" is a disappointment, so most people who think they're below average don't talk about it.

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